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The Drive
Wednesday, December 6th

The guys start Hour 2 with CDot pitching his new "Million Dollar" idea to Fanning & Heis, only to find out one it already exists. They also hear from Alex Smith & former QB Rich Gannon on the suspension for Marcus Peters. They wrap the hour with former Chiefs DE Neil Smith in-studio for his weekly visit discussing Peters, why players don't care about fines anymore, and his perspective on the violence and major hits from the Monday night game.


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Backhand on the drive today's pop quiz was the Simpsons. 84 years ago today. Prohibition it and that's kind of cool that it ended on your 21 birthday like you could you enjoy and I was BI. Our kids had nineteen and 1920 at Disney can maybe get it I'm not an hour on. But mainly first birthday they they they repealed I mean that's that's also odd and I definitely critical news. So I was born and 118. Long time ago is is is the answer to that one out of the channels that there winner of today's pop quiz got tickets to see Brad Eldred someone accident and ask who bred Al Georgia's I would assume he's playing quarterback for the chiefs this week you know I mean you know there are bringing in old guys some guys in Brett eldredge can maybe it's in the fifteen snaps ovals. What he is coming to Kansas City. Saturday April 21 at uptown theater for an amazing she sings the long way that's a song artist but she was certain the chiefs are trying to win the division along with the sales of video are so yeah. And something I'm good that that's another Reynolds and Graham. Giving a long run it's okay all right yeah this this is good yes great just I. So it makes a lot of sense actually NASA drunk on your love which is fitting since prohibition ended. There. 84 your bus beyond that would be Oz thereabouts nonstop material on them drunk in love drunk in all Coca. I quick correction Chrysler DJ hot game today is at Allen is not an Alley it is that sprints and today they're taking a washed and it's also it's something that's. Since it is not an Allen and I know it's you know when. You know when I quit when to use got to play team that spreads editor's note real buzz about I know you're used as Alan normally it's Alan Alan ES but he and you know that is items in the mine accidents there or in in the know it no longer be on the outside. It's not gonna tax your little credit here is that you think mark is Peters is planned don't know that. They're playing is she can't cult is all the honor he just needs to stay in the house for an eye and like he should be and you whatever you know whenever your team loses and you don't want a lot sports that are for the weekend like that's I would I'm not sure that's got markets Peters roll like you got suspended averages go Wednesday and yes you know over seas markets speeders in the case you Washington tonight. Instead issues and take over its next in sports. IAM going to give you a million dollar idea momentarily but we got a breaking news. Source Roger Goodell has seen new five. Year extension that will take him up to the start of the league year in twenty. 24 that is courtesy of Albert career he also tweet also the six main compensation committee reached down to that other 26 owners individually over the last week. Came away it was strong consensus to finalize the Dell's new deal. So the five year deal is done so Roger Goodell locked in as the commissioner of the NFL. He's believed that he can occur up to forty. Million. Dollars a year based on performance incentives I want you got that private you know people remember their associations or not he was asking for fifty million dollars a year in use some private jet for wisely everybody is definitely having health care so Roger Goodell with trying to secure the bag for everybody forty million dollar you do a lot I do wonder he got this. I'm surprised it happened in season I feel like three days ago he was beast with Jerry Jones and people are having problems with them. Five years from now Roger is gonna be the commissioner that the CB eight will be Al at least during his time he's would have a very difficult negotiation is going to lose some power there's no way to meet players at least sign up for the CBA with the current in my opinion marijuana laws currently is in the current suspension. It's very overture right now which you get suspended for. I think those are gonna be two of the biggest things at the players like next on the CB is not agree. Yeah and that BK in listened the union in the NFL typically is not as strong and those guys don't hold I never really have so. Went up to doesn't point one think it is I think that ECB is that's going to be a fight that's going to be interesting and I would be from if it from a fan's standpoint. That's a year I'd be prepared to maybe be ready to Nazis in football. I have a million dollar idea two of them actually like the Segway that one of those. Well I don't have one of those so I don't do they add up to a million dollar a huge bummer each million now and you don't see Indian two million dollar ideas that your your answering the drive shark I'll give you my first. I lost well yesterday. I got to work. And then I went to open the door was might seek art and I realized my wallet was in my pocket the usual prices bachelor party to I was well all the time. That was fun night and they aren't looking around for a while and Amber's idea and your special anyways is it my backpack so I do. Urinary. This idea. We have those key cards and I imagine many of you your job you have something in your wallet that you just put it up the door locks the door. They should make something like that you can put in your wallet. And whatever you are in the situation that I repeat at least seem to find myself and you cannot find your wallet you should be able to pick up your fault there should be. And that's why fine whatever you call that the wallet fine. And then I click or what if you lose your phone and then based on one thing and then based on GPS. I should be able to determine where my wallet is because of the little chip. Or the car that is inserted in my wallet while fine would be nine million dollar idea. Did it change your wallet. And change it here oh no. That's why a million dollar idea is wallet five you have heard of ever change your wallet to your belt that might end up. This alleged at this crazy idea and it won't cost anything. Just you know. Don't usual like you say I need my keys in my wall what do tickets go. It's possibly to get stolen would you like to be able to tell where it's not what do you like so the police. Jack for my wallet but I can Brooke. For you you know they still little while nine million dollar idea. And other million dollar idea I was thinking of this over the weekend. Having ever DVR to show horses yeah one I have DVR to show. And you wanted to watch that show. You gotta go on the guiding you got to do all these different things and it's a long and tedious process. You should be able you have the same cable provider is somebody else then you should be able to digitally transferred the show from your DVR. To the other person's DVR. Let's say you were watching the show but sit with a documentary on the History Channel about the history of baseball. Market and really enjoyed this documentary. Usually watch. I don't spectrum you got Specter yeah you should be able to have like a cable digital drop box and you should be able to go home. Click on TV show go to C and be able to sing meet the show. And then instantly. Pops up my DVR like to watch it on my television trains for DVR. Another million dollar idea don't do any effort I paper DVR. Just charge me an extra extra two bucks my cable bill. For the ability to transfer shows from my DVR to your yeah are transferable B York slide out while. Insurance for a DVR and my two million dollar ideas. Is this. So. Are you the same cable we don't have spec got a team expects rose that I guess are they don't you have like I. But the prime time on demand and all that stuff right conveys he'll find anything you want. It's already air so it's like already there seek it basically just say to me a apology to see that show on I see that that Brock ownership usually watch that. So that'll have to do. Is already got I just got to click on I seen like if I'm Brock writes a does that kind of already exist sometimes. Office and on the on demand that not mean everything that's ever on television is all debate it. A lot Jurassic Park tomorrow and I got DB all part. I did this to you it's true this is amazing idea I can't believe that anybody. Would hate on trains. Or DVR. We go to the phone line Jason and oh me. Jason how do you feel about my two million dollar ideas. Well it's uninteresting and driving for Cooper right now my pastor was listening to your. All Fieger idea that there are dirty air. And I'm 100 murder. Let her a flatter lie. First of all Jason what's the name in this let me move this should. Like a clip that you put your phone in the and you download it are putting your wallet. And download and out your phone but yeah by the you accessed via out burgers like an idiot yeah. Locate her but for all. Okay all right Jason thanks for calling and we're gonna have ties ties this up for us eyes checked to see if this idea has already being. Created because I felt like that was a really good idea. 15. You don't you address the intimate. All of that's about it wallet GPS tracker on Amazon answer you how much does it. It is thing conflict in. This is. Some issues drone and ground 6999. When it is. Tell me and slim combo cap a pack. For sixty. Yet silly but is she is routine your wallet I needed he's on anything and no I could use it ties to putter as a man purse. I anybody on anything. Okay arts and maybe the key idea has already been done. But I don't think it's a maybe things Panetta I'm an art Keller I don't take this is. This may add this one got OPEC and there's like different sizes here to me make news. But there's no transferable DVR so did IE. Got shot at a news that's good that's the process of brainstorming. You know I thought process of brainstorming. Portraits DV all would be beneficial everybody mussina and I got things DVR like someone says that you created who I still am. The last in the UKU game played at the zoo arena on my DVR. That's and that's what's out of the loop what you'd like to see. I still got the UKU game the football game from arrowhead where my DVR actually just sit next to you again. Eight of results for transferable DVR service writer on Google. Okay I'm not a joke unlike there's nothing here that you she may have something that I'm trying to sell you are trying to help people you know that's based on trying to do was irritable. Up next there are people. Current quarterback. Any former quarterback of the cheese that weighed in oil and the decision to just to suspend mark is Peter B get back to Martin's Peter's right here on the drive the drive presented by don't think he's from the electric heat into the studio sixty and Sports Radio it. Someone on the tax line. Makes a perfect. Point. I've learned that even if you have the same idea as someone else you should know. That's a really good point I how is little different than Hoover pretty much the same thing but listen people are eaten. How is it any different easy trip Z trip people who eat some outlet this new discovery of tiles stop me from wallets fine. It never sensible and there's other men and sort of say it does making this. Just make sure that does not. That they don't have a patent. Patent and now it's a lot shark tank income after. Yet to find a way to the differentiated some work on that play immediately maybe there's no device that puts the GPS directly on the wall himself an out card that is the Wallace asked them to GPS and yet McDonald's McDonald's. You can't they got the big Mac yet at the big Mac exactly. Gold mark school march. OK I want you know I'm just I'm sitting here I'm just trying to help people and I'm just trying to give. People you know trying to change the world you know like. This is my little corner my little platform reduce those under is gonna make sure that we can go out they didn't put it on like he's twelve packs. And change the world. Earlier today on the station that. Rich gain enjoying the day shift to talk about. The suspension of mark is Peter's here's richer game they had to say in his thoughts and opinions Owen. Mark is Peter's being suspended for the Oakland. Are particularly important for for the with a clean Betty did. All I needed it does that make extra sleep and gain that. At appealable elimination game you look perfect fit traders in effect achieved an all of the game the clear he will last and that will help you console in a pickle here that players you. The supporters of the copper core game like that against your car. You know big bird get a passing it can't fire I think it's very you do you know you know how important. Let the accountability at some point that. You know you don't direct the clerk looking around. Our seniors you know in handling market Peter meltdown that is the first digital. Money that he's been so. I think he's got to get this kind of control it then you know he made look. Not how legal our business with the big guys the core conflict. Involved in the conflict within you re. A group you know it's amazing. Powers and the one that you'd. Predictable or promote the game you put your own self interest. In the photo that green. And you're gonna take part of the if you put yourself. Between the correctly at least here I mean you know echo law and not in left field comes back he's got those stocks followed world. Arrived in Athens and include. Tropical locker boatload of them and accountability you know. Only let your next. And more importantly this week alcohol problem. Put it more available on the secondary that attackers in if I don't want he actually. Guilty certain. You know it is redeployed first or perhaps gain. He's number of the play and he plays one walk you don't want to grow our government freight. Clear but Mumbai and refusal by that truck speed anymore. And I felt that it's from watching the first and somewhat weeks so. Clearly he's unsure himself played in the year and government political bottom and if you look at the other corner matchup it's not favorable matchup against the raiders were especially. If Marc Cooper vehicle play. Eight towards a blessed having had nineteen targets in a Gingrich went in these thoughts are on this. Is the players that you were in the locker room and team leader. Pool with some like Marcus Peters happens what is your best guess a lot of the players locker morning happy about it either. Burton but later order date applicant city and Oakland where not only tolerated but you know it was. It was all in eagle slaughtered by upper management and ownership of you know and I think that is it that promote clean and you know or discipline and accountability would do such detail. So and so and so like me your social. Life than the one and so focused. It'll have a personal foul penalty and I mean at some point is that he couldn't beat the record about me. You could make an then out of control unfortunately you know the traffic out there about. Market you have the meltdown. And that you know part of that it reflects an obstacle to that and he got Gilbert. They could order and there were ruled our expectations are. It well you know. We're we're in record together I think the sentiment that the certificate. Anyway. Interpreter who forward and I think when you look at the team. And Kirk Watson the game last week and Wendell that. You know and couldn't they'd go that currently don't currently have a recording between could drop all year. Support the reflective of out pocketed Al until I reach you know. America block. You know the lead but I'll let them because you considered the political and there he goes in the big reason why. I think it. Loss of the last that they're not doable little expected. Recruit feet. Aside from the comments about Marcus Peters actually think the partner Ian is probably the most accurate statement you can say about the chiefs the chiefs lacked attention to detail offensively and defensively. They don't do the little things well that cause you to win games in the NFL is Seoul based in margins. I don't think there is a big difference between the team that you think is fifth in the NFL and the team that you think is fifteenth in the NFL what you think that is. Aside from the top teams the patriots the Eagles those kind of teams that once you get off that year. There's not a big difference between eighteen like Seattle and Tennessee. Just a couple plays here or there its attention indeed sail its focus it's a player or two. But she still do the little things well enough to help you win and execute ball games at the end of it that cause you to win and that's why they lose a lot of these games they've had an opportunity to win. The Oakland game you have only you got to the goal line you commit penalty after penalty the game against the jets Q did the exact same thing you only scored nine points against the giants. They do not focus and they do not have the attention to detail the good teams do. Yeah we see each and every week now go back to you I think it was. Camera which galas now but I am out of and then the giants game word. Stephen Nelson made a tackle on a 35 play it looked like he had a downer Perry gave up on that got the first down on his jets game but yes I. That's your right that's it that's it that's a really good example because. They don't mean you'd last week's game yet defensive backs run into each he had Tyree killer Albert Wilson run on the same. Route on a screen place oh or bubbles at last Alex Smith commented on Marcus Peter suspension as well today in the locker wrong spot for. And in and around guys on each other times he just try to give it to be on it you know sometimes you don't use anything. This is gonna evaluate that. A little bit yourself ray B sample mean what did you focus. I think this is often does have a problem that those cuts him to do tensions the but certainly had ever feel like Sunnis instead do it and I can't speak for everybody here. But there's been a lot of us believe problems this team we are ready to go out of the business. It's not easy. Hearts race our decision was made it or don't and this didn't. They go back and forth and all the stuff at this point is. Visits both. Yeah I mean you don't have time to sit around worry about market speeders not being in the thing that. I took general Alexander earlier today. Was effected he's at the leaders understand it which makes me think that the leaders are on border this thing. Back to rich and said cemented I really thought about this they talked about Clark I'm probably being involved in this decision. Mean Clark that's been markets Peters 354000. Dollars per game. I would guess that he's probably involved in the decision making something that I'm on some like that and it you know our studio right now watching. Everyone the SP NGOs is talking about. You know CC mark is Peter's thrown a flag in the stands come back out those socks on in a fallen NFL owner and that's my team is being talked about. I was in the Clark I did play a role. And suspensions. I just think talking to leaders is a symbol of a strong locker room yeah I don't. No if you can make eighteen suspension like like the suspension and not come down from the league. I know. I don't think you can do something like that without sitting down and consulting the veterans on your team. I don't know if your pain you read you can suspend mark spewed about getting geared Johnson's at least opinion. I'm not saying you have a team vote. I don't think you're doing a good job and as a head coach you don't sit down with. Justin Houston and Derrick Johnson and rom Parker and a guy like being in Logan even though he's been it's been around the league title while math and not and ask them their etiquette is much more a defense if they are those guys I think deal with mark is Peter liked. How often does compete he has the one to one relationship with a Mike whenever he gets upset it's not like Alex is the one that's going over there talking to Peter's it's Derek Johnson yeah Eric Berry it's Justin Houston. I think that's a very Smart thing to do any veteran head coach thing to do is. I guess I'm thinking I'm going to my leaders to make sure that were all on the same page going forward because ultimately they all want the same thing. This team I know people are down on. They're not going anywhere without a good info is any engaged mark is Peters so you need to make sure that you preserve that in markets Peters is a part of this team's future. We catch up at Neale Smith who joins us in studio net to talk about the hits that happened on Monday Night Football on his thoughts on the suspension and also the suspension of mark is Peter's Neil Smit and studio next on the drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. Take your calls sixty and and Sports Radio. Former chiefs defensive end. Hopefully you know he doesn't do this problem for them I have some things that. Might want his sixth time and it failed Pro Bowl selection disruption would you can stuff. One who did what the game Kansas City Chiefs hall of Famer territory for a group threw out the facts. There were written record a sack celebrations specialists did little porcelain and went through it and shame swung and almost. After him a bit I think that's it Neil Smit enormously important and emotionally for me to. On the drive. Always an honor to get a chance to sit down with the Super Bowl winner. The sit down with the cheese hall of Famer his wheels of the present and by the looks he senate did sure levels checked. By visiting load t.'s center downtown teams find your nearest. Location. Neil Smith joins us as a young right entertainment most of grounds with them how journey enemies signed a Lotta Lotta grass on Sunday and feeling good argue that. It was a great way it was great while sport and great ones when does miss it well you can listen in nuclear policy. Like watching the game and I came here to list of from the team it's a lot at now and a good thing about it is miss it you know at this plus seats man I'm like they make and it's plus seats. And and night. Multiple games going on gas that stuff what extra pass north stands at Austin Neil you're sitting there when Marcus theatres as well that year. And I immediately went over do you think you're reactions due. And you're talking like he's gonna get fine I believe by the team will today we sat audience suspended for one game what's your reaction. Well I I knew who is gonna come to this now. It's it is this. That it happens this way which you have to do you know you have to draw the line somewhere. I think. That this is called we above. You know. The head coaches. Call today. So you think you think Clark that was involved there is no question became from above and you know of course of course then have to do you know who is yet to make that has yet to make that. I'm decision. Motor home you know you have to have this discipline but the but the body and I hear fans calling to say why now. What you don't do it now when you gonna do it yet. Everything about it is like you know it's gonna hurt our chances of winning the west as the net yeah he had that opportunity to. To make it not to beat this this is the ball was in his court he should do that. And then furthermore I think that you know markers need to grow up and be you know and this is growing this is some growing pains. I like urges us seed out like hey you know you mothers take things away from you what do you take away from Rome and dispose of being a professional job. You gotta get a you have to you have to honor that discipline. Mom. Whatever happened to the position where. They had to go with the chiefs. Win. They had someone you can watch players. Bomb and then had problems they can always come from the Momo Winston's yet when he a player development I think that. We do away from that type thing these things happen they need to go back to their program and I'll be one of the first one to put my name in that it did he debt. Because this is something that I think these young players need someone that can come to him talk to beyond the field was a warning in life and what's happening. Where dean you can name bring it on to feel when you get into you can get yourself away from. Emotionally get caught up in the game plan game and to have an opportunity to play to gain the ways of balls in play inside the line. Because that's what I think happened in markets Peter's situation. I don't know this to be fact. But I would guess. You'd much rather played in the money like like if I told them our hate would make it a 100000 dollar fine you can sit out for the Oakland game. I'd pick Marcus Peter signs up with a 100000 dollar fine it's a home game a very important game for the team against Oakland against Marshall by the team cares most about that. Richard is that sometimes you gotta go beyond money you've got to really take away something that you know we truly loves insulting that will sting a little bit more than just senior check a little bit lighter. That's I think this was paid we've had this conversation with you we find you we've had veteran players sit down and talk with you. We got to do something bigger in a ball to let you know. What you did on Sunday that's not how we played football here in Kansas. I don't think in every heading of the chores to do this is the question now what I do understand is that the fact that. You know if you look at. Cause problems and from Pittsburgh would you do this situation. Say itself. It's what do whatever it takes for me to do to discipline for hunting but I'm not gonna hurt my team. And recruit to that way. If you look at Marty Schottenheimer would march on them do Derrick Thomas in AFC champs of game suitable to Mitch. Judge today this is the game this one game to go to bull when you say now what they're really really understand. That we mean for real difficult the game absolutely. Because nothing you know black and Derek has been in AFC championship game. In a quarter or half whatever within that like it was eternity downs on their moments ago that Matt. The fact of the matter is that he was tried to keep discipline to his team into rehab to do that because I think it was way above his days. Who to make that call and it was a radical to do agree with. Mean yeah he was ancient sin you know gained 6354. Big guys care about fines of more 540. I don't. Mean that they care I don't. I'm it is it's a report right now. What is the fine. Okay back in my day the Iowa speedway decides that it. My full plot out not guaranteed is about twenty now if you do a violation of the of the of the rules are more. Grand we have Newser it out. I think daycare is it that much money I am with you with it's a small amount of money I get a guy like markets pointed out bring a did you do. Assays what is done to stop. Thank you and put that Abrams and I'm saying is I think it does stop it is a fifty dollar amounts that bit. Into. Nobody left a light at the life living it's crazy man I don't think that might take years of Israel show people. And it would then you'll get the cause that there's okay that's why did these athlete on his money in his wouldn't turn out to be. As an early today. And all all all on his show and got Connors added all bugs. Always let us say hey you know what they're from Oakland you know any sort of discipline him when he was better today than at Doug and it tomorrow. The wait now to return to hell it would and why it. I don't think the morning. Actors weren't really scared of anybody really think the body know you're never going to get his money back. Never what I hope you heard from Mr. Bush could do most the young players they think hey listen I make in. Five point six million this year which is which is what I'll just get a key it's just gonna keep college can keep fallen so would you mr. and everything down. So in that climate of five million miss you mr. unfit how he would Bridget chunk man yeah I mean I would like to. The argument dollar signs like I was Bradley comes at 350000. Dollars like what did you make of five million a year. Would that make it their museum for a brief the UA will bottoms and a what do you tell us would you see gadget. When you see object I would really does that way when I. I don't mean. Yeah well. I would just say 121000 though like I would say those like those small finds that they give people floor. You know if you do a celebration they don't like I don't think it has any effect on what I mean it. All Beckett got nine of those in his NFL Korea's it was easy to bothered by paying those fines. When it comes that right now socket in Neil Smith. On the drive he's brought to you by the load sees senator. A one of askew on the other side about the hits that happen in the Monday Night Football game between the budget Jews moved us and it's Shuster. AA and bonds has birthday and I wanna play comment from you from Ray Lewis I think that you probably echo a lot of what he had to say or on this subject talking to Neil Smith live on the drive. The drive presented by don't sixteens from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. Back can only drive sitting and we'll Smith and he joins us in studio is Bronson by the multicenter. You wanna play this for you this is ray it was today on SS one. I wanna get your opinion as a former defensive player. And how you feel like the rules are in my opinion slanted against defensive players and we taken out here it's. That in your date would be legal clean football it's an Al guys did suspending guys get. Heavy fines for those kind of hits that's what Ray Lewis had to say today or undisputed on fox sports won't. Listen it's all of these people all Mike Cox is the most physical game this is not basketball when you step there in the AFC north. Probably the last two decades probably three. Last slippery decades the most physical division in football. When you talk about rivals who don't like each other. Us all to listen to. Take hits now right and and and and this and if I'm Phil took all the way down so hostile to complete in the how do you make Jorge at all because you can't do it. Luckily. I gain. Some let. One of David Soares scored village role benefit Rick Taylor say all pre game that you have a pat on the back it's it's it's. I wanted to does that what message. We put out loud but every time we got lot. Because we opted to put us the key findings he has put their jobs and not what's spent on them one day we'll make all. Why did not what the reason we put this thing John is the reason we put this game well that's what the mentality the way to play. And now we sit in the game and we told them about fueled the birds are. If you try to make the ball come out of Antonio Brown hair amid in the perfectly on them it's it's been. And wrap up some businesses with flag football. And. What do you make of those Thomas Ray Lewis man. No ray. Lover. And I know rooms will be a great work of course and I told him this long time ago when I first seen this kid play. He wears it owns les. He puts it on the field. And he is the different maker. Roughly for him the way it was says it. I couldn't put in a bit towards the game is not a changer and he knows it and his soul. It's changed. From my era to his error in exchange gains in is gonna have to change. Because. Football is what people love to watch on Sunday what is not to saying. Twenty years ago. Ten years ago not even now in his new error and they have to change because of what's. Going on after four ball we have not had to re they have not hidden his peak yet as far as. You know. Have been. Change in problems because he's only been on the heels have been electric for years right. But you can't recall it memory loss and in different issues. But it did come in here on a statement. That they have to change his game because of you know these symptoms that you know these former players have taken so it's Mosul now. I gotta give it to him because he you know like I say he wasn't asleep he was absolutely right that's how we mark the played a game. There's no question. To put those big hits and 22 to make how I film's intimate to vested in the gay. You can't do that no war and the thing about it is like. What is the right way and I can understand it hired frustration news what is a right way. The kid slowly turn the shoulders hit. Opponent Woody's shoulders when he and his now what's new here to. That's a fine now. Shouldn't be suspended because he did try to turn his shoulder he never let what is it so the issue is you know. In the league now is like. Swap was targeted Al that they don't really know the rules the rules have been changed always since I've always say. In the rules of office. And never ended the desire yet now it's funny Megan had turned to ware is in the defense's side mount. And office where okay not all his guys get suspended. They did find two more crack back blocks in you know doles out the sorts of states. Hopefully we're talking about this yesterday. Running backs can finally just put their head out and try to run over electronic news room that was it that wrong was. With end to end the make it up. But I can you both won't put him down at the same time steals and so you can't find a running back of trot or run over a guy. Put his head down to attempt to blow over guy. Less then you know him stiffness that want to defend his man is on to face and in his legal. Which are related to think that then ended the Hamlet. Yeah I think the biggest problem right now that the league is going to have to balance between the two is I'll pull this up for you. I think what Zhu Zhu did in that game is accepted respected. Eight is appreciated by other guys won his team British and it does it's been. Because like he does not feel for you this is usual meeting with the media and listen to Antonio Brown is saying in the background extra. I think you're there. Obama and yeah I don't know off. And it's called call him a look at these. Off come out. So I struggle at least with this part of obviously the violence in football could be toned down a little bit and I do think that the juju Smith Shuster block was a little bit unnecessary. I agree with you back when you play those crack back blocks were ones that we celebrated and you live for but the NFL it's never forget. And and they're trying to get rid of the. You never gonna forget it no bull that I would you accommodate newcomers from there was something ever happened yet you don't apply to what happened was not and that's why he's sick and. I'm saying is there have been situations. That your team or so and also the other two have they'd hit you like bet it would be approved by guys in the locker her so what's. It's as if he's to approve you know what it is the number 87. 87 you say not now this 87. Oh whatever number is to vote opponent and that's what it means which means he'll get right uses say 87. You call it what you want which yet. Us. And that's why I think you know it's gotta be hard for the NFL to completely eliminate this from the game because. It is one thing for outsiders to say I don't approve it I don't like this. It's an uplifting for people in the football community people that play the game and have to live with the consequences of those kind of hits who say we want these kind of things to happen. Antonio Brown announcing very remorseful for what happened to his opponent. This is that you had a comment if that's the case amongst NFL players talking ever fix the problem. We you know what Antonio grounds it is it is it is playing the right position right now sounds quarter. Do reserve receiver in his league and your play quarterback you have no words. The only problem is his play defense. And is no fines. You know put them crack back block gains as well as you know that's the prism of player. If you get a guy that's right amount of pitches and played out in all of that of all all. Owned a warranty repair rules back in and hits him that is at the fifth because you're not watching somebody build it back he's wanted the ball. So you wanna call it that has been guys don't do that the got to make it even Noble's. That's Nielsen at our visits with Neil Smith are presented by the loads sees in her future levels checked by visiting low ET sinner dot com to find your nearest location. Neal always good talking football at clearly fellows thanks man coming I'm coming up in two minutes we get into why I think the markets Peter's situation is completely different than Travis Kelsey is right here on the drive.