11/20 Manic Monaday

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, November 20th

The offensive line, the 2018 NFL Draft & Alex Smith ARE ON WATCH!!! 


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Manic Monday here on best in the morning after every cheese game that we have are over reactions except I don't that these today or overreaction how is that different from the four hours we do laughter chiefs lost I'll. I've and I think it's going to be all right I got going to be I'd say to you happy shine like maybe maybe Hannibal and tomorrow but I trust he's gonna get this thing figured out that you're still gonna finish twelve and four win the division to make it and I've. Go win out. Yeah I think they are listening to that it's I don't Bacall like I like call it that laws that maybe you know screens things out there I don't know what it is like maybe a good laugh at it not. Good loss again at a loss out of there now that like the what makes a wake up at an anti trust that costly physical pain and apparent. That notice whatever he likes to practicality hauling out the coaching staff yesterday and saying we can't win anything until we figure out the cover two it's about the cover two that's an indictment of the entire coaching staff. That we've become way too predictable on offense that we can't figure out how to do things. I think they're gonna roll off six in the world go to the post season hot and everybody's gonna sit here scene it's OK now and everybody's gonna be fine yesterday it was a terrible loss big picture they're still winning the division doesn't it always works playoffs they're big picture they've played the worst divisions in football at the beginning of the year we saw that the pitch what is wrong. A division doesn't really matter also. Picture sure this year I got last year because they want the best division in football star now what are the worst and you are making one shirt well purchased an already. Maybe you and out of this and I'm not gonna get it your pre ordered. Depends on how the season ministries it depends if Patrick gets put now I don't now I don't think they're gonna have the ability obviously to get a buy in and have one of the top two seeds but they will obviously win the division which guarantees you'll home playoff game you'll take on a Baltimore and there like that. And then you're gonna have to go on the road and in and get smoked in new and a desperate and you you you know what play in the way you have over the last five weeks yeah you will absolutely there's no question about it. Are manic Monday we have our biggest three. Action it brought the game let's start with Vasco provides the offensive line up and continue to beat this drum until it's better because right now. This offensive line is about as tough as as as the girl scout troop making paper vishay on Monday evening at the school. They're not good. All they are a very bad unit. And when the offensive line can't block anybody you can't function as a off and we're seeing that since the injuries occurred the toughness has gone down. They're not as good football players is they were at the beginning of the year they've not been able to establish a running game they've not been able to establish some passing game. Alex Smith has regressed the play calling is terrible to me it all starts at the trust of that offensive line and I don't believe there's any trust right now. On that offensive line from anybody inside this organization. My overreacted today is a futuristic one. As they're getting. The yesterday and I'd seeing holes over the field I started to worry about the draft. Oklahoma yeah the ads similar package Bill Clinton. Add Joey Elliott like what is the chiefs ever draft picks in Baylor four picks this upcoming draft and batting and now so my over action today is. We're in need of acquiring draft picks for next season there are many more needs that I thought there were saying for five weeks ago this team. There are needs all over that freaking field they need to be addressed in the draft and the chiefs are short on draft picks for 28 dean. Let's get some graphics. Are mild reaction in this is that this is why it's an overreaction because like you this a 100% right now but I won't buy Sunday. I never wanna watch another snap. Of cheese football's lies Alex Smith is the quarterback not walk and more snap. With number eleven under center I can't do I can't do it drives me crazy. We look at the play call the offensive line we make excuses for everything other than the one constant over the last five years along with pain you read it. Is Alex Smith is not written any. And the top five coach in the NFL but he did not when he doesn't win in the playoffs is like Alex Smith doesn't have you want Alex Dunne don't you want Andy you know because Alex Smith is not a top five quarterback any NFL by any stretch of the imagine but he definitely the place so brilliantly for a beat. Leave it. Agreement to Super Bowl and he would like five NFC championship and it doesn't get it done in the playoffs Alex is one championship game in his career and it was good Jim Thorpe laws as head coach. So whose terrible it's. India and what look at with this quarterback situation is yours that your guy's wife went drafted pat from hole to go get a coach that they thought would be better than any greed. And sit him behind Andy Reid but I don't know that it also better out there sit behind me you read right now or don't they tell right now because Houston last week that you wanted Dave to open a go to the guys that. No I did not witness and that. Somebody says it was a while ago you did you didn't like him the next coach I want it to be the next hole yet though you after Andy Reid and that's a pat mojo that's after eighty read it. Rick higher ups and decides to move on from football entirely. Not when I was like you know heading to putter because he's not worth eighteen million dollars like it well balanced that this offseason Indy Reid's success in the post season isn't that. Marreese. It really is over he was what were you fired your heart out all but I'm not at all and I also don't want Alex Smith to be fired either. Don't give a chance Alex is getting fired if it didn't matter who wins that it's so I've ever wanna see Alex I won't watch the game thoughts. That's the ovary does that change in the next up Isiah has to really live up the lines that Monday that's the whole point it's it's an overreaction. Because that's how I feel right now I just know I mean dale if I feel fine about this team yet. To bad luck supposedly that's sad and lost because like I said I had alzheimer's I believe that the Andy's gonna get this thing turned out I I have I have. So much faith and in need of getting things turned out you don't get embarrassed like that yesterday what do you do normally. Get turnaround you figure it out they were embarrassed at one in five won eleven straight football game it's okay. They did it bears before and they have turned it around they started the season with five straight weeks. I've got confidence in that guy on the sidelines he spoke yesterday. Everybody is a bad day at the office it doesn't mean you overall body of work is bad. And until he proves otherwise like to lose the buffalo that animal maybe I'll start thinking of the wives but right now I have blind date and maybe to a full. In winning Andy Reid could do was the head football coach. Finally speaking of over reactions. I don't think filled gains to cover high school wide receiver that's not an overreaction I don't think I think if you put somebody who shot an issue lease out their process filled gains you've probably scored. Big doubts that this is that's a field image that's an overreaction begins Monday in an emotional upset is the chiefs lost them all the president. They tried eighteen different quarters and it. And it's the same thing over there may be Peters who played both sides just coveted best receiver we would see these guys exposed has called himself a player on both sides. That would mean that'd be very effective spektr's still recovering from shoulder surgery and Stephen Specter can cover a wide receivers in the NFL better than those games. That's back. That'll that'll recommended that the that's the that's the point of the segment is over its practice. In you still can't start for TCU does they got a good team had a problem finished two in the league this year.