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The Drive
Monday, November 20th

Hour 2 kicked off with the guys discussing the Travis Kelce trick play and why Lou Holtz' words stuck with Carrington when he saw that play unfold. They also react to comments Bill Maas made regarding the defense and how they disagree before breaking down the game with former Chiefs OL Ryan Lilja. They end the hour with their take on Ned Yost's comments to MLB Network Radio that he doesn't anticipate a major rebuild.


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We will and soothing words play from yesterday's game momentarily but first. This account Debbie Debbie Eads and shape eighteen known Xbox one I solicited spot quits today is probably as well as sell our goes looking for some sort of self he reference couldn't find one settled for. Something taking a patrons that it does is unbeknownst name. Apparently Paris Hilton is taking credit for inventing the sell the picture which I did not know. Yeah. I saw a picture that Frank Sinatra did it in the Mir along time ago. They took itself there was frank they did the the first step from your self be shot looks like yeah the other thing that might have been like a Maryland and Rhode type thing it wasn't Billy Butler either the with the shot that he took himself that issue and I would have been a little bit higher up on the odds chart for the first person and it. But you know Paris can I get pairs sold a lot of credit for being on the first few to be famous for being famous. Austria Greece she was really Jim garner national fortune guard nationally really I can't really tell you why she was popular in 2004. But president argued he was Mickey give you a couple reasons and she was everywhere. An attractive to medium intersects Fay was very average like what the ten most beautiful women in the work I never really got the are leading by pairs so attractive. She was really doing it for me but that's just me there there there is name value attached with the fact that she was the parents did it Hilton situation with the towels that that I certainly it is those arrested him crazy stuff tune but I especially before the the. You can be one of the most popular people in the world machine was a little bit of insurance it's like do salute her for that. Coming up in adults ten to fifteen minutes I disagree with they hall of Famer we all disagree with the hall of Famer will get into that common. Coming up in about fifteen minutes or so. But the play of the day yesterday or I think the absolute lowest point maybe you felt for the chiefs yeah. In a bad colts six or seven years. Had to have been the type in past that that she's attempted. Yesterday nothing. About it made it. Eighteen cents. I don't understand what they were trying to accomplish I don't get how they thought it was a good idea this squall popped in my mind. Right after Hampton is audio is courtesy of the year's B and thirty for thirty to Catholics are the Catholic vs convicts. And they cool all that Lou Holtz used to always say that stuck in my mind after I watch the chiefs. Doing end around hiding passed in the fourth quarter on their side of the field. Lou Holtz always used to say he used trick plays when you don't think you can beat somebody straight up. So when the Notre Dame players saw that they used a trick play the players heard that phrase from Lou Holtz. They don't think they can beat Australia and a little bit of doubt since. That's the vibe that I got from the game yesterday. It was six to six win that happened on the fourth quarter. And I think Andy Reid was trying to shake things up a little bit and give a little bit of a spark. And that's an indictment on everybody president and all the offensive line that they don't think they can run the ball effectively at that point that's an indictment on the quarterback. That in the fourth quarter of game we're gonna take the ball out of your Internet Travis Kelsey to all of past. How many passes do I think the drivers Kelsey is throw legitimately in the last six years. 57. I don't think there'd spinning all time practicing that play. Throughout the week not without football coaches tell me how viable practice time is a pitcher having him full a lot of passes in the during your practice allotted time. That came off to me is the first time that was it really worried about the chiefs before that I does our rate but Cecil scored touchdown late. Though in this game 146. They'll figure something out here the moment I saw all of them so rural eight hi eight in past in the fourth quarter of the game. This quote just popped in my mind is that I did recently watched it but if you do exact in that scenario understood it a little bit with its high retail. It was the luge fourteen not been. You think it's going to be an incomplete pass aren't you kick a field goal it's seventeen nothing nobody believed these things back to that. If he goes interception the worst thing that can happen is they get the bought the twenty yard line you're still fourteen nothing. The worst time in the world to try to trick play. Give me a worse time tried trick play in a tied ball game in the fourth quarter which are often can't really get things going that's an indictment right there. You run trick plays and you don't think you can beat the other teams straight up. The chiefs didn't think they can beat the giants straight up in the fourth quarter of the ballgame yesterday that's bad and. Well I still wouldn't ticked off even that war is crazies that sounds just because of the decision actually doing. I I didn't understand. What the hell that she's doing their 647 go in the game she's had a sack content from their own forty. You tell me they can't. Get the football at least in fetal position. Or field goal range to be able to knock down a futile eat some clock. And basically the way the defense was playing you're gonna stop New York anyway. You're gonna stop the giants they're not going to be able to score on you more than likely. I just to me was ridiculous it was it was thinking yourself like you're trying to reach him Q will this thing part of it too is. You know. And receivers don't throw the football that that often so I guess it based on Travis tells his personality. Take a gamble. How much is all that play with a receiver standing all by himself. On near the sideline about with a line of scrimmage was checked it checked them all they give you yeah. Had a touchdown with local around him with zero people around him. So your point of football in a tight ends and you're gonna say make the play with this it is 66 game was 647 ago. For real forty you've got to check down right there tells you is running towards him not. Heels of the high school quarterback I would go from being. Announce my presence with a authority. Like all this thing was absolutely ridiculous and I still haven't tested it or not kidding you because you don't have to do that sometimes you don't have to get fancy to win the game. It was in your fight it's six to six it's in the fourth quarter you've got the football in your own forty yard line. You've got to kicker that averages three field goals a game it's got a monster leg booms it out of the end zone more times than not. Nobody has more touch backs that Harrison biker the guy hasn't missed since his first. Real goal attempt with the chiefs. Kicked three field goals a game he's the king of touch backs that you guys can't unfurl a you're a lot and usually connect. I think really it again tomorrow. I think we're he's put a split up trips to laugh at the lateral Kelsey ever brought back to his right to a dark sixty yards in his six game. Under seven minutes ago. I mean I mean this to me is unbelievable. Like this. This is why you picked the phone out and Clark Hunt says it yeah I'd like to see in the in my office right now we need to discuss a couple of things. It's not here this fire horrible stuff there's any time's up the batter. It happens or mistake is made her decision goes wrong I mean somebody needs to be fired that's not what I'm saying it would never say that. Any Reeves got the second most wins among active coaches for reasons the coach coach but was it wreaking more topic decision. I don't know how you how your right mind you let that happen. Like Timmy that's that's the biggest day in what I saw that you reminded me of C dot. I got more easily. I got to the big leagues to one run game two outs and I did and he died for ball it is all the defense that siren goes to third. I looked a little like how can a Major League player make that decision. I looked to play yesterday and like how can an NFL football coach make that goal. And put the football and Chelsea's hand it to me is absolutely mind. Tax on 69306. It's attached way too I hated the call would be completed four touchdown there Reid is a quote unquote genial is not next excellent Torres said that the play wasn't supposed to go to Robinson. I am all for certain race throughout the course of the game. If you wanna go forward on fourth and two from the 31 yard line because you don't wanna kick the long field goal that's a Smart race. Maybe the traditional obsolete he kicked the fuel boldly quote take the points but I'm all for doing certain risky situations for the betterment of the team. You cannot tell me in the fourth quarter of a close ball game one your side of the field the Smart play. Is to take the ball out of your quarterbacks and and let your height in throwing long touchdown pass. We all see what happens in these scenarios how many times have we seen a trick play very similar to that they always have a built in check down and play. But you're so excited to finally get a chance to all you're always going to try to make the big play if you don't all the ball out of bounds. You're trying to poke the ball down field and try to make the big play because this is your opportunity to make. So again I am all for Smart risk I don't think it every gimmick play that he's run has been a bad light. Some of them I'd is being highlight very unnecessary risk and that's why I'm saying in this I think this is an indictment only you were quarterback. The Graham are not taken the ball Roger golf teams in the fourth quarter and let cable on Austin bill passed the Eagles with Carson Wentz are not taken a ball that led Al Shawn Jeffrey Zach irks oh passes. This has to be an indictment on the offensive line. Or three month on Alex Smith in their inability to trust it and think we got to do something different to catch the giants off guard. Not talking about the patriots not talking about the Packers when they had air riders we're talking about at some point is my Andy Reid wanted to try to catch of the giants. Off guard. That tells you how. How the flow of the game was going yesterday. I just feel like you gotta if you got a fire that Friday and you don't walk around it like try to jump over locker room. Rather damp global. Economy and a run the football run the football run the football use play action. And and win thirteen to six. Eat clock you'd better what you needed to get better. And yet yesterday it was just. As disappointing losses I've ever seen and I I can believe the plea on I don't I don't understand. And it is an indictment about Smith you tell meter and you'd you'd do you really think any re would rather have Travis Kelsey throwing passes announcement he. Mean he did and that's an error I don't did because and is now it's hard argument being different it was a design for him it's out of the ball. I am all for I know is a Wiki Wiki day to. I throw it sixty yards a win these days I'm a firm believer. Of at this level of coaching. I think that talent for the most part is fairly close other obviously some bad teams in the NFL that lack talent. But for the most part. It is a bowel coaches and putting guys in La or situations to go out and win games. To be putting Travis Kelsey in the fourth quarter though perhaps not putting him in the proper situation if that's what you wanna do. If you wanna do a trick play in the first quarter all right that's fine minutes money time in the four. It's money time to go out there was d'or best players inch ride to win the mobile game not see what works. I did I am all work calculated risk sometimes people go hand in poker with a 72 off off off sue and you wind because you blow the hell out of somebody and they think they're going to be something that balls you gotta have a teeing it basing it sometimes you got crap you can just bluster away at a sometimes you get checked and you lose all your money. That's what happened there sometimes we see those plays. I guess more times than not it's the offensive player does not throw the ball out of bounds their tribe for the home run play because they're so giddy they finally got a number called an opportunity to grow past. That it was just a terrible terrible time the Diallo that decision up next we catch up with a hall of Famer and a drive legend. We disagree with we tell you who it is an excellent ride presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and studios sixty and Sports Radio. Coming up at 330 will catch up with a Ryan Lilja about yesterday's game. And get his thoughts. Listening to those days he always talks about how his kids come in in Iraq the game I'm sure a lot of parents have to deal with. As well those game like you're really that mannequins standing in front you can really miss anything if you didn't get a chance to see that entire thing for our. Hours of the Sunday that take you back. Sam islanders into tweet out during the game and it was pretty funny that if this was someone's first time ever watching football. I wouldn't blame them they didn't have a second and I I can't really fault issue. I am sure someone you have wives or girlfriends that don't wanna watch football with you to the board and they don't understand it yet if that was the game they set and a loss of account and I don't wanna Los annexed east game. You gotta gotta let it slide you got to let out on slide and say you probably over to watch one of her shows she sent him then and tired she's you know lost that was viewed. A few guys watched it up with the cart as she's not one show. And you need even noble in a couple of Kardashians episodes and were to go through a full time commitment means. You've you've gotta you gotta you gotta get back like there was an anything enjoyable about that game. A there's no part of that game that you'll remember it and I really enjoy watching I want slot things for entertainment. I am an entertaining. Now a lot of game was entertaining. Bill lawsuit comes all of us Fridays at 330. Also goes on fest go in the morning. On Mondays to recap the game. I disagree with bill. All respect in the world for bill. And I would never argue with him when it comes to the defense. But she and I are just saw a completely different sides. Without the cheese defense played yesterday against the giants. When I watched football you know I've looked like I understand defense sharply actually look at the close. I'll altered I don't know everything about the routes and regional potential or actual record catch canceled or would concentrate on these incidents. And the effort level but I shall yesterday motion picture at all. How would you coach. Defense line coach defense coordinator. Let that happen I mean it was clear to national. The department kick on this responsibility. And they shut down. There was no. Desire to get to Alter its. We got talked earlier you read something happened essentially strip we're reception there shall be plate Wilson's column also. Energy and that's it's a lot about the name it's a question by a particularly good returns let's look at the plate in the weekly Jewish. Yeah it was set to. I was bill mosque earlier this morning almost vesco in the morning I disagree with bill about the defense yesterday. As the chiefs' defense been a problem this season absolutely no one would argue any different number 29 in the NFL. Defensively heading into yesterday's game. Some innocent here and defend the cheese defense like they have played well the entire season. They played well enough yesterday. If you go on the road and allowed twelve points and NFL game I don't care who we were playing. I don't care if it's the giants I don't care if it's the browns I don't care fits the San Francisco 49ers George defense is not the reason you lost yesterday's game. I know what happened at the end of the game the big the long pass play. We could argue back and forth if she should be in the defense of formation also we hear the arguments on the other side but it also easily scored nine points. The problem is not the defense in the game. The problem is the offense. So I understand bill being the defensive guys gonna point the fingers at the defense and there are some fingers to be pointed in that. The totality of the season not yesterday the defense is not reasons one through five wider losses. The biggest issue that the defense yesterday it was the fact that you're dealing man. Or start a guy was making his first start at right tackle you're just used over and I don't know that sounds simple right. You've got a rookie right tackle just used it well I mean he also had two or three guys economy at one time. Just used in which makes it awfully Google to get to the quarterback because they know they've got a weak spot weeks about tackled going to be tough it. We've got to get the hell we make it every quarterback but we got there either to separate for example once that's the only thing. That's the only thing that that bugged me about the defense yesterday they did their job. The defense did its job yesterday you should help to twelve points and nine points in regulation. Which are good enough. And you don't for as the defense goes out there and does a good enough job. Three field goals or give me a field goal and a and a touchdown and no and no point after. At both of those came off turnovers. All those points almost nine points came on turnovers. So yeah this what Jimmy is not on the defense again at any bills like was those guys be better here here here here understand that part of it but to me as it is squarely on the play calling in the office. Does look at the offences yesterday of how bad the giants' defense is. And everybody in Kansas City has crushed the defense in the defense deserved to be crucial early most of the night yesterday the only team this season to give up more yards than the giants. Or the New England Patriots. They are not eight good. Defense by any means the giants or 29. Inning NFL against the pants. Against the run they are not much better their thirtieth in the NFL against the run. That again we 2.2 individuals things throughout the course of the game that maybe that she's gonna done a little bit better and I definitely thought the pass rush would be. A lot more style than it was yesterday. Man the offense. There's no explanation. How often it's against the giants defense. But as a healthy Alex Smith has a healthy Kareem want a healthy Tyreke hill and a healthy Travis Kelsey. Could not score a touchdown against the giants defense who the week prior gave up 31 points of the 49ers the week prior to that it'll 52 points that Los Angeles rams. It is fourteen which she win that football game. Did she get any until one time in that game they win there's absolutely no excuse to not be in the end zone yesterday against the giants that again. You can point the finger at the defense for various things the defense lost the Oakland game the defense and not lose yesterday's game the offense did you put that on the play caller Andy Reid. You put that on the quarterback in Alex Smith you put that on the offensive line. That doesn't seem to be able to figured out right now the offense is an absolute disaster that I'm saying to hell with the numbers I don't care of the numbers may say this chiefs team still at the top five offense no they don't. If you watched that she's the last five weeks there's no way you can think they have a top five offense or top five quarterback or a top five rushing attack. They do everything portly at this point thought the ball poorly run the ball poorly they are not a good all. And the team and I urged and the game playing going into this thing and I don't get it but you look at a giants team its thirtieth. Defending the run. May and may commitment and go do it. Windy day inside the stadium stop until the football even though Andy Reid says it wasn't. Our order of global that's what we're gonna do today they offered a niche. Exact. Hail Mary. And football it's what you guys today. Because we're gonna do this down the road some point here August 30 ranked rush defense at the end of well we got a really good rookie running back and remind. Get the juror can't request. Or Dugard label is eagle run down their throats. You know let's not do that but let's let's scroll. Let's throw it gimmicks and there chip that works. In football. The offensive line and it and it's the offensive line as well too because of a defense that such a bad run defense like on like the giants it can't run the football. Or eighteen times the total number Russians have to look at a green got an eighteen times when he 29 for the game. That's a fairly decent commitment to the run game. It's forty times. On. What a football commit to the run again. An appeal on the Texas it was a wash or the global. He's did you watch the game they were moving he got to commit to the rod I should commit to the right you've got to commit to the wrong. If you do that you I guarantee you when that game. I guarantee that she's when that game if they made a commitment to run the football and use play action off of that party again makes. Shovel passes I don't need. Alex Smith running to his right rolling to Travis kills you may look like it was a notch I don't need that. All right I need you run the football run double tire run the football you play action. They do that the chiefs are sitting here at 73 right now. Tax on six countries are sick you gotta be kidding the giants were dropping the ball left and right they had the shots the defense let and they are wide open the giants could hold onto the ball. The giants did what bad teams do that the giants did you every opportunity to win the game and you're saying the defense played perfect yesterday. But you're not gonna give the giants extra credit for playing like the giants the giants. She slipped yesterday. Built coached they did run the ball very effectively the passing it wasn't very good they had big drops in very key spots that bad teams do a believer you're a good team you gotta keep bad teams bad. That's not what she did yesterday. You could live with that she's losing if you thought the giants played in eight plus. Win one for the gipper kind of game it's not what happened yesterday the giants went out and they played a C minus kind of game it beat you. You went out just played S game yesterday like but she's failed in just about every aspect of football they were a bad offensive team they or black on defense. They couldn't get to the pass or debt relief force a lot of turnovers yesterday look league coach and special teams was bad yesterday. You can get beat by a good football team it beat by an average football team yesterday you got beat by a dead team they gave you a bad effort that has to burn you like hell. Ailing this team is playing in the first round playoff game and there are five seed meet at the end. Are that the forsee got there when the division and they're playing that first round game you can think back to his game as the giants is the biggest reason why. Up next we catch up with Ryan loads and talked about yesterday's game excellent draft. The drive presented by Gusinsky's from the electricity and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. On sixteen and. Bryan little. Former chief Skinner and plain error has special. Twice there yeah. Its debut. Super Bowl. Can be found. There Britain for the go are you having your political. Down note two people died. Brian knew. Were. IC said you found some Ned Yost audio. But it would just I don't know since I had about fifteen minutes we will hear from royals manager Ned Yost gave an interview earlier today. You said when it comes to the idea of a possible rebuild this team that maybe people should think twice about. Believe we will play for you answer we get done talking to Ryan Lilja was he met. Because the whole load broken pelvis none of them very at bonanza of Ronald in our catcher we will find out in ten minutes but we have talked to -- our weekly visits with the sea world champion Ryan Lilja are presented by village west discount liquors was on marine inching village west discount liquors actually had to watch three and a half hours of that she's game Ryan how are you doing today meant. A bit about them about it. But I'm glad that what you. People out there that are my body my body for it won't stop talked about the survival will. Got busted yesterday's 70000 bucks or some crap. Tablet that was popular around. Around again employee circles. I had a buddy California depicted cheese's survivor pulled was I rate. Like he'd lost a little too late in the lock of the week blood. What are you you you were thought I mean I think I don't think anybody was expecting that does that jive it is it an impact game for that it wasn't. Kind of let them give all the credit to the opponent kind of ridiculous chuck. When that game that was that was just kind of bat. You know one of the scenes really wanted to win it you know that was one thing that struck out in the first half. You know they were both playing conservative vote both playing. Not to lose and in the end it there yet about regulation. It was desperation. Brian I have to read this statement really quickly as we always do with breaking news Missouri has a statement about. Little known basketball player Michael Porter he will not be available for tonight's game vs Emporia State his status remains unchanged from previous announcement. Portal will not be able to attend tonight's game as he has an appointment with a specialist. Missouri will provide further updates on Porter status when they become available and have no additional information until that time. So Michael Porter going to the doctor today and not will be at it when I'm not yet another now three straight Missouri games that Michael Porter is not in attendance of I'll continue tonight. Havel continued to not be worried and continue to be on bothered about me ever changing situation about their just and little known freshman Michael Porter junior. Right outside and around those on the draft outline his appearance is our proxy by village west discount liquors. Ryan have you ever dated a game like the one that she soaring yesterday is when you are a lot of great colts team. A game that you all knew you were going to win in the ended up losing the game because I can't find mini games like what happened with the chiefs yesterday. You know what not and to that degree honest I've been on the other hand right now that's what the cheek when. When nobody thought we would win against Caroline not Carolina are 2000 or 2011. Against that Green Bay are the mosque we fourteen sixteenths. You know what your opponent and match situation. Especially the giants are outmanned and look what all the controversy Pete in new York and the coached. Achieving you know it seems he can't do anything right. As players are planned war on you know you lose to San Francisco could be anybody. You know they. And having to lose right they came out nobody thought there were gonna win and I doubt they even thought they're gonna win. And she just kind of an attitude you know fifteen feet they have to start fast. That's kind of what we've seen we try to dissect what's been wrong with us you know last month and that you compared to September. You know that start beat this team has really built to play from behind when they don't come out. It happened success offensively in particular than than it Beirut certainly in doubt. We'll let me ask you this I mean that that the giants are thirtieth against the run a defense that she shouldn't really. Run the football that effective like what do I miss it on the offensive lineman who decides on the Wyman. Is it is it on partly on hot and tell me what on this and there. Like into that you could spread the blame around. Yup that's why this is as healthy as they've been all year. And they're still kind of plugging guys what you the normal Parker anchor. But what was it left or what's been I think he's healthy so I think that maybe just try something new and everybody should have been relatively well the actor. After the bye we. It but the old man at the table it a lot easier to run block. When you. Making and pass it okay. A game backward at a lot. It's a delicate balance he really felt like complimentary at the plate well situationally. They didn't do that at all yesterday but it tapped in the ball and it seemed to respect that they do a lot easier on the ball but it you become one dimensional and it's. You know you're you're pushed to let you know it's no good and that it is what's. What was what was the scene and he really respect in the air. For the cheap since it. Why not I don't know you know beginning the year it was there Alex was spray the ball around decision. Accurate it was Connelly you lose Wilson those guys might not be that. Important bit soft but for a we'll take of those that the situation. In any amplifies problems and I in the sport you know that those big plays anymore. Is that it's just it's a struggle. So rattle don't put words into your mouth but do you think that's part should be captured moments. No no I don't think that at all at all I don't know that that that's the definition of on the radio about watermark to. I don't battle these. Working OK but but again. You know it's team right now it didn't seem like this offseason. They were really pushing serve. You know it deep postseason run the Super Bowl this year with the drought. You know what would change and not general managers. It seemed like this was going to be kind of a lame duck year. So well nick in mount surprise everybody. And I practiced I don't like that that didn't reach a desperation and I seek out Alex that the problem at each part of the problem. I think people not just just wave the white flag as we have. Right now talking to Ryan Lilja his appearances are rusty by the village west discount liquors Ryan. After the game I would I don't know if you heard this or not Travis Kelsey had some pretty pointed comments about his team and he included himself in this I don't wanna make it seem like Travis Kelsey was point fingers. Not pointing the finger at himself. In the locker room how is that kind of stuff received. Is that received as -- tell the truth is that kind of perceived as a mind your own business and we'll take care at things like how does the locker room react to when a player openly criticized them. In the media. Not beat these guys react as something that was ballot. It in and get the opposite if that's what you want. Well which it would wait to perform collapsed. I think you know this team really can't do much right. And you're gonna see a lot of frustration and how much or work or south by this Chelsea. That you talking about but but I think everybody's deployment seek yeah you. You could spur cross court. Obviously Andy Reid announcement to most of the attention. A while to get a lot. But there are plenty blame to go around what they think they look good in any of the football in message. This was again by me. You know even without. These poor people out probably you still anticipates an expression still at that at some guys make your tackle that. They're apples looked at right tackle to slow start. Of his career with an undrafted free any people well I was I was shocked by that so. You know I'll let you know. It's not one guy you're there and in an accurate if you're gonna get sent to that by somebody says in frustration. You know 2030 minutes after a crushing loss. And you know I have been getting off split but Celtic and fired up they all what do you want us irrational fire. Like to see that happen on offense that's one of the things that. Thought that in the years on offense they don't have anybody that's really. You know Kelsey. Chelsea kind of you don't get fired up but mostly pop. What he's doing on the usual happy but he kind of galvanize and you're happy with Panama. He's been right unit together Aleks Maric you know peace. These pretty product. And polite he says he does the right thing she does one make waves. A lot of people but it was some swagger some confidence. That they take charges that all that and make a goal that we need. You know I'm glad you brought that out is Gary and I were talking about this before the show you relate you know until she made the comments characters like how can Alex Smith is in the got to do that. And I'm glad when that because on the defensive side of all that he's not there now but Eric Berry was that guy. So on the opposite side of the ball is it okay that's not a quarterback who stands up and and does that. Yeah and it also won't be outlets that the the traps two in his career not just hear oral Lee so. I might have the Internet to personality and write a lot of guys try that. But it's it's it's slowly it's there it's it's not authentic and it backfires like sort be somebody that. That actual personality of leading guys the older guys. Ball I don't know anybody across the border on offensive that that really doesn't mean you got to look you're running back. You know your wide receiver so more or less but still pretty young do. It's society Alex met with the offer of one of those strike you as. Part of the personality. Overtaken that you didn't say it was a must on the ball around so one behind me that's kind of what this thing is it's should have a guy that wasn't why we keep doing like it over here even if even I bet you haven't so we themselves. And that somebody can say look I believe and do you know that that's kind of what what you need a little Britain and you know back its lost in post war. Motivation imply that guy's a professional murder and they're motivated but sometimes he simply future blocked off so. Yeah. Who the guy that Jimmie stands out profits to do that again. If that he surely to me comes across as that guy he doesn't see them you know I saw. Yes I'd like I don't know who that guy is it's not Alex's personality of it tells he's not quite there yet for maturities from a maturity standpoint. They don't have that guy you know sort of appreciate the fact Kelsey came out and said that 88 RC in the dabble. Yeah yeah I think I think there's a few guys on defense that are like that. I think what watching cal yesterday especially between. Eight catches and and and gain some yards. He. He he's produced without their you know and that's where CNET prominence yet somehow mature certainly has the ability. He's got the swagger. Now on the walls or he's a dynamic player. You know he's in terms of the night football. The what. It Kyrie and will do whatever it close and the slack and the ability to do it. And I'll hopefully we can start out football let you know hopefully somebody stepped up and instill that ball on offense. I'll let you know in defense needed to go across the board so I think at it you can non. You deport the singer ever and all those guys are big. The bear you know maybe that's what else he says in the near including him. An audit and just try to get back actually do with the orders. No no no you know game breakers if you walk walk to a course and most normal rest yeah. That's trial is our weekly visits with him or presented by village west discount liquors Ryan always appreciate and Simon thanks criminals and a the event that's Ryan Lilja Super Bowl champion former chief former coal former bronco. Ryan Littlejohn joining us on the show today up next Ned Yost talks about the rebuild war. For the royals and I just saw this ache for she's player just tweeted Donald Trump I'll tell you what he said next on the drug to try to buy toxic waste from the studios sixty and Sports Radio Oakland Raiders stands for the Mexican National Anthem and sits down to boost our National Anthem for disrespect. Next time NFL should suspend him for remainder of the season attendance and ratings way down. I did see that the attendance in the NFL was down 2% a lot of people attribute that to the Los Angeles chargers. Who play in a soccer stadiums so I would say that's pretty flat. But the television ratings are a little bit down this season Indian fell on me that she's game yesterday I mean it seems doubtful in New York you know it's so. Even if there's tickets sold that you just watched television and I think it's sprinklers seated. Stadiums are near exposed to imagery has won it makes going back and get it in the giants to receive the steeler game. There especially after halftime. No stance this tweet is from markets Peters who. You old Donald Trump in president replying to is Marshall latest week. Was going on big dog I know we got a line that needs to be talked about. How about we set up a sit down you meet an act money lynch which is Marshawn Lynch Twitter handle in more and we talk about some like. Wolf I would they'd be because he's that a curse word that you'll like him saying it's the same line he says and post game net. Medium oil markets Peters wants to sit down with a Marshawn Lynch to meet with Donald Trump. Secondly on television. If there was no way that we can put this on CNN or Fox News or MSNBC. Marshawn Lynch. Mark is Peters in mall or sit down with Donald Trump to hear that conversation I ever ever will be out will be absolute. Great theater in television so I certainly hope that this happens. I just wanna hear the talks in conversation. That come from it will soon we'll get back at that she's coming up at 4 o'clock when you and I are on different sides of an argument who will step into the highest court. And Jeff Saturday with some very pointed comments about that she's will get to that at 4 o'clock. But Ned Yost it was on MLB network radio he doesn't think the rebuild is maybe as drastic as people of painted it to be. Just depend if you know the market is so all told me you know they can really be a boon to some guys and you know can be but other guys who need it have to wait and see what you know the market provides would detain knee part of the money go. You know and then you know once it once it starts to. You know straight up a little bit and we can you know sort back determinations say you know this this might fit our budget here but you know I think we've got it. We would love to have. All of those guys. Any of those guys some of those guys back there are all fantastic players fantastic teammates but you know we've got a pretty good young core with Bonifacio lookup Burton. You know Mondesi get a timing I think had a great year in triple A of America field came up and you know did great in. You know Paulo Orlando had an op here last year but he's due to bounce back and Salvador so. You know we feel like we're in and pretty decent shape. It's not going to be. You know like rookies thrown to the Woolsey got the ball you know years experience in and had some successes so while. You know burrow or radio address had this idea how this thing goes sort excellent. A word that is it is never kind to use of monks organizations is rebuilt. The guys look at it very trying to be active to make sure that that's not something that you wanna deal. Mean we're trying to I'm I'm gonna try to put the best team that we absolutely can put on the field. And you know Dayton you know Dayton then and our baseball ops now that. You know they they think this stuff about twenty or seven. I mean they're on top variant may know what we can do what we can't do what what we can afford more we can't afford it got plan a plan B plan C and plan B. But again you know I just don't see that that the total rebuild some of the young players that we that you know have to except in the last couple years you know we we think that they're gonna you know continue to improve and continue to. You know get better at Major League players so alone. You know we're excited to see you know given them an opportunity what they can accomplish. That's Ned Yost on MLB network radio on series talking about the team. I think that I think the royals fans I understand it because the royals it was kind of like a quick flash or bad for so long and then they were great and now it looks like it's gonna be bad. It was going to be better than people give him credit next season I don't think they're making the playoffs. But see this team winning 77 games down here like. That's that's not 2001. Man on the wells were bad during that time I think there's enough talent there's enough competent people in the organization that there at least be competent and competitive. Next season coming up in two minutes eight prominent member of the chiefs asked to stand before the drive jewelry will tell you who next in the draft. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio.