11/22 6pm - The Revis Mindset, Making The Right Changes, That Guy Gets The Show, Showstoppers, Is It Dressing or Stuffing?

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Wednesday, November 22nd

The Chiefs have signed Darrelle Revis and Ron believes that even if Revis' performance is poor, this decision shows that the Chiefs have the right mindset. They are willing to admit when they're wrong and are making the right changes. "That Guy Gets The Show" features a Catholic statue before Showstoppers. In honor of Thanksgiving, we try to settle a great debate: Is it "stuffing" or "dressing"?


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And in this with your nose run this new league new place out now. Out law let's. Let those sneakers that because ways mood soon. Or allowing us to BA's all port it. Your Wednesday evening and happy Thanksgiving game. On this show this is this bill would run the show usually presented by seventh bank. Standard or Joseph produces this bad boy we're gonna have a good time we got to get to this breaking news. This new that you're just riding. By the way we are so I'm okay as on FaceBook alive as well also jump on there share would give rains you can comment we artists yes. So you Brad Pitt as the out there. But we do that it before we jump into this read this situation if you did miss this Revis signed a two year deal the second used nine guaranteed money. But he is a Kansas City Chiefs. And had a cup called me be frank with you came out of nowhere. And so it is a big big story that we will get tutored just. A second but being that it is 602 as we do at this time every night. Let it bring my guys Steve answer to this date. I. Mr. I think 78 starts today this. I get my hair that like every scene he's like most African Americans. Steve inserted in the bill than messing up. We'll give it to you here this second for those of you who are struggling to hear us on FaceBook live to fix that you're just second. So what's this read this day to Darrelle Revis this with the seasons that's that you're deal. I think this is a really big deal. Every war lords of the it's a big deal. I think it's important in. The mines and it's those and it even bigger to that. They've admitted. Wrongdoing. By their acts now generally teams don't like to admit that. By coming out you'll hear Andy Reid come out you'll hear Bob Sutton. You'll hear written speech come out and delaying the beaches act Colin. You'll hear them come out and say hey we screwed up we miss them. You don't generally hear this but what you hear is. Or see with their actions you gotta kind of redo the way to assess it thorough. And their acts in Sydney Saturday show. They have come to a place which has been very hard for this organization. Those of all of this organizations it's Andy Reid has bid. The leader of this organization. Admitting wrongdoing. Even as shown by actions. Have been a typical thing for this. Even X. Answer me this is the latest and the last move since the bye week. To me that they show you the error at a place where there are not afraid by actions. To let you know hey. We made some mistakes and we're going to try to do something. To show you made a mistake if you look at what's happened since the bye week sort of that pretty happy with everything they did except for the game. The outcome of the game at least offensively. But if you look at it they said okay. We wanna admit that we are wrong ways all of he'd tackle situation. The moves that fall out they bring seventy weitzman whatever his name is that police now admit. The wrongdoing of continue just to started because that she's can be very step. Bob's. We can't get breast. For years they've always just hung on we get pressure from outside linebackers will get pressure from Justin Houston tomba the full board. They were unable to get pressure they have consistently. Get pressure in the game against the giants did what they do. They start sending blitzes they start drawing up blitzes and things we had seen all year. Box that has been stubborn like hill that he was not gonna do it thirty Dan was on about seven blitz is they just started doing things that I just like okay. And it's right for the playoffs are trying to create if they haven. Admitted it. Did not just sit packages that would have got to believe we've always done is going out and finally. This one today. Everyone here is not edged well. What a quarter not named mark is the and the way they play deep it's it makes it seem like it it brings out the struggle even more because they like to lead and I. And what they say all right. We've tried. Lord knows we've run tennis actor out there two more times that we should put no team that set it which had its gonna let that. Don't let Philip K start. Bush knows that no chance Mitchell. Ed this is the big. Because some day. The change it will. It was big game because of their cornerbacks. All right the gains they made a play on them at the end but it had to be perfect but if you look at that game. Is it because the corners. And it is even bigger. They came out of that game. Okay we know we got an issue. And we sure I'd like you know and we got to at least finally even without our actions admit hey. Weighing guide to act. We don't have it and I don't know that I don't think Darrelle Revis is going to be the seven time pro bowler that he has bid. But they're saying to themselves hey. We got to do something and they're willing to step out. Which is sold art and his organization. They're hard headed as is they're willing to step outs and we've made a mistake on all day Acker. We've made a mistake of the gate and we just pick on parents bits. As it does David announced that Ford guys are too many mistakes and they said we're gonna do so that admitted and we go. We're gonna go get read and I love ought not just because of rain is that I think Reeves is gonna get bark too but I. Love it because at least the minds it. Of they're saying we are willing to admit. We were wrong and we're gonna try to do something about it is that it is Dylan the same thing we've always done like this organization would. I'll I think that pain. Clearly it's not that bringing Stephen Nelson back was going. To bolster that secondary a little bit as early in the case I don't I don't know if Stephen Nelson still not a 100% healthy but he has above all in the slot and he was you know he was a solid player for them last season so they were hoping that that would help out. They're well Revis. Right there Revis he's obviously not re designed and are well Revis I always that the last time he is on the football field. But he could still in my opinion BA. Number two cornerback in number three quarterback a guy who can contribute it's obvious he's not getting burned like Philip games to special. Yes real excited about it. I just saying even bigger than because listen I. I'm not going to be confused. Stanford Joseph and sort of we remember the last time we saw him I remember us working. A a night shift on a Thursday. When the bills just can't. Burning his answer to a court's. Over and over again and yes that Tyrod Taylor kept throwing touchdown passes to mark he's good when I believe it was his leaving has answered the debt. What I'm just saying is I think it is. For me even more the position of the Sunday at this makes it. This is to me it was like when the chiefs drafted at home I won it they shot watts but I was asked at the that they were able. To change the mindset. And the stubborn as of them the organization and say. Even though they're not dressed in black Angela it's an attractive. They are at least making the move and understanding hey. We need. We need a quarterback and we need that Najaf or at bat that they've done it again today. You know sort of you know you've been around his organization chill out you know it to this could be some stubborn son of a gun. And will no obvious. I'll a lot of people are bringing happy you know maybe he's gonna make the move to safety which we see older cornerback sometimes make that transition to safety it's and the seeds and a little bit better when they lose that stat. I don't know if that's the case I don't Revis says I guess talked about he talked about it and late January about maybe. Potentially making the move because he couldn't quite keep up the way he. Used to be able to from what we were hearing from Indian Revis it it does seem like they're using him at safety gap and I don't think because a lot of people are saying you know maybe he can fill that void that Eric Berry left like. It is not going to make the transition to safety Ed just filled the void and it's left of the steep. Not not think that they're signing him to be the second quarter. And and and look I'm not even gonna say listen I'm attain this right now some people will will say this. He can't be any kid any worst terror experts and other. I can. I'm out about you like the last of us doctor Avis if they can definitely be. It could be Philip gains this I've not the president now the F category and I think he has. I think he knows what he's doing more I think he can maybe get away with. Just things due to technique in that mindset and the ability that he's been able to match that position to get a wait what's that thing. But the last time Darrelle Revis play. We've seen him it take into the woods it in ways leaves ain't and it's Mitchell 39 and Bill Gates to. So I don't want anyone to get confused I'm just telling you even bigger that are now I think if if Gundy and parts wrote them. I think. That he will be better than those in those three. Really nice guys but football losers. I think he'll be better than those if you put it a gun in my head arts wrote. I would be surprised that we don't. If we don't see it at midday has irked and especially of Bob's not gonna give you belt. So I I think it's a I think that's what's it even more than the players Saturday. It it is it is such more of a bigger deal because of the mindset at the ability for them to show by actions. To admit that they were wrong. That's to me the big deal in this that you. Now and it's adds a coaching staff that so fire under Andy Reid is it really not a tidbit that faults marry off they'll go. Was I changed at that but that. That's a sign of growth right. I act like living in an island and finally accepting your fault is a sign of growth so that's a sign of progress from the coaching or desperation. That day like meals it says there really isn't that deal. Smith said this earlier on the drive yeah is the biggest race in any desperation of the different way. I'd like cats and I am I am I Edsel excited by the mindset that. Governor obvious that they that I'm excited about is they know they had issues as they try to address bringing in a new left guard. Reagan Revis changing the way that they try to manufacture pressure. I am so glad that analysts the date it'd be that stupid. Or silly and say. The move we need to make it Patrick mobile though this was this was the smaller move. And. This show would run the show mutually. From the MVPs that you can be and who do you fix these Sports Radio. Buyback. There's still one run this and usually presented by Citizens Bank. We also Simon can sort of FaceBook lives to insert is trying to fix. Could let the folks know it you'll hear us there. On FaceBook lab and we're trying to get that a renewal sick and out over there and and where am on you can see and hang out with this during the breaks and stuff like that but if you missed. The breaking news here in the city derailed read his former seven time pro bowler and future hall of Famer. Old is ill. Good he was signed and. Didn't get us out of hot it. I'm really get them down OK real outlet knocking the ball. Really good though that all the time right here so those aren't really into my job but has left. People all FaceBook. Cold. Did you just wanted to go oh yeah I know why it was not working for the birds fifteen minutes of the show. Everything was set up the way it was supposed to be set up I had to run around for the last five minutes during the commercial break you run my spot that ran ads until I got it were you when Edwards whenever I hear someone say I don't know why it wasn't working magnolia and had a day job and they. This life that wrote me. Who it's. It's good it's their job is you think you'll idea I. I don't know of anybody else can figure that out about flag anyway like I did this act it's you know it expects. To quit the celebration music. Where's Dave at certain. Bryant did little pig Latin that it gives them now but it but so. Up the radio. Surrogates celebrates ready this go to the and it's. The stall technique is. How have I applaud you did did. Puts you at the bit. Yeah. The twenty minute flight yeah would you Don't Ask Don't Tell. Luckily it. I am fantastic kid thinking on my feet up. And performing in the plot might gay fill up gains or eight transmits your outlook accidents but I did not give up. Eight game losing touchdown. I was able to solve the issues go in at halftime diagnose the problems and make adjustments. As cut. The there's that's alive dangerous at all. I'd add ons are not doing either I was able to diagnose my issues and correct that you've got to. So yours so basically sort this thing I've got my feet. Give me an hour I don't know what that tilted it that was itself it. First that's always going to be bad with second hasn't president neighborhoods that I haven't had a gap. I certain his second and eyes eyes that I have no idea it was a I Jason double they. It's marquis doubts all we need to be eight lifts it Scotland supersede. Our he soared an idea understated. It takes in every two it's it's. Let's run mowers and a is that. Like let's. All right any better deserted sexting that it ought to that dangle like that you had ever that from that all black guys are dead that every time donates makes alpha numbers of of that well is he does it every because it of the day see it. Every time. Right outside as certain as a slot sorted just did that. Killed. Also so so. So we're Avis is here with a season and their new Cologne is going to be I think. As he sits at times it worked in the slot and I think you'll be the other outs that corner. As he's gears means. I I am so glad that they didn't do anything stupid always been a lot of time yes because I think it would have been silly of they were to come to the point of all right. What what we need to do need jerk lies. Is. Listings quarter as this. I I mean that that that's so like people and I'm glad that I'm so glad they didn't do it because I thought like. Maybe there was pressure. Now but they're not stupid but I felt like there was pressure for the city. It did to to do that lord knows we did a poll yesterday. I'm pretty sure like 40% of the people said that Alex should be bids which is absolutely insane. Like India it you know you don't believe me fine and this'll people believe that today all they do if you don't believe me. Super sweet sweet Rich Gannon who was on the base today started off with this. When when when when asked about. Alex Smith mojo. You look at Alex Smith he's Serb eighteen touchdowns and three picks. Our quarterback rating over 407. And complete just under 7% of the total and I don't know what more you have any. I mean you know you're not take my word sport but I am so glad that they they admitted to themselves they knew they needed to move. But I'm glad that would the one I'm glad they did do that and silly like that but as I said in the first segment. I sold happy. With the months. That they did it's like would you be surprised if you see him saying hey. Hey maybe there's an offensive linemen out there that we can probably bring in that might strengthen our our offensive line. I said this I'd like to signing and I like the not the signing I liked the the decision in the minds that they have now. One admitting that they were wrong about Kenny actor Terrence Mitchell. If filled game I think this signing it mitts with action that they don't have it together like they thought they'd. At this has been an organization that's been very hard for them to do I love that the fact that they can go in admit they were wrong. More than the sign because I'm telling you right now. Do I think Revis will be better than those guys. Yeah. But. Do I think we will no longer see. Other receivers get part yes I'll tell you this right now. If derail rivas continues to have to go against. Number one team's number one's. He's got to have some problems. That's why I want to see how horrible they take this admitting that their role they are they ready to go all the way by siding Revis and admitting. This way that we use our corners is wrong and then start changing the way they use market Peters. Are they willing to go that far luckily I I don't makes it I know about you but have they made us all cut out but we. But set admitting they just used to take pressure. And I need to devise blitzes. That's that is a big step for bop you go out ninety. So those are those are huge steps for guys that'll you know that like change and I think he was in the navy but thank you for your shirts. I like you'd know it is a a big step for this are they willing to go all the liquid whatnot now. Keep in mind that drill Revis played under Sutton scheme. For the jets which probably tied interior and godly was signed under the idea would be to scheme did he says that he said that the big deal was his relationship with. Well and arousal. He's 32 years old. But what what works in his favor is that. I thought it was a let's go to that he's only 32 yes. I. Knew the real beef it's let's just thirty and I think without apparently David pageants 32 years old I felt like that was all of this I. All right real. Date at the same day yes no real Islam rod. David. Padgett are all the same age yet did. All I followed the real reed is David. Magic who hit this shot in game winner to close out herds inner. For kids is this now I did not know until. An hour and a half ago is they head coach of the Louisville Cardinals. David magical Brian. 32. I'm Darrelle Revis thirties it. I hear. This 32 he's a yes I is drastically how. That's well at. Ease. What did he does very well around this airline. There's a part of it Burrell as he often is a serious come home care as detoured to ACLs or one. I don't got at least I don't doubt will I thought big east toward two I remember him to Terry one for the jets enter one for the books I feel like he did. I remember watching some some special when he did he did yeah. He's 32. But the thing that words in his favor is that. He does exactly what Bob Sutton wants to do which is just play press man coverage like that's what are already has and businesses to be he can do ID but that's what Darrelle Revis has built a hall of fame career around doing and you would hope that he can do it. Any better clip then Philip gains or Terrance Mitchell I mean I have more hope that he can that he can be a decent number two corner and I Dumars is Peter's. One I didn't know that man was 32 years ago I did not know he was yeah do you think he was younger than Alex Smith did you think it was that younger than Alex Smith anyway but. I think I think that the thing about him is a big quarterbacks and offenses in defense eight offensive coaches still probably have eight. It the year. In Darrelle Revis like Imus and they're scared they won't the world alone but. I think they will think twice about saying and I we're just gonna pick on Darrelle Revis. Like they would think about we're just gonna pick on. Philip K like I mean it would Tom Brady he got absolut will when he saw 39 lined up against Brady. I mean you could see the wounded. That. That debt Prescott was hit every time any actor was lined up against. Terrence Williams added this prize. I mean does and elect kept it safe. Welcome back attends volumes at. All pro and it's based. It's this and he get it. At Lou let those guys it. I mean absolutely Lou. May have someone eight was six Keith Richards ages better than Darrelle Revis blow late but I can't even move that's. What is he's got to be turned thirty threesome right does is work. We have an understanding when he turns 33. Our domain is alive or lots. I know. If this or that he is it a dirty team. Like you expressed here. The front half of this option. That it reached the back and 32 IV are used to get the freshest legs he's had his entire career right now. You. Look what what's. Out Downey was 32 about it you know right now. Is how old before it is out that you lose 34. I'm Bradley said 3435. I thought that I was older than the rail read. All that yeah. Net the net votes. That jacket it's a topic of the day coming up. Catholic schools that you've got our. We're being 20. Yeah it. I'm. The agency. Sterility that just can't leave me alone. But place and I only in the Bruce. Bruce Lee got it thirty. The icon and now I mean he'd he died young and he only made a few movies like he he got really famous after he. There. A lot of wow happy agree Thanksgiving. Apparently. Thanksgiving. But the day before Thanksgiving is a big party nights obesity there. I was giving them. Video is out hammered it and realize what. Thank you for joining in with this is something if you are not accustomed to the show. We do this we pick those stories is in plea and humor out of them and I read them in a funny session. And we call it. That guy Aggies to show topic of the day. If I'm to act like you fear this isn't the threat guys used the show top sit there. This match is what. It's time to act like you fear this cute. Show. Today. It's topic and today he sponsored but. Absolutely Nolan someone gets that but this one's coming to you. Market books in Adelaide and bust. Headline reads. And Catholic schools that you covered up being too gross equity. I. A catalyst Australia. That's coming up this debt through state. Giving aid local reds all complaints that this was tunes that just. This spectacle of saint marks on day mares at black buyers writer's school in suburban. Adelaide sowed the brits being held at crotch level. Is the smiling holy days is up and with hand reaching for the low. The two dimensional time guts that plans. Where the stats were viewed and approved by the executive team. In May and upon arrival at the three dimensional Stetson was deemed to be deemed by the executive. To be potentially. Exist. Principles Simon polled. Said an apology posted on FaceBook. The statue was mated he would not let the local school. Has been hired to redesign. Both those posted on line CO that the statute first covered in a dark room did let's place behind a black it. So that's absolutely how that is a local artists ruler general Armstrong told 7 NEWS in Adelaide. That arts and he was not involved in the design of this that you. But he still loves his days. You do if you concede this that. If you look at it's a gentleman. And then at that again it's a joke and lose. Gotta be separate town and it Johnson Bill Clinton. And he ending staring up at the pizza branded it looks like he's about to take the bread you know. Doesn't that that lets kids it's yeah it's basically just sold at an Olympics. Everybody go look there's always look and a what it is it is sucked in risky to surged Catholic statue covered up become right now expansion covered up there good reds announced today. I've needed really certain way to do this this way let's just wait for senators react when he perceives. The I. Thought. I just. Vote for a lot. My. She's a I mean it lowered its acoustics six there is 06. What kind of brain it's. I don't know pump or nickel is the first thing that comes the night. Just done. I mean it looks like it was about to take that bridge in all one. It is that time if his show stop us. Showstopper. You. After. After being shocked by their Al davis' age. Former Cleveland State coach Kevin MacKey David NBA about his first experience is movement it all back in the 1980s. The ball never actually played at Cleveland State but MacKey was instrumental in bringing him to the United States now MacKey who is currently a scout with the Indiana Pacers. Claims that not only did he help ball gets the US but he was the one who made up his date of birth. Which has long been skeptically accepted as October 16 1960. Tip wasn't as some local. I think he would sign it was like late eighteenth and maybe make. Bull bull I think has this thing I know his son's name is bull bull by the beginning of another key a sort of and we'll have had a Q it was local. MacKey says. I gave him his birthday because they didn't now how old he was every athletic doors open in nineteen every athletic doors closed near 35. He is probably forty to fifty years old when he was playing in the NBA that's a belief. In the NBA so how was in college that the decent level 36. If yes I mean basically he's eight years at least. Five to forty years old college already debate you is why give the NBA. About an ethics I have a feeling like I did exaggerate from the text on the eight when six it was dying kids rated. Also from the sixth to this French print of course. That sounds like sort of of course fairly high standard of someone is that he lived in LA yeah bull bull. Game move very nice who. That you think do you think bold all of those now is that it is. But if he was. How how old now but how can you tell a person is not alive now it is. Back. You know the new schools did I now I knew that. What age they had him did it was like in his forties and Watson a tragic figure out his says forty sat third as it helps a a see I have. I. Expect to tell you it's better you did not know. I mean you have to speed up this move the dialogue. It's a corridor Barbara DMZ rail it was like being sued by a sports. Fox sports I was it's a verb and line called raised reserve. Described as a gold medal burden that smooth and sophisticated with hints of Vanilla and arm. Earlier this year the brand apparently agreed to sponsor Tony fourteen Kentucky Derby winner California chrome. Raises are made a deal to provide 25000 dollars in cash and 25000 dollars and urban. Exchange for crimes jockey to Wear some raised reserve pants at the 2017 Pegasus world cap invitational. They have seen neither from Ray Lewis. Listen it is long it's not secretariat I don't care what course suit. That would be my thoughts of if it's secretary trying to sue me I'm with him not to hill. Coming. One of the things on this show that we hate our corny thing for those. Which I'm sure we get to here today and we'll hear all day tomorrow I'd wanna throw. But. Legitimately. We have a dead serious Thanksgiving debate. That may lead into a race. It into your bunkers. We deal and race in this is a serious. Thanksgiving. Race discussion that's it. Listen that's it is like as this thing. There's good doing that at the size and guarantees it is I hate thing. Thanksgiving Day tablet is that this. Desserts. But it put me conservative for years a couple of years and have headed issued on this year I know with you Stamford Joseph stands. But you can chime in here on FaceBook and on the committee is excellent six that is heroes is it. So. My favorite. Thing about. Thanksgiving in terms of flu is very different it is different in. You know Alex Smith of which Turkey thinks this ticket. For me. It is. My love for her dress. Let me insert always get into it because sort of does not refer to it or. Eat dress. Because he says is stuffing. Now it's done it's now lists. I would say right now. Stuffing. And I've seen stuff this is predominantly Dennett white people they skewed stuffing a get nothing on interest. Stuffing it if you do it in just visually look at it like I had Stanford showed to today stuffing. It's this looks it. Is now especially compared to address stopping its code inside of the Turkey. Dressing is cut on the outside. Of the Turkey yeah that's about dollars thought as well my extensive grew surge seems to suggest that you grow its geography determines what you name. And it and it's cook differently. And it looks like Sears if you go look at substance dumping it looks like ground. But to give it let's let out seeds Leger at stepping that dry is all of. And now. It looks like it looks I don't but don't tell. Stopping best dressed list is at times and Turkey cut its aggressive. And it's they didn't put it in the added stuff and it's put it. It is looks together you're stopping it looks well. But let's let it. What's the rocks and the at the but it. I did it is cooked well it should stick together should be able to get an ice scoop. They Qaeda you could roll out if you wanted to. Not let me. Is that still has a very shocked look on his base but did you just finds of the do you have an the I Siad it. When you just appear like I have been to Thanksgiving. Where there are predominantly. Caucasian people. And you know I was introduced agree being cast. That is shown of the wipers. And an out was introduced to stuff dame did do of it's okay it's not awful editing Dana is now I'm waiting. But I look at this stuff think I just let out what do you still answered it to bring in some drastic. I mean I want to do so can you pictures of people looked into that yet that's different yes and ought and it all looks some it has not lets him. I honestly think you. It's just to be the people that you bidder around that have made it that you've been around white people that call it stuffing and it wasn't prepared as well. As. What the black people prepared that they called dressing even though it's the same thing to prepare us better today it is eight prepared analysts now. It prepared better whatever is different and the south that's typically referred to his dressing in the northeast it's almost always stuffing. And Pennsylvania Dutch country. It's coupled filling. So so run and what is the difference between stuffy. I think just the way it's me I think it's always looked away at me like it what's different. Did you Google a recipe for either the exact same thing coming up but it looked as saying it is not looked at about eight the same way. This. Looked at photos together dose of use up the difference of the and it used Google's. Dumping the same type as ourselves and it looks like it is it's baked out so it's a little crispy and he does not just crispy it is together. Stopping it looks like crumbles. Don't you saw I don't know why delta Edmonds act like doing this Joseph. I just know it's a you saw a difference a mag lite is it like Google did different this there was more a gravy in the pictures that you pulled out of dress. If you Google stuffing away yeah yeah that's what does that or or I. It's all about job and it got likes. Red potatoes does that stuff they urged us all its crippled yeah people. On it. Probable cause that's grows at HT TV aids dressing is the object let's orbits isn't that stuff. Let me political let me show you I don't agree day he ends up big Dodgers are ones that does that let me show you sedan dress. That now we'll tally at this thing. It put it. If I just think that people that. Typically call it dressing are better at making it the people that typically call it's nothing but it's been I mean the famous typically says dress. Is that residences Desmond. Right this right here as it gets this together and that's insert in it like that is completely different than the rocks it's usually beat Eddie individualized. This to say a man. About all of these say that addressing. And they all good stuff big debate that. Apps. Is that Jurassic. Odd man I just aren't we just eat pigs differently may have. As I've had a lot of peace I'm sure your eggs at bay. Your stuffy as bill should the city is it is delicious you'll ours is not how let. And I want eight. If you. Let's admit that's us being president I got it to about the pot that's made about why but that. You can tell us like as it's just it's got its value I'm telling you about brought you in. So dress and whether it's instant gravy over the top. You would never go to meet today it still taps got to put it looks like it's in making a visa. Brinkley's idea odds are admit this. This the biggest like barbecue this is like there is nothing they could pick Gigabit speed that it is Barbeque is better and there is that you get it's be it the crumbled the stuff that you all that it. I've been. I will make some stuffing out of cars and I don't personally extant I made flat tax idea. I fantastic things that I am absolutely fantastic tuck. I happily make some or you. Please I. I don't want you to me because that I don't know if I'd just my family stopping enough to put it on the line and if it if you don't first joke and was that an idea if you don't rescuers print outlets get the last we were on escalated it. Right now let's not. Your dark gray and I go lightly. Lowber addressing. A little salt minute and as we argued a law that quit yesterday. And those. That like some risk is that what you are loaded. On. That a yet. This is pregnant or people on of the text. Really take this personally as he raced to be viewed it's a it's a war. Why god made. Popular votes. Is that we don't different. And dressing is a big risk against stuff we get it was it right here at Salem against Turkey at its services stuff. No is this stuff it will sit there like little kids I have. Apple's stuff on what Turkey and it before that's that's originality. And the drastic category. Eight what six wide use you racist garbage and the rate you got app at a. Right I would I would get rates rule. That god. Medical value would what did you aren't gonna quote it is advance its bow to all thought it up next. The best that the united said its show its board. Any day.