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Wednesday, December 6th

Hour 3 kicked off with CDot explaining the difference between why Peters got suspended vs Travis Kelce never being suspended by the team. After going "Around the NFL," the guys caught up with former Chiefs & Washington Huskies DB Jayice Pearson to talk Peters before hearing the reaction on the suspension from "Around the Horn."


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Tex lines 69 preserve six. You know they say what happens when you assume the tax line is assuming room Romeo says well. Tax on six went through your six C dot we know why it's different. Another taxpayer yeah play the black athlete because from the socially broken plays bring in the white coach. Component that's why I think this is different. I think. Think there's still no word that something about a soul. You shouldn't assume because you know what happens when you assume coming boom yeah. I I think that race has absolutely anything to do with the scenario I don't either. I think the big difference between Travis Kelsey. And markets Peter suspension. Because from the outside looking in I can see why people look at the two things and say wait. Markets Peters threw a flag in the states. Last year we saw Travis Kelsey throw a flag at in official. If markets Peter is. Or if Chelsea didn't get a game for throwing a flag why is mark is Peter Keating a game for. Doing something very similar. The big difference I think in the markets Peter's situation in the Travis Kelsey situation is. At no point did Travis Kelsey ever appear to give off on the team. That's why I think mark is Peter's being suspended I don't think it is just solely for the action of throwing the flag into disdains. We've seen him put who all into the stains he did it once. And then they hold him again not to do any good at the very next day. Recent market has put the ball three separate times in his NFL career in the stands. And I imagine after every single one he was told about it we see him mark is Peters get unsportsmanlike conduct for arguing with the officials they never suspended him. We've seen them with a questionable hit that I think it was a borderline but I wouldn't consider dirty and Derek are no suspension came down for the team. We see almost gateway fight with the other team with the Oakland Raiders in that same game no suspension levied. I think the reason mark is Peters is missing this game is because he gave off your appearance that he quit on the team. TAD. In what's coming up the most important play of the game. So it was his flag into the saints. It's. Not ejected from the game even though I. Under the deck from the game everybody was acting like he was the victim from negate the cheese added employee walked with him from the sideline. Back to the locker room chicks thought he was. Ejected from the game which to me is fast. Do you think and that's it was so much going on there they're focused on the two point conversion they're focused on trying to draw plays good she's downfield because the court touchdown and that. I understand why there were some level of miscommunication. I think the apparent that you gable when your team and did not come back to the field ready to play I do think that it can be lost in his conversation. The chiefs could of highlight at the game on Sunday. They had a ball with the opportunity to go to on the field and tied the football game that came could've went into overtime. In your best offensive player or worst or second best offensive player I just decided to mentally checked himself out of the game. That's why I think this suspension was handed out I think that's different than Travis Kelsey has he done some bone and it kind of things. Absolutely you know sexual gesture toward another player he's a flag an official. He's go to Al added official he's done a lot of dumb things. He's never ever given all the appearance that he is quit all of the other 52 guys Ornette team mark is Peters did. That's I think the big difference between these two people. End. Rich Gannon broader. By the leaking here on the issue of every Wednesday at 1215. I'm rich can't city Clark Hunt gone all in many targets involved in something like this you just had enough. You know any region can say edit it is media availability dated just had to do with Sunday against the jets line. Especially if if you're gonna suspend a quarter before the raiders spent Marcus Spears was the culmination all the stuff right and at least this year. You know we've seen in my opinion the evolution of Kelsey I think tells he's becoming more police were seeing him grow up we're seeing him. Go in the right direction and believe. What mark is bitter it's getting worse. He's going the opposite direction. And I think she's got enough of it whether it's in the Elena Bob Sutton on national TV on the sidelines weathered skin. Cursing and post a post game interviews now that in offend a lot of people that's fine but if it on the guy that owns the geez I would say stop it. I'd it's about look for my business. Damascus. Let's save it if you go back in the game and he throws the flag on the field there but he just quietly walks to the bench do you think he is still suspended for this game might. I don't know it's a possibility. Maybe it's not a full game but it's like listen dude we're tired act man. It's something every other week or every week it's been going on for two years now. Stop it we're trying to win a football game here we're trying to do three game losing streak which regular season back on track here and and in year. Were about yourself and and being angry instead of focused on trying to beat the jets. Is it is it every week don't is that maybe unfair character in any day every week is that every other week or at me and he's got he's got what six at five incidents and how many games according to you to Kansas City Star reported at their lives I got my winners Bosnia and any as a part of the footballer inning this year but I mean what's amigos summit instances in the store I thought that they brought by I think wrongly just kind of put everything into one blender. I got up hit on deer caller is not to me but. Their cars go on the ground he hits them there's a borderline of where you think it that was Derek Johnson is not a dirty it was mark is Peter like none. And say that I suppose because the quarterback that's that's the biggest deal. What is your body. It's almost on the thirty flies in for a dish that Derrick or can do that man. Still an adult decision you you start a fight all the field and he gosh routine fifteen. I agree about saying is I don't know if that action is freer to put in with this one right about the start did when they brought up is that this happened six times has put anything it's that marked it was just want all of the one thing that I do it would Mark Peters what's happened is. Now we've let something happen and we won now typically we too. I don't think like I think there's different tiers until a category supported the call was like. Does son and I would say by far this the worst thing easily wins and I'd probably say this is one. I would say last year against Carolina when he punishable with Spain's after the age old and two other times to do what he just got the biggest play of the game because fifteen yards quickly after doing it. So a lot of this other stuff is just minor stuff on that but it all piles up them and it's got somebody that has a that that has weathered small big whatever after one used it a point especially if your business owner. You know that's the way Clark outlooks and he's a numbers guy. That's what it looks at all right again have a guy. You know screaming out on your fans even though fans are jerks do sometimes I understand you know the emotional player can have a fringe element. I get that part of it began avenue and all these different things I think. My feeling is is that Clark probably just had enough in this they put him over the top of the fact that he did go to the locker room and come back out ready to play I think I think that was it man. I'm I'm Italian not. Yeah obviously I'm parts I'm I guess I'm saying is I think the big difference between Kelsey. Who we agree it was not too long ago that Kelsey and 45 other incidents here Kelsey. Very easily could just pitiful and they did sit him down for a game I think the only difference in the two Wii's. Kelsey at no point ever appeared to give author on the team were the only reason why just slightly juju. I think you Jews it was legal I give juju it's up in doesn't stand over on to his perfect I think he's playing in the game I think it was the action of the hit. His reaction to they had standing over him looking down in the in the result of the guy got our off a stretcher is what counts suspended. I don't think necessarily be throwing the flag into the stands is what got markets Peterson spent. I think his actions afterwards what counts spend. I think the walking off the field smiling. Leaving the field coming back still not ready to play jolly with Spain's on the sideline he's just mentally taking himself out of a football game that was still very much in play. That game could of went to overtime and that's part of this whole story like I don't like people are what probably putting and Trenton. The game went to overtime. Marcus Peters who was not suspended. Just decide I'm not going to play more like you've got to get ready to play in this scenario let's have a chief scored touchdown and that part is they're going back a silent again issue. Our inside is he going to bite mentally checked himself back into the blogging that's I think it was enough is enough I think the chiefs know how to handle a lot of the stuff out. I don't think the post game press conference that big of a deal I don't think the blow all asylum with Bob Sutton is that big of a deal. I think she's just know how to manage that hey mark emotional we know what's gonna happen no harm no foul peeking get over that pretty quickly. I don't know of any team can handle you walking off the field in the form or fashion in which you did. And then coming back not ready to play that's I think put this team in the situation Mark Peters over the promote. The top for sure I think that whole whole incident did. After Ollie. It's. He talked out of it is doing in the NFL you have to deal with this on a biweekly basis would mark is beaters I just think you're tired of our and that. I think any restart has been part of his. Every other week try to deal with it is I'm sure just use and started to talk to him about it. You know I'm sure Eric Berry sits back and and watches like. Don't mean this is detrimental to our team we're trying to win football games here so I think it's a culmination of everything. And and in it to put it in perspective for anybody that's out there whether to coworker a friend somebody you dated. I want your kids just get to a certain point with people he had enough I'm done you're grounded. Right go to your room you know that she's got the market's leaders and I think you're right quitting on your team going to locker come back out in rated. Was the icing on the cake that it with them. You know and and I hope for g.'s fans Iowa for the chiefs and our city that they can get it figured out under contract for the next two years it's in the best interest to figure him out. Get the most out. Is there any. Other component though it's the idea that Ebert were comparing calcium in Peters in the situation there and innocence. Kelsey was suspended. Or but not actually side from and you reduce bad right we regroup that counts yeah. The daily is San Diego yet that was as. Not been not any reading come out of so. A bit so in that context. Does do those optics matter that Andy didn't same Travis is suspended but Marcus is does that matter in this. I think it does because again Geary goes out of his way a lot of the time protect his players. The nose of the young guys in their emotional he wants to be themselves and he wants to protect them he knows he's gonna make mistakes and that's okay they can deal with a lot of that. The fact Andy Reid came out instead this this is a public suspension. By the team. I think that's what makes this a bigger deal because I don't. Any reaches all the time would keep this in house when he has immediate build it and talk about anything they wanna keep this in house and they could try to do multiple times and that didn't work may be this way. Yeah I agree this is by far bigger incident and that I just think this is the worst on the field thing that's happened for the chiefs the last couple years like everything else you might. Dis liking it might turn you off I don't think the player on the team at least from a on the field standpoint has done anything close to this. I think the court scene in sports is to give all the appearance that you quit when you're team that you put yourself above the team. Adding Mark Peters is like a seven minute Spain and in the game against the jets as their season is rumbling away up here to give up. He for a flag into the stands he walks off smiling. He didn't doesn't come back prepared to play he's enjoying with the other team's fans on the sideline but I think the way you handled the last ten minutes of a football game a game were selfish embarrassing. It ain't ultimately is going to cost you tens of thousands of dollars and I assume your pride is hurt again cost you money in it took away. I would guess one of the games that you care about most when your schedule. Six and six against six and six fortunate to lead the division you lose the tiebreaker to Oakland if you do with your biggest rival. Door hometown team against store cousin and mentor Marshall is you can't play I think there's sort of weighing more than the money aspect. I think that she's realized he had to do something drastic because they're sees it is falling and I would say it would mark is Peter's it was time to do something rats because your message had gotten through. Coming up next to go around the NFL Roger Goodell gets a contract extension and one of these suspensions from Monday night was overturn what are we think about what we'll tell you next on the drug. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio yeah. Coming up at ten minutes we'll catch up Jason peers. Who also attended the University of Washington. And as familiar with the markets Peters because of the JC in ten minutes talk about the chiefs star quarterback being suspended for the very important contest this weekend against the Oakland Raiders that is located right here in Kansas City, Missouri. But before we catch up guy JC Pearson we take a trip around. Only NFL. I'm wasn't into it how do you feel about Roger beat bill sent to her and I I had to double check this when I went on yeah the paper. ID field Roger Donaldson's earned close to 200. Million dollars. Over the next five years in his new contract there should be like if the mess hall of fame. That people that make exorbitant amount of money. Although. They might not necessarily do the most work should be and when I would like to call for next all of like Derrick Rose. Means to be in the finance hall of fame Roger Goodell. Is in the finance all of thing. Tell us why don't 200 million. He makes billionaires a lot more money Powell. And it takes a lot of arrows for those guys man he takes a lot of arrows for the NFL. The Urban League 200 million not to act you know here attacking what is right. Maybe light my entire family has health insurance for a long. It all the heroes in the world on unseat what do you think the biggest thing rod to build on Thursday night football that's his big contribution to the NFL's the most and I football I. Well the TV and in stuff like that those contracts are really big deal that's what I. This is did it seem like ridiculous amount of money and salute my theory is dead is summed up muscles to pay that much you take it. I would back I was looking at what CEOs of big time companies may because. It's great to some dude named John Hammergren. From McKesson which is a medical company. Amid a 131 point two million this year Ralph Lauren. 66 points out. I think Roger Goodell is essentially the CEO. Of the company that were 74 billion. I'll give Ralph Lauren started the company in design I get a load but I all of my. You what the biggest thing Roger Goodell is that you can't name what it is they're not worth fifty million U design the color Russian. Like you don't like it I don't blame people for not like it and I think because of sport on it irritates the hell out of people. The other part is in charge of the 74 point. Five billion dollar company. That's going right Byrd got a company that's big NFL is this is as big as Major League Baseball the NBA combined. So I needed sound like a crazy amount of money sounds over the top today but it's gonna be the dude in charge the companies were 75 billion dollars then I think that prop. About and I hate don't you mean get some money someone's gonna pay you fifty million dollars a year and you make fifty million dollar a year and I just forty I just struggled to find what he does like this than here you'd be paying. All of these businesses are owned independently he doesn't run achieves the cowboys with the raiders and those things the only thing appears to be moved about players has been to I don't. Don't know what else like I don't know that the cover up for CT that's got to be pretty it's been and always does again about what I mean all right lots else. Cheaper to do it out there in the NFL but I think I could run NFL. All I gotta do is they have his brilliant idea should do we should make deals with streaming company because that's the way television is going to. Do ticket buys a lot she was distraught it's it just doesn't do what they do in charge of the other of them. Multi billion dollar company typically makes them I'm guessing that's like that's what he meant. Those are great ideas yeah. Coming into the fantastic idea. It's not like it's the anatomy. Appreciate it David Bentley and created. GPS tracker for your wallet but right now but they'll stop being the commissioner of the NFL asked what's in the last legs. You'll tell me it's layers suspensions that. Player's suspension and Thursday night we'll all that's we get paid fifty million dollars a year or. I'm awful. Awful just. Speaking of players is the engines isn't it that they should take forty million dollars and give to retired players. He's got a little play concerning you didn't take a pay cut for retired players and put that money and pay two million dollars a year. And the 160 million that you're not gonna give them give to retired players that's about it. Georgia local ones suspension appeal of the Cincinnati Bengals only have to pay 35 day. For his hit on Antonio Brown on Monday night you guys agree with the decision. I agree that he should've appealed are that he's won his appeal I don't think he was trying to be malicious. Ray Lewis made a pretty good point I think he is trying to. Dislodged the footballs from Antonio brownie has to be allowed to do that. I don't think you let with the crown of his helmet I think he's trying to turn his body in trying to dislodge the football with the bad we don't want defensive players to be able to defend. Passes so I do agree with him on him Jew who suspension tigers' final for the crack back block. In skating over the guy didn't I never thought he should of been spent yet either I mean what he's boasting that the touchdown tied the game. He's got to go there try to break up that Paula is gonna make you didn't catch that football. Exactly 35 grandsons. So again on until it didn't return. Paying attention to the wildfires over in Southern California they're they're pretty serious it looked like about a mile lawyers from UCLA. LA it was open flames. So it's already impacting practice for the rams and Eagles and could possibly impact their game on Sunday. I'm the field. Is this a must win first spotted a first round bye between these two top teams. Great question yes it would be the answer. Met Eagles have pretty much locked up they both the one or two seed I kind of find it hard to believe. The Graham's I do think it is eight argument between the Eagles ravens in the vikings in the saints for who's gonna get that once he obviously you get this that you're good tiebreaker that's gonna be a big deal so obviously I think this is a must win spot for either of those team that they want to secure the first round bye but I feel pretty confident now that the Eagles are gonna get a box did. It is really think that the Eagles and rams the vikings have been fighting now for the top three I don't know of anybody out there. To ask you how crazy is the league but it's not that that. I think it's a huge game Foreman is in the way you bet the re going to be 103 didn't need. That's absolutely nuts and yet. Also the number one and number two matchup of the top two quarterbacks drafted last year Gerri Gotham Carson once and I know and then the other top team in the NFC. This quarterback like he's cute yeah. You crazy last couple years it's usually most improved player but he's been fantastic. Tiger to do homework. I'm yeah. Ben Roethlisberger says the suspension for GG Smith Shuster and Rob Gronkowski should not eat the same. Did someone the other posters to evaluate suspensions differently I think that next year they have a much more rigid plane enforcement. I think situations like what happened with Michael Crabtree. But keeps a lead like what happened robbery counts you let would ask Mike Evans I think they will be two games. Ian players things that happen all in the field throughout the course the action they will get one I think that's going to be the big change next next year with the competition. Yeah they brought to get more. I mean the did dropped it was laying on the ground. Face down a bra size them up and hit the they had put them concussion protocol. Released bonds is perfect was trying to make a play that was cracked back it went down with big business Murkowski should get more than. He intentionally went out of his way to try to hurt somebody would notice that they shouldn't be using drugs get more future. And that includes around the NFL sports today. Up next former chief Washington husky JC Pierson. Weighs in on Indy Reid's decision to suspend mark is Peters our guy JC joins the show next the prize presented by don't think it's from the electorate into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Yeah. Tacky and on the drive in thirty minutes we'll get to the top stories of the day in Kansas City during the hits but. It has been a long time no talk at our next guest for eight years he played corner in the NFL. Former host of the drive that is the one the only JC Pierson JC you don't man. Man I'm good fellas we'll have been may have been alone. Did he what are you doing these days I haven't heard from me in a year or so I feel like you got a fallen off the dirt. And I'm doing absolutely. Nothing look. I was I would ever say I'm just chilling man. Every day do whatever I wanted to do or might it around it and and. How much golf have you played in this Newark and his newfound retirement. I played more golf this year there are probably Omar. I'm Margaret cooperate and work. Derek harper and her know you gotta suck without notice you do you gotta keep yourself occupied JC I wanted to have you on because you went to the university wants continue a familiar with Marcus Peter's background you know him better than most I don't think there's many people outside of his circle back and say they really know him fairly fairly well. But just somewhat a relationship or had a relationship with mark is Peter's what do you make of today's suspension sitting amount for the game against the raiders. Well yeah I think it was it was more to football because it it was a cumulative thing I don't think it was just based off well. What happened against the giants let you know first of all you know markets Peters is an emotional guy I understand that I. At the same way it has been no. You know word headline news in you know the guy is great talent. Or he's making it taller and himself who with the way they treat the year you know. At the question here in McGrady answered. Because you don't know how to immediately liked the guy. You can to cut him a break. Well when when the guys not likable that's what everybody piles water that was out there was with him. What you know I I think they had the companies he had to get sent the message that would be going. It not cool and that is that is that suspension is great. But it also ethical from the guys in the locker and we are oh. Wouldn't stand for you know or you approach the guy Kool green and you know. In the door and all the don't blah blah blah and then it contributed to take at the right way to greatness he threw the ball up the whatever that. Lead the blow the garden at the it has who lead the level what. You have to understand that the guys in the locker room or not cool that you. They see like markets seems to me that is is one of those guys that did dharma to learn the hard way when it comes this stuff product and I'm assuming that Andy. Had the talk with a I'm assuming that. Whether Derek barrier just used or somebody had the talk within but it didn't change his behavior I feel like that he sort of forced the cheese and. Well yeah you know iron and I don't know. Who called whom who hasn't helpful. But at some point in time you know you don't have to change their behavior any remote aren't yet there. You know breaker that bet guys really stepped up and Paul whom it traffic Kelsey could kill you would do the same kind of stuff. You know you're emotional and ritual that kind of stuff he seems to have clean it felt a little bit in regard to that maybe you fit well market based on. It is well. You know I understand where same way. It would. It was this is what I'm doing their try to understand that between the line back into look at the important thing. So it. It featured the district to take back in the right way doing great and some kind of guy who try to walk up whatever their. It Lisa what are we knew what he had to know that the guy in the lot more cool was that he. Right now talking JC Pierson for eight years he played in the secondary in the NFL targeting him about markets Peters is a former. While Washington University of Washington alarm. That's I think got markets Peter suspended I don't think it was the act of emotion when you draft Marcus Peterson you ripped it was background. You knew this was possible Marcus Peters and I was gonna be something you're always gonna have to tinker with and finding good balance I think what got markets Peter suspended was the appearance that he gave up on the team. He then throws the flag he walks off the field he's been told by somebody paid come back you're not objective from the game any didn't come back ready to play. That's why I think Andy Reid had to put his foot down it's one thing to be emotional and fiery it's another thing to give up on your team we cannot accept that. Yeah it's a bad look no doubt about it you know thrown a flag now I've never seen anybody pick a flag or Spain. I'm never seen before and I thought he was rejected two if you do that I thought he was automatically reject that probably what he's also. He took it and it may be found out that he wasn't. Ejected. You know he should at least put a sock speckled comeback with the appearance spirit you're ready play. What a comeback like that with no stock sought. He's talking to people and stand and what not and like. He just doesn't care. After that that the looked at you can tap and the message that you can't sing in the end aspect I think they had become Benedict at itself. It could it be a moniker on it had to be something. They're you know hopefully get his attention there you know I mean more marriage you know you're got to stop the dumb stuff. JC you've been around this game enough to know that some people like turns on it does appear this torn dollar Travis Kelsey. And some people never get a and they let their emotions sort of bond them out of the lead or control them. And really lower the ceiling on what they're what they're going to be. Do you think that light ever comes offer markets Peter do you think he ever cleans this stuff up in fully I guess embraces what he could be in this league. I hope so I cannot think so yeah you know I mean. Once you understand that what he's the winner not cute it's not you know not don't want anything but hurt him and hurt me. Then I'm not thinking he's gonna Kirk that. What he's an emotional guy what you you have to know when and where. And that's what he's got to learn it. Got to understand there's consequences and do those kind of thing this consequence not good with the league active with. That coaches in the organization what their consequences which which are Brothers which are both in the locker room and you know consult with a group picture or two and so. I think he thought he definitely can clean it up it's up to him if you lost that. A former chief JC Pierson JC this gonna sound extremely crazy but just follow me on this. You know we've been talking on the show for the last couple weeks about this team meeting this market but it is something needs to change something needs to happen when this group because you know. Now at three way tie the AFC west. Did something like this. Actually have the reverse effect of what we think it happened because their car torched them last and that she's played the raiders and now there's no market beaters. Suspending a guy like Peters could this actually have the reverse effect be something positive listing. Well you know I mean what you get out there are playing block out there who's out here are here. You don't worry about that you've got to go and do your jobs only to get to do a better job of game planning. And you know maybe not place so much man you know gently as much man without orchid over their governor guy that you may have to adjust your scheme. A little bit like guys partners they gave what little. When the market let's go you know just because the way it all went down if you're gotten injured or something or are you guys work. A suspension based on behavior. You know I mean it that it would revered. JC you talked about you being a fiery player playing with and always remember you said this that some players have that dogged them. In it is very difficult to put that dog in certain players if you don't already have it. Did you ever have one of these football interventions were may be a veteran player at the kind of sit down and talk to you about your emotions and how was affecting the rest of the team. Yeah you know what but the thing is that it is I would get penalties. Without you know all I always insult and it always talk trash. You know so they would always got the break it up you know it I. Order. A little bit. Like that was just the way out play and you know you're more you're not you're penalized or. Then it's not a problem it's you know to me that felt like I had to play their way in order to be successful now. You know he's at its markets is an extremely counter got much more talented there's an Iowa. Yeah we got that. He doesn't mean those things. That he's doing in order be successful player we can see it you're one. You know or with the rookie because you know he knew that he could get away with that kind of stuff company it. What apparently battle royal couple years rookie of the year he got some status. So now it feels like he can do whatever he wants and that's that's the problem is you have to check that now because he feels like he's the man. Last question here for me use. You talked about playing with that fire it obviously fuel view it obviously fuel a lot of great players Brady O'Dell baca markets Peters it's possible to play well and be angry all the time because market Peter seems to play with that chip on the shoulder and that fire all the time and he doesn't seem to have the ability to turn it off where we see a guy like Brady has the ability to turn off. Peters doesn't seem to have that switch. Well is that they know network with their. I don't know how fiery he would be honest with. The I think he played with a lot of emotion although I'll. Fire in here because you don't hit anybody. You know just European point blank you know he's not a physical guy normally when you're. An intense emotional gut I'm turning it into the movement as anybody who. I don't care what he's not that guy you know he's not a physical tackling guys you want you know. Stripped the ball grabbed the ball which is great when it worked terrible when it doesn't. So you know I don't think he's. And intense fiery guy I think he tried to portray there that it would with the technical school put its Plano Il doesn't show that because. He's not physical on the feet. That's Jaycee break her make her know that that makes perfect sense that JC Pierson for eight years he play in the NFL he played secondary. He graduated from Washington he knows markets Peter JC go work on that us short game and. Absolutely man pick your vote your Garden City. AJ say. JC said something at the in Ireland it's who on the other side that I had never ever thought about with Mark Peters. Would you then a player who I assume is not very popular in Kansas City had some very pointed comments towards Roger Goodell. In the gray area that is treated by some of the suspense that it happened in the NFL. It will get to the national perception of markets Peter suspension a lot to get into before they hits right here on the drive. The drive presented by don't sixteens from the MVP electrocution and studios sixty and Sports Radio. Come back heated up late this seems like it organizational disaster from Kansas City and taken out of the next game doesn't make any sense at all. Court whose flag on the play that with a two point conversion he was off the field or two point can Burton a game now with a one possession game. Although you say it was one of the highlights of the season in throwing that led the league that this. That that five players for Sox and for pleads not on the right week at the plate yelled out the big where one week but it can't Wear the other that he do you think they didn't make a statement here on the flag I find that surprising frank where you on this stuff suspension from the Jeep that week. It came back with no socks on there has to be more to this story. Has he been late for practices that we don't know about and this was you know the straw that broke the camel's back if bomb on the Kansas City Chiefs. On the offense or defense something to myself this is a huge game. It would Peters did was wrong but by suspending him you're hurting all of us. To me this doesn't make any sense it was dumb what he did absolutely you like it looked fine don't suspend upper big game this could be our season I don't agree with left. Franken couldn't he walked off the field he walked all on the team you should have to have a bit so I got to stop in that he had thought as a war elation. He walked it he deserted this thing that's why they suspended about the flat the flag was thrown the book thrown flag that that that's all equalizing. Speak to them they they suspended because he walked off the sort capital of the New York Giants the two giants walked off on Mac if you give up losing his job and we've got controls team I've given full credit. That's around the whole hour and their take on the markets Peter suspension I'm saying I think Mark Peters got suspended for leaving the field not on the flag I think he would have got five to maybe they sit him down for a Ceres were a quarter. I think what got on the full game what got on the whole in July does so to speak was walking off the field that's I think did markets Peters and in this. This goes to shows and he was these national guys. Of his remark is Peters what's gone on here in the three years he's been here these last two seasons. The model citizen his first season. But I think that's part of it too and it like caddies spend again for big game playing the race. Not pay attention I mean a lot about me in a sudden that's a lot of people have deepening Italian kids been a four big game will give it to that I'm sure that's going to be in the hits the top stories at the Dane Kansas City including. Mark is Pete is out for the Oakland game next on the drug.