11/20 7a - Headlines, Defense Not To Blame, Manic Monday, Bill Maas

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Monday, November 20th

Headlines Worth Talking About, its not on the defense, our biggest over reactions to their latest loss plus we talk with former Chiefs DL Bill Maas 


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Then I saw the. It's talking about state pension disc related something yeah. Brought you my word Harley-Davidson north worth Harley-Davidson has the largest selection of bikes to choose from. Who knew Connor McGregor was such a big she's been. Must be big guys she's contingency over there and Ireland yours kind of McGregor on Alex Smith he is. He's bullied me is. Good. Not good at what outstanding. 47 completions a couple hundred feet. Africa a two interceptions. Five point eight yards a completion. And Lomax he had 690 feet passing yesterday. Awesome. Can I had 615. Feet passing it had all day in the pocket and threw the ball deep in stride to a giants defender for an interception that essentially lost the game. And that's that's the thing to keep you keep coming back to without expenditure plan against the bad giants team that. And half broken at that. Could do gooders and the big Mac can do good attitude and all the New York Daily News. New York Post everybody's talking about the giant iron on the chilly wind yesterday morning it's a big win because they beat it team they had no business coming close to ex NFL man and get done Sunday though. Okay. That's exactly what I said last week we did this game as best Goss said it you're at her that she's going to third team in period. I told you more back in order to prove that you already have adjusted and reported ball. But it showed a forty or it has. I would not be shocked if the chiefs beat him by forward and center projects we now have forty guys that yes I would have been shot because when we argue about Patrick Holmes is at any given Sunday any team as a chance to lose. You guys all laughed and any team has his get beat by Porsche did you like especially your giants play your grip as the giants you should be expected to win by sizable margin and if you don't. Is complete and total melt it is it's a disaster disaster it's that you. Sitting at their worth every every superlative we use on the hair to. Straw. It was catastrophic that was a that was a bad loss now I don't know that this. I don't know that this season is over like some people were tweeting about yesterday but sort badly but good taste or that. It's big Steve and I went back to something you've said no yesterday not yesterday but maybe weeks or so ago. You made the comment that is this going to be the last chief's game that everybody really watches before the post season and how does that mean the right around the holidays in the Biron right so the so that the have a cowboy game and it that we had this in my wife but on FaceBook SEC as well my Sundays are free from here on out I'll I'll worry about it you know if they make it in the playoffs and sorry to see if she wasn't really like paying attention to obviously what we were saying about that kind of stuff but that kind of get you may be right about that this faith based may not be dialed in. Any more to this team in the regular season. Until they get to the playoffs I think yesterday with the holidays coming up now really left a bad taste a lot of folks now some of the diehards were even like I'm done I'm not even sending him my money for playoff tickets which. By the way they said the invoice out this week for playoff tickets and then they go Latin lose in the giants' 129 big mistake. Huge bad time to send out an invoice for playoff tickets for the chiefs because and I hope is that. It's I. Thanks revenues shocked truck passed between about this yet. Because this is Nancy jeeves NL playoff ticket invoices so bad the failing Alex Smith not able to throw the ball was of teammates. Though he's shocked. We have heard from Donald Trump all of this he's too busy to me about UCLA and Marshawn Lynch BC it should be tweeting about that disaster that happened the well an idea what the failing Andy Reid each Nikko Citi Mars. Had. Sat and waves really answered who who who Sarah upended who was it was it. If you read outs due putting bad Mac to do or did bad match if you out stupid Andy Reid. Because they each had a person who was the quarterback draw pass for an interception yesterday. What are. At a game where you get stupid dogs did that's fine I think when your quarterbacks terrible sometimes yet to find other ways to throw the ball. For balls LC as a veteran and out through I don't is yet they have been about Elvis the other guy at all. You have any added to the inside because when he threw the ball to go back and watch it the safety gets the thickest all the winless on the field he actually makes an adjustment. And start circling back because he sees what Travis is doing it but Travis threw that ball and put it the inside to make sure to Marcus Robinson was the only guy that can. That transition on the outside. That's to me that if you're he's a didn't get it down the only reason the only way to activate this Travis Chelsea's on the receiving end zone pass. Well I do appreciate the trick plays the problem is you should need it well it's human nature to. If it's not there are they they they won't go away from it yeah. They don't want it yes they wanna act I you never know they'll they'll throw that I had just entirely. Howling I hitting one chance to run this like I I DM well gonna throw. You you're on the air and it believes that that won't. It's crazy days we threw an eight books like it was there it did I get looked like it was going to be there but the safety on the backside circled back it's it's something quarterbacks miss. I kind of expected tied in to miss that read. So and a one mile an hour wind who are you try to play in by the way how sad is it that the markets rods now the best hitter today. For the chiefs. And why I should have been a penalty at all I don't know it was a garbage penalty to Marcus Robertson C it was the best hit the chiefs related. On either side of the ball all dale you can think of his helmet to helmet on the Italian injured shoulder in the middle that there was that they call it front and it was solicited as all the necessary facilities the best it was the up bong hit it and you reach it before the team. Put them. Purse that was. Dot net on that looks I'll tell you what's that they they termed it unnecessary roughness judging by the title of the penalty was an unnecessary rough. Probably a little itself mean different it is. A ball jar the ball loose. The snowflake called brake that or calling her every now sells like the way he'll call yet right millennial yet. Sunday Night Football Eagles improved to nine in 137. To nine over the cowboys. Riding out thirty on answered points in the second half as they trailed nine to seven at. Halftime Carson went fourteen point seven just a 160 yards and two touchdowns 215. Yards combined. By the Eagles rushing attack is three go over fifty yards. Not really much else to report on from media fans he perspective. Although Al John Jeff Green Torrey Smith spoke getting into the end zone. No touchdowns or the cowboys cowboys now -- in twos and seek Elliott has not been allowed to play in the NFL I'm sure Jarrett held a press conference yesterday. And complained about it. Sitting around the T Obama. Dec Prescott's being exposed and that's something you kind of expected we took away that he expressed doubts if he's OK. I could carry your team he's not that quarterback. Eloquently to the running game away from Alex Smith and he's Alex has his neck quarterback who wins that quarterback. Top ten in the NFL positive way quarterbacks in the NFL right now can carry your team they're they're the same on me believe the saints and Redskins Kirk cousins. Can throw for 322 yards on 32 attempts. And Drew Brees of foreign wars and splits it thirty point six as it does not you realize the record is not directly correlated to your quarterback right handers like Andy is because your president doesn't have a great but at the end of the day you wanna win games and if you're gonna tell that it's sounds exactly the team to victory either for instance there for its. They lost to the saints in overtime it had down by fifteen New Orleans was a minute when he and second I found a way to win that game. And that was had what do Kirk cousins is does the field during that comes before and six to recruit. 'cause it just talk of the most hyped quarterback in the NF freaking L got through 323 yards hungry touchdowns yesterday. What it has led his team to any Alex it's just loss of the giants of pump the brakes on talking about wins and losses bots comparing him Alex Smith on to say Kirk cousins is so overrated crusade hoo Kim the Georgia team without a dominating running game Kirk cousins can't he put up 31 points yesterday with with his top rusher going down the entry and they asked. Because they went against drew. Eats in this makes the 82 states that happens a jump on things may lose to the July. That's when it's time to panic moves the saints in New Orleans all it did the wrong was still six and for me in it the rest of division is so bad and wanted to be one of the guys I off so. Who they played today Tennessee. Like that matchup with Tennessee I do. I don't like it she's against Kansas football right now I'll douse now. Before the thing is at Kansas football would not shake their hands of stupid are you today it does ask bolivars cheese football who wins Kansas basketball. Wave I don't know I'm thinking what loving it that I don't get it either actress grasping at straws for an there's really impressive play if the K you basketball team takes on the chiefs. That'll makes. Because this class the license to drive to teach the game never show. Who plays it more games this year pat homes or Billy Preston. Pope without homes that is but hopefully this app. Gym or out after six seasons that's really sad and a host plays more though by the way yeah maybe starts the rest of the season that means pressed and play most. Yeah but Santa games and get me. I don't know got a couple starts at six regular season games to playoff games and simple yeah yeah zone pot dies so it's a night and I feel that's not that's at 91030 you'll find good progress in just please Anna Maria as director soderbergh's used to think that. And pat obviously to get them back into position that first round bought. As are now two games back again my round I literally just trying to figure out what happened yesterday and grasp it but don't try to think it's Thanksgiving week you ready for stuff but on this stuff. And Thanksgiving sucks to you follow idiotic things I mean now I really didn't wanna have to watch this Sunday's game now they have to. This coming Sunday afternoon I won't eat Thanksgiving into the chiefs when again what you wanna watch this game on Sunday. A because I wanted it to be about the other the the fun weekend of Thanksgiving is Thursday's holiday is now a holiday weekend and I'll have to care about it this is just the dummy another game in the schedule. Getting us to the post season now we have the now we have to at all so I'll say allegedly to actually care if they win the game as now the players are semi now does Austin I have to now I have to find out. What I can learn from from a Buffalo Bills match up should have you have like calmly be able to sit and should be options to launch the game and not really care and now we have here and there. Caribbean cruise through August there. Of the watch and understand. You should have to watch instantly right execution as he dialed in nervous yet international you shouldn't be nervous about it freaking giants especially with Tyrod Taylor come back now bullpen and they were embarrassed last weeks ago. Have that narrative to go against. What again what a dumb code to buffalo like you're in the playoffs going into the game is that you start they could Peterson he throws five interceptions in the first half. Like what a bad look we talk about going the pulse of your team coach. Last on Fuhrman had at the performance that that was the sombrero. I would believe problem and lane walked Q ma or high water fiddling while she was Stan. Us as I was saying Jim Mora out after six seasons in UCLA 46 in thirty record but he LT five and six. This season that they've lost the USC on Saturday night. Did Jim Mora is looking for you job. As K you all the. Somebody's gonna call me you had some nice times it UCLA but that it's. It was never quite the perfect fit it felt like that was one of those things heard of the fan base in the media kind of pushing back and forth the entire time where is he patterns and so Jim Mora junior was gone where was he good as coach is Hollywood Atlanta none was bad Atlanta bad in Seattle but. It looked like he hit his stride for a short time their UCL like things are moving in the right direction and then just. Everything fell apart at once that didn't that's the worst. Problem pretty much since his career began is that he is only college job you sealant. At least yet is it was straight from the NFL. The UCLA I believe so he hasn't really been back or is it really hasn't used that in the NFL he was just okay UCLA for awhile that's that's about it like he's. He's been one of those coaches that was very much hyped but sit really had any result can you get to five wins a year. Five. Kansas maybe. The reactions of many she spans when it comes to Alex Smith I've Lieber part of the problem but that's totally disagrees. We debate. Next. You know Michael Welch and Bob best coach Josh lingering producer Steve inspector. Alex Smith. Is a major topic of discussion after the chiefs have an atrocious twelve to nine overtime loss against the New York Giants yesterday in the meadowlands. And what's amazing to me is Smith defenders are essentially in the stereotypical. Millennium goals because everything is everybody else's fault all the time. It's never Alex Smith it's it's series play calling. Is the offensive line. You have enough wet and it's it's always somebody other than Alex Witt was the problem get. Alex this has been along with Andy Reid the common denominator over the last almost five years now in Kansas City. And yesterday go to six cents or Stockholm wanna see the peace but I wrote a blog breaking down exactly why it is now time for Patrick Holmes to take over the reins and be the quarterback in the chiefs. What response to it as well hot today. It explains I'm turning into fastow as a the last Holmes plays defensive back you won't help the idea this is somehow a defense is fault. It's amazing to me. Race I had heard like the chiefs defense is to get up nine points of regulation three of which were hated the giants by terrible Alex Smith interception to blame Bob Sutton. Or the defense for this game in my mind is craze or who is who is blaming the defense for this. When I do the tee it. You rub Justin Houston well he he really he was just as additional it will lose the game because of the defense that's allowed and points ideally points eleven threes while I guess that touched missed extra point and another field goal after that it wasn't I would sit here and say on before you wonder arguing here wonder you know this is it but yes it's better but this is very much on on him -- both scores via Alex Smith's turn our one was announcement turn over one was it Travis calcium reception and leave other emerged touchdown came from the shuttle past and a it did and what it the second feel welcome off. Dallas turnovers throw follow their hours and yeah I thought that their ballots yet turnovers so really to be the argument Alex Smith gave up all mine points because those were both turnovers and I believe the that the shovel pass is in chiefs territory it was. That like. I'm I'd I guess I missed the game yesterday if it were getting like Wayne defensively for that loss yesterday I mean I think justice Houston has been missing in action for the last five weeks that's nothing new he was. He was stymied by C Wheeler yesterday I don't know who see Wheeler was it was the first time he ever he's off the practice squad growing hair great fantastic it but they like even showed him like before the game like this guy's making his first of old appearance today and he's going to be starting right tackle against Justin Houston. And that was last time you heard Justin Houston name has none of his want to funny today right nine because that's on you Wheeler took it all from him unbelievable Mac guy yesterday but. Like yeah I just on how people want to blame it defense for their perform testing they gave up one which I just did that touchdown by the way it was off of the Alex Smith interception that in that it was in the east's first quarter is the shovel passes as awesome as ticked off at the Kansas City. 34 in and taken to the Kansas City 26. So the only touchdown the defense gave up. Was win the ball stored that the Kansas City 26 in this day and in the field goal. Who put it to nine points that was off at Alex's second interception that also happened and she's tearing into decently prevented Knight I think it's a blowout by the giants to be honest with you Indian Sorensen came down with a big interception right at the one yard line about that. What could have been an extra few for the two it's a dynamic dog died so the defense came up with a big play their little bend but don't break type of defense that we were used to. But that did the giant ice the chiefs defense has not been good inside the red zone at all this year we talked about ban on Friday you've got to do better inside the red zone. And the chiefs defense has not been good inside the red zone so when you turn the ball all over you start at the 26 yard line. Odds are you're gonna score because that's just the way it's big for the chiefs defense this year so. It may be 11 touchdown drive that gave up I'm not sitting here and in fault I didn't even think of the word fish yesterday while I was watching that because I thought both offense is a bad apple defense of the making stops loaning it to the intensity here bill moss joins us some 45 years tweeting about the defense yesterday yes I'm not sure our goal I had her baby he has accomplished I'm not too worried killings at least he's certainly was not happy with what he's on defense. Yesterday some am excited to hear audiences say it's important yet be interesting because maybe he has a totally different perspective where you can look at it though. Ball OK I totally understand what you're what you're going bush always giving but but this press over the defense but at the same time you look at that game yesterday none of that none of the loss actually falls on the offensive side of the ball we really. Paid for by the end of the game which was so sad I'm sitting there hoping it. For a defensive play like psychotic turnover that they score themselves because the offense putting get anything go out there hoping. It's somebody gets in a may be Bragman tries to strip the ball since he was like the only guy booking for strip yesterday he strips the ball Peters picks it up. Terms of for a touchdown to meet I was like I've they do that they're gonna win the game. Well whomever you only game in the chiefs of one. In this entire five game stretch for their one in four against the Denver Broncos would turn that game. Orcas Peters rip the ball away from Jamaal Charles and take it out again so defensive touchdowns. Rewrite the chiefs have won the only game they've won the last five is when they had defensive touchdown and that's what I was hoping for yesterday because I lost all. Faith in this office without with a quarterback well I. I I've lost all faith with a win at Indy reed is calling explain I think it's a combination effort between between her I've lost all faith in his office why that's just not for gas and insane after last couple weeks like. I got zero faith that offensive line compute the block my six and seven year old daughter I really think that they keep your eyes this offensive line. And make a play in the backfield I don't have confidence in Indy Reid's gonna put his team in the right position I don't have confidence and Alex Smith is gonna execute I don't have confidence of the running games into it going I lost confidence with all eleven guys on that side of the field and the play caller Andy Reid yeah he's got setting the table. For all of this and it all starts and ends with him I mean you don't eat you can say matinee easy offensive coordinator Brad Childress is this offensive assistant. At the end of the day Andy Reid is doing all the play calling him putting these guys in that position to do what they do on Sunday afternoons and yesterday was bad I lost confidence in Andy Reid's ability to call plays yesterday because I thought he called plays like a stooge like like a bomb like a flu like death like a sack of. Oh now you mentioned that losing faith I mean I I would like to say. Put that put it right 27 throws forty runs I don't think the opt in to watching is gonna move people know I don't think idol you know I I would love. Forward to cheat to get to go and lean on the run game and just say run the football. Or or maybe that's passive the giants tight towards the end of the game got fifteen yards a clip see that's why hasn't met him that they weren't over last year either and in this of this is that this is that a road grating offensive line and build for that well so get federal sensible I mean yeah I mean it feels like the year you got the wrong pieces here from for which Trier may be should be. That's what I Saturday at the big and drafted it and went out of their way to assemble a pass blocking offensive line. Problem is the passing game can't really carry him past either running game right pajama pass blocking offensive line that you are currently pay a lot of money like that's the other thing and you wonder why John Dorsey sitting at the end of the delegates having for the war eleven pastrami sandwich every Tuesday because this guy right here paid Larry targets and and Erik Fisher to kind of show that he knew what he was doing Ahmet paid these guys. Just as you pay it doesn't mean you spend that money correctly and seeing a hundred million dollars invested in Larry to artist and and and Erik Fisher Betemit is a waste of money right now. It's manic Monday and the over reactions after that unmitigated disaster against the giants. Are just way too real. Next. It's manic Monday here on basket in the morning after every cheese game that we have are over reactions except I don't these today or overreaction how is that different from the four hours we do after chiefs lost out. I've and I think it's going to be I got going to be nice to be happy shy like maybe maybe sometime tomorrow but I trust you he's gonna get this thing figured out that you're still gonna finish twelve and four win the division to make it an -- well. Go win out. Yeah I think they are latest Austin that I don't but call like I like call it that laws that may be you know straighten things out there I don't know what it is like maybe a good laugh at not. Good loss again at a loss out of there now that like the what makes a wake up at an anti trust that positive physical pain and apparent. That noticed one enemy likes of practicality. Hauling out the coaching staff yesterday and saying we can't win anything until we figure out the cover two outs about the cover two that's an indictment of the entire coaching staff. That we become way too predictable on offense that we can't figure out how to do things I think they're gonna roll offs six world go to the post season hot and everybody's gonna sit here scene it's OK now and everybody's gonna be fine yesterday it was a terrible loss. Big picture they're still winning the division desolate glowing words playoffs they're big picture they've played the worst divisions in football at the beginning of the year we saw there is this what is wrong. Division doesn't really matter all of the picture sure this year I got last year because they want the best division in football star now what are the worst and you are making one assured well purchased an already. Maybe you and other illicit I'm not gonna get it you're pre ordered. Depends on how the season Yiddish was it depends if Patrick gets put now I don't know I don't think they're gonna have the ability obviously to get a buy in and have one of the top two seeds but they will obviously win the division which guarantees you'll home playoff game you'll take on a Baltimore and their like that. And then you're gonna have to go on the road and in and get smoked in new energy drink and you you you know what play in the way you have over the last five weeks yeah you will absolutely there's no question about it. Are manic Monday we have our biggest three. Action from the game let's start with Vasco provides the offensive line up and continue to beat this drum until it's better because right now. This offensive line is about as tough as as the as the girl scout troop making paper vishay on Monday evening at the school. They're not good. All they are a very bad unit. And when the offensive line can't block anybody. You can't function as a off. And we're seeing that since the injuries occurred the toughness has gone down. They're not as good football players as they were at the beginning of the year they've not been able to establish a running game they've not been able to establish some passing game. Alex Smith has regressed the play calling is terrible to me it all starts at the trust of that offensive line and I don't believe there's any trust right now. On that offensive line from anybody inside this organization. My overreacted today is a futuristic one. As they're getting. The yesterday and I'd seen holes over the field I started to worry about the draft. Oklahoma Kathy down the ads selling very well what. Add Joey Elliott like what is the chiefs ever draft picks in Baylor four picks this upcoming draft and that ain't enough so my over action today is. We're in need of acquiring draft picks for next season there are many more needs that I thought there were saying. For five weeks ago this team. There are needs all over that freaking field they need to be addressed in the draft and the chiefs are short on draft picks for 28 dean. Let's get some graphics. Are mild reaction in this is that this is why as an overreaction because like you this a 100% right now but I won't buy Sunday. I never wanna watch another snap. But she spoke balls lies Alex Smith is the quarterback not walk and it. More snapped. With number eleven under center I can't do I can't do it drives me crazy. We think the play calling the offensive line we make excuses for everything other than the one constant over the last five years along with senior read it. Is Alex Smith is not written any. And the top five those in the NFL but he did not when he doesn't win in the playoffs is like Alex Smith dozens of you want Alex Dunne don't you went Indy because Alex Witt is not a top five quarterback any NFL by any stretch of the imagination that we in the playoffs so brilliantly for me to leave it. Agreement to Super Bowl and he would like five NFC championship but doesn't get it done in the playoffs Alice is one championship game in his career and it was with Jim Thorpe laws as head coach. So whose terrible it's. India and well look at with this quarterback situation is yours that your guy's wife went in track to pass from home to go get coach that they thought would be better than any greed. And sit him behind any read I don't know that it also better out there sit behind in theory right now or don't they tell right now because you've seen last week that you wanted Dave to open a go to the lines and now. I did not witness and that. Somebody says it was a while ago you did you didn't like him the next coach I want it to be the next hole yet though you after Andy Reid and that's a pat mojo that's after and you read it. Retires. He decides to walk for. From football entirely. Not when I was like you know heading to putter because he's not worth eighteen million dollars like they will and Alex that this offseason Indy Reid's success in the post season is it that. Marines. It really is over you lose what were you fired your heart out all but I'm not at all and I also don't want Alex Smith to be fired either. Don't give a chance Alex is getting fired if I do better. As we win that's that's it so I've ever wanna see Alex I won't watch the game thoughts. That's the over my heart and the change in the Nextel Isaiah what's really lit up the cosmetic Monday that's the whole point it's it's an overreaction. Because that's how I feel right now I just nobody wins dale if I feel fine about this team yet. The bad law plus think that's sad and lost because like I said I have alzheimer's I believe that the Andy's gonna get this thing turned out I I have I have. So much faith and in need of getting anything turnaround you don't get embarrassed like that yesterday what do you do normally. It turned around you figure it out. They were embarrassed at one in five won eleven straight football game it's okay. They did it bears before and they have turned it around they started the season with five straight weeks. I've got confidence in that guy on the sidelines he spoke yesterday. Everybody has a bad day at the office it doesn't mean you overall body of work is bad. And until he proves otherwise like to lose the buffalo than normal maybe I'll start thinking of the wives but right now I have blind date that may be to a full. It when he Andy Reid can do was to head football coach. Finally speaking of over reactions. I don't think filled gains can cover high school wide receiver that's not an overreaction I don't think I think if you put somebody who shot an issue he's out there crossing Philippines you've probably scored. We do not think this is that's not the image that's an over reaction begins Monday in an emotional upset is the chiefs lost them all the president. I trust they tried eighteen different quarters and it. And it's the same thing over there maybe Peters who played both sides discover the best receiver we would see these guys exposed is called himself a play on both sides. That would mean that'd be very effective inspectors still recovering from shoulder surgery and Stephen Specter can cover a wide receivers in the NFL better than those games. Yeah that's a little bit more recommended that the that's the that's the point is take its. Over it's over active state are still in you still can't start for TCU though they got a good team had a problem finished two in the league this year. Beat bass also this they recruited over. They recruited over actors are saying yeah they finally record a respect Jamie Dixon has got that thing moving them. Are that she's lost a disaster game yesterday against the giants foresees defense of the bill lost lost the chiefs yesterday on Twitter it's actually fits in you do wanna mess. His thoughts as he joins us next. Welcome back at its best 2 in the morning I'm like well with Bob best coach Josh playing there and producers David Spector. Ports he's defensive lot of bill lost it is any indication is right eagle off is that she's lost twelve to four in overtime against those lowly giant all the nine wasn't quite twelve before this fall for our help right about that's why case scenario at this record catch of wealth and died yesterday in the meadowlands against the giants though lost joins us now and deserve those five extra point that's right yeah bill. Very upset on Twitter especially about the defense what do you see. Your ball I just made blanket statement when I watch football you'll have to. I I understand defense plea to actually look at the close. Altered I don't know everything about the routes and regional with a substantial work Richard Russell or really concentrate on each incidents. And the effort level that I solved yesterday motion picture let's call. I was coach. Defense line colts defense coordinator. Let that happen I mean it was clear international. But with our take on its responsibility. Image detail. There was no. Don't you desire to kick to Alter works we got talked earlier do we need something to have it essentially strip we're interception or shall be plate. But since cobalt tools and achieve. And that's it's a lot about the name it's a question like at a particular you have returns like the place in the weekly Jewish yeah it would certainly give me. Well I think when a team goes out their performs like they do against an opponent like they do it kind of makes you go hop. I mean that that's not a good look for a team that you know at one point was five and a beating the patriots and Eagles had to start off the season now they've regressed to a team. They can't beat the New York football giants as we saw yesterday so you go out there and you lose that came after the game Travis Kelsey says we're not gonna change until we can learn how to you know play against a cover two to me I take Dennis he's calling out the entire coaching staff for not figuring out how to make adjustments and still trying to do the same thing over and over and over again it's clearly not working from an offensive standpoint. Well that their personal percentage. You know you're right five weeks ago USB. Rate is the best example or subject which it was December. Packers don't think changing the sale was out missed via VP yeah things change and yet so that's what were right now. Soul search experts that would. We're in would you cast should. Use one blitzes. You mean huge executed in the fact that you can't win with viewership. Shall shall we bring somebody stopped Oakland actual flying in the air to blow. He should change it to the fact that you can't stop was. So that's all sorts of what you used that and yet you please read this direction pleased to get things going offensively. He's executed to the fact you can't win a fraud and and so we'll start to fall and that's fortunate. Get to please. Work in anymore because he senses it figured it country and penetration just what the pleasure that we saw or just church. What we're seeing decency and. Well I think my biggest concern you know Mike once Alex beds and sent to Siberia. I China I I I China. We've got its embrace life and make location where I don't wait on demand still waiting for trump to tweet about it but I am an offensive line bill that just right now is not good they're not tough enough upfront they don't kind of blocked properly they're they're giving this team the ability to really do anything. And really be a multi dimensional offense right now if you can't block affront to me you can't do anything regardless of who that quarterback or running back at wide receivers. And it hits you go back to your closet neutral pleas were trapped structured storm stretched yet so that that's why. That's why you should multiple gadget play in mr. action surged. Because they don't believe that it was not for actually got to create a way. To get movement. And with the ball and that's what kept you up to now that's forcing. Travis Kelsey said that. Everyone guys need to step up who would be first on that list for you. Well hit a decent set effort age idol will go to move. And not be better teammates and some idea what social. So it's a personal responsibility. You know sometimes you guys. You buy something he replied. That it matters. You've got to make the difference. Egypt wanna you know create people want the bridge to urged not to system I think he's great play calling. Not all sultans defense that it it's going to be you. So they look within and we have been a team like this before it stopped. We got by the way to shall responsibility do the original. Talk with former chiefs defensive line and build loss here on sixth and Sports Radio in sixth and spore stock comma. So how does this team did turn around can they can get that whenever you see them winning it 85 I the next six games. Q what would it is simply atrocious history can she keep playing. Ball. Mort that confidence built from the first we take it so much confidence in what they're doing the first five weeks it was it was unbelievable that you could sense it could be. They were spear or do anything that so that they needed at whatever they play they called it pixel where it. They need to believe that the only what you do the artwork and we potential bidders are no magic want to wait it'll work. There's emotional week old culture the NFL. Teams find a way to stay the course. Bill you bring up their confidence is it possible bowl loss to Pittsburgh. Got to put that seed in the brains of the players that Wallace is going to be the same thing that. You know we might play really well against this team that team but it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers we just can't beat them is it possible that chip away at their competence. What it did is they should warm their legal tender touch reality that. We're not certain it won't come sources school game they got beat on boats on the line of scrimmage and pitched are being. He's since got pushed around the rim all over the bush personal problems or. It's it's virtually essential. They got smacked down to a question about that and also if it was a player in the game player other teams use pencils and seeing that. Bill Mossad was here on 610 Sports Radio this is a lame and speaking your bill but I've got to ask you because you played the game. Marcus Peters on willingness to play the other side and constantly covered the best wide receiver I think is a bigger issue that we talked about why doesn't he. Go back and forth from side to side. I think the defense could be better if we'd have to rely on Phil Gaines and Ken Acker and some of these other guys to cover at times the best wide receiver on the field what do you think about that. It is that is that voters is that market Peter Schneider or church street supply to about that is in a yeah. So yet you would like to see that but I don't think the defense shouldn't we use is one of which calls. It you know electric pitcher Steve. And it took it to work you know a true departure from tried but it's more to track played much being such sought. Some more Peter short were saying I don't want do. What is Andy Reid say that these guys this morning when he walks in there. Arts and what it should be for a league east he'd be easily there to support watched. Somebody were canceled yesterday and mobile. Religious battle out acceptable to anybody. It and they need Caldwell flat. Put the nice you know be the from neutral Steinway players' coach put that aside. Their target chip or what have you guys Itar. Camera is bill lost or bad evacuated time and that's exactly what that is if you are players big dog Bradie reed become big Mac it you. The bill are. He's got lost overseas defensive lineman Andy Reid eased to bring the hammer down. It was just that as well as a group. I hear. Now as the Mets do that yeah that's about equipment question that your if Andy's lab and now. I did she saw it has turned into a pumpkin. We explain next by now you know centric is not your traditional school one thing they only teach technology. No general education like history or sociology. Just technology. Or the other may.