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Friday, November 17th

Headlines Worth Talking About, Fake News, we talk with Ryan Lilja plus the Chiefs aren't mentioned nationally anymore 


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Hours talking about state pension display learned something yeah. Sure. Brought to my worth Harley-Davidson north north Harley-Davidson has the largest selection of bikes to choose for the. Our struggle is on down in Manhattan Brittany Murphy college football insider tweeting this yesterday. Quotes. Jim Leavitt had verbal agreement with Kansas State last year to become head coach in waiting and replaced Bill Snyder 2018. But Snyder nixed it because he won his son Sean. To replace him. Well it's interesting because I understand bill Snyder's point of view he wants his son to take over for him at K state but. Is that the right move for Kansas State University that's what you know you have to factor in an and I don't know that it is the right move wearied thinking about it during the break like what. What Scion has been better than the father not John Thomson. Not sort of hijack. What do bill Belichick's guy do he was like a scalp right. You music that was a culture was just the scalp. And fidelity. Just that was coach who wasn't a high level right that a lot of coaches. Lot of coaches has become coaches and those coaches like to give their son's great opportunities and yet we look at it from another perspective we don't Harbaugh. Yet. Now is high school coaches at college here it would have his dad coach Dan as the hook it. Princeton I wanna save like thirty of forty is Jason Garrett really coach we know he's a puppet for Kara. But here's the thing though with you Bill Snyder the last time Bill Snyder allowed K state to make a decision broad grins happen that's exactly right so would you. This because it's new people now idolized you and it is two presidents removed from bad to say I'm not letting anybody make that decision other than Bill Snyder and as well that's what's best for the university may at what point. This university thought Ron prince is what the what was best for them so I'll tell you what's best for you now ICI I don't know that it is I think Jim Leavitt has ties to Manhattan institute got fired for choking each child in our panel titled an adult mental. Well yeah. What he allegedly show the players South Florida this day. Are made all the time on aims okay mistakes happen and so I I just think you got to do what's best for the university I don't know that hiring the head coach is legendary head coach's son. Is necessarily the best move for the university that's my two cents or that maybe is last a little at 730. Be sure to check out the podcast meet Brittany Murphy was on with the drive yesterday and he said there are a lot of questions about John Snyder in the college football community are park. People in in in the culture and history and in college football. I think the big question they have about whether shot. We'll be good candidates had terrorists is because he doesn't have a great deal of experience other than what he can't the day. And I think again. You know I'm based in Tampa Florida some opportunity not sit there at the heart we can't this. We've from a distance it from the people that I do it on a daily basis however college football. It appears to me that the majority of people that. All in and around the Kansas State program. Don't believe he should be accepts. The exception is Bill Snyder there should be the next here. Is your take up the point of view on the podcast aged 610 sports. Dot com is that dead or is that what he thinks is best I think it's dad speaking. While this case it probably is both. He believes both absolutely. Thursday night football Steelers all over the titans forty to seventeen if you're facing Antonio Brown or you have Antonio Brown screwed are really happy. Either way it sounds like Welch as Antonio Brown on his dream. Yeah Estes 144. Yards and three touchdowns Ben Roethlisberger. Thirty or 45299. Yards and four scores markets Marietta throwing four interceptions as the titans bought a six and three. In the Steelers improved to eight and two. At Tennessee's never won a game or markets various there was more than one interception. His entire career they've never won a game me as a multiple interception game that's that's not that surprising them because how big turnovers are affecting wins and losses but so many I mean it's it never have a win if you throw to like the cheats and wins Alex Smith throwing two interceptions. As Alex with as neutral tool year. But this year but I mean I dug out earlier in his career with Kansas City lights when he thirteen 40142050. I'd like to see that number and make it easy like titans lose there. Yeah exactly yeah by Gary Martin Marietta throws for Malta right exemptions right. Parent weekend in Africa. I didn't really can't work out that surprise me at all really really doesn't. You know. We'll stick here locally for 12. The hot still season fully under way announced yesterday that the whales were CV 36. The Harvard say 36. Six. Pick along with their eighteenth pick. And they will get any more context if they lose Hosmer whose stock is or pain so rebuild would be very nice. You can have kind of top five of the top whatever 160 picks. That's something like that so that's why I mean on the read them right now and I sense it I know it's gonna sock in the short term you can get those kind of picks and you hit on just a couple of them. And then you build up the rest your farm system you rebuild what you well frankly depleted. They try to go win a World Series and you did little World Series so and I worked well I did. Well and they tried to do it again this year didn't quite work out the same way that's why it's time to get shot you missed it to your shot two years ago when they hit so. Go ahead and try to rebuild and take another run at this thing it. By the way it's when he thirteen Alex his fourth game with the chiefs he threw two picks against the giants they won 317031. Cent or 317 excuse OK so that has one game well that's the first game I found out it was is so you know already through four games into his chiefs' career. Multiple interceptions she still won. But for the royals. Looking. There pool situation top to bottom they're probably at the trade some players do if you go full rebuild why don't trade gaining depth. You'll full rebuild why not at least she what you might get for self arrest unless you wanna make him that guy who stays around through the rebuilding process. You might see I think she's probably some trades made as well if the if the royals go full rebuild. Tigers' rebuilt their basketball program in just one offseason didn't work last night as they scored just nineteen points in the first half on the road at Utah off. As they fall eventually 77 to 59. Only two starters in double figures Robertson for your. But one notable name missing. Michael Porter junior who do not travel with the team do you talk in their first loss of the season Josh you're the college basketball insider on this what not true. The other night is interest things not being with your you with your team they made up some excuse about being on column too uncomfortable to sit on the I don't. They're comfortable chairs usually that's right a very fair while Pattinson. Everything's pretty did not like laying down if you fear in some some pain I don't again I guess it. Depends Dallack kind of pain he's in a what type of injury that's as may be traveling would not have been the best thing and he's he's you know in the training room instead. This whole thing is is kind of strange because he had guys sit on the bench and guys usually travel for you know they're injured. Certainly of not when their likes season ending injuries and aren't coming back right most of the guys but if they're part of the team currently. And are expected to Vienna usually travels of the slow this does look kind of weird. More relevant in Kansas City to Emilio winning MLS goalkeeper of the year or the two MVPs in baseball the two MVPs in baseball yeah right who Zale to base your American League MVP and John Carlos Steve York NL MVP no shocker there. What do well to the shocker is that the only person who did not vote for air and judge for the MVP was rust and god of the Kansas City Star. The only person who had a vote. In the entire world. For MVP in the American League that did not vote for air and judge either first or second was rusting Dodd of the Kansas City Star damn straight screw us yankees. That's just don't. Stance in the city. I mean that Aaron if it gods of the the host Kansas City things I've ever heard ally I guess I'm tired now anyone that would be a great excuse but the but now that that that Israel exited likely. All all the like the baseball writers are like wait a second here what you did how how could how did not vote for air and judge. In either one or two I mean that that's just an ignorant folk because security Booth and a think tank yankees out of that as having that be your voting. And you are a guy that is past and what if you because he'll writers vote on this the right to fevers of the world can't vote to Denny Matthews of the world can't vote. You're relying. You vote is who to vote for Hosmer. While so. But this guy voted like I pick my vote seriously he's the only fighter Roy voter to not vote for Erin judge either first or second in the MLB MLB. Our ALM yeah vote. He voted for Jose Ramirez this is that are not Jose out to date for first he thought Jose Ramirez of Cleveland the should have been the MVP of the American League not Al to a state or Judd nationally Central Park. And anti Yankee I don't I don't Providence and all that this heat you understand what he's watching. This is the man who covers the bill the royals on a daily basis. Did not vote for Al two days or judges the MVP and later on your own man I would feel dirty vote for the pinstripes. Seriously people that this stressed a just a feel dirty walker if I can make an argument for somebody over anyone in pinstripes and probably gonna go that route. You really can't you said he's watching the royals so royals and Indians nineteen games. Where the schemes against the Yankees six games against the Astros. What would your perception day I percent ordinary shares has really get it yet but he's not the MVP of only. He's I agree I agree with you and principled what you said what is he watching you watch as a 162 royals schemes. And ninety and Jose Ramirez nineteen time he had Sunday's. I didn't use for college basketball fans. Adams so people are OK with that vote who containers errors. That's money but he. I would I couldn't stand here and dad. It's not. An addition to your four old man taken the week. Green day's live BI ERG third had a match. I think you got a little nervous all what happens what people don't vote correctly we've seen its unique fun of these people like a year ago for. For complaining about being votes and now you're complaining about it I just again forty has changed deal it really hasn't. Regular employees stock I had my first regular do you have in nine days the. Cali is fiber intake. There are commercial conversation with the net yesterday in the week yet about that as well as the ticket and the plot has been to six pence or stuck on. As I was saying really quickly before we get to fake news Adam silver and the NBA. Players association executive director Michelle Roberts in with the new commission on college basketball in Washington yesterday. And it looks like they're going to be trying to oil reshape the one and done draft entry rules they think are good enough for a college basketball see how it impacts college basketball's the united text them and good they're. They're meeting with those of the two parties that. Our are are dealing with the the impact of of one and done so for the exit out and talked NC a parent loses false narratives that. The one and done it's it's through the NBA NBA wants the one and done yet is still taken a lot of guys are pan and out. Don't think it would benefit the NBA get a couple more years of seeing these guys they are drafting solely on potential there actually looking at the game but I odd though is that they said the players association has wanted to wanted done and I I thought you would think it would be the opposite to protect the current jobs that they had right now in the NBA but there's a players association thinks maybe they'll. Wise up and realize we keep guys in college a little bit longer. That'll protect more jobs the NBA level. You have better players coming into my best help the competitive balance but the competitive balance of the MBA. Would benefit from the teams picking 123 and four having more information about their picks so they don't make a more educated but it. And of course at that point you expect there be last busts yet it Boston you're less of rushing to make these picks on kids even releasing six months you know. I the most amazing thing was found on the Mexican border. You're what it is with fake news next. These school that he was talking about we want to be Wyoming I would imagine that there's. Gun in the school to protect them potential growth slows. These stories from around the globe did you have easier to lead the issues of due largely. They have the most honest no one mentioned the Georgia senate to most dogs. I'm changing it from sentenced them under very effective. Back in its store in the morning I'm like well with Bob best coach Josh calling their M producer Stephen Specter. It's fake news we do it every Friday at 715 here on 610 Sports Radio where Specter finds stories that are so insane you're actually probably think their fake. I've gobble gobble gobble up every cent fifteen despite what some may think. John correct headline. I miss something there look at their during the every day we have the promo for the next show right here on throughout the day and every every Thursday clay comes it's like I think he's a fifteen right. And on the old man every. It's big music that didn't get to get through it and hot shooting bazooka found near Arizona border what suiting let's focus our discussion post on the wall. There jewels today it'd also had a very distinct Smith. Hot shooting so so so there shooting pot. Over the border out of a bazooka gun right Mexican authorities on ice hot shooting bazooka just across the border from Douglas in agua. Yep that's Senora. And and go with that that. The American military and federal police recovered 18100 pounds of marijuana split among 200 packages. Authorities also found nearly 2000 rounds of in munitions beat tubular mechanism with a compressor was inside a small band. Mexican authorities believe dues used to shoot drug packages over the word in the United States hysterical now if you remember. During speak news in February we talked about a drug shooting catapults yes so the Mexican cartels are really stepping up their game with technology. And style are now using. A bazooka. That's that's just incredible its innovative businesses were and yeah I've I've really you know I'm not gonna fault somebody for trying new things. With these greens these streets that they had to throw the door open shall we ask him that Jerry is the guys running edited -- Antonio Brown last night for every pass I probably murderous thrown teacher candidate ads rates I thought it would be more like a potato gun type thing or the T shirt gun that you see you know where you could like load HT shirts and just go rapid fire to throw its. You know those who do that with a bag of weed come from Mexico and Arizona. Pain in others like long white paint fans yeah this reaches the entire length of the being inside Poland. App and it's just one driver's seat they took out every other seat. And it's almost like I. Almost like an oil pipeline is the best ranking kind of describe the pictures sounds sounds almost like something you would see like if the AT legacy the eight team van driving down the Mexico border just firing bags of wheat and errors. Yes headlines you talk parent once scored changed Phoenix mascot. Because it sounds like. Penis. I mean who cares little else this is good the immigrant and court you talk. So there's a new school that's been opened up 920182019. OK so this school has not OP gets beat Farmington high school in the deepest school district always good place to be there are mascot of is Phoenix again this is Utah not in Farmington Phoenix Farmington Phoenix that's terrible name anyway ten yes Donald as a literary license on one pair. Kyle frost and is concerned because he thinks Phoenix. Sounds too much like penis. We have audio of this man nobody according to these Salt Lake guy Tribune. Rotten said quote rod I looked on Google in a couple hits down on the topic a couple of ads down. I saw that the plural of Phoenix with the youth was either Phoenix's. Or the nieces. Fraud and said oh I have no interest in my daughter or my son playing sports in getting referred too is something like a penis. Do in Phoenix right now is the funniest part is as anything I can't think penis. He has started a petition. Nearly 3000 losers have signed that petition to change the mascot from Phoenix's. Do something else what's a bad name. Which he did America. This but this is what we've come to you as just the media's part of them and being part of the problem in this news everybody's the only who's being no matter how stupid their feelings my. They have. No matter so this guy thinks beanie sounds too much like Peterson wants the mascot changed the school for tell on the go and so I think it's the bad master and I I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that sounds like yeah. The Phoenix it it's a terrible master the fears that the Phoenix is it's a bad master. It's it's on its still sound money peace acknowledges it's a bad match the other they're called it the Phoenix Farmington high school Phoenix yes it's like them is like Orlando and I know I don't like the chemicals and Agilysys is at the end. That's or a Phoenix rise of the Miami Heat is bad not bad ass guy yadda I don't like that I'd like arguing heats are UA EU just I mean what what are yelling Alex changed her name to galaxies you're you don't need your heel again like that as soon remember beats you like what are you are you imagine you heat are you a galaxy. Headlines. Drunks Florida man arrested for driving lawn mower on the highway politics. Good there don't. All in Florida right before the me the it's pretty pretty prevalent and that's that's our heads always is Florida and if Florida man was arrested after police caught him drunk driving his lawnmower down a major highway fox thirteen reported. Alabama port saint Lucy knows noticed a man driving and steadily down US highway one demand and the burden it'll styles. They'll just not pale ale house now a drug guiding bails out. It is guy 56 I was riding his red snapper lawn mower and down the road hip. While carrying a case of Budweiser beer and ice but having. Prize went to the store either pictures. Yeah but heavy. Yeah 36 pack right on the side kind of like dad down in the sidecar yeah actually it snapper kind of got a story similar to that. That my grandfather used to ride one of those motorized carts because he could walk you know had diabetes grass and I am right. He would take that. It lived in Florida Belushi counting would take back to the liquor store her. Every day in and buy a bottle and he would go down on the main road Ani India obviously there's alcoholism there needs yet problems along winners so it's better for everybody. But he would drive that motorized scooter down to the liquor store every day to hear blues in college and a landlord they would act on his. Riding lawnmower. Holy wasted it at night any mowed lawns of his properties including ours that's good ad network. I want to point because he's always driving on the street to get to the next law right the only the whole blocks out. It shows on the street in the next lawn houses like maybe she's call accounts at the other Volvo over on the street I ever did I did some odd even as you know do you we had rocket Rondo are a lot of times he could milk is he was too much been in the bag rocket on his wife's. Would blow off had she would let me tell you you rate your landlords neighbors rock and Ron he was the buster he mowed all the law rocket ride he was the best bus driver KU and his wife was Ron Ron married Ron and Rondo was lassie. Well we thought her Buffett's back yeah it's knocked out but. There's I've sort of rocket rod and Roger Ross noted in in the mid ninety's words short shorts. King is here yard. Be sure is what's in Philadelphia. Elvis was lords chaos that's what makes it's almost have been. I don't have it is really hot achieves to get too but we have to find out. What former chiefs offensive lineman for K state offensive line an inch Super Bowl champion Bryan Milton thinks of Bill Snyder trying to get his son show on that head coaching job at K state. He joins us next. Welcome back. You're a red riding on Tesco in the morning but an interesting report. Coming out of ESPN and Britney Murphy that. There were formerly at the end he's he's one of those guys he's created both create yet we got boot the L yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. But guys are just regular. Work and what you have massive putts and a place like ESPN did you kind of forget. Every single person it was not obvious Murphy was held held on it and he's one of the biggest college football guys they have but anyway it was him he said that. But is it that. Hasty patted verbal agreement with Jim Leavitt to come in a bead head coach in waiting in and take over for Bill Snyder 2018. But it got nixed by Bill Snyder who once his son Sean to take over what he's done at Kansas State. I'll fort haste it offensive line and former chiefs offensive lineman Super Bowl champion and men's golf league champion Ryan Lilja preach preach it brother my short. Pause six Ted sports radio and as a man. And Brian what are your thoughts on that report about Sean Snyder bill trying to set him up to take over K state. It's a big surprise may. It's got kids you know he or that's your. For your kid you always have high expectations certificate it's a different coach are uttered shop you know I think. Coach believes in short. Which is not surprised at all right. But you know if these if restaurant. And in the suspense and there's been a big discussion. Amongst K staters or so years it. Succession plan and so coach in May be doable some of these other programs or maybe a coach. I was. I saw. There was a lot. In the coach in waiting but certainly don't want any conflict with coach. Right to write. You know we demand you don't want you don't what is happening to figure out and so somebody. With the leadership role in the new EP. The president somebody needs to district this. Because it is not helping the program and its. Quite frankly it's it's. You're well programs. Against K state because. You know it's all. Which is going to be there and it was going to be axle. Sensors here. In this conflict which gone. And within that they get that result. Talk when Ryan Lilja here on 610 Sports Radio finally back out and and we got a noon Sunday game is like normalcy is returned from a from a football standpoint here to Kansas City. But it but you're playing a really bad team off a bye week on the road I mean how do you not let the fact the you're playing a really bad giants team get an idea how do you control that human nature aspect of things over these next seven games. Yeah well. I think these guys are close inspection elements the way it was sponsored its weapons throughout this season and and other see them that leadership is there. I'm Pete art and yet you come apart and and overlooking matched on Obama wrote your basement thirteen. In their place. That just I don't like that happens as much of a social like the make it sound like. You know you. Those that lack two weeks so watched Obama giants they note are you making them see our expectation. They can't get wait an issue injury issues that you real their seat and their coach. You know it's either inspire. I'm so they've got their own issues but they're out there. Players with that high expectations going in that seat and what you watch film. You know talks bottles and the more urgent and that's so. Is not masses so we watched films sometimes you can't tell you watch an hour an eight warn people wanted to achieve. Actually respect everybody players yet I also adult adult she does he overlooked in the jar at all. You don't I think for the next seven games there all. You hate to use the term must win but if you if you stumble you're probably gonna get knocked out of the water to recede in the AFC probably in a plane that wild card weekend and only having one home playoff game so. Did that she's essentially have to win out to keep pace to give him a best opportunity. To get that you know one or two seed going into the post season and you're gonna start playing teams trying you've been there I I would imagine where it's the holidays you're not very good you start checking out how does that kind of changed things as you approach the final seven games of the season. You know Bob what you sent an experience but as we see just the first half plus this season it's tough to make. Blanket. Statements about. It's going to be off for what it is it is going to be you're. Problems to be in the playoff picture at this point C it's just taught me especially it's in that particular. We're just prepared the supply in any. If you pull the giants within 18. Jackson. And be. Certainly you know BA CL. It ardently better. It's in the AFC west in the market over talk about it's about the Asian India but also things can change in their changing quickly this season. Our sport must win games. I always just believe you don't ever. But we cocky don't ever. One of those games were like OK we. You know it's weird chart which northwest it was like. More it's free state was not a good programs. Anymore it's restates right we're we're you know and I think forty. No more peaceful people we you're. Quite solemn. And wind it just doesn't it just doesn't happen yeah well. So every week you know you you've got to go check it caught. Looking further down. You know which you'll Asia is that people were much one and now every single week. So the chiefs the chiefs have the ability to be in any sport as their. The ability to be the best team in the week and there's a lot on what itself. The other pieces of the puzzle. You all. State of the football game. Working aligns with each other slight problem are all those things just keep it really special for. It's one or two little piece is about as he didn't hear their it's you know Stalin in demolished it and it. So what are you gonna be watching for that or over the next seven against opponents that look like you're better than on paper. What types of things you looking for heading towards a post season what should we be watching for. He would play with a little more energy that that's been a big thing. That's been disappointed artistry and watched because the way they can mark the start this season. I just like they were playing. With a little more energy corn and end up talk across the border won't like say that I'm looking in the church's first and foremost I'm looking at. Offer of one of them looked at the Obama hit the east sides of one much questions Christiane you know how much pressure just used. You know. How ordered her to be sent to actually eating. An exchange feels like there's there's almost. They're they're quite a little more I just would like to see them more energy football which. Again this is a great partner at your by stop and come back for the second after the season when he's changed really relished. But was the target date that I haven't seen. It's got it got worse. Since the Pittsburgh game and it's across the board that just the sense of urgency. The energy playing with that edge if you played with the first month. Plots of the seat and part of the chip on their shores of the russians' kind of a lot that he I'd just like it's taken a photo opt out so that not that sure from Stephen. In plant it was but but almost Obama is the energy and actually a foreign players to let you play circuit a lot. Very very well. We talked. You know it will blow mistake about it tells you the region are the arches are great out that this plane. Are you just like to see everybody trying to come yet. That's for sure headaches for the time Riley appreciate it our. Former chiefs offense of what the Super Bowl champion Ryan will Jerome that are guesses. My friends estimates and Ryan go soldier and a trial rules adherence extends force radio he joins us every Friday at 730. Nobody nationally is buying into the chiefs anymore and it feels just like all its. We explain next. Welcome back to go in the morning I'm like well Bob that's coach Oscar playing there producers David Spector. This Sunday the chiefs take on the New York Giants but now after last night the chiefs are. In the AFC a repeat of foresee in the AFC playoffs behind the Jacksonville Jaguars if in fact the playoffs started today which they don't. It's good and has done. What what. About moving forward. If you're saying the patriots are the biggest of the big dog in the AFC and defending Super Bowl champions there. Whether it's half a game back of the Steelers right now but if they win this week tied for the best record in the league so the patriots are considered the big dogs still. And ESPN had their quote unquote experts. Roll out. They think the biggest she how. Challenger in the AFC is for the New England pacer which I find to be likely Pittsburgh is is the best team right now as we sit here today and their crowning the patriots because I guess a past history of the defending champions and that. That to be it may yet be the man and not a weak one. You gotta be in the postseason right so that's what the chiefs have to do in order to take over any kind of spot where you would say they're the big dog in the lead or. Pittsburgh who by the way are they Pittsburgh really good there eight tune out right eight who seems great or would you look at him to do it could be Tom Brady last year in the post season rather still not the big dog until they make that happen so. With these. Five guys five. Experts from ESPN. Picking at the biggest challenge in the AFC. Not one of the five pick to Kansas City Chiefs which means were right back to that spot where the national media doesn't believe in the chiefs they think they are neat good and it's right where we Lana again in fact they picked two teams it was. Three it's three guys picked the Steelers. Picked Jacksonville. And we you start to look at the ResMed Jacksonville is putting together there on a three game winning streak they're six and three. They already have a six into record in the AFC compared that she sport to record in the AFC. They are descending team with a lot of young players and young talent. Played for all suddenly doesn't look quite as horrible as he did early on in the season there are a three game winning streak the chiefs of Austria the last four. It fully understand why the national media would pick to jags over the chiefs. Right now well and his writing an article where you wanna pick teams that are not not done something sure yet but I think the jags it makes sense they haven't. They haven't failed in those situations like the new g.'s ally and I think I think you're right about that Josh and that that's kind of were Eileen on this one as well what was the biggest challenger to the patriots in the AFC in my liver disease and depict the Steelers of the chiefs that we see the team jaguar comments jump out actually like that. And Mike you're right they won three in a row they've got Cleveland this week's it'll be four road they'll be seven in three it will be another AFC wind so regardless of what happens with the chiefs this week they will be before seed in the AFC playoffs come Monday morning as the jags somehow lose to the Cleveland Browns did not mean that that's virtually impossible to lose at the Cleveland Browns at this it's that have. Happens the entire narrative will be turned on its ten well it would be yet yet we've been great I mean we will be hard for Cleveland this week as a mean that's going to be probably the second game that I have on next to the to the chiefs giants game to beat Cleveland taken a Jackson billed for them well my teacher root for the browns that game because. That helps out the cheese but I just had a negative physical reaction when you said rooting hard for the browns like that is. A kind of more my back is kind of went dead. Or even pay attention to browns jets are. I don't wanna do it doesn't sound like you want to stop talking very important day this week as I mean is a very important game this week all that it's ridiculous it's close so they have these could be sitting here today it's an important game Sunday at two at 1215 may not be an important game that's really IP fourteen nothing right I mean it's a blanket right away but I think. I think Josh you commented. Stole my thunder a little bit from why I believe that people are taking the chiefs as the biggest challenger in the AFC right now to New England. And that is because. Andy Reid and while Andy Reid is why the chiefs are so good. Andy Reid is also reason why people are like. A little bit of arm's length away from the Kansas City Chiefs because he has not done we have seen way too many in the read failures in the post season. Both in Philadelphia and in Kansas City. For people to sit here and say I can buy you and Andy reed Doug Barone and and Tom Coughlin who were running that franchise in Jacksonville. Maroney is an unknown you don't know what he's gonna do the playoffs and you know Tom Coughlin has won two Super Bowls those guys working hand in hand those guys are coach Eric RI I would guess their team coaching snapping down there in Jacksonville so you've got to know and and Tom Coughlin and an unknown. It's easier to pick the unknown because you really don't know you know the bill is sandy Reid and Andy Reid is known. For early flame outs in the post season and I think that's why a lot of teams right now are looking at the chief says not. The biggest challenger to the patriots in the AFC because they know what they're gonna get out Andy Reid a Dell how these teams perform in the playoffs and added he's got to shake that state. My guys and got to get over and that's why phrase it. The jaguars had it not done it right effect I it is theater all right I've seen the other ones so when I go to team in front. You in Iraq to make your case 300 feet and do it yet and they entirely disagree I disagree I don't think it's about injuries put out this year is about what this team is look like in the past 45 game using its right in the mold I think it's a demo I'm looking at a combination of both though both of six and three but it really is lost three last four in right NFL standings they always go back to the last five games because. What she did it. You know I in September it really isn't and it was ugly November in college baskets it says it doesn't really. Did early on in the season what matters is what's happening right now what the last five games it teacher to win three of them the other AFC teams that are two to three in the last five games for the Buffalo Bills Baltimore Ravens Oakland Raiders Miami Dolphins in Cincinnati Bengals on playoff teams with the exception of buffalo hanging on by a threat right now those and they switch quarterbacks and yet it is dated as their quarterback Tyrod Taylor so that's the company that chiefs are currently at the Pittsburgh Steelers. Won their last five straight patriots won the last five straight jags for one of their last five titans form one of their last five. We're talking about a situation or the chiefs are being looked at as a team that over the last four or five games. There's this sub par. And the one win they have their last four games was an ugly as hell win at homer against against Denver was a bad teams that seemingly has quit on the season as well all this Denver Broncos are oh and fox right now in their last a big loss I've stood just to give you perspective on the hoses to the giants remember they lost the giants so a win over Denver at this point of the season is not anything that anybody's Telemar mama so well he beat the Broncos so while people might be looking somewhat and Andy Reid's record in the playoffs bigger problem is what this team does look like lately but but now. Gonna go and against seven teams that are no good they're gonna win seven straight games and everybody at the end of the season is going to be talking about the Kansas City Chiefs that's the beauty of the National Football League being a week to week league that it is now if the chiefs lose in New Jersey this weekend to the giants which I think is impossible. Then I think right now that that you can really start talking about okay what's going on with the kids city chiefs why are they playing good football right now. But I don't think that's going to happen I think they're gonna go out there and win 35 to fourteen and out the route the giants and everybody's going to be back on the cheese bandwagon come Monday morning from a national level it it's all about what you've done recently and the chiefs have had a bye week they said Thursday night games even Monday night games they haven't been really in that realm of everybody else in the NFL and you kind of get four got about when you're not in routine and right now. The chiefs are in for team for everybody they will be after this weekend to win a new game and everybody will be talking about how good the T. Target by the way speaking of coach's sons doing well. Jaguars offensive coordinators Nathaniel Hackett son of one Paul. And fairly well there Jacksonville. Are at. Really. Bodies you'd chiefs alternate packet. Daniel Hackett never you know wizard a reserve and active well it may hack he's got pretty solid offense right out of six and three football team that's won you know what. For the last five. Every day before the chiefs game we played this year or last year featuring Andy Reid it but we something special and a little bit different for you today. By now it is next.