11/22 - 1 pm - The Home Stretch

The Day Shift
Wednesday, November 22nd

In the final hour of the show, we get our lineups set for week 12 with fantasy football guru Paul Charchian. Plus, we dive into our Chiefs Storylines, how short is teh QB leash, and Bink pokes fun at Fanning. 


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You can do little hills with your fantasy Tia dean of youngsters who drive music rewriting records that. I don't know what you're doing that. One particular source within a year that some more than others what to expect rock diva receivers dropped the good defense and kicker. And that's the goal. You know I am president of the fantasy sports trade association I don't know I have put the but fantasy sports hall of Famer kind of a big pizza full charge she didn't. Looking forward charts here. Just seconds talk about a lot of different things around unifil had a lot of questions. One poll charts and force. He nastiness converting it took literally stadium. This weekend for a dad especially. Needs to get off the snide Jordan is now safe dot com they involve I've come he won in home. Paul charge you charge maybe Thanksgiving user. Every Thanksgiving deal I'm excited about doing that it was 100% great football mind. We appreciate it church. We appreciate it hitters for the next few. Now I can abduct her quote we are also a cheap shot out here. He brought T Rex I guess eight K yes and Joes barbecue and I'd probably even rookie forward. As well sweet butter than it was in Kansas City barbecue church start that is that I am curious about this is selfish question for me but. I am curious you're scoring hawk who needs to get on this night. Buffalo Bills defense give of 194 of the jets too and Eddie to the saints a 146 last week against the chargers. Struggling run defense in India LeSean McCoy and the other side going into struggling run defense as well this is engaged in running big game. Legal guardian Lambert who underperform and back going up against other higher net. It worked out there for a horse and number that beat Jack or. Wait wait. Let me nothing against the on track but it would if you were there on over the last three games you wait a minute. That I would note that certainly I might add but a look at what's your. Over the last three weeks the jaguars since September 29 against Iran. Number one beginning at 42 yards for. 42. That that is the difference that the mark but there treatment finally bought clothes but few. Upload giving him 205. Yards to running back since the trade Jackson giving up 42. That you need it it's hard to define victory that looking any worse. And that's not what would the bill like organizational decision. It. Always. Yeah I don't know I don't know I don't we don't symbols is impressive disease and you keep things go on but they have. I talked to a guy from buffalo did they charge. Aren't Simon on his radio out there talk about this game and I said. Are your experience you have gone from Peter men and back to Taylor you could have had Watson Orwell. About me what do you guys think NB it's they don't really think right now they have Reggie Greg when you're ready to board up last week so I don't know. Yeah at it's terrible but I I can quite do I'll you what what the pure disaster unfold throughout the corporal 126 tall dark last week. He's put up 120. Hobble our last game should teach art when you get a lot. Of the. Given. The one making great Q according to squad might not not told that give you struck back reception at all so. You can court walker to Goodyear and with some teams by. It's still it's still a game back that will probably be out be one of the ground now on Tuesday. What I was on. You know when that was on the morning show or get that morning show. We're talking about my crazy maneuver. I got a couple of weeks ago that he and two quarterbacks. As you up on efforts. You know what if you cut it into something I'm looking at the play out is that what you thought it oval opponents in the playoffs and to find out. And you never know that we typically view and they won't stop you think. You think there's any scenario here where Andy reaches a level of desperation that he'd done the unthinkable for him and make fetching. If they dropped the bills in the jets'. Think that the 66 I think so but until then I don't think they do. I was out. That's kind of what I it would it would couple more and I thought I ought it. Eight and you have enough interest in what did you write about marshaled ours and I haven't seen Tommy trades they actually work on the NFL that worked out. A ton as far as that trade is concerned charge anybody in the waiver wire who can help in this he owner is we owners as we don't know the playoffs. Yeah I'd that the guy I would imagine that is not only good for this coming week rally in the lot. He also good for the playoffs and he's available in all opinions. Either dump on her out of Edinburgh and I felt he. And he's available. In your league in all probability. That marquee group of the 49ers. The declining now for this week. The reason I like him. Is he goes up against the Seattle defense about literature in camp so in the and there are going to be probably like I can't. All crowd self. I like all that marquee. I'm in the playoffs was that sweet sixteen. I'll start the fourteenth Berkley your principal at Houston there are twenty and passing yards allowed per perhaps that's out. Then that we kept that in its last week fifty stomach that's like fine. Hennessy milking the clock or what you could scores in the probably not at the start or the quicker that helped put you might make it in the plant when Apatow. Or maybe Jack or something. This is the god significant goal kicker mark he's got it right now it's even playing. This week if you YouTube or to hold for well those key matchup so slow it. Chart stayed in the AFC west some interest in news communities west of course readers going different defensive coordinator. Packed in the lynch it's the start Denver. In musgrave was promoted to office coordinator the same guy who was running the raiders offense last year and did a great job until they made it switched Todd downing this year. But his bag yet been made yet mustered a very good offensive coordinator in get this quarterback packed the pledged his help or hurt the Denver offense. Can you remember a time when access to that with that. Or Eddie Sutton and we're eighteenth here at coordinator another huge fighter coordinator in the play each other day. It's weird how it Denver at the fire in Europe and the corporate raiders player as a coordinator at each other. The advantage for sure because you don't need for action lynch. It's not like the blog goes. They'll be linked to the best quarterback officers to get because that yeah and I can cobble it will wind. Really unsteady in his outing lack there yeah ever harder to secure for game that it an attempt at well. Don't quote he's getting better each corner but the problem is. He's a potential perjury quote him he can't get basically only a couple weeks practicing the art you know crack. Or what happened. He definitely theory on ready for the record heat have terrible may be put together big pack up and put it in this great part out of surprise then they don't want Epoch whatever craters is back but. I think they're more likely scenario here that would have bet this weekend. Another gate charge that that really broke out had a nice game last week. Look this guy coming out of the draft and Oklahoma's the minds of 970. Yards last week is this somebody that can help people power through the playoffs. Oh god yes I until until the peculiar to rocket he can't count I arc and that's what he. Way. Split backfield and we don't Jake wrote it was his puncher runner but only to the joint criminal one. Actually act now goes for you right and you need to pick it ought to counts interceptions as well as we get out. Egypt Powell did a good thing twenty that's 117 yards and score last week got the iPad. He looked a lot better than the virtual. It. He's not fumbling the ball in the schedule very favorable Morse who let the weight. Were directed the play may hardest schedule in the in the NFL this point it's even you know our current code that we get the bad guy excellent sense. He's going number cab of a percent and right now. Charged woods it was slick the grant will I be either charged. Chart. Oh yeah we lost your Tuesday either okay we'll start braves for second. Robert Woods out early for a couple of weeks we'll see me Watkins finally emerged for the team. You know I think bill OK I'll go. Level because you get that brief glimpse of the ball well where he was healthy and better quarterback who could sort spiral. And in those situations people really collect. You're the joint program to deputies to deductions for people with with our what else. Epic seven part it. Seven or booklet and dramatically any blocking. Oh don't feel because what that act on it corrupt deal. You know we don't we don't I don't feel threatened that ought to look up at the top you'll die off without you guys with his replacement. Ferrell who were not that I dealt. And market gonna be doubt the threat in this week's opponent and not at our shop is that the huge block potential rookie you're. And unfortunately a lot of support it go I really like and lock it. They he's back in the conversation each week charge she gives a sleeper quarterback. Running back in wide receiver. Aren't big marquee government report receiver got the quarterback Jacoby per. Well but they'll be restricting it to get immediate after the ear and our. It allowed 21. Passing touchdowns second most in the we enter one defense is great. And. Call one anyway so awful but often simple surgical we present our. He I'd like him in this matchup a lot of thought they Booker goes up against Oakland he might you keep running back play. Now if we don't approach or what the what's it going to do with this chronic back but. Just last week seeking have a caught with awful in the game and spoke a little more acute this person. And the Oakland is not good run defense and they're they're Vatican or the value to our backs catch the ball well they allowed it back to stop at the lack of self. They're there's a lot like what about people record it. Great stuff charge big Thanksgiving plate is tomorrow. Well Henry try that try to come over on the lock the door. And apple. Is gonna tax. From privacy stuff from your house to guarantee it. Doctor aren't exactly exactly what you know economic welcoming and get it over for Thanksgiving still waiting arms. We have found that it knows that and so you know we have outlets will be higher on. Any pride brought it home put him and his fridge and save them for like two months would you please please order. Yeah you bet that that either he would order. Thank you my friend a great holiday. Great stuff charge leasing of dot com the nimble dot com excellent search. You know church right there are good stuff from Paul church you don't forget. Each and every Sunday at 9 AMP and it payables fantasy football Sunday present about Bud Light. Bidding nicely good I think is asking on Twitter. Poor Finnessey question bin mullah aunt Betty nice he will answer your questions and I think sixth and actually some question. As well about a quarterback not a complaint but. Your response from that video and now what's it been a bit and then once you wanted and then a follow up I yen thing. Does review ordered them. No but I like about a broad yen will be ones and I know am I don't know. At this late I don't know I don't know much volumes below a million knowledge is limited very limited very limited. The image Henry still Koreans. I really cooked already. A weekly did you say that and indeed these Stuckey and welcomed when that was our big take the bull with them as well. A lot of questions there to look up. Or to people go sweet potato over yam what I there's no difference right Henry steals GM's dislike you awards beer pride in his first three months and then Xena. In any figure gift cards about some ribs and with the Minnesota of you know analyst David food doesn't keep that on the refrigerator. Four days in the news or bacteria. Really. Prepared. Than the new. Did not know we duties every week usually on Friday Good Friday. You can listen Miami Pittsburgh during his time slot on Friday be notably not in Miami stay undefeated. We'll find out no I didn't do the programming this program or some deals that would need to audit. And it's clearly a move that would make. Yeah I think broad they're wondering I'm not their little game gonna put on but anyway. Not gonna do so I didn't program the muffle all the people were gonna do next. She storyline there's every week she story. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio. What we don't find different motivations and are alive. Rim accounts he's read the headline though. During the break certainly. Motivation for team. You were generally in your direction here. You know what it is fair for me was doing for me about it. You EA FA for you we FA. Champions league soccer on record of that stuff. Either way. So Venus coach apparently were downed at halftime by three goals. There's now a story circulating that their manager at halftime. Shared with this team. But he had been diagnosed with cancer. The team and rallied around that. Overcame a three goal deficit. Can woman and they have that kind of information would shared at halftime this week and this year. The work. It worked. We normally uses each Friday we did she story lines for the weekend. Are still getting over the fact that that's what you route. Being that we saw McKenzie she's doing around that are buried here the coaches witchcraft as a you know what have a good time to do it just wasn't like it. At halftime saying. Just incredible that is there. Just told that for me if I don't resembles a bank to restore. You blow the whistle means I stuffed dog. But surely it's system we out worked down on I was second adopted home. And has not gone over. Doctor enough. Ali and stuff but Vincent's. And off there was dying side. Let's pick up that she softens mentally whether it's been a lack of touches. Or run blocking good defense. Or a combination of all three green hunt just hasn't really been. Effective. Over the one in four straight for the chiefs he hasn't seen the end zone since week three. In LA. The royals were still playing baseball certainly series. After putting up 100 or more all purpose yards and seven straight games he's posted gains of 68. 61. And 77. Yards in the past the we will Corey not actually have an impact. On Sunday's game. Mean he has to. I think stated each and every week this week cream hunt game. Three months time to shine terrible giants run defense and expect more didn't have the 73 yards only eighteen hearings of course couple those called back. But you look he has not had a hundred yard gain in the last five games you'd go back to Houston game. October 8 he's over a hundred yards in your right he has not scored a touchdown since September 24. Against the sharks we keep seeing this I truly think this needs to be about the boy in prima. Beta single charge of these guys to enforce rankings this week makes it Tennyson's. Sort out Smith for a second day Alex come back to earth a bit of heat bills defense might actually be. The cure for what's failed in not only are they ninth in the NFL in passing yards allowed per game. Across the 29 in the league in sacked only give up a lot of yards and they don't get to be quarterback. I kids. And now return to his early season in beef. He formed the Simon you hope that the giants have lousy defense as well but the but the here's where the Buffalo Bills running. Point that the total defense 2.4 against the run 24 against the path. They connected to the quarterback either. Only they're they're fifteenth in the NFL. She's between ninety unifil force quarterback sacks they don't get there but I think this will be announcement into the creek home runs successfully. Agreement is your read those bets now while it's been the big deal generates its overnight. As the voice and I kids and for those kids again I sell it still on the glass as a reflection of the children. I was old after forensic analyst and a fans and building despite all the other things that the bills' defense is bad at. Have a good or force one over the past three games but this ought to give you an idea how good they were. Over the season's first what 78 games I foresee league best fourteen fumbles. More recovered seven of those but still fourteen basked in the NFL eleven interceptions that's good for seventh in the NFL. She's coming off of eight to turn over game Alex Smith had three turnovers are three interceptions sorry. In the past two games turnovers affect the chiefs. This coming Sunday. I would hope not right both was very good at buffalo state plus five chiefs are seven of the top ten. In the NFL buffalo at. I first there interceptions but he Biederman and they'd be severe plus imam here they took hit last week yes. Very opportunistic defense they will take advantage of mistakes by the office both leading them down that both these teams chiefs and bills. Very good return them you know what happened when the chiefs take advantage of weaknesses and the raiders. I I see him in there it's pretty dirty clothes and field championship. A couple of the bill's real quick before we circled back to the Kansas City Chiefs. I don't know about you. Absolutely dominating this game. They're gonna have to teach is at its history. Of given a hundred yards rushing performances. To different teams you look at what teams have run against this team every single team don't want. His run for a hundred yards against the chiefs diligently work with the daily rate for eighty hours. But eighth roll 400 yards against the cheese but it is concerning that every team they played his over a hundred yards rushing. And I don't expect that the stop this week in the again win despite the Sean Cole. He scares me though. He doesn't scares the be Jesus out of me. It's us. Tyrod Taylor is the quarterback for the bills again case you've missed the N news throughout the day Tyrod Taylor. Shockingly was named the starter over Nathan Peter and heir to the. Tyrod is actually third in the NFL in rushing yards by a quarterback hey now it's. Exactly topped apple league when it comes to passing yards but he's not too shabby at that I don't. With the chiefs rough struggles. Against the run. Well his scrambling. For the cheeks. Yet it's you really at the constitutional law. They kept. Z under a hundred yards nine victory. The problem is as the team needs the rain for over a 130 yards in she should get a hundred yards every single in the here. Except for the raiders and I didn't give a hundred but a bigger performances. But you still give up the yardage yes Tyrod Taylor. We averages almost yards per carry this year 275. Yards rushing only in new Russell Wilson of more rushing yards from the quarterback position. But that does concern me by the way to show once and still look before. He would be really play it's a good job Watson was earlier this season nets but he still Chris occurring. Among the Texans and they held seek to 93. What's that. So that helps me read as being in the green for a hundred yards and 31 of them there and listen and listen. Listen by the late 2015 outs. The sports media onerous yards from the quarterback and I have a mighty have fallen. Yeah I don't care that the human out of your seat that you're a hundred yards total for the team that's Baghdad. Let's talk chiefs' offense once again. This is trademark revenues and anyway he's been a beast mode past four games he's been targeted 38 times. Falling in 26 of them for 348. Yards. And three lovely TDs or somebody finally cover Travis healthy this weekend. No one of the day but he's doing what if you thought about it. We cover too. It's easy playing a virtual yes it's from cover to because he's the tide it over to teller he's been excelling. But I think teams that played Jesus way it will trips skills eat. Just stop for months zealots but workable idea outside of there and win the cover two killers sounds like a serial killer movie you absolutely watch. Yes. My back and forth project. Final won euphoria and just keep this short and sweet because we're all sick and tired of this brat all the gimmicky plays finally be done for the Kansas City Chiefs. We all love doing who's hungry pig right now when you got Tyreke hill and Travis LC thrown picks now not so. NASA you anymore yet the fun and kill would connected and get a touchdown pass their. Travis Kelsey. Didn't big time passed on the field them but. I don't think it's dead. I think it goes dormant for a couple weeks I think in Reid holds these tricks that it's the playoffs when he absolutely has to have them. The gimmick plays are not done with the need to cool off on his giants read every single one they tried. The giants didn't bet is that it is. They've read it's Easter place. Then. Not very good actress play doesn't trick anybody isn't. That's correct my only other storyline I want announced this week in Jay will you be consuming a gravy shape. Good chance of it. She's Leo what happens when nobody leaves this debris left. You take this for all you put it degree turnaround of the big injury to greet you shake. You don't legitimately do that are like SS on the use you do. About it. But you're gonna die and bandits until you're fifty it's an open. You're mid forty's right now aren't yet. I am it's not to say I mean you do all of apart or any injuries to her. Throat hospital bed the most. And tomorrow like that but the electricity that rocket. They greedy she is my Iraq. Okay. That's what street it is to oblivion. As well that she storyline that Jennifer is going injury gravy shake your fat bastard. Hit a column that'll keep my third current drinking gravy through sprawl all bring you know let's face or that I. Drinking grey V through a straw as a fat move regardless of figure skating it's what you could be a 115. Pounds and seven foot tall. If you're drinking gravy through a straw your fat. Big head coach doesn't. If you read it yet. I don't know if Andy's. Like I'll be here for these. I'm a little over half today. Arguably what I might do about it. He's church has got to that's gravy on top of things like a normal human being there's no way believes that completely completely come in the work the next day. Delayed. He's hit some tension gets stressed he's also worked primarily due to get out of that that Turkey they've been great if you're a guy. The leash in the big story this week and homes are Smith. I'll give you my thoughts next. Sixty institute. Cool at Ole Ole hole. I mean wow and. Very happy Thanksgiving you're pretty dress and around when your destination. For me and I'll be doing. We since you Bershard about the fumble missed you've JFK anniversary today. And I know those actually government today yup in and of course you have something else well it very celebratory period before the journey deal. Jonny Gomes whose birthday Cincinnati Reds let us know if repeated former reds outfielder Johnny he'll. Thanks to Kevin book. At Booker. It's very clean shows a formal. Things could change. It. Doctorates in an earlier 11 o'clock on the podcast page. Six kids boards that comes great stuff rich and nice inside. Also gets to be more studio litter box office when Mike Welch. From earlier today as well what we do. With pat homes and out Smith. You guys know my feelings on that hole. Mourned chiefs trade wouldn't be code to get the mayor's quarterback. Was a big fan of that. And I loved did the pre season but considerate afterwards even when he connected with the Marcus Robinson three for 127 of four pre season game. Despite teammates jumping all around and it go all may have did you see that reconnect paths they did that. The reaction from the teammates is priceless. He turns heads and practice or about this makes plays that are expected. But I still say you have to stay beats the woman brought you which is Alex Smith down immaculate seasonal tank. You take your business against the bills you take care business against the jets. Which I did big east teams who does give you cheese let's competition. But clearly it would and the giants beat clearly well everything is off the table as far as that's running but he needs strong performances. For himself. Like Alex Smith needs to be the guy easy re wrote the record books on him. The game manager all those connotations. Or washed away with Alex Smith at the beginning of the year it was kind of it's a real moment. Guided turn it around his twelve year career. From just changed the label almost overnight he was making plays at 300 yards in three different games this year is never done more than once in a season. He flipped the narrative which we rarely see professional athletes do. But Alex did that debt but it gave you can't waste the way the whole season either. Zach I think of this and I again and keep Alex with the quarterback. Give a couple more games go up there because he's been the guy he's been taken a one stamps the team is rally around a mean Reid said from day one as a quarterback. And you have to be able to rally regular quarterback. This nightmare that the bills did last week switched to a Pittsburgh underneath the Peter and when they get Tyrod Taylor it and go crawling back Tyrod Taylor come back in the game. In any storms. This week against the team city chiefs. You got a rally ranger guy so why would that I'm also with increasing his values do you get something for Alex and not only do you get trade bait but you also get seventeen million dollars up your books in the Timor Patrick Holmes. Next year which I'm a 100%. On board wit. But I don't rule out switching right now. It can really mess with the team's psyche again. You look at the numbers in Alex this number or somebody that you bitch. Look at his quarterback radius touchdown interception ratio it's one of the best goalie that's what he's done that means the winds on the board is ultimately. That's what matters in professional football can you win or not. But you look at his quarterback rating. In the top three quarterbacks the NFL to include Smith. Tom Brady 110 point nine quarterback rating. Alex and at 107 point six. Drew Brees moral four point three in their score some winds of 103 point four hell even heard Roger before he got hurt a 103. But there was Alex Smith he's right there. So we've heard from David Carr we are all these people nationally would they say Smit from Holmes I've changed this Rich Gannon weekly guess we'll show. Which direction he goes Smith or my home. You look at how he's Serb eighteen touchdowns and three pick. Quarterback rating over 407. And it completeness of the 7% of the total I don't know what more. You have any idea I get a grip the quarterback he'd make it difficult you know and everybody does you know but not the wake of two things war. The truck and can achieve global it out with three you'll boot ballgame he turned the ball over. And that he would shoot them I think you'll like it change. But that's not the issue and the other part of that is already all your decree law look at the creepy the current news on your mind. The regular season of their he's our leader for. And your. Provoked the September October. Or November or vote and get some practice and so that they could throw him out there. Really important grateful. I think he's the right thing that you could play I think it's important not to overreact. The bottom line is that you don't watch the tape. You figured out played well in the last couple and can make a couple more worried couple but it didn't click that Berkshire. But he he he got incredible work require clear cut and the first day in defeat and he's the area were always good at and I think he drove the ball better on the field this year I would Mexican. He stole the ball better on the field lies written quarterbacks went believable being but he didn't give me many opportunities to do it. In I think debt is what will open up the running lanes for remarked I think those two actually play well off of each other. When Alex Smith was doing well cream was out doing well Smith looking better. But again you know taken phone calls after the game it it is a quick knee jerk reaction when you go back and look at some plays that drive you crazy. Wide open wide receivers Alex in the takes its act he does make some things he needs the works its. But I do think you give him a couple more games before you make the switch to baton homes which switched you gotta stay switch Q do with the bills are doing. But going Peter Manning go back I read daily Kiki do an ad in the NFL quarterbacks want to be switched me to switch but you gotta be sure that you want to switch. I go back Ned Yost when he makes it changed the lineup or close what he does he thinks about the switch he wants to make. Any blitzing we play out from Bobby Cox Atlanta settings Greek philosophy. It keeps you away for making knee jerk reaction. Maybe in life may be in business you think you wanna do some let it play out a week before you do vehicles differed so I give it two weeks. For Alex Smith. There's I think the pat alms. Has pushed him a little bit I think he didn't training camp but he cheats store CLX but it associates. Him have a pick. But when the ball down the field that a shovel pass that gets picked off a snake shares. I would rather see that is good things can happen when he toed on the field team meetings as well he would vote on the field good things why he might get a pass interference. You can't do good things we're going on the field in I think that it opens of the running lanes I think when you go back to Houston Texans games Indy Reid talked. After the game that following week bookings make an adjustment in the running. And I think teams salt they were caught off guard by how good cream hall was at the beginning of the year and by the way he still the second leading rusher in the NFL. Only Bartley beyond bell. Put teams focused on stopping the run. This is a lot like whistle when Alex Smith had Jamaal Charles. Teams said hey we gotta stop Jamaal Charles it was number one thing when coaches talk during the week we got to stop this guy let's force Alex in the beach. The good loses early in the season teams were forcing Alex but to beat him in your forties do what he was beaten them. It is still or three yards he was dropped the ball a dime over the top. Date that's what it was doing teams we're challenging that Alex would beat him any winner and did. Teams right now challenging Alex Smith beat them. He needs to go back to that guy Dick can be. If you're going to give it that you're gonna be disrespectful. And forced me to beat you down the field it's little load in the box would they be in France stopped cream on the running game. Make them hey that's our notes that there's a deal he's got he's got to get back that in the changed benefit as well. Trade bait not only that you seventy million off the books. Because my homes. Would bring a different philosophy. He's a guy that will challenge you date. And I think going forward Fremont sells because of Patrick Holmes always the threat. Did you stack the box against him he's got a TJ it's he's gonna dude on the field on grass if he's going to be each. And I think that's what he brings the table the element of surprise deal moaned deep ball. I think it's a guy it's a good luxury to have if Alex Smith goes down you decide to make the switch your regular switched your future which is that your normal. But at this point. I'm still saying you keep Alex Smith in the give it two weeks you do is Ned Yost philosophy how does he perform what's he do against the bills against the lousy pass defense. And you see but he does against the jets. Before you make any decisions being can't be six and six that status quo. His last year you Alex Smith in the playoffs you before Alex Smith what was your biggest problem because. Because we're reason we thought geez go to Super Bowl this is Alex Smith was change got. That's got to be the common denominator but she's the one in the playoffs he must play like he did at the beginning of the season. Coming up next rant I give your final thoughts what's gonna happen this weekend between the chiefs and the bills and we might Jack ran out orbit. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. Well yeah. Right look out at you. With you can relate. Back on Monday much of the show do you think the show could do in that voice. But here it. You'll three hours. Richmond. When this thing and gave me. As we salute you Verlander is Paul your Wednesday and then it. But what is it. What's the weather forecast for Sunday at C. There's a we're going. 41 to. Let's Chicago finally like if you. Don't own the stuff. That weather gives city. To play Arizona who is mr. no game and do it wasn't doable other does because Michael is the weather station again the weather and time. Whether it's like you should like political guy. Whether or sit her. The health of the flick of the degree sixty degrees it was fame with the same age actually your older. It's a fact. We deal on what program we deal what. Being side trumped up conspiracies. And agendas yeah that's what we deal and what did you make of it like what's the point you asked failing to come. The best thing is that Vegas you can generally well liked it goes like you write with well. Nice that is that's not really. Doesn't really make it on the committee are usury said with a yes yeah. I definitely committed Hewitt says that with Clinton. A good amount and yet what are you more. So much was Joseph you guys are they give them later yeah it'll Thanksgiving situation. Soccer. Draft again I can't tell you sentiment ineptitude on. So it kills me you like Thanksgiving. Liking it. Felt like anything you've accounts there. The biggest stick in the mud you know violent episode at sponsor actually I think for him to help a lot more fun and you think become mortal deal builds mostly a lie. Tax the last time the blue jeans and basically lets off like he's like this. You know happy go lock feel like I'm gonna go just tanked Beers and invited the Al through its gonna go home to you don't have my wife you know a few subjects are. He came. Notepad at you and he goes and he and hit him with a Yankee accurately and he he would do this like two year old little boy. So like for most it was great and goods like old angry person. It's pinky as well here but it. What's that was funny that climate of what is this epic. Flooding is banning. Six a so called little. That you are a little beer though these are there are moments you walk. You can't be. Right now. I won't be at least four times that we are in there. We think in this weekend mr. McGregor that features deeper. I brag about the raiders cheese and forever to take that game correctly they by the way did you bother to tell anybody that I picked the giants to beat the chiefs. He didn't you knew this was before I. Add to be in the delivery man and wife excuse me to be glad you remember us last I'm not gonna take credit for it you'll remember and I'm just asking you if you bothered to tell anybody out of my accurately called did you did you get shellacked by a bad deeds we do promote golf course I completely nailed it shall I eluded him that we dropped your organs of the on the golf course we know this show out there didn't start even summon. Three degrees. Tomorrow that's when you're in theory if it. I'm glad we have Brad commend this is your peanuts but he says the it's almost like we had nothing planned for the Los Angeles. Didn't know we did edged. You didn't do. Lastly I'd rather short ties into on this heating on the road because I think he did not be enough. Do you see this week email we just got from the side ghost. Keys rail will be giving away at the eco ninth ultimate Christmas. Parties then. You can be myself yet to obsess about now about that for the ambiance in need an elf yeah. Top I'll be it is to socialist but I'll do well where are you gonna let people set on your lap. Well within reason we'd trouble. Market to possibly get in trouble for it will be my top ill. I agree to possibly get she would trouble me chief elf like that an elf. What trouble comes from having somebody sit on your lack. What things are going to these Ryan Reynolds good idea. What you tell us owns Harvey Weinstein the near your god we just be careful what you don't I don't get it a bit off and sits in the chair next to me. People little me and Angel shot like yes in your four minutes they shift locks and salute. These guys back on. The situation. Will include. Meetings Renault. These people little both. Take pictures of the the text when people Anderson life. She laughs I'm really glad we did this all on prepared moment is great and I asked. Us to do you know it. We have four I mean if you want to dump trash talk about it show every day I have madame Kraft talked last Brad earlier this is that she's the crumbs are atop the re snack from -- is that a month October Cusick crumbs are phenomenal here's my top three no particular order promise no particular order she's crumbs or new and crumbs. Sprinkle ground the bottom of a thing when you don't like being in your mouth yeah. Well it runs like the crimes like those here real odds. It's pretty well but the sugar pack. The sugar water all the bottom. Up it's real it's that's it. In the bottom of the ship runs are digging for the province just saying that at some point he gets on the bag you have to across. We don't give you do who doesn't eat the chrome. Tell him and when you finish on the small bags a chips don't dump it in your may well down. The road back. I think operative. You to listen it and I'm not just in it. You know I think he played about Turkey and everything overrated. Though. It's getting guys I'd like anything that's not true. Yet that your Billiton and they are very well it's pretty obvious Christmas in the fourth tech went right there where it's always good with Villa of fireworks. Like Christmas little do buttery Ritz grounds move those are Andrea I sick and your crew Amir now. That is the crackers that are like. Your pictures on the rocky. Horror as. Crack. Drugs are all in the long John Silver from those are raising. It'll probably of those encounters as problems though. Believe he would image Thanksgiving socks beating these next. Ruffle the sour cream and cheddar and one's. Not so good and. It. Ted how Donald salt. Does have a great Thanksgiving and good big bowler is. A V.