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Tuesday, January 2nd

After the Serda Show, we jump into Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma's performance last night. Ron believes he played scared in the second half and wishes the media would have challenged him in the press conference after the game. Should college athletes be grilled in post-game conferences like pro athletes are? Albert Wilson was Pro Football Focus' #1 rated WR for Week 17 and we have to celebrate him. Ron thoroughly disagrees with the idea that yesterday's Rose Bowl was the best Rose Bowl ever before Showstoppers. 


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But about 592. Show and all of radio. I. And ends at the L two innings in the united second you know I mean your hosting the answer has always odds are most certainly pending. Ever major television job opens Peyton Manning's name is going to be on the list of potential replacements much like Jon Gruden name was on every single coaching list in the world. Like Britain Manning's name is going to come out every time there's television tell he accepts jock. Well. It appears as younger and is probably go into the Oakland Raiders I would be in favor of Peyton Manning replacing him because. He's going to be more insightful than Tony Romo. I he's not going to say the dumb things that just popped into his hat like Tony Romo does I Tony Romo but I understand why people have issues with him. Peyton Manning would be a much more improved Tony Romo when the guy. It's one of the greatest players we've ever seen at reading in diagnosing defense is can you imagine that grudge no. This with your nose runs as soon you please shout out on our listeners. But those that. As we salute you. For allowing us to be a small part. I love you Tuesday evening J&J radio productions Stanford Joseph and Leo stance is produces that bad boy. And violent and guys even certain. And from VA when six that the miniseries. Series guns grounds it delayed. Coking Clinton. Eventually. We are also Simon cans and on March 7 FaceBook live. At a pretty good audience on there. Wolves years about this. So hang out with this there if you wanted to sell you get and. All the road. And you know FaceBook live and by the way guys. Head to the FaceBook page army face me head to the sixty in sports that come our website. We are trying to our goal 2018. Is do you have the number one podcast in Kansas City radio. That's just in sports the number one podcast a Kansas City radio if you're not has texts say by the show. Please help us in the purging do hit the podcast pay check out our podcast let people know list shows you miss if you just now heard his. Go check out the podcast page and hang out with this deceive you like it we are vastly different than any show. That is around here to be frank with you and check us out we let out today show celebrating it is. All right so we talked about this yesterday Abed the big event of the Oklahoma Georgia game I know sort of watched you guys kept it. I am really struggling with this topic so I wanna talk this topic out of the year. So it in my opinion. If I watched it looked at that it is that game. Sports I feel like obviously opal was it coach. Put out like baker mayfield. Choked. I feel like the moment was too big for him we talked about this in the game Sunday. That's of homes the most. The most important thing to be in the game was its first regular season game at no point did he appeared nervous or that it was too big forum. Baker may feel that never shown that all year. But he seemed to choke to me. My guy I felt like down the stretch the fourth quarter the second half especially the last couple drives of the fourth quarter. Or the last couple of drives of the game include the fourth quarter I felt like. He turned into my old Alex like he was. Scared of risk. Scared of making plays he should it change some of those dumb plays they had a drive and overtime where they did not throw. But baker make. But he is not this is where I really wanna take this topic and and this aura struck. Like to me I do 12. Whose loved picker mayfield love. How he goes about his business for the most part I don't agree with everything he does that at net but he. You know he makes plays all of branch is clubhouse at that he makes people below couples and that is. I think at a field. But. I feel the same way that I did about Cam Newton. In 2050. Cam Newton was all about that last Manny pissed off that family and Tennessee that wrote. Notes about him he did all these things he was doing the test L celebrates its dance in the dad. It a whole bunch of people took over. Ranging from six to ninety. Just started doing the dad and all this stuff but did you remember Hallie what happened in the Super Bowl. He was a different camp knew that. That we saw. But then they answer the questions of the tough question. I struggle with this because I would love to class. Baker may feel questions like hey. What had. To that guy that we've watched play all year long in the last two years in Oklahoma what happened to the guy. Who wasn't afraid to throw an interception wasn't afraid to make big plays who wasn't afraid to in. With the game on the line. To go win the game instead of not lose. Almost two do you feel like you play different that you had a full one it really activity chill. I feel comfortable with him being a college he would. It's saying. Ed do you think it should matter how we treat baker because he's a college kid but coming at him about that is if you watch some of the polls and he was really the most. I almost feel like that's what I wanna ask him and that's what I want to the last and I think that's how I wanted to be approached today was right and you joked at a big gate. I would. I would prefer that L that it's inevitable that the fans are going to blame that on him a little bit and I think that is part of sports and we see that. Across all sports at almost every level like I did quite well what you get aboard well all but the coach too late. I have an issue with it. When the coaches blame it on the players when when the coaches say while we just didn't. We didn't play well and next Q and refused to take like full responsibility for. That's what bothers me that I I felt I dabble last night was just blaming it on his players that they weren't good enough to beat Alabama. When baker like I think he Sally even last year and you like that the scrutiny that those players get eight A division three program did whatever they Alex I think that bag goes all across sports. So I don't think it something that you should feel bad they I think you baker introduced to get a from the coat is but I don't think I I feel like. I feel like it's it it's supposed to be different with a college player. Problem. I must I got my clothes acre to who his brought in on himself. Let's. But whatever I mean he's brash he's different but I feel like we're supposed to approach the college it differently. Well I feel like let me mop with what I mean I I like acres attitude sometimes like I I like that he is. Error again and that he will say what's on his mind at that also was going to come out more criticism than your average college superstar. On on the money it. People believe is supposed to treat college athletes different because they're still trying to preserve the vacate that college athletes. Art real quote unquote athletes. Maintains that amber eyes that their kids and students but nothing about it feels that way we'll figure like Mike Baker a vacate Baker's that in college seems like six years dollars. But like it nothing about it feels like you shoot it but. It would be comparable like it if we sit up there. I don't know why baker. I guess I know let me say I don't know why outlets this out everyone. And the before the three of you anyone listening should baker may feel that that moment be treated differently Cam Newton. She hit the media the media. Should week. Free baker made field because if you agree yeah strict. That was not the baker may feel we have seat. Heat or check downs like old Alex before the plate even developed that was not the picnic even try to go win the gate. He he does skate it looked like. Well. Like I had no problem. Cutting up Cam Newton for how he play. And would and would ask the tough question to. But I feel like as media. But like it would be off limits or we would look bad or we would be it would be a quote unquote no note to do. I I do think people look at it differently because these players arsenal also aren't getting paid like this is and their profession I that's an example NFL athletes. I cam brings out on themselves and people say while he's making a lot of money he's the face of the franchise he supposed to carry himself a certain way. The money. Aspect is a that is a good art. Should it be different because they make money because they don't make money. I just feel like it's let's say. It's such a big let more people watch that in the World Series. More people watch that did the NBA finals. I think it should be different based on the money but that they should just be paid. Then there's no difference. They considered made a lot of money last. Someone merely wants it should be way different no athlete wants to deal with the media pro athletes are paid to. Adding I maybe that is something like why. Why is forced to speak to the media likewise baker made fields or forced to go to the podium. Still in his game uniform in his shoulder pads and cry at the podium after he just lost the biggest game of his here because for me in my attitude out. He won the last question. And I can't. As the quest the real I don't wanna go with hey you know Heidi appeal. About the game and why you feel but they made you. Let. Us know if you lose to a press covers baker make you don't know was. Will now. That's part of being a leader Tim he's the leader in the face of that program essentially. He should be the one being the leader to stand up there and explain. Why what happened and why it happened didn't and show his emotions about it all baker for not. Volunteering himself saying. It would be the what's. I think this do analogy is answer the questions that arrested. Because it's that it's most typical. Situation he's dealt with probably one of the most of the situation w.s were in his life at that point he puts so much into that. But. The number one or two things out of the decade was the coach and what that hill was. At the Ian Baker. Coming up I. I want it to you what it's gonna take its excellent six 306 all multiple lies do you think these guys. Should be treated if she'd read simply because Cam Newton is in the NFL. Should we be able quest in baker may feel differently because these and clout and I will bring up point on the other side. It took me. I thought was a good point. It until sort of wrote the. Effective here on the show. Excuse this it was just who bring you up like this and we don't know of all lines of this. As is that I wanted to bring this into the air. Because I am. I am kind of walk out of lawfully with the is. I. My take away from the game yesterday. Between. Georgia and on an Oklahoma. Was. I think that coach was awful Oklahoma. And on me anyway but. I. I felt like. Baker mayfield really kind of joked. Let it down when the gain that really really pressure. Aid. When the game was on the line when they needed big moments should step up. I felt like. He played differently he looked like old Alex Smith he kicked down to even let routes develop. Like I know there was some bad play calls. One is Baker's team eke it. It can change them it did two there were some plays where he did he allow. Two to develop these throwing its. Dump offs. And but so was. Coming out of a game if I'm in the press conference is a part of media. I wanna know that's the question how well it let what was that about baker the that you played differently do you think you hit it. You can outlets and things down do you think you did play with the type of confidence inside the reckless abandon like you normally did help basically did you choke. And I think I don't have a problem ripping it like right out today. Outlook to rip it to baker mayfield Utley does that gave baker all kinds of props all year. When he played will I wanna rip because that was ridiculous what he gave last night but I feel like. With college kids were supposed to treat the differently. And I wonder is as a media person and I know we get caught up in this because. I believe. As a show especially for us Pete Rose is part of our medium well oddly business deal is I want to hit induced that that is a terrorist entity got. And if I were ahead baker mayfield on I want Langston question that I think people want to know award is being entertains the but. I think that's the number one thing you wanna know that they gain but I don't think they come that you felt comfortable as a media person or it's looked at is wrong. To come at him like say the media came Cam Newton after he pissed away the Super Bowl two years ago. I had no problem for McCain. So and it and it and I think all the talk this sort of made a really good point because he said they're pro athletes get eight. These guys all. And it just made me think how this baker 242320. Fourths of them like that. Ike so it changes. To 22 so it changes. For. Just exit was of it was balls to be a sophomore in college. Like it like the guys who go early in the MBA. At that even those guys that are 1890 or nineteen years old. Those guys who goal early in the NBA right it's it's not off limits to criticize them that. I I think it's also. It just depends on sport but the NBA it's always been like that they've always been able to go become a professional earlier than football. I get that what I'm just saying is. Look at the eight. A Baker's 22. And I feel Adam any people world attacks on agreeing with. Are saying you shouldn't comment these guys because they're they're called the key. But LeBron James was eighteen years old was in the NBA. And he was caught it's that doubt it talked about and and question. When he was eighteen. Baker four years old that. And if you're put yourself in that spotlight. You have to accept the good with the bad you you were successful all year long and you wanted to be the face and you want to be the mouthpiece for the university. You can't then take a step back and go into your shell when things don't go your way that's part of being a leader again that's part of of taking success with the failure not to mention if you're going to the next level. If you go into that shell that's not gonna look good from an NFL perspective for you leading potential franchise slot. Big baker went into sales are just saying. People just feel of the media it is off limits to combat. So baker did he get a chance to add it's of course that they were never going to ask. Relate to this point though. A media perspective. It would help NFL teams to see yeah handled ethical question yes I doubt if at a a executive I want the media to be tough on him in press him like like depressed and to see how we ain't. That's and I think that's a waste as a lawless and our views. Like that that that's going to be part of the interview energetic I think the same coming fresh off the Rose Bowl when you lose game. Let's let's fix it and like us that sort of made a really great point it was it's the bit about thinking pay eight point six LeBron was getting paid he was a road and Emma. Has so it so that's the basis. Yeah because I think is wrong you got your liking as they say college. Is easier in college we still say. Air kit I IDs that these are kids that you know these parents have trusted these coaches to. Raise their kids basically served three years for them and get them ready to go be a professional athlete. And then Europe you go into the pros you make a lot of money and you're expected to carry yourself a certain way which is why. In talking to these athletes is generally a waste of time. Because they're trained for hours and hours on how to say things and how basically not to say anything ever. But I'm just saying if I did that interview room and I said this. They can. Run the show you fixed it's poetry in. Case. Throughout the year you're here last two years year at Oklahoma you'd play. A certain way in it seemed like you've got really conservative. Would it be out of line glanced at them at the moment felt like it was too big. For you in the overtime and the late fourth quarter. Do you know who looks at what people would give me. The only you people would probably shut it down like the looks it would be so unprofessional put. So let's say they're not get paid like. Our. Says forty to the bronze I don't. At eighty giving it I don't know that anyone in the Kansas City media would ask that about Smith worded that way. I bet they rather write about why they they wouldn't say it was that was I think Jerry I. And yeah I got moment was just too big for me on the date say that think they just say. You'll what we EC and on the final drive of the game what were the looks the defense was giving birth up. But there one that comes to mind about the would maybe got out. And but somebody else. If we we we hear people you think they want us market you don't as more is Peters to quit. Will make seems to be a little more reserved in your questions to the players that you covered because you're risking limiting access. But bird like baker made field where you're not need that direct access because it is national media present the national game it'll never played a game. I would imagine you would be suffered because you're not risking anything by being. Ideas. Not to mention is not a regular season game. This was born to play in the national champ there's a huge game. Aides that aids name and the pace saying is yes. To me because LeBron was making money at AT. To be able to feel OK to go after him. Rather than going after baker mayfield who's when he tune. And Oklahoma and the difference is because he's not getting paid. Like to me that is that to me it it should be hard either way. But I also think that we just. Like the NBA to college football we just labeled those guys a little bit differently like. They are like let's Harper's another example yes very yelled out there about that. And it's I think it's a ticket bees. Am I even in my opinion be similar and the MLB like MLB can be more similar to the NBA because these guys are looked elegant Bryce Harper and LeBron James. Long before they ever actually became a pro were looked back as franchise saviors like baker mayfield. Is a very good college prospect but we don't know the easy franchise savior yet because there's only a couple of those guys that you deem. Can be that successful every season are not likely likely we assume LeBron was going to be able to deep doo. Not taken a step further I think you Yves I've liked. You eat media people even feel uncomfortable asking college coaches the same type of questions that they ask professional coach. They're getting ready. Like I I think you want I think people would love to really go after Lincoln rightly. But with his kids sitting up there with him you'd like do you feel like people X Lincoln Riley war. Bill Snyder the same questions they have seen Jiri. Like we see nick Sabin blow a gasket over nothing general. Like nothing compared to the questions that they asked Belichick or 83. I think even in college Bill Self does not it it all lowered. Like it BA coach. I got there did pay probably some of boards of NBA coach I think college coaches eat it it's even a comfortable asking that of pain. I BellSouth doesn't ever say anything well I Gregg Popovich if you if you say selling iPad two grad average you're gonna get a response from Gregg Popovich. But nobody but the people rarely ex bills awfully tough questions. Last year we can't score two. Although. Jail sentence is an arrest. Right now live up he's. Any and pay. So I mean I don't I don't know but I'd still I'd still mix because excellence and so what texted grind. You had it right you'd know why you city yourself why baker shouldn't get ripped like camp. Not I think he should. But not that he should but I want to club it right now today I want I want to it really expressed built about. His performance and how I was shocked. That he. In other words pumped out they'll do it anyway. Coming up. Coming up accurately where about it. Now that we have already done this once but I cannot believe we're about to do this the second time. Risk guy. I just really didn't. Back in and is the winner of the sex lives is who gets it is. I can't believe it's due. Excellence experienced a run I would love to see you go and aerial hit locker room and it these two of twisted. That you gave. In this one of kick your day. Just if I'm not afraid today. And if you wanna keep man as they make me try to keep my ass and make me as though our most proud working class. They've been a B no weapons that you were close play. They wanted to can kick my as a make historical did make me one RS in a quest. Play. Men are those first year. I asked a question. That he gave me an ice cube of looking keel. Or his first game last that aggregate. Your offseason issues you're off the field issues they've got you here that. Mated really really negative around you with the fan based youth elicits a pressure. To have a really positive performance. There's a first impression. He stopped and gave me that ice Q if looks could kill look for abouts. Force decades. And then lie and said I don't know what negative that you're talking. It's also just that what they would not allow me at all. These it is these guys like that they just don't wanna be pressed on things like they want you did. Doc about sports edge of the questions are the same things over and over again and move on with. Today did you know I'd probably ask as Q you'd you'd do. A proud of like our army tells still mix. When he was probably that. I. If you if you come into this show we're gonna and that distortion a lot of up will you guys pull the curtain back load. Generally our strategy. Of how we do things. At certain you know. En us as a shield we'd like to talk about. Things that really matter. Good sick of the examiner you could see. The two argue you bullet if it's the we've talked. We like to drive the most neglect at topics and conversations that bring the most. And there are but. It well a few players and if you people that can really drive the most in in this city and what about fifteen to twenty. And so we like to talk about its place we do a lot of making fun. We're not talk about we were on top but the second based out. We wanna talk about the fished ordered. Not that now. Put your head dale sports fans made wanna talk about that but does that make people what state lists and held it ordered to be right. We will ever talk about Tyler bray ever. We will we will talk about those things for long periods of time we like to do topics on things that people care. And I can't believe. That is trading at Tyler bray it was in the game like to place and he benched I can't believe this book ourselves a second time. Germany and the rust sort of set for a second time you would have never ever. Convinced me to believe. That Albert wills would have been a standalone topic on this I mean Albert Wilson more like Albert will span. Yes. This is the second time in what two months. Out also let this. Those. He was pro football blog says hi is traded wide receiver for weeks have been accurate. Absurd I cannot believe it I can't believe untenable and it's not that it. You'll you'll known as O. There are you. That this is the second time that Albert Wilson is getting a standalone. Topic are you boards out will's performance it's. Performance. His performance. Art I started playing. Now it's a topic. Yes sometimes certainly gives the cell by himself you never know what happens at his impact is ranked unit and a bouncy that is something like if that was off and it is an odd I. Hundred yard day do you go out. It's the force be to think about this to think about out. Is it as he just a talented player. Get out of a hundred of its stock. At tech Ed 137. Debut us if you just listen to what is it our strategy for the way we put together show. Like you get it you could pick up. Is a city Eric Hosmer that's what that the most. De Muller he drives the most. Whose docket in drugs the most. If you notice we don't do topics at Terrence gore. Bill sell drugs emotion Kansas basketball drug the most. Michael Porter junior drives a motion. Bill Schneider drives emotion. Marcus theatres. The ultimate Alex Smith the ultimate. They'd trap the votes out Wilson it generally does not fit that monster. And for the second time and like above he's got to stand alone top. It literally this topic is about I can't believe that I've been forced and feel I have to talk about out Wilson. About red hair too he was as impressive as Patrick. Bolts of the. You say you've got it going with this before I ambush that that we. I could get away from. Quickly over the last month and have become one month Ayers he wipes. He's quickly but oh good it's. Actually not that this at honey under the we got the markets Robinson was going to be the guy he clicked to end this game Ed bow is all over Albert by the way there's something about. Every one of these quarterbacks feel comfortable throwing the ball out most. It's like public what anyway do you carry this season was when they went on that really bad stretch at least the meant that the I've exe is that it was the beads he was there. I I Alex Alex is comfortable. He can now he dropped eight. A bonafide to its impotence it's my name was on the most accurate passes it's is about here that's a good ones seat at an age route that. Alice did stop bullets at him right in stride and it it Ed Ed tactic and not just that. Do you remember the one pass that tip top slippery. Who he was early in Wales. Like he's about to start to just be called number. Our Frazier Tyler bray when he tried to hand the ball off to Anthony Sherman he decided last minute they he didn't want to you when he was gonna try to make a play. I hadn't fumbled. Accurately. Albert Wilson has put us at this place that. I don't know what. Level at a point where I'll be shocked. If he's if it's somebody we're talking about the L eight. Like listen two weeks ago. 78 I would eviscerate you text begin I think he's the next Wes Welker. Most of my being wants to. Right now at reading but I don't kid. Al Wilson's actually freeagent stuff he's. I think he's played himself in its a priority. Resigning over the chiefs negative vote. Now. Generally test yeah yeah it is that. The latest priority. I've. You might. I I've been I've been married now on everybody's counter any kind of compare what that she's gonna do the opposite of today. He is a bay he's a big time for it from the eight point six. Listeners trying to push Joe's point I think it's safe to say Albert will sincerity would be a low heard that's I mean David. Eighties the next Steve Breaston. Can't believe what I'm hearing right now rested is a bet they he had us. Actress EC is about not what the cheesy. As I got out yeah that's the impressive Jabber. You got that out of the huddle up a like I kind of thing that pool. Peebles Peebles started at this book you go down the written yet out all was well. Active I can't it. It was me or not he's not even Danny him until they got caught ten of eleven targets. And there are less soreness a 147. Let's look like they're or first down. I'm at. At this guys I don't even know. Out wills. It's just out Wilson has got himself he's the best Twitter follow on the tee just in Houston hasn't had to say. Owned by Gibson. If you said yesterday that the rolls bowl game between Georgia and all oval with the best college game ever. I'm going to crush what I think that he is which is a crazy as to. I hope it is all over Albert. Okay. I've been getting here. On the show and run the student leaders and sentence thing. Seriously like we do this all the time in. Listen to so many people do. How many times I heard yesterday Oklahoma you're game was the best college gave it diversity. It's not even the best rules beam me. As bond act. I in big match entertain. Like first of the week at USC Texas. Now Stanford gentlemen going to be old and men at 1030 for parity at thirty he's got a couple that he. Not making that thirty for thirty and a lot. We came out to the heir to this plea yesterday we came into the air to. Third down at nine or Georgia. Like their old 45. Or like Oklahoma's 45 yard line third down and now. In the fourth quarter. Oklahoma. Did not have a defensive player lined up all of the left side of the fee. Except for the quarter. Oklahoma did not have a player lined up on the left side of the field except for the quarter. Then Georgia honorable. Somebody miss candidate he's out of the well it is like it. All of the hole and switch sides Oklahoma. And eight football literate layered it over fourteen jumping up yelling. I'm thinking maybe he's going on apple know is why the wait for a we're all lie. And they just rutted attacks. As bad. The tackling was at that game and the deep it was a both sides it cannot be possibly Bada as the best game of all time or not. Even about stars in the game this we you. USC Texas which is the pits it either proceed. I wasn't. A lot of an outlet army play games that matter. I mean that and an army Nate go out wasn't alive and army play games that mattered. To elect the national championship. I've heard Notre Dame Al Ali a long time ago and 56. But USC Texas where they have Vince Young who finished second and linesmen. Well the other team had Reggie Bush and finished first of the highs been added that other team at the quarterback Matt liner. Who won the highs in the previous year and it was a top five hot finalists. And it countless NFL players. At first team all Americans. Excluding a running back for Texas who turned out to be one of the best running backs of his generation to Jamaal Charles what they've applying. They have legendary coaches like Pete Carroll had met round. These guys had link. Lincoln rightly. It Kirby Smart. Ball and I have been on the sidelines for their teams for fifty minutes apiece. Give me this I hate what people did all what is reported that it ever there was a tank is ill. Don't disrespect bits and bits mean Vince Young. And Tex is a washed it got I've never seen a football player take over a game offensively. Artistic corporate games and he only plays off. Like Vince Young. That was the best game. It shows. Is that time if he show you stop. Us. Show host. Houston. Beat Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley reportedly suffered a head injury over the weekend by is expected back at work this week. Or national back com reporter Ian Rapoport Haley was shot outside a Pittsburgh bar on New Year's game. Police are reportedly looking into the data into the incident that was later bored by Andrew Phillip pony. Saying I'm hearing. Haley incident occurred outside of tequila cowboy. And police were involved. It's. 785. Susan just called Mack Brown legendary yet. Beck their background is one of the top two coaches topic coaches at Texas. He won a national championship he's got one of the best win percentage is yes I hear is very Denver right on time you're just remember in the recent. Basically I'm Matt back where he was married very good for awhile. This background it is going to go into the college football thing. They hey. Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said Tuesday he is and share. If either safety can't answer or defensive end cliff April well play football again after he suffered neck injuries. And the Toni seventeen sees. This the first at least is headed naked trio of the we. I named roles was serious enough to where. They immediately made pretty much immediately ended his season so they want Turkey can play on and I said be missed analyst with those. Like we we talk about the steel plate of Lisa bill risers here's is never play again. Opinion. I was thinking here. There's this it's that series. And center reported just couple hours ago the Bengals signed head coach Marvin Lewis to a two year contract for the Tony nineteenth season. Agreed. Free stuff you have 88 green needs that need to get off of that team and got a real team. I'll give it I really a special player go back is killing us carrier goats are riding Joseph Girardi is over bowling around in his baseball great. I'll let championship. Went to the post feasible for years in advance to the Ailes is I got buyers. But they give him an extension it's not only that he doesn't win when he gets the playoffs ever winning game. It's also the fact that he appears to never have it will mystery that it is like he's lost a bit which site. It continues to keep but his purpose of the team. Or even wants. Do you like a couple of weeks ago Bulent beat the code the bank of next year always that was short I think he really likes to shield. Coming up. We get back to a story that was interested in the an olive grove this Scott Ross let you see it. Obviously. I'm gonna tell you why it needs to be chains because. Kansas football is a better job that you see him and they just went thirteen and it would be all.