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Friday, November 17th

In Hour 3, Fanning discussed how the Bill Snyder situation at K-State lines up with how a lot of legends have left their jobs and how most of the time it doesn't end up well at the end. They also go "Around the NFL," get back to the Chiefs, and dive into what the "Experts" are predicting including one person who thinks the Giants will win outright...


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Yeah. Speaking of take a hike Davis Wentz that might need to be on now. Davis what's that exist. That's just been too much smoke around James Woods that we got us and all about accusations that he and what you think hourly shuttle grabs he did was. It did this student union at Florida State and stood up on the table it's it's a very inappropriate. And now yet another accusation of him being led do you have broke the group for driver. What's that it's just. Mikey that he's out and the disease that guy man you know that is there what's that like every day ever get somebody out of here for the decree that rocky. Hayden yesterday it was Rambo now today if James let's that he would talk about w.s he will be held hands and so we're James with the coming up in about. Fifteen minutes we'll take our daily trip around the NFL. And get you ready for this week gained in the lead and get our. Reaction on last night's camera angle that was the talk of social media yesterday aged we're headed to a very serious battle with. Maybe the most important odor in the NFL in the commissioner of the week. But as we sit here in Kansas State. Earlier today we had Gene Taylor Roland the athletic director about the about the report yesterday and sometimes being a legend hasn't designated. So I mean. Legends are great until it's time for them to ride off into the sunset and in the report came out yesterday from Robert Murphy about. The fact that Jim Leavitt. At a verbal agreement in place here here to stay to be the next head football coach for the wildcats he's gonna join the staff this year become the coach and succeed after after bill Schneider here Manhattan. That came out said it didn't happen Snyder next did artists on the be the next coach not Jim Leavitt. Wherever you sit on that so I'm not part of the story file I don't have a problem with your on. The Snyder's side of your on the other side of that matter to me all I'm saying is this I think it's really complicated when legends. Leave all right it and I can go to a long list I mean look look Brett Favre is essentially help. The Packers hostage for years because he couldn't make up his mind on what he wanted to do and the Packers finally had to cut bait on him listen we're moving on. And eventually. Taste it left you that would bill Schneider Bobby bowden's got a in the Murphy talked about yesterday Joseph Paterno certainly it's different circumstances. Around him leading up Penn State. But his son was involved there just comes up that's a lot of time to meet John United's one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history at traded of the charges from the colts in 39. He sued the colts for 725. Grant. Jerry Rice to me is another example of a guy that manages. It was very difficult for some of the greatest that have ever coached or played to just ride off into the sunset and we also the John Goodman in the movie date. Babe Ruth was another one of those guys one of the greatest to Alter many. It's sort of like to erupt when Bob you're you're you're tool you're not pretty enough to get it to work anymore and it's a difficult decision that you have to make. And something you have to do it's on the case it can immediately and that to probably dealing with it internally. Right now because they know what's right around the corner because. The thing is facilities people that are the greatest at what they do they never know when to walk away or they can't walk away. Or in some cases I mean it's your wife it's what you do and I. I understand it you know on some level because of that is made and we week in particular professions is still much of our identity. But listen. When it comes to self awareness legend seemed to. To be minimal at best when it comes to trying to figure out when to walk away can be really difficult not only for them. But for the employer that's what case that I think that's the situation and whether the Jim Leavitt story is true or not eventually. Bill Schneider is gonna have to leave and if it's true that he wants his son to be that coach and he's gonna fight that tooth and nail to what you do a lot of times it's very complicated. When it comes to a head between alleged in the Timor university works for. I have every reason to believe that the four by threatening our future and I believe it number one that was his recruiting and to meet the double Lotta times in the details. Anytime you have a specific dollar amount that he was gonna get on a specific date. You know what was going on at valley is rarely good out there it could really hit you with any more additional facts the fact that he had that little nugget. If Jim Leavitt was not the head coach from January 1 is gonna get three million dollars. And just how can that they distributed at no point is Kansas State ever said this reports that troops that your talk Gene Taylor for twenty minutes. He never said that the report wasn't sure that wasn't there is it's just that I was that your when it happened. While a 100% believe the plan was proposed matter to retire at the end of this season yet. And they were gonna hire Jim Leavitt he had a little bit pushed back he's kind of saving it force. It I think that. The comment you made yesterday or maybe that we that you that you brought yesterday makes a good point packets seatbelts matter to what Bob Stoops did yet that you leave so late in the seat you're hiring a coach an obvious that you get somebody. But they're gonna appoint the next possible person connected to it. Maybe they promote the offense or defense coordinator but probably shots Myers went to be I think that bill Schneider will make it a point at the last thing he does. As can't estates it coaches make sure that it's on its head coach I think there's too much smoke and that direct out that it's gonna in any other different now. So like to think that Bill Snyder wouldn't with the university in that position to say listen. I'm I want what I want so bad that I'm willing to do this to the university. To basically tie your hands and listen you're screwed now. We're creep up on on on fall practice of creditors start. And all the belief. So it's too late to go out and get equality coach it got you wanted to get you get up to hire within the staff. And you don't want to united we think that coaches all the time with on the look the other sister coaches and their fan was never an income that did that involve that because when you fire a coach or hire a coach. And he or you or moving a lot of families and and changing the the direction of a lot of families right here to big deal and I know coaches universities try to think about that so I would I would hope that Bill Snyder wouldn't do that I think he's not an. That's way more common to. Occidental life Jackson. Both lines that I specifically retired yeah late season but also rides guys or the my successor reported that equals pirate I just think that our overall rots in it yet David and Robert Vito won it coach a quarter. Let's get you what John Curry though. You know if John Curry was the AT Oliver how much that had to do with John Corey wants this I. I don't want this now like John Kerry maybe that was it maybe that Gene Taylor thing is is it different relationship and he had Richard Myers can move and somebody that I. I would fight it hardly the bill Schneider who do that I'd be really disappointed if to get his to fulfill his agenda he would do that case doesn't seem like a bill Schneider live. I would just guess I don't know those that are very well have a does get the love the sun more than he loves kids that's apparently not like he's if he's advocating for somebody he's not related to yet head coach Scott McCain forests on the Uga coach. I think they'll do a lot. To make sure that that person especially when you saw what happened the last time the last time elect case may be in charge of this. All what I've built look what happened Roberts was it at least I know what I have you were shot Snyder. I have every reason to believe he's going to be in Mexico tickets. Well it listened and he could be very well could be a great head coach we don't know that. He's never been one it was a good player case date. But it seems like that's trying to get its image does not negate. That's when it comes across to me. Instead of a guy that's gone out there actually want football games at the big time division one level I think Brittany Murphy said this yesterday there's like 65. That coaching jobs in in you know and in power five schools then and there are to come by. And I would be. I'll be disappointed if that's what happens if in that case I shot Snyder and his thing. An apple Ron prince in this thing goes down to like it before I really really disappointed because I think. Kasich and have the opportunity they do the right way to really get coaching out of the conversation with them. With the answer gets he when will drop the air was asking about Scott frost Nebraska and and that's a possibility or not and I took to believe that Nebraska case data some similarities that you need that guy from the tree. You know you need guidance in Nebraska guy or K state Jim Leavitt was that guy Bob Stoops could potentially be that guy I don't know that's an option but it's. The guy from the case they treat. Then like Gene Taylor was telling her receipt I mean that coach. Whoever takes the job keys to their shots Snyder whether it's somebody else they've got to be comfortable walking by the bill Snyder's that you. Coaching in the Bill Snyder family stadium driving and bill Schneider highway. And they've got to be comfortable with taking over that role that it takes a unique individuals so I'd say. If it's not John Snyder and it's gotta be somebody that's coached under bill Schneider and understands. You know the legacy and importance of the man in Q2 state and and that coaches eagle can handle it because I think there's a lot of guys care I I look back at the team that I report Nebraska. They brought bill Callahan and there was betrayed. He's not a Nebraska guy or commit a pro style offense. At a place they ran the football and and shut down everybody's throat and it and it failed miserably. Hopefully almost the same way that Nebraska case that's similar edict guy. That either worked for bill Schneider or fully understands it coached here has roots here something I think it's going to be Batman that. Maybe it's because I've seen this happen with misery I'd probably think if you were trying to go into coaching certain certain qualifications. With deputies that while it's not the most qualified Missouri tried the exact same thing and our commanders. They try to get him as a guy that knows the culture knows. Who you think is the best candidate. It's not likely case was looking for builds up our favorite to make sure we got by the graduate OK you know he went out you solace there's the head coach Illinois that was amazing you were grabbed it and look he's got a future hall of Famer. It has hired you think the best sports and its shots fired the best candidate for the job right out of that he's never been an offensive or deepen the court here I doubt he's the best part but yeah it's. If you think he's the best possible person and iris. Like let's not let your what app with Ron prince dictate the future inspect your normal point. If you have alleged. They're normally two different scenario Jeanette. Either you go down with the ship like we saw the lakers with Kobe Bryant when he was clear that Kobe was done we're gonna yeah you're that's a really good today and now it's going to be they're gonna come the Staples Center to watch Kobe on its last legs and he lit the mythology even know it's going to be a bad basketball team. Or eventually got to tellem know eventually to San Francisco 49ers head coach Joseph Montana and know we have Steve you know. Up to ensure we'll leave the Packers had Oprah or know. Hey you're not gonna keep doing this are coming back every August try to play for us we have air router from moving forward both to weigh the public goes either you let them ride off into the sunset in an ideal John Elway way. If you let him be Peyton Manning at a terrible last year and hopefully it works out where forty eventually tellem no it doesn't believe in to medium. Wait he's not I think that's what I think that's what cases connected you with either and my guess would be that their. Dealing with that internally right now what are we gonna do that they've got to have a plan to place it sounds like. Accorded him Murphy report they actually did have a plan in place that they coach Snyder nixed. What your right it can go really bad. They rarely goes to move it rarely Grossman's. Up next we take our daily trip around the NFL gets you ready for this weekend's action as we get closer and closer to the playoffs next draft. The drive presented by don't sixteens from the electric heating and cooling studio sixty and Sports Radio. Coming up in fifteen minutes. Why sometimes. The predictive you've got to take a look back at the hands mostly what I mean coming up at 430. But as we do every day at four they've seen. We take a drive and take it daily trip around the NFL ice let's get it. I gentlemen we'll start us around the NFL with a quote from Jerry Jones describing how he would go after Roger to bill which. Can't really say on there but basically he said if you sides. Bob Kraft is coming after you hard I will come after you a little bit harder to put it in what are your vote is basically it says basically. We thought she hit it. But you can certainly say that. We've been talking back and forth about who wins this battle for a while there we start to get the point where Jerry Jones by Billy alienated himself from the rest easily. Not fueling this. I think Jerry Jones is here asthmatic and and I think there right now owns they had issues with this. That if they're telling me who can build more allies on their side Jerry Jones or run to build. Who likes Roger Goodell nobody likes Roger Goodell is like from their people that like Jerry Jones he's gonna get a cup owners on his side it's they it will. Look what happens the it may not remember what happened to Tom Brady out and not enough war games. They're gonna do this to you we have in about a hearing that somebody that's willing to play ball. That's what's going to happen here this is getting in front of that being the commissioner of the NFL he Jerry Jones hasn't lost big battles. I don't think it goes either of these gold wrote that you made that Jerry Steele wrote. He's gonna do it though they got it out of Michigan make sure that that doctor. That's not it's not by Iraqi Dallas advocates when it separately it happened in Iraq you know forty. They like years and like I use of a private jets and help that your family. Typically goes about it you know all the opens up like that Jerry Jones know that. Well we're out of line. He called a lot. Jerry Jones who wrote it but it certainly seems like. I think that he's sometimes like silent majority in the there's always that one out now individual. Yet Jerry Jones it's I think there are a lot of ordered the app problem with rod down. Jerry Jones is just want to say like Clark doesn't have the personality yet it this far was it like Clark let it again. This is the order of the most popular team in north American sports. He has the power to get behind it they'll add it your all it takes is it wife couple ally for over the patriots they'll board get a couple more owners. It would start to tip the balance your favorite Jerry Kill with you waited and you've got to but he's gonna have brought they'll take a hike and that's that I that. What you look the year like Clark let's take on this because what doesn't speak out. But never got irritated he was with the chiefs get nailed for tampering with the jet that would deal without it Roger Goodell so. Outlook and find out which. Which side of the fiddler cuts I was next and. Matt and him Thursday night game last night when he thing. Terrible it was exactly what I thought it was going to be if they wanna experiment which is there a camera angle I have absolutely no problem with. Either living it was your going to do it some way I'm fine with it being like. A long period of time I had no interest in this if you wanna create its own special scene. Let's say that NFL network they'll have the man came that they have the standard team EC. I'm fine with that soon but. Quick show of force that's what we don't want this camera angle. It was pretty good number it's typically in exchange with him this I look see at what the quarterbacks in our season out develop. Policy you know route you know open receivers that mark is an area that it was about fitness advocacy that part of the because it'll be edited that I thought it was pretty cool they stay out these time. Aside shots that night she got all that other stuff and not on that scale of one camera angle the entire time that. The primary team. But by me. Like weird depth perception like the acts like it it's. I hated without it being what is it for like guys your age group let me it's comfortable I look. I thought it was great that some people were saying it was hard to see the the first down marker but I thought that perspective of the game was something I can get used to it or use. Typical that it's every Thursday that you a policy it is every single game but I. It brought in there doing them every certainly you can sign up for a lot of the Thursday night football ain't that the third apple aren't good enough as it is. If it's a well you can't bring out like this other rivers lakes that used that we don't want to have felt like one came rate. Since the beginning of time their way leather helmets what was wrong with that when I ever watch the game out of it happy with the outrage that they were you. I'm finally getting all the other options like it McDonald what they add new thing that perfectly fine but don't take that thick ankle that made you that has. I see I Hewlett cnet's doing right now. It was nice these these big play well. Little bit yeah as well but I'll be hot like now I'm so be offered I want you to have regular Coke. And Diet Coke diet cokes and he'll be that great just like regular Coke. Well without it yesterday they were giving us options they reports and it was the options they got. 970. Cabell camp the camp but another one but that's all it. The argument now I dug it like Alex you know routes develop that was pretty cool is it is nine networks they couldn't put the scampering what is it you. They can put the thoughts up the most what happened before while at the end of our demand I want one network but also in excellent size and. Should mention by the way that that cowboys Eagles game is going to be on six and Sports Radio on Sunday got a full game of NFL action. Both with our red Sunday I set a street casino halftime and post game show host an event of election. Here on sixth and on our sister station six B I 1660 this court. Union medical team looking forward to most this weekend that's not she's a giants. That they questioned the game it will give you it's Graham's and bite you know I reached a very fair here point. That he had both schedule or that is arguably best. Accidentally televised game. It excited about eagle scout with the senate football. Falcons Seahawks on Monday night in patriot Rainer which is that 3.5 games at Mexico City. Interesting game but the game I've got circled is the rate of traveling to. Minnesota I'm still a little leery of the weapons about the Los Angeles rams. What's happened is that by the. This kind of surprised that this book dolphins know it's going to be the jags in the brown that's game that I wanna see the most aligned. I can't interest it from here on policy gains of teams that you may face of the team and our know about right now. Jobless picture that's a watch that game all by itself. The round because happily and G force in the he and dad are high jacked up the tiebreak at that went out. Check the round the on interest it also it. The ravens the Packers and ravens are that makes people. Argue. About it. The ability that you learn more about those utility bill chargers do all of bill and tell me your sports bar yet Rick fight Margarito. Or telling the art and eight. Ex brother checked him around them don't Ellis island sound absolutely she. Of the chiefs in the AFC playoffs right now. I'm curious about the jets matchup would achieve in the regular season. And he wore it's about what's gonna happen in the postseason and out of your general and our hope that she's going to be up. Jack it's the route to me about it in but it wouldn't be. Cal which obviously patriots raiders obviously in the built the job she's got the build up next. We'll go play game against the team that I would like this you let them what they still got to see that I got to watch them play the Cleveland Browns. Still policy team geez you get that it's we base idol lots definitely. In the next what I. We gotta be done with James Winston at this point no point gasoline. Courtney these weird that re. And absolutely re. Like one of the bill that. But it makes this. Then things. Start it would only three games that might not like that year. Yeah start doing that all activities like what celebrity. If next. The hues that something like this David what's that would have been wrong favorite. Or. The but for five years that's accurate for. Them creep OK it's like you. Look like delegation did it rate it did that the like there's not a any might give them real. Up next sometimes the predict the future you got to take a look back at them and play. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVD electric heating and who studios sixty and Sports Radio. Yeah. Coming up in fifteen minutes. You'll never guess. What experts pick the chief's salute I guess right now. Was that humans no not yet it stability problems posed no. Oh without Chris Berman no. And I either one of those people. Pick that she's still lose you guess who pick the chiefs to lose everybody's taken vehicle range you're thinking geez yeah. But somebody. He's being a visionary the same way you work week wanna NFL season everybody was tell you she's lose now and that was one person. Stood alone on zig and every else exactly bit. But this week is that it would everybody I am not at all I can snag it week week was a little bit different it was a really good football team being told they couldn't win. This is a really bad football team that has no chance to achieve that quote. Earlier or earlier in the week from Joel Foreman of aero head pride heists that you could pull up. He said one thing that at least thought would be the first thing that he says it will lose. I think the biggest problem with this game this week. If you will not learn anything new about the cheat at it different when I'm looking at an eyewitness in the US and they're gonna win this game it's I don't know what shutting down the New York Giants those were you with this point I guess you're she Spain and it's helped it on the scar tissue and that's that the war. In the mid nineties and early 2120. Or seven nice performance against the giants you were very bad football team that is going know. But they're going at the top five picks in next here than about ramp I don't know what playing well this week really keeps you if you're one of those things. Well for me I mean it's not remove the scar tissue for sure go for me it was specifically talking about this team and what it does. Is it city you've coached high school basketball team much kids you know luxury place team the timer to the union that you're better than. But you know you wanna hear guys who can clean up some things. You want to pass the walkers went better fundamentals that you layups and make that last. Us you know play better defense and you know I act like you've got leveled a talk about my home in baseball league but there are certain. Gains that you think OK got a pretty good chance to win and as we put some bad defense last week we were fundamentally sound wouldn't turn to clean double play let's do it this week and again that we're supposed to win. I think it allows you to focus on some different things because winning is not. In doubt in my opinion in this game so you have the ability. To sit back and say listen. Here's the things we need to work on here's the things that we need to focus on he could work on those things and do it in the game situations that in practice and that's what look at where this game. I wanna see defensive lineman beat their man policy offensive linemen do their job policy the running game get in here. And it's not gonna remove all the scar tissue for cheese man that's gonna happen but I need to see improvements of the things that I think need to be improved on it that she's gonna make some noise in the playoffs that's only. That's my guess the difference I guess now that your saying is I don't think the scar tissue exists with the players have talked about celebrity from anything and respect I'm saying is all Monday. Let's say we're coming in here we're talking about 24 wrote she's meet Dan yet giants look bad off that we can't take any people agreement runs the ball effectively. This team does like I've achieved as a no win situation everybody's picking him to wait. Vegas thinks they're gonna win by at least eleven points in this I don't know we're gonna lower anything about that she's like a ghost original four point that. Are you gonna feel different about the rugby fits me and they shut down or lean dark what went in the well with what in the playoff the medical report has got to go with lady on bell. But there's going up the different caliber after. Well at least they did what they were supposed to do now they get eaten up. But Orleans dark bush in the New York Giants and they and they run for over a hundred yards on the she's gonna be legitimately concerned but. If you say this all the time you gotta keep that teams down and you got it. If you beat that team that you're doing your job and that's what coliseum this chiefs team it has nothing to at least for me. With a scar tissue is a lot of cheese and the won't change their mind they're gonna have to you know make the AFC title game. For to have some of that scar scar tissue go away from me. And when it comes to this specific team in this years in this group of guys I've just got to see him do to suppose you and and it ended team that we that. You get to the AFC title game potentially be the super bull team like that needs to come out and convincingly and a solid win and clean win over the New York Giants. Feisty play quote cultural or other private. I've made this point before that they don't lose to bad teams very often again. Like on one hand and Indy Reid's cheeks career I can think of all likely to back titans game has sucked so I know it was a bad one the raiders won a box one and even if even then you know like titans about are sort of defense for the last few years. But Mahan would be there would yet soon be stunning loss sustained they've been really really reliable in beating the non playoff teams that something like in. 85 or 90% clip so the beat. For the most part the gene to patient. The chiefs record under eighty read against teams that are under 500 is 33. And five. We all though ain't you read is they absolutely wizard when it comes to his team after. By week's A Reid in his career is sixteen. And two coming off a by. The giants are eight bad football team. They played nine games this year five of those games they've been beaten by double digits the last three weeks for the New York Giants. 17. Or 24 to seven at home this ER no shame and it. Two weeks ago got the doors blown off by the lawsuit this Reyes 52 to seventeen where I saw a lot of national pundits asking if the giants quit. Can't disagree with the thereafter if you get beat 52 to seventeen home but any team in the NFL at last week. The San Francisco 4918. And had zero wins on the season beat you by double digits. I'm with you in the key bad teams bad things where we disagree does what value was that two everything is gonna win double digits it's not like the chiefs are some young up and coming team or their Los Angeles at that point that you're still try to see you ouster of the I know what the chiefs are their eleventh win twelve when got a team that will see how they match up in the policies and health economic correct a lot of the problems. I think the problem that the cheese that is they would not play team that I think is good between now and whoever their first playoff teams going to be there's no good team left on the schedule. The jets are the best team they've played maybe the raiders of the raiders might get the yeah maybe but I think it's if the best team we think it's maybe the raiders of the jets you have eight. Barea very weak schedule them. We shot to the chiefs don't at least win six games down the stretch and had be shot. But yeah I mean there always something you can improve autism can learn from. You know when it comes to your team are. I mean Jared Mitchell's been used Stephen Mitchell you do a little bit that other quarter on the other side and levered is a markets Peters gets thrown out quite a bit. We got the injury to Allen Bailey this week he's not gonna play Roy Miller is not the team wouldn't really. Do it all out anyway but at the same time. You know that adds depth on the defensive line I mean there's there's constantly changes within your roster you gotta fight about a buck guys you've got to find out and listen really good teams. When they go into situations like this here's another thing you can plan is to let a situation like this if your good team. You take your business you treat the giants like the patriots in week one. That's what you have to deal with a achieved a lot of that you've that. OPEC. Where were start to get somewhere a little bit with his team because they've been in a fog the last month that's what all this game the slot buster I mean that's exactly what it is they've got to get. The plot to get a decent things better and that the giants had coming off a bye week you couldn't ask an. And even the fact that the games on the road it's a perfect setup a perfect test. At least there was an omelet and our home we get the corporate giants managed it is lost to the niners were called off I would get this. Get the error that problem while you're on the road. You're against a crummy teams so what I gonna do about it and it and an a feisty achieves take these guys here is in and treat him like dirt good team that off it a little bit better about this group. What I'm really looking forward to in the game when I'm really watching Forsythe from the going out and win the football game. Can't make it back to running the ball effectively the first five weeks of the season creek which just passed. He was one of the best running backs in the NFL what the best running back via though he slumped awful little bit can't you get back to running the ball effectively. Now there's just sold meaning mismatches for this team they don't stop hiding very well that worst rush defense that achieves. Like the giants it's not really good at one thing defensively I think Alex missed gonna have a good day I expect tribes Kelsey have a good day. King you have ballots in Kahne you run the ball effectively because that's what this offense has updated its optimum level. When this team has run the ball effectively and there's been a run pass option. It's been very difficult to stop the chiefs if you make is often one dimensional and asked Alex that the though the ball 303540. Times. Where it's a little bit more one dimensional you can really slow this team now that's Republican for this game. Did you get back to run the ball effectively and are we talking about career mark having a seventeen Cary 95 rushing yards helps in the receiving game kind of day. I think it let it this way it would get from a boxing standpoint right you're really good fighter like you're a contender in your fight the tomato cans. You let this thing go into the eighth the ninth router not you can edit it you get ended early. I think the chiefs. We're essentially facing what I consider to be somewhat. Of the tomato can Colonia the the Denver Broncos. At arrowhead on Monday Night Football they had a chance to knock out excuse me. Not about early in that in that game and I didn't do it so. That's they've got again you can let this thing carry on you let the judge that he had a chance to go there you know knock about particular business like and didn't shoot it. Up next you'll never guess who pick the teams to lose this weekend against the giants and what are our sixth and experts say about the game this week it will tell you next draft. A drive presented by don't sixteenths from the MVP electorate eating into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Coming up at 5 o'clock we'll get. Today. On the drive we're Matt Cain is live from kite board of people coming down don't techies that was shirts they sectors. Aggie bill alone and accurate I'm hopefully there's there's a large left in the the man up and we got. Great who these college football well who's getaway here yet stickers and T shirt and great special air force six what you want where law art yet you've got brought shall always you Wear a lark I'll watch a lot of kids larger don't lot of dollars without talking about a male large. Well it is and I got to kill me rhetoric shoulder on one's. It's all that it's all that load that is that their pulpit I was there to fifteen yards and drag it up and having is that they'll wish I could go to subsidize or help my party that that be better forget that you bought you decide about futures right now. You guys go to this website and political NFL pick watched that count yet of an NFL pick watch that. It has little list of every Knoll NFL insider and expert that picks the games. A 100%. Of NFL experts have picked the Washington Redskins to lose to the Portland State's that's number one of the border. Number two on the floor. If you or Kansas City Chiefs this week as the vehicle on the New York giant the other game that it they. The discrepancy is being game of the week Jacksonville heading leaflets I gave it a little bit of clarify a game or are you watching. Witness though most entry at the thought they. Lie to us that he died is exit ramp at. Those Tutsis play ought to get out to not that the records out well. That when I drop the jags info on you like he can't believe. You're going to be affected me for watching that game Watson. I've never hurt if you would maybe in the history of the NFL's they usually give them looking forward to watching this Jackson browse Jacksonville. At. Allegedly. That the chiefs are below given. In the playoffs any right now. I mean I know that's hard for people to understand the jags at the tiebreaker right now if the season ended right now achieves the foresee that yet to be breezy. It's bad start and that it yet. NFL pick watch and I'm like all right 96%. That was not a hundred like saints. Rates yet so who picked the sheet the loose slots let down the list to try to find people that I would recognize. Are not seeing guys that I don't really know guys that work on as the nation's varies excitement is windows that keep it here. Dave damage Jackie picked teach them this week yet moves in the giant that night never of that and I see it today. That recognizes. All its grip of the show. Jason unlock it flora. As we only. Your diet. Depth meaning the kittens that achieves. What. It's the eighth Kansas City though you guys that are really hate keynesian have been dead in the pan down. If you've taken that shine through it this weekend. 6%. Everybody's ticket machines that would look at. Let me ask you this let me ask you some recruit them. What are some on this website and ultimately go to it's on the far right columnist. And that's win percentage is that the percentage for the guys that it you know I think it is and if that's the case. Guess who is this went to feel better you're chiefs if that's the case guess who is. Wade out there year old boy Jason Lockett for each 56%. Of mystics. Cheers and he's not Reagan always talked about well why don't kids it's the royals. He obviously doesn't know he's talked about it you're picking the giants to win this week I would say go with what you know that we know the signs of that and we know that she's. About follow or balls great motto saintly. And stay Elaine ethnic achieves the signals that right the left its key drivers straight. Epic that she's the winner when there. Double digit favorites in double digit favorites this year are eleven and one in the NFL. A double that expert we we got we got real experts that's what rich get a had to say when he was all with the station earlier this week. The number could mean. Where great computer paper that. In an ideal sport for the last equity in England accepts. You know it is in it cracked the block and they don't handle well liked it though you know you can't talk about. Elect that this Ruble or know couple big win between Italy and great week. You'll see that bird off the picture perfect at that talent to be able to. Continue to coach itself continue to work hard relentless and the that we should all pay to make sure that. If you're not the you know make it look for the slide but it getting better in years you know improving as cute you know you get into oil about Africa and look at the big back. It'll help law and get it. Several years ago that the great importance of global argue that beat. I'm pretty 49ers. And they were not a good football team especially but found the ball and all the sudden they put a little bit better December. That Flacco streak in the in the poultry and you can twelve park you know a couple of well but they got in that thought hey you wanna be peaking. Surgical quell. I just don't know how we are going to know if the chiefs are peaking given their schedule. Six foot bombs down the stretch they absolutely played bombs down the stretch that the second easiest schedule. It's not like it's the it hurts that this seven game stretch was the first half of the season in the and what they've played the first half the season at the everybody would you hype if they and it we'd add New England in week fourteen at the NFL's these are all against Philadelphia. Unfortunately I guess in this context you got those we won it week to. And there are a lot of people that bought the chiefs are different team that's I think going to be the hardest thing I think to reason I worry about the chiefs. From a perspective. Or are they getting better are they improving for the playoffs. But I expect that those seven and 06 Olympic that there is I think a lot of teams of 07 and 06 along with the strip at I think twelve teams in the NFL could do with the chief of the they're gonna do. The second half of the season if you don't play. That's what expert tapped to work on some of the thinking great and I mean I I'm not gonna say that winning is just. It's activity in the NFL because obviously we see each and every week it's not. I mean if Jordan you know games come down seven points three points so. But I think the chiefs have a golden opportunity right now. I think they are perfect opportunity to work on the witness is playing a softer schedule leading into the post season. Sam months and I think said it best we asked them what what do the giants do well his answer. Not a glowing endorsement for the New York football Janet. They don't do anything wrong consistently you know even the good part about these days he's been I've been up and down we expected that defense. If you really really good the only player honor has been really good all season has been Dana Paris and and he's questionable and injured when you might not be there and arson listen with an ankle injury. He's been there in the middle like defense there's nobody else that it can stop the run. And you were like as well an arson task. I doubt side to side applauds it sequence on the injuries to receivers going down. Eric Shepperd as you don't watch a little bit I'll put a few weeks. Thought about David the offensive line has problems the running backs are problems that they're receiving corps has been decimated with injury. Yeah offense assistant adopt. I was reading one of those behind enemy lines post on the Internet today and they were talking with the New York Giants reporters said what it's true. When you write bad football team in the way of the giants are not this one thing not just the quarterback but does the defense it's a lot of things wrong with. And the giants are eight terrible football team like the NFL is built for you to win six deciding game the vehicles built for that let the jets. The jets make the playoffs but they also want the giants they're just the dangerous. Sneaky kind of team that's gonna wind six to eight games this year be competitive in just about every game they play that are really stink to be really bad in the unit that like it's built or impaired the giants really stink if all the road you get it you get beat but double digits by CJ that they're. You stink of the team. Not in the NFL is basically means that their welfare in the NFL your bat or visa and that's really great victory to be all these things. We can help you it's the fellas almost the most American victories in what everybody equal right it's like socialism and sports so you've batted in as well. Man like the giants are bad and that's legitimately for. Coming up in two minutes we'll get some of the biggest stories of the day it. In Kansas City and hits live remain at weird case heights bar girl for another hour hang out of stop by on the drive.