11/21 6a - Chiefs, MPJ Injury, Peters Tweet, Reid Regret

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, November 21st

Still debate over Smith & Mahomes, MPJ goes to see a specialist, Marcus Peters sends a tweet to the President plus Andy Reid says he has a regret from Sunday


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Let's go in the morning I'm Mike wells to Bob invesco shots playing well and producers David Spector here. And maybe it's a good week or to be a little shorter for everybody. Because the conversation. Has raged dogs and Sunday regarding the Kansas City Chiefs as they have lost. Bought a for the last five and everybody started to wonder if it's tied to move on for the future to Patrick Holmes. I'm on that side but that that though why this day and it is being drawn pretty distinctly at this. It's dividing households it's the Mike right a ship that's dividing the fan base that dividing the National Football League. Because I am on the east side of keep Alex Smith and and what our listeners. Yesterday sent me a tweet because. You hated Alex after the Minnesota game that he defended it gave the map of the playoff game and he defended Michael you know what that's how I am with my wife there are dates right absolutely hate my wife OK I think everybody. Can agree to that who was mayor Peter's been in a long term relationship and there are days were my wife absolutely hates me were pretty honest about this okay we don't. We'll keep it bottled up or something that I'm doing which is pretty much 90% of the time. That'd noise terror she's pretty vocal about it says your being a jerk you're being a jackass I hate you right now. There are days were my wife will be something that grinds my gears and I say I hate you right now. But at the end of the day you'll love your wife right well ju QB in southern Bala actually look like. The band sitting in an office shake. Back for a tie itself could be our airplane models. That's tomorrow that is like guys that Internet that's because get a better idea about America right now. Itself so like I I just I just made this analogy to everybody because it like you know what they lovable and he paid and ultimately I'd like Alex ultimately idol he's my why. You hate him there are duties were you don't like him there are days where he'd make you mad. There are days you wanna scream and yell and scream and fight in just absolutely walk out of the relationship. And then you take a deep breath and you realize why I look around and there is EC if nothing out there when it comes to the dating pool there's a sea of nothing out there when it comes of the quarterbacks there may be one better but I don't know that person is quite better. So the end of the day you come back and you realize what you have. And I think that's kind of where I am with Alex Smith yes there are days that may be able to punch him in the face there's no question about it Sunday it was one of those days. But ultimately I realize that's a nice pretty face and I just wanna kiss at the end of the day and realized that he's mind and that's a guy that we can't truly at. Have done really good things with save the play hospital and he read as a bad playoff record is a house up. I mean at the end of the day Alex it's my guy Alex Smith is the one that I like Alex Smith is the guy. That I think this team can still win with this year you may want to move forward with Alex Smith at the end of the season I dip bat and that's all fine and dandy. But the best analogy I can make went with him is that that it needs he's my wife and and that's the way I feel about Alex Smith Eric Daze while the and these were hated son was. Care too much routes will be honest with both of Seattle Alex Smith more is that that thing that like. I don't know what breach our relations side you ever have you stopped dat girlfriend. But what where you go eventually you're going to break out there there's no serious long term situation there but it's fine now. Along the lines of wise he for Alex Smith it's like a long snap count down. That's oil almost five year it's not that I dislike Alex Smith to this point where I think he's a terrible quarterback and that's that's never been in the case. Alex Witt is not a terrible quarterback he's a mediocre quarterback he's right around fifteenth in the league any has been since Jim Harbaugh came to San Francisco. So. I would say he's a mediocre guy OK so you have a chance to become better than mediocre. Because I bet most days Packers fans don't hate their quarterback. You know they don't have any issues there quarterback you know you think you have a chance to get one of those guys that guy could potentially be elite level quarterback. Start. Now the argument against that as Ryan Lilja former chiefs offensive line and at Super Bowl champion laid out yesterday on the on the drive that. You don't wanna take that short term step back potential. And other dubious that back but potentially a short term step back. You know like now I don't think that at all ball out of all that that. That's the definition of on the radio app watermark to battle these working OK but but again you know this team right now acting like this offseason. They were really pushing for. You know deep post season run the Super Bowl this year with the track changes not general managers he seemed like this was going to be kind of a lame duck year while they cannot surprise everybody that he reeks of desperation and I think Alex that the problem with each part of the the problem. I that you talk about you're just just wave a white flag at this point. I understand why Brian wells a feels that way to if you wanna hear the entire interview go to six that's forced our college check out the drive podcast page with pain in his seat dot. But here's the thing. Players never wanna make the shrewd decision you put a lot of times are seizing you were cordial wanna win as many games as possible. Sometimes you have to make the shrewd choice and say maybe we don't win as many games as possible with the future quarterback but we wanna move on to that future. That's the boat I'm in pesticide they lied on the stand sand and I'm standing on it's the pats are home side. I'd rather move toward that future maybe they need to step back you don't go for sure. From a player's perspective of course those players are going to say I'd rather keep the guy that I know is going to win us axiomatic games instead of taking that chance on somebody who might get us over the hump or might tank the season. I get that thought process I don't mind taking a season or its potentially. Taking a season because I know how this one happens. Well I think it would probably should've got a different coach then okay. 'cause that's who's who's the buffalo there Sean McDermott right. That's a that's a move a coach like that makes any reason not gonna make that less. I mean I think we would love deliver a world where you did and the NFL this doesn't do that in general right. You'd like to see that take a chance in that regard and guys be in favor of taking maybe a chance in that regard but are going to we don't houses and ago that a writer die with him right. And we could we can yell and scream Almonte in less he's hurt they're not gonna do anything well. I actually have a theory that this week we might see that. Well Alex is the race well he's only alone all you did better last series I want fastow and that's that's that's always an option IL I think it's going to happen well like it if Holmes takes over I think it'll be one of those kind of phantom injuries like Alex you know always a pleasure as the injury list where they'll be back next week no problem right yet on how they do that once did either yeah I. I don't that they would do that does he could remember the other 52 guys in the locker too because of. They look around and they see wow Alex was an MVP candidate through the first five games of the season going to yesterday's Sunday's game eighteen touchdowns one interception really hasn't played all that orally. And you're gonna beds and that melts and you got everybody else looking over their shoulder to go oh my god am I gonna be benched now because I had one bad game and and I don't think you can make a rash decision. Based on one bad game and I understand Mike you wanna look towards the future I I get that makes a lot of sense a lot of worlds for most of the time. But you look at the at the seasons that you haven't in Iraq and here we haven't experienced many successful football season's OK let me know what nobody in this building right now literally was Entercom facility right now. Is old enough to remember the chiefs even being in the Super Bowl let alone winning the super market this bill but now there's about 25 people in this building at this time nobody is old enough to remember. And think about the tees being in the Super Bowl so we have many great memories to hold on to. Most of our chiefs memories let's be honest here guys are back. Their bad endings OK there which is why might want ending a big bold choice I get a high I understand I understand that but were also in a season. That we're going to probably win the division I think they did in 91% chance they would the division right now okay. You get the center at that point that you get. Caught up and got back to back division championships which what was the last time that ceased did that you don't have a lot of success in the playoffs obviously. But this is a team right now that is experiencing. Success like we've never experienced success before and I think right now. We need to enjoy that success and not roll away his season in which we are headed for success and still sitting at six and four. How many teams in the NFL would love B 642 games up on the division I mean we have to remember that as well so as a little to say he's not ready to throw the baby out with the bath water. I'm not ready to throw away season because of one bad game for the quarterback. What happens if Donald Trump takes down the NFL in February and this is the last season of the NFL but what ever had. We'll call you never look back at you that I've make even Buddha and that I. As you noted he had data's coming I doubt I'm docket. I definitely I. I'd stick he would balance of what this is the last season that the NFL I don't I don't wanna give way. Successful seasons of this team was four and six I have no hesitation right now apple to treat I didn't get a bargain we make yeah I absolutely have no or just to get the hybrid vehicles for next year to get that experience for next year. But right now I'm not willing to roll away his season. That is had so much success already and still potentially can still have a lot of success and were also talking about a quarterback guys. Who is not done something since Joseph Monty was the quarterback here that's when a playoff game and is a very good opportunity. That the chiefs winning hole playoff game this year for the first time in 25 years and still were ready to discard a quarterback who led us to our first playoff win in twenty years of our first playoff win and about 25 years. And ready just just throw him out the window when nobody beats its Jawad. Has been able to do. Touch the hole playoff grass to happen first heard about it if they are but any accidents because I mean you're you're looking at playing Tennessee right now the first round the post season I think they win that game. And then you go on and and see what happens this cost the giants have a bow our I. I vision she's beating up anybody at a point oh is this idea is I could tell this game. There's a frustration not just with me but I think most chiefs fans because you frustration dies out by Tuesday or Wednesday and and you realize again he had a pretty good team hang a little bit longer because it's for the last spot sure. That's fair in this day and it's it's like this. If you lost that. Four out of five games to the Seahawks and totally different commerce a legion of boom is dead it's no good anymore there they're still solid football team. I think that's buyer because it's the giants and they wanted to say I'm looking at the Seahawks the Seahawks are. And we right now but solid football team they lost last night the falcons but still solid football team I think you got the Eagles and the patriots and the Steelers as early tee and maybe the saints those a year for an elite teams right now right I agree maybe the vikings may there vikings may be yet but those four for sure I called the purple people leaders. But to lose to the giants. As you lose four out of your last five legal warning for in your last five games in Los comes against the giants to meet every warm in my brain about this team is sounding off right above the step back oh well at six and four it is and it isn't there are six and four but really they're five and oh and one in four. It's it's a tale of two halves of this season the first five games of the second five games in the second five games have been terrified at the second five games have been good but they beat the. Able to get off the such a great start that they gave themselves that cushion that's no excuse for losing four of their last five and Andy Reid would agree with this as well. But it's also given them the opportunity to maybe do some different things and see what could work and what can't or look we know in the playoffs got Travis calcium and Tyreke Gil are not throwing passes OK we've got that out of our system we don't need that nonsense going and just tell Chris Jones he's not it's not gonna happen now either right 'cause of the other kinds of the other two that is Giles is not proud to tell us now that's exactly right -- -- it we were were understanding what they painted he would do with this offensive line right now so I'm not saying EU losses are good and you can take things from losses as he can't but having at five middle cushion at the beginning of the season. I think is allowed the chiefs to maybe do a few different things over these next these past five games that maybe they would do is they didn't have that five game cushion. Now you need to get back to where you were the first five games of the season but let Alex the football like he did the first five games of the season or is the best quarterback in the deep off. Let Tyree to run those deep routes like hook plus tackles while you and I were talking before the show Corey but is still according to statistics the best path. Tackle breaker in all of the NFL both in the running ending catching the football. Nobody has more broken tackles and you need to feedback the football as much as possible I think you need to get back to back a little bit gave him a little bit of a break during these five games. Now I got six games to go to kind of fine tune things before you head into the playoffs and again it would any read leading this organization. I still have blind faith and Andy Reid so that's kind of where I stated hole. I get back to the chiefs here in just a bit but the good news just keeps getting worse for resume hoops. Here's the latest next. And it's best though yeah. Mike wells. Bob let's go shopping list and producers David Spector. Missouri freshman phenom Michael Porter junior will now see a specialist. And it will not be at independence for Monday night's Missouri game. It's it's a rough time for Missouri fan I don't know Missouri's game. Well the last I'd say not for the Emporia State game which this third barely won by a did you watch that game today but I did not lost it but they did barely win it and it. It's the. It's panic time for Missouri basketball freaking close though Michael is like her easier being a man and like I. I don't think there pump the brakes I call it panic time for Missouri hoops is because. I keep coming back to this. It would be the most Missouri thing in the history of time. Yeah if Michael Porter junior came to Missouri everybody had all these high hopes and he saw the floor for all liked me two minutes. Is it higher Missouri basketball career. I'd say I tuned in like two minutes and the best I was already on the ban so you missed the net Tyre Michael porter's the united C imply I see them play it either you do down at sprint center Mike I didn't like it sinner and also an investor lasting memory of I. They have three more games this week there's and it's not gonna play he's not gonna play this week ID right you don't see it's not gonna play Thursday when recycled materials and say here here's the thing if you're seeing a specialist more times than not surgery is becoming the most all yeah scenario you don't go to a specialist and a guy feel good you know you go to a specialist and they say we can achieve in next Tuesday enjoy the Turkey so that makes it very real possibility that Missouri fans will get to see Michael Porter junior play in a regular season Missouri basketball game for all of two minutes. In his entire career that would be about as sad as he gets when it comes because. I you know was spam and I was excited to watch Michael Porter junior place your right like we were talking before the show everybody who bought season tickets for the games this year down at Missouri. Is basically now getting a date switch not not Missouri's fault but the player got injured. And in just his joke and will you go to see the uniform you don't go to see a player at all. OK because the uniform was playing the last three years old when it was going what the ticket office got a direct exactly what I did things that people picking up the folk and that I I need to refund on these tickets I drive it in from Kansas City or saint Louis the watched the Jersey. I was coming to see Michael play college basketball and NB with the I was excited. To watch Michael Porter played for Missouri this year watching some SEC game seem what they could do it. Quietly giving them a program back to respectability because. Josh he's you know we've talked about since they made that move to the SEC. They should be a perennial top three teams in the SEC there should be they should never be below three because of the rich tradition and history and everything that they have to basketball school they should be good at. Basketball and so far so good and they've got off to a decent enough start you know right now but the big story is what's gonna happen would Michael Porter junior and if you don't. It this year bad really sucks really bites the big one and a while Michael Porter junior down I have to have surgery I'm thinking to myself there's no way I'm trying to rush back to step foot on the floor to go out their play college basketball potentially jeopardize my NBA career. That's the problem you're gonna have few years if there's a possibility even that Michael Porter junior needs surgery he's not gonna play through it right. Nor should or should now you know he may want to play through and their words in his mouth but I if if I'm advising him on his old is mom or solicit. There's no way you're playing inside your daughter is sixth death on the university's diet. And next year if you're healthy. Will reevaluated then right. Did he get healthy by January or February or very strong possibility he's not okay I for the rest of the season and he just stop these tests shouted down I don't wanna see it reminds me do well be because it's too early but you'll be we heard was going to be a week and then it was going to be ten days out it was going to be two weeks and he's going to be back by the big it is it has analysts say that we heard the first return of second week of the term they don't make a the second and determined he was never gonna play and I was never got myself. That that's what they do that's what sports does it just continue to keep you arms live with these injuries because they don't while the opposition know so. I don't want to say that were there with Michael Porter but each day that goes by makes me think he'd stay were close to having until all of the type of situation. Were we really never see his full potential at the collegiate. Apple specialist scares scares the hell out of this isn't it it's not easy specialist it's definitely a legitimate time don't worry lies an athlete as a like a regular person they're gonna send you the specials like first. But I'm assuming he's doctoral whole bunch of stuff right they can't figure out what their people minnow like mayhem that's dole what's going by bats when he terrorists trying to export that you appoint claim an odd sports because you have all these doctors that are on that right. These traders are on staff if they can't figured out that you go to a specialist and that means potentially could be really well and duchess trailers on step of the team like Ab yeah these Anderson there's Eagles the data tapes your ankle the trainer he looks at it was receiving dock dock looks at those. You got a disease specialist Adam has this is above me try some rehab whatever route you out or not we're better as especially funny my pay grade. It's this stinks. I thought that she stared Johnson played just 50% of the snaps on defense against the New York Giants. And Reggie rag and had to sell the game and we died tackles. For. That I've been blind to see more Reggie rag in for a few weeks now because he is a talented young guy and hopefully it's a situation where the chiefs are giving Derrick Johnson last snaps trying to allow his Achilles tendon heal fully. So you come back and get that step back that he lost from a year ago meant. It's less than a year yet says they are Johnson towards accused and it usually thinks of all year for that thing to come back. So if they can take away some of his snaps. I wanted last week to shut him down to her shut down for four weeks and that bring him back in December have ready go for the playoffs like that was my idea. I understand that with the injury issues the chiefs already have on this team shutting down anybody is probably not in the cards but. Putting it back to about 50%. That's that's pretty good idea to try to get their Johnson back on track as long as Reggie rag and he'd play and the way he did on Sunday. They used to be good for the interior that he would be just. The dumb luck though for the chiefs to had been looking for the got to play next to their Johnson for the last seven years and now we finally finally got to play next to their Johnson but they're Johnson isn't ready to play next to back guy. I mean like we've we seriously been looking for the power hitting left fielder the explosive wide receiver and the second middle linebacker since they switched to this three or defense years ago. Who's gonna play next to their Johnson I mean they the cast of characters and I think would be funny to read all the guys who have you know they're Johnson. The season these cats are and we finally finding guy in Reggie Ratliff who had a hell of a game against the giants might got back that was all over the place make in place he finally seemingly find the gotta play next to Derek. And now Derrick isn't quite ready to go and play at a 100% like we want Derrick Johnson played bay. About what you might add they may listen obviously it took you know kind of what you said into account last week but we're not gonna shut him down you know if we can limit his snaps and keep him on the sidelines and let him get rested and ready to go it's gonna benefit everybody towards the end of the series. And I don't know that the the counts but I don't on that I need to middle linebackers anyway means. They play nickel all the time scenes so give me one it's healthy in that one is Reggie rag and put Reggie Greg Lemond there. Seems to be a better a better balance of more him last DJ at least for the time being. Yeah well it's a fortunate situation for the cheese because that I guess it's against the giants. Bob Sutton and the chiefs decided let's put it Reggie Bragg and see what happens right we'll see we'll see if he grows in the role he looks at it very easily went out where they decide will put will cut back. DJ snaps but Reggie rag and out there and drag them looks terrible yeah right he has no idea where to vis not making any tackles and I'll. But that wasn't what happened it worked out for Reggie rag in and it looks like I mean the guy at nine tackles DJ's been getting right around five or six per game so rightly has been giving you an uptake in production over there Johnson at this point if you can cut back EJ's time when you get a little more healthy and come back a little bit stronger that it Q is and have production from Bragg. That's a perfectly I. I think so too I'm excited to see you read he's gonna do this weekend against buffalo as well let's take the next step I hate you came on strong you had nine tackles let's do it yet that's that's what you have to do because. Like it or not DJ was a minimum of ten tackles per game guy when he was always claim that position so you need somebody to make up and now he's motivated to face authority. Yeah us yes he also is I think very aware that. Orleans dark blood is no shady McCoy. Parrot that bit of a different matchup I shot out of up to ten minutes Tex lines 69306. Any topic you wanna discuss rode out there we will dive into. And Marcus Peters just can't help himself. When it comes to. Stern the pot a little bit. We explain next. It's just a few. That's like 653068. Todd was discussed. We will dive and it. Five Marcus Spears tweeted yesterday T Donald Trump of course Donald Trump could tweeted it. About Marshawn Lynch standing during the Mexico National Anthem even though he sits during the United States National Anthem that's right and how he should be suspended for the rest of the year he does it again. Well mark is Peter's responded. To Donald Trump says. What's going I'm gonna go ahead. Try the best I can because it does that is that Oakland's line what's going on big dollar and we got a lot that needs to be talked about. How about we set up. A sit down with you meet. Money lynch and more and we talk about some stuff. With regard to pretty won't that. So mortgage markets Peters reaches out to Donald Trump on Twitter he wants to have that conversation with dolls from. Native Belgium has time to tweet about it is at a Hartford's the city does that doesn't mean I feel all right mark. Peters a lot of credit for referrals for reaching out to extending the I'll take that now the balls and Donald Trump score I mean you can sit there Don. And tweet all you want about what you don't like in the NFL and what bothers you with the National Football League. Now you have some of the players that are directly involved in what you don't like asking you to have a meeting so. I think it's only fair that once the season is over at you know in the middle of February after the parade everything hearing Casey. Marcus Peters and Marshawn Lynch and everybody go into Washington DC and sit down. With the president United States I hope that's what the president decides to do because. Again as we've talked about so much over the last eighteen months with a all this. You gotta have a lot of conversation you gotta say OK what do you want because I think a lot of folks are going okay. The protests have occurred now what what's the next step well here's a nice logical next step the president's been very vocal about the protests against the protest. Now to with the people that are involved still to this day in the protests are offering to sit down at the present United States. I think it's a no brainer by the president United States to sit down with some design brought some tweets or do you want that right. Happy about it were on meet OK we'll do it and in the players are willing to me now the present hate me and balls in your court you've tweeted a lot about this wouldn't you wanna sit down and discuss this with everybody I would think would be very good open discussion for. But he and it would be logical to that if you're going to tweet about it then why not me with exactly like if you're upset about it and I'll fuel let's talk about it. It it's not as if more show on Lindsay Marcus Peters or anybody else is going after Donald Robinson. We wanna have this conversation with you because it is this. Donald Trump started site you decided tweet about Marshawn Lynch nobody may Donald Trump remark about Marshawn Lynch right but once you make that decision. Now people are going to so we'll them let's sit down have a conversation. Because bourse on doesn't wanna get a Twitter war with the president right. There's a fact that was the big words just came out of my mouth and horse on this doesn't wanna get the Twitter war with the president and I just as you just ignore things and move. This feels weird coming out of my mouth to even say that but. Is the true. So I sure I get them right now you've you've got the middle of February let's sit that is a target because that's when football will be over you got the middle of February to set up this meeting that's four months from now. Get it done get it taking care of I understand the president books outmanned a lot of things going on not a lot of time. But US time now to book out before phase one of del Boca Vista begin sometime in March for the players go back to work. You've got some time now to set up these meetings I think your people need to get in touch with whoever's in charge of you know setting up markets Peter schedule and get those two sides together and get Marshawn Lynch and get everybody on the same page have a good conversation in the Oval Office it's time to shouted out here on sixteen and Sports Radio it's all brought you my lady James haircuts for men tellem 610 cents a generally that's what's. Shook her rulings. No ID and I admire it. See prepared food it's usually need from the small intestines and a day. Also he tenth of cattle and other animals are sometimes used in Thanksgiving delicacy I don't know is a minute is that something from Iowa test that we now. And that hers and it breaks deserted right now I don't know who never heard something like that before therefore I'm not eating pig intestines. Or Allen got seduced her like dad I'm not yeah. None of your students tell me it's chicken and my hand that we've been far more than men louder than men I know it they know it and you know. Still take all the blame. Com. I I think. I'll just be honest I think would mean parting is discussed and it grosses me out. Doesn't gross me out guys' park is were disgusting creatures that's who were supposed to seeing the fairer sex while last is just not fun. Yeah I still keep. You like who your girls no I don't bark like Isaiah is still here to do the old Dutch oven with the zoo. No I've done before yeah this is who I am as a person but Alice gets hot. I tell them on me is just like you see it is the most. I don't know mundane thing in the world of tires everybody parts. Just like everybody roots and exceed but there are certain things that everybody does that we don't need to know now. Two dogs an eleven year old boy in our household that bill though that female the female parting skills really low it has. Yeah like nothing they did ask going to editor Enid registered wind blows a wicked world stopped thinking sort of thing because guys think parts of funny till we die. Correct when you girls stopped thinking sparks are fun. Post graduation college view. And I got a hundred elementary school girls that the it was funny Lawler is that now there and I like the boy capacity crowd huddled on the odds of generals sitting at the sorority house and sit there and they've they've had parties funny yeah I in America. Then want to hear from dipping for carry out pizza. On an area I have a signal I'd I'd do is a lot less than delivery I got by tit for careless and getting a pizza would you like to dollar to. If it's a pizza in his delivery. Through these doubling that to four probably five dependent on the promises there will make your pizza. Not yet dropped an off right. The metals also for the kitchen got so good so would you do us a little Caesar he used to give him that tipped now that we'll get the dollar plus already. Yeah that's that's a little bit different totally dominoes and give yourself a couple of carry out an aside salad are you tipping yes yes it's it's different when it it's not a walking grab your peace and we if you poll frank you have you'll order your like I am a candidate come pick it up so you Paul believes he's you want to repeat today you go pick it up yeah for sure yet you're used to go people like this this I've done to goes before yet it's a thankless job it really is yeah. He didn't tell you that hit like like you would tip the server. Or likely to be completely driver. Just a little. To the to go person like even. 10%. Or seven and a half percent is appreciated do you make sure they see you putting the tip in the jar too. I don't think they do that at restaurants and that's more bail out bar thing now in owning a pet python he dealt absolutely but what. My door and makes terrible pop because she needs for me. Have a conversation with somebody yesterday about the coffee here the only Macy's where you can't complain again you can't complain to us don't complain about the coffee. Everywhere Al thing I've ever heard you not complain about that's not true like I do it on camera Starbucks or someplace like that I'm good with the coffee over coffee the you don't go gay. Person. I just I still can't figure out how to make a great pot of coffee at home either really again I try and try and trying to do it every time it is when I first started drinking coffee I was the guy who. Who had like I thought oh you just Billups who. The filter. We've coffee grounds you Bagram. It's a subway you're supposed to do and how are you supposed to do it there's a certain amount of scoops you're supposed to put him when I say Billups went like the top I only to the to pop off of the coffee filter hits that waters tried to get through their very eyes. On the problem you're good at it. As you could imagine. Because some serious issues that stuff could over well I could act. But like that the measuring that they keep you on a coffee bag if you follow. Used eight ounces of water between her every like half cup of coffee I'm not something like that. Who pictures out eight ounces of water. Like we're leaving did something that measures eight ounces of water the measures should be on the upon itself nobody tonight it's got 123456. And a total of twelve desktops. So like eight ounces as half cup Reich is sixteen ounces is a cup I believers twelve ounces account now trying to figure I'm pretty sure six announces that got what sixteen ounces of put it. So all the CDC that's the thing will miss were mixing the metric system with the American system and I bill milk. The conversion rates. So don't give me put a half cup of coffee and for every eight ounces of water and at the damn thing measured by. Cops on this I. Who helped figure stuff out he needed just to make coffee properly that's Wendell that's why nobody can make it in hole. It's it's by by the way and our map adds by design and Syria is your cup is. UTV port don't get it Starbucks all popped up on every street corner isn't being going on since the chalk couple of days. When you were used in the park later in your mother's kitchen with a plastic clock. Oh he's ever been able to figure out how to make it good cup of coffee at home Brit is eight ounces account. Eight ounce at my peak out. And then it hit it every at the figured out of New Orleans yeah. Don't worry about that 8000 as one top ai has is what. Say a half a permit for every couple water polluted why using absence is any more uses absence. This isn't Canada. Why are gasoline by the leader. Kate do you have any as soaring logical that I can use we've got a double in his system down. OK we kept. The water and a half months just tell me what to put it that's what your exit the best. Oh does it put the way it works it's likely to graduate middle school. So. Good news is yeah what seventy Madonna hasn't dreaded Saturday called the community. But cricket bats. So that over new low barrier islands. And here you has won major regret from Sunday's game at. Was it not starting Patrick my homes. Find out after the key play next. Just go in the morning I'm Mike welcome Bob best coach Josh link there and producer Steven Specter. Andy Reid has one major regret from Sunday's game here from coming up in just a couple minutes I promise we'll actually be able to have you here that instead of appoint a marked the bus right in front of it just 9 games I am using a chance. See that's sand. I was so regional areas they had the imposed the old Georgia Dome in Atlanta yesterday. And do well jail sets up the stationary Kerry gets it. And mark a bust of a transit bus in the city of Atlanta rules right for the shot. Do buildings go Justin goes executives got the bus the bus moves. Right. And that last night the Atlanta Falcons putter count how a lot of fun with it as they treated the first touchdown pass to Mohamed to new. And their right as soon as the ball left that Ryan's hands. They superimposed in Marta bus right of privacy couldn't see the actual touchdown catch well usually what we watched. Wide yesterday on the NFL network we had not here at good morning football or watch a match it would byways fantastic television basically us on TV and so were watching these guys in here comes the Marta bus in front like look at school buses there but their care was like up high enough or didn't affect the shot. The weather channel guys like I level of hapless roles in the dome goes down the bus rolls away units up all the. That was taken the shot we thought wow that's cool people on the bus could take a quick picture dated to stumbled upon this way the right time yup. No Miguel hah hah there's the bus and then it's great weather channel one little bit later in Michael they're paid in get the same shot we saw no. They did NF on our data just throw up on our web sites of the people could see both of those tweets side by said he chicken and it's extends morgues dot com. Our key play last night's highly Irving keeps she still works folks. Now it's an irate spinning away the field you Merrill hasn't gone astray married backs down the men blacks aren't good didn't get a. The mouth they spectacular. Night with my ring start to finish the earth may be black. But the ball is round and I read makes it do magic. Yeah move. Well as you think Mike Reid he. Oh yeah. Red background that might. Like I spoiler alert plan. And throughout Asia. Drew an odd nightly. In sixteen to 2247. Points Boston wins 110102. In overtime they've now won sixteen straight games after losing the first two to start the season and that is our key play brought you by Anthony plumbing heating and cooling the technician you can trust with your house duties. Parry Irving here and abroad are odd thing that was started to say I now right now guys saying I mean you say that episodes cornbread Maxwell. Yeah move. As he fit like every sound like a high school. They hear me spoke on a teleconference yesterday the media and they discussed the game. And said some things that you probably or that shocked to hear. OK we will do better. I think there's. There's truth I don't know how you define that there we've we've all got to do better both got to do. That's right so some things that would shock you you tell you I actually responded to that. Do you. Move. So any theory then goes on talk about the wondered Reddy has from this entire game. Subscribers Iran. You know they've. A big joke government. I take responsibility and I want. You know also done. I issues. Look I want them. These regrets the Travis Kelsey past caller yes you left it on the play sheets. He did make mention that the and it's not the first to read the first read was going down less lime what was interesting though as you said that too defensive backs on the read on the left sideline. And on the right side of it to Marcus Robinson torching it. Then the corner. But the safety who was on the less online notice that. Dole back over Travis didn't see the safety come off the first read it moved towards the other one job by Travis off the safety nets Travis didn't take enough time to look off the safety of the want to complain about the cover two at the end bar and -- ready and now that you've got to look off that safety man if they're playing that covered too you can't allow you can't throw that all that safety roll it over to the top contrast. To be there in high school safety usually don't have that where with out notice them now are this guys covered ID to catch that back in got to make sure -- -- -- happen which is another reason why you don't have you're tied in Rolla grass in the NFL but I -- here and why. That's that's because that's. How these play I don't understand why teams keep doing as they keep having these these guys more quarterbacks try to throw. Maybe it's because they're pressing forward in practice like Travis is sitting their talent and hey I can be quarterback I can pro I have an arm. Just because you've been pro when you're used to play quarterback doesn't mean anything in the NFL man it's a totally different like. And Richard go without saying but apparently asked he said. Different situation while. So why are these teams is not just the chiefs now all these teams we see this year are trying these trick plays for guys weren't the quarterback throw the ball because guys are. In an eighteen hours and wives are now starting to question the coaches ago why are you there eighteen hours a day you know what the hell are you doing at the office you can pick up the kids from school CR decided to rather proud that I was doing so there devises these lazy get their wives off their back I mean that's part of it what are you doing their eighteen hours today in the welcoming we see the same thing every week we give it to cream on Alex Thompson off what are you doing there for 180 crap I got to figure out something to get the old lady off our backs or appetite in the past. It was the second time in the Super Bowl era on Sunday that we saw its exceptions thrown by both teams with somebody other than the quarterback. Only the second time in the Super Bowl era. That we have seen that happen in the first I was like 1973 San Diego played somebody and it'd happen and there are not getting as if it's only the second time in the Super Bowl era that something like that happens because membership and I Shane Vereen. Threw the interception as well so so far this year we seem Tyreke you'll throw an interception we've seen Travis Kelsey throw an interception. I don't need to see another non quarterback brought pass the rest of the season. For the Kansas City Chiefs we just don't need to see that anymore OK that's done so in order to get your wife fought back from being at the office eighteen hours. Come up with something different. Our 7 o'clock hour we actually have a treat for you former chiefs wide receiver Dane and Hughes will join us in the 7 o'clock hour it was studio 7:15 until 8 o'clock. Put up the covered up its headlines as Kansas football has finally done something that everyone of the nation to smile about. Who. And that new rounds in two minutes.