11/20 6a - Giants Loss on Andy, Its Mahomes Time, Kelce Calls Guys Out

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, November 20th

The loss to the Giants can be directly traced back to Andy Reid, Welch wants Mahomes, Kelce says its time to call guys out plus hear from Andy Reid 


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Are there and that's a better job and take full responsibility. Stretch here. I screw me. Years later as. And sat in my. Did they lose. Life. Again saying the England doesn't guarantee myself. Yeah okay in the OK I mean you can you say it makes me my. I'm. Yeah. Mean. Willie Colon than it is better. Like at. Really I'm examining the you wind and using. I can't imagine. Corner means they use. Yeah. And do good to and I and I mean it's stay you know we are never going to win anything with an. Like F. Okay. A little programs. Did you blow out your. I did you blow out your best Martin Welch and Bob Baskett adjustment in there and of its producer Steve inspect his she wins it'll. That's not yesterday and absolutely atrocious game by every definition. Andy Reid coming off a bye week in the best coach in the NFL is 6316. Into do. Donated yesterday. And not lost on the offense looked more apt empathetic you could have ever. Possibly imagine it'd team that one point was five dollars on top of the world is now 64. Like I mean it is I mean yes. They in particular disaster IC band manager I feel bad for the unmitigated disaster that is energized when it's eighty namely waiting periods yesterday and the got to do better. Their job we can all do better at all do. Although that they're better. I was just yet. Yesterday to monitor that was yesterday that was just yesterday and I was just yes acquisition yesterday's post on our daughter Jenna formally this five seconds you've downplayed. Got to do better. Their job we can all do better and I'll do. Although that they're better. Five times in five seconds Andy Reid's and yeah no known notably OK here's the thing that that bothers me the most out of this game. At the dump ready because I may I make curse on this one. Was that. The biggest horse hoop game plan that you've ever seen aunt and this is it hindsight it quarterback gets a horse I mean. I've got it right you're the third thing that I wrote my notes yesterday first whose fault starting at left guard to noted that as a nice addition for the chiefs. Second thing I have written in my condolences. Play is the first time you Ron you come out throwing against the wind and why are you throwing on the first five there's an opening win. When there's a wind in the middle hands that spins like no other and Amy you coats to fill the dealt the Eagles for eighteen years or fourteen years or whatever was. Played at least fifteen games prior to this in the meadowlands. And nick is going into the meadowlands on a windy day when you know it's one of the places to play with the wind. And you got a quarterback. That has not been able to throw a straw ball. Have him in the shot. Just pass incomplete sat. Finally on first and ten after a penalty you give the ball to Kareem Hines and he gets one yard. At the proper team I am going into what gave it a place that you've played. Fifteen times before against the team that is dreadfully ass that is coming off one of the worst losses ever. And you porch or quarterback who does have a strong arm as it is. In a position to try to throw the football against the weighed against the team that is one and eight. To me this starts and and at the feet of a true read. Wasn't good offensive line stunt that the wee bit all these excuses. The game play yesterday it was about his jewel that was the one that bowled well my high school coach morsels high school of Randolph New Jersey rock in New Jersey. Used to run. That was a Bo Bo type of game plan. That we saw yesterday. From Andy Reid it looked like Andy read was bad MacKey due yesterday and bad Mac to do YZ Andy Reid well. That's how bad enacted it would still be an act Williams the hair on the glass is that all now that was that was the frustrating part you you had a team that was playing basketball key code losing Cody called them loud and all this stuff. They played inspired football or off the court does not like the giants played inspired apparel were trying to fight their coach. They thought they anger and all sucked worse yes. It's unreal. I can bet that Saturday that he wanted to read an act of American who is still couldn't it have you still couldn't read of you could score a touchdown against the giants defense fellas. Who Abbott a low numbers today okay. April 02 points combined in the last two games going into this game the giants defense had given up. 82. Points. They have given up in the last two games and yesterday yet managed three a butt kicked a field goals. Ogle you quitting giving the the end zone you had a bad game plan. In ill advised tight end. Adds quick. Yeah well no sense whatsoever. What what you light up a offensive setter at two guards at six. Are all over the field like. Earlier quarter after the giants were in the exact same play. I don't know like I desperate day. When you look at a game plan that was put it like that you have to wonder if if if any read lost his mine was on the take. Was you know like like it's been sniffing glue like what was going. And that you come up with a game plan that was sole element truly stupid it. I've never seen one like that before in my life I had coach who was supposed to be one of the best coaches in the national football. That's the upsetting thing we know when Alex Smith is we know what this offensive line is being dealt with the ST that we know what these players are. The jobs coaches to prepare your team and put them in the best position to be successful. And Indy Reid can look at what stand. Team any other needs the me. Any coach and that's. Up and say we did the right thing on Sunday we did the right thing with a game plan. That looked about as bad game plan is I've ever seen from Andy reading Kansas City and back to meet. That's the worst regular season Austin we've seen under Andy Reid. In Kansas City that sucked yesterday. It was beat on that embarrassing. In New York considering it's not just a boss does a loss to one of the worst teams in the NFL he worst team in Mark Cuban the worse than in Cleveland still hasn't won era in the NFL. They were relegated before corporate and big word yet they were yesterday out there LL 90% yet they're like Italy but. This is such a terrible team and the New York jobs so who to that squad. Is what really stings and look at it for a bigger picture perspective organ of the quarterback situation and all that at 615 right here on sixth and Sports Radio. But the bigger picture for this season is. This. How this team go five and now we have no idea is good now before they beat the patriot patriot is yeah. This. Was. Right into the best teams in the NFL. Five and though at times it looks like it different might be 82 cool best team in the NFL right now Gary. I think you know the saints are. I just miraculous football right now Jacksonville as they struggled a bit EST Derrick good I think football team come without I think. Pittsburgh new England and bill felt at the top threads here it is still a little credit right now as well their planes and good football league with case cute as a quarterback but I think that we into the two best teams in the NFL right now. And the chiefs beat them in back to back weeks the start the season I mean they started two against Philadelphia and do it. He hasn't lost since doing as possible and thinks they spent like you look at that team that went five and don't you see that okay. Why won't what's different what is different right now about that team vs this team. I think Travis Kelsey laid it all out there yes he was the fences are playing cover two Linus right now and whatever that means. We're not adjusting to it'd Peter King wrote this morning I thought was really good egos. The that he took back Travis Kelsey quote he said here let me put this in the layman's terms orient the try to hit a home run on every play when they should think about hitting doubles and it doesn't look like the chiefs I think that was a shop I Travis Kelsey at the coaching staff. It doesn't look like Andy Reid is trying to counteract what the defense is doing against them. And if you're rubber rubbing running that cover two re Abdi the safeties up tied to protect from the deep pass. You've got to find a way to go underneath you've got to find a way to get it did the run game bill you've got to find a way. To do things that are different than what you're doing offensively and I think Travis Kelsey flat out called Audi and he read yesterday when he's had their run on the cover two until we can figure out how to beat that we're not gonna be very good and he told every other defense in the NFL. Want to run against him and what works against the Kansas City Chiefs because now it doesn't look the one in four of their last five and it doesn't look like they wanna make any adjustments on office. And an NB insane ability to cut this continue to put out Smith and that shot. And try to throw the ball means you know confidence in your offensive line those guys should be ashamed as well I office can't do anything to the five guys up front on news that. Highest rated passer in the shotgun hitting and yes I don't mean that thing there they're actually putting it about the best position. Because the offensive presence in the shotgun you've got a little. Running game. I'm amazed that you like. Al-Qaeda or the offensive line may be bad but how he cataract that. I get the ball out quick this office like so slow and methodical I think they're teams again can play with this offensive line and and it not look as glaring as it does of the chiefs I mean it either breaks down so fast. That that they are really really bad or the place just don't develop fast I've ever seen on. Zipped out right losing quarterbacks do this achieves the all time that you diagnosed her autism like to get the ball to fast this offensive line just looks like. Were re using this excuse get the ball out. Get rid of the football and they'd they don't do that either yet you said how they cataract can hurt you or that that the cover to their taking weighted down a passing while. The chiefs are content to to get those underneath pass he sought on the they went for field goal the end of regulation guys yeah that he would try to score a touchdown it's like baffling to me. And the first half. And the first place. 663. Deficit all right is it easier to go and go to the half down 63. I did call timeout to get the ball back which was amazing I didn't think that what happened apologized then but that they didn't try to score and then the end of regulation they did not try to score a touchdown down based cortex and the game is over Eddie was unwilling to do it like. Let's just do the best we can't get a field goal here. Where we've gone about it is that we hold our border they are infuriating. First quarter they're driving down inside the ten. This is the fifteen you have a third like 738. At age riots as quick split its Travis Kelsey. Where it goes through his hands Pollack as you heard the RC coming right behind it did to widen out it note this. We've ever had a chance to gain a first then you're not you're putting Travis Kelsey in the best position when you're throwing to him when he's going to get hit or not gonna catch it right there you need Travis Kelsey open. When he can run. If he is going to get hit or it's in a tight space he's just not gonna catch it you haven't seen that by now right yeah he really doesn't eat you go back to Pittsburgh playoff you haven't seen it and he's not a he's outside of where you throw the ball is gonna take couple minutes ago if he's gonna get hit he's not catching it to stop doing it out like they're battling him to let him run yet stroke nuts graduates today yeah that your guys do well again. Don't do that if I am mad at the exit just. It said more stones yesterday even been Andy Reid and I mean it's fourth and 529 yard Tut passed it that wide receiver nobody ever heard of their to set up the game would do little for the giant Oscar Lewis Roger Lewis on a nickname it does Dallas touchdown by then it was such as an absolute a 100% does not 100% tumble down no question about that but that's on fourth and five the giants went for the jugular on fourth and five. And the difference was yesterday Andy Reid the chiefs never went for the jugular at the end of the half and at the end of the game they didn't try to win that football game yesterday. And Andy Reid can't sit there while he's listening this morning and go oh you're so wrong I did try you didn't try that's the biggest indictment that I have for Andy Reid yesterday. You didn't try to win that football game you you played not to lose all right I did bite my tongue for a light. Fourteen minutes now and it's it certainly did its year ready it's must female and later Steve Slater is busted it's a big change it is time tell you what it is next. Really tenth pick in the 2017. NFL draft. He can't get city she's like. I took my home system. Playing back. Okay. It's. It's. This is Diana. It's time for that seems to pull the trigger look towards the future and start Patrick my homes this Sunday against the bills because I've seen enough ballots so you wanted to do exactly what the bills did in LA and start Nathan Peerman and F five interceptions in the first half. No because here in the fifth round pick so that's a laughable comparison talk about the tenth overall pick who's going to be handed the keys to this franchise anyway. Even by calling for the backup. Calling for a guy like well the pollen. Because that's an alum Brady Quinn is that a Mac castle. Patrick Holmes is going to have the keys to this franchise at some point. The chiefs are spinning their wheels of Alex Smith I he's not going to when he was super ball he can't handle the wind if the wind. In New York Adelson and America win and how is Alex Smith going to college stick handling Pittsburgh or New England in January I think the three went -- I mean you don't read don't totally put him in a bad position to throw the football game and the ball like you have a pair but it may be dated no he did his point 245 miles an hour in your face and knocking passes its ability multi hour. I don't think it's a bad look by Andy Reid to try to throw the football I I talk is they're blaming Andy Reid only won all backed the matter is Alex Smith's offense that he runs. Has scored seven touchdowns the last five games right that's an atrocious number Alex has reverted back to what he was before a big reason why that she started out five and I'll would have been a one in four cents. Is because Alex Smith has regressed he's moved backwards at this point you know he's not going to be here next year. He's got he's not gonna win enough to be here next year. Well is gonna be your guy so why. Are you wasting time and Alex hit it makes no sense to keep trotting Alex Smith out there week after week hoping that something changes. It's amazing that we get people blaming Andy Reid for Alex Smith in this quarterback he's been in the past well. Well I mean logic tells you it's not all Alex Smith's funniest look at the stats in their losses this year 1234. Losses that they've had. They had double digit passes more than runs in every single one of so they relied quarterback they lose well big bets that dissent that's that's why you don't rely on the quarterback do you recall I quarterbacks can't rely on the great order as well look we went through this last week they'll Mike when you win football games regardless of what organization you are. You have a very good balance between the run in the pass it happens and every single game that you win when you win football games. You have a balance between the run in the past when they beat the patriots they had 35 passes 27 runs when they beat Philadelphia which is their biggest discrepancy 28 passes nineteen runs they still won the game San Diego more runs and passes Washington six more passes than runs used in two more passes than runs. They apps so here's a better and when they've run the football and allow other guided do in my. Is it New England. This isn't Philadelphia this New York giant to right handed the Mike back and say all forty were times against the worst rushing defense and all of the NFL if I. Runs a game you you rumbled to the fifth. Why yesterday I don't defense can't stop if I like quarterback and I say we're in New York against one of the worst teams in the NFL. Go when it forced if you can't do that gets one of the worst teams in the NFL he doesn't deserve to be my quarterback well I I just dot I talk to somebody with a new organization in the term I got was catastrophic if my home says the play this year so that's you that's what you you can talk about those sources all you want but the fact is they are wasting time. They are recent development time there waist and I think at this really if they thought really was that good he would be like okay well well how they were in a situation where he had to play he might takes mobs in that would be okay because they're not winning the Super Bowl with Alex Smith so you wasting. With Alex is sitting there saying they won't win a game or another day surely be two games with we have Alex and there. Well wouldn't you rather Friday develop young quarterback ready for the futures are you can. That some type of Philadelphia Eagles year next year. Sit here continue wasting time with Alex Smith stuck so you should you you would be and when the strip because cool you're willing to hug the rest of the season and start well yes I'm willing to take a shot with my homes maybe it doesn't work out. I considered tell you starting patch from homes means everything's going to be fine. I'm telling you wasting time if you're going forward insane Alex Smith is our guy. You're essentially set the a first round loss in the in the playoffs right because we already seen that movie we know how it plays out. We already accepted the fact this is just. Kind of a mediocre team if you put him Patrick Holmes one of two things happens either spark the offense and we see something crazy happened. Or does spark the offense things get slightly worse than they are you just scored nine points in GD New York against the giants just here. Sure how much worse they could possibly get than they are right now but let's say that does happen. Easter developing a quarterback of the future that could potentially beat you to a Super Bowl as that stain in the same. Damn spot over and over with the same guy we know it's not gonna change well I still go back to this game. Landon and I get livid when they don't on the football because that is the lifeblood of winning in the National Football League would you make yourself one dimensional you're throwing the ball 41 times against the New York Giants yesterday. Which is the most faith and hope this year. 41 times in a windy stadium to where the wind swirls like nowhere else against the team that can't stop the run and you're relying on a guy who doesn't have the strongest of arms to try to throw the football and those condition put in a guy who has a longer read it doesn't matter east or should he should still should in your data to try to come back from two touchdowns you're down three and in your -- the football all over the all like to me that's the bigger issue right they're bats the bigger issue and the lack of trust that this offensive staff has right now and it's offensive line which was my number one observation yesterday there's still no faith in this offensive line if you have to throw the ball 41 times. Against the giants defense does not stop the run all year what is that telling you about your offensive line what does that tell you about these meetings that are occurring and end it in and in the sitting around all week devising game plans in the coming up with let's throw the ball 41 times in the game in which were not really losing it six the. Free for the most part back and run. Football football kick a field goal you got the best kicker in the it in the league right now there's no question about that rubbed the the football get down there inside the twenty you don't score of all tied the game and find a way to win it somehow. Andy didn't do that yesterday it was an all out is disaster by every I wish it was the easiest which in the quarterback does that. I would love to say try anything at this point. This offense looks like it is old gore lost well it says touchdowns and I. I always say they are not adjusting to the cover two was tough but I wished there was. Away not because I I I generally think if you make a quarterbacks what you're you're changing the entire dining and you are. OK and maybe that maybe that could maybe there could possibly be worse that I think you have right now be a good thing I just don't think it's going to be a better option right now is it why is it yeah I'm running the football a lot I mean day here you still are going to develop a quarterback for the future absolutely you have to figure out a way to do that here's have been running the football idea CJ bastard went up against the New York Giants went nineteen to 25 for 288 yards and two touchdowns CJ basket. Iowa. Did that because don't those who the hell CJ bettered its gross system near Tampa he's just been. And this New York Giants team so this isn't about playing well it's been a Smith put it handle the game against the giants. Placed the giants it. Justin Houston was held sacked was by a man making his first ever appearance on an NFL field yesterday to sell. I mean it until it goes a lot deeper. Then just Alex Smith yesterday that was a bad game the defense gave up nine points in regulation like three of which are attributed directly to Alex Smith and I think freer triggers your. The skills he's at a reception as well because for that too that there might right there to the threes like the opposite giants had yesterday came off of the off of the turnovers the Villa did is stupid that shovel pass this smacks Harrison. And then I noticed a lot of double pass but it don't get it done out Gaston and get get rid of that had to catch it yet but you gotta get rid of the shovel pass that that that they has come to roost man just coming up in ten minutes Tex lines 69306. Any topic you want discussed rode out there. And we will dive into Travis Kelsey the only consistent player on the chiefs' offense right now. Was livid after yesterday's loss against the giants here next. I'm coming up just a few minutes thanks line 69306. Any topic one discussed rode out there and we will dive into. This she's lose in overtime and I guess into the giants into one of the worst games of the NFL season or grill I've seen it looked like two of the worst teams in the league. Go back and forth a washed up Eli mania terrible Alex Smith. And just. Committed in a situation where really the giants should have won by a touchdown as I'm watching I catch again in overtime that's a touchdown touchdown at a giants have scored to tie it doesn't matter they want anyway but after the game Travis Kelsey. Made his his thoughts they're clears. That was one of the guys that we call and beautiful community that we'll. Start with myself. So you know we'll just go around the room here first. Everybody's to step up his Travis Kelsey said he says it's ours it myself but. Being 8088 UC Travis Kelsey. The only thing that goes right with this offense well when he's wide open and we saw that pretty pass at him and Alex looked up on for that you know that game tying field goal the senate and over 209 yards yesterday. And really he is the best offensive weapon that it it's clear he's the best offense is the only news it's going to EE he is the only system one on this team. The and it's not him that needs to be called and I appreciate these and it starts with me and he doesn't it starts with a lot of other now he has to make every single catch because he's your only opposite of white and -- lady drops one minutes or yes I'd have -- much he has to catch everything he has pets are his -- is -- -- it really tests everything in traffic and yes we willing to take a hit and he has to make -- you play well you were targeted fourteen times you gotta catch more than eight it is have to there's nobody else there there -- nobody else yet -- traffic goes that -- they do this spring Iran is because Travis Kelsey had the legal right to date with swing Travis -- out -- -- he always delivers Travis hasn't missed a block I can't -- last that he came up the middle and -- Miami -- it was great yet while I was walking has been wonderful as I also faltered as Kelsey if there are any. Bomb targets to Ross Travis organ majors Harris CNN. Hell yeah. Yeah. You. I think that loser. You are telling her about it mark tells me I'll start the call out though I'll go with Iran doer and a tardy 45 yards in penalties Ian eagle well overpaid as an offense he was terribly yesterday disease part of the office of line be terrible so. I'll call him out there you guys call from yesterday's game we know Mike you article Alex Smith these three cents to two day to day let's start jobs not coming off of that. I've just to Houston where area yet. Worry though I'd get another guy the bigger your bar's gonna be higher because they need you got paid fifty million dollars edu and I remember. One nice run stopped and then another player was actually looking for a minute what some guy would long hair that never played the NFL before stymied Justin Houston yesterday if you're if you're hurt that they needed they need to do something for you right. For the right you're out there playing every play I expected him to show up top bulletin yesterday. For the record I call for Phil gains to be cut over a month ago yeah I guess that's as well Colin Campbell fight big tall and putt over a month ago I think it's released I don't wanna I wanna steak on the team. I'm I'm I'm really. Anne and I can't wait for bill Maas is coming up at it's at 745 day because he's really he's really down this defense yet. I'm I'm like so torn I want you points for trying defense there's no medals for trying because our cities where you are trying to make. Personnel adjustments but they all suck it like it whoever likes it become one of the bye we could not put Phil gave. OK I give you points for trying something different. But boy you can't get anything right at that course but they all stink let's shouted out here on six dead Sports Radio it's all brought you Miley James haircuts for mental extent sensitive. Real or Christmas tree now we have a fake one. Never had a real one in my entire life ever I don't know if I'm missing something on map that we've always had. I think when they look good now you know again I mean obvious though if people were sentenced on the embryo. He broker industry. My parents had a real Christmas tree when I was young and then they can millions. Why it's a lot of why do I have specimen he's gonna do of their drinking water and out in some time sometimes at their Austin. We had we had eighty. A big but while you eat I couldn't get that the pieces Illinois fallout you can get the pieces weren't well there can I do like just kind of get that. Get that real one stick it in the stand and and thrown away when you're done you don't story. We're seeing my my perception of playwright Nazis like Paul Bunyan had just really don't tell data we got the got to that the country it's actually fun and working short holiday weeks is pointless obviously you know that the older I get the more I kind of think about because like who's doing anything this week right like if you're in sales this week. What are the odds game. Anything done around the united every person there allegedly calling on is also a waiver of the holiday hero this is one of those days are thought to get in the studio don't matter well today I can tell. Us what. Jobs I guess there is today I need to be here today ID. All overnight. Then the whole the whole thing could there was Syria we Earl fired up yesterday Charles Manson dead yes dead yet he had a better weekend in the chased it I think she. While I mean not he has I know where it was us. While he did did the teacher dead yesterday did he did stick dead on arrival until after the meadowlands it was terrible. Also performance yesterday he can't beat considering your cells each division champions Super Bowl contender. When you go out and you play like like back to whenever whenever that was yesterday. But the Kansas City Chiefs put out there that meddling himself. Good riddance Charles Manson's world is better because he's gone. Girls pentagon Georgia Dome on god George don't just just died yes. My wife surprised me by having KC wolf Jill and her wedding reception that's pretty cool like that at her wedding reception and estimates there are waiting to happen on our own wedding reception that I don't know what that was the only part that was his ethnicity to block volcanic rock pop. Well these two guys I mean that's obviously what you get married. You're what losing. Per day you're just you're just an accessory. Restaurants he still use a microphone to announce orders to the kitchen. I I mean why would she needed if it used to back the kitchen right. What do you mean announce orders for you know they they take your order than a typical thing enterprises like conversely what they have waited to get them but they're like idea of the money athletic intelligence that Tim which. But on the other assets at McDonald's McDonald's made seller that's right this is an opening here. In to a computer and it holds the computer the receipt pops up quickly than they make your order. It used to be you'd tell your order in the big dog in her columns say the order that they would make it now CI. Does technology is rated at red door they use like an iPod is putt punch it and it goes right back to the kitchen and like the food Jack before even like scented your orders. Being in radio you never know waiter blasted radio as I appreciate any other jobs with the microphones. We all miss about a pullback some tackles on the upkeep the microphones. But if I. A lot a lot this chiefs' loss yesterday falls on one man's shoulders. They who it is after the key play next hour. Yeah. In theory yeah. Mean isn't grains. Yeah. Welcome back yeah. It it's best go in the morning Mike wells were obsessed coach playing there and producer Steven Specter. Sandy Reid song. Some good ones today we got a lot of good tunes coming your way when it comes to the Kansas City team what a disaster was yesterday and there's well as a man that showed a lot of blame for that gets put in a moment the first is the key play it is and it is the only touchdown from yesterday. That was our key player Arlene is dark on his touchdown run it is the key play brought you by Anthony plumbing heating and cooling the techniques you can trust with your house keys Darko twenty carries yesterday I said on Friday. Bartley is dark what carries the ball twenty or more times the giants win he's carried it twenty or more times in two games. Both of them victories for the New York Giants the giants only AFC west by the way there too and elegance the AFC west this year against Denver. In Kansas City sunken graduates as a land Luke. I. Wow that's how did it later charged yet expect at a specific targets that. Garbage game fall on the shoulders of Andy Reid I blame more Smith but. Considering Andy Reid is one of the best coaches in the NFL time in criticizing Andy Reid remember he has a top five coach in this week. Five game rough patch. Need needing to reevaluate. What works with this offense and somehow. Above it wasn't long enough for Andy Reid this time one of the best actually the best coach coming out of the bye week in the history the NFL. Wasn't it. Yet how did he could figure. So here's Andy Reid post game. We aren't able Lou with the turnovers that we than. Take care of business offensively so. We've we've got to do better better job with. Like nail down but let's listen again where we can all do better earthy good prices are positioned in all due to global. So do better was mentioned three times their seventeen seconds because that's Andy Reid does she says we've got to do a better job than nothing actually changes that's the issue that we currently have with the Kansas City Chiefs. Ed tell it's addressed to tell you it's changed it's going to be the same story. Over and over and over the quick it's terrible story. Yes it was terrible game right but the story itself a big picture. Terribly got a two game lead in the west any reed does a very good job he's top five paid coach in the NFL who. But he is got to warrant how to change he's got to learn a I would just do something differently than sit there go to these games so tight so scared. For making a mistake at the chiefs go out there they will like they have no discernible game plan what so well. They look like in the first five games of the season like they wanted to win football games and that's why I was Ohio and the chiefs out after that five and oh start you're looking at a team. That went out there and sensed blood they went out there in one football games the last five games this has been a football team save the Denver game where they got to win against a team now that John Elway called soft yesterday he had his lost six straight that's their only win in the last five games. And and they played like they don't wanna lose football games say they've gone into the pre event mode mandate they've got into that prevent mode that we talk about the fourth quarter with defense is all the time. The chiefs of absolutely gone into that mode they're afraid to lose football games right now they're not even daring to try to win games there are afraid to lose football games right now and I think we've seen that passive approach by Andy Reid. I thought yesterday when Travis Kelsey called out this team by saying. They're playing cover two and until we learn how to beat the cover two we can't win I think that's more of an indictment adjust the cover two I think that's an indictment really tired coaching staff the whole ads and everything that's going on right now is at. We're not adjusting to things were not changing up the way we do things we've become too predictable as an offense right now and I think they really have come. Very predict the become very predictable as an offense right now which is let's go heavy pass heavy pass heavy pass and when you leave too much and what. Direction whether it's run past. The defense knows what you're gonna do they're just gonna pin their ears back and well and and you give the opponent an advantage when you're not playing a balanced enough approached and that's something that you would have thought they would have fixed over the bye week losing you know three of their last four now four of their last five. They've got a really reevaluate this week and it got to get a jump start not because they've got a game on senators know or five weeks there's no or Thursday night breaks there's no more blame other than the week you have been between games to figure things out. This isn't that hard I mean my god. You allegedly spent eighteen hours a day at the stadium eating pop. I mean figure out how to have a balanced offensive attack and how to win football games when your talent is much better than most of your carpet. You mentioned. You they showed the the want to win and and beat people neighbors why we wanted to beat the patriots wanted to beat the Eagles wanted to be used to they didn't try to win the game yesterday they never regulation. They could of won the game by actually trying to go through the end zone they refused to do it they had. Plenty of time and they decided will just kind of if we get ourselves and a good spot kick field goal got to do that Nikki Haley wouldn't they wouldn't show the attitude to win a football game yesterday so disappointed. Wiki summoned back to quarterback because you're going against this terrible giants team you hit the ball Alex says a lot. Go win it force we know it's kinda windy outside the dole went at forest and there in what you said claim they didn't try to win the game at the end dating try to score at the end of the first half so to me it's one of two things either one. Alex Smith isn't pushing the ball downfield he's playing like a giant was or to any Reid doesn't trust him to push the ball downfield which means he should be benched. So that's he's coming back to for me. The quarterback play continues to be sub par mediocre I like new York New Jersey to play the giants can't win. That tells me exactly what's wrong with your team and it starts under. I think the quarterback play has been dropping drastically since the offensive line started to have the injury Samuel we saw Mitch Morse code down what we saw. Whoever else went down was little Larry plus a second there's a well busted out there is that Alex had all day I T I which he hit New York Giants defender in -- I mean I I'd seen this guy go down the hill since the offensive and started to have its issues incidents since they started to go pass heavy pass heavy pass heavy you you know you look at Drew Brees he threw for 5000 yards with two years ago the pit and and and New Orleans like seven and nine. You've got Drew Brees right now sitting with a 82 football team he's gonna get here 5000 cars are riding the backs of their running game right now doing things on the ground. I think I think Alex is that Dallas is not played well about air trying to defend Alex but to me it was a lot deeper than Alex he goes more toward this game plan that Andy Reid is putting in place in the plays that he's calling on Sunday. Or conducive to what they need to beat to win a football if I mean Mike Travis Kelsey called out. They're trying to city square peg into a hole stop doing that OK so officially in the in the game were yesterday the win was 43 miles per hour we saw that it there's a significant wind and saw that it did affect some things okay here's what Andy Reid said about about the wind yesterday. It definitely did not to do much heroism. Double teams with the old ball effectively. These adapted effectively and so. Within reason. That was a chilling effect quartet. Tells OK terrible yes totally and it's the wind wasn't a factor. Well did you kind that recently mess of nonsense of the wind wasn't there reset to win wasn't a factor both down about both teams can throw a cabling your well then if if if the wind isn't a factor playing like the the SAT eight Aegean and then yeah that. It if the wind was not a factor that record execs right that's an if then statement I just not a factor is vague your quarterback blows your quarterbacks stinks. And if the wind is a factor. You allowed your tight end to throw passed yesterday that's right. So important that it just it's like a rally I don't. Kelsey throat dumb decisions all around OK if you're any good quarterback is that terrible and it's not the wind you're throwing forty times and running 27 right. Like something does not jive there are a fact none of it jives there because you're allowing your quarterback to throw. Forty times. But it's not the win the windows will then he's terrible. It's like one of the doesn't want it yet you can't have bulls in the suitcase so that it's easier for saying it's not the wind in your quarterbacks thinks you're not acknowledging that its its its dock. All that I did get a better job that's all we get. Goldman had eyes Jerry's for the giants yesterday. To hear what Gregor said about Alex Smith will play two minutes. Carrying here but some of the hottest hot Condit days Jason. He's a new pilot. That is the hardest violent but it doesn't seventeens are clearance priced and you get zero point 9%. But you can still also on 2018 conduct Mike Honda civics as low as 179 a month. Florida 2018. HRB zero point 9% heavy handed days from Lee's summit Honda. We're reaching you like. Yeah.