1/2 8pm – Scott Frost, KU job vs UCF job, Serda Got A Ticket, The Real Dabo Swinney, Showstoppers, Whatcha Watchin’?

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Tuesday, January 2nd

We hop back into our Scott Frost discussion – Ron argues that Kansas is a better job than UCF but that it’s absurd. Serda got a speeding ticket this morning and naturally, claimed he shouldn’t have. Ron is tired of talk about how great Dabo Swinney is before Showstoppers and the segment that’s sweeping the nation, “Whatcha Watchin’?”


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It's show. And well. They soon would bureau. Run this new view please shout out law a lot of listeners. But those figures. Because please salutes news. Boy allowing us to be a small part. Your Tuesday evening. J&J radio productions. Is producing this bad boy in my lifting. Stephen service is in the building by the way Isiah Thomas. Making is. Debut tonight. And the cavs pissing off the NBA. And LeBron probably pissing off the NBA. And it ESP and by holding Isiah Thomas out of tomorrow's game against the Celtics in Boston. But he does have sixteen tonight six of twelve to seven from three coming off the bench in nineteen minutes. Maybe LeBron should strive not to be upstaged by Isiah Thomas and it is that's one. I read giving it is when he's coming into this game up a bad bad. Back. Which is Smart. As I say is that they'll you know. Now come back guys they become what is best development too long. It up so an easy sixteen on the bench and LC. Even though I have watched a single second. No we're talking about a little bit earlier which cut frost and coming up in about. Ten minutes Steve inserted text us this morning if he got to. And appeared to be very it's the question I asked him was did you deserve. We'll pick that up but it not a chance. If I say will it that a in ten minutes. That with it got. And I own and this at that that's it and that's the TT rule. But UC FY. It is crazy to me they obviously we know that they they won the game that thirteen and other going to be the only undefeated team. And for me is that a better earlier Scott frost and my opinion when you look at one of the most important things at and I would same. One of the most important the eggs in. College coaching is you're recruiting base. And your facilities. Attic Central Florida is one of the highest attended schools in the state of Florida. And where they are they have they have money and could have money especially if their football program was successful. Like the amount of money these schools give when they make it to these big gains these. They used BB CS bowl games but these New Year's six bulls they get huge huge amounts of money for this. And I'm guessing. By seeing how many people were at the Georgia Dome it's the end of people out at the America in a barricade whatever conference championship game that was that played against that as a lot of people. Were. Up out. Central Florida football. And then they have possibly the best recruiting ground even with Miami Florida at Florida State. It there state they steal. Had those type players I said earlier in the topic I'm not Stewart. If he'll be able how long it will take if ever you'll be able to get this amount of talent. In Nebraska. Because what you recruiting base in Ohio and Michigan. So. When you look at that he had to leave but we're in a world where. This team who I think could have Golan undefeated. Or at least twelve at one with Alabama escaped. There's that it. That we're in the world that canyons as football. In a way is a better job than the team pitches with thirteen in a would be all for all of the only team to beat the two teams and national team. We're in a place where Kansas football's a better job. Because I I answered this question and I think everyone knows in its. Hulu. Pool and where is it easier for you to win and asked to chip beats. Or kick it just get to the play. Kansas. Kansas kids can go thirteen and now and odds are they're gonna make it to the college football player. And. That's just not going to change though unless they they changed something about how they decide who ease playoff teams star. Because I mean that's that's a bit more like Gregg Marshall can stay at Wichita State. Because if he has a season where he only will loses two games he can so go be a number one seater to recede in the NCAA tournament beat up. Yet college college basketball is different that they're allowed you're allowed to be Mark Few. And stay and incentive for years and years. Like you can't as long as you're willing to say all right. Never going to have coaches compete for an answer to appease or not advocate what just navigating it if it it's it use health it in with this well. It did they beat Auburn improved. They got more like this schedule is tougher. The numbers they're schedules tougher than Alabama. They'd be more bull team that Alabama and George. Both look at Alabama's schedule idea. It's tougher. They're clinging to the Fresno state win. As the second best when it village you. I got out. Ain't it is it is. It's crazy that there's somehow has to date that kids is cannot be a better school. To win and I rolled like a borderline high profile school report. Like sodas that this is the first answer to Florida's big it. Like. Only thing that is better for Kansas it's it's a Florida is the fact that Kansas the big well that is it. They're recruiting ground is not better. That's used at citizens of Florida to complete hippie facilities lives with kids is that they want it to. They're damn it and it's got for possible war. That David Mays get paid. I me. I think that is asked tick. Just stick it through it's it's. And kids being kids as they are better because they can. They kick it to the playoffs. Are Kansas almost. A year that Kansas won the orange ball. They almost tripped themselves in to get into the into the BCS title. And they didn't have to play Texas or Oklahoma. That they beat Missouri. It was the big twelve title. Beckett went well number what's in the country they'd be there they could have played Texas or Oklahoma in the rigors. And I'm reading about UCF's facilities. There in the process of building a lazy river just on campus for students to hang out. This kid is his court. Yeah like I mean how many people go. How many people they have. I mean students because they have a lot of student. Sixty doubts yeah they have a lot of steam. Ed you would state with this success that's probably going to go. He has to leave he has to let him late hit that bad how do you. So so what is. UCF have to go to another conference just. Jet just again an opportunity because. I mean obviously I think we're all in favor of more college football playoff games that's not going to happen anytime soon. So teams like UCF are going to continue to be left out of instincts. I mean a lot of pages load up their non com with. High profile SEC teams there is a guy that team as they gotta agree. There is no reason for those conferences to play a team like UC and they'll never take their playoff spot. And they'll never there never played them. They use yet. Excellent texted are you saying you see it beats Clinton holds and the six yesterday I don't know. I know all over blew the doors off of port of Alabama. And UCF played a bad offensive gate yesterday. And missed field goals under thirty yards. And they still be. I don't. I'm not I'm not. I don't know if you watch T yesterday. Like. Kansas Kansas they'll have. Any player in their top one or two that would be able to. Play it you see and we we've just seen with say not want specifically over the years like Sabine. Has trouble. With good quarterbacks and UCF has a very good quarterback I have a very good offense I just don't think that Alabama and op burn. And seen a team is talented offensively is easy. I just think it'd even bigger than yesterday's game like that. And so far this. You you say look look let. The let. Lane is doing at FA. Get those players. But until he was to see how long it takes for Scott frost to give that type a tea. Thank you see they had there in Florida area. Note if you see if or lack like look what what we see what happened with TCU. Got put in the big to a they started beating the teams in the big twelve and got a chance why well. They're in they're damn near in Dallas. They're did there adapt all the real bully move some of it was six. A lazy river on the college campus grows. I all of this thing of beauty if I did is they taste I admit it's can I describe what and it. I imagine the web apps say charity around a lot. As literally big. Like pool type deal when it's blowing slowly so you like to sit in one part of you know slowly care use the other into the pool in this big. Circular loop. I I order you got to go out. I've before they. Outwardly that. But by the way they get the football. That's all you need to be honest with real and I would imagine if they can afford a lazy river that their football facilities probably aren't that bad. I said and I knew that they had a lot of players on the I mean a lot of players and a lot of kids that. I do today. And I knew they had allotted numbers put. Rick I will take this very quickly because as interesting. And a lot of people have brought this deployed group which is you think Auburn. Possibly didn't show up with motivation. Just I'm sure you get your take on that you'd think at the possibility of you know what when it decided in the situation where. These players is that the one going on Libyan rebel late don't they have all that they are not yet hurt I've got a future in front of me I don't have anything to play war verses like Taliban or join I think if if Auburn played UBS in a semi final game I think Robert. Not and. I thought I you Rick unfortunately all we can look off of his what happened yesterday in if you watched that game balls Aldrin kids play and they were (%expletive) them off. They're pissed off before the game because one of UCF players came out said. Auburn hasn't seen any speed the way that we give speed the SEC didn't have speed we have speed. And they were ticked off about. So I mean I don't know. Are coming up sort of got a ticket. And we are going to we had to discuss that I didn't even answered after he had given his initial because I wanted to say this. Listen to this. And that's why he got mad and he deserved. Yeah. Baghdad here. On this show promise you the business lessons things. Whoever did this boom Steven surrogate it. It was eat they must be of these schools like UC. It is somewhat stayed here this game was over six most important gave. This was easiest Super Bowl burst of Auburn inflated its. Data rate. The work they won't charge that Tripoli to deceive. It is. Meant. What do. They had a guy around there with one or I don't care what pain I don't care. It they've played their hearts there what not that those boys up Brooke could do. Which check are secretive Griffin whatever knows. What they can do it I'm sure that it would it be dale would go one hand. Outs that it would get beat down by this so called weak team don't tell me they worked for a now surface it via text early or sit our group a text earlier. Hand it wit something like. Am I just got a ticket. Flags the world question that's at certain. You think you deserved. They're to suit yes. And did guys added someone who was at this request that I'm pretty sure I said now. He's sort of said notes instead now he said no that's a big part of the story out. As that in my professional opinion now yes what he'll about what was it I'll sign it and having her column I've themselves that it. In my professional help me. Anyway it's actually. At it you know on tires that editing you know day it's like out there you go. Over the speed it's sort of you did that. When I say forty for another 85 yep yeah. So my that Ed did I ask you meant you got the ticket do you think you deserve to tick now. I doubt. How sort of you're not. All of the time so that entitles you to speed. And got a little let this -- come on now. That's first you've you've started this I love. I've I've. I thought I. Hate to be where dignity I would get the pilot said he sort of got a ticket it was going nine miles over the speed limit which he's admit. And then he said he does it feel like he deserves the ticket is first being that he's is that because I'd ride then there are reading it. This is residential and I've lived in the city. Far this is like. A hundred in third in hole. The residential. Yeah. Yet. It was going forty. In the city and there's so far I know I live in the city I was out there. I city. Any Missouri in general. Traffic I just don't apply that much race speeds embraced lights are out at that right guys at expired but after so let's not throw it back. Is really after all. Those. Seven you like to act actors and I've got season tickets of 71 he said that. It going sad bitter war over the speed limit in its. You're in. Why tell the act but once it did why you'd you'd honored him. Okay that it that it. The guarantee you to that that has that the ticket anyways that that has nothing to do with his January 2 that is at a Utah. Said I always her off. I have always heard it is five miles of Bartley we have. At least thoughts but it's right five I think it's five residential I think it's eight on the highway I just think it's. I I've heard I just heard it at I had not gotten on the highway 65 I'd going seventy if not obligate to. Actually withdrew me on highway at 7073. Yards here eight your fine nine your mind on that Hamas I don't know if that is that is true that eight years I. I have as a bully please either or and that specifically told me. I don't I don't trust him because I've got I've got here I've heard by. I've heard five is in the deal anyway. I. If it's 75 bugle and 82. That you're. Or I think you put yourself in dates you yet you're asking for. It here it is 65 your. I mean I speed down 71 all the doctors are here this high desert and I tell you stupid I am yeah take cops live 71 yes. And about 71 at least four times a week. And I've never had an issue you as you've gotten locked. You're bound to get caught eventually in this is that this is what happens now you're gonna get caught eventually serve on its economic contested. What do you can now. Police. Weasels in the unity you're not going to pay it. Sounds ever gonna do anything about it as it can test it. Like moderately easy game to play. And. I guys. Independence is six I have a compliment him like two different places have. Yes yes. Justin I easy about it kinda got independence is six got a better idea of giving western Kansas verses in this in the city driving like all the different I think there is I think it's stupid. That it independents if you are going forty in that if you're going 42 of 35. Your your fine. But if Lee would if you're going 41. In at thirty but they gain on the edge of the op elected gap and make yet they'd come together and the and a lot of these is it'd take it and it. Yes you know it solves that problem not speaking. It is like I always heard I'd never heard seven rate like eight at eight does that sound like an odd number that you should just settle. I am I grew up. How do I got in Johnstown now I have to think about it when I drive Johnson carried his you'll get pulled over for going five over the speed Lyndon Johnson County. But I've used to living in the city now and nobody cares how fast you guys are tickets that yet. In my entire life yet to. One of them was today you deserve. The other one there was for me crossing the double white lines on the highway announcements. Doesn't. So I hear ideas sheets more than five over will keep you pulled over small towns will pollute you'll retreat. If you get pulled over these super certain. Ways January Sackett. Our our pool experience is completely different. I've never ever thought one time. To I approached my being pulled over wage it's not like he's got I've been pulled over. Was the only times I've never gotten tickets and it was pretty rude vote that lies. Probably because I don't this. I put my hands up up with everything yeah. I don't read of the I don't have another interactions with the police officers arrived that very friendly. So is there with Casey PD understaffed less less officers rate highways were officers. Are responding to emergencies. I just give them for for them live like this would have been over Saturday you would have to say it. I'm just mad that I got caught. That would not be certain that would that mean it would have to admit. And we all know I mean I was paying attention here as I was driving when IE. When I after I left there. I I was a little bit more cautious about it and I generally would be I'd. Genuinely never gotten as being to ever ma oh you're breaking the law yeah cop rate in the long after you got caught. You were more cautious and didn't break the law. Mission accomplished. Yeah but that's going to be another time where I'm running late to be some way in Tampa so it doesn't sell ads deadbeat dad said yeah. Celek you have to be ready I seriously 71 your stupid I drive I've got several of my tickets and I never happen issue onset. Kansas it's smoke. I meets boat and take Mick yeah. He's been put them up. Oddly they just don't know what to. Kids as of telling. If they are sued in the bowl oh. They're got to lose to any. To affirm to anybody. And Texas Tech is is ready for it to add their hottest it's could be as their running fantastic off. And Bill Self has unloaded it seems like his second time out it it is 23 it's. 2030. Does that text. I allowed to as a kids and I'll be ecstatic if they get that they addicted about it. The way this is. Said I'd just like of all places. Like every morning if you've written like I used to drive thru 71. Every morning. They do they are up and down like there even sneaky right you've recovered from north. Where have all the highly split from 771. It's 45 right there are a lot of people don't know that. As still think it's 55 on vacation luckily if you're going said it's every one towards Lee summit. Luckily they changed that from 5565. Right now. Which is it huge which is just line like that and indeed as dale and parts of it even headed toward police and still like 45. Sometimes it's out of officers is Chris. But why not give it ticket. This is Joseph I mean I told him I was I told him I was running late he asked me if he knew if I knew lies being pulled over. Of course I said no because I'm knock and admit to anything. And then he's and I was beat. I dissent on release I had just in her exhibit. You just admitted you say you know that'd be at him he admits. Or gets that I that I didn't ice I didn't realize I'm just trying to get to work. I think he's got to be straight apology from the gate no light on us is a siren lights Assad is going over I'm so sorry. Censure seizes benefits. I mean he thought I was on my way to help naked political make it is big ruling give me a warning. But David what a jerk you go to. A UK a year almost to an older like. Idea. Was a trusted by yet I say average has other tracked their lying about going to help homeless people Zach again he has it. It's obvious that if that's arrived at Alltel terrible lot goblet exit. Let me. Just cut it to him go you look at it you can't act like your lowered its you've got pulled. I hope your mom I. I'm into music now as I did. Can we stop with devils sweetie be had a great coach could be the next NFL hot coats. Police. Oh. We'll see those kids they just really good this league scouts. Or. And this whole world Fuller for now is that of it we. It would go this. Those. Semi solved easily. Just never mind. Can I didn't forget. So does get a read about something that we're doing on Friday days those approach we see the blues. I usually YouTube media for these things. Third Friday pep rally at Wayne streets inside harrah's north Kansas city hotel and casino from two to six this coming Friday. At six on tents and food specials the drive rule of course be live from winning streaks. We got games to win prizes including tickets of the game. It always up with the devils winning thing. I dabbled. Probably a good college coach but we are hearing dabbled Sweeney. As a serious candidate people talking about the jets. Are her two other NFL teams he's been linked it to we're talking about dabbled my BA got. Here we calmed down. Like. I think Clemson had a pretty solid schedule for the of the ACC is down for it I mean we see Miami when we see a bad Miami is really. But the AZ and they were the second TV ACC is down. But really. How how how much. Creative does he look without this one. They couldn't do anything he had weeks to prepare just like Nick Saban did and he didn't do anything. Nothing he had nothing but when he had a shot Watson God's gift. It looked like NA. Maybe you'll be the next hot NFL back. Out of what outlook is Watson would do for days they. AK and edges look like Alabama knew absolutely everything Clinton's doing so the there was no it just. Four for him. And it's like all he does look like a really good coat. What he's got a shot Watson. I mean it's it's it does understanding him in his first year. SE was one of the top quarterbacks in the AFC before he guided. And and to look at this is it will what is dabble but it dabbled great apple had possible it was a really good college coach that won a lot of games. A college quarterback excuse me that won a lot of games ebony got this lots. Who may be the arguably the best young quarterback in the game right. I aimed at Clinton's it was a very good football team this year like that their defense is one of the better defense is in the country outside is if does if he needs. He needs to shine too to be in the conversation like he got him back the play and I didn't say there are talking about we're talk about the skeptical that hits it take over NF filth rates. Is running on in. Like getting close to ten years of consecutive double digit win seasons and tonight he's done a very impressive I did say. But. When we talk about taking over organizations Nick Saban. Is doing this without quarter. Like Bobby Petrino we've seen him. Do stuff with quarterbacks players each bite you how many people you'd think would transfer. Transformed Lamar objects what he has not been. I know he's got no he's had a lot of wins at excellence. But. To say he should be taking over France says it. It say he should be doing those things would really. What is he'd been without a cell watts. On business is it means I mean they. Tougher the obvious is it. I'm at odds is if I did is it I have taken over the it's okay. That's founding implicitly is let's see let's it would even Chris Bryant Bryant is it another quarterback right in the line. Was it Todd late into the shop watts it's this year and it. Yeah that'll. And just. Can't say yeah I mean it's. I just think it's different ways what are you looking at a guy like. Jim Harbaugh when he made the jump to the NFL and he wasn't in San Francisco for. A long enough period of time for us to really. Decide whether or not he can draft and evaluate talent but he was a guy who played in the NFL had NFL. And NFL career had NFL coaching experience and things like that like. That was always been a college so I it's I don't know. I don't know that he could make that jump and be able to evaluate talent for the NFL level in the way that he can just recruit. Just. It is that time didn't show and stop. Us. As show stopper. You. John Griffin essentially confirmed Tuesday that the Oakland Raiders are considering hiring him as the next head coach. Gordon Jamie down the Mercury news prudent said well I think I am being considered. Yes I hope I am a candidate. Is on the spokesman anything. I think I think we all know that your candidate if you're going to be. Alt now we're getting hundreds of him. If you're gonna miss. So that lowered at the boot. Doug brook that we saw puzzle that would job growth last night. I just love how. She answers sold off the gate nasty but I don't think that's group I. As in a lot of people that take out and it's been a big well yeah it. Did editors I it's their cameras I don't I don't think that's true at all but I hope that's the case. Yeah actually he's been on the need to dot a focal or he's been working on the at that point and we'll work. Like he's not been around football at all or anything about Scott downloads group. People out here yeah give it to not but rather head Jack Del Rio be the head coach of the year ago. About it's he's an I'd much rather have ticked you Rio's name. A jeopardy contestant lost out when he pronounced peak Coolio hit. Danks does paradise as a gangster. Paradise and double jeopardy and I. Become a six. T 67 continents and classic. What is gangsters paradise lost yes. Our judges have reevaluated when your responses a few moments ago okay. It came Stearns instead of against us on that somebody cool you know so we take for me 200 we've firms and we're now in second. Please see you have the lead. I so wish. It was 843. And this isn't the nineteenth time I've heard. But to our audience. That is ridiculous. Was there would have been spurred to move in. We would have gone on to the next question at all. You can kiss my own man we're not moving on if this because I used what is that if we sit little plane and us that little lane on that it. You took particular point in your kids involved black games I'm not going anywhere. Umpire and me and what problems that they have different definitions. Alex what do you take already use the anger that Fiat no we're not he's the heart army dad I know ought to know that counts of certain words that start within. But I'll take what right now. You dismount it out we're not moving ability to use your card and a ticket Robertson right that we're not going anyway but you met there 200 dollars and know that. Does that because I spoke English. Local always the Yahoo! or the to Prodi back there in the first place who came out with their room. Adam handled judge Phil death. If you and I liked it ready to move on and I had to come back to it feels real soon and answer this but what turn that was that we called in on tiger. From the outs that the masters US open at Phil's really liked him when Jim names. Called in on tiger its that he touched the ball. As is VS. And they get back at all. Yeah I just I was this worked up this early. I've heard this over and over it is that was. Out yesterday he needs to be fired they just need that Will Ferrell. Coming up. The segment that's sweeping the nation. Of course. Extra words. X we're. What does this this bet that this thing is that they. What's what's it Netflix Hulu next in what you want to get tickets to excellence in that it's. Coming up. Come with the game that mountain. They don't know if it. There. It's Battlestar Galactica what commitment if you'll want to think. 58 catch weight touched down at Super Bowl fly first class complain when people walk embark connectors. I'd like remake movies with you on your word for it. Months ago when. Hi my girls it's been. But the threat hole. Triple and I think that. Web site. It works in this case what a rather be feared or lumped. Even though. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Sponsored by half he didn't know what some of its fifth book in the previous six months 69306. Fixed in what you Watson would children what's and it links. Who live. Network TV whatever you like as we always do. We give much respects to. Our first snow and that. 78. He blinders. Combined. Blinded PT line he'd he'd line us. They sit they last July now. And most will be watching it is news a lot of what's it right now down about Lebanese and they're struggling mightily to stick it to be honest they should be given more than. That stick is like seventy points of turnovers. A probably go home a good man and wants it. They're meeting every cent they put. If Kansas is not making they're willing to lose. So what if this is hilarious instilled in me Julio stick to I don't know believe it when it from the 563. Been watching a lot of Rick Bayless at cooking instructional. Instruction goes on you do it yes he is Bayless brother government who I just like him up they do look similar. And they'll like they did easily be brown what is the real hitting. It makes it. I can't match on that Edward Bailey's second. Dundee. By sees it. What do you. Yet again letting users nickname that was given to properly arm of the back story. It's better than John. Yeah it does looks like is it. Because Leavitt and every few days it's it's. Apparently is that enabled on the and we did it was a family thing. But to be is that the funny is the news is we agree trees and will we yanks we is that as Laguna Julio came back it's yet it is currently is according. According to Google it's that Brooke is in Mexico that. And then. We're like that he can't take it affects people it's about Zain babies. But it. A Mexican cut while a watch what is what does that have to do with a I don't know maybe it's app but can it be Egypt via a Mexican cuisine chef of some kind to know why BK they'll we. Prosecutors say he was vaccinated. It was a Mexican coast against Lewis. Oh okay. You guys in new. Well. I'm gonna watch it tonight I think I'll assume the idiotic. Lots and all the bills. Stated that was a regular TV last night less than an old but that'd be what's. The new have you watched Ottawa Ottawa a loss last night is a good as it's spectacular he's got a couple trump. In its falls down I very well I just finished it. The new episodes of Brooklyn nine nines and beat him once that. Arm sales to watch right now. It is Tuesday I get a well a lot of shows have taken it breaks of what's. If like your season mosque. In north who have the right offense. Is the one always on. Two months so what if we disseminate. Anybody goes into. Now why I don't really care how good their reviews are still just have no interest in seeing it. Yeah its rounds it's gotten really get her views people are saying it's really do and I just have no interest. Really is sacred bond. Do we lose little by you where you want. Not since that once and we talked about podcasts and it was the first time I never use right Red Sox I'm going the other did it. Yeah and I left it in Denver had a payments of money. I had I had not just use your pit box I've got. Don't think I've Nam I has been not the only time I've ever used red box and streaming. I'm bottom dvd. Eight years bro. Why did you settle because it's but it's the ads that I settled about eight. Does dispersal bottom I had the first that it's better I do not use it I used to I used to hit the hit the blockbuster previously viewed section I used to hit that like every Friday get three for joining. Stanford. And aliens. Are you TVs on the show and I have ever on us. On whose own listen to this idiotic that that they're trying to get its business. This listen to this was now that. Plottage. Don't ever. A player I think it. Take it this. That that needs to be something as personal sort. This that you put your own let's. Resiliency they had sort of we bags. Fry in the.