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Wednesday, November 22nd

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, Dayton Moore makes us sad, Danan Hughes joins us to talk Chiefs, and this week's edition of That's News To Me. 


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Somewhere. There weights it's noon here. Freckle that is expected I mean that literally. Here on holiday parade in Exeter crown jewel history. Of apparently caught we force for Asia to get out. Six and six back for a few by the red Robert re fantastic location fake field. Fred Ellis hopefully it's easier. Very proper very well communal usually don't include information from last night but I know what I mean to placate you girls you bitch about it. I would have Perry. Fine folks over red door girl sponsor of this thing you check out their three locations one and brook side and others who. Camelot court in Cleveland and the brand new location burns thanking them. In Overland Park stuff I think it's a day full of sad that I don't get my column page you'll fried chicken. But whenever I guess Thanksgiving and rarity have some sort of plan and his image and outlook lenient so Turkey sides are now paying you by the way helping you. Everything Howard Payne. I love other odds of that haven't been able pre clearance that would chip challenges that an analyst illegal stuff and I was there but I would do it there. But anyway. Told if the Turkey different sauces and a lot of support somebody's assaulted play for kiwis hot stuff. Utility that would be yes. Altered bats we are pretty Brian. Great stuff great stuff had relayed by the way on vacation we leave Monday to talk about should be achieved bill's old we'll have to relate during the show armament he will will see this were to purchases but extremely clean show all the cuffed booked by investigator like on the show on Monday extremely pleased yeah. I've got a book. The guy. For the Dayton Moore joins us go in the morning today for a full hour in through here you can check out the whole our podcast page 610 sports dot comment on the great stuff. Talked about free agents talked about here because Marie talked to Ned Yost his injury just the entire future wryly. Or Kansas City Royals but one thing that stood out to us we pull. A good three minute chunk of it we started to showed today with the Dayton Moore. Was talking about free agency was talking about these payroll and Bob this plot has conveyed what the payroll of. Every deal we've we've got flexibility probably would be. You know is that one hand the one for that to your point I don't necessarily think it makes sense to be in that 1 morning if we don't feel like if we match up well with the other team in the division so. If we've got to take this thing back down further for the sake of just financial responsibilities. And we have to look at this. I don't know about you Jaber when I hear that he royals' payroll would be in the neighborhood of 15220. Million up. I assume that the majority of these high priced free agents are probably on the way out of Kansas City yeah when you're that they can. I'd like to ride the hot guy OK here's how soon this will be here that's what you're looking for over their approach it the payroll number. I think 150 we're getting here kind. With them. This could be transformation for the oil if they can't bring these guys back justice. To what does not downtime either the sexy exciting. We'll get the royals do for an encore rocks but we Osborn moves be in Bristol these guys. Get to the major leagues. On his life so powerful city championship. There when the royals won the World Series made in this so what we'll watch these guys together they finally do so it is going to be suffering these guys folder it's nicer if they thought if you say. Bring them market upwards of K now it's those three picks we have guys of fifty million dollar contract. I cannot believe you just tried to spend any silver lining of the fact that it'll be fun to want to rebuild. I got forma. Resold it and I'm okay with that. I animal cage with the region or a personal note rather watch three years of rebuilding operators compete it's what those things you know I don't feel our. Basically you're probably we'll put it into what he would do it over there. The real benefit us all. Feel like he won the world. Always gonna sting. Buddhist text I wanna get. At sea island right back here and if you have the attention sampled. I went down and it's. Not an easy thing if you college football playoff rankings were updated last night and there was absolutely not generally occurred with that but I wanted to ask you about that nationalism. Alabama Miami plans and Oklahoma through your top four. Still tough for Miami the job Clemson to a three out of it guilty to play each other. Next week in the ACC title game and they began what's fun about playoffs and I do think he should experience I tomahawks to succeed in order you do. That is so what it's like what these college football playoff but essentially title games. But he backed the plan update Britain's Wisconsin played their way into it. Clemson and Miami going to be adjusting what happens to the loser in this game Clemson takes two wells actually gone. Very tough to get back in the top four especially if Auburn Angel beats Alabama. In the hour Campbell and it played Georgia. In the SEC title game so many things are just not figure out if they can figure out before. You don't know what you do when he's eligible so predictable but it with a fourth installment last night very excited at six in sports I found. For all the latest details. Don't want her finalist may feel secure history. When we got finals he's a load that our manager of what everyone eligible volt. All over the because I've forced a I didn't do well because speed and no reason. Tip of the cap to out Williams self. 11471. Win over the powerhouse Texas southern last night the field house. Marx when number 420. Four Bill Self. And Kansas. It was a nice round number don't smoke in your win. There was smoke and I would ask you this pictured a table to sell Texas southern minuscule portion. If bill solved roll them right if bills' awful coaching is global it putting him more than one way. We greatly knows nothing about football but. I don't know David I don't know of David Beatty goes the foot exudes confidence he'd hired the right people do right now would also have more wins David Beatty. I would say yes. Is he the right people. But pulled take. All of us. Her forties that you could get more wins one at Tulsa coach. I don't know Jamie football players don't play if this guy you're gonna keep asking me and tell SAS announced laureates of the question no I don't think they do I think there are terrible he is. But also to be freed Allen to provoke thought that he I mean maybe maybe people who wanna hang out of Bill Self shows of the game they coaches because back to basketball at what point does bill go to William. That is some detail what was your which you which you bill was Wednesday would you stay real deals with younger Williams did not wish for about Billy Butler does at some point he's got to go to bill nicely built. The tibia 75 year old filly I've gotten really ran different sectors like it but what does this mean he worked at this isn't. 275. Year old Billy do you find it quite fit he would like to pitch. It's a pity he likes bit. You're not gonna go by bin when he's an old man I'm not here at the bit of the beginning 65 years old and well today asked the revelations William. That's what we're. Why does he keep drying out nobody else it sure dressed and Billy Butler yeah he did actually easily picked up as it was terrible the title of the help address but he definitely picked up a terrible if it becomes usually stops Philly. At a shelter managed to get John dorsett abrasive style to bring in. In half and cookie chip equipment this kind of to track him down. But you've been anyway. I don't know where it is an issue could you. Come back competitors out sometime. John Dorsey did speak though. Podcast with Alan Shepard. Source who's asked what do you remember. About the day you were fired. Better days. That's that's not a great day right. Obama news what are we surprised about it but don't look at it doesn't look good but you know I'm just caretaker. My responsibility was to try to acquire births is about to my ability and know what life. We're quote about what John Doris who have just a surprise Rasmussen got hired he added that we're getting good looks a bit over yes it will be. It's all blue there. It's question. Just endorsed question right. George Bush. Is that Coleman's works out he goes to a flat pieces because lab's basement it was then it was released extreme details. It was down there and watch linemen and he does things like I'd love to do. But he got right hell of a separate if you could do that day he's Haiti's millionaire. He just goes and works out and he sits in his basement watched game film. It is going to be hired by another openly just Dorsey. He's got to me it'd be nice clothes you're one thing it's a breeze which hurts his cheeks a blow out rally turned inside out. It's I'm guessing if what seems tortured. It just play. I mean you guys are closer than you think. But what this little worse is that it was a horse from what does that your pocket now the shocker between these ex beauty queen. You putter fixed Rebecca picture of him and Jack. His kids in Washington DC wants. In the history museum pieces on the schedule like Friday or are nice but he means a legendary artists document militia analysts though. He told me about BC. You were you surprised. At the open. Barack Obama's rise. We are very special anniversary. And been that long and is there was aware were you momentarily it was a the JFK assassination 9/11 and but. It's funny and the and the moon landing people to do its challenger explosion. That Rex right well with more changes to mystery to you Zito. President. And this I mean. In the what he he proceeded Brett Favre right there who's right after raised exceeded. It's still very impressed. He says the editorials on Sanchez about cheese is a devout about oval. We expect in that. Texans expect brought to you by our good friends over at the red or grossed out by 103 locations even today brook side came awkwardly wood and all so. Brand spanking new one in Overland Park. Oh good good teacher read to work real to them next. Big mole was in studio fiscal in the morning it was great stuff Youkilis the full interview on our podcast page sixteen sports dot com. He let us all we need to know about free agency will play at what you do you think about it next. Sixty instant. Welcome back to being doing accounts can relate. It was Thanksgiving break. Or what he tweeted out this morning. It pictures that took place like. In and they tweeted a picture with the T Rex could yet humorous cookies in Agassi where Joseph. Ago thanks which of the Joseph Lieberman barbecue sauce with the ribs he's what you pay for home and probably you've made floor. This is back that's. Correct. What well lately and it's whether. If it coupon that off like he might be bad and out my way every gift that it. Give that the ribs and ribs or gift card Obama gift card looks like he took in the Arctic the gift card bottom ribs different view it took about that it. He's price free cookies right now because he gave the riff about it took credit for those ribs their but he did. It's actually thinks that one out or sure. Hope you have happy Thanksgiving well a lot of price traveling today. Unemployment perceived listened to show nature. On the welcome those rooms on quarter. Eighty Reid spoke about what he's doing on Thanksgiving just a few minutes ago we cared lives Brusca. I'll be here for these. A little over half today. Go home. Arguably what I might do about it. His best. He's got back to active at Philly cheese steak and a coach. He thinks the Bravo which please bill me afloat say what you will bunny B read I. I appreciate someone who. Who knows their limitations who knows their strengths and we you know it's an injury now is really getting arguably what I might do bath. I think. You know I would love to do these book live show would be revealed seasons courtroom at different restaurants. I could be huge hit you never do it. We tell me that would be fun eighty read on food. It is favored spots but he plays politically he would admit which barbecue restaurant likes the best because he knows that that you did that figure handoff. With all those other people that come in. And I think he's doing that for the free barbecue. I'm assuming in your readable I have coach Reid comes and I am I'm working on a Barbara you show us our journey he's very careful always mentioning the chief sponsors. But he's careful but that he didn't really venture away from the he's good company gap. You think he's just concerned though that if he says while Jack stack my favorite than. Next amigos and gates are gonna charger or price volatility this probably every single barbecue restaurant just down. His drop off reached off. In early stadium went right drive and try. It is a big red lecture place he goes it's this you take picture on the ball he read easier meters. So many advantages Reid walks in your more accurate. Based concepts. Just makes a ton of sense. Dean Hughes joins us in about ten minutes we'll talk chief ball charging champions of football fix. At 1 o'clock dig more. Joined the fellows this morning Bob and out Mike Welch for an hour an hour studio and kind of given his thoughts. On which direction the Kansas City Royals are going. And again I think it's cool because they are Selby moral walking in like what would disguise it. What would this guy's think. Mean the whole thing he's not going that direction that take in the in job to stay in your seat room. But he got Osborn boosted Canaan. Pretty soon your pricey these guys sign elsewhere in and you particularly. Were Osborn Broussard McCain. He'll still take a lot of heat why did you sign when he was so Greg tell what you regard column back. Which are going to see that stuff. From Dayton Moore as far as what goes on Dayton Moore. Basically says everything you need to know bar free agency when he spoke. To Bob and Mike this morning is the whole free agent process. Maybe for Major League Baseball but specifically for you guys out she does it all hinge on air caused what he decides to do it then you can start making decisions elsewhere. You know Bob that's an interest in way to look at it instinctively. You eat your probably right. Because. You know who we whirlwind world championships. We don't wanna be mediocre. And so the the climate in Major League Baseball today. And in how we wants. Built this team has changed to mean the climate is different and so we the only way to be able to spend money in the draft. Which is going to allow you to acquire talent you you have to you have to pick I mean you can't. Set your own budget and strategically. Al scout guys and outmaneuver them out strategy. And you know outs you'll strategize in a way that which you've gives you an advantage. So you know like we did we will Myers and we did with others. And we're we're we're not able to do that anymore so the only way to to really build your farm system through the draft into it quickly. Is to take high and so we have to evaluate that. We're always gonna do everything we can't put a competitive team on the field there's no doubt about that that's how were wired we're not going to pink like some people. You know light. You know talk about. Maybe your own way to to get back on top sooner than later we were we're we're gonna do everything we can be competitive. We also truthfully have to get. The financial part of written orders well I mean we've been living way above our means the last two years mr. glass has been subsidizing this club. He he has no problem with doing that he's very supportive when Warner will work when we're trying to two win a championship. Like we were sixteen and seventeen. But now. You know that didn't work so we we have to adjust and we have to get though our payroll back in check what is it going to be thing. Well you know it it's. Yeah we we've got flexibility probably to be you know in that 110. 21 warning. But. They've been good to your point. I don't necessarily think it makes sense. To to be in that one warning if we're not going. If we don't feel like that we match up well. With the other teams in the division so if we've got to take this thing back down further. For the sake of just financial responsibility. And that we have to look at that but I think you're right I think we'll see how free agency goes. Nobody has told us to back off Eric house where. Had a conversation yesterday. With stand last week we talked specifically. About. About air and you know what we can do to to make him a royal. So you know will continue down that trail but. If he's not in Kansas City then perhaps we have the rethink our strategy for the next you know two to three years so what Dan says. Well I mean he's he's very supportive as is mr. glass and they. They want us to to do everything and we came in and and will so we'll just we'll evaluated in. As I said before it doesn't make any sense for us to jump out their. Real strong at this point I feel like that the market will kind of come back to us that usually if that's that's been the trend the last few years especially with position. It was only about three minutes of what was an hour of the more in studio for the full interview go to sixth in sports dot com podcast page been currently generous of could be more. The big time on special qualities routers commit here. In spend an hour I've actually spent an hour fiscal four. And today it's pitched but I credit they more. For doing that with Bob and Mike this morning and yeah it. Darren how you want interpret that. In his hands are tied to what he can spin the money go out the payroll of wood and 150 million. Hundreds of million you can kiss Hosmer moves kingdom but. But it was going to be tough anyway again the all these people the whales spent almost money and so we're coming from. Because the TV contracts the worst in Major League Baseball. You're not the Red Sox can throw money around there still had given credit because they backed away from Infante league backed away from beyond even those gonna cost money going forward. They had to do. Most of Alex Gordon and lived up to his contract from paying seventy million dollars to 72 million to. He's one of the players in Major League Baseball can make over twenty million dollars next year. You'll group includes notables like James Shields still paid twenty million dollars to. Based a tough man guaranteed contracts guys at the live up to home in you have to deal with the consequences when they don't it doesn't import organization. But you've got to do that stuff to try the gamble Dallas Gordon hasn't paid off it's our right meaning your kid after. But he just hasn't lived up that contract. To this point that this would be this what big Morton's or small market baseball does still exist. It does. Mean look at look at the teams that were the World Series Houston's the fourth biggest market in the United States glorious Los Angeles market number two. It was big market all over baseball. The cubs. In the playoffs. The Yankees. Every big markets did come up the teams spent the Red Sox people spend money still there. But there's still the Cleveland's of the world. Still the key at SeaWorld the world Dole's been on the money they were able to to to make it to the finish line but it's tough tough spot they Morse the top spot oval. Being favorites and people like we're in the moves stats held me it was moods. Bosworth Cain being favorites. But he may not be able resigned as a lot of times it didn't come down AM. It comes down the money. You forty built us up oh this organization up to World Series wondering. Because of players to be drafted players he developed the house and the moves make a little small trade for Lorenzo Cain sees this bore. Was staggering key. All those moves that we criticize draft picks and not working out Bubba starling word yet you're gonna miss initially based you're gonna miss but he hit. Ending it with a lot of guys. In that when the World Series with its old thing is you have to cash in when you have pitching against the royals went out and they cashed in. On on what they got you all got to celebrate. In worlds your championship coming up next we'll talk to dean Hughes. Former chiefs wide receiver I consider him the oldest she's what she green that we clearly isn't like calling that what the chiefs need to do. Forget about the giants and beat the bills this weekend all us in the next. Indeed people. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. She's here with you entirely pitched ordered. The podcast page sixteen sports a confidant and turn our attention. Former Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver George is each and every week little different time a little different time and place this week because the Thanksgiving tomorrow. His name is being news chiefs oldest living wide receiver with a bit of. We'll go online or call Ryan. Lake and even. Ball. Well from what it called we all thought you know you look at. But he is having people like will shoot back in the Olympics like gold is a true man bill list all the receivers that are older. Or. When you give your day in little over six and Sports Radio indeed in interesting week this week in. From a mindset perspective. Would you lose to a team lays out like they lost in the patriots Steelers with most of the giants. How do you get out of your mind and focus in on the Buffalo Bills and again the team struggling. But it team that can beat you any given week. If you look at. No look over the landscape. The chief law of the over the past few years they've all always seem to have that law under I would go back to my day. No we would. No the bottle bill will be. Green bay Packers and then moved to Chicago Bears that call I mean adult what was into the war that you look back at the end of the season. And shaking and I'm hoping. That the giant is the only one that we would do that for you reverend John in general play away from beating us here. RJ Cutler either fear in the past I mean last year against the Tennessee tight and then that the box. So I mean they're little old law. The emphasis but Andy Reid and the redevelopment schemes at you about not in not allowing the to have any kind of hangover effect. And that's the perfect game it's not like where that little three game road. Kind of street go where we're you know we're playing against the Steelers or. Hatred in that we probably not as good. For political team that we should be at thirteen that we lost two reasonable doubt. It when you look at this team AD either psyche we think they're thinking. We now or wait this thing Bjorkman team that was five mil. Or the team's four and five or they think their civil war in between but I don't think back to that team that just shocked everybody. Still working and little start there what we're doing that and try to replicate the look at the same time it's human there's not a blow up against one scene. Any of the players on the team but. A little before that plane ride from New York. Don't regard them not playing like that will probably look at around. And looked like almost got that install a complete now Milwaukee is. That how can you rather to allow himself to not block this guy our current we get kicked on on the lack. A lot of people on the side of the field I mean they're guys that it's human nature you wake up on the net after that phone call on stumble around like. Then there's the power the power ball well. And that that's unfortunate but you can't allow it like that week and a lot of the hangover. And still had to have some sort of competent in your body and that's going to be what's going to be key on the field because it's really about. Everybody again all we got at each other good luck Perot you've gotten hurt. Open ponds players thought the band together does it feel like. Saying and the media. Television critics all against them so I'm hoping that that's the case. What do you make of this after the game trip skills he said this about the office. Philadelphia game changer recovered to that we can be covered to pull from the run it past me and stroke. What do you make of that teams were in cover two we got to figure out a way to beat it. I mean is this the recipe for teams to beat the chiefs. That the direction. You want him to what the plan would give cover to you know remote Oprah. The title. So interesting that you would be the war. Though it. Bring that that would about cover tune now will disagree would serve no team just lined up and cover two all in long. And that brings up their commitment commerce where. Oh what you're probably saying weird. We have the opportunity to hurtful to cover two look at how you look for the public to look. There's work to tighten up the middle or the board between the quarters and actually use for the quarter that was flat but there. By that no part of on the it'll look at Tora. Of all the people work we'll talk about. Coverages than what we should do what we should do is the title and don't let the one coach you probably more open about it. If you collectively goes to prove he's the best I definitely gets the most yardage of me as though he's hundred yard games he's been killed lately. Is that there are terrorist Walid you do more with what Terry keel. Because the outset it's interesting in his comments other falcons quarterback situation demon with the Buffalo Bills because I think it does matter. And I was excited blanket heard rumblings earlier in the week it might be any computer man I don't deal well what happens that are would stadium when quarterbacks in the first start here. Yeah did they Pete definitely innate yet again Los Angeles was gonna be like this but Taylor. I feel gives in the best teams the with a guy's got a quarterback rating over ninety. Let the three touchdowns in Delhi that he's a guy with 275 rushing yards third mile element quarterbacks to me. This is the guy you diplomacy. Well well first plot targeted the coach how dumb murky. Just thought he Goodman in that situation I'm in Colorado and only on three interceptions yet the you know I haven't lit the world on as far as I'll let whatever saying that okay neat Peterman. We'll be able to replace in his you know first thought was replaced the pilot selling out there. With an injury. It's the fifth don't talk about a first rounder here you know. Yeah exactly so you are talking about it lit it up to the point where he was you know they want to let it. And Tyrod Taylor let's look down an injury. There's no win the world the team they'll shut in or near me behind move to England patriots whoever. Votes so bill if there. You mentioned that there were in the playoff and yet there you ever heard. A coach. Shuttling in and new quarterback in that scenario. Would play a lot of them a lot of if you. Well now hovering at all the rubble that would love to think that human in that game you can change course that wouldn't let. Impala pillar that was given that. Way to win the common here to silenced the crowd because he's mobile. Because he can throw the ball down you know the deal with all fortunately well. And now that a little bit of a chip on the shoulder. Because there's no better slap in the days. The Shawmut server then to come out here and throw for 300 plus yards and three or four touchdowns. And then just it will be flour that the folding a map in Gainesville there's a lot of them that are for buffalo and that. And defense to be able come out jeans and rock of the defense and been. Or as well. Not to its initial playoff picture because you know what. Teams that are 500 still in there you that this the sixty is the ravens are five and five so that backs are against the war. Any thing Dina did the cheeks what is their back gonna be and so walls is one of those games. I don't we don't throw the word must win does not a must win six and four still two game lead so you cannot say it's a must win for the chiefs. But for the bills candidates. You know that they're testing the battle against the wall we've seen teams play that she's at the backs against the wall that she did she said the mentality like the bills they're backs against the wall to. Absolutely achieved that he did that there must win game. I hardly ever trademarked went into early in the season we bought we more each day what you get into the double digit. Then there are console you can go out on the web and flip the mosque where conflict that now. Not because of the playoff picture not because 605 wouldn't be a bad situation it's more. Because. The fact that you lost for the last spot and now you're coming into your home field. And you've got an opportunity. To break break things ensure your whole thing and you all day. What kind of seeing really off when the crowd noise all around when everybody. Coming to the game because they're visiting family for Thanksgiving. This is your opportunity this week your client that's truly the number one team if you work. And of viable play all these different where you can get excited. About playing for your playoff pick it. That's good that's what they're the most in the optical bending. Will play off implications but because of the mine. And we've had a we would prolong. We went to a low to the chief kingdom but now we're. It's actually say that if you're the first person I've heard say that you don't usually throw that term. A must win some that the you don't do I would love to do showed NN. And you in go to WGR in buffalo in due to show. And if people call in about not drafting Watson Holmes we'd get these quarterback problems. I would love to take calls on that buffalo. You know it's probably regretting. The fact that they looked over. Pat ball home and shot Watson and you know what and they are going to be some them seeing that. Other. He had a better situation with what they have showing that encouragement and competent than what he what Tyrod Taylor who would have thought that it would look at this. Kind of scrutiny. Not the last year he bought also a very solid quarter that was huge upside. I think that gave away you know give it a little weapon. They're reluctant gone and you know and certainly it. Talk for them to make the plays downfield but he's still a threat pollution worst quarterback element here because. It killed wounded humans they today that can be good news certainly opens walks the show McCord we've got to find a way to stop him final thing for a long. Speak at buffalo Reggie Redmond who was drafted he felt the bills or get the price she got tired of first round than largely award that. He didn't fit the schemes at 34 guy. They switched to a 43 Rex Ryan guy. Eight pro football focus had an as the third greeted inside linebacker in this last week I thought he played well I think it's going under talked about there is a crucial goal and situation. Wasn't in there the inside linebackers Reggie regular PPL I mean they're. They're gradually make that switch given Reggie got those primetime a short yardage plays linebacker. It's Smart to on the you have to start thinking about what about the next. There's not a huge knot. To Derek Johnson daughter of outstanding job was also had the same situation would solve all the who's going to be that person they drafted before it hadn't been in the situation where they'd let it pop linebacker. So boring in and replace foreplay aside all war. Are from Derrick Johnson world would you let little easier out of the knock against tournament in the past you've sent. But he has been stellar against the run and he can be a viable linebacker. To beat a one stop. So what better way let's listen. In training camps and OT AG go about the opportunity this year people do what you gonna do full speed so. The only way you can do on that in the fire or done a nice job so far. Unlike the packaging and then I'm sure Andy reader to explain to Derrick Johnson. You know how those packages are diminished. But that includes Smart for the future. Didn't use every Thanksgiving to you you're fairly tomorrow dean and he enjoyed it's been fun has been good talking football to talk to you next week oh by the way. An Olympic chiefs of the bills close quarters this. Geez get on track and wall mount. Kind of the electric that your point order certain that for thirteen part within we're not going to be your blow out of this somewhere between. Smart football be played by the achieved in the gulf and about the win but I do guarantee. There will do so more political passively on assault breach and love inside. Which has stoked interception. Economical for the seeing more vertical game get back to what we did in the first so after being given well. Over all doctor. Our idea and well we'll talk to you and actually figure much you know didn't use he joins us each and every week give us that day and called it a must win. And it does that. He called this a must win game for the chiefs I think that's very interest in what we could do this every party because that's news to me. Some decided viewed Jethro remember real well it's yeah somebody would Jethro it's going Jethro we'll discuss that next Smith. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Some people in the right area of mobile safe. You probably wouldn't get her blocks along independence avenue it is strong and it thing. It's black anything that make your eyes water. And news to me because typically it is news to me. It took us. And you basically. And hours ago it was because we've always been extremely pleased to change. Think we're behind the and really get through this. Or charging coming up ten minutes from right now 1 o'clock this famous rosters that. Week what is twelve school so. Were stunned by it and went in Thanksgiving tomorrow. And has from the Washington Post. This man dubbed is about to launch himself in his home made rockets. To prove the earth is lax. You're like check. Seeking to prove that the earth is flat California man intends to launch himself. 1800. Feet high on Saturday and rocket he built from scrap metal. Mike's views as the gentleman Naimi says his journey will mark the first phase of its flat earth space program. Uses open ago goal is a subsequent launch later this for earlier I guess early next year. That puts him miles above the earth. Where he by the way he's 61 year old limousine driver hopes to photograph. Roof. At the earth is in fact they flat disk that we all live on staying. This will quote shocked the dole work on this ball earth. Hughes and not totally unproven engineer Jake he doesn't have or be has set a Guinness world record in 2002. For a limousine jump. And he's been building rockets for several years in fact one attempt at a rocket into refuse being drug on the remains of rocket suffering injuries that. And named walker for two weeks use does promise. He flat earth community. He does promise to be flat earth do you even expose the conspiracy. With his steam powered rockets that will launch remain heavily modified mobile oil and allow reached expected speeds of up to 500 miles. Clearance. I don't see anything wrong this is during the middle of the desert like if you'll excuse me in the steam powered rocket power in the middle doesn't apparently that's. That's why she's literally the last time he did this at home built rocket he was carried. From the remains the rock. He's been two weeks and walk Willies when it was only poor month. And what he's doing a mile time. This is straight edge of revoking man. History out of Beverly Hillbillies divided the lodged itself for food and I'll like 2580. Some of those critical perhaps the wild side. Just grows we seem so something nationals didn't matter what was streets yet. But only rock for what to do this Saturday. And Saturday. Percent machines he lives columns. I wanted it like 30% he lives. At a lower. You think he's gonna die on Saturday. 61 years old so do this themselves. Although I guess he's launched his limousine jumped much safer he fancies himself an evil Knievel made a screen seems so that is inning. Played men's league baseball in his oval or members. He comes and oddly here on rosenhaus were sellouts the same thing it's pretty close I mean this is essentially break it. Headline this out of Atlanta woman giving FaceBook prayer meeting passes out this saved by audience. This audio out courtesy of WSB. TV. In Atlanta. I would be different now from my enough Ukraine but the audience on FaceBook live ended up helping save Francine sins gates are convinced him more. It was a leading her daily or service on FaceBook lie in November 10. Kind of leaning hardly ever right now I do need you to basically. When she suddenly passed out. She regained consciousness and asked her legally blind autistic adult son for help when he was unable to. A neighbor watching saw what happened in Colgate starter. My question was always me and she's fast that was you don't. Thanks for shears the neighbor to call the leasing office. The leasing agent quickly arriving call 911. Doctors say gates blood pressure was sky high and she had blood clots. Mecca from home. They're taking a nap and here she is thankful for the neighbor who called in for FaceBook as an awful lot of good stuff going on my. Yeah. First off tip of the cap to FaceBook live the people not a city mayor and doing nothing phenomenal woman passed out. Some help I can't be the only juror. Who laughs and I heard. It I ideas. I don't know why. It did launch of the rocket to space applied to that's and he should face a quiet this crap. It journalists at nickel and I don't do anything about him having a wife Bernadine some assuming there's no eyes and you go right back to. Jethro Bodine in the oval rock and it was pleased filled out that that will. A whole. Run and I kind of peaceful lives that's what she's games because. Both that was the best shape they've released situation will choke and at buffalo Winger something and a basement levels it's been. You think people would say view if you were on. FaceBook live in past good to excellent when but I think FaceBook I mean then ninety you're getting a little inebriated on face but nobody bothered to step up and save and I don't know as you know we knew re required it's more like that week of Fuller by the quiet my wife was encouraging me to go over there she taught you about future gas fired a man's trash on the six it's the he gets a bit and I just finally passed out and a lightweight and that's illusory that essentially your phone just fell on the ground and edited the battery died. It was. It was a good and they like cloverfield those were the given up next we talk to each and every week in bulls pulled sure she will talk about who starred who sit in with sleepers might be this week George. I'll leave them. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.