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The Drive
Monday, November 20th

In the final hour, the guys play the hits and continue to break down the rough loss on Sunday including weather or not panic is starting to set in. They also continue listening and reacting to more angry voicemails and postgame calls.


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Good drives presented by do singing. Parred ten and a half point favorites at the this season there to twelve games for it double digit pay double digit favorite is a let it influence in the game. That art double digit favorite so. Five things that did against this great it is not a guarantee that you. We're going to lo these teams out this game and it's gonna be both of them a lot of you would do regret ever a lot of talk about Patrick Holmes revenues. Maybe she's walked out it's not going into being NFL game expecting to vote. I don't expect achieved Obama. What I expect. Have a chance to. We solid. When branded primetime game. We'll think that this team through these make me feel better about the back of would have division get to the playoffs I don't feel like this team at least where they are right now. After nine weeks and why we that they can really make some noise. Laughs that's Rollins. Orgy that's been the London Phil lost and how does this affect you. What game that everybody knows this. Well it's human nature that's the hardest in the war that we have big games for double. Play catchup with both a little bit higher victory is more. Great men injured what sort of little things don't do we need to do that no one. Just wait for what your people yeah. It's human. And now. There's the cats bother me at the grand. Credible candidates. And why you care. Guarantee Harrison. The drive. 95 days short work weeks for many of us Thanksgiving on this Thursday. Thank you so much listening as drive carries in here. IC being here. And someplace that you should be six and Sports Radio some fresh present the ultimate Christmas party when he seventeen benefiting theme quality of greater Kansas City. Good to run share charitable foundation. Come join us Wednesday December 13 at voodoo lounge inside here is north casino. Admission is free. But each person will receive one drawing ticket or genes to went over 5000. Dollars in prize combine additional tickets. They'll be available for sale with all proceeds going to camp. Quality can hang out with Santa basically big is going to be Santa. Was it on his lap that's what the the rest of the that's what I've been told and the rest of us will be just for the self assessment that the that's going to be elf. The door the very solved the doors will open at six for the party giveaway started seven you can win great prizes from the following sponsors. Of our ultimate Christmas toy seventeen party. Sons fresh air as north casino meaning gallery is cements bank standard beverage in much much more is going to be a big event and it's free. And it's fun to see how Kenya beat. That let's get to a high speed of the big stories of the day in the city. I've been waiting for that moment all my life. We'll talk about that every day at five. Variety of Fred Monday dish excuse me I should say of their heads lots of disgust from just an embarrassment 129. Giants victory over the chiefs Travis still supposed game so that they might have seen the suffered. You have to come out and perform. I saw us. This outcome where us on this. Effort in this potentially be tuned. Coming from miles away just because of all the stuff you heard the news they're Cogent challenging them from. Our daughters to guard their massive Ramon. Coach sure. Gary do you mentioned earlier than chiefs have done something pretty remarkable today in the sense they might have the biggest win of the season. But also perhaps the worst loss of the season there's probably. They have the worst loss in the yes so take a look at this loss maybe a little bit from the outside looking in where does this loss rank amongst the worst during beat Andy Reid to. And your in Kansas I think this is clearly the worst loss of mean he read here. Regular season yeah yeah I mean. Wilson policy often oppose it lost added an embarrassing defeats good. In the wild card games pretty damn I would notice that I wouldn't put it on this level of this was bye week. Times are prepared. Team that it just given up 31 points of the San Francisco 49ers team that had just given up 52 points the Los Angeles rams. Every fancy guy was telling you to load up on Alex Smith it's Larry Dillon Travis dolce auriemma all it was gonna be offensive balloons up for the cheese. And they related absolute date. It be one thing is you lost to the giants eight plus effort just one of those days she got hit with everything. Excellence excellence as one bad game does not define a season that's not a bad game this was a embarrassing train wreck a colossal disappointment game. Losing. One to nothing to the Pittsburgh Steelers a couple of years when you got blasted a side football that's a bad game that's not what happened here you got beat by of them by the second worst team in the unified. I would say that. At any given a couple weeks and I'll tell you why I would say that these right now is the second worst loss under Andy Reid the first big way back in November 20. In what was the year at the end 2014. When they lost the race. On Thursday night football. Because after that they lost three in a row. And for the last six and missed the play out how this loss affects the chiefs to me will help you determine how about a velocity. And that was it it's. On the surface it's the worst loss that I seen because not only to be about one any team they got beat by 118 the plate to herald. So giving a couple of weeks at a at this. The rest of the season goes down the tubes they lose the division and that will be the and they yes you will be the worst loss of ever seen and Andy Reid can't see it. So integrated. I will give them credit for something he did try to tell folks tried until all of us we elders would listen to the giants are good football team. That they were looking forward to the challenge of playing them this. Again we look for the challenge of playing the giants. We know other good football team we've had a chance to see. See this game study there's skinned guys do we can practice and and or get re going to play against it. Clay is the answer the chance of not only did they have playoff aspirations but they were saying they believe they have Super Bowl aspirations. But if you have a Super Bowl and playoff aspirations you're gonna face a lot of teams all of a lot better. In the New York football giants got their second win of the season yes so where. Expectations now from what this team can do should they even make it to the post. I have thrown away my Super Bowl predictions for the chiefs. I have long held belief that any team that got the ones in the AFC I was going to consider that is suitable favorite obviously didn't want sea and I was going to pick. Expand to go to suitable. I can't definitively say that he will not the chiefs. We look at the second half schedule for the season every NFL thing and goes up and on the schedule won't pitching wins and losses. How can you martini thing as a guaranteed W for the chiefs right now the giants wasn't hearing TW for the cheese. It was not a guarantee to leave for the cheese yes you can lose any game remaining against and that's a place and it put me. It's put in questioning if you're good team or not it it's put in what did you can lose any games remaining going instead. My. Expectations is pretty much the same as it has been for the last month. Ali these teams get them to go deep in the playoff holes opened yet the giants game will be Islam Bosnia when there workouts and things get it right. And come out of this thing looking good for the last pushed the season and instead they went backward on our right. I have a big convinced this that this team will get a with a suitable for bottom of the they can't run the football they got they can't stop the run can't stop the pass at least against good teams that are nice job stopping the run yesterday getting credit for that. But yeah my my expectation hasn't changed based on what happened yesterday. As you get to the playoffs probably when the division lose the first playoff hospital. Number three. I listen to the day usually when a loss of this type that nature happens. The primal instinct I think for a lot of people misty yells for a change at the quarterback to many were displeased. By one time MVP candidate Alex Smith in the loss of calls from. Patrick Holmes began this started to creep louder and louder so we asked Brian Bolton joins us every Monday at 330 here on the drive. Europe's he will do big move to Patrick Holmes and Alex go. I don't think that at all not at all but that's that's the definition of on the radio why my I'll be well OK but but again. You know this team right now Microsoft even. They were really pushing for. I would deep postseason run the Super Bowl this year but are changing and not general managers. Seem like this was going to be kind of a lame duck here while making a surprise everybody that you reeks of desperation and. I think I'll go with the problem with this part of the problem. I think people not just just what quite like this point but he has. Nick wilders comments that a change at quarterback by no means would be the right decision I agree with them I wouldn't change out Smith now right now either IDs being. I think the conversation and Alex Smith is much want anything in conversation and eighteen conversation at this point. If you are clamoring for Patrick behold I can't say that you were in the wrong about it I have a firm believer that no team as a viable quarterback only scored nine points. My problem with Alex Smith has been the entire season Lee's entire time with the chiefs is. Everything has to be 100% for Alex Smith. It's up the wrong with the dolphins want to get a very average all Alice Schmidt something wrong with the running game get a very average Alex Smith again there's no coincidence at the best. Time we've seen Alex Smith and his chiefs uniform he got the best running back play. And it's it's not only 75 degrees outside every single day like debacle at some point. Alex Smith to me just only comes off as you only get good Alex Smith a viable announcement it everything's ideal it is very rarely is that. Huge stack the look I watch games in and that sell a lot of lot of my opinion is formed but I'll throw that you right now. Second highest rated quarterback eighteen touchdowns and three interceptions can't you can't sit that guy. Video of that game yesterday. We also played his ass off and tried to dive over a couple of defenders to get first downs and he. It Travis kills the other big completion when he really had to on the final drive of the game that led to a field goal that tied it got in overtime. Was Alex Smith. Phenomenally yesterday now he wasn't but that's not grounds for benching absolutely don't sit there. Alex Smith has nothing to do with the fact that she's have a hard time on the football even though they ran for 13 very quiet 134 yesterday. And that is they hits for today thank you and I urges or a little different size when it comes to announcement. I don't wanna pain like I think that everything's wrong with the chiefs right now is an Alex Smith problem because I think eighty read a 100% shares in the blame of it. How poorly this offenses. I've always known Indy read to be a guy that can scheme. And find mismatches in situations. In order to allow his guys to succeed. They didn't do that yesterday. But I struggled sue and I guess our analysis of the quarterback position where everything went well for announcement of like how can you not like a look at his win loss record were the quarterback can do that. And whenever they it's always the teens a reason a lot to lose. Man the big problem with our offense to meet. It's offensive line and that's where it starts his team can't run the football but I think permeates this team and Alex Smith is just not good enough to elevate the play of everybody else so quarterbacks are. Woolsey Patrick Holmes is I assume at some point about all the Corbett to not gonna have the best off at the line the NFL is he good enough. To elevate the play of everybody else. If Alex Smith doesn't have the great running back that he had with cream on the beginning of the season or the offensive line is employing an eight plus kind of level announcement is just average he's deck press honestly this is going over there like very very average of teams more -- dot org out with a more banged up the way outspent as you do got a left tackle big sporting running back in there right now that Scott has ever gets. The chance I'd rather. Brother had tire retail and Travis Kelsey and Dez Bryant in in Jason Witten. I'd say you got more weapons. I'm not saying that she's have to go out there. Indian offense that is the Los Angeles rams RB one high scoring teams but you gotta compliment your defense. There's been a lot of shots fired at the chiefs defense the a lot of those have been well deserved air rose pointed toward the chiefs defense the defense wasn't the problem yesterday. You'll allow well. It's about the course of the game. But you can argue the defense has to go out there and win a game it was the often struggled messy enough that she. They can be a reason why you win they are not going to win the game the offense asked to bring it. The offense has to be able to school war. And they didn't yesterday. Teams are averaging thirty point game at home against the giants they gave up nine yes that you couldn't get into the end zone against the giants yesterday you couldn't sustain good rise. This offense has scored one legitimate touchdown drive aside from the Tyreke killed hail Mary. The last two games they struggled against the Broncos. This has been five and five weeks of porous offense from the chief. But it just goes to my belief down unless everything is operate at maximum capacity he's just very average. If your injury that what you have him throw forty times for 41 times whenever one. I don't know that's the part that I don't understand. You know that should last segment and the chiefs ran for very quiet 134 yard line. And Korean woman got eighteen of those touch. Or for 134. Makes you do some damage. Sometimes you don't need to get all gimmicky. Sometimes you don't need to read option sometimes you don't need a sprint past to the right from Alex Smith and you sure they'll they'll need it. I have Travis Kelsey the rose sixty yard dart as you try to get on sports center yet. Highlights. I should make it a nice decision check in that advocate of 1520 yards for the receiver was standing all by himself sometimes you just handed off. Sometimes you take all given Karine you take your four yards ET Al. Any use of player play action on that. They did she's over complicated. Offensively yesterday I think that's what led to the loss they got cute when they didn't have to do and an inferior opponent. You know. You have to get cute against the giants you're not out talent you don't need the same game plan against the giants needed against the patriots in week one. When he got a full indeed mr. action a couple of trick plays you gotta do this. Better that because you're facing a better opponent in it leaked out yesterday achieved the same thing always do. I don't have to do that all the time. That the chiefs faced a tomato cans of tomato and beat into the Q. It's it's extremely frustrating to me and to me is an announcement that was greatest game for sure but it. Put the majority it is on the coaching staff instead of the players. On this on this particular game I think the coaching staff in the office two game plan. Is at fault for a lot of eyes in order to throw it 42 in windy stadium. Shocker critics. One because your tied. I just. It adds one of them got called back did George Norris cheek it's one that called I guess the other was one. That the shovel pass. The holding wisdom has it I think it's for the quarter profits of one era drive. In that vicinity read Matt and her based on what happened yesterday that's my biggest frustration this whole thing. Coach is supposed to put in a better position to win so it is not on the players are on that but the same town and get a crummy game plan going and try to get too cute against a wounded dollar. Because back and bite you. You know I publish the slot mustard and help slump by shooting wanna go home with. She almost somebody else and you had a goal an opportunity to work on your run game and refine some things you need to be able to do well in the post season. And you freak in blue. Extremely disappointing. And I can't tell you how frustrated. And irritated I was yesterday I mean all that did try Kelsey plate to me. It may be as angry as as. As bill or easily or diving for a ball with two outs and one run game and bought in the top of the ninth inning Tuesday. By. I thought to myself how a Major League Baseball player do that. I thought the same thing yesterday how the coach with the second most wins among active coaches Belichick. Like call happen. And it turns into an interception what was in seven minutes ago I wrote in his six this six game. When Korea launches. Him for twelve yards. Unbelievable this that coaches more than anybody. I look at this game and I think the frustration above anything is nothing is certain anymore. But someone after the game tweeting me and said are you gonna say that it is a guaranteed win against Nate Peter and in the buffalo bills' third note board guaranteed wins with this chiefs team. At least for right now for the foreseeable future indefinitely there are no more guaranteed gimme wins. I was only here on Friday Syrian chiefs go with seven and go down the stretch at worst six of one. They're not undefeated the rest of the season that he's losing a mortgage and you can pick the one I'm not sure when it's gonna happen greatest job on bite you in this team lose games. But I don't know how you can think this team is now going undefeated the rest of the season. It makes you question whether there are a good team like I still think the chiefs are good team. You gotta be a good team in 99% to situations we're not talking about the seven and nine saints won their division and once the playoffs you gotta be a good team to win an NFL division. I still think that she's are gonna win ten maybe eleven games this season that makes you a good team. Yesterday there was no difference between the one win football team in the sixth winking at the city chiefs but I firmly believe this is the worst losses mean you read here. Firmly believe what you think about everything that they had. You had a bye week Andy Reid is sixteen into coming off abide. Got a completely healthy quarterback to completely healthy running back at a completely healthy I didn't completely healthy wide receiver. And especially with what you're going up against the giants don't have oil Beckham the giants don't have Brenda Marshall. The number one passing option we bounced early Sheppard missed the game with. Mike rains yesterday so there every passing options goal their top two running backs in the beginning of the season goal. Down to the mash unit you play him again this San Francisco. 49ers just 1231 on this team is CJ Beth their last week's. Elections that we. That's what we're talking about so obscures that they hung 31 points on this same giants team. We have seen the full range from the chiefs really a couple times under Andy Reid. The loss of the although in ten. Oakland Raiders I at least understood that more short week divisional game. A few years back. And the miss the playoffs because that that loss with a 73 they go into the game and ended up being both teams aren't that yeah total. I could be the exact same thing this now the chiefs have the best win in the NFL if you wanna call that game against the patriots all right. But only one team in the NFL has beat the Philadelphia Eagles and that's you. So the reason why I was so I don't achieves instills saying this those who bowl contending team because no team could match the winds that you. You want knowingly and you won against Philadelphia. Those are two. Big time wins you beat the Houston Texans never shall Watson was still healthy you've got some really good wins under your belt. But there's no arguing now you have the worst loss in the NFL. There's no there's no denying that the or an awful football team they're not like young promising team either we want to elect and I like I mean and does have a quarterback. First year head coach I. You can write. Or an awful football team and as you say it's not like you went out here and you. Lost to a team that played eight plus kind of game. You want thing that we were talking about a 4140. Shoot out kind of game the defense just didn't do his job but you're also scored nine points in the game. You did everything the bad teams do you turn the ball over the portly coach you committed penalties at port not drink three months two biggest ones got called back cause the penalties in every possible thing that bad teams do. Terrible teams you look like a team that is not going to make the playoffs I think you are gonna make the playoffs but it's so eternal and we got to see that she's team played well. This team has not played well in over a month. So what you are which are record says you are but at some point it's about the eye test and the quality of gain on wins which you have and this team has not had a good win in over a month on. Yup that is looked like it's been an (%expletive) ever since. Tyreke he'll do that. He called the gimmicky play the bronco game on Monday Night Football they are up fourteen that a chance to stop on the throats and and and it got picked off in the office to me is that and fun to tax on brings up early good point that we touched on earlier talking about Andy Reid after the bye we sixteen into going and guess what. In Kansas city's during into a little lax this year six years and he reached 33 after the bye week so we can we put that to rest. Between series it put the bye we thing to rest. Because he's three and two in Kansas City after violates 43 his last six years. They are exactly wizard. After pirates anymore so let's I hold. Did yesterday it was just a bad day at the office for the chiefs a fighter really hard to believe coming off by early planet crummy team contenders don't do that man. IQ and those cats like you go in there. If you're contender here at with a Super Bowl this team has whatever it takes the mode you'll whatever you wanna call it. To go to the Super Bowl actually quit then you go in there and you take care of business you don't go in there and lay an egg against the. Remington. Sex on 69306. I wanna hear the words trap game come out of the gods filthy mouth and not calling that attracting. I don't get yet but I think I firmly believe the giants are not good enough to be a trap game but this is not about the giants. Just his effort is not about the giants it's about the chiefs the giants and in eight plus game yesterday replica. Assume this game that was the worst games of the NFL's season. For many for any two teams that the worst games having a full season. I will go down with the ship when it comes to that was not a trap game for the chiefs the chiefs just maybe aren't a good football team. I overestimated that they were good. All of us overestimated they were good the last five games they have not shown as a very good football team at some point you gotta get back to that. Coming up next we'll talk about how I have to apologize to the techs why and Lou Holtz warned us about the high apple played at the chiefs try to second half of the game all split when I mean excellent drive. The driver presented by don't sixteenths from the MVP electric heating and you studios sixty and Sports Radio. Coming up in that. Fifteen minutes we'll get instant sheen's voice mails as people after the game was very unhappy about chiefs' loss as you would imagine. I've recently caught up with the thirty for thirty Catholics vs convicts. And Lou Holtz said something in the documentary. That stuck out with mean. And I'm going to apply to this game. Lou Holtz Reno who he is hall of fame coach. This is audio courtesy of ease paean from the thirty for thirty Catholics vs convicts. Lou Holtz always used to say he used trick plays when you don't think you can beat somebody straight up. So when the Notre Dame players saw that they used a trick play the players heard that phrase from Lou Holtz. They don't think they can beat Australia and that. Little bit of doubt cents a now a 100% against using trick plays. But Miami for a believer of tying in situation. I believe these two things. You mention his background if you missed. No team. That genuinely trust their quarterback. With 4080. Hiding pass. Under eight minutes to go in a tie ball game in the fourth quarter. Or maybe the third quarter any of what I had just trying to get some things going but that's money time. And no team that genuinely thinks they could defeat the giants would resort to these kinds of tactics. They're trying to get a spark going. Which you've been doing regular all game does not work whether it was on the ball at outspent whether it was given the ball the Korean money is not working. We got to go to the back of the playbook and try to find something to create some momentum try to create some Jews and get things on our side. In shocking to know one. Travis Kelsey who was not a quarterback didn't play quarterback in college well it doesn't it's that many passes. Did what I think most guys doing that scenario or trust the home run away. If you look back at the plate there's a check down. But how many times do we see the wide receiver play. It either happens in a couple of ways. Either gets broken up and they decide and they keep it and just take the loss as a twelve yard lost he tried to do it. You go a long pass to get that falls incomplete and you kind of saying. Are we dodged the bullet in that one or the one interception. Skills he's not in name to go seven yard passing interest in and that when he gets it. Still when he's in the game at though a check down pass is trying to row eight touched down in that scenario when you do it. This was still it was a very unnecessary risk in a very unnecessary gamble to try a trick play at that point. And I'm disappointed you thought you needed a gimmick. To defeat the one only in New York Giants on the road. I listened Smart guys can outsmart themselves and that's what happened yesterday. Because I don't understand for 12 why they needed do you. It is because injury doesn't trust Alex Smith hit the ball forty times. It I mean Alex Smith. Lit up oak. You know Alex Smith had fantastic gains outspent as eighteen touchdown passes. And three pit. This season so I don't think there's a trust issue when Andy Reid and Alex Smith I just think that any thought he gets lost art and I think you made a bad decision. And I made a really bad decision on that play with 647 to go in the game and it was tied 66 and the chiefs just run for twelve yards with Kareem on. I just think you made a really big mistake and I got it and listen on this day I don't we're passes strategies. Have a bad game and end it excepted they go on the road they lose to the cowboys was he Kelly I get that tough place to place I can even get. And understand I have predicted they go to Oakland lose that game because his attitude a terror on the West Coast road trip on Thursday night football. And the steeler game I get that went to this one I got nothing for him and it's like you know. You can create your own crisis sometimes in line. He got bad tires on guard refused tackle eulogy at odds with a couple more days then you blow out in your run into a tree. You created that crisis. Right you could have fixed your tires that she. Created this crisis yesterday its throat shameful to shut gimmicky. Bit gimmicky. And and it blew up in the face it was gonna be a pretty well and skipped a football. Kicker in the league in my opinion. In Harrison Bob burns got a can't relate how windy it is at the golden opportunity. Clock. We'll all get downloaded fuel wage and win it 96 and get well and there. And he got a gig gimmicky Travis Kelsey had to make sports that are Andy Reid had. All is gimmicky play. And it blew up in the same yeah I think this the difference between you and I at least in that plays I don't look at it as any different in the wild cat. Like to meet you run wild cat and you don't think you can run the ball traditionally. It has to be a reflection on your running back like if you think you can just turn on him the ball off your running back to get to four yards in you've got to be in the wild cat that tells me you don't think you can run the ball effectively. In this if you're trying to get a big passing play. Who do you trust more on the team to do that Alex Smith. It'd be different this was the first quarter and they did it and that was it Hayward tried its energy going in the beginning it's money time. That time. Situation is the biggest thing and it's all attacks on says not feared this it worked perfectly yell would be praising his Ballard are still the best I was still be I wouldn't be doing that because of wind they did it. You have to do this in the fourth quarter under eight minutes ago. Clutch time the thing we went quarterbacks is clutching to take the field and can you take your team down the field the school work that should be Alex time. Why did you genuinely believe in the stats that we see from announcement to eighteen touchdowns and three interceptions and pick in the four ball out of his audience. Unless it's a running play well sure sure unless you're running the ball traditionally those are the only times he shouldn't be having the football. So obvious what your saying is that it and we just trying to catch him off guard trying to I think some of that was nothing we've been doing offensively works. The passing game down the field doesn't work and will run the ball OK not as an agreement to run the ball effectively but. Eight the couples on the red ball we got long run the offensive line held and he came back and put us in in very difficult situations. Trying to do something off the cuff and something a little bit different because what we've been doing the first. 54 minutes of this game is not working that's a problem like dolphins right now is a problem. He also just can't beat you straight up the score one legitimate touchdown the last few weeks against defense that are not so now the cowboys defense is not down. The giants' defense is not spell. He scored one legitimate touchdown you take away that I retail hail Mary play. They had warned it could drive the last two games. The second half opening drive against the cowboys was legitimate good drive and the last touchdown they score in the end of regulation when they went down the field announcement made a very good running play on third down again in the fuel rate. Oh good rides we've seen over the last couple of weeks. And the things. It's a you run gimmicky plays when you don't think they can beat you straight. We're not talking about hungry pig right in the second quarter of the game. We're talking about you trying eight. High eight in pass. Under seven minutes to go in the fourth quarter you don't think you can beat the giants straight up and had to resort to something new I. I see I still don't I don't buy that I don't I don't believe that I think they've gotten catch a month because they thought they could executed. And if NF Kelsey didn't see his guide check down bottom line is this man. If Alex Smith has that play let's say announced as the guys don't. See if he's totally at third and ten and if you don't make that he had the best modern football you Bay Area. And you had to fight another day. Now now instead it was too quick turnaround to quick break and three and out on a trick plays didn't work. I think the game in my opinion turned on that play because I'm like they did wide right there on. That to me it changed for me. That that's the very first moment when I'm watching this game and alma says they're gonna lose this game. They're gonna lose this football game. And I like the purple and that crap right now what what the world are they doing just on the damn football ran for 134 on the football Rudd play action be boring. Go away and it is six it's yet to do. It's an eagle involved shortly outsmarting got to work in a trick play. Unbelievable to me I just I don't think it's on the news that don't trust Alex meant a down. Because Alex Smith is a guy that typically takes care of the football yesterday not his best yet let me just not his best day yesterday for sure but again. He even throw the other interception until after that before that the only pick was the shovel pass which by the way is old and stale right now. She's in L catch anybody else got shovel pass anymore right now working. Not working either. As a works is they put on to it earlier in the season not working stop it. That teams have figured out when trapped skills he when he lines up where lines up gonna be shovel pass to him did it all right on to you. On. Coach is anybody yesterday's special that's just Saturday ESPN thinks it's time to hit the panic button if you're the chiefs because his ugly listen this is panic not I'm not I don't use those are even though they're still up in the division hasn't been a big talent that all went to division because no one else is playing decent football divisional win the division. But your issue as you go into a team ergo play against the team. It has a bad offensive line a rookie right tackle Houston does nothing gets on defense does nothing against. Knew what would the giants out what they scare you with Iraq and frisky with a path so that now what is scary what. Numbers tires it was I don't hold them they hold on points while public I think but it didn't generate any big plays from that and it offensively. They are not nearly the same team was in the first five games they had 22. Big plays and Russian at least ten yards or more they had eleven the last by the way they want to mitigate what and that those big numbers is because in the third and fourth quarter there and those big runs all the sudden it got but gets the actor hill gets around on a little sweep or whatever they're doing. Teams have. Choke that thing down they put people in the box they made it difficult to make and Smith beat them and like you sought a day if it is not happening if you're the cheese you not feel comfortable you can't beat the giants right now. You're going back home question what you're doing as a football team that is not a good place to be. I think the problem with the game yesterday is it makes you question everything with the chiefs. I don't know of theory good team I think very good team a lot of that's based on the first five weeks of the season and I'm at this point when it comes to the chiefs. I'm looking at their offensive numbers anymore that no matter and re. It's kind of like when Jason Vargas was was pitching for the royals in July and August. I know he said that he was the wins leader in its second in the area that probably wasn't what we was the second half of the season at Alex at this anymore. The numbers would tell you that out between the five best quarterbacks in the NFL still no he's not. Even keeping up with the chiefs that's not the courts and playing for the chief. The numbers would tell you that they have the best rushing attack in the NFL no they don't. The numbers are inflated from the first few weeks at the NFL season and they are regressing to the meat the cheese authors of the catfish. The offense has turned back into a pumpkin. The author of the line is showed what it really is an announcement the show who he really is and maybe the same for Kareem and not put a lot of him that badly off on the line. But main. The big dynamic plays aren't there in the running game they aren't there in the passing game. Everything fell partly just it was a complete and total loss yesterday. And they look like a bad team yeah they run the ball that effectively in the game they didn't go the ball very effectively they looked out coasted import decisions they got. Add red Herring got pushed by a bad back it is giving a bad turn over the bad penalties media about the course the game like what'd she do well yesterday. There's some bunker is really good at what it was three feel like look at the last five weeks opening kick field goals really well that's that's a think about fashion what the chiefs do well week and we got a kick field. And I got as Travis calcium in celts get a good game yesterday. That he threw pay active zone. I don't know what the chiefs are either can't and because they went five and the first five weeks they've been one for the last five games they've been that as long as they've been good so what are that. Great question anybody's got the answer let me now because right now I don't very good to me. Up next we'll get into our favorite voicemails of post game calls next on the drive the dry presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and studio sixty and Sports Radio. At 330 exclusively on 610 Sports Radio. The drive voicemail line is 913717. 0770. Coming to us Kansas State. Back in action today they take on northern Arizona. 7 o'clock I'm Missouri Tigers take on the Emporia state hornets. No Michael Porter you missed it might border where tiger set a mile or they are that they are your hornets. They're gonna get beat down today stands. On the net. That they're gonna get stung very very early on when I don't missourians. That actually the I think about changing that now with what's knowledge which does state shocker. Again. Was prostate center didn't work but can't count is beating the mess at Wichita State. I would is considered stinger. Then Johnny got to do stingers. Out you know I mean being I don't like or against bigger yeah you're you're showing these things that people can't seek his were on the radio right now and try to explain to you and stingers. It's I don't have to order Jeter has got a mysterious injury he's not there it's mysteriously more teams as he's going to see a specialist at about one. Is back in. Oh it's back now to Thursday. Note on it's one of those two. Are you surprised that you doping Michael ports are no yeah. Does of the I just think there's very little information about Dutch country and one of the will top 12 recruits in the country I would just like a little more information. With this thing is I mean ninety always it was steers you don't think now and I I continually challenge I think he's injured more than ever before are these policies specialist now got. Okay and Allen now because I just think if he's too injured to sit in the chair on bench during game I think that's not. But if he's injured enough that he has this is specialist got my attention. After the game all on Sunday. To a voicemail line and as you would imagine the people voicemail. We're not very act. Should reach back a thing. An absolute worst rats. In no world. The work they call. It world. Or check down and no world. Were you man. We are destined to get our hopes up but to be disappointed. Year after year after year. We are right now. This is nick from bastard. Lanka by. Can't release ball. The logic behind it meant they were they are really bad yesterday there's really no denying. How bad they were yesterday another voicemail says is the same old she's just a different season. What the hell is gonna scream and and they have driver and the realization that this team is not good football team between Pryor and in the top half of football and then you know. We have Travis felt the one at the press decided to let it out in football. And on third down or go and rostrum on T ball and completed incompetent. When it goes the plate at all. He would work at play calling I've never really. Let go partner and it can't make a wrote it is like an injury. He's too clever hurt all the good this team is going to nowhere bat. He's again but this is the same old seasonal continue to be able achieves nothing will ever. Again I cannot fault you for believing that it was the same old chiefs. The chiefs this season have giving you the ultimate highs and lows I remember how fired up everybody was against after the patriots game. I were talking that she's saying they kind of this game as they are the season at a fifteen game season because everybody was steadfastly rose to the patriots. All they beat the patriots talk about that being the best regular season game since Monty you know magic that's what you fans were saying. This loss is as embarrassing as the patriots win was great. After a bye week. You lost to the New York Giants. Who are a awful football team not even fully healthy football team I got to. It sees as talk about your team being banged up you can't say you're banged up. And play the giants. Team in the house well as banged up as the giants are no Beckham. No sterling Shepperd for this game running back problems no brainer Marshall the giants are playing with the mash unit in the beach you. And embarrassing loss I think this is the worst loss of the decade for the genes in every product you go back a lot further does work. Us of the decade as losses or what was the. And against the Steelers they grow Leo's head coach when they they they did like a group dance in the end zone for a touchdown that got called back. That was pretty bad it was pretty embarrassed for my team at that point the good guy humble and just use your revolved in that there was a dance and a touchdown that never was. I'm like man we looked terrible sell regular touchdown and another flag yet a crummy cheese team Romeo and of it lacked. I'm back to work or or loses the only generators I think that was the that was tough would too because after that. Well I think there are 73 and finish nine and seven. And in this the playoffs so for me to call the worst loss under Andy Reid I've got a seed. You know what happens after this and I don't even know why I really need sees solid loss for the last spot but I've got to see what happens after the incident to figure out where this loss relief that it's. Some of the post game show isn't blaming the players isn't blaming the coaches. They're blaming somebody else who Trimble talked Jordan with the Jordan. What they diplomat immigrant o'clock we can all be here complain about their game play calling in the big one. But it bigger picture is partly illustrate why Dorsey was far. Were spending way too much money on player are not producing. But he taught at all and why not open running like rely on players like the Yankees. In the back and the the back the end. I mean it just shows that while it may be it playoff game this year because the agency was gonna go anywhere. I actually think there's a lot of truth to that statement but I would say it's a trade that many people wanted this team to take. Everybody was so excited when they got Holmes everybody was so excited when they started complaining for the next phase of it. That we all knew they were rolling the dice with their secondary in this team. Does say in this from the beginning that we all should know that this was gonna happen I put myself in that category we all told ourselves and the defense is gonna be fine. Well that they got mark is Peter don't want side everybody's fully healthy we don't care about those what we got Stephen Nelson knew we got the bill of Jane's on the other side. Everybody was excited about the details and there's mention him and those guys president and cooked on the other side that we all are happy that they made the long term investment. This is what people want I would say people want to go out it's hard to invest in the future and trade future ask our assets for the quarterback they got a corner was there no one any heading into the draft corner was number one. Everybody knew their secondary was a little weak on the other side they chose ago quarterback for the future I think the right plan not criticizing the play. But they spent their resources for the future that means and the present day I think it's doubled in god and to play better and they happen. I think probably thought with rod Parker dirty Dan and Eric Berry back there they think it felt like they could probably handle. Haven't won side. Being in not exactly what they wanted to be and he gets three safeties back there like that that are really really good thing protected Nelson Mitchell. Our gains you guys like that. Legendary to me was huge. I think they're they've gotten as much as I love the guy they've got really slow. At linebacker. And I mean I think we saw Kevin Pierre Louis in and Reggie rag and and there are really important downs and out there Johnson muscle of the guys as much as he's done for this team in the city. Exhibition on defense man and and no deep Porter Tom on the other side and shockingly for example is the only got to get it on Eli yesterday's side. She's a demon. After us it is Kansas State is or take it on northern Arizona today checkout the podcast may sixth in sports dot com. Also available on iTunes. Rough day but it was a better day does it mean to actually all day since were you know route it is no you're under a 100% correct and in that's the only good thing about this week it's short when I mean you know. I would say it's gonna continue to be black to me until we know what's happening with Michael Porter yeah with the specialists will welcome back on and I make clarified as to someone says if you don't notice is mysterious. I wouldn't call the biggest difference is I don't think is a mysterious injury I do think the situation is this the year like I think they've been openly day but I would say the same thing with. The same thing with president doesn't like to like like the situation is mysterious clear financial picture nobody could tell me who scored in I don't know why he's not out I we know he's not out with the NCAA car situation I don't know all the specifics. I don't Michael Porter injured. I think it is back towards that area. I can't tell you how injured he is or how long you've got to be out I don't think like the injuries steers me that's like the difference and are kind of defining what mysterious b.s Michael Porter. Against the podcast page check out iTunes we got here. Presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio.