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The Drive
Friday, November 17th

In the final hour, the guys play the hits, get back into Chiefs/Giants, and end the show with a Friday edition of "ask us anything."


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Good drive and presented by do things. People feeling our segments that are big that are ideal. I can't believe Nick Saban would do I think he he's trying to feel bearing the flames and he stayed within the flames they finished feel a bit and I was really appreciate it Elizabeth. For this world. How we got here and disqualify us from. Genes. For all games. Holes in them bulk of our producer. Security West Virginia when you go. Only because we didn't have any better now they've gone that way. On your character how we did here. A couple of things first they don't feel my material got to look at secondly it. Your next day and laugh. You have with the laughing. The only way that could do more for being the place to be that far beyond the port he'd have been a part he's done all those Martina thank the only way that could have been more being reported let your bit. It that makes me sound like a high school did him in good. Complaining about Ford Field. I'm going Nick Saban and them. Fred good visit Iran made me a lot of record store bread in his. They pay you. Bit of their final out of the fifth week that we don't expect that he may go in there I don't know I'm just glad that this man alive I thought he was like it's like weekend with birdies every week would they say there. Yeah I remember our name. Guarantee Harrison. He tried everything. Congratulations. It's not the five day so much for listening at Friday recklessly you work week. Like many of you have read working flat. Off next phase of your office next Friday the travel is going back it's been. This guy here locally and you think you bring them. Let the person who appeared early happy Thanksgiving. That is what was the drive this the breaking news I'm mark. Of these do you buy this vote would that you represented no change it Billy Preston. That is or tonight don't expect him out there definitely rested. Obviously the financial picture not become clear enough or if this is not going to be playing in tonight that's ballgame at least according to Tom Martin. Of KC TV five. Case you played tonight I guess I've visited South Dakota State. I try to keep up their final or in theories trying to I mean that's real waste my time going. Us well at Kentucky. That'd be equipment and you lost that game that you saw the officiating was very poor Mike wasn't there that go to Dublin. It public officiating in my you know I'm gonna be a real wizard Bailiwick of the let me. State Baylor they shot the ball so well they played great defense they. Yes the all. I've read. It was the foul trouble and Jeremiah Silva that god never commits battles he got 2000 the first. Two minutes of the game. Here by the refs try to get one of our best players that they did what I think of my got Michael Jordan. Michael border few here businesses that you might mortar he's played otters point seven seconds of the college basketball's. In my numbers. Just like worthy films that they put up the a couple of old they don't offer. Got to play a full regular season game. Before four hours and that means to prepare his plate 200% more than Billy Preston at this it's a dollar bill press that it still waiting to check in the game at least I've seen Michael Porter. In a Missouri you have they don't governor. He's the story today team did. I've been reading. That moment all my life. We talk about it every day and bottled. I apologize Islamic views of it it's coming up but it Nolan even now hours it was not it was. It's clear. Then it's ever right. Jason giants as we start off and it's it's happened this Sunday out in the Madeleine incident comes up with either six and three casing at giants team. With just one win on the season. So he's come and Ericsson and a half point favorite and their of the roads. So it's an ideal situation for Kansas City but. Kerry to use it at the beginning of the week you're gonna block people on the tax plan if they thought that this might be trapped well I still well. I don't let it wasn't that wasn't aware of anything that's apply I well we could still get blocked. So we just built mosque when he joined us for his weekly visit today with you here every Friday at 330 on the drive how good teams and good players avoid a possible letdown. In these types of situations. Well it's human nature that's the hardest hit before you go. I used to walk around a little things like. Watching but it is it's important thing about later opened one or something and it made me angry. I would study victory slugger and and mr. you know what I wanna. One big picture that guy or hurt I built myself book or the week. And that's what I don't let us just what I hope that showed little life what sport it just respect human nature gone. So liberal in agreement that we believe the chiefs are going to win that you guys anticipate the sheets covering in. Taking the giants of the wood shutters esteem in me a little bit closer than we initially had this thing. This reminds me of rocky theory romance which is up on Thomas. One man's club relying what was prediction for the fight he says it. Expects gonna happen that it that it's there that we'll. The chiefs are good football you know look good football teams typically do what he meant football teams ballots if this goes are like the urge. They got the fight in last week. To the San Francisco 49ers to win it's they got B-52's. Seven team but alas good team that I saw them play. The giants are miserable they're losing this game. Yeah the judge it was his game Berkshire activity it's how they lose this game I'm more worried about achieved in the giant having achieved if folks on the itself. And the opposite political attacks on a little bit being Johnny negative here because I'm not talking about outrage and czar. And there are 63. And they beat the patriots in the Eagles. And lets you celebrate elevate the chiefs are now the truth is get better there ought to make some noise in the playoffs so. I listed for things that three of these things happen not in good shape without achieved when his football game. First dot got a chance to knock him out. You do that's want to improve the run and the pass defense. Of water to those things happen I'll be really happy I would prefer quote. And the last what is it to you live. If that she's cute three of those four things I'll be really happy with this chiefs team that she's victory over the giants. Because of that it got to get better gonna make it play out. Next in the NFL in just second as we continued that hits here on in drives. But weren't eagle today in Iowa I mean we I mean you guys you as a appetites are built for the next hour for the wildcats and that's what's in place tonight with our coverage starting at seven here on six and Sports Radio although we would be. The opportunity to have tasted athletic director Gene Taylor. Enough to join us on site over thanks bar and grill you guys asked about the bat the Murphy report from yesterday that Bill Snyder makes the verbal agreement for Jim like its takeover. He is he wanted his son Sean to have the job this is the comments courtesy of Gene Taylor from earlier accident like. It is certainly it's interesting the timing of an August site to test that can. Yeah any tiny things. Certainly to me it doesn't feel relevant in the Nazi coaches series a coach yeah I was in here during that time so I don't. We know what all took place but it does seem odd for me that as far as I'm concerned that doesn't have a lot of relevancy with with what we're doing today about what I've known since I've been. So is this a bit out of sight out of mind for Gene Taylor didn't really as the ultimate hiring power here's this thing moves for. But if so call out of sight out of mind for Gene Taylor I think it's more of that money has been denying it. This fire agreement I'd ever agree to have Jim let it be that the old athletic director he's the one question not me what I hear it that way a little bit more. And our conversation with Gene Taylor I think he understands the importance of the position that evening and also a predicament that do you what do you want to tell Bill Snyder no. That doesn't happen very often and I mean it's one person already told though we article about the friction that existed between a lot of people and John Curry. I don't know if you wanna be in it and this is what it means the first big decision that he is going to estimate they'll start maybe the head coach K state one maybe two or it's at the absolute most. The first. Mean this issue is going to have to make. In all likelihood this is who's going to replace. Is built an appeal board that somebody is not excellent we'll see it remains to be it's there it's remained to be seen what happens. What it is not look good at least. With this report. This Gene Taylor knew the Gately took and the biggest thing that he's gonna have to view maybe the entire time is here. Try to figure out what to do both bills died. So he bit that we use all of us that it comes and it ultimately it is his decision I firmly believe he probably wouldn't take that gave us that was part of you don't like it irritates me here about the guy in charge of hiring firing. Why take decades Gene Taylor knew what he took. Election is about to shattered out here either after the season and possibly happen that they got to figure out what you're gonna do with football coach part of his responsibility. Is to find a solution that problem I think it's going to be a big problem I'd like yesterday's report. Brad Murphy showed you that. It's gonna be a little bit sticky because a lot of times we'll let you decide to move on. That always it always go peacefully so. He knows Gene Taylor knows what's in front of them. I know that the that thought about it I guarantee you it's been discussed internally about how to it would make sure it goes through. You know I think get a good job of deflecting but ultimately like bulldozer into. He said it's my decision that. Number three Bubba gonna buckle I've got well our eyes really quick I guess and that. Not necessarily buying what he's saying like I mean do we know that say I weren't the case of this they have you know. Flight controls what you do try to go home at 1 o'clock at night see what happens with people you club. To lose your fire to be if they got the raw goat. It bill Schneider bill Schneider's going to be here forever they've got a highway the state was named everywhere in this because that Gene Taylor. They've picked the wrong guy he's the one that's going nuptials I give I guess I would say it's. If he hires is solid like it's John Snyder is the next higher I don't think that's odd I don't think you get fired for artery shots and I think he'll get another. If you if you hire someone that's not sharp slider in the terrible liar I doubt they let you hire another person but I. They've got the three roll if you hired John Snyder edit what we'll spotter what it's due as the let me got to pick my old guy he got it it's it's there and get the free opportunity that echoed up like. How can kind of sound that let's just let's look at the Webber behind detonators basketball coach. I think you'll get the higher wanted to know. Really smoothly and. Catch that interview if you missed it earlier in the show it's a on the podcast page at six cents or stock comets also right on the front page of the site as well finally did today. The bulk load of craziness happening in the NFL right now from the also field side you have Jerry Jones the owner of the Dallas Cowboys threatening Roger Goodell saying quote. If you think Robert Kraft came after you hard Bob Kraft is a feline compared to what a minute video in the NFL opening an investigation into alleged groping incidents from Bucs quarterback came Swenson. Then you the actual game itself the raiders are fighting for their season against the patriots down in Mexico City. Which is a game you can hear on our sister station six 1660 the sport has a very intriguing matchup between 270 teams in the rams the vikings. Ultimately what will be the national story in the NFL level most likely be discussing a month. I think the national conversation is going to be how the game is a must win for the Seattle Seahawks. I continue to fight but the real life in the NFC west and of Seattle sea of like the wild card team. So I think that the Braves are gonna take care of business this week it's got to put the pressure on the Seattle Seahawks week aids pace and Activision. I think that's going to be to talk one album that I. So I think he's gonna be Jerry Jones vs Roger Goodell. His Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys get glitz and get blisters and it viewers that is the story that's it there the and it they'll probably for the rest of the season. Because then it. You wanna makes it a road owner in Jerry Jones got a lot of personality do you jockey. You know you factor in the blue star on the status over knowledge that you got to commit she's pretty toxic it a lot of circles. And Jerry Jones wants him out of there. I think that's the storage unit that's gonna be around that we're going to be talking about that the rest. And that includes the hit for today a little bit of breaking news release that little nuggets past but I can Rosenthal now the athletic. The giants are among one of the teams that have offered each rate for John Carlos paints in the National League MVP. We talked a little bit yesterday we're going to see that actually beat each rate. I think the Marlins are clearly trying to get at the contract and the question is how much of the contract of agony he's not a he's going to be on the team make its way or. Likely he's not on the team that won the team at this point it out at the trade in the debate in the leak at a trip to the cardinals looked at the giant I think they want out of contract they don't care who they traitor to. So that is the breaking news at least in baseball that the giants have that conversation with the Marlins. Acosta was sent back to witness the top thirteen points on our lights at the beach. The team from 320 suddenly and I haven't received when Bryce Harper's contract that it's more than that. That's just the going rate you want the best baseball was being certainly make the argument. That he is it. Outlook this because I think the difference between you and I at least when it comes to its chief's game. Is that Mir in which we think that she'd surely in need to win this game. I don't wanna treat this like it's major college football team against each UT units that September game that it just hate football back it's warm. I want it to okay we're expecting that the aid not competitive ballgame. It's still NFL I still think you have to have respect for the New York Giants looked this up because doctors. There have been twelve games so far this season when there's been a team that has been made double digit favorite now thirteen if you count the chief game while games ago plates of floor. The team that at the double digit favorite is eleven in one of those games that we all expect that straight up the chiefs are far better team the giants it is far more likely to win this game then lose this game. So I'll let that one straight up. But against the spread. The underdog is seven in five against the rights of the chiefs in the double digit favorite or five in seven against the spread. Everybody thinks in these scenarios that it's going to be a blow. How we talked about the patriots whenever they plea shall Watson. Rookie quarterback and a whole patriots get right this game all we're gonna blow Houston counties with a thirteen and a half point dog and they game. The wiggled in the last decade few local to win that game against Houston. Think about just last week is Pittsburgh travel to Indianapolis. Ten and a half point favorite. Indianapolis covered. I'm not looking at this like that she'd have to allow the New York tonight but you need to play well in the game I'm not saying I think it should be a 63 game you've got to grind out the week. I'm just saying is in the NFL where is it we that's based in payers in it is they'd lead you based in any given Sunday mentality and anybody can win. This can very easily hit 2416. Game she's played well with the giants played better than you expect it's the NFL. I'm not going in his thinking that you have to blow the giants out you cannot lose the game. There's no scenario which you can lose it even a Alex Smith gets hurt Holmes comes in got to figure out often try to steal that game in and get away what Patrick Holmes. I've is not necessarily putting this in the low out pal. Peer to blow out or not and. I just wanted to play well if it's at thirteen ten game and what kicker dot com get a committee game winners that expires at the public concern. I idolize. I think the way they went to me is what matters most. It is the box cutters and a little while ago I mean that the teacher contender. The giants are tomato can't. This thing that need to go to nine to eleven rounds all right witnessed in the wake contenders are supposed to not get tomato cans not lol. Out because we don't see it much union it doesn't need to be a blow up from me but it needs to be convincing it needs to be somewhat clean it needs to tie the game that good team. I'll plays against a really bad struggling team late in the season that the difference between. The shot Watson Texas vs patriots is a whole lot of film on John wants another Clinton maybe a couple of games. Ten games or nine games on the giants right now and they're missing a go back in junior in the mister Brandon Marshall the two best receivers though. I think we're fairly certain on what we got here and. You know work deep into the season. So if this chiefs team does not come here at least start to improve on some of the things they've got to get better at. If they're gonna make a run on the play out the legitimately concerned because to golden opportunity for them to get right after bye week. Come out of their flock play clean football game and get this thing. I look at this as being a no win situation for the chiefs I think in the eyes of a lot of things like what's the conversation on Monday going to be. The chiefs have to win this game. I would say in some points and defeated a similar to what happened to Denver. It beat a team in the division I double digit of people were unhappy with that at saint that it was ludicrous bit by Chris victory. I just think that she's already no win situation across were compares that kind of feels like how we treat teens basketball I make it he's playing Oklahoma State or TCU. If they win that game by eight point receipt you're talking about it is the final four team like it's whore Dwyane consistently. At least at that kind of level. I feel like that's the way the chiefs have gotten to. All of us at petal with the bid for seven or 61 down the stretch they're not playing a very good team and not playing a very good second half of the season I think fans are out for life with this via. For these next seven games we're not talking about double digit wins it's gonna be also able seats. I don't care they went eleven to five out here than it was twelve why don't care they won out down the stretch look at how to beat the giants look at how to beat the jets how they did that built with naked Peter. I just elected she's at least from a team standpoint or in a no win situation down the stretch that we I'm not putting them in a hole or two week. 1412. Olympic Games in the NFL. It's hard to blow teams out consistently is the motto that ideologies fans every red Monday we're not talking about the chief is actually drilling teams were discussing the problems with the team. That's where I think there are a little bit of rough spot that's why at least for this team. I don't wanna see the old office. Aside from the Oakland game is that she's played really well offensively you know remote via the oak. Oakland game now feel like it not be to play well it's the Steelers offensively they didn't play well if the cowboys offensively that play well against Denver off it's let's get. Get back and seeing the offense played well this everything's that suits against the Travis felt he's got a good game to try to Celtic should go out there. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the VD electricity and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. Back in on the drive we apologize for the second difficulties. That we live in kites. And it happens sometimes when you're on the road the road games sometimes things happen. Big shout outs consecutive elegantly special they're teachers out booties lay years in Lagos that he's. Let's take a couple of those shirts and let him show you very popular item that did that very very nice shirts that's. Stay thirsty and that adds that you know. Like you know it's it's a critical shirt oh will you're talking about before her. Radio cut Al was as the chiefs earning no win situation given the second half but there's. That unless they blow teams now it's gonna be same old sheets this team was five. A lot of people were saying it's able chiefs yeah I'm not blow the giants out on Monday it's going to keep that conversation is only going out there. Does feel like they're a very difficult spot at least to evaluate if they're not going to blow a lot of these teams out down mistress. And I think that's completely fair to the it to this group achieved these. I understand. Where a large part of the fan base is coming from seat 11512. Or thirteen three and it got nowhere in the playoffs so I understand that comes from. From players' standpoint I would understand that there were frustrated at least a little bit with a fan base was it 2003 man. I don't know what is it about those dues Chris Connelly as frustrated yeah and I and I give it from a player standpoint I understand ruler on the front because. Those guys enough that it would just like you guys in and Laurent located there as read nothing to do with the royals. Not go to the plants for thirty years there were royals fans RT she's there was. They were there are hesitant to buy back unity team until that wild card game actually release shall we. So hectic for. For that group with she's is that as a scar tissue build up that remembers the thirteen three seasons at twelve and force it remembers last year. Witnessed this particular group that she's won the division got a first round bye and lost at home playoff game. I think it's gonna take a lot for this chief Steve is fair to the the individual guys to to the the guys on this g.'s team the fair. You know is it fair to Corey mock absolutely. Not the last year either. You know so but I hit it I mean I wish they would the fan base is coming from the TARP for the go back and tries to be completely emotionally invested. When they've had their souls ripped out personally years in the past I get it. Not fair to this group but I understand where fans are coming from one. I don't know if they're gonna blow the jets out. I have no idea. The judge's order NFL team they got a quarterback twenties who rebels even though is what 36 or 39 whatever that Eli is right now on this to the players. And that. Just because the giants about a rough season and the chiefs of play pretty good the majority of the time. Does it is gonna be a blowout so it if you're the crowd wants to cut back on Monday and screams able geez that's fine. What you may miss some really cool things about what happened on Sunday. It again I would focus in on this instead of low out of the question got to kill him. You've got to you've got a lot on the fact of what they did right. And if they are starting to correct some of the issues that led to losing three of the last fourteen if you can watch it on that. That could make you feel a little bit that that freaked announced in stable chiefs on Monday morning hi circuit. Pull up the call from Sam Munson because we can't we caught up with Sam months and yesterday as we always do on Thursday as it gets you ready for the upcoming game and months and just did not. Very highly of the giants. I'm gonna do anything Walt consistently you know even the good part of that team this season have been up and down we expect that the defense. If you really really go to. The only player honor it's been really good all season has been done in Paris and and he's questionable and injured when you might not see Ben Harrison does include an ankle injury and actually there in the middle like defense there's nobody else had to stop the run. And you are like as well dammit Harrison. I doubt side to side of the ball if they aren't so many injuries to receivers going down. Eric Shepard hasn't gone to watch a little bit on the past few weeks. I thought about it as offensive line has problems he's running backs are problems that they're receiving corps has been decimated with injuries. Yeah offense insistent about. I think there are some huge mismatch is that the chiefs have in this game against the giants aside from just the obvious the chief it is a much better team than the giants. The giants are gonna be starting a rookie right tackle who was going to be making its first career start on Sunday against the chiefs. His name is Chad Wheeler but I'll call them food this week. Justin Houston is going to be licking his chops to come off the edge in gate constant pressure or Eli meaning. Which has been a problem for the chiefs the last four weeks they haven't gotten really good pressure and haven't really disrupt the timing or gotten in the backfield. Against a rookie right tackle. And you had two weeks to prepare any disease and different with packages in schemes in order to create a little bit of pressure entity like me in you should be able to do it. Imagine getting your first NFL start and you go up against someone who was making there. Or if they're just using your going up against someone who is making their first career start and now you've been or the other side. The Rick the rookie right tackle you're making your first restarting its someone as talented as Justin Houston. He should make kids day an absolute hell. I expect Justin Houston at two maybe two and had sex in them live in the backfield in this game. Did you mean it is again. Hi I can't there's not really many negatives but the chiefs go into the game. Used to going it's a rookie tackle. They don't run it it'll throw the kid to defended. Others. To team. That loss to the 49ers and there's nothing that you can point to this giants team has elicited. You know it's that we are gonna turn things around now I get it at that Mac it you. That has come to Jesus meeting whose team is brutally honest eagle on line read all about it. Told those guys were doing wrong here's what we got to do better this that the other night at that OK and and maybe that. Maybe that's good for a much. You know maybe that maybe that gets the jive too little sub. But it every single aspect of this game the cheese. They've got an advantage they've got a coaching got a special teams and our profits about defense so to me. It's. Well it's it's a practice game or pre season tight game but that's the way that she's 82 UST at least a little bit used to work out some gear issues. It's its blockbuster that's exactly what this game should be for the cheese it's not if they win it alleyway in this. So you got a rookie tackle going for the giants in this one and highs and you sounder whenever I give my lock for the week as you know by a lot for the week well it's a lock. Every single time I say it. The giants are absolutely. Dreadful against aidid's. This they gain Travis Kelsey who have gone arts. This is the game which Travis those suits were touched. The giants are ill equipped to stop someone as talented and Travis Kelsey. Well they haven't been able to stop tight in all season every game this season the giants of lady tied in and score a touchdown. That means Demetris Ayers did the touchdown maybe that means roster Travis gets the delegates. Yeah maybe as it's ever to reach users to get is gotten it's back the Beckett gets called what somebody is scoring a touchdown as the tide in for the team and city chiefs. I would say that's one of the bigger mismatch is it any team as in the entire NFL. Each door tied in against the giants defense the only teams that are worse than the giants against the tide in the Cleveland Browns in the Denver Broncos and we already know what Travis Kelsey did the timber. The last time he played and what he's done the last couple of seasons the giants are not prepared to stop someone like Kelsey. And the last match at least that I see in this game is about how bad that she's run deep it's appears to help people talk about the achievement treatments. Like you think they make everybody look like Walter Payton. Or Emmitt Smith and it's time. The giants have been worse than the chiefs admitted stopping the run. The chiefs are 29 that run defense that giants are thirtieth in run average gently 32 I guess they allow 136. Yards a game on the ground. This is OK Kareem are right kind of game. I'll tell I've seen that the real Korean art since week five of the NFL season as a rush for a hundred yards in at the beginning in the end zone. This is one of the games that I wanna see Korean market back to run the ball effectively. It's a seventeen to 22 carries on the ball effectively and find a way to get to the end zone so I think you can obviously the role on this team. They have a rookie right tackle so you need to pass rush back right in your best players who have good game they don't have a matchup for tries Kelsey they don't have a way to stuck regard. This should be a game which the offense gets back to which we one through 54. The other one of the reasons why we were so and not just does but nationally. Everybody that she's been I thought that she was gonna be a little bit different with because it auriemma right. And the great start he got off to. And as the chief should not have that is dynamic Jamaal Charles was some of those years that everything around him. To really say hey listen geez you know that's you know Anthony Fasano a tie it and they had. Dwyane bowl receiver at some other guys are remember those cats now. With Corey mark you've got tyra kill you got Travis kills at the time you had a health secrets county which acts silly he's gonna be a nice number two receiver in the week. Since that Korean won and done much and I said. Many times on the show. That if the chiefs are gonna be able to advance to the playoffs they got to take care and it got to make sure that Kareem on its good. Right he has not been. The last four weeks and it's not completely on adult onset. It's not sexy can it apply that applied a fantasy football but when it comes right down to it it's about line. And at the opener balls running backs have good games and if they're not they don't. And it did lavender do their job and the beat offensive lineman. Then running backs didn't we don't have it yet so if Corey model that offered to like get back on track it to start now it's it's not a total solution. But it's a start to get remark that running back or because I'd say this all the time and and I know it's not sexy but. The truth is that if you could run the football he can do it effectively he could do it when it's really freaking cold outside in the playoffs you can win games and the but the Steelers can do. I mean the Steelers can run the football lately on belts but anytime they want on just about anybody they want. Right if the chiefs can do that they have the talent to do that they wanted to post season. It's I think Sunday is step one in the cheese on it reestablishing. The dominance in the run game and and it sets up perfectly formed. The giants can't stop the run and Kareem it to me in my he's still such is such a dynamic kid. That I think is it is going to be great week for him I think it's a great step for the chiefs that they can do. Hi skinny pull up the quote from Joseph Foreman because him and I have a similar outlook on this game. At least from the coaching perspective. I think the reason you should feel really good about this game because I've said all week I'm blocking anybody that calls this game attract game I would say is you do all the things. There help you avoid that knockout. You don't turn the ball over you run the ball effectively use force turnovers and the team that normally are for or prone to be upset. Are roaming the teams that throw four picks in the team is comes up and grant you because or minus four in the turnover differential. Or minus three in the turnover differential. We know that's not the cheapest is not a offense that is going to toward the ball over life and Alex not a quarterback. Let's go to the a lot of picks which really keep the other team minute because you give them extra possessions. The chiefs very rarely lose games like this that she's record under Andy Reid against teams that are under 500 it's 33 and five everybody has heard the stat. In theory is sixteen in two. After a bye week which you gave if you read more time to prepare. When you give aid you re a lot of time to look at your team and scheme and figure out what your weaknesses is. He might be the best coaches the NFL and dissecting those weaknesses are taking me think about how we made the patriots look in week one. The Patriots defense turn things around a little bit but the patriots looked helpless against the chiefs. I'd like the giants defense that looked just like that you've given him two weeks to dissect that defense. San Francisco to scored 31 points on out of the chiefs can have a really really good offensive Davis what Joseph formats they're about that. I've made this point before that they don't lose to bad teams very often again. Like on one hand and Indy Reid's chiefs' career I can think of bald like your back titans games you know start to see I know it was a bad one the raiders won a box one and even if even then you don't like titans about are sort of defense for the last few years. But man it would be it would yes it would be stunning loss sustained they've been really really reliable in beating the non playoff teams that something like in. 85 or 90% clip so they beat. For the most part the teams that they shipped. That that's that's accredited degree she's no she's at duke they were graduate to the next level. Is it going to be really good teams they've got to do late this he's got to do the playoffs. I mean really mean that that's awesome that the chiefs beat teams they shouldn't be teams Harvard. But that's great. The patriots and teams that would suit rebels beat really good teams into the playoffs achieved at this point haven't done. And that's why that's why I'm paying attention to the other things other than just the win this week some of the other tech sites it you know why issues. Why should we think highly of the of the Steelers and they almost lost tackles last week. Why culture better football team in New York Giants giants team. That loss to the 49ers flights last week that the giants team it's depleted with injuries okay so like there's a difference there. But we'll listen. Is it I'll be legitimately concerned if if if. But kicker dot com got to pick one you know as time expired that she's would thirteen that ominous start absent collections and then on Monday. It's packages being achieved 73. He made it the seventh that looked at once evident at. And they went on the road make out of it now I'm sorry so a lot of it back giants team cheese oh I have every advantage every single category going into this game so. It for me it's how they went all right it's how they went in it you. It is if you is that she's been legitimately care about what this team does in the post season and was your balls like else's with the division went twelve games were called because that's all I need that day. A wins fine all right but if you want more and if you like team he would leave it to the bit to the playoffs it is not a game. Another chance to what is suitable for the first time Lynne Dawson was the quarterback. That you need to pay attention now this game goes I don't talk to win in the end I understand that I yet. We see each and every week in the Steelers colts game for example of that last week but. If you want this team to advance in the playoffs watch out when it matches if they do. Go to your point the giants in their in nine games it played so far this season they have lost five of those games by double digit the last three weeks the giants did dreadful. They got beat 24/7 on the Seahawks no shame in that but they got B 52 to seventeen home against the rams in which I think you could question of the giant quarter. They lost 3121. On the road at San Francisco I think the biggest thing in the she's favor in this days. If they get up early and it's that had a lead that they can foresee Eli meaning interception and take it back and maybe you know another touchdown on the board make it in oh. 140 I think we giants lay down and quit like they are not a team that is still fighting and punching in playing briefly I think if anything their way to get their coach fired. Now they are just date and on disciplined don't appear to be on the same page and football's the only team is in that kind of this rate you absolutely keep them down. Oh stick in this earlier today announced kind of not a driving him get ready for the show is it's much about the NFL a situation to me. Like I think if you just did it. She or I test if you eliminated its recent bull rings do you think the better quarterback I'm close out this game. Philip Rivers is the better quarterback Eli made labor's big belly or 04 quarterback class. I'm in the locks for all fate but climbing is going and all day. He has the pedigree played in New York to its normal range he was the part of arguably the greatest player in the history of the NFL Eli meaning is going into the all they've got to name his last name like it. Reference to the question mark. I think rivers gates at some point put. Played in the modern day passing Eric didn't have a lot of policy success compiled a lot of numbers like IC argument for the other side of Phillip rivers not getting it. Meant so much of the NFL a situation. But rivers is the better quarterback gonna bring that up like us because I was thinking about that 04 class I think right now unifil is in a little bit of a transitional period. Because the last 1012 years league's been rammed by operating forty years old pay me. Spokesman for Papa John's right Eli meaning it. Watched. Philip Rivers on a team that is relevant in a city that doesn't seem to care about their team. That brothels were clearly on his last late like that league has been kind of held up by. The 78 guys Drew Brees and there's evidently they need Carson went system and be the next guy they need Russell Wilson continue to play at this tunnel level they need deck press got to be good. Like as much as we love the NFL that we care about good match up and scholars. The NFL has been any great situation for stars at the quarterback position the last 1015 years. Wallace the easiest to pass ever it looks like there is that devoid of at least. Twelve good quarterbacks in the league the league is gonna need a couple of guys to step forward but looking at the last class mean in the same draft class. Eli Manning Ben Roethlisberger in pollute rivers of course the chiefs would have no first round pick the U three but that's all been quarterbacks brought drafted in the same year well. Ice literally point of those yesterday that it before we talked about this mean there's a legitimate chance that AT teams and new quarterback here. Eighteen teams in the NFL again he's starting quarterback's been smarter. It can't it image packets. Could very well be one of those that you could very well be one of those depending on how the rest she's pleased that so what you meant these guys about the job Watson's. The homes if he's the guy. Yes Carson when it's Kirk cousins. Two young guys to step up to shoot I felt rivers all they have a first ballot got his number dropped. So excited 69306. Ditch or questioned it and we take you home on a Friday live in Manhattan. It's not for ask us anything coming up to in the show on the drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio exclusive coverage of Sunday Night Football. They'll be at sixty and Sports Radio. Yes. Even in these consequences deals you can have sex with men you're sure. Okay. That's a very good question. Who's that you. This text in your questions Tex lines 69306. That is below the joke. That we read. Yours. Question. What about us actually later tonight in this thing takes on your fine basketball playing here and as the wildcats continued their undefeated run. So far this season I remember what it was like here undefeated college basketball teams the last minute my dreams die. Yesterday at the Iranians have that you taught. You it's. Text line at 6906. What was the fantasy advice with the ice for today. I.s give people some wisdom they need for their fancy football team you have from Friday on the show like. To go over some of the favorites not sleepers of the week and again you can hear some of the sleepers while. I'm sandals fantasy football Sunday presented by Bud Light with both myself and Steve absurd. I'll give you a quick one at each position Kirk cousins against the saints I really like this week I think he's gonna put up at least 300 yards and back and forth game. Expert caddie might be a little bit popular but I like him as a sleeper play at the running back position and a very high scoring game against the raiders Jeremy Maclin is a wide receiver Riley like as a sleeper under the radar played the Packers are one of the worst teams. In giving up points too wide receivers and fantasy this year and everyone's going to be on Travis Chelsea and Rob Gronkowski tied and spots fighting Jared Cook. Of the Oakland Raiders again that highest over under of the day 55 currently between new England and Oakland I like him as a little they'd play if you're gonna go away from frank house DLC. Sex 69306. At the cheese blowout that giant what will we see Patrick mall yep. That. Why would you not I don't know equation. I think I guess I didn't. I've always I've I. I brought it more conscious of injuries in the NFL anything. Yeah and edit your point one point 24 minutes to go wider starting quarterback in the third quarter not losing like put your back at quarterback I don't care it's after all I don't care. Jim Sorgi you put your backup quarterback it's again if it's she's or update. I would always tap but backups in because I mean the injury risk in the NFL is just too high. Ivy talk about hot button sports target you let Alex Smith get injured in what quarter became a blowout which they could've put it that rookie quarterback for some action I just like he said Jim Sorgi. It's sort of had to pull that from Wisconsin. Ten that. Thanks 6906. My question worst case scenario ordered ever played the game mormons or for whatever reason. Does it you oath means refunds for season tickets via the sole reason or sell out now. It your. Well we sure he's injured. I'd I'd I'd feel old but very very confident that say that my workers injured there Tex lines 69306. Did you do run the show is creepy voice. I can. Say they were covenant. Not to have skills nominated as the urge maybe after that certainly. About what's their shots please it you know the way. Rob showed its. Changed you know he didn't load down on do you want to. I was out. Today continues. Its excellence that that the users that this oh you cover the 37 and a half negative I don't think that you had. People I think he feels so far it's hard for you there. I just think big hopes. I thought about giving up four game in the NFL. Giving up or gaming out at the college football playoff that you got to lately you'd be with a man like eight. I tell that you everybody else it will negate the yeah I would probably bet on K with us. 35 and just about I'm sure house hearings Oklahoma gonna take the game. Tax 6906. He got out about those misery tigers to shoot him with while Tom. The a lot of eyes. Worried about it I just we got everyone else is more worried about misery that. That was their first thought all the road. Five new players for over freshmen what you were hit again. What reporter. Writer writes Ito December. He's human back to a yes adjustments are like what's happening. Then when it's obstacles commented that one right now I don't think ever gonna talk begin the season I it was a good re calibration at your history. You've probably got a little bit too high after seed in the first games this season. It's your hot season. Why did that with Kentucky we know they're going to be a different even February. What Missouri now with will always be because a lot of talk like he's got Kevin odd jobs out there isn't it. That abuser and Beckett Anderson is here. I thought yesterday it was just. Made it with a lot of experience it to hit shots yet like if you shoot 19% the first after the game. Utah State. You talk like that played well yesterday I think that kind of nice that are gonna happen. That's like six losers they are you happy with Donald Glover beyoncé at the with a new life to. We've spent huge Lion King guy who loves his animated movies after this is. Make it all these movies are turning of a live action built I can't wait like your budget cuts in. This and the parts of live action. Does it out of you haven't utilized act quite like so we'll look at the legitimately good who like to the bookmark to the live action packed. Excellent the does the topic of the end of Manhattan or you've now got Betty Davis and it really opened the day in Manhattan technically. That walked around for seven minutes and all I got it really hit an opportunity to so gain all of that is me and it can't. Walked around although it looked nightlife but as a basketball night here we are the heart of Aggie bill that's there for that grow basketball you've got to talk about it. Bad luck and that is. The right place does that video long enough it's only been here for seven minutes how can I tell you how credited you know. Beautiful. Beautiful drives it very easy drive with a beautiful place I didn't haven't. I've got to Chase Bank it's at its share price for the last five out. It's great place of our development and it. Schedule coming up this weekend. Tomorrow K state Oklahoma State 230. Six that our sister station 6060s or. Michigan was got to 11 o'clock. Sunday saw. Fan involvement as well alt shell that presented by plot line hurt irons pretty good the bad guys. I hurt you up our own dinner there the other art critic heard it was. Here Ron that shows nodded and watch the chiefs would say. And the show on FaceBook lodge seven degree does that history is you know let's set it happens on the post game show those two guys. Sunday Night Football against Eagles in the outlook looks at that you get paid about 6060 is more on that day. The patriots and the raiders from Mexico. Check out the plaque has made six and sports back now also available I'd special thanks Mike Hargrove for having its equipment thanks Gene Taylor. The athletic director can't say for stopping by Jonas we got here this. Presented by sinking us from the MVP electric heating and the studio sixty and Sports Radio.