11/17 6pm - GIANT Expectations, Relating To The Nature Boy, You Can't Be Serious, Whatcha Watchin'?

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Friday, November 17th

We begin an abbreviated Show by addressing the sentiment that the Chiefs don’t deserve to make the playoffs or can’t win the Super Bowl if they lose to the Giants. It would be a bad loss, but many Super Bowl champions have bad losses on their resume. Ron asks why Ric Flair was able to resonate with people across so many generations before we induct the newest member to the “You Can’t Be Serious” Hall of Shame. “Whatcha Watchin’?” carries us into the weekend.


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So would your. Thrived as soon you blaze out loud and long line listeners. Put those big guys that because we salute you for allowing us. To be a small part. You have Friday. Evening bride in but maybe. Stand and heard Joseph operatives is as bad lie. And it is Friday we air for an hour we are here until 7 o'clock. As case they. Tapes on. Both Florida. Don't tell me it's now. Days they play at 7 o'clock. That I signed as they play you see your. Acela. They play UC Irvine and a B a barn burner tonight coverage starts at seven and will be awful time at CeBIT it once again we are on. FaceBook lives I'm OK on six is ports radio and on FaceBook lots ahead of defaced a lot to Canada you get a message to us and we'll. Pilots their duties to its excellent six 306 is always. Not about I thought about this being the time to go to really missed that sort of and not bring him in because if you are not aware of the show. The ruling is this sort of cannot speak until he is introduced to the show. And we're not sure what day it's going to be but one day we are just going to use XP and is entered the exit may be sick. But tonight is that the being that it is 601. As we do every night let betraying my guys Steve asserted to the states. It. Wow that got a little you out of we'll hang. Allowed just graduates at the kick start the day I thought I'd miss my voice that this he. I give my hair that like every two weeks like most African Americans thought the conservatives in the building. A little bit later we will. Have a new member of you can't be serious. Long overdue. This tournament but let's let's kick this thing up here. You are in the midst. A red Friday is that she's we'll play the giants at twelve. Noon. And Alexei this is leaving here and not just all week probably for the last two weeks that exhibit on about week. We've heard this all week. That shapes lose this game. At a change loans to the giants. Pretty much they don't does that I think are carried to say this they don't deserve to make it to the playoffs. I think service that is if you look to the giants. If you just it's called little. Enough I've said that yeah exactly and liberty for I no with your resume at eight you might want to come down I. A joke it's Allard it would be what it to have but I am uncomfortable needed with the fact that I know this team is garbage. But everyone in Kansas City is just writing Hamas is if the odds are gonna win fifteen or not that makes me a little uncomfortable. Not David does that because people aren't doing that it is also hey yeah I'll bet that this day. This is giant like they call it pressure but it did you cannot lose it because the view is K it's over. Got to go to the Super Bowl is not a multi if you giant you are not good enough to make to the super ball. And I just wanted to pull a little. From my fantasy football quarterback that I had read Lee's en route. That's written. Okay. What it he's the best look. At that she's laws. To the New York Giants who the last two weeks we've seen them they. Gave the San Francisco 49ers their first win. And then just major golf look like the second coming of Tom Brady and a home game and they've appeared to quit. Yes I understand that. But felons if wicked thing that outlets this segment go. Give me a couple of examples I have them in my mind. At some teams. It's a teams that have made it to the Super Bowl that it had awful losses. It's obtained that we and that's a losses were you. I distinctly remember the saints when they won the Super Bowl losing the game late so by they had no business losing to now of course right now in the air I had no clue. I mean I feel like the Steelers. It's not enough routinely I unless they lose the browns yeah but that may routinely make it AFC championship games I've. The giants. I don't I don't know it's a novelty what are those royalties at like a four game losing streak and it was into middle of that in the middle of the seas. I got was that the first one with the Eli where they had to basically win every game down the stretch and I think they still lost the last game in the season against the patriots. But we're still able again the policies but it. Have bad losses. Treat to have bad losses. And I that's like essay about us and it's ideal and I am not saying it that he's lose you should be concerned should be. But it's not like we've never seen this. And I don't Tom Brady wasn't plane that buffalo bills' team last year so I know they lost that gave a got sent out. Houston last week the best team in the AFC right now by the Steelers have orbit they gave last night. You see what they look like against the colts last week M and with the exception. I don't know what to alias they can. But the exception of your guy lose. Lose the only pars in the world who believes it. To Kobe Chris it has star written over loveless. I can I don't understand what Haley talked about well. Doubt he loves it that it takes ring. Indirect. A roster benefits train wreck of an organization. That is age train wreck of a team that they all most often. The only reason I beat the browns earlier this year is because. They blocked a putt at it they lost today's shot eyes and started his first day. So like the state and like how that this would look. Till that you found anything. I don't sit out that this will look let's not be silly we've seen needs that have gotten to the Super Bowl that's a ball that had long runs. Lose bay game. And it's. Not even just about losing to bad teams but you have examples of teams getting blown out the 2014. Patriots come to mind when they got walloped by the chiefs' 4114. We are remember that. The 2007 giants that you guys are talking about. Lost seven of their last nine games. And won the Super Bowl over the undefeated patriots. Balancing. Their last seven. Seven of their last nine after six and you start with that I thought they would since the sixth. OK I figured I'd say that said I there are 97 and they got in on a wildcard I thought they were to this because I feel that they had to win. A gamer too or something in the in the season billion dollars bet they got it. The Drew Brees saints team that lost plus some add to eat what you did them that they would the Super Bowl I events and once that. Went that I think they were one of the last undefeated ends in the NFL back years though and so down the stretch they have kind of Marty locked everything up and it is late. A lot of remember that. And I and us about Brooke really good point that team that the seas were horrible. And they beat the Packers were undefeated when they came there he would. I that was I think that was statistically when mayor dodgers' best seasons at the Indiana that. So that that saint 2010. Super Bowl team lost. Two of their last three games arabians and Buccaneers teams and Buccaneers awful that you weren't they. I could double aboard five gains that Buccaneers team could well I'm sure I'm sure they were bad they were tenant sixth day the Buccaneers. Never aren't all that but well it the Buccaneers didn't fix it was like that. I got to hit there a taxi and tell us what. The three and thirteen was the year prior. The hill as a quarterback so it. I've tried. What they can get a little bit. Josh treated with yeah probably for lots I didn't look at it wrong osprey. But not have let let let's not edit. This airy. A team. Going to the New York City a great city. Playing an opponent that. And it's tough for the team to give up or I told you early this week I've never get Charles Barkley set up college. About performance it's hard for me to get up. For the Golden State Warriors. Act like we Kitna imagine this scenario occurred. Then going out like how much do you think their hat in New York. And I think they got a cast against sustain. Act I'm not saying they're going to lose are not saying they should lose but the Holtz. If this team loses to the giants. Pretty much in their Super Bowl chances in their chances of it to the point that they should even be in the playoffs. Or they won't advance in the playoffs is. We've seen it have. Happened many times that is the NFL but it multiple sports. People forget that we're gonna have another two months of Dave's watch. And opinions to form we will remember if we win or lose this game either way. Because to me is isn't a huge difference if you like that a huge difference if you come close to losing tailback team. And if you lose to a bad team is that that big a difference that that the colts and the cold that the Steelers beating the colts. And a game that probably sit of one. Or that he's losing to the giants. I don't think it's that big of a difference but if you're a good football team even in those games are he played poorly the better team usually finds a way to. Squeak out a win in that situation I'd be more concerned. If the chiefs win this game. But they win it I like three points and Eli Manning has like 350 yards and three tossed. I'm would be its art yeah I would be concerned more of the outcome but I mean I still wouldn't. Still nothing that can't happen in this game. That makes me speak that teams are. It play out it or a suitable threat in the ANC. Barring injury. But there's nothing that can happen in this game. Because when that used admired and so what's so excited when Tom Brady came into Kansas City on Monday night that got Motley lot. It's certainly changed it we've seen Seattle. It's they lost a bad Graham's team and that same season the chiefs. Beat Seattle pretty easily and Arrowhead Stadium and those were the two teams are in the super. It's I just I think like we've got ourselves a little Asia and excited about that narrative the all right that is the Super Bowl teams attained that make runs in the playoffs so those games like this. Such an. Actor. Consider too that even if we do you lose the Broncos who are in second place in the division play the patriots. Are the raiders he sees the raiders play the patriots they'll probably lose I what's ours I this game too is that the giants had a wide receivers and he bar outside a sterling Shepperd. So I they the defense to come out my dominant in this game and we will still have no idea actually change anything during the bye. It's not a bad law is that you guys have what Kansas basketball for years they used salute to some really bad misery. I'll watch them lose to some real some Missouri train wrecks. Does it mean that you don't think they're gonna get to the final full war. Oh loss to TCU. Remember the year when Bill Self said they had had a game this bad since a wide CA. I think they've made it to the elite eight the year. I've really not positive I feel like I'm pulling disorder right now I'm not positive I I don't doubt it and really the game I've stood at editor the year. I coming up I'll give it to a topic. That because we're off here at 7 o'clock a look at the top Libyan sort of was having all the drive home yesterday. That a lot of people would have. Some thoughts and put on it. And we may need some help and tried to get to the bottom of this because I think is that pretty fascinating. Being that we talked about this. This show would run the show you can leave. Probably MVP addicting TV and coups don't yield six news Sports Radio. It's portrayed. And call on FaceBook lives I'm okay asked you these numbers up stairs but sharing is caring we've got to gain. The double Dick. Double figures. Double digits in a bitter about. It didn't hit it these exit is. I see adapted to any bill after we got up to eight inches last night if you listen nine got to listen to it. So here on the tax side that acting is excellent if you believe losing to the giants is that is it not a bad loss kotsay. Has that you've gotten past when there and do what we do it people just. Jesse littering. Your segments or take some big it happens every day conversation. Take it like it is a beat he. He. Really do mean. That you just rolled him. You guys do or he or she claims to have heard at all I've only it yeah yeah. Guys aren't listening no way. Not bothered good hearted dolls that are. That I don't know literally as the head. This would be a bad loss at its highest that was centered around. So many T edit what this well at that love that. The bat well did. Says that this is a garbage team that's employed for the number one heck if the browns mess up and win a game good heavens that it. Yeah I seen in the other guys where Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are talking about their music and they say you're you're hearing it but you're not listening. But it's an album like I stole it from poison that's what theories. Collier at that was the year nations are the boys in the in the are they saying. You're hearing it but that. And. Look the other day and part of that and don't do. They. Other parts of this New Orleans now and I loved this topic. Or other topics like. Is because. How far our. Our age ranges of the show in the cultures that we've come for a we are all. Generally four we were wearing were full strength with Julio. It different places I mean Julio the same age in early thirties but Joseph was 23. Fresh out of college. Third is I think 28 now knows yet. Dumb like that but let me let me throw this. And I ends up late as yesterday I don't know of yet the clip on hand it wouldn't play. But it was about your golf and his different com. They're different chip needs of their different odd couple calls. A and when we were driving home I was listening to another show I use it as a topic. And like in particular. They were talking about when he says he when he was yelling the odd couple for Ric Flair going to play. And I don't want to speak to. Hey outlet outlet. They don't but not speak to block Obama Obama Obama at red flare. Red flare flare. I did that was that that two of them in my Aleman. I love you know you know he's never going to forget the honorable richt later. There's every time he sees that he's never gonna forget the album Ric Flair and I absurd right you know I'd do this season. Oh yeah when I had to listen to them but I also immediately and I was like to. Help me with. Cannot be an individual to jump in this conversation too and I talked to Joseph a little bit about. Why and have now. Does Rick Blair resonates so much with people's remaining so many generations. Like told pocket that you could understate it. Obama you can understand why does why does Rick how does a player and why is Rick layered. Resonates so much with other people let people bet. From. From people in their 60s70s. To people in their 50s40s. My generation and people in my in my thirties. Joe's. People younger than Joseph. Why is Ric Flair resonates so much and how well his skills to roll get people. No like I you can go to so many people hit the oh. You're talking about. Got a committed these people I've never even seen Ric Flair Russel. Maybe greens and reflect. Well. What I I like the article thirty sorted it amazes. The wall. How does that guide resonate that much. For this lol what's crossing sold any generation. I just think that he is a guy who. Everybody genuinely did look at Rick flare like the the luxuries. And the over the top nature of everything that he daddy that's something that people do look at and say I I I wanna act because I think. Now we think of the rock who is. And other world celebrity now I don't even think a lot of people. Bank of Iraq is a wrestler like all he started out as a wrestler like now he's just a movie star about Ric Flair. Ray knows every player was a wrestler but everybody knows who Rick I. It. Reservists I think that's the big deal. It's just pass wrestling right because what everyone knows. Is catch phrase the in the struck in the nature boy you had the best branding it didn't matter. What he did he had the iconic branding and catch phrase. But their people and popular like hit me that lets us be honest he's not even in the niche or. It is Ortiz like it was like a niche entertainment. When he was going the eighties worked a big. Attitude or the late nineties and early two thousands was the golden age of wrestling now some people my heart. But it was in terms of popularity and how it became so big with. Our culture. What. He was in the eighties. And he was not if that he got you within the lower. Liked. He wasn't on TEP as much as he and his biggest hope in the eighties. I tell people that are sixty to seventy. Eric kids in any kids that are in college locker rooms and athletes that are young and locker rooms and seven euros. Look at Ric Flair and they're like. Eight. Eddie's it's not like this earlier you said Jordan's going to resonate like that. But Michael Jordan is thought of as the best athlete of all time. By many. And he's in a popular sport and it wasn't that long ago an issue grange you get it you it makes it's a bit I'll be people love each of. What are wrestled at the end up you let me let. Hey. It was big and eighty an eighty. But we've got people in the locker rooms that they pay all. That breakdown that ripped it. Well I even out of thirty for thirty I brought this up last night that. Now they interviewed spirit. And he was talking about how young rappers looked at Rick flair as a guide they want to be because they should they shared that same lifestyle and they wanted that lifestyle. And that's just not a connection that I remember in May. Excellence and year round because. He is is the nature boy when he's full of charisma and energy and there are a lot of people. All of. But I'm just talking about his start like to pick up other people. That had other not just about sports anywhere other people. Whose time where they were at their peak and when they were in their pride. Was years ago but they still resonate. With current culture AM there called. You'll ever really think of especially our ports because every idols float like a blow butterfly sting like a beat but he. He fought the sixty but Mohamad Ali is still the ticket at least understand. But ads especially in wrestling like there's only I how many wrestlers who have transcended wrestling altogether but we'll let. And I think you brought up a great point in this 20. Ric Flair transform. Rest let what did he. Become. I was never Hogan. Like I like he was never his biggest hole in. And I don't remember him ever being as big as the rock crystal ball is talking about in terms of anybody knowing yeah. Anybody it's like the last fifteen years Rick flair has asked all. And I didn't even realize the extinct until. This thirty for thirty in the recent trend of everyone praising required everything because. IA I was born in 1994. I missed most of is is prime and all of that I only knew him based on the story does it tell her the best shots that they show of those Stratton everything. Then all of a sudden. Everyone's a is a great shows of all time I'd know I'd. Asserts that is The Beatles. Yeah I'd be I mean The Beatles have and transcended time might like there's still there's young kids. The goal and listen to The Beatles still aunt and learn all of their songs and all and now all their albums but to the like to understand why because I think we could do a lot with artist right do a lot with the stones at the beetle The Beatles changed the game at the top why they they just a change a game and they Wear. Other worldly. But it's it's it's crazy at least they were. At the top of the music shorts which makes it. He was having its corporate. That's not even a sport. That is better today. And a lot of people are saying Barbara let's get off this stuff out of area has it been like anti death. Thirty you've got to say it's alive. It out any time that you see brought fifty times. But a lot fallacy to it wants thirty tie map great I certainly adds at least up to six tough conservative. It says Bob Ross three time. Not your since July 1 tea. But he. All is just breaking up number. That they should wait to get it just I just I'm missile thrown off by that it does that make it suits to be like. How he resonates with seventy year old. Forty year old. And a fifteen year old. I when he was when he was in the hospital I think he was actually an ad medically induced coma that people were freaking out swears in a frenzy for a couple of days of. It was a big story. There's not many wrestlers are going to lead our sports editor who wrestled it DJ am eighties. All right coming up it is pride day you know we do on Friday's that means we have to induct a new member. Who that you can't be serious hall of fame. And it is long overdue for this yeah. That's my net who runs the show. And you're listening to the show speaks team. Looks radio. Good at getting tickets that come now for six in off your ticket order using promo code six did sports. Yeah. Until seven blocks. On the show with Ron this is usually presented by Simmons thank. Check out locations in the late in Lee's summit. We still a very appreciative of the first spots they'll never thinking he was the first one. In Rick is that what's it. Our Fridays we do this every week. I guess that programming note at 7 o'clock. The the Kansas State wildcats we are the home of Kansas State. They will. That we'll take on UC Irvine following us. Kick off a nice week key indices kept him. Kept in the night against UC Irvine. See how they if they can move 2210. I believe. So wildcat basketball coming up with Bruce Weber. India and company. Us we do this each Friday we fund the best sound of the week and we inducted new member. Obviously we know Stephen A Smith has his own waned he is not a candidate tonight. But. This is what we called. You can't be serious how. Every woman she's really calorie and high you can tell deep and serious. You take that back. You don't let that you can't have you got to tell you and I would add. I have no idea I've been brought about by the door doesn't say he's he's been. The whole hearted day. Yes. Is that new this. This but you can't be serious and this one right here read only explains. It gives you the reason for the name of the statement. Like what you get done here is this is exactly what jewels and I call anyone that would agree with this. In those years of course it's the rules and this is predicting a six 69306. Am. FaceBook live if you're joining us on asylum as you can see is hi guys. You can also comment on what's your favorite part is. What what park reds who have the most good skip Bayless Fido. Makes his way it's that you can't be serious all of paying. He's this is this is his response to. The cowboys losing to the falcons 22. Just that. The cowboys lose to the falcons this this is respond like big picture too. Away from yesterday's game at Atlanta is that Shannon Sharpe was all time lucky. Because you couldn't go ahead impulse when you're black in my you could pretty and I don't care putting it. Because treat the injury gods could also be lighting up with you why does. All that happened yesterday it was that late in the first quarter Sean Lee pulled his hamstring Oliver yeah Omar grim news I always get ball game as soon as they came back from commercial on fox in Joe Buck said. We're about to say about how the cowboys just lost their best linebacker. My heart fell into my stomach and I dot. Not CS for the rest of the game because I knew it was game over I did say this again I've been consistent in this position. That Dallas Cowboys would've won yesterday if Sean Lee. Had stayed healthy my number one abated they're number two are the cowboys have no chance to win any games without Sean Lee. Now mind you if you lower and prevent the elements of this falcons Dallas Cowboys game. There was no Ezekiel Elliott. That was no tyrant Smith. Their left tackle Pro Bowl tackle. And then plus 177. But god about kids had six set himself. Aiding Claiborne went get what Dallas is on off. I think that's what the hell is he talking about it is like. At us and you are a lot every cannot overlook who is. Every year I think that what it's because of fox sports ever if that's what every. Then little by. Middle linebacker. Is the London exclusively for Jacob takes what's sad he's sad and school. That's all well that's right back in the league that's a brawl all that's left tackle in the league. But no. It's probably eight middle linebackers. Skipped. He got beat it but my favorite sport. Is its and it's. What was it. It was Gibbs first. Els out there with little please about. Skip leads in and into putting a black and mild it is out of the ways these spots to put the flag about this about was. Don't. A what a. We don't well who do I scabs can. Cowboys guy that knows that he's always gonna come up with the excuse as to why. The cowboys lines footnote. But if you watch it listen to a 20 yes that's like Casey. This setup was so perfect because when he's when he blamed the injury gods I was sure he was talking about Tyrone Smith. I was positive. You're left tackle who got hurt his replacement. Big gave up six sacks or not just let it. Did it Kelly the pressure's big game six so that's what the hell is your middle backers got me into two about it. Suddenly okay yeah. As well as being. Press loves me it vary a bit. Hey I. I think that I Atlanta Falcons offense is not big get this year and that defense back cowboys' defense has been all right all year long. He dangled the chiefs seventeen points. Well let's get a middle. Let's just. Diet ads shot link is the most important player on that he was not with the largest Lawrence bought it I. Besides the actual most important sport entity that's bullet. The problem is obviously the Dallas Robbins couldn't do it day day. What it so what was that Ryan's them. 22 of 29 for 215 yards two touchdowns interception. Was sacked once I'd be that's a great game. So I gets active. What is Utley with a blade at Bryant would have not throw pretty. If that light like Y 150 bullet what was it like has done to fix Julio is six for 57. It has been bad this this is not it's not like he had like a what a fantastic game like that. A leading receiver on the falcons with Taylor Gabriel is 58 yards probably Evan Coleman rushed for 83 yards top. I wings have the Delonte Freeman got hurt early in that game not any of any turnovers that the cowboys and if they have any. Once. That actress got did not throw an interception. And they had one turn out to turn out there that that's the do with it. Likely I did it. Can't move the ball and all they're gonna send a struggle you gotta struggle doing it. I don't. What kind of response to pay two would certainly. Apply it. What would you let him out a way to help out the deal. Should it want to sit down and galvanized around it go. No I don't buck pass on what got up with a lot of these text well well well well. Well that's really would probably be. This isn't rivals. This. I sincerely. And I think it's actually I I exist that is is. Near the latest mid. You can't be serious. And finally making his way in and out zero will not be as glanced. There's once gave Baylor is good to get six six 306 FaceBook live text in which shows you watch it Netflix Hulu. What have you. What she watches the segment that's sweeping the nation. Is next. Coming decade. That's not list. There. It's Battlestar Galactica what commitment if you'll want to do it. It's too late to catch weights or Charlotte Super Bowl my first class plane. What combined connectors. I'd like to remake movies to Sam. I'm not superstitious but. That goal and I think that. And sirens. It works and missed games what a rather be feared or loved. Even though. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Yeah. Sponsored. At. Absolutely no one's of one good step but. It's it's text line and FaceBook and next game what's goes to watch it now it's Lou. Network TB Amazon. It's you know it's Friday and he less so you know it's romantic comedy Friday baby. Yes. This still loves him some romantic comedy and I am not ashamed to admit it has always. Let's about we do the first one here legally air. From the endless X. Says that watts riots that always. Gave you his plans up to the state tonight no Billy Preston. They and I'm going to play him into the investigation is over so. See about that they pay you they they are about to go to straight game they play it absolutely no. No I mean absolutely no one until it really the next great team they've blaze lose. It's Syracuse in. I'm not great they are this year. The newsroom does that show. Then I always wanted to lots and I I see it. You know. Is it still current are settled now it's over right there is only three seasons. And why. It's that you. It's early get channel I think you and is written by Aaron Sorkin I think he was just tired doing it because it was all just tired of doing it was may it was all based around. I realized parity tents. Although it seems like a B a great time to have it play out again. Add the the really famous seeing that everyone. Mentions is the one where the main character is asked. What makes America the greatest country in the world and he says that we're not goes on like a three minute changes to what's terrible about America. And this is before every American Idol I use that was that was like one of the opening scene. Of the show yeah is so it didn't hear from. But dumb and dumber than lead in the news yet or also I think is this roll ever obviously Jeff Daniels this is its speed. He was terrific speed I think his name was Harry and then this will allow me completely beyond its. It's you think it and I've built my theory is is accurate. On both camps. So romantic comedy pride day you did you realize it at. All. I spent if it is it is. Now a game is it's hot Katz is a hair. Whose names will bill. I've done and he is even have a last name in speed it just says and is it. This day he got blown that blocks about their party's. Within that news conference counsel for the equipment that would dictate. This game because we've now. They pay tax act will be right. Not been a part of the weave out. Romantic comedy. Friday denied by the way those I'm going to be tucked away probably at least some see that you got milk comes on the night baby spit that the that the definitely glad you've got mail why it is not because that's. Bell is one of the better romantic comedies top spot thanks this looked up at this that the theater with my mom in drama. This is what puts it reminded of Hinsdale the rains and you've had put out a romantic comedy Lackey gave it. I mean did it just doesn't have that in his arsenal really liked. Outside outlets and bill but this what's that Tom Clark. On the Tom Tom wood got it done this a very very young early in his career. Days of. Pale and you've got nailed you remember that sort of knock do you think online. Now no I believe no easy you know. I would assume that you would remember that because I believe the U Bradley scene you've got mail recently I had seeds to K valley early 2000. I tell you right now idea. Give me the gadget of people give me a couple of so buckle. Jimmy's ability to its and I mean popcorn and built the built inside the popcorn. Met Bryant Tom Hanks I'm Brendan role as a 69%. Rating on rotten tomatoes Becky I don't listen they haven't met. So together. Together sleepless in Seattle. Was that was an apparent reference or do you actually eat. Popcorn with bill done inside my yes my son likes it was good. Thought I did was actually real thing that people did I did I just I'm a record keeping they did on kernel apps that Larry Facebook's. And Twitter let sort of know. It is that they that you used put your cane eat it popped one. Let me find it from real waste. Who doesn't today I had a mix up that maybe there exit is but you do obviously get the mix of the Sweden assault. I had no idea that was actually they I am I hate that is built it's been adamant in those bankers so I'm so disgusted. Is gives us. Just give the deck of Sarah. I'm with malaria someone did on a date that's an automatic red flag by now it's not a red flag to submit flag if you liked and well. At that as a bridge to play that's I'd say no right now. It meets Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan and I am glued to go through the I guess he Justice League this weekend I would go to the movies really bay. They just keep talking as an advantage here. At does that get used to roll the if it's at it it's as early on in his career at least I got hits that early on in and Jeff Daniels the race here. I've that we had in town tonight for June oh those this joke.