11/22 - Andy Reid

The Day Shift
Wednesday, November 22nd

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid addresses the media ahead of Wednesday's practice. 


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The guys not accident they are these forward. And Terence Smith is in the concussion protocol so. That we can afford to back him get the work. A good buffalo team that hole we'll prepare ourselves. This weekend. A little bit different week thank you. Schedule rating goes sir I'm here. Years. I have over approval. Is a football player. This kid. The I. You're pro players news. Over there in the pro world. Yeah okay. The guys now. Martin's drove my. Those small because of the thirty yeah bring your A game every week. He's prepared. We're doing. We're lucky enough where. We have another game. What world are focused on the they strongly. Or helpful. Conditions. Players. It's too early in the week that responses you seat theater if you I only here yesterday. I've been around now for a couple. Bad news. Is good luck. Times like this so it was a national football sons. For lifetime player for lunch time and effort. So. The same time. You know another day. Get ready for oh earlier energy and problems. That's where I was sore right now. Doing that. So back. That the workers. Okay. No one. Focus small. One thing here there. It's off. Wherever it's. What else. Whether your coach or players. The job. They've got some. Players these. Shots. Move people around. So it's you know and as we head first here. We'll show what. Work ethic. There's also that rust were I'm just. That you wholesale wrestler. Most capable players. Mark ordinary. So. Then we'll get a month ordered this administrative assistant showed those tracer. Is now working away. Through action. Very hard work. The coaches. I'll be here. For these. A little over half today. Go home. Kind of arguably what I might do best it's. Heart but as far as that's. The theory is gonna be there half the day then he's going to do what he does best he says. Nancy. Deep for not practicing named Karen Smith here's this film because oracle not no big deal before he died they need you back on the field. Picked up his fit your option for next year deep Ford's getting out their place but said that Thomas practicing. Felt like that's yet. Eighty Reid complimented Sean McDermott he would do William and Mary and it's a school to get into the Andy Reid said. Worked his way up these big coach in buffalo it that he lit by the way chargers. Was there last year going to be inter coach who filled in when Rex Ryan was fired.