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The Drive
Wednesday, November 22nd

In the final hour the guys play the hits, hear from new Chief Darrelle Revis in his media availability, and wrap the hour with a visit from Terez Paylor of the KC Star on the Chiefs' new signing.


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The dry presented by do safeties and he did yeah stepping back a little bit and looking at the big picture I'd. Fight this until the death might have water yeah we're still overwhelming positive or if you sat and watched as a basketball last year though. And you sell Ryan rocks were in Seattle polls and some of the guys that have been playing. There is no doubt in my mind at least elevated the only ones are celebrated a week ago was always going to do. I'm disappointed. It's fitness like I'm not disappointed today that would date to be with tiger that's a pretty disappointed it was night and today. Tiger but not relevant on the show at all this this boat it was worth probably go to the NBA yeah I would say is that he's done. Sort of clarified is the textures that big yeah off. What you want. There's people that paid no attention very basketball until this office into coming to Missouri has changed direction the program. What you separate the emotion and getting upset about the fact of what we're here is that healthy. It was a much better place it was six months. It's. Time to play the audio that you guys have been waiting for. Ice at the plate in the third voicemail why are you playing the ties that people also I. Suggesting this is going. Let me ask me yesterday to Thomas travel a lot pencil press I don't know why you have the Davis. The game or the truth TC plus want him. Yeah they do voice mails it and. Guarantee Harrison. Yeah you thought it was a terrific all eyes Obama and saying is we're having a good day. I felt like highs very easily could have changed and made it to real read this open. But no I'm busy guy here man hours put up some real reasons audio right place he has to try to bring me down. As we only have one hour left in this work. I assume this is that everyone else's job not just mine but I've only worked in one place there's not. Thing that clears the office now public holiday week yeah you ought to be sales still grind it away right now our. And I think it's. His first downs they who wasn't. The front of like if you apprised of the only person I. That's it. Right now. He's on the roads everybody's deal and basically he's not even here you know it's a big deal and Brinkley and I don't Holliday and JB he's out of there hammered away. High school football recruiting web sites congratulations on the 95 thank you so much for listening if you are on the road drugs like these you're getting to your destination. We appreciate you giving the drive York ear as we do you do the 5 o'clock hour and we will be off. Tomorrow and Friday I'm taking off because Missouri's in a very important holiday tournament and they right now during a trying time they need my un divided attention that it as. Ali they need my under body at attention watching them on television why did they lose the players on the at the bud nice. Even the biggest story of the day in the city I've been waiting for that moment all my life we talk about them every day. Something has to live up. On Wednesday December 13 of the and his lads here is a casino where having the ultimate Christmas party when he seventeen. Bit of innings it quality of greater Kansas City through the garage here charitable foundation. It is free but each person will receive one drawing ticket where she is over 5000 dollars in prize. You can buy additional drawing tickets they'll be available for sale with all of the proceeds going to hear well. You can hang out bust of the six things that AJ neatly dressed up as Singapore he lets me be Israel should do. Yeah look out there for good on his surrogate due to for the kids the door is. Open at six but the party giveaways are at 7 o'clock win great prizes from the following sponsors of the ultimate Christmas party some fresh pair is worth casino. Mean his gallery of some its banks there beverage and much much more I'm telling you this will be an amazing time. That's it thing outlook does. I got was in sports fans mocked me about I don't know what you muck it up because nothing to some what is happen in my life the last of four hours. And he got a chance to help out to keep talking to be that it it. Number two I was out of the real next big story of the day just before 4 o'clock today at the chiefs signed seven time pro bowler Darrelle Revis to the roster. Are we actually played under sheets offensive coordinator Bob Sutton during his first magical run to New York Jets when the term Revis island first was invented. Early in the teleconference Andy Reid discuss the signing how excited Darrelle Revis is to be back playing football once again. No fault of a series almost does Rafa he's been very excited to be here. He's definitely a long country etiquette field was for sort. You hit it. You're excited to be here. Now the football. It better or worst mindset has done. A good place you looked great. But it does initial reaction to the fact that the chiefs are bringing in Darrelle Revis for this final run well the side. I don't oversell and pump up the signing like I think you're citing Darrelle Revis at age 25 and he is the missing piece to this rule on. I think that she's painted kind of put their hands up when it comes to. The quarterback situation just say anybody but the gains anybody but can't backer well they signed an anybody. Absolutely no with deciding is one worker I would yes. The odds in the skeptics favor and it probably is not going to work. It's a three roll you saw the future hall of fame player to a veteran minimum contract and no guaranteed money for next season. It doesn't work just called. This is the same thing is CJ Spiller. You like CJ Spiller in the offseason he was good training camp diet they've cut release CJ Spiller 27 times this shell. This is nothing this 47 and they show 27 not a lot of dough they brought him back in column so often. He's bitten on and off this team this is a deposit. It moved for the chiefs the negative would be that he stinks and you release it for no money. There's a there's no downside to this deal in my opinion I don't so many things on the tax on people hate this time. But the island three yesterday as they camp body trapped in the third suite. Which goes on the action. Darrelle Revis played ten seasons. Putter and forty games and forty stocks that Celek got its wash to me. This did a mega supposedly fifteen point three million dollars from the New York Jets this year which is part of the reason like not a world's gonna work out or not but it's not gonna cost achieve much the jets are picking up the majority this any of these big league. To come here to not think. Gains this chill actor Nelson none of those guys were able to do the job. Darrelle Revis is shot pushing got a veteran leader that your doctor mark is metres apart that defense. Number three. Carlos you. It's the actual game itself on Sunday the news came out today. Bills is Tyrod Taylor might act. The start against the Kansas City Chiefs. Bills that coach Sean McDermott and what went into the decision to start tied Tyrod Taylor really should've been the easiest decision in his life to start the far better quarterback. Instead of the other guys the supporting me competed against Kansas that. Both quarterbacks at their. Abilities and on skills that and so. I'm always gonna look at bull. How help best that we equip equip our team to win now and also set ourselves up. To build for strong future as we grow as we develop as we build. We're developing its standards to how we do things we're developing a culture of how we do things. Sometimes there's a lag effect that talk about that before you feel that's painful you know and that's that's where it's been. The last couple weeks I know I get it and I and I shoulder that responsibility president few weeks. Act before the nightmare of the New York Giants game you look at this matchup is the potential trap game for Kansas it. So another thought coming off the loss that they had on Sunday in the bills also just. Gone through it on the defensive side the last three weeks you guys feel any differently about this matchup heading into Sunday especially now knowing that Tyrod will be starting. I Lauren this is the I've gotten older. Especially doing its job and being able to cipher through the BS the more words you used for a common sense answer the more you outline. The answer for why you decided to change quarterback is very simple. Did you see Nathan Peter and on Sunday that's why we made a move. Just talk about colds or all those other stuff all using work to build tired. The real answer is did you see mandate that Peter Main he was terrible I think he had the war starting quarterback. Effort or performance that was seen in 2017. To explain to me like he's which quarterback your former quarterback question. Listen to cut Nathan Peter Peter that a little bit to do well did you Jolie both lied about it four times in his five interceptions. I'd say the date it was gonna be some amazing Pro Bowl all pro quarterback to lead the Buffalo Bills four straight Super Bowls like Jim Kelly but. They come on he got lit up pretty good to extreme like a big time analytical move by the Buffalo Bills. They had two really bad games from Tyrod Taylor. So is it you know what we're gonna make you change we're gonna find a better guy which is like any day quarterback is not a quarterback. Receivers receivers some guys are better than others on the ball solution is allowed to say we screwed up. He made a knee jerk reaction we started gotten probably shouldn't have and we shall let argued in the so. I think that's what he's the worst possible way he can handle quarterbacks pushy young guy buck got him killed. Out there so the bill screwed up that like Cleveland Browns of the decision making they used with the ball with Tyrod Taylor Peter so. I will compete with a little with a slack because he gets slaughtered last week. By Joey blows other than. Atoms adult decision by the bills and at least no matter how many words easily they fixed it this week against cheese. And that. Think it's a little bit of baseball discussion royals general manager Dayton Moore was kind enough to join the guys from festival in the morning for a full Howard's. Obama podcasting it's it's on sports that comment in a study of it all the date was asked about pending free agency for his team and also the type of impact their payroll might play. In who they sign and also the direction they might go and this is the more from earlier today and that's on the morning. Yeah we've we've got flexibility probably did the you know and that won him the one warning but I don't necessarily think it makes cents. To to be in that one warning if we're not going if we don't feel like that we matchup well. With the other teams in the division so. If we've got to take this thing back down for for the sake of just financial responsibility. And we have to look at that so there is looking to get. That number down you at 115120. Lap does it start to feel more liquid rebuild is likely Yemen and there yes. I make the analogy to a vacation. I think that everybody. Does certain things on vacation they would never do home. It's easy to kind of break your budget when you're on vacation maybe go out to dinner you normally wouldn't go to if you were in town maybe you buy an item that you wouldn't buy if you were in town element occasionally have something to remember bottom they'll they'll what happens is these days and that is exactly. It's 117 and and that's when he sixteen season after they won the World Series as a vacation. Hey let's try to win one more we'll see you because you know what's that all come crumbling down at some point we know we're not going to be it would keep everybody so let's spend more money that we wanna spin to try to give ourselves. One more opportunity to get back into the playoffs. They lost. I applaud the work everybody in the city won the duel while you added we all wanted Alice quarterback we all wanted in the try to go for a while they had to have that one last ride it would one for the gipper. It failed. Now with back to life back to reality. Get back to where your payrolls are probably be in realistic freeagent sightings. Eric Hosmer. Is not would it make more in guaranteed money and what your payroll is going to be next season. Their payrolls going to be one and 115 you're gonna pass my sockets are gonna pass the air toddler and they're gonna sign realistic free agents as you've done since the beginning of time. That's how the story was always going in. Listen the royals' payroll last year it was a 159 million in Dayton Moore said this morning on fiasco in the morning. That it's going to be probably between one tenant wants one so it's over. And it's as simple as that it's over. Unless something drastically changes. It's over Pozen knows he can't are coming back. And we we can we can move on now. If that's what the payrolls to be. That's the way it is I mean right now going into free agency the royals. There right now other 101 point five there outer one point five million dollars and it dates as the payroll is going to be between one tenant wants wanting. And those again are coming back tears which did. Those guys are ought to decide for more than fifty million budget take those three draft pick to take advantage of you start to build again let's not forget it or not exactly barrier. Yet Whitner if you leave now played second base she got modesty of really young dynamic players at shortstop gets out Gadhafi get forfeit your rotation. Maybe we'll see your insular place a decent defense out right field that a couple of bombs. First base Nashua community got called for a third. The snippets I'd love to see Logan Morrison wants to eat it to be here I assume it's going to be are realistic deal. Save your time again and look marbles they Spain you'll laid. The hot not create as elated not currently in the world to be playing the Mike was obviously it's I don't want you bladed below him. That's a perfectly for the English image of a loaded more recently. Make it to us. That he is DH though man you have first baseman. I understand the re all my whole point is we're done with the husband's in the game day on the golf. It's barrels gonna be 140 Anderson laurel one point five right now they're cooked all right itself is a great run. Now stand to start over I go through everything that people are talking about. Whiskey derail Revis signing. It got to go through and shoot down is the proper way of saying maybe address some of the criticisms in the excitement of it. The age he's 32 years old I do think there is a concern. For us 32 year old quarterback. And I am not naive to think. That given the scarcity of the position. Is probably can't play. Say there are couple positions now at this point that you. Have a lot left you haven't been cited this one of the season. I don't know good quarterbacks available aside and I'll captain. It quarterback in the NFL you on a team at this point pick up the scarce good position. All the injuries that we've seen him brought into worked out and given an opportunity to try to get on NFL roster. By this point in the AF LC so of the league Greg you stick. It adding that given the injuries that we typically see a deposition in the burn over receipt if you have not signed a contract as a running back you probably not much left and you probably state. I say cornerback is the exact same way. Teams need five or six corners on their team injuries happened throughout the course of the season it's a passing league. If the team think you got anything left at the quarterback position. They're going to sign. I don't think that is a little bit of a it's it would erode this why are you unemployed. On Monday. Why did note Timor. And he's not a favorite around here but Jason Lott and force said that he had one team even sniffing around one Darrelle Revis. One team that was interested in Darrelle Revis I would say that tells you how can make the chiefs are. The chicks know how dire their quarterback situation is. I don't like an attacker I don't like the look gains don't like Terrence Mitchell we got to go out and do something else we got to make some kind of splash to give ourselves the chains. We've seen just about everybody Schwartz this team a Mark Cooper at the same 200 yards Danny Amendola cook is team counts on Jeffrey cook this team. You name a decent wide receiver. They cook this team. Cal boys that you once it is not does Brian Williams. So they needed to go out and do something at the quarterback position but I think they reached the point that many chiefs fans that come on in the present. Anybody but it in the blink they went out and they got the anybody. With Darrelle Revis. The biggest compares and I've heard to this is tile law. I understand why people make in the compares they signed a law when he was 32 years old. The differences they signed a law to a five year thirty million dollar contract back in 2006. This is a two year veteran minimum a 2017. No guaranteed money and 2018 deal completely off the books if he is cut by the tenth day of 2018 leap year. This is a no risk. Deal for the chiefs the terrorists are viewed the tell all was a risk to be five years thirty million dollars let's assume that twelve of its guaranteed and it's well million dollars. And Darrelle Revis under a million dollars to play quarterback for you why not take the free Shia. Makes sense to me and an image of the lock in for us was at a tweet any cities or nothing about. Anybody when he is under galleries they'll act a lot with in this in the last paragraph of threats Baylor idea beat writer for the Kansas City Star you wrote the Revis is to around fifteen point three million against the jets 2017 salary cap for his release in March. Which came eleven days after he was charged with four felonies after allegedly being involved in a fight with team and but it needs to be added that the charges were dropped in mid march maybe that's the only reason. It he wasn't being picked up as part of right. You don't necessarily bringing guys in there if you got to care to questions depending on locker room again the charges were dropped that's when they come up on this. Part of this too man. Was and he jets from Bob's that was there. He understands this defense. Parties to an end and I never played. Quarterback in the and a seller running back in the NFL but those two positions to me with the exception of maybe kicker and potter. Urged the two positions that I think he could probably plug and play better than anywhere a lot of actually theirs they'll get it. All right here's your block and if they blitzed and I know that's a lot more complicated than me just saying that but I think corner. And running back art is plug and play as you can possibly get he get a guy now. That actually knows the defense that Bob Sutton ran in New York governor did additional over the top. Sit guy coverage. Got a safety back there. I think it makes a lot of sense don't know what's gonna work or not but I don't eat you can't argue with Terrelle Revis is resonate he's going to be a leader. On the defensive side of the ball I think that she's clearly need that with their area there there's there's no downside to decide to hear there's no downside. This down and why should you be optimist. I think the reason for optimism aside for the money and and not being a big deal like everybody loves the play cap biologist. This as a zero cent on the she's capita than it did it is it is nothing on the camp. The reasons you should be optimistic is he's already been in the system for two years. There's not going to be H rains issue and you need to have what Darrelle Revis with the future NFL hall of Famer. It's going to be like you said. It's like elect adding tomahawk lead despite. See what happened the difference is oh top eight million dollars annual Darrelle Revis out 500000. Dollars. I think that Darrelle Revis on sun is probably fifteen to Tony snaps. Maybe 25 at the asked most about asking to come in and be legitimate number two corner at every down quarter and be shut down on the other side of arc is Peter's. And create your virginal at the Broncos have but the key to leaving Chris Ayers this is not 2007. Darrelle Revis your Guinea. Your ass in the coming year be a veteran worked with mark is Peter's give you wisdom that you have to him. In beat a veteran presence on the locker room and be something I would guess what does it make it seem like I can of the highway every team's quarterback position in the NFL I would guess there are not many teams in the NFL that you can say Darrell Revis is they. Definite improvement. It's possible that you think definite improvement but what we've seen at this team's quarterback situation. The I think he's going to get tested if the bills. The guy you just signed on Wednesday I don't care what his name is now picket B Dion Sanders direct outreach or some random got up the street you just pick this guy. That was at home watching film network a couple days ago I'm asked them. The guy that was probably get ready for Thanksgiving play and is now playing in this game or and Sunday. Even thinking about getting ready for game on Monday. Darrell Revis 1012 times in this game. Hell they were doing that to its missile at current Phillip gave us the as the like Mitchell wasn't getting targeted an actor wasn't targeted or gains will be getting targeted but I am asking you was an NFL thing. Would you rather see you on the outside the field. Old 32 year old Revis might have some of them left in the tank. Our Kenneth Acker Terrence Mitchell Stephen Nelson and there's been violence that make me Earl is and I'll see what happens and again. And it's not like it's not like Elvis her back and Rich Gannon situation back in the day when they bench candidate went to her. Well you need help at corner on the other side of that they clearly don't though mark is being used to think they'll the other side by the way we got. Sound from her Hillary this coming up you're just a few minutes she's got a loaded and he spoke to the media at one arrowhead drive probably about fifteen minutes ago here that shortly. Text on 690s a six with all due respect to possible downside would it would it would be im getting torched. By a quarterback and someone that's ten years younger than him. That it would enhance an already. That's already been asked them let's not make it seem like that she's number two quarterback situation if you think. Should tell you Al doc you're the cheese even bother us if you signed Darrelle Revis at this stage in the game. August. Not even in June to bring a minute can't consider it performed. I I guess that she's willing to play him to a mall if they needed to that's how bad it's gotten a quarter like this on somebody this late in the season who hasn't been playing at all. And you are talking about playing in the end of may be read says we hope he's a potential spark. That's tells you you have completely throw your hands up and says we work at the quarterback position. We're hoping to get something else from an edgy just alluded to we we will hear from Darrelle Revis who met what they can't seem immediate earlier today Terrelle Reade is new chief corner and. Excellent drive the drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and who studios sixty and Sports Radio. Back in on the drive dancing here heist baiting here. Getting you ready for a thanks and giving. Polity any big play thanks. That is able to get it yet laws getting at my side of the family wants about it. And Friday and pretty sure get a tee time and I am was absolutely nothing plain and I China was thinking about going down to see Missouri played Arkansas but since they've already football you know clinch double game you know like it's not an important you know if that is important thing about winnable game has over the place now all of the luckiest you're gonna go to the Motor City Bowl game one bashing them go to Liberty Bowl this is what they want to look at that the miss. Again that is let's get to the Motor City Bowl that one bowl essentially is I'm I'm okay. What exit Independence Day that it is all the way out there principles and it says that before you and indeed a big league and they residency at its best or something India independence ball. Has team what bullish or is he going to. Minnesota Jesse total budget they have to win against Purdue and then they're going noble game. Not on Nebraska that your squad they got other ball in the bottom and a buddy nights at via text today it was a blank T shirt you know what it said. It's that hey here's the Nebraska Cornhuskers souvenir bull teach them. Here's like they're career games played for my border and deal by our I don't know why you had to have such a low blow. Ice on this planet cuts previously by the whole thing. All right the cuts my apologies are the met with the media day this is what he anticipates his role will be. You know my role. This is to help win you know it's a lot that goes indoors or the week. Dorn getting in and and whatever is best for the team you know you know when the mine. Position is playing. Few panels or. When in his five. Wherever coach you know listen when you. You know he can utilize these. We've thought about this is this team record and. The route its. Or every missile has a little bit left in the tank. And this is looking at two red colored glasses are being homered just the fact it's cool Darrelle Revis is on the TV and it's cool Darrelle Revis is on the team. Yes a little bit left in the tank I think you'll be good probably not. He can be an average adequate corner ice and he can be an improvement like that's part of the excitement to life. Your team got better at a position and they added one of the 1012 greatest players ever disposition. Chemical we Elena somebody's gonna have a raid Darrelle Revis chiefs who have blown it cooled things as they are. She's. It we can't wait for there for the the core of the obvious side appears to get better to wait for gays to be good for a long long time. But Stephen Nelson come back would do Indo. Thought to. Terrance Mitchell really got a note that the guy was and I love our right to robbery was is Kansas City Chiefs at that's the guy they'll short the defense and get them. A little bit deeper into the playoffs and we've seen them all for this is what he's hoping to accomplish by his signing with the chiefs. You know first of laws since. You know exciting to have this opportunity. To return back to football you know. I think her reason for me return his you know. The fire few you know the continue to play his game when. And I'm excited and so blogs I knew that we could KC chiefs and pretty great football team and among joining us is that they're doing pretty well right now and they did you know from both parties in Mason is her. It makes sense on all sides to make sense for Darrelle Revis that if you wanna to at least play in 2017 I mean you need to sign pretty quickly. I'm sure there's a little extra motivation maybe you don't play this week your first game with the chiefs is backing your old stomping grounds against the jets I'm sure that was a little bit of motivation for him it makes a lot of sense on both sides. While you would go hand in signed this deal this is Darrell Revis or is there an expectation for him to be in uniform implying this Sunday in aero side. Now without you know we don't assistant at the press where they are. That's eighty read my apologies on that one ice with a little bit of a pump fake there my apologies. Oil and now want to hold on the people about this is Darrelle Revis on his relationship with Bob so. Ball businesses in Rome. Bureau. As it has been very vital. In my success even. You know contracted. To exist in 2007. He was indeed born so. He helped him grow as there's a football player. Young girls in there so. Actually you know teen in back what an element. Well look what he does as he is coordinator is no brainer and that's far. One of the reasons. That I want to do is completely against these. This is derail Revis on how companies he is seeking help push this team over the hump. As the chiefs are obviously in a slump right now. Isn't as much as possible. You know needs. For all parties. Watched him grow year. See. Because toward the court coordinator bought. We were together and you're so. Big fan of injuries as well. Feel. In the opener intercept him one his quarterback fastest. But. I'm now I'm actually team and a along trial and then you know this phase right here Burmese. It is too you know that are is this is two feet. You know pink and green berets you know fees he. You being around him this is formalized Q is that things go like you're hopeful or. Is it tricky day you know you care. You know coming to a game in this game please think you know the only thing. So vote vote vote board and who. You know or men in Ohio. To be. Along witness that as close as you read. It makes. Me Marquardt. Last cut I'll play for you guys is Darrelle Revis and talking about why now for Kansas City. There's a report by Adam show after years paean to I think is the best NFL reporter. And he was saying that she's been trying to get Darrelle Revis all season. Darrelle Revis obviously has said no multiple sides of the chiefs put decided to say yes this time why. Probably. Toward. Process in the phase to begin its season. I know we've been talking back before throughout the whole season and you know. You know we've you know this. You know so long term I think right now where where a man woman by using. About trying to come an elephant and that in addition to detain. Makes sense for both parties so. This is what we got today is in you know world. I like here in that because it's obvious that the chiefs have known I've known the entire season. That's second cornerback is an absolute mystery I got some buying in when pro football focus never was trying to tell me how great Stephen Nelson is like. Null. I remember the game I said it after the Oakland game that man. Stephen Nelson does would have an aggregate torched the same way that Terrance Mitchell what I think those guys are pretty interchangeable I think we've seen that since the Oakland game. But it doesn't matter who you put on the other side you got a deficiency at the number two quarterback situation. So they tried different things none of the options in house's work is tough to go outside of your organization and try to find some help. Darrelle Revis is that help and let me take this a major refuses he showed a particular page. I mean rack your brain around this we'll see. So much he's made in his career Darrelle Revis. If you said take a stab her on her one million honored almost a 125. Million dollars he's 32 years old enough to play. Doesn't have to. So you'll get the guy still has it or even still wants to be there. Got to cash in on how to do any red 125. Million dollars in his career. So. That's comforting to me a little bit and other like this in the student athlete Opel I would assume he took Carol double eased a little bit of that money. So he's here because he wants to be here it's a good fit for entering an energy. And the money I mean. These are paid by the jets were nausea player not like he's clever or whatever it is that I want to continue to play for bloggers like what's the big effort at that she's given guaranteed four million dollar and I admit you did it for the money the chiefs have given them and this is from Torres paler. Our insider Revis had agreed to the two year. Deal a source confirms. The report by Iraq War veteran minimum this year no guaranteed money this year essentially amounts to a free trial run. For the chiefs. From Ian Rapoport draw Revis signed a two year deal that pays him the minimum with the incentives this season and ten million dollars into when he eighteen I'm told. Kansas City must make a decision by the start of the league year in 2018. Before that money becomes guaranteed. I'm gonna go ahead and say right now there is no way that the Rory is makes ten million dollars for the chiefs next these no chance but what about the into the season. This is a free dice roll for the chiefs this is a no brainer kind of move with your in the quarterback situation the way this team is. I liked the move I like the signing. I think it's a very Smart deal for the she's adding it's a very Smart move for the chiefs. The question now was how quickly Cheney play at that's really the only question left remaining for Darrelle Revis. I key plays 1520. Maybe 25 at the absolute. Most this week in for the change and they build him up in the got to see what they have toward the end of the season if you're looking for stretch run kind of player to bring in. This is basically signing quarterback Tom Ali. I think they were trying to save tomba and saved tomba and saved Tomlinson the end of the season to see if they can get anything out of the body of Tom Ali. Boy played twenty snaps 123 snaps as the tablet seems already injured and missing time I think they're doing the exact same thing when Darrell Revis. He put it off he put it off it's six weeks left in the season can you give us anything well and give you the 500 out not to see if you can give us anything. I really like this Revis on. I think it's aggressive I think that she's no that they need to do something. If they're gonna turn this season around give back to the playoffs and make a solid or make some noise in the playoffs got to suck man. They don't get to passers they don't get the quarterback. That'll stop the run very well it'll show up the pass very well yet Darrelle Revis out there it's not gonna cost anything to an easy fix coming out work. Issue China and is not worst in people sit around complaining about so that's going wrong in the alive on too fat. I don't like this I don't like this don't do anything about it. Stop that you what you gonna do something about it. She's got to probably addressed it will work well I like to sign. The cost much and they were they saw a problem when they're trying to address you'll credit world for some. Guys as a a call at you know the showed the reds paler than Nicole is coming in on the other side the Kansas City Star chiefs beat writer to raise paler. Calls in the show next talk about deciding before the holiday still talk and she's up until 6 o'clock on the drive to drive presented by don't think he's from the electorate into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Yeah. Taking up until 6 o'clock. Holiday weekend drive. Does not it did so 6 o'clock. Neither does the work of terrorized mailer. Who's working around the clock to provide you the best she's covered out there we heads of the drive. Hotline to catch up with the kids that he starred she's beat prior to raise eyler alive on the drive to raise argued today. Are doing good I guess give us the skinny how did this Darrelle Revis chiefs marriage come together. Arnold the movement that the work on war we talked about it secondhand. The beginning of the season. But yet and why not we'll order look though is that now you'll hear it after his wrist injury that bothered all last year. Talk them today. All aboard the NC as you know that you say and did multiple it looked. Copper beach. Thought in the beer that. And you have probably in the last year played wait wait. Wait and that's what network it was clear I'm racetrack that day. But the league what do you wait you wait too boy right now is wait it console spot. Yet if they don't want to start training with the scene in will move on that way it happens to a lot of toys. Were you don't need him to be part you'll be in the 2013. The world week. You get you know that the adequate. You have to make a play here or there and the thing. Given the contract on like that that are minimum this year. I doubt they can you not hear you at all. Of their money in this two year deal with the great flyer Robinson. They have a sense of humans to the thing that would avenue that far. Beckett and over it turns out like underline what I meant it. You know what get there and can't blame warns. Her little girl now two. Torres. Darrelle Revis talk about the weight and now getting a little bit older girl talk about the owners moving to safety. Whenever they get to this age has ever any conversation about a possible position change for Darrelle Revis. Absolutely and in the like quarter. In Dalton. A man cover guy. But I didn't main skill you know would they were in the face and I'll say that but there have been banana to what you know it do that. Again they don't need in the V. We either but you'll need who need somebody make a play here and there compete will Mark Peters to compete alongside. And you're big fight. And a little far I don't think it is there really built. Trust me ask you this what are the chances he plays Sunday. We got Andy about that too. Didn't realize that it is beautiful thing you know you know well. What they but he also that because the leader of the team defensive coordinator Bob. Good. Well well well then wasn't certain that our. Ingram what. God that the golden years so celebrated in the story you will be in the next. Because the cardinals commonality that he's only smoke. I didn't think as possible playoff Monday. But what if that bullet and he did not do that now. To address Baylor she's the writer of the Kansas city Star Trek is started running back at corner are the tube with the exception obviously of potter kicker. But the two most plug and play positions do you agree with that mean you sign a corner mid season six games to go whatever. He's got he can plug in and pretty much say go cover your dude is that accurate now. Honorable part. All of the personal gain from the of the linemen who used to look like you know there's a gap like economy like bush. Doubt that it was pretty accurate. And yeah it will in the open culpable Whitman. They don't put in bookmark songs is that you. Right now outside his arrest paler for a couple more minutes roster move with this obviously whenever somebody is common that means somebody's going. What kind of roster move do you think offsets the signing of Darrelle Revis. What that the white enough of that and all the possible. All. You know I think that this is the quarter. I'm an actor that shall there and double play. Certain ignition key. Six quarters that the actor in the lungs. Ultimately the computers are protected quote could you never know they need that help that you. Would although obviously. You know talking about Auburn there's been some world. They have a lot of guys. Here that. You know I wouldn't pop culture element Wilson. And the way they could stop looking right now and the way that certain appear little red. Played alongside their jobs when Heidi you'll hater now so there's a depth there there's there's a chance and make a decision there aren't yet that you developed yet. On the inside linebacker. But what your city. Well a lot. Well it. Dre is one of the quotes I saw from GM Brett beach was saga about Revis is leadership. Does the defense or does this secondary they need. Maybe a voice like Darrelle Revis is in that room right now since Eric Berry's not around as much. Yeah I do I think they give up because Longley that was quite reasonably well and happy here that of the positive force. Now forgotten but one way or the other is either. Let me let albeit odd part one way or the other right so it will lead you're only it will help. They're not happy output well. There's nobody that lock of course that the world as a player that's that is weren't terribly needy. You know what we're yet to do that Portman plays well he played well. Compliment. I would not part of your views and or. Not one bit. That's arrest paler of the Kansas City Star to rag is always appreciated and thanks for coming in on short notice. Today actually an exciting day adding all of us were expecting it to feel like she's today but it's always a big deal whatever that she sunny future NFL hall of Famer. Yeah quote god does that fit your current important here you wherever you think you bought at an easy day. Eric it that they like the rule and bombers but it we're waiting a year. We I would love from capitol Christmas since the snow will be yeah. Big marble. All the appropriate thing to like the good people would not sign up. Me more. Like it they're real good people are tired. A lot of things. Without you can make it suitable bit Willy Mo call what was an English accent side of the same. Under the good. You know what the fans are Dylan tour as they lost some juice in the 00. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. Against the war even football well the second one simple book browser that yet. There's probably don't want their engines aka. Everything is dangerous appreciate it man. Answer as paler of the Kansas City Star this was just their recent ride up by eight. Pro football talk it's pretty good insight on the Darrelle Revis deal. Revis will be playing a game he essentially will be playing for free with six million dollars in guaranteed salary paid to him this year by the jets and with the jets eligible for a dollar for dollar offset. Revis or no net earnings over the next six weeks unless the chiefs are paying him more than one million dollars per week. Which we know that she's are not paying Darrelle Revis a million dollars a week. But they think they're Revis is doing it let me show it seemed like a play these next six weeks the chiefs are gonna cut yet in the you can do ten million dollars. It is not making Tim announced that she's next year. Ready Revis wants to still keep playing and does his way as an audition for the other teams in the league. There is alluded to earlier the money made on Darrelle Revis this almost a 125 million dollar he's made over the course of his eleven season and I would say at least and 2017 it's not a money decision now is according and it's he's not making anymore money anyone a major sitting home. This move you make if you still wanna be in the NFL and you still think you have enough left to sign a two year contract in 2018. Maybe that she's renegotiate his deal and bring them back and they sign on to a two year eight million dollar contract for that your team next season but. He's he's beat up that she's at the end of this season or they're going to severely restructure his contract at the end of. He's probably safe to say to you get a guy like Darrelle Revis and negative gosh you know the big deal there it'll you have a lot of teams that probably wanted to guy like that. Well he probably had his choice. Yeah that's his wrist is healthy. Probably it is Joyce wanted to come here play for all of checkout the podcast makes a 610 sports dot com also available on iTunes. A lot of great Darrelle Revis inciting coverage if you wanna learn more and know more about the new was chiefs. Player band ball fantasy football Sunday is at 9 o'clock. Do not miss it boot laws that you. Ice that thing goes nice I think it I'm the better listen I don't really know I steer you to host that show I don't I don't. It is an article that was in his. Show gay night he might. Tomorrow K state basketball they take on Arizona State is finally gets to see today's fit player real opponent I'm excited about that. Case they've played on Friday will see them play because they're in Vegas in a target. Saturday night. It is our Saturday afternoon excuse me is the last Tuesday game of the season Lee's regular season winds they take on Iowa State in their home finale. On our sister station 1660 West Virginia at Oklahoma no baker made it at least to start. In the case they put it. They got a little. Basketball action can't write us extend support to got ship ready on achieves Sunday amble fantasy football at 9 o'clock. FaceBook live and still make. Seventh street casino hats I'm still post game show. Does the other team I guess it is to borrow it from a Titanic a body bag to bag the drama presented by don't think. Electric heat into the studios sixteen and Sports Radio.