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Sunday, November 19th

We open The Show with a little Jayhawk Football because of course the only way Kansas makes national news in football is by being disrespectful to the Heisman front runner. As we do each and every Sunday we go around the NFL in our own way with Useless Predictions and Paul Charchian joins the show to answer all of our fantasy questions. 


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It show. This showed you play. He's out. Unless there. Those figures that they in we salute you. For allowing us via a small part. Sunday game. We're gonna have it's a good time leading U it's mode. That changed the giants they come up at noon. You can stay with us on FaceBook live myself and -- Brinkley we will be watching the game together than is. Prices so eloquently said stay with us the seventh street casino red sending half time show. The only place where you can call it that have and the senator casino rats and post game show after. Hopefully chiefs victory today on reds Sunday. Well to get to today okay and make it very clear this is not is exclusively. HE pose a pregame show ID in the past if you not know that it is in regular show no we will get to him. At some point but I will be though below the I have been forced to be put into this play. I am a Kansas Jayhawks Meehan. And there's no bones about it I'll let you know yes I am even a Kansas. Jayhawk football thing. But I will express myself. What I saw yesterday but being that it is 1002. Let me bring my guys Steve inserted in the state. And. I'd savvy cute starts today mr. Did I hear. Every two weeks like most African Barrett. I I will have FaceBook live out of running again here in just a sec it. As do I can't get my age. The land it's we we rule we will have that simultaneous. Just as she did with. Weather guy. Have been Chrysler which SO was very helpful with the fancy show. I have people out who we sign Qassam pace but yeah is is it fun thing we did who has a couple of days. So. That will be of sooners are against. Are excellent let's go here. Seriously sir I have. It no way and I understand. What the hill. That was about yesterday. The Kansas. Jayhawk football the has now reached a new little bit this is lower than turner dual. The debacles this is lower than Charlie realized that given a risk any day. Yesterday. Was pathetic NN Alexei. Nationally. And around the country we were hearing. Baker mayfield take the brunt of this if you missed yesterday. The Kansas jayhawk football team. Or ask clueless as daisy de iced and Elise is Silverstone in the movie clueless they aren't. M muscles today. Come out a gig going why the but I. They don't have done with the wind overdo it city Mo. This obtained a Dave based theory of the last three years at 13. Count them. Brief football gate you they have stuck. 48 years. They had guys on their team I had him. Bids are making up last names to make themselves cool like a side of it's I don't think that's her last name. I'll get that seat on its Jeep. It is set. I have question that myself these guys are ridiculous and they had the nerve to come out it could talk. There it is doing and it figures posted to cutting. Trying to beat the bigger. Made a mistake and it. Wanna take my bonus areas among the roads they added there interrupted and 8000 people here. But I must take it as a it would the kids with the kids in front of them. This one and 93. Wins in their last three or four years football team eight Dennis. That is if and they didn't planes on scrubs in no no this is the highs that they'd Heisman Trophy winner gobbles it now the Heisman Trophy winner. Ed that morning and hard about. They look down and put your hands behind their backs like they were us and it hurts their lucky devil wouldn't look at it in his face when they're going to. You know it was some real it's done. Then I look at him in his place to sit baker make a listening to shake his hand at the pregame. Moss. And then all had to make matters worse talking trash the whole time they're talking trans gaming late hits. They are doing things to try to rile this guy at Oklahoma. And I don't eve did know where they would start. To talk train. What are the lines that gives his football players can't use. All local well are they talking trance is it to the basketball to me. All we came it'd be too when you have late at that they'd be talking tree all about. I mean I'm not. Vanity Fair mil year with the Kansas Oklahoma rivalry yeah so all. Odds as the answer my question is like. It is they're so big it's happened the past couple years the baker mayfield at the Kansas Jayhawks know hole. I watt light is all this and Kansas trying to act like they're this tough team that's gonna go out bush people are out. This guy. I'd I don't even. I don't even in you wanna hear that's what's is dumber this came out of the started. Joseph Geneen who I thought before today was not an eighty let's and it you know I don't like to run down key it. But when kids went with people to really dumb stuff they they need to be told they're not six. All right the bars did in companies dealing in China that was Thomas Neal and they need to be 20. This with the Kansas football team was Thomas hill and they need to be told Joseph the name. They asked him the explanation of why you'll hit it and here's this yet. It's big Bates talked about it just before the game start they thought sort of get ready for this number. It would it's. Honored today. They believed it would be a side of a used standing its grant. Obviously. It was admit to it and he's that obviously. It wasn't. It meant to be super disrespectful to the. All really go all it you'd think it would be. It was eight are these guys lol we checked the grades that these players are getting. That kid is football players. I mean you got to be kidding me. That was that that. That was the depth. They know sort of I am. I am about the heels I love heals I'm a wrestling fans I've arrested mark. I like the bad guys even more the good guy. But I like bad guys when they makes it sort of this makes no sits like Kansas is being that he'll. But I guess they got me to explain did I have to sit here and anyone else. The Kansas hasn't healed though they tried to me Bob Baker mayfield has now been may not to be the heel I know is that they're grab in his 288. Aside I've made up my last name of it with trying to make less of that it is. That day I lame as. Late hit that I've ever since may even play maker mates have forced. Any and I liked. I'm just glad. All that I'm not condone being trying not to hurt he Heisman front runner but if you gotta do that is it going to take a risk. You know may make it count out why I like that was a terrible as it was terrible cheap Shia. Sort of my deal is this I have I have no clue. I just don't I don't even know. David Mann it make a brief you know I could only hits I'm not I don't I don't I've not added that a condone that you go grabbing your joke. Lackey did he cuts across societal sideline. But I have a problem with BI has beat. All right you can't you don't get to just go out he went you know we talked about this I hate when people expect people not to be human. Let's go out here and had no grounds to talk trash about I can't even. To going in my mind what kind of trashed the KU football players were talking to the low yes wide. Your diet cola. Yeah ten and I'll. Flat. Out I was looking now at. Open acre youth it is third Heisman last year you could win it last year at jewel would. That's. What they talking. It had to be a special amount it's raised for baker to give himself reacting. I was mad like you say out of bed maker apologized. How does that you know. You know delude me grabbed my jump was probably a little over the top but. Yahoo! had a. I think he says you know that's not how he wants to be remembered. I don't think there's enough quarterbacks. Like baker mayfield sometimes because quarterbacks are always supposed to be. The picture perfect athlete they don't ever say anything they don't ever they don't ever upset you don't ever wanna do anything controversial. Like baker may feel a lot of people are comparing in the Johnnie Mae and sell because of the attitude problems. I. Marie for baker may you succeed because I I liked that person now. I don't care who it. This this you can't do this the Cleveland Browns kick goal ought to Tom Brady it's a I'm not gonna stick your hand before the gave a job or utility act because you. You can't yet. The hell are you all. I'll speak. It like out so far. Listening you know I love Miami I love trash dump it so it hears it and I went three. KU football is bearing cold prerecorded. A heel this trying to get over but you know they're not as good as rerecord it. They're like JL's war. You've ever you've ever seen James still worked earlier this week sort of was at that that little guy that I brought this. Yes that's like him going out and talk each rested jot scene about his accomplishments. I just hit it I liked the confidence against. Ole rev for up I. I like that this delusional. Confidence there by the Kansas today they're down. Down they're down 33 sorted they're still talking the same trends and they're not even talking hard trains. They're putting it ahead. Plant to talks is putting their hands behind their backs like that usher I what did David Beatty say after the you know what let's take a break let's get today. Okay outsource today Imus got it going. Usually you don't. I am not someone who has pushed for his firing. I am one who say you know was. Okay you coats so it is a full recruiting class. Because it doesn't seem like there has been happening. But his hands should be grants after yesterday. I could've done better man. That segment would put fair. You've listened to be show would run the show. Sixteen Sports Radio broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios. And I'd bet it'd be here. Or radio and calls those I don't it's FaceBook logic is ticking CE. Us years we've got some folks in your fluent and it. Missouri. Man's or throw a no Missouri you can throw stones at Kansas every one K state to update it. They stay with a big win yesterday against Oklahoma State which you heard here alive. Sports Radio. But. I just can't get over why you yesterday you'd just missed it. Becker mayfield the Kansas Jayhawks I don't I don't know who in God's name they felt they turned into yesterday that he. Have lost their everlasting mines. But there there's the wars program. In any kind of competitive sports. Drew it in an idiot CA when you talk about. The major major sports that we watch in this country. College football college basketball. Major League Baseball. Hockey the NFL's. Ian VA. The depth up but the majors which that we watts they're the worst. Programs last organization. In sports or worsen the brown. Ed you're talking trash. Two baker may feel listen I'm not about red you're crowds the couple and. And the late hit. Like you're out here you're out here trying to. First off I got I had no problem with any Oklahoma offensive linemen getting ejected. Or any players getting it tick because. They were out there a team with nothing to lose or gay. And I would be surprised that not a single person on the Kansas he did make it in a bill roster never bet everything to lose or gain a Oklahoma is going for the playoffs and baker mythical. I do with a name like defense he's got NFL record that's. And it and they got Ankiel has a chance to go to the league of with the Heisman. Out. All purpose trying to hurt him and they can't even do that as they've they're so bad they can't they can't get a cheap shot right. So bad they can't even in day care can get it ST it's right. And. I got a problem with. And we're going to be manage baker made because he's cuss them out of another record the states. Aren't you all saying to Oklahoma. Jamaican turnaround assays up to the yes both stick to basketball yes. You have to be tablets like that would. Why does the good thing gays. Also with a conversation. And you know. There is nearly an event or something that occurs to let you know. OK that guy can't vote. That guy is of Banco. All right buy back some of it and I have like SE. I have been one to say maybe it's that time to get rid of David Beatty because I think he got at least give one of these coaches. An entire recruiting class of four years. Number I told you when I knew it was time would put state when it was time for Butch Jones to get handed Tennessee. What it is and most important game where his team will be most focused on the road at Alabama. They script their first blaze. Their first offensive play. Was a flea flicker but none of the wide receivers knew it was a flea flicker. And it trick play to me that says it's time to get five. Yesterday's events. Screens. It's time for David Beatty to removal. Straight odds are he'd he shouldn't get a recruiting class. Is an all white. No I. Eight change that is any kind of copy the. Practically. I know that's a word about life full text be if I've made that would. It immediately LU's big IAA and isn't wired but I that you're not exactly music yet. Probably not using it properly if it is a word. Well it's better send me your best asset at a team as bad as kids it's. What goal out. Without first reading it buys your votes like this is this is something you run buyer coach take a it's a ticket we're gonna talk about. We're gonna snubbed. Oklahoma players that they try to shake hands at the coin toss it does is good this is something that you would go talk to your coach about. Ed too. Is not a coach in America a decent coach in America. That steam. That is in place at Kansas what think that that is alt patent bill. Other talk about fixated. Top Urban Meyer sort of about the peak coached at Missouri Gary Odom. This change what do this. This game. I have great hopes. This at this dubious far sort of. They in Mecca deuce teams would do stuff like this. And we know about slipped back jet has been enacted it would suspend players and it's just let his players at a cup matters start talking transit cheese. That did not all I mean their relationship and they're not gonna go nuts take Alex Smith's hand. Is this is this is squarely all of you. You'll have developed. An odd hop that it states your players. A you're a school that won it 93 wins in year three years there would think it is all okay. To go have pulled some shenanigans like that. That I don't know if I immediately seen this from KU and other games this season like I know why why oak was specifically I don't why the best team in the big twelve years. Your team. Is stupid your players are stupid it ended is on you and I don't like to read damn cute but I'll have no problem. Your kids are if they're making comments and this is the captain of your T. When asked why you guys Doug baker mayfield. And went about doing the things you did at one and nine not being able to beat anywhere close to a soul. Is. This teammates talked about it just before the game. The need it and thought. What inspired teammates. They believe it would be outside of KU standing their ground. Obviously it wasn't meant to be super disrespectful to them. I don't know what is going on but there are sixth graders who know and don't think things are that dumb to say. That's just down. And if you're the head coach and that is the mindset of your players and that is on you that's what ain't it gonna go racked up 21 yards a little bit. On national television but it's TCU. It's what you're good bit. And kids is all kinds of we're now well coats things like. They don't just commit penalties or did they commit like stupid penalties like fourth down and one they'll have thirteen guys on the field. I. I Abel was it hey let's David Beatty billed as a guy who could recruit these cars sales. And it and so it was. It was still it was yet to be determine whether or not he can actually coach but he was billed as this guy who can at least get talent here but but that hasn't really happened either now doesn't eaten coach either. On top of eight. 16 love this over thirty minutes on the most relevant team in case these ports has received a commitment. I wish but this is this this thing is this is the only way Kansas football has become a national story. Yeah game we're visit. We're certainly not talking about that is that story is bigger than anything K state and Missouri did. Yesterday. And somehow baker mayfield is taking the brunt. Are you getting out. As we sort of as so it out here please help me explain. What I can't get over this point. What kind of trash talk where they talky. Let what you have got to be a special. This is love for all to to you got to be special trash talker like how what were they saying. Your mom's ugly. I'm gonna nail your sister I'd get that. Your sisters so ugly I would give her a chance I would let my dog do your doll and what kind of spreads. They had their arsenal at all. I just. It is is upsetting because. The reason you get this reaction towards baker mayfield is because baker mayfield is. Now he's already guy who people have issues with he's he's been in some people's eyes disrespectful. To other majors major college football programs. He's probably going to win the Heisman Trophy Oklahoma's probably going to make the college football playoff. And sell ads is another situation where worse. Just expecting this guy to live up to not unreasonable standard. When Kansas was the one who is instigating everything they were tried to get a reaction out of baker rays field the entire day. I did I I I for the life me I can't understand. What trash they were talking. Editor at you know it had to be personal. For him. To react the way up that tale moved that you knew this was a female dogs moved. That that the that the Kansas Jayhawks where are running. They you know this was a female dog move is they couldn't even one. A minute personal file. And not baker may feel that with a clean hit they could even get that right. That was the weakest late hit we've ever seen in our lives. To. Sort of they couldn't even look him in the when they were gonna shake is a. They couldn't even look at they've looked down to the ground and put their hands behind their back like they ever ushers. Holding bulletins. They would not look them in the act like that's a real female dog. If you gonna do look at Madera. It puzzles Miami who did this to Virginia yesterday I'd love to. You can't be James. Those words and go to L Andrei the giant. I'd better that you and I won't seek your hand because I don't respect. I'm like yeah I'm gonna get reckless oh. This is all organize. By David Beatty. To get Kansas national attention. Adjust your radio sets folks. This is one of our most popular segments. I guarantee you if you've never used this predictions it is the most unique segment at all of Kansas City radio. And it's coming up next. You may not keep the show you know alone run the show keeps teams we'll. Radio politically tickets dot com now for six skin off your ticket order using robo code six didn't support. It takes for essential ingredients to brew Bud Light. Orly REIS water and hops but this is a 32 commercial so here's some sound effects of bottles opening. And. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm in. I want burned Obama is coming up here in a matter of moments ago. And seven actors for the cheese. Eat giants game which they come on do remember. Only place in the city where you can. Let's hear thoughts be known Paul. 91357676. It is 47 street casino. Ritz at the halftime show. Myself Jay Hinckley who will be taking your calls and NEC lines bull. All calls let us know hopefully it's a happy deal. But no matter would give us that give us a call that place in the city where you can let it go. Let it out. And will be on FaceBook liable whole time anyways you can enjoy what's game if he had not done that I've been told it's a street but audience have not come off in weeks. I mean hopefully dream can't get him actually act that's not true I think my pay has to come off on the tower Tyreke killed blessed. But it's been like one time in like. Five week. So hang with a song FaceBook live that. Let's certainly you get the inactives for the chiefs and and and the giants and remember coming up to this statement is will be important for charts chart to let you know any other ones Bill Gates you ready for your last minute. Thoughts and decisions need to make for his ability but what are the inactives. For the giants are going Sheppard isn't officially an active. And they also quarterback Eli Apple's not. Quit the game. How many ski do you think I can name. More than two skill position guys that now a topic I know the Aberdeen that is neat yeah I didn't. Starter Ricky pick up some guy named king. It Tarvaris. Yes is it Tarvaris I gets yes to virus king well. Also have Roger Lewis yes Roger Lewis Richard Lewis but Roger. And outside of that I don't even know whenever I have I don't know then you've got brown. It I'd so it's that it so that saves that he you have matters S Albert Wilson. Active those in the the bounce noteworthy the ones that you know actually play so those those. So there's who's behind example. Is. Is 052 back. I have no idea. I mean in that. Lately is that a surprise packet daddy necklace is a lot as an active yet sell so I mean this is serious back injury. Or something that we should take safely to hand now maybe opened it and now at that spot that we need it takes is about the Ford because this through the bye week is multiple weeks like he's at and make it may be that she's it is using this. This game will get into. Other's notes whose that is using this game is an extra bye week. Because. I mean maybe there should be some broke its or so of these like I don't know what our park ranger has. Two had not been on the injury report and not play leading up to. Now he's on the annuity value and assume that. They don't need those guys and ideas like this giant seems batted not you should easily win this game without those. For example I had multiple sack. August. This this is this is the pour the guy because I sad news outlets like I wanna see some movement isn't change. On. It and adjustments and one of the big adjustments that thought was it's time to get old seventy out of there put Parker angered. Beckett start at at starting left guard. Okay. I wonder is deviant if is even injured or is he just address. But Al Wilson oh Canada a deep fjord like. I thought for sure I'd they'd be back after the bye they were. Close to be thinking to have played the last in the last game. But I guess not. All right as I say the gesture radios that we do is. Every week. Ever present day. I hate I hate and despise predictions they really really stupid. We never know what's going on these games none of us know what's going on in these games. And I make fun of people who like the predictions. So this is what we call useless predicts. The most you'll see this predicaments. In sports. Well keep in mind the whole tradition is so. These animals useless predictions end sports. Ball to my Nazis. Am. And threats. Thank all of FaceBook live what does this. A little night. As of late. Stage it was tight. If I use my crystal pond. That states this week. I think there are well below. Clubs in my mind that's his game in. It is seventy. I think Ben Roethlisberger is going to struggle. I think Antonio Brown is going to struggle I think that's why they're gonna do great job of doubling him. They take him out of the game I think that god might need to worry about. Marte is Bryant I think this might be his great end game but still I think the running game. Game and I think mark is Mary what is going to happen coming out party. I think he's going to take care of the ball. I don't see it going any picks in this game that's why it's not winning forty to seventy. That's rant biking. The big one in the NFC now I thought the ramp we're gonna come in and win. Found out. It was brought out yesterday from the NHL's third at the NHL's Ed they have found the next place that they're going to have the winter classic. And it's going to be at Notre Dame beat. With that being the case I now believe that the vikings are going to win this. Because the NHL has decided at the next winter classic at Notre Dame today to me. That is going to be the difference in this game so that's why I have them like he beating the rams thirty to ten not a. This is the golf this is the makeup game. For the game that was cold Arctic. The reason why I don't like the bucks in this game Saturday because. We have seen historically. Scenes. And it's brought. It's it. I think the bullets are gonna struggle because they have to play a Miami that's why. I give a major it's Jay Cutler at the dolphins I see them winning this thing six dame tonight. That's good enough. They've led the. Some might think it's because a great subject because ability. No that's not the case and I told me. Bet the raiders won a disabled. To Vegas and though they did get orchestrated their entire trip to Mexico. True travels and. It had struggles with hotels and. That's dealt with what they thought they're going to give the notice this has been a real stressful week for them because of their plants being worked through the travel. So that's. Thought they cleared out pass and had to drive there at the moment I'm not privy to the information about what their flights or but I know it did not answer with what they thought. Travels and look as great of a statement reckless bill that they were not aware that they were going to had to accommodate. He spoke with that and the stress of travels and I think the patriots winning the 32 of its way up the had finally but but but but ravens travel a great thing. Don't tell you right now sort of I really like the ravens Joseph Flacco he's been playing terrific lately. But there's only one problem even though it leads the quarterback nobody. Nobody waltzes into the Green Bay gets away nobody wants to Lambeau Field. Nobody wants for the rest of nobody wants the Brown County veterans memorial. Guys I'm sorry there's just not that many stadiums and Arenas a Green Bay I don't remember many but I did dances and yet. Nobody walks into bronze Wisconsin sees over at one point four main street Green Bay, Wisconsin. If people aren't. To blunt said. This place that's so many varieties of cheese that this places that may and it don't forget to try. The purple cupcakes but because nobody blocked that it agreed. That's about the cities they get to win its count. Execute it but they're purple but a debt while I've got Green Bay beat the ravens the the court today does that that. You are useless. Linux. Yeah. If you can get this joke put the news to good media it's the show with a round. The show you lose seats teen who. Radio broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studio yeah. So there's stamped go to sixty and sports dot com. Is there Huntsville. Noon 12 o'clock. And with the less than does a good Soledad good first they had about the use his critics I bet you did not note that stat though that warm weather teams struggled to go play another warm weather climate. Do remember for years people would base the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Win and loss record about them playing in cold weather places like oh yes they'll never leads. They can't they can't we. Well. The team's plan of Florida. I think that they in Miami I think they struck Leonard Cornet did say this week that he is not interested in playing in the coal. And Lee but it I get ready get ready listen up FaceBook lives I'm okay ask and getting tickets to excellent six and 306 listeners out here we have. Our fantasy go room. Some people calling charts there's something about that calling. The Jews he lover I don't know but he is here to help you out. With your with your last minute fantasy. Lineups so lots yards throw it out we just went through just the chiefs and giants game. Our leader and we are at. We wouldn't want what is the answer is it that went into the DN actives so I know you want to jump off and let us know about the that the players that are active and inactive there's some big ones and. There are some big. If they get one sterling Shepperd say. Surprise inactive yeah you couldn't see coming in twelve hours ago the news that. You will not cynical about migraines and now there's so and Dell. Yeah public opinion that the act of outback their weapons back here that it took it to be in. Whether that it would be consistently in the twenty mile an hour he forgot to leave the bird at forty itself. I'm a lot of people going to be wary of that master from a patent if it starts probably will actually running. Frequently double want him back as we love him and Welker a vitally. Important it. Actor what it's like her at all. And no Eli ample. And Eli. Apple I think you steal this one absolutely. So I I'd like bill and I think there are people shy away from the other. I I would actually started on fire like this. The other picked up you know pick notable change for their owners today this morning is whether or that it acted the geeky minutes that your game time decision. With an ankle injury. A buildup in Cleveland at its that he got practically although the U yards per carry but the point one and got an adequate to Victoria's. Yeah injury so. I'm of Luke warm on format you can certainly starter and he's gonna of course back at all by Hubble with numbers up it's practically look at. I. I just carries it may at insert we're talking about this a little earlier and I have a question. With the injuries and how the league is gone this year. How many quarterbacks would you say are must arts no matter what their matchup is is it feels like they're just. Like with every quarterback it seemed like you had to check match like are there any how many quarterbacks at their lives for you to say. I don't care who they're playing I don't care if they're playing the best pass defense whatever I'm starting them how many of those guys list. Do ethic and he never is subject to sell Condit situation whether or he can't trust them a examples. Ben Roethlisberger. On the world does he automatically units to pure arched up at the court there. We're also will. He's been Great Britain in the opera like and it often like to start the artwork what it is dot org and it is faster. He does get dark armed robbery he was always started every. See that's one that's the one when you said to them while I was wondering if drew was won't. So he here's a guy that you look at that match. I do now because we're running the ball so well. His two daughters Al compare and Mark Ingram were on page or three albums and art auction. They just what's on. There. Yeah they were so many touchdowns last week I was raised. That's great. If that's not get that over the past games Drew Brees has thrown 2827. And 25 passes. Well there's small market collapse 23 at three consecutive game with 28 or fewer captains. Thirteen years ago. How different it offered Israel is here to preach that you got you good article operating a surprise. Carson went. Matchup group right now and they're not there is that the entity that he can handle it right yeah I can't start. Even if you want to get benevolent Jack copies but still play to start our support. And charts that's exactly nice guys that Tom Brady there's whence that we hear on the same page there. But Leon's I'll ask you about the this crowded Eagles back field late all we know they've got three or four guys bay they traded for JG IA. I mean are did you actually feel confident starting any of their running backs right now. No really I really don't in that you're probably got you've got four guys in that backfield and good luck figuring out in all I think it was one of them a tool that could end up putting together. Eight serviceable and it became a couple bullet to the good thing that's workable plan to keep something in particular by extension off he'll. Not so we ordered them out and you look at the last Eagles game when the avatar and object for. You've actually. They're running back their old one back for him the ball what do pomegranate twelve times 109. Times or the program at eight on. And one ran it five times. I would defy your listeners to tell me who two out of that mix. Because it it in. In it it goes to show how are going to be cold. It is going to be court or court one game or that is going to be eight. We care what game I don't think you're gonna know what they're coming very easily after a beautiful but that's mostly. It feels really patriots like to get you out there on this one. So I we take a fancy we don't really think about this alive but when you look at the cowboys how much does the left tackle. Really had to. The outlets do you have to take account of that mpeg two. Whether you're going to start some of the some of the Mika. The weapons that the cowboys have two too because a left tackle wrecked. Tech press that's day yeah hee the running backs days probably day is his day how much you impact. A lot. And we you know we get dollop. Are there at your tech are expected to get up to eight total back in the apartment. By the way. We talk after this week against the Eagles. Calling me up the effort that event. I don't want it or they're. Or better yet you worried about how are about ought Apache but and it humor into what I got. I'm really poor I looked down to act out or dead ever but he felt like it out of concern here there was already a. Tough matchup against the spirit that the current. Now yet it in the I'm I'm really that was sort of a lot like last offered. It simply paralyzed. With an inability to keep our press got operated pocket quarter. As crazy a left tackle is kills as he charts thanks to do it we will hear from you at this time next week. Aren't they yeah that was charts. Carson wits. It's now entered the Aaron Rodgers. And Tom Brady spot in Tennessee football start of every week sort says he knows he's talking about coming up. The best 592 show a Sports Radio there's somebody on used it out here for the 592 show was slow and stand up. And now and you're listening to show will run the show you. Six teams were really good at getting tickets that come now for six spin off your ticket what do you think we'll.