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Tuesday, November 21st

Headlines Worth Talking About plus former Chiefs WR Danan Hughes joins the guys IN STUDIO to talk about the Chiefs & Thanksgiving dishes 


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It's talking about state pension display learned something yeah. Brought to my word Harley-Davidson north where Charlie Davidson has the largest selection of bikes to choose from. He missed any of our conversation about baker mayfield vs K youth from yesterday's show be sure to check out the full podcast aged six tenths or dot com specifically. B 9 o'clock hour yesterday when clean told you exactly what happened during that coin toss. In which Jeff Baker mayfield did not get a handshake from the KU football players but. It all led to a crotch grab a and now because mayfield or Heisman hopeful is not going to get the start on Saturday against West Virginia at home. On senior day is also not going to be captain and. He also cried yesterday when he found out the news and had talked about too with the media and you wonder to yourself to is this the indefinite suspension where he misses the first drive he misses the first series. And then he goes back out there plays look. I just yet guys said the best able to say yes at Augusta me I understand you got to send that message in and you're not gonna tolerate this kind of stuff he probably does deserve to be suspended for a little bit. But my god it's not like the world and here with crotch grab was it appropriate though but you know what he's a college kid you suspend him for a series of plays. And then you put him back out there and Hewlett team win the game is ultimately he gives you the best shot of winning. And you got to continue to win these games in order to get into the college football playoff. You're kind of deal with fire if you need a medal for more than one series. On Saturday for baker may feel this is actually get a B got a problem going forward because it's not just one incident right guy who may feel a lot of kind of a pattern of being. On disciplined little immature. Well the problem is. Now as I solve multiple ports yesterday about NFL GMs and NFL executives they are comparing him to Johnny Mann sell out well that's a that's that's a problem. And they look at the goal this guy reminds of its John and Denzel run around acting like a fool making. Made all these grandiose statements do all the stuff like there's going to be a I think a pretty solid amount of GM's were looking in that situation in going. I don't really need another Johnny B and sell Guile my scheme you know we we could probably go with somebody else saw yesterday people Weaver talked about baker mayfield fallen out of the first round well I except Cleveland I mean they they they will take baker mayfield and get very excited about it they're not that they not learn from taking John and ends up as a Cleveland ballot to point. But here's how I think. OK and we'll talk but this would pain him. I am beginning not beginning. I hated it for awhile now the automatic comparison in sports to somebody else all the time. You're comparing it to Johnny millions down because he's kind of a dumb so take it does that mean. That he's not gonna study the playbook learn the system try his ass off not take things for granted. Worked his tail off when he gets to the NFL II think because of some of the stuff that he does. Eighty you can say that. But you don't know if they may feel it's going to be Johnnie Mae and salad it'll baker mayfield going to be Alex Smith you know baker mayfield going to be Aaron Rodgers you just don't know what he's going to be at the NFL level. As he showed some tendencies that he's immature yes. But every college kid shows tendencies that they're immature if this kid can play football when he gets put into the right situation. Which I believe in the NFL save Cleveland would be the right situation I think he has opportunity to have success and I just think this accrediting like yours and saying there the next this that the next bat is an unfair stigma that we in the media and coaches and scouts love the dull. Are you reminds me of a light hitting Bo Jackson did beat. Look at the guy player not acting baker mayfield the. And that'll be the difference they don't dating to a diamond double play right exactly other issues. Dubbing him Playboy right and we finally semifinals but the attitude will cause some help they have yeah it was clear that he's still got to do your homework right now gotta talk to the guy that you're a man you just did that at 21 year old adult horses like who you really argue not going to be able to mature I mean you can find does that is that legitimate question this guy easier verses. John and Enzo who was not right. But I am so. You know you should presumably be a little more juror if I was bigger Macy that would just go they started that would be my specs. I'm sure that'll work grace. Now he would crying instead his yeah I dread that track and had a crying now I tightest appeared sob might find a hole I think the whole thing a little they comical because it is in the end just like a stupid gesture. And I think coaches I mean. Basically the they don't really care what we got the they're doing this you have to do is that the public write a public facade of a the coach just a brother and make this grandiose statement about honesty that bigger may just come out. It show pitcher every such garbage it really just just you know yeah I close seems like a rally's gonna be like I gotta do this man I'm going to choice do you think these big. Their release. Really just. Stuns baker Ridley can't be out there for the point flippant and be a captain this week no errors. I've got the title with a what I don't play coach Jack and a and a coach or be like you're gonna play the second series were to be done it to settle with the game just nonsense. Monday Night Football falcons hold on to beat the Seahawks 3431. Game of inches player Walsh's field goal attempt in the final seconds. Coming up just short Matt Ryan nineteen to 27 for a 195 yards in two scores. Russell Wilson 26 of forty Q2 150 yards two touchdowns one pick. Also it. Falcons now six and four Seattle falls through six and four. That was an interesting game man because it you felt like the falcons had obviously in hander early going up fourteen nothing early on that game but. As the sea hawks came back at that touchdown with about three minutes left. I might they might get it done. Blair Walsh now. The Blair Walsh project I mean every time something bad happens it seems like a gosh here's where walls again it can't be in Minnesota could be in Seattle doesn't matter Blair Walsh. It feels like there's a dark cloud though he's just hanging over him with everything he does that guy is the center of apps salutes. Controversy may need to ask Haiti's catastrophic this is just catastrophic ways to situations where oh my gosh it's a big kick. But last time you remember Blair Walsh hitting a big case I remember the Arab member when her physical but. Tired of years ago IC Jim Leyritz on my show all the time the Yankees acquired Alex Rodriguez and he said to me is that viewed around baseball was known as the cooler. Every team he goes to he cools them often they don't we needed win anything in New York with him except that one championship right out Toledo won except for the one but I mean he was terrible in the postseason you look at the awful. Oh it will just home run in 1996. For who. It's the team later it's talking about Alex right about Enron but should gym whatever (%expletive) lately it's old he got out. Rodriguez I apologize I was like you one of these home runs in franchise history hey I could I could revel wonderful they are on Hayat I I misunderstood man had a nice 2009 postseason. Idiotic even though it needed here he cares he's a cool so Blair Walsh is like the cooler of the NFL yeah literally cools off every single team he goes to if oddly enough I'm done with this disguise bad news news the greatest ruler of all time. Don't from road house. I broke out your reference lecture yeah yeah yeah all the cool yeah. The U Oz out. Specter no I'm. Palaces I don't know and it's very well god you know that takes place the late UB o's it's about dessert if you know that and it forty sure though it's Oklahoma. Now it is about Missouri wrote house's Terry. There about I had almost positive yeah I am almost positive it's. Oklahoma. We'll find out the break and we'll come back you with the staffs department. Does Ernie wins 6762. In basketball you would think they'd be played good team but no they're playing Emporia State. Tied at halftime tiger that's Graham obviously backfired in the second half. Kevin Spurrier Jeremiah some in both with thirteen in double figures for the starters but the big story Michael Porter junior not in attendance at the steam after he saw ace. Specialist yesterday. It looks like he's not gonna play out for the foreseeable future at least that's what we're project. Yeah analysts were projecting and and I think that's fair to say is a covers all of our basis eyes and here's the thing you go see a specialist. It's not gonna judge you got the latest in for gas and on this now now this is true this is not this is not so I apologize and finest earlier overtime us the Saint Louis post dispatch story today okay. An employee of Columbia regional airport who asked not to be identified by name the one bag I down Columbia regional air ticket to hell as. You know highlight of the airport guy. Told the post dispatch a second how many how many legit employees are at the Columbia regional airport at one time while 83 they're gonna know we that's for sure it's enough I don't. Well it's it's Carly ticketing. But this airport person told the post dispatch that Porter has motherly supporter border of flight Monday. For Dallas Fort Worth international airport there was scheduled leave at 2:37 PM. Dallas was not necessarily porter's final destination. The Columbia airport only features daily direct flights to Chicago. Dallas and Denver well that it wasn't somebody ticketing is a would have no his final destination it's not somebody's baggage because he would attack the bad. Yeah what I feel most of this should put a worthless thing to put a story. While some got a plane guys onus is specialist right right and some you know may or may not be in Dallas. There. We don't know the answer is oh sorry it's the fractured right yeah area this day and age. There we are college teams I got coaches you track the private jets were guy as a project got on us. And I'm Diana commercial flight to Dallas but it is to know worried about. Nebraska fans have been flight jacket for awhile now gets that people love the flight tracker may I ask great when you look at Purdue coach of the. You don't do it at the black level but what about wasn't there somebody who worked in real estate. Witt said Michael Porter junior bought a house and some NBA city today as that has that report not come out and haven't seen that when the real estate agents say this Jon Gruden. By an act Allison Knoxville Tennessee right. My favorite was back in the day when you can just call the airlines say so and so on a flight that and they go okay didn't yuppie and I remember doing that with Tony Pena. Uttered his bedroom royals Continental Airlines at the time because he was coaching down in Houston whose case you name and I called I since Tony Pena on a flight to kids city nearly as let me check. He vetoed the flight numbers like three flights from Houston at the time whatever is offered for all yes he's on this lights out is garbage whatever they are there to pay off the plate. Back in the day that was easy value got to find a tail number for these projects and athletic directors fly around the professional ranks you got to fly commercially get where you're going. Fourteen high schools. Later bull bull has finally committed to the university of origin yes son of former NBA player in the new polls. Is gonna be a duck it's starting next year I declare myself a duck last week remember that those guys identified as of right yeah. He gradually since two two bull bull who's I think California is no longer high school here in Kansas he's hours and a third school now oh he is married yet. He recently censored in modern game high school in California know and now he's in Nevada now. That's Australia are way up from the modern day chief in the press yes he's the third icicle that's potentially have like four years of high school. Johnston negates my claim of fourteen how is that gonna get through the NCAA clearly is always good question can make a little more harder for the folks or ask him. I'd say it's even he had organ I think they're going to find a way that body of the but it about at least Caesars Beazer these are two prep schools you've heard. Yeah produce dual modern day I've heard of the imminent threat and our daily lives of the battle Barrasso. There OK it's not like one it's what my rights go it's yeah ago I feel like one and I don't know New Hampshire so close. Bill school basketball is out Cynthia it was and so I wanted it. What I did Dion they had a school or something like yeah I haven't had a calf out like they're like this is literally school. So those of affluent don't even have books here and people displaced or solve them with the he'll be okay. Just quickly Kansas State eighty to fifty winners over the northern Arizona lumberjacks because that's a real school. Four starters in double figures for the wildcats Barry Brown lead the way with twenty. Was a school. Northern Arizona and northern Arizona you. Oh no and so it was the that's an American university and Jack. Lumberjacks is there's a lot of timber and airs on there is northern Arizona there's all kinds of lumber there gold clinical northern Arizona it's pulling trees as far as the INC. I the owner posted stadium is not very well traveled but I think Arizona I don't think I only got it snows in northern it's it's one of the most diverse states it goes from desert to mountain just like it's on Google ads like stuffed his gorgeous it's cool it's crisp up there. Do yourself a Google search of just there's terse trees everywhere Arizona. All right but it's time for chiefs fans to panic as were joined by former chief wide receiver Dane and Hughes in studio for the remainder of the 7 o'clock hour. Next. Have no idea night. No leaks or your hopefully hearing a lot while you're watching the game this week all prize to have potential mess. Did you guys Tyler. Juggernaut so. I was like this every city has these pilots had a solid at least some good games this yelling for some trophies. Did you poster of terror is definitely a multi appreciate you don't see. Yes that is minister there that's -- very trophy big going on when it as well as the coordinator is I would go to. Ali is on an uncle. The because I like the worst defense almost an error in his yes apps like the bill Callahan days is David Hughes studio with this year six Sports Radio Mike Wallace the Bob that's coach jostling where am producers David Spector. The chiefs have lost four of their last five they sit six and four after a high and oh start which is incredibly frustrating especially when you compile that with their most recent loss. At the New York Giants they watch any football team that was. Just two games removed from losing to the San Francisco 49ers. Were Damon is it panic time. It's not panic time but your own doorsteps of the I mean it's not too far away it's really. I think so. And and here's why while I think it's gone on both durable suns take. A lot of perspective. Well twelfth from a player's perspective you're you're wondering okay what in the world went wrong. And had a we get to this point after starting so fast and how quickly can we get it turned around and I think that was probably a little bit of the lighter side of it prior to the bye week. And you thought OK you know Andy's great after the bye we always great after the body. Men out there a giants game that's when I think that flight home was part of the longest flight ever. And you started to think like oh my gosh are aware who are we what do we Annette how we got to make this right and although the questions you shouldn't be asking at the starting five and oh. Yeah I just wonder like because obviously you have a different perspective that we do we think like you know guys just get over it or maybe they move on I don't know what the cases Billy the feeling about locker because I don't how angry we were on Monday morning news saw Travis was not happy obviously after the game and stuff like that so when you lose four out of five after starting five and if you start questioning the coach Steve start questioning your teammates everything everything so how do you how do you minimize Etsy don't let beckon us. All studied and look it's not something that carries over date today but. I guarantee in that locker room there are guys that. Are normally the first guys at a law corner Friday who's you know so looking around walking around or sitting in their locker like. How to we get to this point on the flight probably the quiet as flight ever. Yes there have been times where you lose games and you you know I remember. Was in 93 you were really doing well on the Chicago Bears candy cancer be envious and they were terrible idea and you wonder okay well. That was a tough loss you kind of take it low with a grain of salt. But when you're losing four out of five weekends. And your playing. Playoff caliber teams are losing you can probably say you know what they were just not play if playoff caliber right now. We're gonna get better we started when you lose into one and eighteen. That's when you really start to. Kind of scan a room like dude you know where you block somebody over there and there. And how much you wanna to cover somebody and and how much you can you get a pass rush I mean this is what Gaza looking down with their headphones on in the airplane that's that's not good then it's not and to have. Happens all the time I think those guys always questioning other guys' abilities they won't ever say it publicly. But I think now when it's really spiraling downward and even heard from Andy will. One of the first comments he made was about hey we gotta stick together we got us he knows he's by have been down this road before he knows how things can goal. You know arrive real quick. Oh he had that would all the superstars remember Mike a couple of years ago in his last two years in Philadelphia had all the superstars and that spiraled out of control there aspirin. All your mound in goma to my days remember 98 when we brought in Chester would block the room and there Wayne Simmons and we brought in some. Questionable guys that we've played against that had you know some. Baggage and when things started you know spiraling downward the money nine meltdown against Denver Broncos. You know that's when things can go really bad does plywood and the experience to. The best they want to bring up a little bit that the personalities on this team are barred share basis of little more worried about it when that when we in the adversity strikes because big personalities. Sometimes that even key old leader of the chiefs have that evening he'll leader they needed. Get them through some the it's on the adversity they faced this year. Well not only that but you know to me. The the big question is okay were aware of those big personalities. That were so high and mighty in an upbeat and all that going to five and nowhere is Chris jones' where's that you know where the comments and those guys that are supposed to be this cause of Christine the leaders of this team. They should be out just as prominent I'll always disliked. The guys that kind of cower away and sent a trainer room when things are bad but we're the first ones out. Anaheim mighty and and all vocal when everything was going green be the same person I mean that's what players want that's what coaches want what are what does someone in coaches want consistency consistency they want the same guy. Every single week the media. We want the same guy every single week you ought to be smiling and happy because it lost a game you can still be out there. You know representing your team just like you did when you're five and I'll. They even keel leader that I I just don't see on this squad it is ST somebody who's a strong. Vocal yet it also has an even keel personality that's Alex though but he doesn't he's not vocal not an Aussie it was. To me it was Eric Berry. Yes he was always that's wrong voice that was very evening to you never too high never too low. Very kind of just chunk it doing his job and you're leading by example but also that quarterback of the defense losing him has been a big problem. Yeah I think Eric Berry. Obviously was that guy Derrick Johnson to some extent. Has been that guy throughout his years I think just in Houston has the potential that he does a guy that. Janet you Chris Jones Justin Houston and on it it's it's bad because what you're seeing in the weaknesses you wondering. How they're gonna. Turned a corner and you know there's a difference between wondering if a guy is gonna you know he's a little bit her and he's gonna eventually get better or. You know you gotta Tom holly where you thought OK well. You know we don't need to activate him right away let's have him ready for December and January innate for thrusts and then and now he's hurt. There are guys that shoes always know OK he's banged up a little bit he's gonna even be better it's gonna be fine. But then there's. The what you're seeing on the feeling like. That's not a product of being hurt by just a product of not being as explosive player that's prince. Just using gait and shut out by C Wheeler who never played an NFL smashing metal design chops that they sat down you act like they eight. That's the worst offensive line in the history of the NFL with the giants OK I'm not saying that for hyperbole. The chiefs didn't get a sack of a hurry or pressure on Eli Manning there's. Only hit they got on a more than delayed blitz. By stumble. Because Eli Manning had been sitting there for five or six seconds in does decide okay I'm just gonna vacate my area and go get him a bit. Well he did and did studio and us. Talking chiefs here on 610 Sports Radio Travis Kelsey said something after the loss to the giants they got everybody wondering what. Hell is going on inside that locker room gaining huge response next. Welcome back again that we. Former chief slot receiver debuts in studio here on 610 Sports Radio talking sheets as they are 64 on the season but. One in four. In their last five really tale of who happens. So far to five and though they don't want him for it out Travis Kelsey post game and after that giants' loss in atrocious loss for the chiefs. Tell everybody how. It was when it was guy's going to be cool and beautiful community we'll. Start myself. So you know we'll just go around the room here there's. Dana you dissect passing translate how. They don't bloody said the latter part because my first thought was are you. Accepting responsibility on me he had obviously a bad play at a couple of drops in the game. You know obviously he's done some stupid stuff in the past but he seemed to have done and over as well as far as attitude and didn't penalties on the field but. Anytime I hear players say that. The first thing I think of is. Are you receptive would you be receptive and most times you you know you see you Tom Brady's it's always always about the quarterbacks are using say that kind of stuff. And my thought is you know you can screen with some money on the sideline but if would we scream that you would you respond the same way if you threw an interception. There's got to be accountability across the board should be even even those leaders and there's. Faces of organizations and all that other junk. When you're in the locker room when your player it's got to be about. Dude can you take which are about to give me and vice Versa and I got to be able to trust that you going to be able to be that guy. And not be a wind the kind of baby about it via a fight. Come into your front step into your zone and step to you and and hold you accountable so that's the question I have a Travis is okay. You know you opened the door. Now are you gonna be that guy have. If Andy mentions you in a press conference or if somebody throws out the door throws it out that you didn't do something missing blocks and so on and so forth so. That's something I'm gonna be watching for the rest of the season the C okay you open the door now let's see how you receive it. Now Dana and if there was one player one position group on this team that you would call. Specifically whom this has been the worst this year. Mean it could be Alex Smith and on. But it there's I think a lot of I think there's a lot of legitimate choices when it comes at this question. What are you saying this year or from the last week this year overall who's who deserves to be called out like if that is take Travis is one call anybody out specifically any points to self which is exactly what he should. Put it but he never you've got coming in mine yelling you have Minnesota who do you think he's talked. The first two. A would you say people it's two positions that come reminder old line in the line they suck now and I give the old line. A little bit of a pass because of how they played the first five games. But since then they've been atrocious and the deal line has not been consistent and I go back. Now and I rode down you know I got my notes on doing a post game show and I'm watching the game some taken notes on my phone going to game. And the first note that I wrote down. Was the first giants play at the same note. But he got us you know Hal where where they go and where how did you get pushed off the line of scrimmage five yards downfield. On the first play of the game when you probably know. It's going to be a run play that's when you're supposed to establish yourself and I knew it was going to be a long day from there I. I you know we're told mugged awkwardly in a running back and I notice is now living dumb bell is not the Steelers and you know a dual past red run pass threat of big banner so my like that but the first play. Call me a lot that you are not ready to play this game that you can't come off the ball the first play of the game there's some. I have it written down 1030 to go in the first quarter you kinda blown off the ball like. I we lost a lot of football you've played a lot yes OK have you ever seen a defensive line just moved back like that that was misled in practice Sidon. Absolutely not I've never seen it done nor nor have I ever seen it at the beginning of the game are only the beginning of the game that's usually. You know skylight. You know you you're not sword fight them is like you know you're at a stalemate at that point I'm gonna hit shoes hard as I possibly can you gonna hit me as far as your body you possibly can. And one of us is gonna move just a little bit. You know I mean and that's kind of a big win for a guy I got you off your spot you got me off my spot a yard here yard dared not for five yards downfield. That was that was so evident where are you on the outs right now Welch once and gone I. I think what they're doing offensively right now isn't conducive to anybody so where do you stand. Well I will say that I'm seeing some of the old Alex that I don't really like I'm I'm seeing some of the happy feet. So you know looking for a window in the pocket when you don't really need to move. I think law was a one of the sacks the guy came around from the back side. And that that's a good pocket that's a good pocket to scan the field and yet he was still looking behind them and they wind up getting sent. Mom did those happy feet I don't like that I didn't like it before. Now prior to last year. When Alex had to had to feed you took the ball wrong and now teams of spine on with a linebacker and they're not allowing him to get as far downfield as the as he would want to get. I understand him trying to stay in the pocket a little bit longer but elect a happy feet and I don't think you would have the same type of pocket presence from pat my home but I'm already give up on balance I think he still does openness in the tank. You get some protection these royals quarterbacks is like Eli Eli is obviously more accomplished. But he's like Eli if you give them protection he can carve your part. And dull it's going to be along to. So I mean like that the office one dimension does as they rock right now like I usually keeps and that they actually had fairly good protection on Sunday at all day long. But but they happen there and when they haven't had that. Eight hits in your mind as a quarterback has a wide receiving any kind of explain how that goes because I can understand being back there. And not trusting the guys around you'd trust the guys you work with you're asked. Well it's different it's also different because you and you told him I'll Smith not Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers if you have pocket protection like he had last week. He would car apart that. Giants defensive backfield. Alex Smith. He needs. And accompanying. Running game needs the opportunity to have play action. The fact that the aid because they couldn't run the ball consistently. They resume resorted to from bubble screens all day long which I just hate east west football gone silent aside hate that. There's no real production I understand it's kind of the extension of the run game you try to loosen up the defense understand the concept. But I just wish you would take more chances downfield the rules of the game the structure of the NFL is to do exactly like the giants did on our last drive. Throw the ball well. And as long as a receiver doesn't allow an interception. Probably something good is gonna happen. And we don't seem that wanna buy into that philosophy as much especially on the ball really threw the ball vertical three times to the trans Kelsey. And one down the sideline to Terry keel. That's a problem to me I should say completed only three of those glasses so. Bomb offensive line has to do a better job in the run game because the quarterback that they have. He has been proficient mostly when we have had a good running game so to me that should be the emphasis do your job and run game and much Alex. With play action. And teams focusing on and on game then be able to complement their run game with a pass. You're seeing. A lot of can became older and you mentioned you're gonna get a pass he sought for five game yet so how does that change how to how can they revert back to when he's on the five it first games. I haven't seen the meanness. I. Had losses I haven't seen I was I did a segment with Tim grunt hard and and balding earlier this week and he was like where's the guy. Where is that where is the is that you know anger who's who's not. On you know on the bench is not playing where's the guy that's gonna like. You know snot bubbles and everything out there and you know might get into a little bra might get a penalty I'll take that penalty. I mean you know that usually fires up the offensive line when and where is that guy see guys leaning on people. Not moving people I see guys you know kind of shadow boxer and you know blue ball and whatever you wanna call it. Out there and nobody really like imposing their will on I know that's that's the same as being you know over used for years of football. But there's a lot of truth to it it's great thing about football as I did an opportunity legally. To move you somewhere where you don't wanna go physically. And now I don't see that being consistently an attitude it's got to be about an attitude. Sure he's dating Hughes he's in studio with us for another segment and if we get to cover the biggest and most debatable question of the week. Do it next. Well back in the former chiefs wide receiver Dane infuse it studio. More to get through the chiefs here a few minutes but first get to discuss the biggest and most debatable question of the week. Riches as usual was the best base giving side. Who are a good one Thanksgiving side dish is stuffing yes. And they don't seem stuffing. It investors say those by fall on her own every day every week agreements that are very time I can. But I choose to eat more of them Thanksgiving and that's it comes down to me is that I'm more agree on normal days cute little cup of mashed potatoes dignity deuce coupe of mashed potatoes and based giving I'm genie mountain of mashed potatoes like Ravi and right only out of court I have the let's. That's all aspects he goes well let's just look at how Bob butter have migrated yet that might not have mastered now do you. Are you a multiple. Gonna run guy where you go back for seconds and thirds and on Thanksgiving you have to see album become one big play guy but sick when yeah it ten two weeded out a picture of my plate. Last couple things giving it and he'd be very impressive and that's really the Kentucky wrote about it's about. Ten to twelve inches high off the plate what's on the plate everything everything picks yeah I don't eat cheese so macaroni cheese though I'm but a whole. I'll take a hole in those embers all that's gone. That's diabetes and or David big big scoop some. Stuffing them at a standstill at the can't shape NASA has its sad I found that is. That that's not is better than I told crammed area like fancy we did ask deputy 89 sinking in ocean spray and evening I have been giving is not things giving in to you hear that he's got to. Pop the top boxes put her right outdated why I like the black dolls have put among my fingers. A excellent excellent six and 306 don't have double makes a big fan on the Internet to yes he's really really and I just that we have those Thanksgiving opening it always we have. Platters of whom really matters at Doubleday to stop and detain I'm looking forward to these steamed asparagus. That's really be as much use. It's this big give and haven't ended in Duluth mellow kid it's everybody thought. Well we're. It. I. Have really been together eighteen months. It's funny because every time now I should be coming in you know I still about him that never ended I guess. At this date I just ignore Bob it is that are affected by the that's good and yet does not Steve's and another world hold again I don't know I don't I don't hunt and all. I don't know if these mountains and everybody that's obsessive like that I looked up exhaust is silent heads into. But guess what happens if we the tears that don't you find the food debuts its studio. As for another few minutes and this is an interesting question that's go through and out on Twitter at Bob fast go if the chiefs win on home wild card playoff game this season but lose the next weekend on the road at. In the divisional round. Is this season a success now. 87%. Of the almost 1000 people who voted in this thing over the last two hours agree with you there is not a success some done with that hole. You know so it's a home playoff win which we haven't seen in Kansas City since Joseph Montana was quarter model T or dad yeah like it was a. Every night every season for Philadelphia my rookie season. Still wouldn't wouldn't be a success known I think we're beyond that we've had such a drought that was the same year we were today FC championship new. We've had such a drought getting to the AFC championship and possibly have and go to Pittsburgh or go. In New England I think people digest. You know okay. Tom Brady it's big men were on their turf. Oh well that getting there would be a success anything less than AFC championship would not be a success to me it's been too long. Yeah 24 seasons guys since that last home playoff win 24 seasons obviously since that last eight ways each with Dave Scott can happen every year yeah. A good idea I was a rookie I was naive we went up the buffalo. We came and a locker room like to lose when running the Jamaican bobsled don't you know an airport Apple's freezing up there. And I knew we were already down 7UP and before you know before kick off just by the weather right we had blown them out earlier this season and we just couldn't get it done Joseph Montana got a concussion that knocked out of the game and you know Kimble Anders drop them a pass right before halftime. In the end zone and we just couldn't get it back together and you know it was it was bad but like these that I thought okay this is this is normal Kansas City they were in the playoffs and under the noses sure I'm sure will be again and women. Never happened never I think that's why you gotta enjoy those moments right I think in sports we just take for granted will be back next year but one injury one bounce of the ball one way which should not somewhere but. I mean this team has had the play after a game for so long way to getting that Whitney Houston was great to finally end that my tail off out right. But they know grieving considers enough where I like that totally forget about that and I asked about the wild card game if they finally got a playoff win at. Home for the fans have been waiting 24 year for a hole play off win and is that a successful season and probably the answer is yes because I have Super Bowl expectations and aspirations for this ballclub I think anything short of an AFC championship game really. Is kind of a failed. When the royals a blend royals that they didn't go to your World Series win the world there's always pressure would not be announcing it. It's okay if that team be so now you right but maybe also. Yeah EU deal more forgettable two winning home a winning home playoff game would be added well I know there wars wasn't the one of one the whole freedom thing right so now I think there's just a little steps anymore. I think there's different levels of success of this move the team now was. Star of Owen who rallied back to four and two got to four you know four or five and then ran off a string of 45 straight wins and lost the last couple before the the playoffs and wind up squeezing in as a wildcard at nine and seven and then won a playoff game then it's okay that's success this team's been up and down all season. When you start off five or no and you you're talking about Al Smith being an MVP candidate. And you have the best running back in the NFL and Marcus Peters is still show up and down one side of the field and travel scales are still the best time and and then you go for five weeks would losses. I don't think you can change the mindset that you had in Vienna at the five games you were thinking Super Bowl that's all sold so now because they've strongly goes the losses now a playoff winners now we've dropped our standards the Jews wanting a playoff when I was completely you're an 89% of the thousand bonus sorry. David here's our chief wide receiver Hank thank you so much for coming and and no problem Khatami guys everything's give every Thanksgiving to golf got a big sure. Still. Arms and it's worked well for radio technology and stuff day out there or go. I greens are important even more important when you're the chiefs we explain next.