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The Drive
Wednesday, December 6th

In the final hour, the guys play the hits and continue to discuss the Marcus Peters suspension. Carrington brings back the topic of why Peters was suspended and not Kelce before wrapping the show with the return of the "Shoot Your Shot" legend.


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The drive presented by don't say peace. Kansas City Star chiefs beat writer the one the only Therese payloads with a solid drive to it what. In the world is going this football team. A bit we start watching that hopeful that probably hit the quite articulate what. Suddenly it prompted yet but I'll get the ball the correct it would last week. Not a secret but here I didn't want to let me just looked at about our program evidently it what to do. It's unfair. We know now that what is the defense. That didn't collapse repair and I don't blame dancing deer and what would this mean if you're really gonna have to earn money he nominates the ball well. How were that. But at the end of the year. He got fifty you know you look at Canada. Complete collapse. From that moment the World Food Program for some guys are old people probably didn't want to play with him before you go play better. You know but that book that they've now. I'm up front when I don't know I thought wait a while it you are a lot of things. It's part of a lot of the what you. I. Terrorize we've been talking. For years this might have been my favorite time ever talking to. This was strong today you can tell your Amanda sped up. Well look after. Be it in a little bit. I think. You read it is yeah everybody's. It's. Brand. Things don't drive. He doesn't lace them again tonight at five thanks so much for listening it is drive kids. Take you up until six bugs alive and always hurts my heart atrium mall people didn't believe. You know Adrian Noble B. That game yeah is he not the rocky with Angela and he's ready she came around them to give them a heads up there you know an hour. But she came around and you found in a landmark theaters come around. I certainly hope that is the case. They gonna come around usually come around Wednesday December 13 at voodoo lounge inside here is north casino. To this extent Sports Radio in sun fresh as we present the ultimate Christmas party when he seventeen. Benefiting the quality of greater Kansas City than that Iran Cherie charitable foundation. Admission is free each person will receive one drawing take. Four genes that went over 5000 dollars in prize but if you wanna buy extra tickets they'll be for sale with all the proceeds going to can't equality hang out our guys in a bank. And the rest of the sixth and sports that. Doors will open at six partying giveaway started seven you can win great prizes from the following sponsors suffer if there is endorse Kansas City. Casino means gallery Simmons bank standard beverage and much much more ul. Sinking it into it at 5 o'clock hour ice taking away. These other big stories of the day. Gave the city. I've been waiting for that moment all my life we talk about that every day and bottled. Hi gentlemen let's begin with major news thinking down just before high noon today chiefs defensive back mark is Peters will be suspended by the team. Not pinnacle but I'd against city chiefs for this Sunday's game against the raiders at arrowhead Andy Reid addressing the media on the decision to put number 21 match. A lot of thinking and come that conclusion Imus spent emperor. This game went back. The following week. There are others I and I can get and it detail on it I did have an opportunity to talk to Marcus and some of the players. Got a good locker room it fully trust them we'll. That's not tour or. But I can't get it. So as a presidential reaction to the news that Peters was in Texas under. I said on Monday that thought the mark reader should be suspended for the first quarter of the opening game I'm perfectly fine with a four game suspension. I think this is more of a active controlled by Ian you've read in regaining discipline in the locker room I don't think that the Boeing of the flag is what got markets Peter suspend. I think it was the act and the appearance they gave up on the team. He throws the flag into the stands even walks off some might mean. He didn't either is taking a shower doing something in the locker room someone tells you hey get back you're not ejected from the game. He deadly comeback prepare to play in his jaw and with the fans on the sidelines that's what I think got mark is Peter suspended for this game against the Oakland Raiders. I think he's got what he deserved the chiefs to the right thing they did finally had enough of this guy. Whether it's what football in the stands yelling your defensive coordinator on national television. Getting personal fouls I think this thing finally put them over the top and the other don't want to ignite the exit and added you read and I think we notice we all know this is that he tries to handle things in house to protect his players much as possible. Marcus theatres throwing a flag in the stands go into the locker room coming out of those socks when he was dejected. But it's not many left no choice idiot what he had to do it right reads citadel and a view of what happens Sunday I'm not mine. Peters as a battering it that dates all backed it picked up his college team I think the chiefs did what they should have done and suspended. You know it sucks for chiefs the chiefs and chiefs fans are not gonna beaters against the raiders that are really really crucial game. The market speeders put himself above the team of the jets game that they needed to win. He was suspended and he should. Yeah are staying with cheese and no markets Peters that's presented even more precarious situation for a struggling Kansas City Chiefs secondary yesterday longtime NFL analyst former offensive lineman Brian balding hair. Was odds what are going through the all 22000. Mentioned that the attitude of Kansas City Chiefs defense right now is not good it looked like a loss team. He joined us earlier on the job and this is what it's ever sit in defense. This is is that you can get if you get a lot worse it's a lot horse. They're so look what happened to which I killed it was suspending players it would look what happened to open fell apart because they get ballpark in what. Also pointed out that it's totally up to player's locker room picture this sort of gratitude it's got to get better. Do you anticipate the chiefs attitude can improve even without some might Marcus theatres in the back it. I'm not really too concerned about attitude I think he limits I think not having Marcus theatres. It limits your ability seems to shut down and slow the Oakland Raiders I think we as fans but way too much emphasis on the other stuff. So how they gonna shut down a Mark Cooper Michael Crabtree in Jared Cook when they could do it the first time with Marcus because on the field. You're telling me I'm supposed to go into a must win game without their star quarterback and now it's gonna be. Terrance Mitchell CNET actor Stephen Nelson Phillip gains. In 57 year old Darrelle Revis on the other side but that does that make you feel good to hell with attitude and all that kind of stuff. We need to win. Now. This and got some guys create a lot of drop inside your locker room he's no longer there for the week and it can't be. Somewhat of a stress reliever not have to deal with them. You know a tantrum thrower all the time so maybe maybe it helps maybe it doesn't I don't know but I do know this. That with Marcus theatres on the field to face the red is the first time Derrick are absolutely torched him. For 417 yards and three touchdowns alien wants. So I can't imagine that the G secondary to the beat. It any better without markets teeters on the field but the thing is it man. He doesn't sell the blame for this all right I think. There's a decent chance that this game if they lose to the raiders is the final nail that she's oil company and I think that's what's really really frustrated me because. He put his coaching staff that are really tough position in a really. Difficult time of the year by forcing the coaching staff or management for that matter. Perhaps is suspending guys still. Just in the best quarterback was hurt the team gets a quarterback who torched them in weeks seven to bad situation that she's still around. I thought they also involves the NFL but more on the commissioner's hat wearing NFL commissioner Roger now. Besides new deal pro football's not the first report that Roger Goodell has agreed and signed a new deal worth bleak for. Nearly forty million dollars annually on bag and on a five year deal nearly 200 million dollars or to go. To the being role of one Roger beat down. All the same whether or not you guys surprised you're it. Was this something that just was completely inevitable even with everybody on the case of Roger Goodell for the last several years I'm a little bit surprising because. Got this contract is tension I'm surprised that Rodriguez deals with this much. I got I asked a hunger in itself means a thousand himself means tens. Thousand NFL fans was the most important thing Roger Goodell is done for the NFL what what you think the number when he inserts. Players suspensions that's worth fifty male. And dollars that you decided that juju miss Shuster should be suspended LeBron should be suspended but you can get paid fifty million dollars. He just doesn't come close to warning that salary. So my solution would be let's play Roger Goodell ten million dollars a year let's get that 40000 dollars needed to charitable efforts let's give it's a retired players because you have spoken to a lot more than and they are currently are doing there's no way in hell that Roger Goodell should be is the most important person attached to the NFL and baseball salary. They're telling me he's bigger to the NFL and Aaron Rodgers is he's bigger into the you know all the what Tom Brady's numbers. What's John. Immigrant you. I know who that is announces the other makes a 131 point two million. We're for medical equipment company. Yeah exactly nobody knows he does either writing these CEO of the multi billion dollar company. That's essentially Roger Goodell is made toy millions seems outrageous to me till I get it bus and we got the wrong guy in to Syria into double what I'm saying. If we don't know CEOs do all right there in charge of running a multi billion dollar company. Roger Goodell makes a hell a lot of money he's charged that the company were 74 point five billion dollars so making twenty million years probably on par with. What a lot of CEOs make. All the way over the fact bitching about how much somebody makes listeners some dominance was to greatly billion a year to do the job of taking. The NFL is worth as much as Major League Baseball the NBA combined to do runs. So if the are what it's lightly you're good barrage. You wanna play college athletes money your instant invades. I think they get paid like Roger they don't like to the end of they do a lot they get two under for the here and scholarship money to have room. Transportation and now it's debatable but that's neither here no there and that is the kids. Ford today. I was thinking back to this when it happened so when I was naked. And follow me on this logic train. I was younger and I was like six or seven wasn't really much negotiation wasn't much too much creativity but it's a little mom was like I was is it will act out. Pretty much it would definitely no negotiation but really no back and forth about the though is getting it with the belts. My god that was that was the solutions for the problem and then you learn you know what I realized I'd do it makes the adult I'm not gonna stop doing that you still paying your behavior change but it. When I got older and then I'd a lot of bad form of punishment my parents got more creative my mom figured out other ways that would punish me. Worst thing getting hit when I was kid. That would make me stop doing the actually ever won your mom told me I could not want the first two days of the NCAA tournament. Killed me tell me I couldn't come all exit from the television wants the NCAA tournament. Is this guy would crime at least watch the game and I'll go and how I could do that. Bill when I got older is you can't go outside and play basketball with your friends. So they got more creative with their punishment as I got older. I think what the chiefs did with mark is Peters is a very similar thing. I chiefs sat down. Whether zany read weather was Clark caught whether it was whoever that makes decisions over there. And I think they're tired of the stop with Marcus Spears I think they've had these conversations time and time again. Don't do XYZ conducts herself this way be more of pro. And the message it seemed to fall fallen on deaf ears. Whether it make you run after practice whether it was having a veteran come over and talk to him. What do they have done to try to correct the actions of mark is Peters I think they've done. But they've never done this before and I think this suspension means more than just a regular game. This is not a game against the Los Angeles chargers. This is not a game against the New York Jets this is it game against a team that you know markets Peters cares about. I would guess that aside from playing in Oakland when he gets its chance to go back home and see his family it's more convenient forced family go there. Assuming as 4050 family members at those games. I'd imagine that so those family members come to this game. Because now it's the opportunity to see him go up against Marshawn Lynch. Let's be honest Marshall might not play too much longer in the NFL the last time the market Peters had the ability to go out and compete against Marshawn Lynch. You know this matters to him but I guess if the chiefs came down a set to and say hey we're gonna find you 75000. Dollars for the suspension. He hands down takes us and take out the plight I wanna play this game it's a must win game against Michael Crabtree and Marc Cooper. They rose just the last time I felt that with the game we should one. And I wanna be able to competing it's my hometown team in my cousin and my mentor Marshawn Lynch the chiefs took that away from. The two things I know mark is Peter's cares about I he cares about his community in doing good things are back in Oakland. I also think he cares about playing football dates of football away from me even more so than taken football away from they took away the opportunity for you to compete against the raiders. This once means for markets Peters you know the other thing you really cares about himself. You know and that's what led to this market you know I too would JC Pierson said earlier in the show when we knew Kim if you thought. Markets Peter Peters was fiery he you know he loves football he's fiery JC Pierson I don't know he's fired into his body. He's not firing may Asia to got a likes to throw a tantrum it and goes way. You know the chase and confidence. Marcus theatres got almost common tool and you can't tell me. That the chief should not so it shut it down on numerous occasions whether it's players coaches whoever. Get support staff over the because they don't would have rated players that you know. Personal life issues from a barge got guys on budget ever backgrounds. Different religions different everything that everything they possibly can to make sure players understand. Or at least know that they have the support to Javon Bulger. You know the chiefs got. Way to make sure that it did their players at the resource that they need. To be great players in an infield comfortable with who they are markets Peters is a selfish guy. That's really comes. I don't know I don't know that's accurate though with markets Peter's right now let's see Don Imus and I think mark is Peter's lets his emotions get out of control. I don't necessarily think that selfish we all know somebody who's just a hot head that he gets angry he doesn't know how to control himself and called himself down. Mark is Peter's carriers. Genuinely about the team like if you go in that locker room and ask him is he a good teammate and way more team based and not tell you that mark is Peter is a good teammate. I think mark is Peters is flawed in his ability to call himself down I think it's different than being self does he do selfish things. Sometimes I think he does that I would not label him a selfish. I'll put it. In his apology this way when things are going bad. And and you're the top spot market speeders. Loses his mind. Like he did in the new York. And it took me that's that's where you can really major man all right. When you've got major adversity got an important moment coming up and you bullish stuff that he did. I have football game into three games did. Ash is going down the deranged about that'll losing control everything. In your best quarterback to all pro corner. Decides to throw a flag stands scream are refereed walk off the field. When you still that you Flickr conversion play that he may in this game attic on overtime of that she's went down and scored. Selfish man like melting down in the time when you need your best cheap enough. And also this guy. All right in an it's their best interest to get in figured out this and in the message because they've got out of control for two more years in Kansas City. Mark Mark Peters tremendous down. I do but I'm tired of his act and a lot of people when Kansas City are graduates. Interest to get him right in the only way you get his attention is to do something drastic you try to the other way if you read his try. Over on I'm sure the conversations have happened was a marquee game on footballs and Stan and mark is don't know Bob set a national television. It markets don't drop fourteen as bombs you know imposed game. Market she can't do that some markets please more to be a pro. You're supremely talented kid we took note you know we draft do you believe that you need for suspension against the raiders maybe the only thing that works I think. The difference in you when on this for some of this we are and a 100% like this that. I think what he did was selfish at the end of the game I don't think he is a selfish player I explain why. I think the differences. You seem to think those things banner at the end of the games like the post game press conference in the argue Bob Sutton. I don't think that's what counts nonstop to players to the all does the five point six million dollars as I don't I don't think it matters that I I do legitimately don't think it matters I think what got him suspended was the walking off the field. I think if he just goes the flag. I don't we're talking about him just go in the flag in the field and having to tip local markets Peters but he goes silent it's it's down it cools down. I don't think we're talking about giving him giving a four game suspension so the difference I think comes you and I is. I just think when you draft a guy like mark is Peter you do all the vetting you know kind of player that you're getting. I don't I genuinely don't think they care the curses in post game press conference I don't think they're really that too bothered about the back and forth Bob Sutton. I think it's as easy to say hey that's markets he gets fired up hey will come down eight. Just needs to go take care of that and then they saw they shaking hands and it's absolutely fine at the end of I don't think what football teams in management and coaches can live with. Is the ability to quit on your team and that's Mark Peters elect is really no other way to put it. Markets Peters mentally checked himself out of the game and that's that's the thing I don't think they can accept. I think they can accept all the other stuff because the market Peter because they know the positives outweigh the negatives. This time it didn't happen heat in a game that was still very much in contest or contention I guess so to speak. He quit. Like I could and could know what some place all the time doesn't exactly leave that for somebody else. 34 more yards I'm not getting hit anybody to be that selfish your team got a chance to tackle guy and it's you're urged to do it. And you don't do that selfish I don't want it. Awarded as part of my job there's a lot of things that mark I think mark is Peters is an extremely talented guy it's extremely miniature. That's what I think mark is via our group in an egg and I think the selfish part of this no argue about hill to tackle in the gonna throw a tantrum and go your way your team needs you the most. I think that she's got sick and tired. I just don't think he's selfish like I. I think as a very unfair and un. I don't think if you ask individual play for me ask people more off the record. I don't think that many people on the team would tell you that self I think he's emotional and immature I wanna present outlook into disagree with that. I don't know if you ask guys in the locker room that know him very well. I think they'll tell you that is number one priority is playing football and I think the flaw right now at Marcus Peters is. He's unable to dial himself down but to Fred about this just an off button at the big difference between Marchand and mark is Peters is committed to Marchand time to grow this. Shot appears to have an off what I shot dead on in lovable. In people have embraced the personality of Peterson doesn't seem to have he just has that S everybody attitude I'm not gonna be friendly with anybody I'm not gonna talk to anybody know it'll ever get to know me I'm always going to be in this kind of football mode silently said to Billy your turtle. Marcelo might not talk to the media marsh some might slip off the other team. But Marsha knows when to be loveable and likable in marketable enough to where do you get as million dollar deals with Bleacher Report and steals and all these kind of things. Like and that is a long way from where markets yeah it's like as I just disagree on the selfish overall I think he's emotional I think he's immature. So I didn't filter Zobrist and salvage his personal life are not talking strictly football here. I think it's selfish if you're gonna make a lot of negative that god because college all the dirty dance around Parker and selfish act and we see a lot we should we see him give up on plays in I think that's celebration in. I don't know man I swear to god gives head straight or play good football and be on the field Kansas City and it but the coach that really really bad situation. To they're forced to suspend him for the most crucial game of the season against the raiders really irritates. Up next why I think that she said to do this regardless of the situation and why I think mark is Peter was suspended but Travis Chelsea wasn't I'll explain why next on the drive. The dry presented by don't sec east from the electric heat into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Tax on 6960. Meaning Marcus Spears didn't quit on his team he thought he was ejected he knew he was wrong. I mean this in all seriousness and can open up the phone once I'd love for someone to explain how would you call what Marcus Peters did something other than quit. Oh. Mark Peters. And under staying and leaving the but you go back watch the video ate chips employee is leaving the field with mark is Peters all us ball that he was ejected from the game. We agree at some point so one holding him he wasn't ejected from the game while Stevie come back. He can we agree is not ready to play and he comes back. Mentally ready. Physically ready to play well. Came back no socks and on missed it sure all. Play so using the word quit for markets Peter did what are using checked out. Dave. There for the word quit market because quit on the she's not a minute mark is Peter more times than not this season. All space is paid. Market beaters in my opinion got suspended for quitting on the team not going the flag I think he would've got. A quarter for just go in the flag Peggy told you is we got to show you that we're being that we mean business the first quarter. I think he got suspended for the entire game for quitting on the team I'd. No argument there seat out of it I think I think mark is Peter's got what was comments on. In the chase battery to cheese wanted to suspend and Andy Reid wants to spend part of as we try to figure this thing out. Andy Reid wants to meet with the leaders of the team. And talk to them about what they should do utterly Clark Hunt wants to spend part of his day. Topple they read and figured out they're gonna spend their best their suspend their best defensive back. Russian and UI is toddler kids all the time aren't you create your own prices sometimes Mark Peters created his own prices. What achieves get mad at me for saying there will do. This are you you can not like the goal I'm OK with that. Okay all the goal that's an archer a little bit damp flag in the stands that run on. At a crucial time not only the game putting your season quitting on your team. She's had to do this regardless of the situation is because I think sometimes you got to think long term not short term. We all agreed the chiefs' chances. Or better with him or in the field. Nine or third chance to win this football game are better with mark is Peters on the field that with him suspended. I think this was a long term play for the chiefs. I disagree with you that I think Marcus Spears is trying to play himself off the team does think mark is Peter I think you would act like this literally of what ever team he's all adults to be a raider there's an Oakland days I think he'd be active like that if he was on the raiders like I just think. Think he's one of those individual it does not matter the situation. I think that she's are trying to figure anyway to make this work along with Marcus Peters because they know what do most valuable things you can hand in the NFL that talented young quarterback. Hoard to find the chiefs right now in finding quality quarterbacks in a very very difficult thing to five. And they found one. He rough around the edges are you always or borrowers on the antics no. There's no denying that Marcus Peterson of the better quarterbacks in the NFL and you're certainly a better team with him and without him. I think this is a 20182019. Decision. We got to think big picture along with mark of Peter let him know that his actions or not acceptable so we gotta do something drastic to date him to understand that message. I don't think the opponent or at least the quality of the game. Was a big determination in their decision obviously there's suspending him for a must win game the chiefs are six and six. Oakland's six and six if you lose this game you lose the tiebreaker. Of the raiders it's a divisional opponent. You can fall under 500 it been directly put the raiders over 500 with three games the plate and again having the tiebreaker over the chiefs this could very well decide if the chiefs make or miss the playoffs based on this individual game. I think it's one of those long term gain kind of thing short term pain and you got to try to figure out a way to get to Marcus Peterson tell. Be in this league for well seasons don't run yourself out of did you do your emotions. Maybe this gets stood to make it doesn't I don't know how do you tackle the rest of the guys that like revealed. Okay people this stuff and got suspended in most guys at least according to what we heard today on board with a team like cost in the playoffs. The playoffs is not. They're given for those teams we've been through to a fourteen in Kansas City. She'd look at Cleveland. In the playoffs is really difficult yet on the eighties. Yet many camps. He got training camp. You beat Dallas your body for seventeen weeks in a regular season he got a chance to go. And get the playoffs your best quarterback pulled the stunt that he did last week and forces the team to suspend him. Team it is Abdullah does that too I am tired it was I hope Peters gets it figured out but. And you play more money. The pledge it registering their jobs in this as last year man is it for him. You know when you're deal he's done. All time leading tackler for the Kansas City Chiefs and I was gonna have to play defense without the best quarterback does what he did. So I'd be extremely frustrated their jobs as one playoff win in easier Kansas City. As his actions have a ripple effect throughout the entire team so. You know is it frustrates me is it chiefs fans of Kansas City and and it just drives me bananas that that it had to get to this point with them. You know maybe she's that she's all for doing so sooner I don't know for not taking you know. A harsher action would market beaters but you know I mean that it's the chiefs lose this game and control our destiny the entire season. They can do mean. To do was not blow it if they lose this game the raiders without mark is beaters everything changes. I also think the big difference between calcium Peters gloves and a lot of people talk about what happened with Travis Kelsey and I do think it's a fair question. I mean Travis Kelsey early in the season at the end of last season appeared to be out of control and needed to get a very similar message I would agree and the chiefs let him figure it out and did at least suspend him at the level which they did with mark is Peter's. The big difference between the two it is I would say light Peters early incident he never gave all the appearance of quitting on the team. Travis Kelsey did some bald headed image shores they're not like at the very beginning of the season. Yet restricting glory got fifteen yard unsportsmanlike penalties at the end of a game he said that the Russian you don't work at blinking phone locker like Travis Kelsey has done a lot of things that at that she said Kingdome for game none of us would've really bad and I again I. I thought the new in the game I thought his penalty is gonna cost in the game in the second half about Kelsey bone headed. On sports like who's gonna cost and again. That Kelsey. Has tore into. A voice for the team so what happened behind the scenes or who Travis tells C a eventually got to. The difference in Chelsea or mark is Peters to me is. Kelsey never had something that at least gave all the appearance that he gave up on the team. That's why I've been defending markets Peter are so much everything that happened so far this was a pay I care I'm emotional kind of thing. LC was Ed just like an officials call a man I'm gonna argue with them had just like the called the into the game that cost us a playoff deal gonna say something. Like nothing I'd think war to being suspended for an entire game was a bona edit stuff to talk to a sit down. And maybe one of those things it cost you a game. Well the same thing that Peters but you beast didn't violate the secret code of sports. The coat a sports if you've been there for your brother you've been there for the guys locker room and you show up and play a full sixty minutes marked as Peter has violated that. That's the big difference between Travis tells EM markets Peters. He's never quit. You can't say that about mark is Peter's at least not in my dream. Is done I mean and Peters to get a much different level what does this deal on Sunday so. This is really frustrating really frustrating we've gone from five to go with wins over the patriots and Eagles in this the six and six. Haven't beat the urge to hang on a first place in week fourteen season. And I mean I I did did this season is completely. Spiraled. You know looking at where this team was two and a want to get where it is now is unbelievable. And yet you keep thinking that he can't. I keep hoping edged up with Peters will stop. And it it just doesn't hopefully this is it. Because again like like you said the chiefs have him under contract for the next two years. It's in their best business interest to get him straightened out. And get him to be pro. You know it's supple he got like Dick Vermeil told Larry Johnson and your ticket diapers off managed a big boy pants on markets. It really is because. The only people that see this other medical teams see this to everybody's every sees it and it's all over ESPN today. So if you think that you know you be happy kids and animals are not. But if you get a big free agent deal after some of the stuff that people are watching you do an. Lots that sold. I'd certainly still good enough to get a big and he does and he's got two more years so you got two more years to prove he can do. I would payment in the season before like before the scene but it was earlier realistic conversation locked in a market Peter long term. He's done nothing alone country and I wouldn't him and like Jaycee said when we talk tumor yet get a perfect amazing rookie season was his best behavior. Never got kicked out this team at University of Washington. That's behavior mark is Peters did his thing a couple pros under his belt and guess what. This is what we're getting in this is what teams are gonna see cheated if it's teaming up to legitimately sedans and in a free to give you. Five years and 68 million bucks I'm just making up numbers. Do we really want that. And what what a player like that. Do was with after getting a contract it's locked up for that amount of time. Such as Texas jobs huge vikings fan. Because men out of one of the vikings take Peterson glad he did now. You know I think the fans out there. And I want front offices that when they see this stuff Peters all over it in all over the national shows today thrown flags and stands and the news that he got suspended. Tex on 69 preserves six carats and as the mind temperature. Also Peters makes this team worse one game suspension is not drastic what do we are not going to do in this Marcus Peters thing. Is now tried to diminish his role in. Affect on the team. I don't people given up on the chiefs and I completely understand what how they play there. This team cannot do anything this season without markets Peters. If you still want this team to turn things around and go to the playoffs they're not doing it without Marcus Peters. When this week particularly on I'm not picking them now. Michael Crabtree. Marc Cooper Jared Cook those three already boasted the one time you played it appears on the field in this race the Coopers and in. Concussion protocols or he's gonna player. And in the next game you go against. I think the best team in the division and sit out right now who just did something that no player in the history of the NFL's got a wide receiver. Bullet that ice like five catches a hundred yards and a touchdown for three consecutive games no player in the history of the NFL has done that. So you're making the play out of that market Peters like let's let's call down a little bit I was in a market does make people upset I understand he's polarizing. Make it seem like not have like this team is better not having to mourn with you or is good that he suspended no. I would say in terms of players that could be suspended for the game he has the three most valuable players you have on the tee he changes everything you do defensively now. It might mean much to this team right now they're not very good defensively but think about how much problems you've had on the other side of markets Peter. You now multiply those situations we're both corners on the field are going to be Terrance Mitchell chip it Acker and Darrelle Revis. Urging boasted in this game by Deer Park but this is not a good thing for the chiefs anybody trying to spin it to me has target personal. It is completely been disillusioned I would that we are as Peter in our denying the football orbit because the football part of this is the chiefs are worse team without Marcus Peters on the field. Some nice on the market should be suspended for game and people are at odds what are on the tax letting you gotta be happy now happy. My favorite team laws to one of the best players to defense it's really struggling. The a list on this got to this point is going to be much more difficult to beat the raiders in a game that they actually have to have to win. Franken a late because of the drive go ahead and. Honda. Altria all right you're allowed to tolerate. You're allowed to tolerate the future tolerated it and think of what he's been doing it on market Peter absolutely word. But at the active on the she's super loud and who knew that they deserve to go out that in. Better yeah. You know Brooke replicate the quarterback and rock boat report that it that there. Unfortunately in the remember the name of the overall. The computer for treatment more of them on the corporate it reminds me of the coding user portal shall. The ballpark today. They offered booklet that runs on the board. And the and then it could soon be available over the next legal back the ball or. The group that is capital Google one in your offer lower court that would corn Europe mr. Single game if you've offered the defense or from the and that he would not where art there's humor now on the interview whether or not. There's no way this team should be six and sixty like that aren't there is live at twelve Bernard. Local article car. Why wired are trying to thwart the ball to win the game rather than trying to pick McDougall clip broke apart. Is it. About their corporate and points to a bigger hypocrite all well though. Or or who the jet occurred about third report the and how would it that we commit to a record will mark the community. Know a fair point that's a good phone call by dialing for violate the no I don't ever say I agree with them I made the point yesterday. If your parents tell you that the curfew was 12 o'clock and you show up at one. And they don't do anything. That the curfew. Wherever you want it to be is now the purview if you're a student and they tell you the due date is December 21. And you are your project in the 23 and there's no point knocked off. The due date in the 21. If you let this fly that this acceptable behavior. And what's up the next thirteen and they're doing I I think that's a big thing at anything you say press adding we see that all the time in the NFL. Once we don't care if you didn't have any priors. We can't allow you to do this because if you do this the next person that does that he had a case of not being suspended yeah I think that's what this was the next time someone just decides I'm done I'm done well walk field. And the market didn't need to do something to me so I heartless and agree with. The trick the trick is to is like these guys are pros and an eighty Reid wants to tree was grown men. Therefore he's gonna give opportunities. Aren't listening made a mistake don't do it again OK okay you did it again listen and stop at a map to make your on the whatever it handles the stuff in house but you're right. I think it's human nature to get away as much as you possibly can. We noted for something is still not new and that any don't make it hurt so like school you told in Tucson will do that other guys we'll take a step further. Other guys that can take we'll take it as far as he possibly can and until you make it hurt. Markets beaters at least at this point is career. Is determined to be a guy that can learn the hard way and being suspended for this game against the raiders is learning the hard way I hope dealers. Coming up next both Alex Smith and rich gambled common mark is Peter suspension and an. Date on my favorite score 27 team we do that the close out things right here on the dry the dry and I don't think he's from the Turkey and studio sixty and Sports Radio that couple's. Do where you can see him. At some strength that people in a relationship. Do if this college student who went to MI is easy you know he is an upper Echelon gentlemen. If he can earn a 28 at three deficit from the patriots. Into a relationship. With the famous tennis player that's legit key he should. Be in contention for time man of the year next year term that he should be a couple. Years. Team Sports Illustrated. Ole us weekly why are you following this story this kid terror and a 25 point suit rumbled deficit into. I didn't name yeah game in at least not in its famous tennis players this man is an inspiration. This man as a hero. This shouldn't be put down the way you did this should be celebrated his should be I don't remember did I remember exactly what I settlement nice tennis players probably due to just forget pop guy. And he is well is that seeing is that on a tip is so nice and or exactly remember he is a lag GA and. Can you do your remember everything that I said never shall rise the dollar normally died I trying to go back and all the things I just assume that you word you were in on them and I was hey hey let's say that she was doing any attorney new examples fanning the flames your race was not desert you geysers stream here. Text size six hundreds of six are Raddatz is a few months back she said she was Dayton someone else. That's not what I am told me ends are Graham said. Who came to as. Mean hash tags Super Bowl. Date this is from three hours to go there on the couch take himself he's. Hash tag friends down. We don't know that's what's happening with my good friend I can't believe you would continue to hate on the guy could get in and out of the it is dreams come truly found his soul mate so attacks on says put them on a Wheaties box. Put all of the Wheaties box until she went them noted the Missouri. They've got a multiple day go to an ideal break these Amazon does one salute this guy and tell him. That's for all of you out there let the stimulus into where she Sharon. That your dream is of Hannibal that's what this is a brilliant PSA. Your dream is attainable don't want anybody tell you can't accomplish you dream this guy's dream of going on a date with the Davis playing. Rihanna and that's I'm sure it was like this who know. How my life in doll. I could be gone tomorrow. Because Utley on the couch with. Lows in the mind of a child tax things yeah. In that same person doesn't think the markets Peters has begged on the achieves I don't know if that's really there. Person you should really go super. Clear insight he's gonna pour in and out and is the mind of David eighty yeah he's an incredible football he's that kind of football's alone. I just makes expense reports dot com also available on iTunes thanks soon. Brian all they hear they zoom Nielsen net thanks JC tears of joy the show today I'm headed to Sprint's that are watched K you'll lose presented I don't think it's from the.