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The Drive
Friday, November 17th

Hour 2 the guys got back into the Chiefs get into the mismatches they have against the Giants before they preview this week's college football slate. CDot has a dilemma that makes him wonder if he's truly from Kansas City. They also check in with Bill Maas to preview the game before Fanning has some candidates for "National Take a Hike Day."


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The back and on the drive kids air's senior Bret being real live it and came from heights bar and grill. Mr. earlier today if licorice or its big Gene Taylor stopped by. At a spirit. It was good I mean I mean you know. Teach a lot of credit me ice and what you put him a couple of days ago three yeah this is before this is what we found out that we are going to be at heights before any of this news broke in. It a lot of lot of critical in this in this industry would have said he you know ever gonna go ahead and cancel it Danson and kudos to to Jinan and Kenny Everett case statement they said no we're actually in and continue the interview and insane if there's anything we could or couldn't say and now the interview continued on his follow. Everything our partner in any case it is not currently weak and so you know you have to respect the partnership a little bit and and you know I I thought I thought she got has achieved some some very frank elections in and I like their questions that need to be answered came straight from the eighties now. I give credit could very easily all of it is when an accident could very easily done it I did appreciate is that it's simple. Response that the question was that it had nothing to do with me out of here like set a lot code that later dead but that's basically what it into the act before I got here. Plant Roca like I. I is certainly it's interesting the timing of it on I guess I would just ask that you know that was a yeah unique timing of things and certainly to me it doesn't feel relevant in the Nazi coaches here is our coach yeah I wasn't here during that time so I don't. Don't know what all took place but it does seem odd for me but as far as I'm concerned it. Doesn't have a lot of relevancy with with what we're doing today and without what I've known since I have been here. ME basically dissent there I wasn't there it has nothing to do with but he doesn't I saw little of the Bretton Murphy report yesterday saying that Jim Leavitt had. A had a verbal agreement with Kate stated place to be the coach in waiting to join the staff this season and the next he's become a head coach and if he wasn't. They coached Kansas State case they would vote of three million box and January 1. The 2008 teams so yet this game other John Kerry. How this information got out. Go to the publicity could beat John Curry that he could be abroad or you think big time with Jim Leavitt who was in. There was the coach at South Florida and in the Murphy's based out of Tampa where the University of South Florida is located I don't know. I think it is curious that the timing of this stuff that came out like I hit. Gene Taylor's response to that. At the saint Dolly and eat eat eat it duplicate jobs and let's not before me and he's in the clearance. Today's pop quiz was Mike can Mike in the morning done after eighteen years on ESPN both of them are still the company. But going to be doing different things my goal I believe is going to be retreat wing goal I can't remember who Greenberg's gonna be doing radio with these two. He's generally doing a morning television show I in New York is that new York and Michelle beetle and Jalen Rose will be okay. That's guys. So Mike and Mike in the morning is at least no more you very famous sports talk radio which I assume you are listening to Visio. We've all heard Mike and Mike in the morgue on the other impact at least in this base so gradually that after eighteen years. Alaron man and yet that's the look today as they move on to their respective. Pitchers ice a little bit of an update what you say in your update it's not just out for practice it's. It's out for the game no top hot Leno Allen Bailey note. Do you fourth bit banged up our Wilson's been banged up as well. How hotly you just got back. Somehow he had what eight weeks off he did finally can. Back aboard eight weeks off if you that he needed doing that you're. The training camp. So he didn't participate in training camp. He didn't play the first eight weeks of the season. He played nine's third play 21 snaps against. Dallas Cowboys he says he would bother him and now he's out for the guys just keep our Bali on ice until around. Chris busy that's what you bring top hotly back and let's see if we can get a good two weeks to get ready for the playoffs. Op is at least now the NFL top Ali is not an every down every game player that you could depend though. You think maybe he'll orally historical right francs off well by two times on Sunday dealer. You probably that's probably what they're gonna use that protects us as just cut up making it. Yeah I mean eight what is it eight million bucks at the brigade they're stuck with Tom Owhali only and do everything in their power to try to get top volume of field. At least this season. I don't expect him to be on the team next year it techies now the team right now. But they cannot cut top Ali if they could he would have been off the team the moment yet that twittering it. I think he I think he did that because he knew there was really no repercussions that the chief could have because the chiefs were not eating them money. Some big mismatches at the choose we'll have against the giants I was real quick sort out there. There that she's on the hook for eight point seven million for Tom yet so yeah it yet democratic Tom Harkin Tom lovely. And it doesn't mean mismatch but the chiefs will have this week against the giants that are just obvious or more obvious that while the giants think the chiefs are pretty good team. The giants have a rookie right tackle. That is making his first career start this Sunday against the guys is they jazz drain these food outlets and made his famous home. Because Justin Houston is about to have an absolute field day on that side of you just imagine you finally get the call up to them littlest season. Yeah NFL dream of making your first career start of injury at this moment for the first 42 years of life and they tell you who your assignment is opposite view. It's set it at least in the single season record Justin Houston gonna be the guys there across from you at it here. I would too exclusive if you. Your comparison here. You know Terrelle Smith for the Dallas Cowboys last week he was that he's an all pro tackle Adrian Claiborne made him flew. He made jets green flew his backup the Adrian Claiborne at six sacks the rockets at eight so listen to bond Justin Houston. I'm licking my chops and a rebel hands together I think that's going to be a tough day for what's the kids' names of Wheeler chat Wheeler. It's gotta yeah I'm so he's vote on my televised government are volatile what you seeds booed on that side. Up the line. Hot down Kansas City is on the she's run defense and I mean. Kansas City has made it seem like every running back that she's goes into automatically more than the Walter Payton or Adrian Peterson. As it in the case I'm not a singer after that she's run defense has been very good so far this season. The giants' run defense is worst allergies though women. You say you're telling me that the giants run defense is worse than cheese it is worse than occupancy sees. So as bad it is down as you are on the chiefs and the chief run defense has 29 in the NFL it has nothing to write home about. The giants' run defense is. Thirtieth in the NFL and they give up an average of all 132 rushing yards negate the teenager had a 32 a and I authority infineon though at stopping the run. This they gave the old Korean art should be back for the geez I'm not saying you have to have a week one game like he did against the New England Patriots this is big game that you should give Kareem on the ball. Eighteen and nineteen times he should be able to get a hundred yards rushing. The giants haven't been able to stop anybody on the Greta you're going up against a help the offensive line. And what of the five best running backs this year in the NFL I expect the all Korean mark the old balance the comeback and I expect to have a good immigrant they needed. And they need they need to get that running game going again on a bit over a hundred yards in this war games they lost three of them so yeah they need to get this thing going you've got your profits of line back. For the most part everybody's back there and everybody supposedly healthy so it's time that running game going that's why I think this game is so important for the chiefs again it's not. It's not the win that I'm concerned about it's about getting right with the things you have to have right. At one of the playoffs when you've got to be able to run the football we see this time and time again we see year in and year out in the playoffs if you could run of the employee can you clock into a lot of different things. And the chiefs haven't been able to do that last month. And that's why at least in this game lives like most people pretty I would cheat sheet is I'm more Hamachi it offensively. Because I think they're gonna be it would happen balance I don't think there's any coincidence that the best version of Alex Smith we've seen so far this season. Happen to coincide with arguably the best running game that he's had so far it is time would you know if expected Jamaal Charles. But the first five weeks Corey Holland was as good as you can yeah like the running back position in the NFL. And Alex Witt was amazing the first five weeks of the season. I think we're gonna see something close to that which makes this often nears stop. They're gonna be balanced. With a run pass option and it created that I know they're gonna have a couple wrinkles after a bye week I just don't know how the giants can keep up with them this inference that our San Francisco 49ers with 31 points last week on the giant. 31 you could stop San Francisco office would see tape that they're having an exotic Garrett Celek. You couldn't stop Carlos Hyde. It's not like the 49ers have a bunch of weapons that sheets at three times the weapon Hollywood's certainly the game zero all right so that they got the win right they get yeah I think the giants are absolute mess absolute. That's the G sunny and high speed. Like a little bit of a padlock down summed that up right continue to give you my lock of the week. The giants or read people against tight ends. Every tied in essentially turns in the Rob Gronkowski they've given up as much art the tide and as rock has so far this season. This is a game that Travis Kelsey showed absolutely. Eat. If we're talking about Travis Kelsey haven't 45. Receiving yards. The display very disappointing office today because there's no reason to think that the giants should be able to match up. The the other team that they've played is as bad or worse than the giants are stopping I didn't with the Broncos majority know how much that he absolutely torched the Broncos. This big game Alex mr. get right this should be gimmickry much you get right. And Travis told to get right this team should have a really good day offensively against the defense that can't really stopping you think any team that I think has acquitted them. If the chiefs get up at that nothing if not like that ever game we're different defense kept fighting a captain it. The giants are not gonna keep fight yet they're going to lay down get blown out in this one if she'd get up. You know I timing it is really everything is it it's that in sports your personal life and everything. In the timing of this game for the chiefs is absolutely perfect mind you start the final drive towards the post season. You're cut off a bye week. You you've struggled over the last month and I got a team that really can't stop you offensively and at the time of this game was absolutely perfect it sets up. Perfect for the Kansas City Chiefs. Coming up next we'll get to this weekend in college football and and I'm really from Kansas City I have to examine my whole life so you what I mean next drug. The drive presented by don't sixteens from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. Back in on the drive catch up bills lost. Three sports hall of Famer. Sheets ambassador former chief financial climate bill bought what is coming up. A weekly appearances that they'll have presented by seventh street casino where it's at eight BP electric heat cool. We'll live in Manhattan Kansas act nights are in group eliminate here. Was amazing you know that's about your but I am eliminate a lot learn that I've learned that there is make them they're regular Lebanon Evelyn and Ladislav limit LO raspberry lemonade strawberry lemonade. Most strawberry made it chick filet is someone that just loves eliminate eliminate you with beta test of your. Not drinking time compared to eliminate over writes Margaret. I'll tell you what made you. There's some about a college I always love maybe it makes you feel yummy in coming back here but at Eagles got such good vibe to it and I've got a few memories here kites acknowledge that there may not have been kicked out of displaced wants I can't confirm or deny that. And gone yeah absolutely so. But I love guide there's all sorts of history here do you get pictures like rabbis the 1960 or 54. K state football team which by the way lost to Missouri looked upwards so. You got tackled where which is nice. Sex 6 reserves 6 am for real what are we talking basketball remember what Carey to say you've got a loss before Thanksgiving you're done now here at a I don't even know what you're talking about. I don't know own. What college basketball that you referring to the title lost before Thanksgiving there's really not a team I would sheer force I don't even know what you anticipate something like that goodness for easy nobody saw that game last night in the pac twelve network nobody saw. Loser gets smoked by Utah I saw. That's what. The worst injuries if you go world Missouri. Their first fourteen shots they made one out home yesterday. About. Those sports expert. But I do know that school or is very key in the game of basketball won't do it at a high level you're going to get blown out on the road that's what happened that was there yesterday. As they got and apps to be double talking about mr. I'm so we'll talk about it so what that's not the ones that gentleman was talking about what as you guys that question just the bits. I am proud Kansas City in the sure I feel like maybe enough from Kansas City will get to that momentarily but we are getting closer and closer to the end of the college football season in the college football player one down. Bowl berths are soon going to be handed out. My team is making a bowl game high security make all game. They have a chance they got to win their final two games against Purdue and Rutgers and enables don't know the answer is no I think they are a little while it's sort of make them all that you chip are you not cure for Nebraska football. Yeah so they make another bag yeah horrible that that you're. Flat spots. It is so what did this well. This week Missouri travels to Nashville to the table and theater. Well quote for nick Satan. They're asking about the different environments that you said. Every place the play in the SEC's tough. Except bigger no disrespect. Beta build anytime you say no disrespect to still it's always the most just well that I've actually been to a bigger the game went. Two years ago it was briefly being built. There are a lot of game day atmosphere and experience. At being an advantage no not at all I hit the east. Getting the credit there right they did they not tell the wildcats haven't. Thought that Missouri would have shot the ball game they start at 1 o'clock I didn't think that but that we're gonna fire their coach but that's it yeah he's very is that a fantastic job this is absolutely hurt to come back next we'll see what happens to lock comes back next here the bar Crockett it they'll be next here. They've found another running back and later roundtree annual all of that next year. That's often the town a few of the points the turnaround from the salaries absolutely right. Think I've only coaches get enough credit for being able to light to turn around team admits he's. I mean you are one in five and you somehow figured Ottawa that you. This thing back divided by the reel off four straight at granite Florida Tennessee you're down and you've got an Idaho or you got an Idaho but at the same time. He's still managed to save your season saved the team and I they can the process burial and saved his job. Locally at least very important here in Manhattan Kansas State. Fateful game is still alive in Kansas State travels to Oklahoma State. I expect or what was this weekend to Oklahoma State next week in a home game against Iowa State. It's gonna it's up man. Yeah we've gone from I thought the case they could have potentially won the big twelve hours to finish top three in the conference I was really the wildcats coming into the season. This has been very disappointing year I don't you expect Casey to go on the road and beat top ten team and Oklahoma State but the inequities would play for the big twelve championship. I was status so they lost the luster that it and at that early in middle part of the season that's a winnable game on senior day here and it and it. But it is going to be tough for this wildcat amicable. You know looked like you could hang your hat on your case they've been at least they survive is listen. You barely lost taxes on the road. I think they're gonna be teased you home anyway he almost got Oklahoma and that was another type laws. You know you'd you'd barely lost to West Virginia and K state is really not that far off from the two loss team. Right now it was probably Kasich to go to Stillwater knock off Oklahoma State public that's happened there's a very gadgets that you miss it. This honorable game issue you've got Oklahoma State on the road that he got and got to finish up with I think a very good Iowa State team. But the good news is I was stated here man. But I still think it's going to be awfully difficult for the test is doable at six point. Last up here locally Oklahoma comes towards this region to absolutely baptize McCain's jail on. Basketball see below it's like yeah. No matter what happens. Hopefully everybody stays healthy. We all know what's gonna happen here's the outcome is over for deterred it. Oklahoma it's basically like the month start in the first half it was. Like once said he. Yeah. At launch with a relative prevalence huge game. Properly. It points and he said and I thought about this and he watched it which he's got to shake out that Hewlett. All things people these of the you know lies little bit you like to try to be keen to make good teams play he would do that well that you in this that is not my ideas what Richard. That you can de Guzman was. To run the Jericho oracle does name the grade and go back he needs to get to elect to run the wishbone. You don't get what you second tier guys did what you tailback is used this direction control the clock short game and maybe got a shot late and they're trying to run the spread office. And in an apology three outs in the next thing you know about forty enough so. This that's the only hope. It might indicate state our case you have excuse me as they entered Iran or its trade right now is there'd certainly. Why in more. We will catch up with bill loss our weekly hears is bill presented by seventh street casino where it's at the electric heating cooling will catch up with him momentarily. I'll ask you guys does this mean and not from teams that because but on the inner cities he goes weeks. Thirty things that Kansas city's no two were all accounts that you could go on it okay likes them very obscure stuff that only somebody that's it now. I've never been to the plant the lights there. But it is my bucket list of things to do like I've told myself not let it go with a cute like my mom's a lot like if that's gossip with the vehicle outside she's not doing. Yeah I've stated sat wrapped up in the like apocalypse but never let the likes their jackets coats its letter that likes cats are like where those things out at 8 o'clock on television before I've never gone out there before but while underwear it illegal is one mud bucket list of things now. I like we've ever give her on the plant the lights. I shot I think a turn on the planet like their jobs and Alex that they could do it between mean how. But it got to deal time leaders tackles for the next one might outweigh any if that are on the level like I'm not that far behind that guy is also get a touchdown passes and one interception. And a quarter so. You're close without really. That's Michael but all my bucket list of things to do it cities are on the planet like you go to at least outward. Mean as much as you get up but is it that it can't be that hard to do. Should go to the but to that the reports. I just wonder if that means accuse the elect. Things like. Some light so I've never been negates the one yet at ever at the gates. I feel like the plaza lights there remote is one of those things out that lived here my entire life and I've never into the plants like we've got a great opportunity killer Nazis and I assume that bill mosque has been to the plaza lights will talk to him about the sheets gave this week in. Bill mosque Missouri sports hall of Famer chiefs ambassador orgy of been the one Belmont to a drug addicts. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the electric heat into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Listening on the go get the 610 Sports Radio land. Well maybe. Bill mosque corporate world former chiefs defensive tackle. It's reversed itself be a big you know given spiritual Bernard that this could be a good year for which. On Twitter Redfield mosque popular I. We'll hold him and it looked betrayal of it off without exposing your greens got a wire we'll give him. You definitely got hold while president of the GC GC ambassadors. But I see him play I think. Marcia ball could have a guy like that a lot war. The back field we have a lot of different corporations do mosques are good you know what week. She wrote ruler went from a particular book all the reforms to sort of but it boom. It's not every day that it yup and catch up with the other sports. It's not everyday you get it talked to him that Sheila it's not everyday you get two former chief that the linesman but. Someone asked to do it we've been given that response to our conversation with a built las presented by seventh street casino where it's at it be electric heating cooling. Billy Bob I don't today man. Every Friday ordered you know. An Aggie I'm sure that you have so thank you failed to share. Though it did the levels are now no doubt about that you know for. She got it but at the big border crossing but he all. I absolutely no issue case they've now. With whoever we are lore it's not the little uneasy I was kind of break it out a rat's what state. We're afraid that I absolutely no issues you know what that's at it like Indonesia partner or EB friend of mine if you ever seen you don't pay an enemy of mine. Random that would threaten Elena they AKU I hate Kate you are. Ordered or you saw on the they let him down there on. I still on the bandwagon it was just one game bill you know that I'm not jumping off the bandwagon in their first. Road loss of the season without their best player I taste they sell all cannot do for your team. Here are the. This bill is I mean why would she got me concerned about Missouri basketball. Was well mostly on the road Utah without the number one in the country you lose some and I don't know why. That's the question. Noble Wyatt Howell. And now. Phishing measure bill you know what I'm gonna be positive and I'm going to be optimistic because it's Friday it's beautiful outside some of them on and I'm not gonna let Hewitt feigning negativity. Bring me down. What happens during an NFL bye week we always hear about the recovery how important is where biweekly chiefs just had a bye what does that like four player. Well you know I think Chinese team. And they're predictable right now on ten chart you can see the light in the tunnel and you know what you have to get done. Dosage important. In the home early. Really clustered just throat acute reaching trying to publicity. Slowly report that I mean. And I think the date that you can't sit sit back and look. Suited them significantly better. Understand the league currently has its own personality now. Each scene just personality you try to dole who. In it and understands scheduled to understand what you don't return to reflect. You'll love the biweekly keg stands courage partisan and look what the united the other two weeks I'll do whatever you want right. Well yeah. So in the march it was like to be expected trinket is so we just we didn't have that luxury simply to Ortiz remains will the different. A lot different actually in the eighties so that it coax their where he is you know because all we call C attendees are. And they get all excited about that that. A lot of guys go home and certainly some very big move the trip just give away. And they'll tell children you know you reflect what and you know what to do. Right now talking to bill Maas was brought to buy seventh street casino where it SA and also in BP electric heating cooling relax its MVP. But I want to ask you about Tom holly is. He missed the first eight games this season because he was on the pup list. Heating comes back he plays 20/20 three snaps against the Dallas Cowboys. And now he's already out like what can this team look in his defense count getting from Tom how leap between now in the end of the season. Well I think you actually it right now to. I think to distract hope for the bestseller. They got stuck in the situation where they're paying the money cartons. And so why not to see if he did anything. You know about the technical certificate. But they did you were cute as you know we expect it is neat where as well so sure. British Open that they can get some kind of productivity. You know. I wouldn't change direction it's virtually a bit it that's it's against the intensity jesus' day I think he did so don't carry it. Maybe it's something so work them. Bill let me ask you this do from a defensive alignment standpoint. Our Bailey's out this week Roy Miller got cut for the domestic violence issue that he ad in the bye we data Jackson though. How important is good solid depth that the line this time the. Well if you don't go to look at this team. The saints sitting. This year it's been does the offense and defense line in the story. You know what would they play good this team please your. I don't support for what people actually you know why play in effect it has on on both offense or defense and overall scene concert with. In order to just alarming story to support position. It starts instantly position that it's important that those successful work for signals to. Or if it opens of one of law. 6201 fireball what you wanted to cute. You don't see some time he looks like a world because it's the first few days or weeks when the content lowered its patch Russians changed up the road. Everything conscience gains. Those things there are personal or. And Derek we have a great defense over the last years but it has been up to snuff this year. He moved starter all year. Or a record low long term and it's affecting obviously shall. The effect oil in the run game on defense. Your linebackers are nicked up from the outside. Or they're in trouble due to work backwards which is some patience. The ocean standout big jump it's. You know you're correct the saints defense seems to hero. Everything changes the whole audience. All the songs he let the facts but so what. Get that rush O two seconds in your quarterback also and those quarter so look better you know slowly as the efforts there. Bill Wednesday on the show us that that I was gonna block anybody on the text on the call this game trap game because I don't think the giants are good enough to be attracted. Buffalo I'll listen to jets I'll listen seeded giants have one win this season and they just got beat by double digits by the San Francisco 49ers I don't know like consider them attract game. But as a player. How does this affect your focus going into a game that everybody knows this team is going to Wayne how does that affect for preparation focus during the week. Well it's human nature that's the hardest in the block you know you gotta play in this war plans or were they professionals don't actually. Do what we have to do but. I can slate. Just some regular course of the week. If we big game of my practice schedules will be our agency level would just a little bit. My attention to focus during the week was a little bit higher diplomatic journalist judgments that it might hit a victim also. I think it was just a little bit. More intense. And it and the same thing goes to effect when you say. It's secured. It's the brown also and those little things stolen that we. You do that you don't realize its way from from what you're supposed to be it's human nature. You know every kid that's part or. That was the hardest thing a player at or call was finding what needs. To get excited about plane to market charts. But I uses it to do what kinds of little things like. Watch teams but he is I explain things later opens or you were something that meet meet anchored. I don't study it keep it like that and and that's it you know what I want a future that I wanna be considered and are correct I built myself up to a week. That's aren't these older sister of the apple has shed light on orders purchase respect human nature gone. Sort of build on our weekly appearances with pillar presented by seventh street casino where it's at any electric heating cooling relax its NDP. Eight billion accidentally set amenity set a lot of things about timing. For me it was an I've been saying this this week is that I think the timing of this game is perfect the giants are not very good. And the chiefs. Need to use this game is sort of a slump busters get better on the run defense. To get better in pass defense to get better at forcing turnovers to get better go to the quarterback big time despite weak in this game against a really. Pat giants team is good. Yeah I mean I think that he had time to look if they once were so that it's simple really read it it's one of the urgency that we were so church the great. There are 63 I don't know what's at this year's schedule the circuit that your presence you know best I would be the practical way probably what you're telling yourself. And we are also an underlying thing here too. We're gonna travel we wouldn't example. This week's Thanksgiving. That we play in altering people's summit this week ago Monica airport all of those things you know. There are safe secure it can be distracting to your mind off of won't just talk about what you need to do what you're supposed to do that is what it'd say this we're restricted here as. That's bill moss our conversation with him a present of a seventh street casino where it's at. In electric MVP. Heating and cooling relax its MVP. Bill always enjoy it's obviously a man. Guys get on out there be careful. Let's go we will. I've tried not answered yes they think is winning this week he's pretty much instant it was all those game. Up next fanning is giving a few people out here and we are seeing the end of a special air in the NFL we tell you what it is next draft. The drive presented by don't think peace from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio. Back and all of that drive. We will get into about sometimes being great has its disadvantages but bidding has taken some people. It is fanning flames the it's sort of an plant that makes answered. Doubling every additional that's very good point every hour of the show Robert excellence that national take a hike it. And I'm assuming the it's always nationals on I felt like I know it's national take I it gets that it was nationals and that something. It's national take Ike did so I think it means like you know immigrant girl. He too bad that blunt when males take that that's what it means to take that Alexia. Tells people take like B get out. Let's start with the with the dollar Kardashians and I let all of them they get out we don't you would with me on this. While another. One would be in this boat with a lot and not wanna keep looking at a track that. And I track unless the other ethnic and now I'm not look at that the card as for updates on Donald Trump out of the follow what the Graham like maybe you're tied it at different. Use the card actually I'm not as ever for the social yeah. Guard actions that guy number two on the Lane Kiffin and stroller tenancy. He's droll and save any throw out that guys that news out of Florida Atlantic or international or Florida west out of the words that right now. Tattered blanket eat at night floor Lane Kiffin is it living troll yeah I like the internet's role yet Lane Kiffin. Here's a relative and I think anybody can get on board this like duty to pace they take a hike. You know adamant that I think I think guys have to pay nine point nine years old I don't know what you comes to let you know about the weather and yeah. Oh I would you over the fact that alcohol and got a hold it. Do they make it uncomfortable for everybody especially active with a two to be your friend what do you suppose then he's bald one day Watson who wrote the next day. You're supposed to not acknowledge I think they do two plays put everybody that that situation as we all know it is so got a two days they added here yep. I don't like winner will collect lip injections. What does that really annoyed me the national take I hate this essentially serve Brad Pitt. The banning of like Alex. Did you card that he would in this in this or read that immediately shipment yet that's our bread that mystery to take. Tiger trying to eleven's best liked about I had seen it knows. I bothering anybody CN you know. Or watch Sein told ID add your reasons for now watching it but this is basically the airing of grievances during fast is this your daily daddy you're airing out all of your grievances. In her Heidi and some sort of a segment called take a high. At the national take a hike what these guys that don't don't like what you're what you're at least what you're doing on the daily and be. Still early but I didn't I didn't. You know this essentially is I admit it I can't believe that we're going Kim Kourtney Khloe that. Well. Global probe Bruce Arena whatever the hell is her name is now. I would Caitlin I would yeah have a new items they lose it and I'll throw her there. You may want to. Take like little like Egypt. Is. Actually they look like below. I don't like that they get to in my last one I got it all day. They got out of that anonymous got to Letterman. And look at Twitter. Shakes up the which that your face. It. Doesn't. Up athletic they. Yeah. I. And news. Did you hit LS battling. Game it was an audible about that rob expert he's a daily you know he did say that plotted out right now. He's Diddy took. A statement steal my stuff yesterday. Then Roethlisberger last night so high here and now progressives. Who like I. Myself orbit trailblazers then that's what you are you're you're a visionary and a group hiding the real man of genius of the Bill Gates will co located in new house sometimes being great at does that mean it does momentarily. Work work at the end of a very special error in the NFL. The 2004. NFL draft class that great that quarterback classes. And the last leg. You live meeting about to be adhered bit Roethlisberger about to be adding here's same thing for Philip Rivers I mean not very often do you view and hopefully our clients. Then at three possible hall of famers Eli Manning is going to be a hall of fame someday adding that Roethlisberger is going to be all made them it will see on Philip Rivers I think he should be in the hall fame. Yeah but he is a little bit of a compiler doesn't have post season success. And of course that maybe the most realistic stat from all this of course that she didn't have a first round draft pick in the hall of fame quarterback with the bird ran their first pick wasn't until the second route they took Junior Siavii and I'm sure everybody has. Great five bit removed his dominance that she's look what he did what was yelling. Remember the you linemen you can see the and that's and they took him 2000 ports. That's bad luck Manley the number one overall it yeah geno Smith that's the best yet. No absolutely that's the bad luck with what we've really come to the end. A big varies special error in the NFL I said that yesterday to me if you believe it is being trapped gamer you're worried in any measure. About the New York Giants only worried about one player but you man. You'd think against this defense he still and they 300. Yard three touchdown no wonder that kind of passing day outfield I feel that if he thought showed up after the break him arsenal maybe I don't feel that way with sterling Shepperd and evident at the opening of the good player I think that's the only weapon that you had Orleans doc what to me is just a souped up. Tarkanian or less. He's a nice number two running back I don't know if that's being number one running back we're team I think it's the art of the old to 24 rushing yards. I think have 6570. Rushing yards and actually ship have on the animal day. Haven't anger might provide a little bit of mismatched I don't really expect the giants really do much offensively. Against the chiefs coming up in two minutes sometimes being great at a legend at disadvantage will explain had an excellent drive.