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The Drive
Monday, November 20th

In Hour 3, the guys take Chiefs DC Bob Sutton to court, go Around the NFL, get back into the Chiefs and hear and laugh alongside some more angry postgame calls.


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There is someone in the chiefs organization asked him before the drive court. We will put them on trial coming up momentarily but. There are some updates in two star freshmen that are not currently applying for their respective teams. This is courtesy of Jay hawks liked according to Bill Self there's no new news on Billy Preston. At this time his status remains saying Billy Preston did warm up with team on Friday. But did not play in the game he's now missed the last two games for a issue with this caller we don't really know all what's happening behind the scenes but. I assume McCain is doing everything in their power to try to get Billy Preston on the field are the court because they need they play a lot of guys right now have another big and having another body in there. Would certainly be beneficial to them and Missouri has released a statement about. Little known freshman. Forward Michael Porter junior. He will not be available for tonight's game vs Emporia State his status remains unchanged from previous announcements. Portal will not be able to attend tonight's game as he has an appointment with they specialist. The zoo will provide further updates on Porter status when they become available and have no additional information until that time. I do expect us to get an update probably Wednesday Missouri travels to Orlando for a Thanksgiving turn and so they play Wednesday. A place Thursday Friday in Sunday of the turn in Orlando. I expect some updated ordered even on the plane or not to make the trip. The message board streets are saying the Michael porter's and a special says aimed at Dallas forward hip and back injuries. I am still not going to overreact in panic about Michael Porter stats but I am starting to get I was at a one. Like one and a half to right now. He's a year about a five I don't know. It's still gonna trip this whole thing it's November and I were to be honest to me the truth this is Michael Porter junior wants no part of my Emporia state hornets. And that's really what it is. Like he he he may ease our percent and would come back you want to face that ordered defense active cotton could possibly be loaded mile hornets advanced years baby many. You have bad but I don't want to wait another year for a stay and no I mean that might mean. That that might really be no one's you by. Might really be at some of the sex lines excellent six entries are six why in the heck is his or pulling Emporia State doesn't even count. The reason Missouri took us a report stated because they haven't heard of it this week they wanted to play game in the middle between the game against Utah law. A ended. There's no. I don't want them to make it a practice sub in the middle of the regular and is playing. Missouri arena but it's enough about college basketball today is an all she stay as the chiefs boy boy boy. One of the worst and most embarrassing losses that you could ever spin to your Sunday watching but there's one member. And it's not Alex Smith is not mean you read that needs to step to the front of the drive jury judge Chrysler taken away. Our ladies and gentlemen this court is now in session today we have a case of the people vs Robert Bob Sutton. Counselor Harrison you'll be representing the plaintiff the people of Kansas City councilor fanning is my understanding that you'll be representing. The defendant mr. son do I have that agreement cracked that that's right here on our we will begin with opening statements from both sides an opportunity then for cross examination. Followed by eight including Steve and then my final judgment opening statements Le begin. Counseling Harrison you may pursue your personal is it this trial ways and I think my client should be here. And I can I have my time allotted Sydney by the courthouse adding it is not just yeah. It's taxpayers some money here this is a wasted. This is on the I was a betting we are here at least for the next several minutes ago he dot court will now your counselor airs on. I'm gonna start with the very simple argument Tyler from Colin Cowherd who I think. Is the best person currently doing. Our occupation. It is the simple say it out lab tests the most important. Play of the game. They third down in overtime. Bob Sutton thought it was prudent to quote the great Jeff pass and another great. Are great prosecutor. He thought it was prudent to have won all one on one coverage on the outside. Not just what mark is Peters who I think is worthy of having one on one coverage on the outside he thought it prudent to have one on one coverage on the outside. With Kenneth Acker and Philip gains. Philip gains we know is a neural and burn unit victim he's been roasted by many quarterback. And receiver combination. Kenneth Acker he's developing slight second degree burns as well because he's been roasted by committee a wide receiver. Any quarterback combination. Let's just doing the simple say it out loud tests. In the most important play of the game. In a game achieves could not afford to lose you have Philip games in Kenneth Acker on one on one coverage with no safety help over the top. I in my closing statement. I know the your opening stage yeah downstairs and I okay your I don't blame his big enough. Some there are some I. Like I need to make and not an elephant counselors and has decided that is any no more and and any of the statement doesn't wanna make any cross examination let me put it in here my worthy adversary asked the save and I'll decide act I just doing the look at the film. Look at the results let's into the equation at the beginning. Argument but let's hear what counselor standing has to say I will give him his town council fanning the floor is yours your. Michael I should even be here today he should be preparing for next week's football game I think it's a waste of our our top that I and the taxpayers money but. That's where here I'll go and defend my client Robert Bob Sutton defense coordinated Kansas City chase. In overtime. The chiefs were facing a third and five Eli Manning was in the Shaka is in the shotgun. Through a deep pass to left. And it was incomplete and it was largely because. My client decided bullets in overtime on third and five and it worked. At about ten mistaken here but the entire city. My worthy adversary over here and a lot of other people of saying that that mr. Sutton needed to blitz more so he did and it worked on third and five. Mine. In overtime I mean this football. It's on. It's fourth and five from the Kansas City 36 yard line. Right the giants have. The kicker they can't take anything right I'm saying is not mobile so he ran a blitz again. And it took a fabulous catch by the receiver. Even make that happen the right defense was call. The city of Kansas City what's in chief's nation in the kingdom whatever you like all they want their defensive coordinator to blitz more. He did exactly what you wanted to do it worked on third down and it almost worked on fourth down. Ever crush him for it. The offense is much opportunities humanly possible to win this football game Alex Smith who has forty times they ran it 19 times. And they couldn't get it done. My client was trying to make sure that that she's got the ball back with a two minutes to go in overtime. They got aggressive he went for and it didn't pay off and I don't think just because my client wants to win a football game. He should be in front of the court right now I rest my hand. Opening argument case we have heard opening arguments from both the U counselors is there any opportunity for cross examination of the I would like to rebut with a couple of things. That same logic that you just applied to Bob's sudden we can use brain you read in trying to dial up the gimmick play just trying to get something going. It's worked at earlier points throughout the season it didn't work in this one I'm all about Iranian situation. On that scenario the only thing that can happen in that scenario is you get beat deep. So why not have someone over the top playing deep to help you avoid that situation. And I'm all about knowing your personnel. If you want to have mark is Peter is on that I would and you get beat you tell your hand up and say it was our best against their best in their best this one. You don't have your best guys it's all about knowing who can handle certain scenarios and situations. You got respect it's. Give them all the same responsibility because you know other strengths and weaknesses are hey he's really good it is my daughter not good at this writes all of the other opportunity. I'm never going to have a scenario what's the game is on the line that I am trusting to an attacker and I'm trusting Philip gains at 101 situations. Like it was a shock you. They were not prepared to handle that that would be a good wide receiver they got beat by. Got him Lewis Jew and yet there. I before or didn't cook no rain and create player. It's back a little bit gains didn't get hooked. All right we got beat and also ask interfere applied but she got beat. Some of your book is that he was in his regain jet wash and Lewis was that that's not. Let that play almost was not made. Because of the human oppression of the Eli was trying to get I understand what Bob said was trying to do. So we'll try to put a lot of pressure on you like that got so instead it is let them sit back there and picked his guy with two minutes ago and remember. You get the first down okay. If you control the football. When it went time runs over time that you win the game. All right so the giants with two minutes twelve seconds of the football. Their offense hadn't done anything let's try to force a turtle with a defense gets the quarterback Eli is essentially a free can statue back there. And force it to our over trying to get the ball back on fourth and five guys to be launched the change. Or bat on off and I didn't trust the offense to do anything. Yeah I guess in that scenario I would say it's not worth the roll the dice again time teens situation. That was in May as recently. Guys I bought my first ever played crap that just kind of cheers when you just gotta see what's happening here. God has walks up to the table like 500 all worth it just puts on the field it hits everybody knows everybody excited. And put the winnings back and they are trying to just try to look he lost nothing. Sometimes the balls he gutsy decision and being the right decision and sometimes you get bored and you get beat on the decision could to try to do too much. I hear. It said it just worked ross' situation Kenneth Acker and Philip gains one. On one or on the outside with zero safety help what likely happens in a passing league. You get beat for you commit a penalty that would put the giants in field goal range anyway. Just timing and situation that's my biggest problem what the scenario you got the first time you ran that play it worked with no help over the top. Let's not lower let's not do and that's what happened to me units put them in a situation always contain coaching is about knowing your personnel and putting them in the right situations. I have Angelo indeed bring the ball take on the blocking. Having staff curry post up it's not what he does not having Janet Acker and Philip gains on one on one situations to get beat the way that they did. That would be my closing argue that no other rebuttal. My issue would Bob Sutton is let's not make it seem like Bob Sutton about blame here is the architect of the fortieth ranked defense in the NFL. Yesterday they were not the problem my issue would Bob Sutton. Is it. Aim and sit Chile should Michael simply did whatever she stands that wanted to do now is getting crucified for our I would say auto glass they're blasting here might last comment would say what's that age age old adage about listening to fans. The moment you start taking fans advise where it starts it. What the strains. When you an architect of this terrible defense I don't think anybody would have any problem bobs but based on this with a feint to the jury of his peers. Convict him of this if he did exactly what is piers Morgan to do. All right councilor fanning counselors and both of you have made very compelling arguments in this case unfortunately the court has determined that based on the information presented in both cases. This side. This judge sides with the plaintiff the people of Kansas City this court is now over and done it. It's. All because we have to. Let's turn out that understand. Coming up we take its trip around the NFL the bills gutsy decision this week in. Similar to blitzing everybody having seen it actor one O one on the outs but it didn't work we'd we get into an excellent drug. Ride presented by don't think he's from the MVP electricity and studios sixty and Sports Radio. Why do you we're all fired up about the chiefs around here and for you. We're covering them like crazy and you know about double imagine weekly chase gas and the live coverage she expressed. Conferences but we're here. You grew about. The crank this baby up even more. I go to questions t.'s coverage and late do you see what we had planned. Because like you were hoping and expecting big things so expect big things from us and make your hope for teams coverage extends Sports Radio. We won't let you down. Coming in San. Maybe the beginning of the end for one key piece of the day the city chiefs. A four point. Apple innings and she's post game calls as you would imagine people were not very please. About the chiefs lose it. The New York Jack. I said earlier today I'm saved games with a 4 o'clock audience I think the chiefs have the best win of this NFL season. You can say it was the patriots for you can say it's Eagles are still we sit at Thanksgiving and no one has defeated the Philadelphia Eagles. Oh without question have the worst loss of the NFL season there's no excuse for after a bye week. To lose to the New York Giants in the way that you did. One thing if you win now and you played. A team gave UN aid plus win one for the gipper amazing effort. Bad yes good giant came in at 11 game yesterday the problem is you like a team that won when you let someone Texas and earlier. I couldn't tell who won an eight team wants that's a problem there like that she's like a team that won two games so far this season at like you're watching. Browns vs giants it's not you are watching your favorite team take on the giants yesterday as they scored nine points against team this season who was averaging giving up thirty points a game. Bad defense bad policy it's bad football team he lost them on the road in I'll I'll go back and say what I said earlier in the show good teams don't lose that game. Which means right now the chiefs are good football team contenders don't lose that game which means right now between the chiefs are not a contender. Leading into the playoffs probably and then that's what's gonna happen if they don't fixes that I don't understand yesterday whatsoever at all. Well as the transition for one more quarterback Jeff let's talk about another one high stick that's the way. All right guys we go around the NFL every day it's worth it scheme during the shelf. Let's start with. With a poor quarterback play how good Nathan Peter indecision work out for the bills was. You should be asked you think they'll ask you this question I hate that was the bulk of that installed in that space and it continued Tyrod Taylor. Yeah and this. You can defend that to be on who you I don't. Looking back on the result of that here what does coach McDermott is that the guy's name yeah it's a regret the decision I regret the result could well. Or that the decision Bard's that it got so well you know truthfully like decisions like that you make that. Exactly completely. You can lose your football team over that it'll play your said that the coach he'd be buying it yet. I don't regret the decision to fumble of all of them but Biden I regret the results yeah talking yet no Rick you made a mistake you'd. Minute and I still kicking around certain freedom and that's the thing is we all knew it's not like you couldn't see them lighting he is the only one who didn't know. I don't like you go out shopping on Black Friday you're surprised that the crown. Golf. Is a all right here in the ball. Up and knowing that he's the ball like isn't the plate and isn't close. You knew me Peter I don't know in ice on the college is pretty good bit. You know talk to about double that games well I got sick I get behind the decision out of but it. At least I was starting to understand why either make the move I sell it happened lighten it just. Compounded with the fact that Tyrod has been good this year isn't gonna lead by no means but he's been good he's been adequate they've been a playoff contender yet and then you take him out and that happens they'll. Avalanche that fell on Sean McDermott was just mark yeah it was apparently dessert he deserves it ever gets you can always say when you play back. Like if you fail at something a lot of times you can look back and you can see why you fail. That will be why you fail that's one. Like you or cheated if he gets an athlete is gonna clients it's not like they asked not a couple of them. T yet times of corrected in each show is not yeah is shot maker gets fired as the Buffalo Bills coach. It will be good decision to play Nathan Biederman over Tyrod Taylor just like Nathan Fuhrman is a bomb just like yeah. You re public policy needs Paulson Clark and a loss I think McDermott's difficulty office this. The vikings saints and Eagles all got big wins on Sunday which one of them stood out the most. Save the vikings to me very impressive win over the Los Angeles Graham's in maybe just maybe. The vikings are the best team in the NFC I know what you think. It's the Philadelphia Eagles but the vikings are playing just as well as anybody I still think the NFC is completely wide open. I think was going to see in the AFC is the patriots. And then it's the Steelers and that's a pretty big gap between everybody else you can make a case for three. That it in the NFC right now I don't think you can't with the injuries we seem to the Seahawks no Richard no team chancellor. The cowboys got to get healthy at this point because you're a bad football team with all the injuries she ran the vikings saints and Eagles of the three best teams. You can make a case for anyone of a little with the like right now I got. This is the New Orleans Saints you know be able to come back and and and when that game in overtime like they did win their eighth straight game. I thought the saints were put him out but they were done Adrian Peterson was unhappy they traded in the to an ode to start. Incense and Adam laws to meet the New Orleans Saints are the story so far the NFL the fact that Drew Brees a 105 years old the run the football they get it. And when they got Camara. Tim it's the same time to tell the story right now so that we and for me. Was the best one of the day. Do you BLE chargers still have hope to make it a race in the AFC west but the win on Sunday I don't think the chargers are good but. The only reason I can say they don't or they still haven't changed the chiefs are in their division like it that cheats on the best team in your division and you still have a game against she. You can still win the division. They play the cowboys. All of Thanksgiving. You can definitely when that day with the way the cowboys have looked. You play the browns put Washington home you traveled to Kansas City he put the jets in the raiders. A murderer whose role of scheduled charter can get themselves back in it I don't think that charters are good team. But I don't think the chiefs are good team right now either and that's the team's leading your division Plame game gosh. Would like to say that I don't think that the chargers have a shot to catch a bullet. With that she's settling down I would look at the rest of the schedule both these teams and I think you're the chief said easier. You know the they've got a lot of it is the charges you would think these days ago the cowboys the reds games he's got to get arrowhead they get the raiders. I don't know manner I would like to think that the chargers have no shot to win the division based on a site yesterday against the New York judge they could probably do. I last won the Broncos fired their offensive coordinator Mike the point today despite John Elway. Putting Trevor Ximian brought cost Weiler as the top two quarterback plays this year. To lose this really. John Elway is doing what all great mean injures due. When things are hot you do everything in your power to keep the heat off of you. Earlier last week he said the team was playing soft and that's why they collapsed. And then today you come out and you Fieger offensive coordinator. Let's be honest it didn't really give animals a whole lot to work with the John Elway is giving you a war plans mean it's the next. How he's handling of it's all. John LA if you ask me. The bottom line is is that hit a quarterback. In Denver and been able to do with the drafting packs in ways that hasn't worked try to get Mark Sanchez did war. Rock falls well not work in Trevor city had not working we're able to get Tony Romo. To me squarely on only to fire all the guys he wants he's in charge get quarterback and he had gotten it done. Last one you jags browns as your game of the week that's not true. Let's that your eyes of that with the game that I was gonna pay attention to because what did you see in the game while they're there. They that would be the chief yesterday let's go to medical everybody when she's. See what judge don't wanna get a better my aim at a gas tank talking about don't I wanna get a better feel for teams that the chiefs could potentially play. In the playoffs and the jets scary because they've run the football really well our history at Dynegy which you got to navigate your most important to yesterday is now much. Coming up yesterday may might have been the beginning of the end for one key piece of the teams we tell you next round. Drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio or. Your calls 610. And Sports Radio. I. Coming up in six minutes a game that she's post game calls. In Jeff Saturday at. They really need Jeff Saturday to tell me that beacon that once the game yesterday it is audio was pretty compelling I think you'll wanna theory as Jeff Saturday east paean. Is pounding the panic button for the she's also here to post game calls from people that are doing the exact same thing as Jeff Saturday is like in toppling. Against of this because I think. I think as we just alluded to in the lasted around the NFL there's always that moment. That you know something is about to fall when I called the scar face moment to Seattle is Barclays before it was pretty obvious in the movie releases slowed down a little bit but he continued to not listen to his boy and that got problems with the IRS's. And there's that scene in the movie that you know hey Tony I wouldn't do that. There is always a defining moment. Think about when you're watching a basketball game and team can't take the lead they had a big shot crowd goes crazy they called timeout you know and and fair. That you are the gonna win or lose the game based on that moment. I we had that moment yesterday without Smith. Yesterday is the beginning of the end for Alex Smith. He's known as she was going to drop at some point without Smith. Right did I in a a little bit this new and improved Alex meant that they can still keep a top team. Pot twelve office within a quarterback and they were going to be faced with a very difficult decision at the end of the year. As we continue to get further further away from the first five games of the season and have the offensive line isn't going to make three month the best running back in the NFL the way he was the first five games of the NFL season. It is not going to be very difficult decision for Alex Smith. It's going to VA what kind of compensation can't we get it will take a second round or third round pick for Alex met. Not understand their bigger problems than just chiefs. If we are going to continue to talk about Alex Smith under the vein of everything needs to go right for the quarterback. And the NFL everything is not always going to go right. Not always gonna have a great offense a line or running back who's playing at ungodly pace the first five games of the season. Mean jerk quarterback to go up there and win you games when things are not operating at maximum capacity. We have seen no announcements no he's never going to do that consistently. And he screams formal homes to get in are only going to get louder and louder the closer we get to. The date we ball sets from homes views are everybody said when he eighteens it's not preventable homes ready get closer and closer to and I know in the middle of the season. It out Smith puts together a couple more games like we just saw or continues to struggle in his office and continues to struggle. The spark will be the conversation up is it time to change quarterbacks. With this team. It is announced his fault that they can't run the football. Orca alone. Listen you know I. And I'm with you mean I felt like yesterday. Was the first David. The dogs smelled blood man. I'd the fan base out there that would factor balls from beginning. It's now got a legitimate reason to go after Alex Smith let's forget this and I understand it based on what we saw yesterday. A guy that tried to dive over couple defenders twice to get first downs to keep drives. I saw that guides you also can make it a big completion of the game all lied to Travis Kelsey in the fourth quarter that led the type Google media does best absolutely now. Back to seize it should talk about the second highest rated. Passer in the NFL right now. I'd an interview and he's not mean let's just watch those kick butt. And let me just finish is cricket. The patriots Eagles good against the chargers good against the Redskins littered up against the Texans had a down game against the Steelers. Well I mean look terrific against the raiders looked great the first half of the first core against the Broncos and it looks a lot last two games. Does it. He had two games they can't run the football he's got a crummy defense. Quarterbacks would go up there and kill that quarterbacks would be more than six and four right now because. That's really truthfully the question we have to act would tackle B six and four. With that defense and with the ability to not on the football league because I think that's really the question. I hear that yesterday it entered my mind it she did in my mind that yesterday was the first date them like them. I mean this is what they're gonna come after the sharks smell of blood the water maybe based on that game. So like you said give me two more games let's shoot it he does against the bills against the jets. After which the chiefs are dead serious about making the change they're gonna have to deal. Because you don't make it change and in an against the dolphins and then you're in the division champion or to the playoffs the rookie quarterback. It do that. Two weeks it two weeks and she would have. I'll push back only a little bit because you're the king of I don't listen is that I watched the game I trust us what are your. Is tell us about this you cannot say there are two things Miami for a believer debate gestured and other people at this point I'm a firm believer these two things. No team with a good quarterback only scored nine points against that giants team there's no with a good quarterback you pickle you think the good quarterback. There's no team with a good quarterback that only scores nod and I would say no team that genuinely trust that quarterback called waited to try to skills. I don't know I don't know about fourth quarter tied game. No team that genuinely believes Entrust its quarterback is calling that play there's according to England gonna play. Als call that play I don't know. If you read using. The Kansas City Chicago's oldest and I'll tell you said he made a mistake you should make people should additional to the playbook Charlotte's the place she. These. Huge boost. It's true that running game and other rumble like we're still ran for block 34 yesterday. Utility Alex Smith in the running game couldn't get out there to feel going to put things away in the fourth quarter defense when I got to stop to me. And Greg answered and I consider pretend that he was one of the interceptions was what considered a fumble. Or or popped up a shovel pass into account that go to bat though give your all. He was bad. But yeah ocean. Build homes I'm fine with that I understand it I get it it's part of the business play quarterback in the NFL if the entire body were a pretty good this year for the majority of the time. But he has been good the last two games he wasn't really good against the cowboys. He wasn't good against the giants the offense hasn't been NC instinct in them run the football well what five weeks now. So. And I guess I would say is the difference in this is that Alex Smith is like what are you things about scar tissue we see in the ceiling and you know what's going to happen. I would say you should feel the same way about the quarterback position. I've seen Alex Smith enough to know that with this offense a lot of they're not going to be eight plus they work if they're not gonna run the ball effectively the way that they are. It's useless like yesterday he was not dynamic in anyway yesterday he had won the truck. I think you could argue this officers had two good drives the last two weeks I guess for weeks at a bye week. The first drive of the second half against the cowboys with a goal did she drop the rent a ball effectively yet in Dallas it was fantastic. They had the one good drive late in the ball game against the giants only had to score points in that to send the game overtime they had good offensive drive the last two games. And I just rushed focal balanced it is in this NFL coach Romeo look at his wins it all that's gonna start of organized keep appraisal Alice when they win and you've got to take a lot of the responsibility and allow the blame when you're often scored nine points. Again I am a firm believer in no team that has a good quarterback only scored nine points. It's like a point the finger at the defense wanting to the dolphins went out there it's worth 31 point but the lost forty to 31. The committee stomach and often do what they're supposed to do this defense continues to struggle. The defense did what they're supposed to fight told you before the game the giants was scored twelve points but the chief Dolan chief model called up for re fabulous the I was there I told you that it. Travis told he would have over a hundred yards receiving and they still cost you would call me crazy and that's got to be on somebody. It's only 3GS to eat that too. It's on the quarterback in Alex Smith no team with a good quarterback only scored nine points no team with a good quarterback. Calls each rec place they're tied in to throw the ball in the fourth quarter of a tied ball game that hurdle that he screwed it up only he's right he did. I think a lot of it is not having confidence I don't I don't see I don't know what I have been. Does he is he is gimmicky plays all the time Alex Smith fourteen of the lead against disagree telegenic and platelets every kill us at. I'm saying in this situation other than trying to give a sport to your team why else would you call that place has coached apology egos in one everybody's else mark AR. At the look so good I can have. And so good and I can exit column match size with the lab coat I can drop he's great place. And I can and cannot be checked in make you look back in the process that's what it looked like to me to majesty said Spagnuolo understands it you read confidence. So I don't know maybe try to replant that they had seen before and I see draft is guilty throw that I did see them play before. I would get Dan and I understand what you're saying I think that was the call for the track I think that was the call for the high retail. Trick play. I don't know what's in that scenario 66 ball game under ten minutes fourth quarter and a little title field you're doing that if you genuinely think your quarterback is. He's got Nathan Peterson back there the way he played typical college. And a colleague Nathan Peter make it take you down on the fourth court it's not run an addiction field goal range. And kick a field goal of 12 left on the clock either let's not sitting outside the greatest game yesterday that's. I'm not saying at all they tell you the exact same thing if you talk to. Great game last yesterday to pit it was windy and other stuff that he did a good against the cowboys either. I. Our terrorism but it's the only time he has his office when everything's ideal. I the only time Alex Smith plays really well everything is imperfect situation we agree the office the lines banged up and they're not what used to be we agree they're running game is what it is. Alex Smith is at the ball forty times it would elevate the play at least find a way to get that team Indians will your team to a victory yesterday. It's about to say we are not losing to the giants today let me areas. The defense did their partners and aiming your offense are quarterback has got to do the exact same thing he did yesterday I don't see yesterday's being the beginning of the year. Because it is a likable holds there would be any worse with a backup quarterback just the office put out a bit. That's what you're assuming a lot of stuff yourself admitted he read and trust Alex Smith that's like all them play you're setting it go to better with Patrick Holmes neither one of those things we know. We don't know I'm saying is I saw the score nine points were their quarterback yes it's hard to score less than nine points and NFL games of all over the old. Verb what 69 minutes of the game it's hard to score less than nine points it is the thirtieth ranked coffins. I would say aside from trying to create a spark why else would you call it trick plays to Greg like I should let my great pleasure for like he don't trying to get something going. You don't think the sport can be generated by your typical offense which is led by your quarterback of the sport had to be generated. It's not like they did a reverse one plate bigger reversed asteroid which says I don't want Alex bowling ball I want Travis Hulsey going football I. You disagree on that I don't think it doesn't trust Alex Smith that and that's what he called that plan I think he called Utley he's not a catch him off guard and it was a bonehead call. Next we hear some post game callers after the game and Jeff Saturday is pressing the panic button on the chiefs are you we figure out an excellent drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heat into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Sex line 693 is six Jason Gardner. Funny to see you guys come back on earth what happens also talked about this team. They lost a giant that the I'm in that's on gun pointed out the window of the moment they lost on the rewards teams in the and a well. I still that she's before this day. Independent it sees the entire time you lose the job I mean I can in Dublin team can. And I say that you did all the defending yourself. You lost to the giants identities of the worst loss in the info also rejected on. You don't know so we'll talk is done. This thing this'll go playoffs maybe they'll get hot turn things on denied any noticeable and the chiefs yeah that not conversation for me anymore. It goes patriot adding to the best team in the AFC the Steelers the second best team. Maybe the chiefs in the thirteen miles during some additional I'm not a doubt about the third best team in the you know. Yeah from the tar CPA analysts expanding what is an outcome of the season you'd be out Hewitt. In our current state and we each year. In current state I can achieve anything I mean this is the mood like division winner to me. On I would be happy with based on this group and what we're seeing some of the injuries they had to deal with they get in the playoffs when a play out in IB extremely happy I'd be OK with that from this group and and after reverend Joseph Connolly. No Eric Barry I mean there's there's they're taking some hits and that. And and they can't run the football right now and keep saying this over over and over and you've got two children muscle while the plan's gonna win and she's into. Demagogue it rumbles past because if they don't on the ball their quarterback is not very effective if they're not gonna run the ball at least close to the level they weren't in first half of the season. After the game we took calls on 610 sports was being can run the show and as you would imagine she stands world. In time Reggie with a project. And it it is not a livable city that barely play. I don't wanna hear eighty pocketed the bigger the game not opposite they are the day you don't want any time. Coming up aren't we at least you'll see on the big ball could read what they. Are not. It is prohibition. Haven't been in this. In and didn't own it until it moved. Seven games seven games. That ought to block it or aren't we would it would be eighty he would be there in the past. Bill bid on god program did he is not who he went public or off it. I can't argue with the physical at the point of attack on. Often it's you would think the giants or a team that you should be able to beat up. During the giants up yesterday. If I didn't tell you the records of the two teams yesterday. I just showed you rain dumb NFL game a must have told me who the one win team wasn't it was the team that. Arguably is the third best team in the SE you could not one of those two teams are you off I was lying to you you thought that you were watching. As KK state it's allowable like 1990 would you have thought that you were watching two teams that we're gonna pick in the top five of the NFL draft what that was not a very high plagued game that was not a game that was played very well. You saw two bad teams play each other. In an indictment on the chiefs has been there's no difference at least visibly between you and a team that could arguably be the second worst team in the NFL. Behind the Cleveland Browns this next call short and sweet go to Kasey Kahne park in with a game. I identify additional one word just inexcusable come on the giants stink there's no no excuse for Andy Reid even make those trick plays with a went through its. To what they're it's unbelievable wobble a bit about that say about that Chelsea saw how they Diamondbacks against the bills to get guys. And I hope they dominate next begins the bills to I don't know of dominate is really in their vernacular right now at this point that Peter price. Of six TDs one panic and I just like. Red eyes so all of that trick play the quote from nickel from Lou Holtz popped in my mind. You run trick plays when you don't think you can beat a team straight up especially in those scenarios. Militants are gonna bring a different examples. This looks like they rain a trick play like I'm not faulting you for running trick plays I'm fault you for the time and situation in which you do it. It was under ten minutes in the fourth quarter was like seven minutes to go or that's not that that's short play time now. Run in the third quarter when there's a lot of possessions life like when they rain there was not that many possessions left. I have one possession left after that. The time to open up the playbook can be gimmicky and do those different things unless you think you need a sport to really get things going. It's bad that you were ever in a situation that you felt like you need to sport to get things going against the one win New York. Giants on Sunday and you lose. Could blow like she got Aminu there was OK at 647 legally given 66 game. Much is gals who for twelve yards. And you've got I don't know. I don't know I can't break down every single kicker in the NFL I don't Harrison but there's pretty damn good. Gotta can't relate. More touch touch backs than probably anybody in the NFL right now he's this one field goals and she's been achieved that's the very first when he attempted. So what's yet or anyone else at the ridiculous what guys between three yes. Mean he and the guys ridiculous. So you have the kicker with a kid for a leg. Cory what does. Strategy the strategy replaying it to Travis County throughout sixty yards then it was on. Believe every day was about time a situation it was predicts I don't think they use very good time and situation in a lot of different things that happened in yesterday's game. We'll get more into it and they hits coming up in two minutes the biggest stories of the day here in Kansas City. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixteen and Sports Radio.