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The Drive
Wednesday, November 22nd

Hour 1 kicked off with Dayton Moore's comments from the morning show today about the future of the payroll and whether it was an indication that the writing was on the wall for a rebuild. They also got into the Chiefs/Bills game talking the Bills' decision to start Tyrod Taylor, previewed the game with Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus and ended the hour with "Fantasy Advice with Heis" and a Mizzou Voicemail Montage after the Michael Porter Jr news was announced.


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The drives presented by duke safeties and it is stepping back a little bit and looking at the big picture like this until the death might yeah. There was little old. Well being positive or if you sat and watched as a basketball last year as the and you sell like rocks were in Seattle poems and some of the guys have been playing. There is no doubt in my mind that he at least elevated the valid ones are an accelerated pretty idealist always going to do. I'm disappointed. It's fitness like I'm not disappointed that day they would date to beings with tiger that's a pretty disappointed it was and I today. Third tiger but not relevant on the show at all but is this both supporters probably got the idea yeah I'd say is that he's done. Sort of clarified his detectors and they yelled off with fuel. There's people that paid no attention Missouri basketball until this office into coming to Missouri. Has changed direction of the program. What you separate the emotion in big upset about the fact that Michael orgies that healthy. Which is a much better place was six months. It's time to play the audio that you guys have been waiting for. Ice is go play the Missouri boys know why are you playing the ties that call Tulsa. Actually I think this is going. Does he asked me yesterday at the time is round the clock on the press I don't know why you have the Davis. The game or was there it was easy mosque north. Yeah they do voice mails it and. Guarantee Harrison. Let's do this another day another dollar another edition of the drive. Say. Good afternoon have been highs but now I'm not saying today he's not the producer and I hope you can create the opening of the show today I'm gonna assume what tells you that you did today ice. Passage Zoellick tells you see the one that had to do that buys that was its final that it will now go to highlighted some of the more entertaining moments yesterday showed that usually the goal of the open I thought it was really good guys thanks and great jobs are right breast was held. You have bad yesterday was a bad yesterday it was my mom's birthday and she called me. I heard the news I wanted to see if you're fine I'm fine as her birthday go and have a good day okay phone conversation wasn't very long. Osce on Thursday what times they're gonna be ready. And we talked about while Michael Porter Kate scored 66 points in the first half. A hundred points like seven minutes left in the hey I mean I can't really play much better offensively really the same type it seem like you know DT Emporia states there was that a team that may not as like. And aspirations there as a national division one team. From the that's what we heard it was a division one teach your kids off to a conference that I know this I say it alleges that Islam. Means that said so much as two inch. Certainly a lot to do it in suit in today show coming up in thirty minutes we will catch up with Sam months in a pro football focus normally comes on third as well we're gonna be off tomorrow so we move Sam months and up to today. To get you ready for this weekend's games as the bills traveled to Kansas City. We have to start today she would it's. Every day at the general manager of one of the two major teams in the city stops by to the station is and not for fifteen minutes now not. Thirty and forty fives they are full out of Dayton more it's in today on the station big sixth and portrait is that's pretty cool to date. Was in here you know as that is the day before Thanksgiving in GM the Kansas City Royals comes and hang out of vascular the morning's morning. It was really good I think that the biggest thing that I took away from what he said. This morning was the fact that. Man if the payrolls going to be 150 million bucks. This year an it was a 159 last year is the dream dead I mean is that is is it Dead Sea. This is being cut from Dayton Moore you missed his conversation sales Tesco in the morning about the payroll that's when he eighteen Gypsy rose. Yeah we we've got flexibility probably could be you know in that one and 21 warning. But. You'd been good to your point. I don't necessarily think it makes sense. Two to be in that one warning if we're not going. If we don't feel like that we match up well. With the other teams in the division so if we've got to take this thing back down further. For the sake of just financial responsibility. And that we have to look at them but I think you're right I think we'll see how free agency goes. Nobody has told us to back off air Hosmer. Had a conversation yesterday with stand last week we talked specifically. About. Butter and you know what we can do to to make him roil. So you know will continue down that trail but. If he's not in Kansas City then perhaps we have the rethink our strategy. For the next you know two to three years. Want more cut from Dayton Moore before we get into it a little bit more he talks about that this team is going to tank but also keeping the payroll in check. We want to win the world championships. We don't wanna be mediocre. And so the the climate in Major League Baseball today. And in how we wants built this team has changed from in the climate is different and so we the only way to be able to spend money. In the draft. Which is going to lie you do acquire talent you you have to you have to pick the need can't. Set your own budget and strategically. Al scout guys and outmaneuver them out strategy. And you know about snow strategize in a way that puts you gives you an advantage. So you know like we did who will Myers and we did with others. And we're we're we're not able to do that anymore so the only way to to really build your farm system through the draft and do it quickly. Is to take high and so we have to evaluate that. We're always gonna do everything we can to put a competitive team on the field there's no doubt about that that's how we're wired we're not going to tank like some people. You know light. You talk about. Maybe your await to get back on top sooner than later we were we're we're gonna do everything we can be competitive. We also truthfully have to get. The financial part of it and orders well I mean we've been living way above our means the last two years mr. glass has been subsidizing this club. He he has no problem with doing that he's very supportive when Warner will work when we're trying to two win a championship. Like we were sixteen and seventeen. But now. You know if they didn't work so we we have to adjust and we have to get to our payroll back in check. Follow me on this analogy you guys can call me crazier say it doesn't make sense in my. You normally spend way more money on vacation in do things you wouldn't. Indeed justification of its vacation and having a good time here I'm gonna fully in Jolie the time that we have. I would say. That the 2016 and 2017 royals were the vacation royals. To help the budget I know while Lisa I was gonna come to Vegas has been honored gamble failed Billy Graham has been 500 dollars gamble about. Oh well. Judicious with our money when your whole lot more strict with the budget when your in your hometown you're not here Willy elitist or money around. I think the royals the last couple years to try to chase one more championship because we all knew what was gonna happen in 28 teen spent way more money than they wanted to. And they could just the fight with K we won the World Series it's basically a free roll of one another when we can do something that very few small market teams have ever done being go to three World Series in four or five seasons and went well. Let's slated put all our resources into being really competitive in 2017 and 2018. That didn't work and he's seventeen and eighteen you've now gone back home. Now it's time to be realistic and realize that you were the royals but I would say it's an unfortunate part about baseball. But it's hard to be consistent winner in markets like Kansas City if you're not gonna do you want the ten best markets. If you're not gonna beat the Dodgers or the Yankees or the Red Sox one of those teams that can spend all the problems that you make. You're going to go through some lean years like we saw what Minnesota you're gonna go through some lean years like we see in Tampa Bay gotta go the distance some lean years like we see in Oakland. It is just the royals turn now to go to those swing or so go to your initial question about the dream ending. It will 150 by about not signing your cost the federal 150 might not slated like stocks and. Now you're not and you know I'd identified my payroll and and look at on spot right now which I think is a really good resource for. For salaries and and according to them. The royals are committed 101 point five million I was it when I did my own it was under three million. Spot Iraq asthma and a 101 point five million. And part of the reason for that is still paying Travis Wood Omar Infante and Trish on and Mike Minor. And he is still Omar Infante two million dollars in 2018. For cut him so if we're gonna base it off this in the royals' payroll right now is one of one point five. And the payrolls gonna be one between 110 and one's wanting it's over man it's in those guys are coming back you can't. Simply affords him I think we all agree that their cows were probably immediately to 25 million dollar a year player. Somewhere so that's the case. Then one I just try to retain him and have nothing. You know. I take that back that's a little bit too strong saying they have nothing around you got mare's field gets out that Duffy yet some good players right. But if you're not gonna surround him with a championship caliber club and a few payrolls going to be at once and once wanting. And I say go all all in on rebuilt. Don't bring any of them back. Go all in on complete rebuild the three draft picks from those Kane and Oscars are gonna sign for more than fifty million bucks and then move on. Because it is that if if that is exactly what the payroll restriction is for the royals. I find it highly unlikely that laws are looser coming back. Our conversation I think about the royals at least this Aussie has been a little bit dis honest. Their doesn't. Have to be the extreme Owen both sides. And he talked about taking other royals aren't gonna take. Yeah I think there's a fear amongst Palestinians made it we don't sign Hosmer Mike Hogue is gonna go back to being 2006. And I think just far too much talent on the I would go back to agree except Torres had the genuine chance at being in the hall of fame. Adding Danny Duffy if healthy is legitimate number one ace hopes they got to turn things around for hours Gordon Whitman air feel the same way we know what America was in 2015 look at what he's turned into a sporting opening date second based on what the rules like it hit one a little. Eight RBIs. So let's see how they develop the next couple guys I think there's far too much talent on this team to completely take it that they're gonna win 62 games next year. But I'll also say it's been a 150 million dollars Eric Hosmer. Go out of makes Smart free agent moves and supplement this talent. And try to be competitive in two when he eighteenth but after what the conversation is either we get Eric how my stock has been a hundred million dollars or spend zero dollars. 160. Million dollars this offseason due to a couple guys you feel like can help your team. And try to be competitive trying to go for 500 next season but why is that a bad strategy for the royals too much of the conversation epic has been on two polar opposites and hasn't been in the middle. Peace more in free agencies mourn. Sign teen friendly Smart contracts for the royals and try to continue to be competitive each year. Your basic like this and let me put the car shopping analogy go to the car dealerships say listen. A look at for card you've got your budget lock in the dial sales and drive you on kitten. You know African Corvette when you win and irrigate. You know just a month you know modest as UV you do well eventually you're gonna lose that barbecue you can afford. Right the royals' payroll last year 159 million bucks. And in Dayton saying now it's going to be between 110 and won twice with. I think I think you could put together a ballclub it's 500 type ballclub. On and you can develop Samir and guys like roll on this team put image shortstop let him play every day is gonna be painful at times absolutely but if you can plug in comfort third. Want to see it at short you've got with locked up the second you've got Korda in the outfield probably or is out there to. Bonifacio insulator figure out what you gonna do at first base whether it's Brandon Moss or. On or hundred Dozier or whoever. Shot man and again you've got four fifths of your of your rotation back. For the only guy. You're really losing. Premiere opening day rotation is Jason Vargas is a sign of what he's going to be able to get on the I don't owe more in that rotation back the greater good I know I just have you at least you have four veterans starters that you could throw out there the had a chance for a talk and then bizarrely Kyle Davies and Michael back to that I mean I think you'd rather take. Many cards and Jason Hammel and Danny Duffy Ian Kennedy over some of the guys at the royals ran out there in the early 2000 so it's not completely bare but I think if you'd if you're in it. If you don't have the payroll flexibility to get up to 160 million bucks where you were last year. If you're gonna keep the ones at one point but those guys like take depiction. Up next we did in Sioux chiefs and bills in buffalo is doing the absolute worst thing you can do a quarterback isn't startling numbers that compare the two quarterbacks playing in his game will get into a Nestle drive the drive presented by don't think it's from the electorate into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. And coming up in ten minutes we'll catch up with Sam Johnson of pro football focus. What kind of effect does Tyrod Taylor haven't bills if you missed it nick petered out here. Tyrod Taylor in for the Buffalo Bills who with. Tyrod Taylor I look at them as a potential playoff team I think they are dangerous team. I was listening to the nation the little better earlier today when dating Hughes was on and he was kind of talking about this game and the importance of it. I think you can say. That this is the first must win game that the chiefs have this season. It is a legitimate must win situation for the chiefs. But she's cannot afford to lose a home game to the Buffalo Bills beat six and five it next week I would say which I thought it was the second half the schedule was the most dangerous game left. Traveling to the giants a reeling team notable spot its last six going on the road to play a pretty pass it. Jets team yeah that is an absolute terrible situation idea I think this is they must win game. For the chiefs this this week. And I look at what's happening with the Buffalo Bills and how they're handling the quarterback decision. I think this is the absolute worst way to handle your quarterback situation. If you're gonna switching go to the rookie QB that's perfectly fine. But I think that's one of the decision that there's no turning back from once you make the decision to binge Tyrod Taylor. In in my opinion somewhat blamed Tyrod Taylor for your struggles it's genetic it's in New Orleans Saints and not anybody on the run defense team of six rushing touchdowns for the new world and saints. You make Tyrod Taylor a little bit of the scapegoat. And I would say kind of dove to his leadership in that locker room. The moment you go to the rookie QB. You gotta fight on and a big wire FEMA there's a scene in the wire with slim Charles talking Avon Barksdale he says war is about fighting it doesn't matter to run on you gotta fight on the lot. You all about it and didn't do a fight on your decision and so they let last more than one week. Sixty minutes. This first NFL career start didn't you get them. Opportunity that he got slaughtered to mean he got absolutely slaughtered by Julie posts pending given them an opportunity. That's the worse wading into your quarterback situation and that's why I'm at least a point with Alex Rodriguez yesterday Brothers are no. Whenever you start taxable homes that sit the only way you go back to Alex Witt is due to injury. So that it's bad this point this season they say are out it's not get it don't we need to spark restored homes. And that's the end of Alex that there's no going back and forth were quarterbacks it would sink college yet we have a two quarterback system. I think the way buffalo is handling their quarterback situation is the absolute worst way you can do what we're gonna start the veterans are the veteran. If you're gonna start the young guy you don't allow him to grow and work to his mistake I would agree. Mean you can't you can't do that I mean you know I always fight against analytics a little bit and and get made fun of for being an old school kind of guy but. I think with the bills it was a very analytics I'd move. Our starters struggling to put a different guy and it's yeah that works well you don't understand the ripple effect that can happen your team meaning. In it's been a rough week for she stands and I understand that lost to the giants are 64 out of Los for a the last five. But it could be worse you could be the bills you could be five and five have an absolute train wreck your quarterback right now by benching a starter putting in a rookie in bringing him back. Throw a couple numbers and I thought about this based on. What I saw her what I heard from threats paler from the Kansas City Star yesterday we had a bond he was talking about the significance of not having Chris coming your Albert Wilson. Out there right because those guys. Can run every route they're interchangeable you can put on a different positions they can do this that you that. One of the comments I've heard from she's fans this week is the happy feet and out Smith says I don't like Alex Smith trust anybody out there with the exception of Travis Kelsey when it comes it's on the football not bill. I think I think you'll got to be extremely open for him to try to get once on because of the size and again I think of I think direct it was open an extremely open. I think he'll go for other than that no I don't know I don't think he trusts anybody to go up there and get the football with the exception Travers tells you right now. A look back I looked at the games that Chris on the play before it blows Achilles and the games that Albert Wilson play. She survive an old Chris. She's or six and one without Wilson knows or second tier guys are not stars are not sexy names but. You know there's a couple of saw. A video of the all 22 where I believe it was tiger reeker the markets. And and the Anthony Thomas on one side and those guys seem to break free and Alex didn't couldn't pull the trigger on. I don't think he feels comfortable like completely comfortable throwing the football anybody but Kelsey right now because kills you don't get it. I I I I don't think will be. We talk enough about not having Conley and Albert Wilson out there looks like Albert Wilson probably gonna play this week. But there's six and one without Wilson of five and it was Chris com. The only loss of course company the Oakland Raiders which the offense put up thirty points. It's fair Chris Connelly also played never they've never run the ball incredibly effective deterrent I just find it hard to believe. But the reason they lost to the giants was because Chris Kyle I'm not seeing them and that's the reason I'm saying that what I'm saying is that didn't doesn't look to me. That Alex Smith. Has total trust in throwing it up to the markets Robinson heard the Anthony Thomas I think he has obviously. Confidence in Tyreke nobody carries that it's separation that they got 258. You know I Travis Kelsey throw the enemy as I guess what Tyree chill in the changing the way that the NFL isn't comedy screenplays and underneath stuff yet. He kills top fifteen in the NFL in receiving yards in receptions he trusts them enough. Where I mean he's in the same category as like Hilton's in the same category is double and to Mary's Thomas. Like I think the answer of is tiger kill a number one receivers Condit has been answered this year but I just for me is someone who was kind of wavered disease on outspent. I got was a fully buying the that he was new and improved in the beginning of the season but the wait was planning how could you argue you got the nod. To say like what more do you need if you're Alex and at any given you a viable running game in with Primeau we given you a number one receiver in high retail we've given you Travis Kelsey. Now which you can only be productive and it out Wilson's you could only be productive McChrystal liked him I guess at some I'm here at some Alex Smith is the problem not not having. Every possible weapon at your disposal a we've got to be able to be able to overcome some of the deficiencies not having Chris following out we'll since he won those you should be able so I'm. There's there's more factors that it's your play at where your plan which you know and there's a lot of other factors to all of say it is if you come in here and and you take. If you know of morality here I don't have you were high he's gonna be different show it's gonna take a little time to adjust if you if you walk in any workplace. And you lose you know. I have offered or are two thirds of of the team you depend on a regular basis there's going to be change so you know. Went to you know it caught my attention interest at least at this yesterday. She's beat writer from a kids should he start he said listen. The versatility of those guys changes everything we have Tommy wells another bright guys out Wilson's criticism for five years now understands the offense you can put multiple positions. And and when you don't have those guys it's not comfortable so I'm I. I put some of that on the are obviously not all of that I mean you know last week against the giants was just. An absolute mess on confidence I get that part that you're gonna have those games it that bad. But part of Disney's largest I think we get caught up in like he's a receiver he's an NFL receiver like any catch bass is why is it. White and Alex thought well everybody's the same and we saw that with. You know bullet Tyrod Taylor out of their pulled and they Peter they'd be Atlanta quarterback wells those Tyrod Taylor they're not the same guy. And I think that has an effect on the offense so. Is it a little bit extreme to say well the chiefs are five and a with colonies of conflict it would courts and you know and of course it is but I'm just saying when you. When you when you lose two guys the depend on heavily when your top guys are available that changes. I guess I just don't wanna treat Chris Connelly and Albert Wilson like their Julian Edelman all of a sudden I'm not saying I guess I'm saying in this though it's not like whenever they got they haven't been incredibly productive ideas and I'm failing to see the connect humid you could just help advertisers that helped a bachelor number one options they're not comfortable Tyreke Jill you're not comfortable Travis Kelsey not comfortable with. With Fremont like. You got three I would say at the top one offensive weapons in the NFL what are we breaking Chris Connelly and Albert Wilson has weapons and it'll pop 100 weapons. A huge and still be a productive NFL quarterback despite having those weapons in a great quarterback I think it just overcome the personnel deficiencies that they had. How to disagree on that I just they to have second tier guys and second tier weapons'. Is really really important that you seven had that for at least this partisan I would say a lot of great quarterbacks can make secondary weapons Alex and it just doesn't seem like the one that you can make those secondary weapons. Up next we'll talk to Sam months and about the same thing in what kind of effect does Tyrod Taylor have on the bills will learn from San months and a pro football focus next on drug. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and you studios sixty and Sports Radio. It's your colleagues. One day when people say name months and again thank winner. Just like that Maggio is to baseball book or United's it's football that's what months so yeah. Pro football focus analysts who may find book America you can play. You know we create their game plan known good drive lose uses Sammy. For do Dublin Ireland who have been caught the ball I think they did it. Not pure fantasy football reef tour support the netbook. On the drive. MacKey and on the drive cared to hear any here high for the last drive at least we'll all three of us this week as we head into. The Thanksgiving. Weekend I know it's Thursday but I have a consider that Thanksgiving weekend though. The last drive. For the days of work on a Baltimore football schedule up a little bit right now talking to stand months and a pro football focus. Information so good that NFL teams pay for and it is backed by Chris Collins worth of in BC sports San Avaya. How you doing today man. Around there in your area do a fantastic. First how bad it was the chiefs' effort against the giants last Sunday. We have those pretty miserable. At any time you score only nine points events that the giants defense has been. You know it's pretty easy to appoint someone he's in the market. At their defense substantive pretty good job or they're able to hold up at the end of those. Big play that put the game more external pretty ugly disappointing game for the. San what's been different about this she softens because the first 34 weeks of the season everybody kind of believes that Alex Smith was being close by push by Patrick my homes. And the team was gonna have more revert local kind of offense. This feels like the same she softens I've watched the last four and a half seasons under Alex Smith. Yeah we talk currencies and about how you can see different quarterback he was more aggressive and going deep down the field more often you don't have turned into a prolific be certainly become an efficient one commute at least. He won't be targets that got away a little bit but he's also not been playing as well also says the first four weeks of the season or so. He's been PF that's 27 ranked quarterback overall we're just seeing a worst performing Alex Smith and are really taking away. From everything on offense I think they run blocking on the offensive line has been struggling a little bit as well. You are seeing the same holds for Korean that the breakthrough together earlier in the year at that point taken away. We needed to change we're driving the offense in the first pat bond took five weeks of the season. That leads into my next question how much of the struggles with the running game more on possibly Kareem hunt hitting the rookie wall. Or the offensive line not playing up the level they had the first five weeks of the season. I think most of that is on the blocking and not much of glee on I can see there's been doing a really good job of taking what there need to speak at the giants. Yeah we had 73 yards 38 of them cannot get contact only broke four tackle. Could get that far I think that's kind of the story that green it's not getting any production before breaking tackles at a greater rate than anybody else you know felt. We are gaining UG nine yards contacted me before that it ballot. Yeah averaged nearly three yards. Per carry out the con dying again Oakland is almost four so it is still do the job we'll. I'm getting a long yardage it's just what he gets a forty dictator is that much the walk before. I understand Munson a pro football focus am honored that the game but the chiefs giants game does that just make your computer blow up when he sees a man like that. I mean seriously like that it's almost unexplainable isn't it. Yeah I mean also when those games where there is no reason the giants you want my game they really want and sometimes the things they've done that felt even by our teams are not that god he's about he's a capable performance that put them on a term. Level playing field a team that's right and you see that every single year. Eagle on your game and there's no reason whatsoever that warned he should limit bulk up problems compliment them enough to get back up. Sam the chief of the bills this week and it seems like a very analytic move to switch last week like they did from Tyrod Taylor and eight Biederman. But it didn't work one up. What can work because he didn't lose parable it's true that all these charges defenders pretty much every time you drop that puck. Not all of this fall yeah sure I Ichiro both suck it force for those in the section essentially by hitting people and almost immediately after the not so at some point they need to figure I had to block on the right side of the line and protect that little bit more what. You saw Triple Crown rookie either one ready vehement and felt field play like. I think you also saw the bills essentially use our trailers to scapegoat for the rest of vaccine collapsing over the past few weeks. Right now we're talking to see him months and a pro football focus on the drive. Sam how comparable do you think Tyrod Taylor and Alex Smith. I think there are similar and so much like it and obviously not all similar other I think. There are very similar in terms of being conservative. Quarterbacks that don't with the ball on what are tailor ads and Anderson are rattled turnover will be troll rate. I'll I'll just over 1% which is the second best in the league this season so he essentially put the ball harm's way less often than a guy like Tom Brady. It just doesn't throw the ball at the danger very often. DR data that it doesn't make as many big plays and got out great so from my point of view they're very similar. I think different has a goal by doing. Alex Smith can deliver the ball quickly it all very cost either botched this late in the game. Tyrod Taylor holds the ball longer than in your quarterback you sound you would need an average kind of thrown into the part pre season. So he holds the ball from maternity. And constantly moving around the banks seem to try and expand plate and make things happen and typically makes a good place because the extent that from long enough. I'm known he had to explain their Tyrod Taylor also be able paid off and making tackle that leg in a way. I actually didn't even able to an Oxnard is pretty athletic quarterback but he's not at the level I thought I am. Seems sailors and started for the war. The other makes 15100 yards of launching a thousand of which could come on cost flexible or scramble that he turned broken out late in the positive yardage. And that's what does content get taken into consideration bland. You look at it overall currently number could not acoustic concert but there's a thousand yards it is. Yeah I didn't hasn't hidden yards that get on poppy played since he's been slightly if you have been given credit for. Sam both sides of the football the bills have come LeSean McCoy one of the best running backs and NFL how do you slow him down and then and then defensively. It seems like every team in the league is starting to run against buffalo wise their run defense been so bad the season. Yeah I think stole all the small molecule on the call and an extremely good runners in contention in runner very good at making people miss in space. You know you can get if you get into any kind of space is extremely hard to stop the run defense in the he has. Fallen into it's bank that he didn't they traded way to know tackle they consent Mossad carried Jacksonville. They don't have an adequate replacement what they've been playing. Yeah I like about the Washington and I'd like. Fog that. Other guys made it its own rhythm playing guys that vote lack of that aren't able to hold up in the lane Michael Barry it's better coordinate it and can. And those guys are not able. I hope you don't believe that the point of attack you're just getting blown off the ball and return on their run defense is being completely unable to hold up because the. Tiger Sam wants a pro football focus and you know in Kansas City. People are sand at least this week that boy you know was it wasn't on the defense in the giants and it was completely on the office so my question you would be this. I guess a mile strictly the numbers look like the defense did a pretty good job the chiefs defense play that well or was that. Or how much that had to do to to really crummy giant office. I mean giants offense is not good dog he's not going to make defense look better than it it may be expected to be pointed out did get a lot of guys played extremely well just use it I'm one of his best games for awhile didn't get a siren went outside. I quarterback Cory has four. Defensive stops and he's a big factor in both the love of our game. Linebacker for the first time they put it together Ricky Bragman Darren jump in the middle. Bald guy in well against the law on the books from the white claimed they were working together as a kind of I'm not leaving the other guy expose one's actually a gap so. I think the defense did have a good performance against the giants policy not gonna be helped by the fact that the giants are not a good off. Right now closing things out with Sam months and a pro football focus. Sam everybody get ready for Turkey day football tomorrow what is your take of the three individual matchup. Yeah I think this doesn't pay check in getting there I think. Obviously the lions. Partly key because they've been winning. Despite that the analytical yet what doesn't and a lot of old. Whether or not yet despite it's being looked to be really really good unit. Quarterback question mark within everybody's waiting for the game. It we will talk OK even bandwagon you know but didn't because we could not. I'm charging that the cowboys I think it's a huge game for balance that we need to win to get back on track pad. Got paid because they took such a big beating by the Eagles but there are good it. The chargers. Are not as it is like we pulled them all because it's such an odd injuries were on and on the way to achieve started brought. One of the city he struck in getting to turn it could be the team did and the challenge but not division. I'm man you know he got at a time in that is not good but they're capable big game especially in the division going up against Washington and that. Launch back and forth between what he really formidable and I'm looking pretty bad people reluctant to pretty good bet Turkey day games. And on Sunday we got she's bills that arrowhead who you got. Well I. Every time I can achieve it with finding ways. My wobbly leads the championship until thick that you see Angel picked achieves that. Could go on the patent on the PG and better yet. That alone at that Sam months at a pro football focus Amy always enjoy target team and have Abdullah Azam yeah. Let's say amounts and a possible focus the way he says that he makes it seem like that's not everybody came city everybody take the cheese the beat the giants last week and that laws that is this the specifically use say a month that day. I think all of us have been taking these games incorrectly the last couple Jason Lott before it as we do need to say that he did pick the giants he was correct in that prediction even it would is that a blind squirrel finds an outlet and broken clock is right two times a day I think that's what would apply. In this up next did you write for the Turkey day action with a little fantasy of Iceland ice an excellent drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and truly studios sixty and Sports Radio. And drive coming up. Saved minutes we'll give it to ace. Is seen by one of the three of us. I'm sure will surprise you given the season. That it is. But as we do every day at this time ice take. President of thank you his fantasy advice with ice everyday at 245 you can get some advice for your fantasy league both in season long and also in daily. It's presented a fantasy sports markets dot com where if you go to fantasy sports markets dot com and use the promo codes expand bank. They get to fifteen dollars to be able to use it any of their contests but you won't have to use it for their Thanksgiving Day on this because it is 100% free. With Marie. Cash payouts that a fantasy sports markets dot com and play in their Thanksgiving B roll or for. What are Wednesday as we always used it this is an opportunity to get some New York questions answered a great question today from the producer of the show. Just hours Stanford job and he asked the question which fantasy defense is that you targeting for the fantasy playoffs I think the clear number one choice. Is still going to be the Jacksonville Jaguars but good luck getting them unless you formulate some sort of betray and a lot of people's aid Atlanta this week so they're not available. I found three teams that are likely available usually only Wear own between forty to 60% and mostly it's the sort Cincinnati ankles. Outstanding natural this week against Cleveland a tough match up against the Pittsburgh Steelers at. Home but in their home again against the bears there in Minnesota in week fifteen but still likely he's Keenan has the quarterback he's been good he's not and it typically burn you. And in your back home against the lions in week it seems that Cincinnati is a great pick for the fantasy playoffs you wanna go ahead and load up on them for the final part of the stretch. Baltimore's another solid team out of the AFC north. Or impossible fantasy streaming deepens the rest of the year. You at Houston and Detroit at home the next few weeks heavy tough matchup against Pittsburgh to start the fantasy playoffs on the road. And Pittsburgh is always much better team at home but also has always been historically able to contain its. And most matches that they play so play your own risk and I think especially complete fifteen in week sixteen you have. At Cleveland and then home vs Indianapolis in the fantasy championship. If you can survive that we fourteen Baltimore might be able to help when your team fancy championship. In weeks fifteen and we sixteen and then. The Chicago Bears have been a historic and underrated defense really throughout the season. I would avoid them this week they are on the road against Philadelphia but for that actual arrest the Tennessee last their home against the 49ers. Then there in Cincinnati. And then against Detroit and they host the Cleveland Browns and championship we can't ask for a better matchup in week sixteen. So Cincinnati Baltimore and Chicago all's three outstanding defense is they you can use and use effectively in the Tennessee plants. And that includes fancy device with ice coming up in old now. Nine minutes or so will catch up with Jay Brinkley is one of us has the very starting startling revelation. About this holiday. You don't speaker of the holiday C you know all of the things I'm really thankful for. The drive through white male well that too I mean she's up there probably number one. Not not probably because she's listening right now she is number one got me. But number two would be the drive voicemail. The drug was real I yeah I'm extremely thankful for that and I'm also thankful for this because. Price. Pulls them together for eight highs we call as early Christmas present are now that's perfectly okay this an early Christmas present to see god. Courtesy of the drive voicemail. God. Damn are you serious. Like this with our lives. Did what we live with every year we don't do better than this party be important state with dual core that we got that here. Even excluding Michael Porter your. Regular god. You give you Graham and dad doesn't shock me at all. That day of the he sat there and have agreed. Google year this team I mean we did that you're damn break and you is it. Eight failure. Yeah. Broke up. None in the sir have been he's been my whole life Michael ordered New Year's is gonna have surgeries. Season ending surgery. Really. No wonder Bill Self won't play you guys who doesn't want all the luck club off off. The jayhawk program. Get into Colombia and here we go bad boys are playing you never know what's gonna happen wiped out good luck video or not whatever. The candidates. I don't like the best of my supporters got injured side. I do like the fact emissary sends all of that credit histories because you can't call it crash scored a season started. There's value out here in new. There he's in Emporia State. Government takes them with guys hiatus cargo Martin. He did a good record are they doing in this hired Bruce Weber. The dollar gonna hate him in two years. Can you just imagine what they would feel like if we locked tight game and Michael porter's tenure at that they'd been. There might create. What did Missouri do is make that Bulldog so angry they're going to alternately with my game and then. This little break they've gone wrong. There's everything. We endured two years of pain with Kim Anderson would finally by the grace of god. Give Michael Ford junior. And then sued and has gone I just want go as well might gain it back we come back please. The issue. Gifts was it like. What does it though the white elephant parties that portal white elephant gift that it is not a gift worth giving yeah. I for a while I was in the the other talking about choosing not to keep that yet that's a good 10 yeah I think it's the thought that counts though in the gift giving I think for your willingness to give C got that did. I saw those very generous beautiful you time your effort in that in the giving it to see ya for awhile I do have a question was talking about the zoo. What are roller teams such La La I was stratosphere which team they are talking about confused before. Teams want doable and cheers I I can respect the legislature is in Nebraska he went to a ball game on wanna hear about kids. Want to hear that our own letter to all I'm gonna say is you've been listening to the show the last two days you know I've taken all the shots and all the arrows. Hey you've made you better be prepared for the assault happened this year all. News. Don't those don't if you Lippman a glass to you fans different jokes that picture jolly gifts are fun out at the expense of or cut the five Byron. I don't want you were to lose because it's from also I've the last two days and had a complaint one. It's about the ball at his. Watch did hole. Obama wins popcorn. I'm going to wait. Today's pop quiz is brought about victory Chrysler dodge Jeep brand development out of everybody deserves a lot of prize today. I don't know of anybody deserves to be a winner today I. Yeah when. Seasons with about it I guess we'll give away confident that you two decades the highs on what you're in the regardless that you've got two good reasons by the the move. Up next one of us they startling revelation. About Thanksgiving. Innovative balls food there's only one person numbering in the studio will do that next on the drive. A drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and who studio sixty and Sports Radio.