11/23 3pm - The Mind of The Machine, Matt Tait, Check The Boxes for Bills vs Chiefs, Around the Campus College Basketball

The Drive
Thursday, November 23rd

We dive into the mind of the Sports Machine Sean Levine and find some strange results. Matt Tait of KUSports.com joins us to talk Kansas athletics before the Machine checks the boxes for the Chiefs and the Bills. We end the hour by going around the campus and discussing college basketball. 


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The money. First day. Thanksgiving afternoon in Kansas City with Joseph Summers and the sports machine show on the beat get leads it's my family Thanksgiving. As soon as we get out of here at 530 tonight we get out for wildcat basketball K state and Arizona State from Las Vegas right here. On 610s portrait you can almost picture of a family's doing right. I'd like to say that they're basting the Turkey and occurred in the doctor's funder and the egg dog. In alma grapples bought out back smoking a die on the tales are taller and the girl gathered around. Doing this while the seem to me on the radio but that's just not the S is now did they get around that fire up the Christmas music in the carve the Turkey and make this stuff and that's what's actually going down right now. At Levine household but I do have some Thanksgiving Day traditions. Village nobody here just a couple of minutes roles in the biz with Matt eat of the war external world and use sports dot com. We'll take a trip around campus we'll talk some local college football and basketball and speaking of the local college football. We do it coaching state of the union when it comes to both a UK state and and you because I don't think anybody could've imagined. That this season stop laughing joke. Which we tell what's going off. Just cost me. It is that just blows my after the flag 45 yard field goal to win you some money gets blocked and returned for touch while. Unbelievable. So I'm fatal. I. Oh maybe joke on the new amid horrible about it that said go out and wants to us that the vikings were going to win this game between. By more than six in less than thirteen and a rope line over the 76 and and I'll just haven't kicking a 25 yard field goal lead it's a pretty much wood on the ovals yet this thing and what's the flat. It was a mile what's the flat there's a flag on the field the patent that coach on the chest didn't look good just to (%expletive) off sides and altered him outside the gate and this point that's when a little bit of money to Quebec town right now Joseph not 78 cents. And my bank account right so posters of the dangers we rarely but what else based on break and Joseph wants you take the people. Inside the mind of the machine. All right adds them some topics that it was different out there in honor of Thanksgiving it. You wanted to get your thoughts on people that he in the shower. Yeah because I've brought in my bodies on earlier today check operate your station and he was bragging to was that about how repeat in the shower this morning that has brought to my attention. As a kid that's a totally acceptable way right but as an old. I think the call off his flight when your told a broader war coaster is the cut off for me oh by the way. Nobody is our kneeling on the football which means that they are going to win this game by seven points that accurate in it which I believe. It is winner winner you made you told me that was between eight and their noses at six and 06 insects that out yet so winner winner. Chicken fried chicken dinner you know holing out there is no reason for me human. Approaches that dragon's gate on the exit or exit what did you did what the excuse that people use a protest and the you know it's just drains. Using that theory do you want to open. These trains go to different places and they're in different places for different reasons so. I don't know joke these seem like a shower here in our Ivan you know lead disabuse you think you're absolutely terrific beautifully and show. Yeah like it's tour. How roommates knew about it that's the I had my own shower O Steve well. Teacher zone but if it is roommates missed a point that. Our school our are on. Which cartoon spokesman do you prefer the Geico gecko is good the general. Or the car off if you're asking me which upper for a like which does the best job promoting their companies are all really good and so was blow for whatever company with progressive so his. The mayhem guy for robbery and they're all like there's probably not a better genre of advertising than they do for. Insurance companies but if your assessment of my favorite when it comes the gecko that if you went out with a back road right so. It's Thanksgiving and you have your meal on the take him out of the or I think he's going to be a lot of I think he's gonna pick up chicks and he's gonna use accent to his advantage. But I also think that the Geico gecko get absolutely estimates. He would get so messed up or like halfway through the night Joseph he'd be sitting on the ball or. Trying to convince women these actually chameleon and it can change colors and all this even though he's actually just a gecko. That he's the type guy that was like or animal that would. Pick a fight. Until the guy actually was the punch in the middle what's the what's the problem bro to me that's the guy code a judge roll is cool because he rules with Shaquille O'Neal right. A girl is gonna get both those dudes together and the I think the generals gonna get as messed up at the ball or as the jets don't you guys and I think this is the generals is gonna take a couple of. Shots Scot to win this year's open interest stories from back in the day. Definitely not the car fox because fox and I just like always. Popped up on admiral on good on him but no those are the best or tune spokespeople in the business. I would say dig him from honey smacks. Number five. Of these sunny. You can Google+. Number four people people who do about this list but as a lot of people. I mean the three they're listening right now the tricks rabbit at number two will go with Captain Crunch although I've always wondered. Is Captain Crunch like me in only wears his hat because he's open because Georgia received at the grown up that. Cannot say that I think it was it was to get grossed out that damn at and let's put the top of the heap. Tony the Tiger is great the shout out to the honey bees from Cheerios got a little partial to the AFLAC duck myself doctors to be a snap crackle and pop oral. I'm on the fan of those well speaking of cartoons. Are a lot of on the need more in this morning's annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day operate. Generally speaking how do you feel about parades generally speak yet they parades are very weak in their awkward in the Qaeda that my skin crawl. And I know that it's a popular thing to do for families especially around the holidays have to take the kids do what I ever have kids all probably dragged into the parade also. But what I would on mastery or eaters. Downtown sports and sports loves to do things or basketball lords Lowe's race I'll tell you want. That Intel have a parade for anything there's Thanksgiving paraded as a Christmas parade at the doors on the operators in orbit operated as the passover break Easter parade you have the there's a parade for everything there's a they do have this great force drawn carriage route right before Christmas. It's phenomenal votes of the people that the clean up or scrap in the streets after or structures but the they're just we know him because it's like a musical do you feel about abuse. But you find to be a little bit weird. There's certain they're lining it's entertaining and then all of a sudden Mike there's a plot developing your start learn about the characters and that is the most out of. So all. Of metrics throughout. I had to happen randomly yes that's not my. You can always tell me you don't you think they're gonna be dancing and think it's going to be like a stationary afloat and all the sudden. It starts singing that's a creeps me out plus. I think it's time for some new floats. I was watching this morning and I watched about thirty seconds it was all. Snoopy in line it's the smoky and lightness floats a thousand years. And those are little snooping in line it's on a peanuts characters. And Woodstock Charlie Brown I guess I never watch the penis that you'd enjoy it. Next decisive in here and you can't give us something is the advice at the machine. Yeah or golf fantasy advice about hearts either works. You read that metal that Joseph Mendes is. I who don't particularly this week. How do they competed in this week. It would wind blow this week Dobbin characters strong play like to put this week not a degree like as a deal with. Eighty Dalton against the browns means the best ginger quarterback in the history of the league unless Carson went support support and which has pretty good chance. You've probably already has that resort that's for sure. Out secured golfers is New Orleans I think it is Rona is over. I'll put this Christmas cap reversed the jets for no particular reason stamp regretted it just goes what's next. It upon herself deported Christine McCaffrey pitcher who were critical reviews that are. Sort crossover just didn't stay and perhaps like three straight Heisman finalist. My freshman year was the year after Andrew Luck and they've told their work. Not it was before Angela what was Stanford and phenomenal. White running back I'm talking like all the all agree. To pick Peyton. Hillis shouldn't have gone Norton's agent on the stand. Agreed it's a British literally we've got a pretty good running back is huge series now light but Bryce laws telling a phenomenal absolutes drug the other month. So the Christmas music is going to be fired up over the next month there's you know he has already begun in some areas are you a fair and what should go through Christmas music and movie I'm a huge fan of the Christmas music has her facts don't make the last hour that shows a fourth third of 530 what is. Forget the code EB forget the sublime to the black leaders and as illustrated writer Christmas Teddy field. I knew that for the executive producers make these big executive decisions like this song. Adding that some along those lines to be airing Thanksgiving Day is considered the beginning of Christmas means. She's in any beneficial. Recorders like myself now. It's a first couple of mobile a couple of club Christmas movies that I don't particularly like Malone for re. On one dimensional loan to fine. Donald Trump by the way do you home loans soon. Now I'd I don't remember it in home on new user. To go back launched a young man and go back to why those men as well like I said. The both someone who is the first home alone movies five years in mind. I was at a Christmas store which has made what 1940. It's that'll put you could still looks like I say it'll just another big guys out there are seeing a story remember Indian. Problem through a crappy Christmas movie I can do without the greens even though most people all about the drench my Bieber Christmas movies. We just talked about this guy Charlie Brown somehow joy at that I know Charlie Brown is. On alliances. That line as was his moment and woodlands was a bit down the videos. Our islets as this I got to realize this is at bat I was else. Yes great Christmas movie original home loan great Christmas movie. And Scrooge with humor that's class regret this kind. With other agreements include our last. What's your favorite thing in the Thanksgiving mammary indeed Levine sat in the holiday tradition. In the home we just it is based niece and her you know. Pumpkin pies obviously although one year back before like him down. But uncle Stewart tells us more about current Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint global. And a former Kansas City will lead shields who haven't done any research on this all for a coma or even making this up and it's a Levine and we told failed. It's been passed down the years. But apparently somehow former world player Joe's and at the time former royals player Clint Hurdle. An adult at Levine family Thanksgiving I believe this the big lead early 1980s. In my heart takes us we want him that's all I know. Yes there is at the time but is this fight between Kansas City Royals and the Deans of the things that I am not making that you don't know why it happened I don't look at the details and it's one of those things that. Wanna hear the Democrats want to get about the time the pirates manager Clint Hurdle. Ended up and believe me it was Thanksgiving. Pentagon has announced it that. And a that's. That statement coming up next may go on inside the mind of machine guilty to a safer place and Baltimore and Kansas all thoughts of K you basketball with Matt eat after you sports and the Lawrence journal world on the draw. Textbooks are coming up a little wild cheers vs bills I'll go through the quarterback and running back from the offense defense and special teams. And we'll see who should come out on top but on the and that's a dangerous exercise to look the honest. If we did this last reverse the giants in recent quarterback Alex Smith dilemma what keeps. It back remark or whoever in the ball to the public sheets. Overall often other chiefs defense elected cheese special teams elect to hit go to like the chiefs game. So sometimes that's a very flawed exercise but I'm still going to do right now I'm gonna switch gears and football games in college basketball. With my dear friends in the Lawrence journal world and use sports dot com happy Thanksgiving to my boy Matt take its door county and I demand. Good on I had beat her to date period. Same to you so last week I was almost Carrington and we were kind of make no predictions for individuals for to you basketball this season he was asking me more. A bit of a drop do you think they're gonna take as a don't have frank Mason as well. They still of the Monta grand distill the Gerald bit. I think it'll be a drop off but not drastically. And I'd venture to say I think its feet is X-Factor this team and that Allen on T to say I think he gets or upwards of Obama 1617. Points a game. Not only Carrington but everybody Kansas City thought I was greased. Well. Four games and a look at the stats is averaging twenty points a game he's not gonna keep that up kitty you bought something close to that. Yeah I mean the beat you are great. This doesn't happen to be because of the beat date I mean now not then I think there's thought will be you. I won't say as. Prosthetic is view and and you know we'll be able to see this coming especially does. It in the exhibition game he didn't really you must all do not like this in the get booed game yeah. Didn't really look that aids in an energetic union to other exhibition game they had so. I don't know that anybody who saw this coming. What the the Kentucky game into. He wasn't perfect neither would hold these obviously they want but what you really made some big shots in that game. And and not just catch and shoot spot outside dumped out the he made the plays he he got into the lane and ate and shot them in the I think that really helped the confidence that you. It's one thing and knock down open jumpers for years prior junior year it would make sitting at Jack in those desert. Are kicking it out yeah great spot but the other thing it. You know to be senior in itself on the line against Kentucky on what they'd like that it is. Delivered there as well. Think that it would be able to do that that really elevated competent. And you've seen that the last couple games you know he's he's really followed that with. With two great games and end because he's such a pure shooter. Because he thought this shooting the ball because he doesn't act that he when he shot that the thought that either forty point he can do six or seventy some night. I think it's very possible that he can keep that going partly because it's Alan and his confidence but but mostly because of the guys around there so. So dangerous all over the war. As shooters as as a guy to concluded on the warned that random and then make it a wide open spread open. Type of offense that that there are always open shooters so I don't think that it's crazy to think that he. He could finish right there all you know and and they may end up with one of those classic Bill Self balance he was. You know the leader at 1617. And then. And other guys that you know he had fourteen guys ultimately got a lot of them like that but but there's no reason to think because people. And possibly run it right there at the top especially because the Mark Ingram looking does that people of this but for right now maybe more. Is that what's going on there because I expected to Martha Graham he was gonna have afraid basin type numbers anybody that thought that since frank was twenty points five rebounds five assists guys just don't do that either in the big twelve in college basketball or certainly in the Bill Self system. But I did they didn't want to Graham's numbers would be better than than they all right now. How much do you expect those Dougal. Are you ought that you're going into the year that it points would be down but but it that this might be up from what Mason did last year. But gas if you watch him play in and you you know you take time to really watch him. When he had the ball and and and don't really watch it it'd just spoke to sit on them. You see a guy right now who's addicted to the this would mean EEO. We move saying he I mean that's yet there's little doubt that you'd. Looking at that other guys up and I think it's partly because. You know that helped the team I think it's partly because. He enjoyed it I mean it's it's something that you know he's he's he's confident it is not that the ability so that there. Whenever they present themselves look and they will you know long and what well but but I think it's it's sort of a challenge system that day. Watch what I can do setting other guys out there and and you know he's had to sit double that didn't that the real or and so far. You pretty much right in the game averaging I don't think the day there but. But again I'm telling you this is the guy you watch it he's eating his eyes you didn't say you predicted you trying to find other guys didn't need to position the score and and you know that can stick with you for sure because he again he's the kind of got a gonna get elected because of all the but. If he's able you know after that thirteen fourteen point mark. And still setup guys are 78 even nine or senate that the game mean. You're talking about a whole different kind of player but you're talking about a 88. The impact that equal to what Mason at last you're used to the different way. Two things that I didn't expect when it comes at a want to grant nine point eight assists per game I know it's early they've only played four days but that's a glaring number. And that he's fifth on the team and scored didn't expect that either met Tait from the Lawrence journal world and can you sport stock I'm joining us on the drive you got Matt and the machine. On 610 Sports Radio. The schedule for KU it seems like one year to play a bunch of jargon outs in a row seems like the next to their player budget cupcakes I look at this your schedule and it's Kentucky. And then comment leaves a little bit to be desired before conference play any concern about that. I don't think so I think it's great for the team. The way that their roster beta right now I mean. There's some young guys that are in some pretty important role that that obviously there's little doubt on this even though. If you're here in one of those situations where you're right I mean after eight and and more of a typical in this bill they'll schedule. That could take people on on the younger guys but I think this is scheduled night Burke. For the independent eased into what without obviously big twelve play. What is the big twelve downer not that it really matters though. Eighteen games you're trying to say that that streak can keep it alive you know it really does her. What what what kind of. Seeing there in the conference because you know they're all done or is this so. I think I think that aren't gonna get hurt it for the they have a 12 winnable game be. I'd almost be surprised if they do lose one along the way. That probably will happen but but you know you've got it seems like you're you. Washington errors on the day. They block that the medal was tampered so. You know what they're seeing that they make a lot in the rest of the flight. You know on the Kentucky didn't do near the end of the party. He used as seen by that names in other power buy it has been that they'll certainly have the attention but I don't think there's any question can you be. Significant favorites and all those independents though. It may be one of those things where they had little confidence thought that it is knotted the oppressive heat beat the southern. And the beat Oakland in between like that. People pay attention when you start beating Washington as analysts say there are those that would mean even if there even if it's not their best years that he. You start within the game because you're used to you know stricter than it's little load either you're. I don't know that that'll be a huge talent but that zone and all those things just never know on any given night was but I like this if it goes. They're really that's what they need right now because they if they care overtaxed the. Especially here in the or not to because they are so there. I said you meditate or draw in the world can use sports stock drop it's Thanksgiving I'm feeling pretty good it's only give you a million dollar bet for a million dollars on course you know me I'm cheap it's going to be monopoly money message you'd tell me. By season's end got to put the million dollars of that money. Who's going to be the team's leading scorer who would you say. Let out a couple of at least that's your money. The world you know go on in the easily maneuvered that he would he would who have great battle. I don't necessarily think he's out of running yet. But you know I put my money or your money. Would probably sicker I think the eat the most consistent player they he the guy that you know what he can do it clutch moments see the guys that they're always that look you. We get a bucket they really need one he's got that he can figure out how to get the lead a life. Even somewhat close to how pregnancy would be able to get beat you report. Because when he built there it's automatic so I would probably bet on there and let it yet another area. Mean and health Thanksgiving doing that man. Yeah that that you have with your fitness. The I I might put that second billion on you don't get. I just think that this is the guy didn't play that well in the right. Texas southern. And he walked away with forty point nine freedom than I mean he said he didn't play that well built so that he didn't play that of his teammates said there's more there so. If this if this guy you know the monster. Of a man. Seventy salt 280 pound. Nobody can say it when you get the ball down there if he can figure out it's what worked and positioning and and then of course like anybody make free throws. If you can without a lot if he can knock them because that's you know six or seven points a game potentially waiting format at the free throw line. And you throw six or seven noble on top of that is that right or. On a pretty easy not you know also I don't I wouldn't be surprised at all. If if he's there at the end of the year and and really I think you could make a case brought by mean that it just that the and that looked a bit right there on the right now. He's right at forty points in the big get in that eighteen point three or something like that. Yes and jokes sixteen Emily humans it. Getting better every timeout too though I think you could educate the level goes. Beat them in and out those. Can argue that all five starters right now in double figures a few minutes left but mets' eight from the Lawrence journal world and that you sports dot com. Here on sixth and sports radio and all over the world online. At 610 sports thought come on don't Croat quit and got some weird stats fifteen point eight points per game to go along with six and a half rebounds. He's shooting 85%. From the field. That's right 85% from the field. The shooting 44%. From the free throw don't think if you're mean somebody has been covering this team watching this team for a long time are always find myself. Comparing this case youth team to other TU teams with Beasley gets us nowhere it's kind of fun to talk about right about. Really get somewhere as good as this case you'd team verses the rest of the few. But that's not a spot to withstood previous instead of the latter how good is this KUT compared to let's say the other's teams that Dole's office had come to you. While. You know I think he I think this team. Maybe the best. Crop of shooters he's. This year. Open range jump shot computers and in debt or the starting lineup that can execute. Think it red hot in night. They're very few scenes that he admitted having. Even anywhere closest city is as you don't is that that put them in the conversation automatically. I don't know I mean you know. When that match cinema player against player than like it's interesting. I think one of both on and that you could do competitive in the last UC. It is similar you know you've got a veteran point guard you've got to. Basically one or two big guys you. Got a but what you don't have on the scene that just yet but you know that is doing a hell of the doubt yet impersonation so far though. I'm you've got at least that kind of players that spot and in the and you got question mark wildcard. And and you know I think we've indicated steam out of that we'll be there with the only town you know it. If you wanted to stack up. He millions he'd been in go position by position and it used the starting lineup that in the bench in the depth that although other 2000 while he was. We'll be hot on anybody's list. And it's certainly not when you're comparing it to other. At the end of the day they make it should gain them in the act of Iran though. And at that at that point there in that regard you have to consider them one that EP even though. I'm thinking it was basically this week and that's not ever gonna look great on paper that I'm never gonna jump out of it yet the formidable seeing Brett there. It was as they work well together I think that's what it's your belt regardless of what happened in that situation Billy Preston. And it's obvious that certificate make it at the massacre although they you've got to Perry Perry. Then group. But it very clearly defined roles with everyone and if group that already knows it's expected in an art you know how to play together well so. They're obviously capable of having a monster year obviously capable of making on the member. And I think at that point if they did that and then you obviously. Have a much easier time slot in and then the way they rate in the in the build up. Getting doubled Matt native to you sports dot com the warm strong world this Thanksgiving Thursday afternoon on 610s or treaty and 610 sports dot com. Like George Costanza on agenda does one man I like to go on high so let's talk look at youth football or that. I didn't think the team a lot of the team is going to be good this year but I also didn't think the team was going to be nearly as bad as they have been this year. What do you think and you can say what you wanna sayers say what you don't wanna say the future of David eighties job is considering. That he's a very likable guy. He's done a great job with the awkward and he has the blessing of the entire administration but he's not winning football games we think his future holds. Yet they keep their precarious I think I think it's the big year and I think they felt. Dreadfully short of what they want and what they've. Need it and in what most people expected so. I don't think there's any question it that you would look at that either today other long. You know they they were they were tougher more competitive last year. Start to finish them and they have been this year in that had a lot of embarrassing outing this year that they've had issues with their offense again. Over and over with the quarterback question them in this system is that a nightmare of a Groundhog Day type situation you know also. Yeah. I don't know I mean I think obviously he is that we're not even what's. There's no reason to think otherwise right now given that the the chancellor and and since they're both of you know fled their support of him right in the process that there they're trying to. I'd get blood work itself out right now there's there's no reason they keep all next year but. I can't help but think that they haven't been close to this next year that. You'll be back the year after that I think this with the big year but I think you you. You respect bring him back. Per year or. I think that you're talking about a situation where. That will be that will be pretty much do or die at that point you don't really put them. Some significant progress on the board. Next year than that I think it's gonna be much easier for people say. You know what that this isn't the guy so that's a lot of pressure put on one year that thus. But that that that you feel they have been making in in the offseason with the recruiting class but. You know they've got about eight seniors this year we cannot points on next year's bill. Maybe there's a little bit of hope but if you're in the sand and in your tired of it you're not buying a lot of hope that our. I think that we don't blame were it's been really hard product for lots. Not a little six to seven years or whatever but certainly this year it was look like it said just dreadfully short of what anybody. Great opinions and insight as always a good friend Matt tape of you sports talk com and the Lawrence journal world happy Thanksgiving broke. Are not that then you do that. It was so frustrating about that you football thing is even if they were bad there's no reason they should be this bad for this I'm talking about like one of the bottom ten college football programs. Over the last ten years maybe you worse called football program over the last. Even other crappy schools Kentucky football Indiana football and school. Duke football they've been bad but not. This I know it's tough to win a basketball school which you don't beat this crap that's Joseph on the sports machine coming up next. We'll check the boxes she's vs bills. Yeah. Additional yeah. Pulled the wrong I didn't roll. On Thanksgiving Thursday afternoon here sixty and sports radio. And sixth in sports stock that's TJ Jones Summers. Did you know the player down dual excited over there I was at notre grab them. You find. This place different tis the season on the sports machine Joseph on the beat you wanna say anything to me down Leo I'm 13576. That's threatening didn't you got some say to me. Sit him. I'm 135767610. Or you can hit us up on the duty to its fixed line. At 693. Zeroes it Gil and I do about a little bit early this afternoon. So he can have some more of that egg nog gets in Turkey and stuffing and mash potatoes and all the lights no action would open up because of K state basketball. Coverage begins at 530 wildcats take on Arizona State from Vegas. Right here 610s or tradable we got out of stuff to get to. Before that we got to go to the state of the coaching union. When it comes to our college. Coaching positions I mean think about eyed assessment team about David eighty. David Brady's job to me. Is pretty obviously directly tied. The athletic director shake hands and here and it's gonna go one of two. Either shields and get one more shot at a head coach which I think is going to happen which would mean that Beatty issue on the door and is okay man. You guard this guy you are the next guy in the next Don it was boss after boss after boss you get one more shot. And he get to stalled there and show incremental improvement yesterday in really good the first order wrong. Either that. War. The administration said two doctors anger. Nor jobs tied to his. So next year that you Opel doesn't show significant improvement there when five or six games I was under. Interest going in Colombia also because her character and say before that Kentucky game when Andy was on three game losing streak that they lost the Kentucky. That would probably be the funeral. For better and don't. And always done since then has won that game won every game since in the probably talking contract extension instead of fire this guy with K state. I think it's always an interesting conversation only because at some point. Maybe it would be this year five years ten years from now. But at some point k.'s they've fans. Get these reality bill Schneider is no longer going to be on the sidelines and I just question what's the program going to be on because you're not talking about an average run of the mill program when he got there that he made really good. He took what you could argue was the worst program in division one football. And made them. Let's go to the phones scored two more and Casey wants a marked. The man under Carrie I did it every Tom. I think we do with Spain and regulatory definitely can portal they are so when you almost beat outspoken. Google ever stepping point defeated. And everybody glad that you and Alison out there like me and outlook he got put to tell you later our hope he does but he could uninhibited right in every army's deputy. More trust liberal every single time I appreciate the phone call meant that so much and happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Man I built the exact same way as carrots and first general's eyes and they laughed at me. And then I thought it was actually kicked me in the shooters on the during the break because he thought that was such an egregious statement. I admit I say some stupid that. I did a season things that I look back on a few months later unlike my expert. I'm the same guy. But the dated decay you and you basketball exhibition was announced I question how many people will be interest. And I question and I said I think it would be more like an MBA all star game in an actual well. I'm not right all the time I was dead wrong about that one but again even a broken clock is right twice today now. I'm not gonna pat myself on the back too much just yet recognizing that worldly four games into the season. But trust anymore. I have texted carrots in every single time. It's bees gone out there and put up seventeen and put up 22 and put up when he and I texted Benny Heisman made insurer to look at the stats to realize that right now at least as of right. I was right with this is average and an even in twenty points a game just. One is averaging twenty what do people questioned me shouldn't 55% from the field. That built on the duty to its text limit your thoughts on speed or anything else at 69306. Look I'd. Don't think he's going to averaged warning I didn't think even through four games that he would averaged when he and I've been pleasantly surprised I do think that by season's end he could be 1516. Seventeen point a game guy and like Matt Tate in the war struggle worlds had a few minutes ago it's not just about him. It's about other team seven to stop all the other offensive firepower to Q. Looks he's not gonna get double teams the same with Brent Mason the same with that and Mac or more of the same way. Back in the day you know Kirk Hinrich and those dudes got double team there's just too many other threats out there and right now. But god who most that you fans most college basketball fans were told you four games in the season who would be the leading score of people boys say the bond program. Well don't look now but he's the fifth leading score on this basketball which I think is good. 57676. Timid your thoughts duty tickets that line is 693. Euros six are coming up the top before o'clock hour. Will dip into the state of the rock but did the state of the union for the local college football coaches that think it's an interesting conversation and it would even bring a basketball side of things talk about the future a little bit. Of Bill Self 'cause again. He hasn't been there as long as bill Schneider he didn't take over program that was in the go dancing with the Bill Snyder did. But at some point to take your fans are going to apathy is the sad reality T statement. It as much as we love our bills. And I'm not talking about the trash billiard table bill who yard darkened by bill Schneider Bill Self. They're not always going to beat Sweden have that conversation talk but the future Bruce and little bit about Gregg Marshall that spoke or wrote quick. Also box. Because last week I always do this because frankly there. On avatar life outside of this whole sports radio and some taken us from across the boxes off a few minutes to kill before that it novels watch the game with my ball I've achieved giants game last Sunday. No matter what box you put out there I think the chiefs had. That Mac to do and check for cheese. Quarterback Alex Smith eland check for the chiefs. Running back where the giants had out there or cream on check that achieves. Receiving weapons checked the chiefs defense they pretty much got every check mark and then in the final box the one that really matters. The cheese ended up getting the L. So real quickly you know didn't work last week lifted the same thing as an Hubert on the radio let's do. The same thing that we did last week for the Buffalo Bills if you're curious the chiefs right now or a nine and a half point favorite in the game's biggest all the expects in the city. To win this one at home. Quarterback. There's actually debate. Now last week the quarterback play for the Buffalo Bills was the worst quarterback play for one half and the history of the and Nate and Pete and then went out there. Be like me come on for the first Sigmund speaking Spanish and my boss called me like why didn't you speak English in the next segment as intense where it's the next segment boxed Mac on my balls that's what they competed like it was back. And that was ugly and then it got worse and I didn't know what should laugh or cry just. I don't know it's unbelievable the back I was drafted as high as he was and that actually got on the field but the tees are gonna have to deal with him. Boldly with Tyrod Taylor let's called push at the quarterback position even though I'd still take Alex Smith. Over Tyrod Taylor running back take Ramon of LeSean McCoy wide receiver play. The combination of hill and Kelsey. Ball close that many hours the leading what receivers this Charles clay he's the only guy that has over 25 catches and the defense for both teams is awful. Only the points to do and strategies minus nine and apathy that she's raw and it is pretty quick break the we'll go to campus next drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixteen and Sports Radio. A book about him. Your rival Joseph summer sports machine John Levine in proceed up and planning to do we back coming up on. Monday we got a lot of stuff to do to forward to that you're at 530 to about for K state basketball including at 415. Yet to hear Mike Leach's thoughts on planning weddings. And I came across an article that's called the caucasians guys. The black hole they gather us go over that coming up we are very qualified to have that and yes we are indeed we'll sort of a threat Joseph and I coming up at 450 but right now let's go back to campus don't talk some hoops. That's the music right there as the juice out looking cool and as you make them a ringtone. All right so the biggest local colleges use this week. Was terrible and I doubt that Michael Porter junior needs back surgery and is likely out for the season. What was your reaction to this tragic news. I mean. Tragic let your little horse it was relief it's sad and Sox is without describe it it's sad for the kid in salt for the university because as you finally got a shot at the relevant at. They a top 25 team going back to the NCAA tournament and I'm just gonna call it what it is their team that was eight and 24 last year. And the rosters not improved enough even with those top fifty recruits that kind of jumped on ship after Michael Porter junior committed. To make themselves the tournament team our top 25 team they've only got two players score in double figures that's Kevin Borger Cassius Robertson both those guys. Current thirteen game compared to a team with just do it does it's natural KU who has five guys right now they're averaging in double figures most the time college basketball. You either Joseph app that really balanced born. Or to have the superstore. It looked like Missouri's path is going to be having that superstar but they no longer had him so I think it's going to get ugly fast and. I feel bad for ms. you've made us all this off season ticket holders. And Anderson. As a giant cans of spam act and even it even throw salt and as you've been does feel bad for you as much as gratuitous sucks. All right after beating Kentucky last week the jayhawks remain undefeated at four note led in scoring and said by speak. From individual perspective what has been the biggest. Early season surprise even the life called and I'm surprised that I was right for once that's he's averaging twenty points a game I don't expect that to continue. As a bastion over 50% from. The three point line and I'm aspect that to continue either just not going to happen I mean frankly Mason wasn't all maybe the all time great jayhawk not named Paul Pierce ordaining Manning. I suppose there's an argument that a lot of different guys but frankly some sort and certainly on the short list that's a guy you have just forty points. I don't think that the next year's he's gonna come along. And averaged forty points a game I hope I'm wrong about that one and a little bit surprised also on the opposite end of the spectrum. But the punter Graham is only averaging eleven point five points per game but. Dude is averaging ten assists so they yup Ford and other places. Are making our rounds Nancy Kansas State they are born oh and looking to stay perfect tonight against Arizona State if yes that's right she Jones extend Sports Radio you search in the pre game begins at 530 you'd be following the drive. Well how hot rather of a start to detach that you get off to you for Bruce Bruce Weber to get a little love national border and help. For no corner of the big eight known double that sixteen you know I don't know if you wanna you know and then maybe. And I didn't say they would sit there and made them. He's blown dead fans would get off his ass they're led by dean waited Bayern brown both those guys averaging twelve plus points a game. Good balanced scoring stokes and Snead both averaging double figures as well. You well earlier most talked about Bill Self replacing Juan Williams and that's that you never wanna be the guy to replace the guy you would be the guy either pushed the guy at the police the guy. Well that does the replacement guys in Manhattan was Fred Mort all audience was the guy when he got their way with what the hell what it's coming to Manhattan. In the end up the Bill Walker he and double Michael Beasley and that he jumped ship. And the guy that replaced him had no chance to fatten the success of the popularity. Of we got it there before right right uh oh no Fred Morton's probably the most popular coach and his reduced exports. Not named Bill Snyder that's the problem you don't wanna be the guy that replaces both guys that stuff yeah so even though it was whoever's been. Somewhere between average and good at his job at K state. When you take over for the two most popular basketball coaches in the history of your school. To start and worked out well for that's Joseph Summers I am the sports machine show on the beam coming up next. We'll stay on campus would get a state of the college football coaching you on the drive tool that she.