11/22 8pm - Bills Changed Their Minds, Are The Celtics For Real?, Revis Mindset, Durant vs. Westbrook, Whatcha Watchin'?

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Wednesday, November 22nd

Ron defended the Buffalo Bills last night, but he is not happy after they named Tyrod Taylor the starter again. Did Peterman even have a fair chance? Plus, Ron is a huge LeBron fan and as a result, he is a huge Cavaliers fan. Should he be worried about the rising Celtics? We attempt to talk about Darrelle Revis before Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook hijack The Show. Finally, we bring you the segment that’s sweeping the nation, “Whatcha Watchin’?”


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This show was your folks who run the show you please out out to all your listeners. And our listeners with those fingers today. Because we. Salutes you for allowing us to BA's all parts of your Wednesday evening. Stand Byrd Joseph produces bad boy and violent and dad. Even surges in the building. This is the show would run the zone usually presented by cements things go check got a good grades it cements things. Locations and away and Lee's summit. And we got a spot. Yeah him and obviously we're about these horrible first though from this is this fabulous. The both of them keep making it stories so. I hear we're gonna legacy we need special course on until this goes the fifteen right. As I believe it will go to the old championship rounds like rock. A club tree. But yesterday we had a discussion. If you missed the Buffalo Bills have come out sit Tyrod Taylor will be starter for the game notes. Yesterday we had discussed who were I came out of the threats of buckle. It up offense the veils that sense of McDermott. Everything because as I've played. I think they did that they'll have a real. I'm not gonna test the surge is but I in my team I think either acts. That they know that they probably don't have a legit chance and really winning the Super Bowl. I don't think that they see themselves being able to knock out the patriots the Steelers. And I am with them. They still may not make the playoffs this year even with Tyrod as a quarter. But. I can out of percent guarantee they have no shot at making the play out of Megan Peter. And actress kept. I will bet a lot of money on that option you have no problem making it now. It's now been. Anyway so what they did was they said okay we have eight Peter. Who we draft it we jet to the pits round quarterback. We wanna see what we have we was able we have we'll see if this guy can be a player sports. And I think if you don't have a chance to win the chip you've got to the exhaust everything yeah and explicitly at that quarterback position. And they wanted to see what they hey. I have no problem with because I don't think that winning a championship with Tyrod or I don't think it. I think they're getting I take it away playoff game with Tyrod. And balance it that they gonna win a playoff game with Peter. I saw I had a problem with it's like yes mostly what you got. If you don't you gadgets. That it is meant to. Amity of you say to Arafat's evidence at odds is stated you gotta go to those lengths. To make that decision. Like it got I would need to seaboard two quarters. And that is not just say what they did now I'd like. I'll almost I almost feel likes mid term it was forced by someone higher and not be able to make this is new one to eight okay. I should be eight. He's going to be. Well men and Cingular a T I did eBay. And. You've got to make that I did more than a quarter more than two quarters. But it's silly to me. OK but what that decision you're saying because. I don't think anybody digs Buffalo's gonna go win a Super Bowl this year with that out they get they'd make the post season mainland and a weak AFC addict and probably made the White House. What's ownership Lackey did the relative for a playoff berth they're looking for extra cash. From a playoff game. From from their team continuing to win ball games like. The higher ups are generally they're going to win those battles. I hit taking this risk putting in a fifth round rookie and hoping that it works out when it opened his aides. I guy I understand someone higher up stepping in and saying Tyrod back in the game right now but that's. Not always the case the sub sub sub teams looking for all right I wanna be really good in organizations I wanna see if we can be good for the long ball. I I think there are organizations that do it to meet you got to give this guy more than two quarters. And so what does it wasn't the text of the six so let's put it the perfect situation. Having going to go face the number one ash rose possibly in the league the chargers. I guy I just like your I think is you got to make it hard decision and hard. Stick tulip. It has made two quarters but it beautiful game. So what's it we did yesterday. Yep and anxious of the same question with Kansas City and they win yes I think the chiefs. Still I think that she's still have a possibility to win it's hip it's that is why would not owe it to. Alex good to patch at home I think it's a completely different situation. Completely. Also I'm an active this date that it'd (%expletive) me off I don't care that much. But I just think it's I just hate me make a heart disease it don't let your pressure get to you. She does your first year it'll Canada a couple of years. And and now it's suppressed this that if it came from the top county the owners and general manager and coach the team. It can't make decision and but Sean McDermott is a first year head coach who has done nothing. To gain face well. I get that if you have faith in him why would you hire him I totally. Understand that it end. But the bills has gone through this. Hurt twenty years that the bills of Charlotte is as an organization. For ever it seems like. And so that runoff this probably does question that that ownership group probably does question. Every head coach they have every move that they make it that's frustrating it's a bad job it's a bad job in the NF. I it to me it's as if there activity which changed. In 72 hours. Because all right sort sort of use it will maybe this is a team they hesitate to go the playoffs and I think they do that like the longest drought. Of any team that's not into the playoffs in the National Football League. Get a chance to go our way up a blog it is a brat had been there are more recently but did. But it affects the case it's the truth it that is the case. Then how come that was your. Thought process. The other day last week yeah I'll process was not let's make it to the playoffs. That thought process let's see if this can be a really good organization while he maybe we could see it we had something in his quarterback. That's every two hours later at saint back to. Because. Because they probably have shot and saying. I think we have something this. Clearly they had something in Peter and all these elite so clearly thinks that they could have something unique indeed it has been. He's been very positive about it even after that horrendous performance that he had to play to order but to say if you make the move. I've got to get lower by a vote for for an organization like buffalo that is clearly had ownership issues is clearly had an opposite Jews is clearly had. Personnel issues and coaching issues in the last fifteen to twenty years I think you get a lot of question marks but. You're willing to take that risk last week of let's art Nathan Biederman and see what we have maybe you'll give us a spark and maybe he'll he'll be the catalyst to push us to the next level. And make it to the policies and actually make some noise. But that it blows up in your face into corners you terrified exemptions and you get blown out at halftime and that everybody's like okay. We dire back and Nate Nate got the guy Nathan's ever going to be the guy. Bush who who who hits that Michael. It's two quarters in any sport is that you at a time here. I didn't people and it was not that. Bill. Started you. This this document at halftime. But they did they at least have a look for tots Evans the previous year. Tom savage blading gave the previous year may Peter bid that what we get a look at Nate they did two quarters against Joey Bos and Melvin Ingram that wouldn't get. Possibly the top. Aries it that was Selma collegiate game. Seems like they should have been using this comically into. I mean didn't they didn't really nice fancy why he scored that he scored that first touchdown with on aid fantastic rock he had fourteen touches. Fourteen Texas come on now but they got boat raced it's a little bit harder on the ball yeah Roy. It's its citizens that. He said I had a chance funny how many intercepts that he had little before that should have been greatly. Fourteen carries the first pick. Robinson came out the next drive all this comically easy throws. How did. That that what does he went ahead biggest apple boss is to get to utilities. I thought. Hot rod was I allowed myself when he start to bring race into it into the equation. I don't think there and I do I think Tara and we know what we got which that we can't we're not gonna win a playoff game with even if we get it. Let me see what we got. But I don't think he gave the kid a real chance to see what you guys. Michael gets two quarters. Nathan Peerman apparently they're proud rookies. Now not just fit throughout rookies Tom did. Tom and play it alls rookie. But when he got any got a chance he did just get two quarters. Element that's got black and gold but they actually it. I Drew Bledsoe was. In which he's atop. They are going to and it's an event that I just kept waiting game that's good on the next big top to pull with the knicks would make it on to put top. It's an attempt victors. Is a date the quarterback. I. Still others outside. The hawks make a table making it. Is about more than two quarters. Our ideals thing. The show would run the show you can leave. From the MVP addicting TV and coups don't yield sixteen Sports Radio. Are there any cholesterol until 9 o'clock A programming note. Couple of things tomorrow that busy busy day for your true tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Certain and I will be back here yes you we the last people you were here. Locally. It it will be the first people you were here in the morning we are this child is were seeing in on us safe landing. We are in. And we're taking over Tesco in the morning. We are taking over fiscal in the morning tomorrow. We are not doing more blue love's all right we're not doing. Its positive there's negative. We're not doing. Some of the things but we're crashing. Taking the keys to the but fiscal of the morning. So we will be here 6 in the morning bright and early. I mean hell I for a sanity yeah that's after I sleep in tomorrow I'll be always on the beat to it by the Stan Levine and tomorrow personal Cerro. And I catch a hard knack for things in America Julio. Will be in four late being in round Murkowski doing the days if and as. It has Stamford joneses said apparently an editor of for the text alone Joseph. Says that was adamant in Connecticut and father. Stamford Joseph will be all wish on the mean you'll be doing the two run. And that is that he's opposes. So that'll be the line of tomorrow. If for me man it adds that there Thanksgiving but I'm going to be doing it's the three plaza lights. KCP and helpless lights I'll be doing that tomorrow so you any LB I'll be on the stage prior to. Gary les I'll be hosting the event so. Cuts kicked me out if you're gonna be down there at the plaza. What's in the lights come on I'll be hosting probably an hour prior to the show that comes a TV you know they immunity. On the slide down there and in that might you les I doubt I'll come down there and Allah Allah and this is that we're gonna talk about tomorrow I don't know if you knew this this is developed as a topic. Tomorrow. Alex Smith and Derrick Johnson a flipping on the lights. That's things to say about both the spill. But that's the negative things to say about both those. I mean anybody's Saturday and a candid chat small talk them. Out into and be friendly government must that is going to be. And every song out it is up and point of view the last couple days we've become Alex Smith apologists out. I don't think they would call upon that date is truth. They're exempt I have. That's it it's oath with the. Yeah it looks like he's dragging is basically. Let up prices. And a series. Of. If it is. I limit this can we get Olivier group quick. So you they a huge kiss and ticked that I would use the on and so that means I'm a huge kiss and right now a role with the team. I'm FaceBook arriving on my phone right now tea. Why hasn't Tass and something now live in action while we're on the air this is the statistic. Anyway. And let let's talk NBA era and still watch the NBA's read. And I'm a big fades and I am as the cats just that is stuff they've won they've had of one of 545. And F five road. Six in a row now skis. Should I be worried. About the Celtics. As Celtics Agilent political of the night yeah they're not gonna finish this they were going for number seven in a row there losing 856. I'm is that the fourth quarter now this is nobody I am yeah Indiana native runs good. That's Italian guy but he got every six or fifty. Right now. But should be worried about the Celtics. Now. Were and. May be potentially. In a parole you can have a slight worry but. We do this every single year that's ad team in the east that looks good at the beginning of the year. And then come Eastern Conference finals time. LeBron steam rolls and every single year. There's no proven otherwise this is becoming the narrative right now the Celtics they're like they're serious right now. I mean it's like this has been the narrative like this past week they've once it's in a row and didn't really this team would they be. The Lori. And they had they come they don't like really good deed. They're probably the best team LeBron will face in years in the you exits the last Celtics team they've faced would that's in Miami yeah astronauts. But keep in mine Dick big cat really had it's hard look at that look at. The Celtics lineup especially without or Brad Stevens is the second best coach in all basketball. He counts for a lot. My god Brett. It is now. There likely will build that thing the reason that you shouldn't be worried is that. The cavaliers second best players have legitimate game changer in Isaiah Thomas. Has not taken the laureate John Thompson's out there goes on censure they have injuries and and it feels like like to me I don't think they haven't seen it's. Celtics get this thing but it just in the time to talk. I'd like well I. Think I should be worried I don't really feel concerned because I. I think there's still a handful and build. Whatever symptoms. A handful. At that do them better players and I think that is going to struggle and I don't. I wonder how that is plus the I'm ranting. I think has to do a lot with coaching but when you give Brad Stevens a player the caliber of retiree Irving. Thank we're seeing what good coaching mixed with talent Kim produce. They're not going to keep this rate up for the rest the season obviously like they're going to start losing games are gonna go on a bad stretch where their injured in their tired. But there there there are good basketball team and there's so well coached that they could probably make her and they just don't appear to have enough. Like and like at all like I look at them at I look at that roster. And it doesn't even say to me sick of this team the with a roster to me. Like it has does it. I mean Al Al Horford has been he's nice but I've been hit it into this Al Horford who's here is day. And tiger is actually the second best player on the Celtics. Then they can do some serious game actually meet high res second this big corporate and the best player on the team yes. Al Horford but I like Lindsay he's been the second best player he's been the bloat. Most in BP articles that I've been reading have Al Horford at the end of the top 567. In that range and well at a time yes. Al Horford has been fantastic mr. Al Horford depth of fourteen and now. But it is it's he's not the couple are the and a defensive versatility that he brings is huge these kids of fourteen and nine. It is it wants to salute the board denied this carries it 22 and a half by this he seems to be the driving force that Tuesday. But Horford at the center position is student Owens we've got we've. Al Horford is considered to be their best players as meg eighties it's so how effort carries considered their best player but to this point. Horford has had a better season and been more important to the Celtics so that's why you're seeing him on a VP articles and if that sticks. Which I don't think it will I think calorie loss surpass him. Did the Celtics are really dangerous. If this Al Horford Tuesday. It nothing about Al Horford numbers saying MVP I mean now I. Or that he's a better player that you watched as more than I'd. Like I like. For of the things that I lies it's this stuff about it seems like to me that in the town has been sick at the second best player of the week. Mean can consider this Al Horford is averaging. Just. Half of an assist the less per game inquiry from the center position he's shooting 6% better from three. From the center position and he's a far superior defensive player he allow his versatility and for spacing allows everything else the Celtics a lot will say that he would be the most important player. I think that's different note that I think it's the most important player but I mean. I could see his importance. Just like when Kevin Love plays well Cleveland please completely different. Al Gore urged better than Tyreke. But. This point you say yeah you think Al work at the drive for this team to be yes. I want army and the truth. I'm outward. I don't I don't think I am. I don't I don't see a reason I'll lies should be dates is I just those within minutes of what's. Why even if they were able to. Upset the cavaliers and make into the vials and I don't think the Celtics stand a chance against warriors. The bat a but says okay let Adam. I don't think that they will this year and he's very engaged maybe next season with a healthy he Heyward maybe they got more shot I don't see out of. So in a seven game series I. I don't see it goal and six. I try to take cavs in six out of cynical but I think I think guys they did this when he gets. Especially the way I read this play. I think he is going to be yes now I think it may take some time that we get together because I mean he'll. The thunder had nothing I made ages knows he did played with each other's. Does that shock Russell is not an easy first played with. Cleveland they are on a roll now when it's six and roll out of the pretty. We'll see interest in guys saved their Rosen was playing really really will before you can limit his minutes now we'll see Dwyane Wade is heaven flashed back. Not to flash but just a bit of a place. You say was that Al Horford is a legitimate defensive player of the year candidate all right look at that that we're a big part of it comes from the Celtics become the best defense in the league when he's on the floor and they're one of the worst defense is when he saw a packet is it is. As our beat it out watches what did you do he's been the drive forced this. This team's success this early. In the early part of the season at at our meeting. To go coming up our top story Darrelle Revis. Has signed with the chiefs. And I think even more than the signing. It it it should make you excited about. The direction and the ability for this team to admit when they have done all. Are we can add a little less than half hour until we shudder down as I say it will be back in the morning 6 o'clock show. Filling in for the guys on fiscal in the morning. Raymond green just like he's about to snap. It is game is the way it looks like the the thunder came out motivated their thoughts if any to fiftieth island that are cola. Our medals at the Limas and treat those I'd get the feeling that the them. The warriors get this thing close I did you miss the big news of the day the Kansas City Chiefs. I hate people that Al Michaels is Kansas. The Kansas City Chiefs. Signed cornerback. And and man who we just found out was 32 years old that appeared to be. 35 to 38 I am older than the real reed switch has got me completely outcome will they signed Darrelle Revis. And to me. The biggest thing besides the move before you radios that because I don't want people get misconstrued. Like I think it is a sitter put you put a gun to my hand harder stroke. I would say that I think the real devious Darrelle Revis just with his experience can perform better than the likes of Kenny act. By the likes of 39. Parents met the likes of Phil Jones I feel like. I feel like he can't put even more important to me certain. Within the actual move is them being able to do something that they're stubborn answers have not been able to do. And that's admit with a roll and I think they can admit right now. They were wrong about that position. They can admit that they can admit. Emitted in the why they and they showed him the next and that is going to go get somebody to try to help that position and that to me. As me more excited they're stubborn as is could pull that off rather than even boo our. And even bringing in a guy like Darrelle Revis CO he's 32 years old he's. Appears to have lost a step accolades as these alleged he was there he was routinely burned I receivers last season the last time we saw him on the football big red hot in 2003. Is that it. It makes it's that. And but seed Darrelle Revis and Larry. But yet like. They're back and Terrance Mitchell don't see the field away Doral and stuff. It. Ought. Edit it. Out so we'll agenda. Then X. Yet. Not yet. The pace likes like. Late uncle's a young big vertical last night. But the so that means that needed to do is that you can't and Iran doesn't like Donald. He's innocent. Say please Hillary. Please. Stop Alter. Other John Reid by and I'll be out. That he sand radio. City and break this they damn sugar Shane AKA. What is his shag EC Jane Alexander. Estates Aggies. Just how all this. Up so political. No it did here mystified today yup so let it go. By the late late in Kurt angle did on Monday night. It'll be on matters I'll fly this little. I mean we certainly tell you how. We got screen shots are all addicts I that's forehead before. They say to each. You talked. How would they say to each and soccer is not sensitive kid. Kevin Ritz become the most since emperors evidence about. Others in like I think he's sensitive I just think he wants people a big thing he's hard what the. But with the way he response to a distant that it when it created a so rhetoric out to these I forgot about that okay yeah. All of that was the only thing that. He had his views were you put all the slights from people I I was. You guys that was it refused to leave his house at Oklahoma City yeah. Because he gets rated eighty closed the doors and close the windows this outs. It is too Lee's got that call for the is that marked exit. I can hear mark on Google's ad man. Was as mark Dixon that. And it is they hand down man down is that part exit is marked exit hand down main deck out. Yeah help me out is that it is I know that I'd I'd leave that I'd guess an accident market that you that he's someone else it's there. Took to. Let me know if that's true because evidently. All my it is stuffed me in my completes. They cut to commercial. That's not want to show stoppers Darrelle Revis to 88 that I get to see this again it's a you can get our policy. Stanford's own space let's Leon kind of radical and onto an urban nominees spouses and ain't it has happened thirteen so the record straight that TV they are wide and Evey are you see clubs like all the time on to a that's omelet bar right now. And I expecting the actual TV quality click. Although pocket Reid is that I'm going to. Because this CNN's. This is about it. So logistics. After Natalie you know. Kim one of you do away with Mitchell I'm sick and tired of this dude he needs to put the hammer down on themselves. Lovers there. Mitch is always been very nice and are we still we saw Mitchell to sit that event. That he thought he was in seeing. But actually fiscal within city indicate to the event with they suit jacket and we had to whisper for thirty average hit if they have ever and it got up left. As soon as he saw basket that's code is good that he's got up. This tire on his art. I guess admits was a come from very blow it all there. Oh they did this I think Kevin OK that's all they did the cat had kept locked. Russell that my caddy Evan followed him around and then they got forehead before Russell tried to act like it or cabbage red uses height as our. So yeah. I terrible accident I agree to negative from my 200 down okay isn't written as a video on it. Time to sit here and do I agreed but I tell you that I just reach we have a clip of him from my daughter again this I'm gonna look to tutor this thing is did test at Steven certain. This is it yes I love I mean I love and I'd say Saudi Israel simply gets 700 for the if it wicked. The president in the VAR bald Eagles face to face like her eyes got the crazy guys enemy they're fake trees yet. He's really about it for a got the most sensitive in the eyes and seriously do you I'm pretty I'm pretty sure that he jobs. You are point packed in there by can read his lips are. I series like you haven't in this match well speakers but give it. Who do you have this makes it seem it's. My turn now to get the hell on a yeah this bit of Russell day I address the region put rush. Is an out actual. Acting character and he's he's out. I'd the speed the explosive and as like Kevin Durant. He's got the region that it I mean K now Kevin is that Kevin does it really one. Like Kevin does an avid I don't think Kevin really wants he wants people to think that he once that's what's. That. Haven't. He is lose he is looms. Every step of the but he is just lose. Is that about getting so involved. How does that make that so pissed off the combat it would render it definitely the drops. A word that rhymes that was the well against that eats eats up the Tennessee on announcer up okay now that there's another audience that is between that's the full clip that Russell poked the bottom bounds and Katie was trying to drive and then can't concern Iran is about the guys we have first I think. Kevin is about it in now that it's invective. And now I think Russ is going to feel that the Indians take this upon himself. Aziz is it activate turnovers it is Russell classic Russell with Oprah. And that that data bank into east victories. And I feel like and I've already seen I've built like. They help me guide for the well because its right mind is that snapped. Up. States and its. It is. Let's let's let's act that way right at it. Mr. right. Russell Ezra. Is just catapulting people on my favorite play of the season topped three Izzy John lost Gary and rest. With ought to dictate it to eight. Andre Iguodala looks like he's in Kabul on Wednesday. I'd. Yields or not it's AM from the blocked the three point line typically. All. It is is that pick up a scene. We don't know that Kevin is only. That sure of himself because he knows drain minded and and Zaza and those guys are gonna are gonna try to stomp on Russell would be done I. It's really believe what they were looking to do is Perry because Russell is just jacking notes. Over and over and he's missing. And then lawyers and the lawyers the lack thereof. I guess we have. News. Tickets Tex lines it 306 that. What to watch him rust is that is that now is holding his his wrist in the air very similar to Sydney deed. Provo. From white make it except it's so pretty so pretty. Coming up getting to his ex client based on six 06 text that what's owed Watson. That Blix Hulu what they'll ever what you want to come and a. Come with the game that not move yeah. There. Eats it Battlestar Galactica what commitment if you'll look good. It's chilly Pettway touchdown a Super Bowl my first class plane. Watch him bark orders. I'd like to remake movies exam. I'm not superstitious but. FAA. If they get the men's side of the Caribbean not me. It works instincts. What a rather be feared or loved. Even though. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Yeah. Looks like. But certain I would do that every time absolutely no line so look good standup. Getting tickets fixed line and FaceBook loud next day in which shows lots did. Netflix Hulu. Good to get 6169306. Movies you've gone to let that view as we always and I just gave FaceBook live soon. What we always do we only hours dances like that he or non FaceBook and much respect to the first one. This from the 785. Blocks in the best baseball movie ever which is bulls mr. read them. To the late Merrimack Ernie McCullough. Bernie Mac let me. And it it is it's. He's amid the sand on obviously number on a big school whose great. If you think. Big city have things given to you too as well. Bernie Mac two that this neo. It's not made birdie and how old is he now certain it would get under. 56. Pound and by that. Bernie Mac one of the great. Now I'm at three movie called. Shop called it matters it's yes that Hector from the bugs. I was very. It's not genuine answer from Damon grounds I forget his real name I think it's Willie lynch. But at shock collar is is very good though. Yeah yeah he's like he's like. He's like an average suburban. Guy with a house. Wife kids and gets in the drunk car accident goes to prison. Winds up becoming like a high ranking member of the Aryan Brotherhood. Goodman. Put them. Eight was six or watching stranger things. It's hard for our fans. Within myself. Themselves are around Charlotte renounce Thanksgiving that is a solid. There aren't Thanksgiving movies like their workers. Isn't what it says thing is Thanksgiving movies besides like Charlie Brown I feel like there's been Thanksgiving movies before. I don't think there are. I can't be giving me I can't think of anything like. Anything that. That is considered it thinks I am kind of thing there's got to be of like a couple on the other doesn't have to. Amount has speed boat it. I can't even think it will this is this they hate red of newly deceased who watched a thinks that exact day or night I didn't think I don't think there I'd like. The he's a wide I don't want someone asked a bit like adds to make it Thanksgiving movie I don't think like. I don't think so no I don't. Is that a market that somebody it is really guidance. We may move it apparently. So we'll let someone of the Nile what 360 coincidentally they are watching the office. And it's it's Wednesday night and all that mean calls like that oh you mister robot. Most of the cities threw out think him being a little lots of tonight they had a bad blackness was really really I don't. They thanks black is stated that it talked about. Having a three are having a family member come out of prison. And how far like which I thought this out this scenario and soon. But if you get a family member that went to prison for a long time say they were imprisoned 1520 years we do. Would you let him stay with you before they got themselves back on their feet. Depends what they did and who it was to me. Again it was a cousin that was close to you before you went out before he waited and men. And you have teams to. Probably not depend united. And it was bad enough to be elected to join you prod because the scenarios that they created in this it was it was a white collar crime but. It like they were feeling like prisons is really changes in. And they were really concerned on how he was going to act they just didn't think he was sane person which I would agree with but then again also it's like. Danny you're officially T takes you in a plaque a single month at least out. You would say you would know all the way I'd I'd pay for them to stay somewhere and Avaya yankees. That that was that was the real typical Florida. I aimed at BMI helped them out. I don't think I would want them to stay with me now on. I'm just now. Get past having your roommate. Is about a ruled it. You think he's just now getting. May say it's it's it's quite certain that you don't FaceBook live Q a sixty will be back to the morning we off.