11/22 7pm - Marriage Advice With Mike Leach, Dayton Moore Speaks, What Do We Really Want From Royals?, Round 3 of LaVar vs. Trump

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Wednesday, November 22nd

Mike Leach gave some fantastic marriage advice today that we had to dive into. Dayton Moore was with Fescoe In The Morning for an hour and we dissect his comments - what do they mean for the future of the Royals? Ron believes Moore's comments should have Royals' fans feeling happy. However, he also asks if Royals fans know what we really want from this team. Round 3 of LaVar vs Trump has concluded and we break down the scorecard to this point. 


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How how old he now. Like utility person is not alive there's no it is. Back. Dived for the last 592. Show and all of radio. I. Look bad or all of the united gives out and I mean I was seated sir as always bounces are certainly spending. Well indeed has been trolling every one this season. If you're watching us on FaceBook live not seen the lovely portrait of Joseph well in the background of the studio. All of sports energy meal hill asked him beat if he's concerned about other players having more motivation to go after him the more he trolls that. MB gave a very. Process the answer if you will say guide seven jail I'm a big dude. So I don't think you what did you I'm and I'm African too that's a whole point of playing basketball having fun dog fun. Dixon mass in his foot basketball. The haters get you down Joao. You're. On your way to becoming one of the most recognizable talents. In the NB. Eat show. And this show read your host Ryan does show you police say out loud long line listeners. Put those figures today and because of the way so soon. For allowing us to be a small part. No Wednesday evening at Stanford. Still produces this bad boy and violent name guys these conservatives in the building. This is the show run this elegantly presented by us and then things stick out their locations in the late and Lee's summit. We're having a lot of fun today it's pop. It is and we. We have some emotional folks. Ended. A flute. Now overseas routes you can name. We gave we can't handle Thanksgiving and show the race conversations. Yet are you talk about important stuff. I just. Yes. If I mean this is up that we get agreed this area it's like this like people loves rap I hate they. Do everything that I like I don't first of what's your spot. This. It is. A Kelly doesn't let. Crowds is terrific set of rules. Ice in an uptick in Mac and cheese that is as they ticket. It. That I do bitterly. And it didn't. I did that a I got in and stressed. He would have missed it is that the. Is that better as they have with the bit. Novel Briggs. So we liked him a lot of fun and I swear to get the I was I won at stake I've won its lead to. And Darrelle Revis who put the wrench into this but our guy. Mike Lee who is the greatest. He gave us and sound. Today is he has bad like you know I don't like to play long coats of things. But this is like two minutes and five seconds of purity is. Enjoyment if you don't know Mike Leach is the head coach at Washington State. Is giving us so much. From the pit state guerrillas comment. To so many others. And this in his press conference today he was asked about. He was asked by reporter who was about to get married. If he had any marriage. And these of the gyms my complete game. Scotland's remind. Your mother in law is gonna. Lose her mind your long it's gonna lose Vermont and several of your sisters. And a female relatives are gonna lose. There remind. And well. And that you're they're gonna they're gonna brought you this constant questions of what should we Wear. And then which of course my answer was I don't care. And then what color should the invitations being I don't care. What should we have for dessert I don't. Care. Should we see this this lawyer that that that way I don't care that the CI don't care is not satisfactory at all. And you're gonna get caught a catch 22 and I'm certainly your head out. And they catch 22 is. I want you to be a part of this to move. So what color invitations. Are the blue ones. Well I kind of like I kind of liked that Tim once. Okay that Timbaland cents or you're just saying that because it you want this are we here not even thinking about it which is of course true. What you offered dessert I was thinking of strawberry shortcake it's all okay I got strawberry shortcake would go. What about the very pot. Blog like the blueberry pie we can have the blueberry pie ploy thought usually you one of the strawberry shortcake. It's just gonna go back and forth and they're gonna play keep away from you and tell. Your marriage there's no answer you can give that is going to be says factory are correct. And if you successfully. Please if you vote on the others will still be. Well I just don't feel like he's that interest TO case of so you need to work late. Don't look back and read a lot of books particular groups and out so you make sure that the march in just right and they know exactly you know these well. Outfits that you picked out or whatever however you're doing an excellent men in the end you'll wish you aloha unique final round. Excuses. They'll body. To be as far out of arms way as you possibly care. Hello this cat it's one of those two. If he was that the SEC it. I mean this cat is absolutely. I just wanna know. What people were sitting there thinking you know there had to be some really. Like ol' dad and I don't mean age is age you know there's like 25 year old man who act like they're 57. You to be some older guys who it is. This standing in there and raids like to ask him about what the quarterback's gotta do. It's gonna do to stay apple cup and it's not gonna. A I just needed it's that was a local college in there would be people on the tax life. Yeah its own but van where the I'd reads and radio stations. If I let it. I have the pleasure of having Mike Leach so I would not ask any single question about I feel like Mike leads. Just sits like sits in his office and just like talks himself like he's that guy he's just constantly having a conversation bribes did you. Like. Almost a couple of. Apart in the middle where he just went on. Happy conversation. Active or. Playing different ball. As it. Like. Why. It is asking. A question to press all of this is just know this is. I mean this cat is since. His GO. PI. Is equal. I've got to the park till I. I know legitimacy. I'm asking the court where he just it's just going like he's talking it's the second two minute second minute of the two. Where did you start having a conversation all I'd settle. Eddie's just go back at port it to the big CO. It's the big you can just say you know here and we're not seek out here it's the big studio. He is absolutely. It is in it it's like. If you listen to him how he starts he's it is as if he's pro players. For the questions. Pollution aren't. Your mother in law is gonna lose her mind your long it's gonna lose her mind. Is he ready was he ready for the question why so don't you I assume that he is tipped off. Like he's going to do it because or could be it too well or maybe he's just sitting there like. I've been wait for you nasty Nat do you have a joke like that does is about the report it is having a conversation with a well. And they catch 22 is. I want you to be a part of this to move. So what color invitations. Our right to blue ones. Well I kind of like I kind of liked that tan ones. Okay that tampons and hope you're just saying that because. You view what this all we hear about even thinking about it which is of course true. What you want her to. I'm thinking of strawberry shortcake. Oh okay yes Trevor short kick would be good well what about the blue very part. Well I'd like obliterate we can have a blueberry pie exploit the right decision one of the strawberry short. And that's just gonna go back and forth and they're gonna play keep away from you. It isn't there. This guy has to be the best person in the world to read stories like bedtime story. This is more indicator of what would you do all will will need to do you like to blueberry. Ever had a habitual wedding where there's Lugar with a pie now. Cutting the pot luck the blueberry puck who'd like to strawberry short. Stubby resort to. Obama. Like this it is. Now by the way I wanna pursue a lot of police it was true. I tell you and I got married I think giver about anything but they have tasted. I students. I got is I really did I mean he's he's right about. I I probably went on task with oh yeah with. Yeah I look out into the tastings and everything but I disagree. He's right he's right like Joseph I still is going like I though I'd definitely feel sort of will be a person who would just agree with whatever she. Joseph looks like like is it natural and he's going to be all these just like this winter hill and it is eight. There will be some things that I. Like to think all have a great amount of input on. Like what I mean. Like. What these big that you're gonna have green light stragglers are tanker blew me if I've what you thought today's the main entree is got to be something time. I'm gonna need your strategies gate. I'm gaga have any input in the collars. Say this that like this this does not feel like things that I'm willing to die all dial on it does not gonna agree with everything that my fiancee sit. They use these looks like these cells like. Bills that you know. My wife is texted me I went well but what are we what are we. They are we talking about deals that we talked about how this looks like. There's just myself and what it comes to presidents have. I don't really care about not a picky about what his ex beat you are lies. At the but one thing I care a lot about is wedding registries are awful hey another layer at I it is. The best mark Darren and an ambulance out at all it's guided. It's just shooting did take. That's all I just wanted that done to see the prices of these that was just. I think I'm. I'm willing to die on flute you ran down the hill the food like it like you are you gonna put it to that only where you wanna go edited out. I'm just gonna save or it as opposed yeah whatever you once fine. All something. I'll be honest about that. But you don't think you're gonna deal. No I'm not engaged. Coming up date spoke with good morning guys today. And I think kids cities to be excited by his acts. The actions that he has shown. The things that he said today I think you should be really X. You know. Thus the usual makes ritual that if you all ever check basically and I on. On game days with the chiefs are playing we do FaceBook live throughout. I'm probably a different breed was the game bridges always there. And that in attendants working the lines in this year's race I don't wears suspenders they've that you're not and Hillary is clean it. I. Someone ticks is. Ron what did you have what did you Saturday year waiting at his cute. Opt yours are yours of what people think that I served. What does it look like that out there. Definitely inside of stuffing and for a sip. And lick your votes out now out of take it is race he's if he takes the ticket. That's what outlets in that knows there it is. Pockets as they could save the right now Ali and it's not a nice corned beef and gotten a I know it's it just made three B cats so what are you guess what do you think it. That meet its ill served in our. MI went primary. That's one of the things people have been married. I didn't remember the. Hubbell did it. All right so. And I think his outlook what is he would peoples that did what they think. The about it and it's as if a day than. AM. Let's see. It's only recent and there on the great on that god always at throughput speaks with pink lemonade but only. Our rights though so if you go sixes where's that you could stick the best of fiscal in the morning they had four pull out. Date more. And that was that was a portion of this. They. That he said. It really stuck out to me that I think the you'll. Should be really excited because if you listen closely to date you get to listen to the words and he says listen to what he says. I think you should be really excited. Let me play this has about a minute. We want to win the world championships. We don't wanna be mediocre. In Seoul that the climate in Major League Baseball today. And in how we wants. Built this team has changed from the climate is different and so we the only way to be able to spend money in the draft. Which is going to July you do acquire talent you you have to you have to pick I mean you can't. Set your own budget and strategically. Al scout guys and outmaneuver them out strategy. And you know about snow strategize in a way that which you've gives you an advantage. So you know like we did we will Myers and we did with others. And we're we're we're not able to do that. Anymore so the only way to to really build your farm system through the draft into it quickly. Is to take high and so we have to evaluate that. We're always gonna do everything we can to put a competitive team on the field there's no doubt about that that's how we're wired we're not going to pink. Are so many people listen to that'd be you know all amenities that we wanna win championships that's that's the stuff. You have to look at acts are always told you when would these professional team you had to look at next. And this may sound a little crazy to others but it should written. The people you should have been watching. Are not Hosmer. Are not lose Matt Cain are not asking any of those guys. In thinking at this team is going to be competitive the people you need to watch is to see this date and stay here. It used to be shocked up your best admitted state. When date because they as the import one not. Of those guys they is the important one day one you need to look at his exit of Dayton we all know could have gone. To Atlanta. In Dayton is making the decision to stay here that must mean so many not have any any. Anyone tell me any any. Any people look so much at. Anyone tell me any inside information. Sources. I cannot look at. As you know a year ago it is source inserted into lake to its stated beat down the ability Allah has a lot averages go with this trilogy and obligated. Outlook divert outing sources but to me it would show. This is a guy who is used to waiting who has been preparing and operating in a form of when he who's been to the World Series is one that's it. He's got an opportunity to go to a place where he is bigger reef resources. Any kid go and build a team as young talent well. He decided to stay here took me that instantly for me to believe. That this guy has been told or have some not promised any said that in this. Bet they are going to try to be competitive edge that they are going to try to win it because I'll let you maybe I'll ball. To me the bit and 62 years old. Bet not come back here he doesn't think this team is going to be competitive these aren't posted its Dayton Moore. It is not looking to start over to. You'll hold another reclamation process he's already been here what ten years he doesn't win let's start all Olelo. No not when he goes somewhere but it doesn't have to do that and a place he's familiar so it would lead me to believe but yet since they Dayton. Had some sort of rises that he's going to have resources to beat him. I do think that. Some sometimes. It doesn't work that way it goes up sometimes general manager somebody like Dayton Moore like. Maybe part of the fun for him. Is in the rebuilt and hand and hand building out a roster for allow us what you think but it well well well I think it's all so you know it's also about legacy and dynasty for some of these people some maybe for him it's more about. Staying in Kansas City and continuing to build. The franchise in making the royals one of those one of those baseball franchises that is consistently good or consistently. In the hot every single season rather than. Once every twenty years. Went out was when me in my life in our family Witten. Hawaii. And we did this thing called the roads on him out he went out there whose every experience. I thought we were gonna die on several occasions driving up that he'll. My father in law who I was holding onto the seat that you have no control. So we're gonna they were just all kind of crazy stats I thought it was a very fun amazing. And I'm glad I did it once I let him do it again. Would you break the Cleveland Browns to a Super Bowl nobody wants to have to redo it did. Now when you don't have to. Now you Dayton Moore who you could probably get a job almost anywhere why would you want to. Have to start over do it it it. I don't know that that's necessarily true though it look at a guy like Theo Epstein who wing it from the Red Sox turning them into a perennial contender. Then going to the cubs turning them from the bottom dweller to a perennial contender I think for some of these guys that could be part of the joke. King go to San Diego. He didn't go to. Eating go to Tampa. They went to Chicago. That's a 200 million dollar. Busted through the million dollar it didn't help either one of them for 75 do yet but overall. Under you yeah but that is that is different did the browns and the royals. Why do. That desperate that's a different animal like it got to a point where he could have any money is being. Or it could have and he brings us this big. Now you can tell me he's ready to drop it do that although origin. As hard as they hate us. Just like maybe well just don't believe. Eight board it yields. To me that like they'd get up to do that again with their ages all adults alike I'd just like what what you got a taste. And you wanna do is go back when you don't have to. I don't know but I did see Billy Beane didn't go anywhere else to stay there because he never once it. Wouldn't sit. And it go to Atlanta and build them the way they have young talent. Comedies they ears like. Odds aren't in Iraq I don't look at that in just be like well it wants outlets to edit the person who brings the knicks need you to. Wanna go back to Donald's too early start at square one again. It's. I just think either of you were down. This. No I was dead ball well I was I was a RB III saw. They eat is not talk he what you'd just say that what I'm. Our. Why does have a orbit but but but don't say you'd done I was still talking when you click on what we're doing with still I think what's your own I house. Such a lighter I. I and that there is I was reading some of want it to our communities that you don't you gave me the look the you're about to talks I didn't say a toddler. I don't think elected Stanford I'm all. Yeah. Here. I lost it's not a closet about Brad. It's. All right let me let me ask is close to them I don't because maybe you think I'm ruled the statistics lies it's not 306 or the text line. Maybe I'm wrong wrong. Use any date or it's off to approach. Did think Dayton Moore. Fives in Julie admit it's starting all the way over. Soon Jose Guillen bill. Think he gets enjoyment out of I don't Elena axis it is are you guys you are you know what you want is royals team. That you wanna you wanna be a contender. Or do you want. Hot from Woodstock is it K. Late night gave the show. You're not alone run the show seeks to use words. Great meal. Good at getting tickets that come now for six in off your ticket order using robo code six did sports. So so we've accident guesses on what we had in mind winning in terms of serving food. Somebody would crab legs it. He went to school blues bring so there will be an open are probably and then in tennis. Now wouldn't it Brantley is a state. Data. We did and speer Wynonna. Open voice you know material that goes. I've had some hands recently. Open Barton of Imus echoes the buzz you can be made it recorded. A lot of people misty beer and wine now. Somebody's in an old Lal Hastert about this all. Out it used to go to our reception. Why hitting him on the straight white suit with a black shirt inside. Era yeah. Is that it is a pastor Lotta people may not know that about it he's a pastor so he always tells us. He does everybody buys exemptions and you know this is because of what you get to feel on. Okay. Didn't do they feel like he's going to judge that I don't lie I. So that I was it like what does he do what you want to build the so. But now we had a Richards. That buys it red lobsters and that they not close. To what was on talent. Tragic. I loved it told us over. Passionate but it did. There I told you over to different break I'd like I was in the right it's of this ice is now I. I think is in the room you're relying I was not paying attention. That is what I as any other similar to about eight morning's comments he made message is that to look at the exit to meet. Dayton Moore he is the important will not Osborn that moves that that is just eased import one. Because you lose it. Luck. I it is the one. To meet the exit of whether he's days. Shields me the direction of where. The organization is gonna do. As it is hard for me to believe that he is ready to this uncle Leo and get ready for another seven to ten years read. I just don't see that at all it did make it you know it it at that make it he says the putt if you listen to what he's saying. And I play a little bit of a play a little bit of the the beginning of you listen what he said. It's so it makes sense to you but I'll break it down for you and you had to wedge yourself this question. We want to win the world championships. We don't wanna be mediocre. In so that the climate in Major League Baseball today. Indian how we wants. Built this team has changed from the climate is different and so we the only way to be able to spend money in the draft. Which is going to allow you to acquire talent you you have to you have to pick I mean you can't. Such her own budget and strategically. Al scout guys and outmaneuver them out strategy. And you know about snow strategize in a way that which you gives you an advantage. So you know like we did we will miers and we did with others and we're we're we're now able to do that. Like that's it that is through this. I think but that's it investigates you guys in understanding like. Yet ashes at the do you want to be competitive and that's it competitive I think. Competitive over the next 52 years because wood Dave Moore here I don't Nazi eight full breakdown reboot. Would date more admit yellows. Being here I do not seeing or does it feels look like that got. That right now he is willing and ready to just working with brand new young kids and he's ready to wait out another seven years before they get ready. I didn't have really any one of the farm system like odd number of moves and all those guys well. That strike me the beat that guy in he agreed to come back. Edsel what I'm saying is are you ready. And are you prepared you wanna be contained or do you want those guys. Because I think you laid it laid out right there. He's say we're gonna be content contingent. But I think and I guess at this from the beginning Saturday. The Eagles can't compete next year. It doesn't necessarily mean that they're going to have to to be able to compete that they have to have Hosmer Cain in whose doctor. Like are you just asked seven is that what you want you want those guys do you wanna compete. Because outlets that look this me Joseph. Look up to be. If you can buy the moves the cardinals made. Instead of signing pujols it was like 2011 or twelve. I know I know this counselor becomes that it does look to support those still like what they did analyses. Are. I think you always. Would rather be more competitive and tie yourself down most monster can't hear you buy it. I think that's his that's as good business yet but I don't know if the people of this city relief because I think I don't believe they re mad when these guys side somewhere else like. You are. Already be assuming that you're not going to resize any of them people are still going to be angry about it when it happens but I don't necessarily think it's just that I think that the people let. Maybe the government is either one of I think people. Associate signing those players with him being content. I think they believe if you don't sign a bill that means we're not going to be competitive. I don't think that that's true all but especially with Hosmer militia of that there homegrown guys that you you sock come up like like I remember. The day when they first called those guys probably it was a big deal around Kansas City win when you first sign. Then stepped into the major leagues. That's also how sports. Works let Mike. You can't like really really well run teams. Are constantly looking at what you guys have done for them in the past. As reasons to move for. Him but I agree with all but I think it's a little different here because I think. That the mindset of the fan base is this until maybe the government if this makes it's the that either the all the way that the the royals we beat will be competitive down the line is if they sign the if they don't sign any of those players I feel like that the royals ends look at this it think this means read the I don't think it would Dayton. That's what he feels well I think Dayton thinks all right if I don't sign them. I agreeing in with the money that I have left. And what we have here players that can still make us competitive in eight get us to the post he's back on I mean one thing he has. And pretty good that I mean it hasn't worked out and every circumstance but it is. Bringing in those guys like like you're fighting those bargain bin type of guys that fit the way that they wanna play or have roles on this T. By that that's what good general managers do. Because I'd just tell you week when we go down and we hear. Our Hosmer or booze order or Cain have signed with someone else I think that in people's mind is automatically on the screen to them. Re read were rebuilt but if you look at saint Louis the cardinals. What they had a chance to decide wills and a decided okay we're not gonna go this. You had the moves that they've made that aussies at that mates it's the. So immediately after they did not sign pujols they sign Raphael for all JC Romero RJ swindle Eugenia oh. Volleys and Carlos Beltran. Later I believe Obama and it Lance Berkman. I believe I knew that under the head coach and I know in the C they added that the biblical World Series in the year after. They went the world's is that they are humans as couple years after. I'm maybe I may be off. I just I'd just like. Like I think people miss. Let the giants won in 2012 which is what all of you this or that anyone a year before okay. They had to get there are some sort of that they wanted to get there anyway. I just think what people look at this I'd just. I think there either thinking okay it's one or two things the only res away the only way that I asked this team being competitive is the AM one. We signed those guys to. If we don't sign of ago. And I I feel like. That's not. Not actually the case and I don't think they think that's the case well and I just don't think that. Baseball is the type of sport where you can. Let the superstar players that you have dictate what you do is a team like in the NBA of course. You do that like you let the superstars dictate how you run things a little bit because you're so dependent on them to be great. A baseball stuff like that. If you're right I just I just really feel like. That does seem like it's either I it Tinder. Or rebuke they're gonna rip it down or not. And I think when you think okay the royals and ripped it down that means they're not assign any of those that. And I'm listening to date and I look at dates actions. Dayton admit though it that makes it's to me that they would come back here for a flat rebuild that would take seven to take years like this went. And where they say we may not resize any of them. That means to me that they're going to allocate that money in other places where they still think they can compete. And not just BS compete but really compete. I know they look at the Minnesota Twins that bigger. I know we can put something together with that squad. Alia. Round three ended today. And I can't wait until. We get to tell you about the latest counter punch in it. Love. And Donald. Tell Donald Trump. I have a great thanks David good footballers. Yeah. As Lisa and I am and I and here we are here we are excited for this in beta program. I out to a point where and and join us here we're on FaceBook last time is you can see is inevitable list. Live in line how baseball. There is over here to stop Wayne pace up probably faced with less vote. Outlined some. Old McCain I sometimes. Or why lies just a little bit easier than telling the truth. Can you hate you that that is a subpoena even conservative. That is big. Enough and. Wow. In the pillaged them of edit these things because I'm trying to get my civil mostly invested in the art. A mostly angered by anything of this the Tennessee and I dew line because. Because this thing between president down from in the four votes it is the first round. What do you believe the first round start out at that was the first round win today and they angst of all about. Thanking the president and he said who. I think that. I think that's the first round Ed and that they. Got the president's. Response of us military as is in jail this seems like that was like round two. Then I think Lavar started round three with a CNN. Interview that we covered I liked it ST it is. KPR covering corresponded on little or blow. President Donald throw this as long as it is occurs you do that instead as the duke coverages he went all the information he can bind on it. I mean would he do it with this trump impersonation similar including making things physically making these. Without like it's a disease is slap on the seat belts and word today but. This this is from the president as he finishes with the program. It wasn't the White House it was that the State Department. It was the father of the bars so call people on the ground in China. They got his son now long term prisons and all cats ladies and zip it was me. So bad exclamation point the bar is just a poor man's version it directly. But let out here just they. That would have been a heck of a dismount. But he screwed had to beat Tennessee and another week that followed it did it just leave he should leftists at the end the bar. Couldn't spit. The next project in years during Thanksgiving with yours I can even believe it. Five to two years during Thanksgiving with your son in China. But no NBA contract to support. But remember Lavar shoplifting is. All cats not a Little League. It's a really big deal it's actually in China. You ungrateful fool and now you so familiar with Chinese law. Well you know a lot of like Don T think could have been a like the other disk in his ungrateful fooled this man whose mom is just me. But the Don Teague would could have pitched well if he's safe. But this is like I did was ground floor I cannot wait to see what look for is going to come out. It at this is the end of round three of four is gonna come out roomful. I mean I felt like Lavar is going to sit in his room because I believe the Gore's got a room in his house. That he wrote except it's a it's finishers. And I think over the holidays Lavar is going to cause you know the boys take it is laid out it doesn't give a rip two why why does Donald while his pop off tweets like foray. Okay it sort of art about. It is something that's always be it's always like our pocket aboard but is that could time that they'd let him have his own it and look at it is locked out that's who argue. You got it. That Lavar is going to take this up like 90 absolutely there is a study today that showed until. This throughout. The study's about. Yeah Bart state get up to note while I don't know if you I mean these multiple look. At just what you got it. ID. I thank you sir. So there was just today. That said that this interaction with trump has already added thirteen point seven million dollars worth of advertising revenue to big ball a brand boulevard to take this is odd is it can go and just keep adding that advertising value might. How planets but the ball back but how blessed I hundreds of people actually get shoes. OK is about. Probably dropped vs before they have a somewhat text messages indicate a debate which about the weak lead so what's in you know. Let's begin covered it was stated rules that they say it's too. It is they're at a bar in Tate is. Up but not so far that he can get himself in real trouble. But is that possible. Let it. It back up. I am I I've seen a lot of people saying that trump can have the IRS audit and and maybe they can find something band that's all the speculation people throw things and not make any kid heat it 'cause I. I don't think it's probably the question that boulevards analogies in twos that sort of physical. So it's a physical fight but I would not let us say well. Axis of our say it I'll be in DC. Currency or outcomes the seat of our ticket this thing up but not aware I think he could this. It needs this is Smart enough to know how or hate it take. Why is going to be done right here is glad you out of art okay. Got to do AT and as a pilot Eackles. Got to DT. Abortion duty candy get on Tucker Carlson or FOX & Friends. That's what would realize that he's taken out and that's. Why is this for me yeah. If I know all I cannot believe I know global. I I got ugly divorce go to. And what yeah what makes me really nervous and I hope he does it. Up they'll let Lavar is bullet to his kid Bair. Just trying to think how are the boards could take. Theaters some kind of like hander foot sized dad. That would get under trumps inn. He's Lavar is not going to stampede. Because that their loans but as the press. Abbott there but it's gonna be so petty about this that it's just gonna keep going back and forth back and forth back and forth but we would agree it's a great degree though. Like one of the bulls stopped. But one of them can really give teams like I don't think the president can really get it so did it trouble with words. Apparently you can't not a I don't think the eagle at the bar like the ball might take this team to another level. And I'm here you know when I can't wait to looked around for 'cause I know divorce gets. Come up and up. We talked about this and I tried to defend the Buffalo Bills yesterday because I have a problem with the move they've made. And now they did this to.