1/2 6pm - C.J. Spiller is BACK, Fan Feelings On Chiefs/Titans, That Guy Gets The Show, Showstoppers, Scott Frost

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Tuesday, January 2nd

The whole gang is BACK and we have to celebrate the return of the Chiefs' X-Factor: C.J. Spiller! After our celebration Ron has a theory on how Chiefs fans are feeling about the playoff game Saturday and compares the Chiefs to the Kansas Jayhawks during the first weekend of March Madness. Tonight's "That Guy Gets The Show" features Dwayne Bowe before Showstoppers. We wrap up the first hour by discussing Scott Frost - is Nebraska really a better job than UCF?


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You show. And as soon you. You sound out. A lot of listeners. But those fingers to. We salute you. For allowing us to be a small part. You know on Wednesday evening. That finally. Finally we are all back again there. This Tuesday whatever day it is to edit that was good. But then that's news photos Monday but as you've not done it is updates aren't. We're also on FaceBook live this is this you know. But run this usually presented by Simmons they. Everywhere all together a game. Altogether. Today and James. Radio productions of Leo's aids is Stanford Joseph operatives is this bad boy it has been a while I was off all of the days of last week sort of and you got here Julio was on a sabbatical for awhile to Poland on a sabbatical yet and it's really crappy eggs at but it lives. About the world that. Thanks for the prayers that no one's at them because you know but. We we're all back. And we're gonna have a good time Simon castle FaceBook lie it shares those appear on FaceBook lab only see once here was that it. This person. Is black camper announced date that you're glad to hear this guy looks like speed buck island or something. He's in Siberia listening to the radio so glad check this out where there. We don't have a good time at night this will be the best show we've all done a long time. That brought together but being that it is to note to. The degree my guys Stevens or Tuesday. So I. This room I mean 76 yards a game this I. Hit my hair that like every two weeks. I'm the person who shared an on base I don't on the launch I saw you that it lady. This time that makes it I. Line guy. There is if you follow this ago. Thank you so much you have bid has stakes saved to the show if you have it I don't know where you did boo welcome. And you should share this with your selves. And and it it yourself to be a member of the at stake saved by the show army. But. I wanna throw this at if you are not used additionally if you have now watch this show. Or listen to this oh. That you should know were were going there is only one place. Today. That we can lead as they emerged only. These have a little music for me Julio. Well we'll. All wheel drive you can't. Listen to it beyond. Let it loose because that's like. Brought our guy. Near London let this go to boarding. Basin and actually today baby that's. He's. It safe that's not. Yeah. It speller. Yeah yeah it's breast buds season lines at such a need another saving him for. Well let's I don't bouncing it. This group job. Art was viewed a month ago. The deep end. Up blood or time. Oh god keep it. Because it has made its close to cope pretty active life with his stick kept them but they keep great. I give it let's go this is the aid to organized let's as the day or night. It's eight days pillars and with the kids I hate it wasn't it with a seven last Iman did they get bumped up to eight when they cut in gas 808. That this is now. That let. The politics. You'll. You know it's got to be thrilled that we got CJ Spiller back. I feel like it. Thoughts I think that he was like you know safe venue for the postseason we need those fresh legs CJ you know we're gonna be banged up Turkey at last has ever going to stay healthy. So it just outside the other team is sorry made a post season we will take you back up its circuits list is it may be our home. Aptly interview we've ever head of course you get sit. Well of course you kids. It's. Up to get to Mars. So I came goes down that's a good bit hesitant status up the matter of him that was that was not. But returned for a CJ Spiller in his family that. DNC I'm just going down in that gay. Will. See we're so happy. CJ Spiller. At that he is back and I say it is right now. You better be on this thing for the playoffs for a budget deal of the rest of the way it. Eight that is ads after the titans gave the players they'll report it that we expect yeah. It'll be an all time low of ruthless and has remained the read this will be an all time low heat. The autopsy and the rest of the way is is there a deadline like the way they keep their roster just last anyplace henin in the post my. I think I did they make the supermarket they release CJ spent the week before the super ball but I felt. Did anyone else know that this is possible that CJ Spiller could be back today. During the playoffs. You could just go out met people I got and I guess Dave's Ayers it was and it but he. Just. How he surprised if he returns a kick. In the post these two it aids but if it's a very Agile. I mean I don't think they're bullet I think they're gonna put Tyreke healed that at a return kick off when they needing what do they. JUS and the guy who comes out ten yards deep gets knocked down at the twelve. Not that. Think that. It agreed was to unseat us not the colleagues the public had defied an update of what we tried to take over his web site CJ is. Miller that come out yet but try to take them when they never got back of the votes that day I dress like a special day. I did but I doubt that we heard I wanted to try it started to oath let me page with the list of our boss wouldn't let us. We just don't go flat dictates the via a by. The special muzzle like sixty bucks to you there was only. We could raise it to three months. Regardless. Bitcoin CJ Spiller dot com as it. Now people people get away from people 13 I know we took Canada off of Albert wills but he is not ready to return kickoffs let's cod game. Look at and Al late. But I mean I actually like you if they beat the titans. CJ Spiller who dedicate to his tweets that CJ seems to always a delight. Would it trades that happened two weeks and it's all lit. I didn't and it's all late he's always coming out of Islam. Leak quickly PXX. Isaak it is I've Cynthia and of course. I'd say. I walk. So it to him because that's where he gave us one today. Like maybe he's Rolling Hills mantis. He's achieved main event. You can't come off right. YK Hester remains of the tiny it's like a good job right big test and I. Killed it does well even developed that. Let's take. You can beat them. Like UK like six as. Miller's here for the lone goal right no matter if they win or lose you can't beat. I feel like he has to be put it. Had the deal is you bring it back is because he spent so much time on and off this roster was a good easy at this late the year edited the playoffs what's he doing CJ Spiller is solid because clips that got. Rim road Atlanta tonight by Alabama and L and Iraq's. He was too if it. He has to tweeting the his adorable. Graceful tweets after obviously we're gonna kicked it. Real quick outlet to have qwest. If it is Jamaal Charles is his contract over with the Broncos kick VP pick that. It yet wobbly in the because that believe year's not over until after the Super Bowl so he's still I. I dropped out of an hour it's we're not night and he actually no it though. But apps I know you can do. I know is it was fields. To actually play in the post I think there is a deadline where a year rosters just lock and I may be amber apparently now. Do you think CJ was in Denver. I at least CJ on his own ticket to Denver. Yes I case Casey is CJ just locked up and hotel room yank Kansas City like. RV. I saw some real nice Wednesday on an independent not to gloat outlook is he's a get out and an RV and he took an RV to Denver. Ed it ages yet. I admit I'd prefer I heard a thing he has to keep going month to month on time Condo that it at least these. That case it. So he gets that I maybe a monocle lots of good tickets at like 69306. You know the game we play. CJ Spiller whenever he adds it's 686. Transaction happened with the teams whether he's cut are brought back he's always coming biblical. So well outlawed here or you think what book of the Bible you'd these dates coveted. I would vote for colossus. I think he's the new testament god boards at a low ends may be a bachelor arts. Where you think CJ is builders public for a iso Joseph you. The two weeks that he's laid out Olga. An adult. Yesterday outlook or did it start yesterday booklet but what does he get so it'll lead to read yesterday but. Because three I's important in nineteen which gains. Or I'm about to do something new. CBC. I will make it through the wilderness aren't so great rivers in the dry ice the that's not accepted and it's a place he's been separate I'd that quite. That's the day apart. But yeah he's got to be here for the long. So what's that Roberts. Would create revelation or right idea so when it puts its part also receive. Up. I'd if it. I can't believe. I just hated that when I guess all this come through Stanford though we did as a text that is. The bottle it ought to don't break it acknowledges. Terrorist mailers who. Seriously ready to kick up that we hope to raise this I would exclude mystery. It is helpful particularly well with these bad. He's bad and it. Big debt. It's three days covenant limit take. State says well. The new cease Matt this is the heck. Coming up next I'll tell you how bad are truly be linked. About this tight. I submitted people coming in and you're on. And shout outs birdies it see we got folks in Canada rose. This kid thinks that in an ass. My neighbors are on here. XP blunt tough lit. People I work with and here I see just makes you sit and as I call. Is that the might all the one ESP extreme in which the victim that America gets it. My qualities be sharing it. Jack Hanna miles roommates. I remember one of the guys out that dream job shall wound up doing right battle bots is if its leaders commentator. That news. So and a lot of a lot of. Let's on the left six dead. CJ is almost got to become a for the book of acts. You missed it CJ Spiller is now in his ninth transaction of the season with the chiefs and after everyone he seems to calm. On Twitter with some sort of biblical place always this week he was out of Isaiah. And we had people against so many people limitations. Revelations. Proverbs. We got the book of acts. As of interest in choice. That that we have that we week. We settled in on he came from. He came from Isiah so is critically yes yes I thought it was just don't lock. It was a please somewhere and we'd is that where that. A lot in LA it's somewhere in there and a certain bill now I've gone. So that's Dave right so I'm an alumni alike to you this week. Boy I'm a tape right now Monday to try to get this from a lot of shows. There's a low. Of struggled to find something interesting about this game and I'll be frank with you at this game does nothing for me. All right I wanna go around outlook is how many rounds we can make it through. Name. Tennessee Titans players are deployed first bought his very own joke there in. Julio. Pressing health and now we Scott deadly. We can get through to. If it came back around me I was I mean Wesley would yards how Latin. Or any locker. That's all of and it its outlook took the lady walk off the board at Ted's group or tomorrow or Murray director. Rashard Matthews I just this object or anything about. This gave this team coming in its victory are backed castle over and had to fight now you're lucky we're going to have to fine things to help us get it. All right we're gonna try this. And make our promise of making this interesting entertain I coordinators and let's stop once again thank god for ain't you read it he brought it. The one and only seats because I don't know low we would. All right. This just out this is how I it's a I think the fan bases. And I think. I think the way accurate. I guess I can bring an analogy is if anyone's out there Kansas fans even Missouri and you've experienced this once or twice in your life. But any any Kansas basketball fans out there. You know how you feel when kansas' in the tournament and they're wondered tunes like they generally are every year. There's nothing about the first two rounds of the tournament that's. Not that there's no excitement. They're not happy they're just nervous. Right adjust our kids suspect the first round or just dark they're not well. All right you're looking at 89 game what I know better than them I know better than this team. But let's just get out of the week he lets just get out of it because the second week in the sweet sixteen elite eight. You're happy you know you plan a good team like let's go. But when you can't is that enough let seniors sit there looking at you UNLV. Or northern Iowa who was detained late last year in the 89 game. Just left. So outlook that is up. But I liked all animal is Hitler the gate this kid I look at it wind up. That went by 850. Or. That's not elect has gave me I don't elect. We're going to Errol it's a day where it starts excitement. I think they're going there with I don't give a rip how we win the day of game let's just get the hell out of here. OK Michigan State you know I was a little nervous about that threat that this gets that out a little nervous. But. When you seek out what what the national championship but no way I saw you Adobe and houses like his Kato. Let's just get past this. Because I let it be a lot of nerves because the worst thing that kids that second game. The first we did we get not excited about it is eight minutes ago it's like a four point eight. And that you're just nerves is tail because you like your team playing time. And that's all I filled out as gay they're better than the Tennessee Titans in every single light. Ever want or summaries I was remembering Katie played holy cross I really close in the first round they are sixteen at odds we almost lost Kirk Hinrich. Yeah. I'm just saying man this. In this game they're better than them in every way the tides has won a game and scored fifteen points marked as Mary Ellen or got steaks asked more. Interceptions than touchdown passes you. They don't have a steel player to think. Don't sell me on there it. The lady walker is lots. Mike I. It at all I just wall and I think geez it's so that way all oh and just get out of the gate I don't that would six bigotry that. A look at that would set and not that I don't care as you get out of the game. On I was. I was going back and forth with somebody about this untoward or because they wanted this guy wanted. To face the ravens guys that I would much rather face the titans in the rate site. And our spam Marriott has never been to the post season before they have no one on offense and you are scared of ma and his argument was. Oddly just they battled back their ground and pound cold weather team they have a top five rushing defense the end. Tennessee's only scored over 44 points and times of the entire year. I mean I'm series right now. It if if if Andy read it out coached. But my Malarkey who seek built I believe. Has the look of a guy who has done Ellis the like if they go at eight and they look at my Malarkey advocates of his decision making it that is that is get these guys get. I laugh that's not just wheat that looks like. Actually it looked like something else that would that this isn't he makes OK so highlight it then lose this game that this now. I have theory. That's up in this day in this post game in his game and watches up FaceBook lot I just go to be a world of merit. I thought I'll just be like to get it out okay. I don't care pairs of butt kicker has to kick seventeenth day of legal bills auto can't just get out of the way. Can we get to New England or Pittsburgh and I it's I'm sure many of you are feeling this way. Because there is no there is not think that. Hate what you're playing it aids. They you know can't and shouldn't be you'd. In pressure situations. When you lost to teams already this year that you had no beer business lose that. I imagine at this game starts to get to. The New York Giants fiasco. In the third quarter. This can all be blamed on Alex. I'll play it should be privately aren't that articulately. I just I'm just telling you man this kid is get out of Dexter loans it's as it is awesome all right X and Lavar Burton would say I'll take your word I. This shouldn't be and and I hate being that guy in going into these types of games where. You should be completely company that your team is gonna win that football game I. I hate feeling that way that's how I felt going into the giants game because all weeklong everybody was just saying. Our gonna beat the giants 35 and I were or he's gonna go out and stop on their garbage because undergo and we got better at. And I I not yeah but I said I think they're gonna beat the giants but I don't think they're gonna go out there and just put up forty. On them because they were struggling at the time they looked like a team they could be a thought. I thought I'd put all your not to let her eat up on us. Exactly like well. Is this is a paper like aided in the giants' Matt or faith they Steve did that. The eight point six is this in it's obviously a list. Should we take lucky charms yeah they have said no and it. Looked it's hard to vote. Exit. Allegedly put seatbelts well it descended on that I've and look what happened. And to any of the leg while at ease pain board now he has little while I mean Bill Walton still lead a pretty successful career he really is let a woman whose. Takes pictures of basketballs covering up or rest as her Twitter Abbott's so. That's what the deal is done is let it. It might still burn considered the last coach they've got fired Marty Schottenheimer after making the playoffs they let him. Coveted beat it you re. Odds are. There right now it's in your. Eggs Benedict. You've got a four day Saturday on he has he is. Game that not everyone knows he has he gets the worst playoff game. Everywhere else. The first one will be snoring. At the LeBron game a lot of people the country might slide there. All you know you're out there just like just get the tea thing overweight adults get it over with. I'm I'm kind of excited to go there. I and I've been pretty upset about its Bay Area it has taken he'd step back this season. Sears with me but I bet they're not a better football team like this this is not a game that looks like. Other titans are counted arrowhead doubts at the chiefs ago chief there. Are light years better than this football team. Now north oaks day was not a better team than is there. Out about twelve minutes left and it gave Missouri fans start get nervous the same way Kansas they'd start getting nervous. When northern Iowa and that I'll leave Farouk resign guides is we start going cores per Nash sure. I just don't wanna be in this situation. Coming up next. That guy gets to show topic of the day and I'm mentioning. The headline reads. Former NFL player. Don't wave a blow is stepping in to the rap game. Jesus. I've been getting here we are also here at this is the show would run the show you live presented by. Seven's they check out locations in oh wait also in Lee's summit and made those up no earth moving them north they're building a new line. Coming silly and pork bill. Let's go to. Yeah nearby and it really good lowered may have. I'm mad about in the name being named the Coachella headliner I'll use it slid that take right and it does complaining do I'm just we've got fifty seconds what are you so upset about. With this as dividends and watch it get it out. Over an all time why of all the strong all day on his sister Madison and extremely strong people are alt field. Alt. A gates saying that okay. It would use alt I'd agree that he changed the game aisle that think he's the most overrated rappers. Near the top five. Really I I don't like. All I got a mile race is there any experience is 23. Eight times I just dying to hear this. You only in Europe five that are bent. Bleak. It's about my favored. My name file for an antenna on there. And I think that there is no rappers music age hours Ike is really difficult to bump a lot of his songs because they're dependent on the sides of a period nation things like that. It is as not as many songs as some other rappers like standalone in the modern. We're quite. There on his. And a and I disagree with. I don't. Opposite where how antibodies. If the survivors you it's replacing them. I did this is is I am I. I mean I could think of five but he's definitely top ten is definitely topped out about my definitive list both public and at the U. This you have just hijack this in him and it. And it's the sort of typo. You knew that was going to give me oh. I. I got used so topic of the day we we do this every day we find stories. Then. That really enter says that it is comical mostly except for that. Bill Reilly's. That he would this get antsy that was. But we do this every day this is that Agassi's topic. It's time to act like you hear this dispute that aspect I used the show topic of today. This match is well. It's time to act like you hear this cute. Show. Today. This topic of the day's odds are by absolutely ego and someone could step up. This one's coming to you alive from the daily loud what a publication. The headline reads former NFL player Dwayne Bowe is stepping into the rat game it appeared Kansas City you can't. We get there wave blown. Little portion of it thank Anheuser Congdon will sonic barely hear about it on a book signing them. This is where it's come to. Or delayed them. I. It's. An emergency that job. Plus. I'm happy just sort of just let it sit until more times just limits it. It this okay this is where it's come dollar Cleveland Browns money this is where it's come to the plane jokes this is where you ardently. This is where you'll if you watch the video it is as bandit and you can. Lower Steve Kane on FaceBook live I've got my hand at least put yours you know would this be. I may come alone don't eat. Still playing. Thank you made them 54 million dollars and ten. It court and this is what he's doing with that. It just opened up. Progress or our lives you like video sites accessible business plan slut. This is a Charlottesville obviously directory news. You need a little attitude and her own. Nice job there and moss and I. Way to go crazy that we just found out Tuesday that this name was city it may be maybe this is willing to wait I thought that you can send. There's. Just. Let me away. Is that time didn't show and stop. Us. As show hosts. You. Raiders are reportedly set to announce that John gruden who has coached in the NFL since 2008. Will return to Oakland or place Jack Del Rio according to ESP and the raiders cut off hundred no stake in the team. The deal would have to be approved by FL on Stephen A Smith is an on board with very accurate and getting a piece of the franchise. Does that help the football and given the job and that's why don't shoot the broad knowledge again and on the since they built lots. How bonus at state. Doesn't like it haven't noticed it state it to. T have an ownership stake. They haven't noticed it state about it but I'm not that it might have been an out of Iraq. What that paper towel haven't ownership stake. He now owns typical case out and audits of state. Not even bruise the reasons that it's time. Yeah and I'm happy that. Two out hits and all steps up its it. Now hop that can't happen. He did preface that by saying he doesn't like talk about his colleagues that he really likes staggered board. But the only thing that is different is. Those guys were working toward. Us got double of Jim Carrey in dumb and dumber. He's like Christmas so things are a little bit. Whip Mark Dayton. Who I'm happy I just want more of our date I'll just means bar I was Mark Davis would take over this big start treating the raiders. Like Jerry Jones so we can see more of mark Davis and white. Jumpsuit with that Erica. Even let go when he's good he'll wolves that's when he knew he was. I can carry estimate on just Waltz the Bill Walsh report did bill. Emma. Does that help. Brought up out of you wanna give a coach that but our that your organization but we'll see you gotta do what you gotta do to get it yet heads at Rio you've got to make let's play. Far boxer Mike Tyson's ready to cash in on them marijuana which was recently legalized for recreational use in California okay. According to Gary track of the blast Tyson broke ground on a forty acre plot of land in California city. Which he intends to use to grow marijuana as well as fund research into the medical effects of the drug. The resort which is named Tyson ranch. In the Southern California have about sixty miles southwest of death valley national park. Well Tony acres of the area will be used to create high quality strains of TH C and CB eight. It also feature a Hydro feed plant supplies stored extraction facility credible factory. Premium clamping grounds and tablets that we vote this. Is he reading too much akin. I was and I alone I don't want to thank everybody. Hates it I had ties. We got. I might Tyson packed marijuana. It just went on May. This is something and I had just killed battery I feel like it. Tebow with his past that would have been battered business venture for him. Readings Obama. What that instantly. How many people were lost. Weight room that re. How people off. Mike Tyson is opening a Merrill on appointment California wooded. I'd just. Out but then it wouldn't be certain but that's the artist was doing you wouldn't we don't have much time we. Exactly cutting. Scott Ross said yesterday it's all about the kids it's all about the kids and of course in. And you got a problem Linux disasters nailed down. So. Rescue. Are welcome back into this joke. They do radio. Pertussis in the buildings even sort of lifting we are all here back together this show is always much better when all four of us here. When we're at full strength so appreciate you coming down hanging out with this we are also so I'm okay as. On FaceBook lives of those on FaceBook live up to eleven shares which feels like a record. He should be sharing those right there floors. Helpless with that and and hang out with this. Logic it we'll see you not to. The so. I think I was about Scott frost. And yesterday today they be called him. All verdugo thirteen NO. And though when the peach bowl and they've actually won and I could issue right now. I have no desire to talk about things that everyone's talked about Unser everywhere listen to this. In this topic of that is but that's a championship they checked we know okay. That that conversation became old went all over themselves. Several years of backed out of the SEC with thirteen and don't get it instantly president that it. All right we get. Where. And all of this this interest to me is the raw. Frost. Seriously look at you look at US use EST. And we watched it did you all watch the game the speed. The players he had a ban offensive game. They missed multiple short field goals like they should beat them worse than they do it. We watched that they were overpowered by the SEC players they were. He's at central floor probably the best state. Along with California and Texas in terms of town. Not series. Do you think it will ever be able to have this much talent at Nebraska. That talent that he had to use it. Do you think you'll ever had this much talent at Nebraska. Ed Ed isn't the same team two years ago that went all the laws are. Yeah it would he's bringing in he's got a lot of young players I think they got out there. He talked about who has when he. Who dominated the gate I don't think Nebraska as a player of their team is it is as securing chipping grip whatever they should change check rip. Ever eaten even before. Scott frost was there are George O'Leary UCF was putting guys in the NFL like they have talented football. If he's in the state of right and he's he's a guy decade it recruit but seriously he has that cool Florida. And now he's going to Nebraska. I would like a cute how Long Will it take for him to be able to assemble the talent they have on this T. In Lincoln Nebraska. Were recruiting base or linked. They're going to Ohio would getting kids that would Urban Meyer or are they going to the mission giving giving kids. Not woods Jim Harbaugh. Work the recording grabbed it going to California. It don't bring those two it's Nebraska. No bring kids up from Florida. You it's Scott Ross is leaving a better job. To go to Nebraska. What he has to go there because. Mean it vote could be all heard Ed eat more all teams that Alabama. Georgia. Andy does it get it is to play for the national champions. But he's got a better job well. Because in terms of recruiting which is what this big is about. And god knows you'd rather live in Orlando at lake and. Like it is usually a better job. I do think that if he stayed there and just continuously. Put up. Now twelve and 113 you know seasons like eventually that's going to dig. I itself enough leeway to get you into the point not if he doesn't matter if he doesn't have the wins out of it doesn't that'd of those at the schedule. Like it hit that can't be Wichita State NS acting is about it is. It's not like UCF can't pay. It's not like they would be able to pay right. I think a bit of a quick look at college basketball or you can do like Greg Marshall doesn't have to leave Wichita State. He's not making that much money that much more or less. And the bills so that it doesn't actually it's Mark Few doesn't that lead goods that they can pay money it's such a floor. That just block. Also on the money point I beat Cincinnati signed in April with youth yes. Only bonds is annual salary to two million dollars viewpoint long expected to please use. This Nebraska contract is seven years 35 million units higher profile. In the historically significantly better program probably more resources through those records he's making over twice. But. I mean is he asked would pay more if he continued to track teams out there that would help them. That you see like how much money as you see it about to get in their program with this bull as a team a couple of years ago that in when a single game right but what this ball game and he's selling out stadiums that they pills but the interest of and it. It's one of the biggest. Schools in the state but in terms of undergrad attendance. I heard it like several years ago I think that but that's the Oakland them but I I ain't. Hey you know I like more yeah. Pay him if he was it it was going to be camp like the money they're getting for this bowl game like that idea it's not money it's what Phil he's here. I know it's more high profile would really are his resource is better at Nebraska. Modern day out I don't believe that they aren't about this or that he'd lower football players like the reason. I Miami's going to I think Mark Richt is going to be able to make Miami a powerhouse again. And part of that is is being able to recruit interpret successfully in the state of Florida. A Big Three star recruits in Florida. It might be might be five star retirees and in Ohio. Kids from Miami Contra and Dakota Nebraska and I'm going to but I just am like and people don't like so let's and it Tommie Frazier is from Florida I don't know data Tommie Frazier is anymore. Applauds this eighty was able to LeBron guy he doesn't remember seeing Jordan play on Tate did tell me it's about the Liberal Party Fraser is. Did need to remember Tommy rates. There oh into all the 2015 season by the way yet we've come a long ways. Yet they lost a firm they were a little lost a firm but on this and he's leaving a better job in recruiting in Florida. Does Nebraska hasn't been a a better job and an outlaw into Nebraska is a better job because. Google thirteen LA he would sit in the teachable. S bank. And all facility but Nebraska is also its past the days that. They can get the best recruits and every and that area of the country I like they just don't you would use to get people or use to get a lot of is God's orders like. As Lawrence Phillips. He was. It used to be able he's got to be a met I think to get them that's the roster yes. It's it's a sport it's gonna hectic for a long period of time Pulitzer Hamas. Or eighteen years strict like be really good. Bush sold from Arkansas. Not pull those guys. They're not what an dim Lincoln Lincoln. Let's ask Mike will be. Coming up at two minutes the best that you guys that can show it.