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The Drive
Friday, November 17th

K-State AD Gene Taylor joined CDot & Fanning live on-site at Kite's in Manhattan for a wide-ranging conversation on this year's football team, his time on the job, what's next for basketball, and notably the report that Bill Snyder nixed a verbal agreement for Jim Leavitt to become the next head coach because he wanted his son Sean to take over. They transitioned into a discussion on the Chiefs and why it's not a lock for them to win despite being double-digit favorites on the road. They end the hour with Heis' Week 11 Sleepers in Fantasy Advice with Heis.


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Good drive and presented by don't think it's the. People feeling our segments that are big that are ideal. I can't believe Nick Saban when do I think he he's trying to feel bearing the flames and a few days and then the flames they finish feel a bit and I almost feel appreciated it was today. For this world. How we got here and this qualifies them. Jeanne moos for all games. Holes. Talk. There's room. Good marks for doing my game go or how. Only because we didn't have any better now live from that way. Under cancer how we do here. A couple of things first they don't feel my material got to look at secondly it. Your next day and laugh. He was laughing. The only way that could do more within the plays that he does for your support you have been apart he's done all those Martina thank the only way to get a bit more being reported better fuel. It that makes me sound like a high school did him in the complaining about Ford Field. I'm going to favor the them. Fred good visit Iran made me a lot of record store bread in his. Things that you. Bit of their final evidence this week that we've done that doesn't he may go in there I don't know I'm just glad that that the man alive I thought it was like it's like we do birdies every week with Nick Saban on there. Yeah I remember our name. Guarantee Harrison. You try to average. Well that's another day another dollar another addition of the drive appeared to harassing your friend Yevgeny here you're probably in the studio but today. We here in Aggie Bill Weir and mean and it can't as live from heights bar and grill senior ready. Or a case they've got a game tonight that you hear. All these other states tomorrow they would see if something about it college. That I have to. Out of my life. Love my forties you better you will be under him to get that out analog outlook. No it's a fair test become like Al walked around a little bit before us that like pretty nice yeah so. You'd think that you built this big place it's that nice little quite like the fourth line you can see everything they got every fast progress threats need to replace the stop by got herself will be here catch the game and we are honored to be sitting down with the Kansas state athletic director. To start the show as we are men Gene Taylor thanks for about being here mrs. my efforts of the night. And you gotta make around around here got a topic kinds got to stop all these little the app. Sister Maggie product. The be needs and I. Well a clerk it's not nighttime it's got to know right now you can stop by the afternoon I would say probably with the sun goes down to execution and all that bad boy etiquette of plane. Closed city. No self that you have reached or six months as the case they'd athletic director of the bits of or. Being great you know it's two great players obviously it states that tremendously passionate fans in. You know certainly the football season. Not going as we planned. You know has been great new fans an awesome it's been very welcome maintenance that's been tremendous all. Good and enjoyed myself for him it's becoming. Mr. Eugene I mean the next two games or at least one of them got out right for all game absolutely. Certainly you know six wins is the Boston. At a minimum. You know it certainly feel that we are team capable of remote then there been times issues that we which was interpreted that way and so. This is a team that is very committed and noble game I am only surprised that no it. That's the thing Arenas but some like the Oklahoma game was active at the game was tied and you get so close so many times you know the West Virginia game so it's like. It's not like but this that the record is really. Tells that the entire truth this football team. They LA it's what those years that may have been a lot of years where those balls bouncing your direction and yeah and you win those close games and then things just happen and things just happy the way the wind of when an amendment. This is the year that does for summaries of those things haven't happened and obviously you know I think if you look and players Italian coach tell you there's times that we. Haven't put a complete game together office defense special teams and I think they feel they can do that than their cable read a lot of things like you said Oklahoma schools Texas. It into the TCU game we had it's such so called back we have some things happened. So yes as follows years we've just got to fight through it and wanting our kids have not done it not quit. Yeah in and out there playing hard every week in in and that's evidently dame practice have been out and not an every day of the days I go out there. There were canard that's good to see the. The biggest thing is they either you pay attention to you're looking at coaches and things that are going Alter programs you know how the kids do. An if they're still buying into coach. Yeah very much so I mean that is certainly you know for me being new it's a little bit more difficult to tell them don't know the athletes that well but. No longer around a program along here around the athletes you can kind of see in a sense of the on the still they still vine and is still part of it and the from what I've been able tell it's very much the case. With our kids here. Right now talking to Gene Taylor came to state athletic director on a personal level is this maybe the busiest time for you throughout the school academic year. Football season ending women's basketball men's basketball kind of gearing up as a Sherman's difficult on. Yes oh that was certainly a difficult as sexy fun because you're going from event to event and sport the sporting news. And if that newness of the basketball season starting so there's a lot of excitement there you. Hopefully anticipated the chance of horrible game around a football season so it is busy and it's a lot of fun a lot of activities months of this school on an. No this time here you're also doing Nielsen donor events and you get ready. We've got the you know we got the big twelve championship coming out and ultimately so we got a lot I've got a lot of travel coming up the next few months as well. Has apartment you've been the hardest for you just adjusting now being here is six months to go to my initial question is the specific tight knit community of people have been here for a long time kind of getting in those circles and kind of networking is starting to get to know everybody. You know that's hooked and one of them I think it's great place about men and Kansas State and our fan bases they are so welcoming and you know they they wanna meet the he ended their ability get a chance to sit down on Mars or development staff has done a great job of getting out to see your dollars. Whether it's within this data with in the region and the meaning some national in the Dallas and new York and Boston. And and they're very very open they just wanna know what you think what your vision is for the department of very supportive so. That's actually been very very good and enjoyed a lot of it we still needed him more of it is that a lot of great donors they need get a chance to announce the. Gee we had yet we that you put two to me is that your taxes a few days ago but yesterday the report came out for Brittany Murphy about. About Jim Leavitt having an agreement of verbal agreement to be the coach in waiting at Kansas State and that caused mr. not only locally but the I'll tell you what you know and actually to like that's been the big story what do you tell us about that and and what what is your knowledge about. Like I is certainly it's interesting the timing and all I guess I would just ask that handled that was yeah unique timing of things. Certainly to me it doesn't feel relevant you know the coaches here these are codes via I wasn't here during that time on old. Don't know what all took place but it does seem odd for me but as far as I'm concerned it. Doesn't have a lot of relevancy with with what we're doing today and willow when I've known since then you try to look up yesterday I think he's going to be typical that are there right and all the sudden they just crazy for every time they get it that. I think it was Siler is look at what's attached to it you can now is it directly like they might be you like those interest in the seasonally. Do you view your job and take even or six months now and and the future of the football program and and coach Schneider's decision in the future of what he's gonna do it worked what direction that's gonna go is that maybe that the biggest thing that you have on your plate you know. I think I was pretty evident when dying went through the process and then as I got here though is probably my most. Regularly asked questions who what when is the day the coats retired besides tire what are you going to do what's the plan. It is that your biggest decision and certainly when you have a coach with. His stature is let's do you know I was pleasantly stunned for program. You know I guess that I don't want to come any time soon but. You know someday it's going to yen in the when you do you've got to you've got some big shoes to field and he. There's a lot of people that care a great deal about this program policies succeed in the last time he left. You know didn't work out group. And people still have that sense that your who's going to be scar tissue yeah absolutely absolutely. Deservedly so and understand that so yeah I know it's a big decision. When it when it does come it's going to be is it's going to be low is to be looked at nationally in instrument by a fan base and it's going to be decisions critical for program. Right now talking to Kansas state athletic director Gene Taylor my initial reaction once saudis with all respect to Bill Snyder who was done so much Foreman had so much for the university. I wonder if you potentially has too much power if he has the ability to veto coaching hires that if you sign off on something can Bill Snyder to say no I don't want that and then it kind of which you're an awkward situation of I have to tell the person know who was the most influential person. But in this university's history. You know I. Nice and I don't know when coach goes. If these guys say I'm no longer coat you know I've been hired as athletic director to make that decision and certainly. You know you're not in. Today years ago coast to coast Woody's it was a direct you know but ultimately that's my job is to make that final decision and I certainly think by president. As a Myron is in support Meehan that that for me is the state coach you have no input. Makes no sense in terms of who he is one of the program welcome it's my decision because what's that decisions made. I'm going to be the guy little with it and that we are so that I can take bill Schneider that office I was out there if it doesn't part of it name on the stadium so. Certainly and I think. And for people that think that it's not going to be my decision really don't understand music person music athletic director and a us as an institution in the and I think that discredits coach Snyder a little bit too because I think he cares enough about this program. He's NC senior I think. It's ultimately is decision to Munich with those for. But I guess there's a little bit I guess some concern of like it's some mayor originality whenever you have to ask for the woman's pain in their address the father. Expecting him to say yes what do you sesno with a scenario I just don't gonna get married there it went like. It seems like bill like force on the view to head coach maybe you don't hear those belief like what you're doing that scenario if you're getting a little bit resistance. I I make that decision was I think is what's best for program and ultimately I think it's somebody that. He may not agree with built in that's going to be my caller are called in terms of myself the president Nazis the president's as well. And we have a board with a kiss a boy that has so approval these decisions and so tonight I don't anticipate to be an issue had a great relationship with coach it was six months week. We thought you know of them pretty regular basis and I feel confident that it. What's that day comes and I sit down and say coach you know this is what I'm thinking as what you're thinking that he's going to be very supportive I really believe that. You're pretty great spotted me could become an annual program that's got a really bad football program and policy you gotta get this thing back up and running again. We are also the spot where eventually you're gonna have to replace a legend. Which is it tougher spot like that. Yeah I it sits it and take it certainly I can't say that I never replaced the legend. You know those those exist very few cases obviously you're thinking of you know bill anything John Wooden you know maybe you know whoever replaces the Nick Saban and Alabama gave Greg burns there in those are those are those of big tough hires to replace there's no question. I think every situation is different you know the north for the state of seeing Craig left I wouldn't consider him a legend is certainly very successful very popular coach and that was very scrutinized in the smaller you know certain scale but. And and I think area very few situations different you might think it's easier replace of a coach that's struggling programs that the ability harder just because. And who wants to go there is nobody here have been great facilities this program is well well respected and what coaches done. Across the country I think the candidate pool B. Believe it and whoever steps in whoever that person is really has to understand what they're walking into. They're gonna every time they look up to the press box and saying hey coach woody called him in the assignments is Bill Snyder family's they have that he's gonna walk past the you know coach walked past the statue that dated in driving and so. That's a big shoes to fill for whoever gets that money you really have to understand that will be a question I'll ask them pretty directly you know you get yourself and. Targeted Gene Taylor the athletic director for K state you know I'm I make an eye on what your opinion that this was mine. Analogy but it's my comparison. I sort compared Kansas State Kansas City Royals doing and free agency. It's a smaller market team that really has very small margin for Ehrlich and decide free agent because. If they if they get raw they spent a lot of money screen. Listen as much of the luckiest in Algiers you know in the late nineties Michael bishop then fell love with this team in this program and in what bill Schneider and do. George it's Alabama Tennessee. How important and what is your margin for error when it comes to getting that new head coach. Well I think anytime you hire that coach of margin of error is small the usage replace legendary replacement program that's been successful that the guy left or you replaces the program to build that that. Because you have to figure out culture you have to Figo fit you know to zero what type of program. You're going to be immunity. I think that time the Naval Academy you know your own world option team on and coach decided he was in. Prose style office world that's not going to work and yeah. And it didn't work he actually hit that out though. Mean I think you just have to understand your situation and understand what type of program Mueller and bring a person and that's going to fit that culture that program. So that choice may be smaller but your margin of areas is probably small and every position every time trying to pars and now you ride I would say that. I think there's going to be a lot of coaches. That it would would be attracted to her on the ideas on Alabama's but you know it's a not a whole lot of these jobs out there not and they're not really good evening they know the passion that we we've gotten great donors would be great facilities we got the opportunity troop levels facilities. And we've got a great winning culture and that's a lot of people love the department. Right now talking to Kansas state athletic director Gene Taylor. Do you think you're job is may be of little bit harder I guess when it comes to view landscape of coaching is I feel pretty confident that eighty Reid is gonna be back for candidacy excuse bill sells probably going to be the coach K you basketball. Tomorrow Bill Self something could happen hopefully tomorrow he could just decide that I've done this or over the long tunnel to go home it's been more time with my grip here are up with we like it yet. So like that that is so does that make your job a little bit difficult just knowing the uncertainty of your head coaching job to some extent. I think that it certainly exists because of the Bob Stoops decisions you know it doesn't really matter I mean I think you fear. Sit in there always comfortable that your coach is going to be there forever. Now you write a mean it was both coach B and seventy years old and in the fact that you know he's retired before that. You know at some point he's gonna retire only in makes it any different agencies maybe think about a little bit more on the front side has more on the front of your. You thought process in the back you thought process on gifts and you know with a guy like Bill Self mutilation is throws at them pretty good but I guarantee is also thinking. You know I need to probably just be prepared in case that there comes. Let me ask you this it's probably at a spreadsheet but you have a drawer with some names and their rhetoric all got a hard drive with well they've done that days there that would you guys the open record hero and I'm not this is gonna write a paper. You know I don't I don't have a list but it's values in the any heated. No matter what their coaching situation is that there are always looking and then there are always news that way you know him regularly go to human being that would considers so. Anything I have those in my mind and but that was two years. The studio is a couple of coaches in the room. That maybe I'd look at the list and it. Let me ask you this that you guys did we it's got the released yesterday they get you played Missouri twice home and home what would end of that. You know we were we are in need of of the power five down the road than those two years non conference five it and just feels is our deputy. I've got to ask her to undertake on the schedule and she came news team which is considered loser you absolutely gave me the content they are interest it's those parties the conversation got the dates figured out and believe you me and announced a contract yesterday. Did you buy back for the big twelve considered Missouri's role in leading the conference are users there is are part because. The TARP like a little bit yeah that's a whole different story you know I think maybe that's. Days gone by and a lot of lot of big twelve teams are playing in the Missouri teams in London confidence process in across the boards light and you know it didn't really cross my mind. But we announced today a couple people say hey you know this can be an issue and I I didn't I didn't hear from anybody I think we're but I think it's you know it's done them down roses that the speaking of that game a lot of people kind of wish that game as a neutral site you guys having a conversation with Errol it yeah will acknowledge there have we did with each other about is there potentially decide that we thought this one was both really. You know what in society goes to really take a chance of fatal really good contest with both your home crowd so that's we just. The neutral you know hold on this time you know on the road in the room. It is basketball season what are your expectations publishers want that's what I'm pretty excited. For both codes committee and in coach Weber Whalen O Leo it's early in a couple of games. On the men's side I really like you'd think chances seem like these new ball really well. And still you know again the kids dollar basketball teams. Who actually likes the team elect go to my opinion when you. We hear coaches generally like my team that has a tendency to play up pretty well and know he's pretty excited about the potential for this team and I think we are Bryant is. And puts me besides India these batteries placed a lot of his left last year in he thinks that over time they're in good enough actually healthy. On the coach likes them inciting violence with the team but they've got to be aggressive again stamper and impassable on and so follows the team's game but seeing an exhibition. They get after. That's Kansas state athletic director Gene Taylor sitting down at this act tights or girl we appreciate your mighty guys have a great day it just aren't so oh by the time that -- and it might be well. Drive home. Bomber they liked that shot but it. Right now we at large your rights with it was that dollars ST here case. Bill literally taken appreciate coming to town got sort of union. In the future I feel pretty confident that he spent twenty minutes like you do with a every Barnett WB at 8 o'clock and that's. Then mind of my plight low blow don't have a safe trip humility and appreciate appreciate edited. Taylor Kansas state athletic director join the conversation Edwards doesn't really good talk he's always been pretty open and honest with us whenever you come on the shows who appreciate his time has been and twenty minutes to sit down with this he comes off to me is very aware of the responsibility that he knows he has at the athletic director of the coaches he's in a little bit of a difficult spot any tough situation he does seem prepared to handle. Yeah you know and in one of the things that he said that I really enjoy too is it. He said listen if I hire a head coach to replace bill Schneider. They they're gonna have to understand they're gonna walk by statute that you see his name on the stadium legacy is name everywhere and and I think. You know my assumption would be anyways that Jeanne was probably. Told that to like listen this is bill Schneider bill you know this is bill Snyder's down. This is you know bill Schneider highway Bill Snyder family stadium it's built Snyder everywhere and part of the gig. When you take this job is the fact that you are gonna have to probably hire the new head football coach and I think you know you have to know that company and I think it probably takes especially need to be able to take them. IQ and I are always different when it comes to use the scar tissue or maybe how much the past affects the the future. Understand a lot of people use that as a barometer I would say that to your stop that she's drafting a quarterback from 1983 until 2017. They get you missed on a first round draft pick for quarterback but that's the best way to win a Super Bowl. You might have missed going to last that coach but hiring the next Bill Snyder or the next great head coach is how you maintain that dominance. That you've had in the big twelve so I wouldn't let that pass your conferences don't make that same mistake again you're due diligence and find the proper head coach were pleased especially Manhattan. You know I I compare to this in and and you know I'm I've talked to guys about this and I see people in public and they said if elected no because they talk about my personal life on the air but. As any step parent you know people asking you know what you do. Like well I'll make the best decision I have with the information that I have a hope for the best and yet and not worry about making a mistake. And I think that's the case status in this coaching area to make the best decision. With the information you have based on the and at least of the Gene Taylor comes off as a guy it's not afraid to make a mistake he's got its gonna go out there. Put the work and try to figure out what's right for the university the other things that TC got that Annie Annie said this multiple times not a picky when we talked it. You know eighties and coaches and in people that speak in public allotted to pick out little tiny part of what they said in analyze it he said ultimately it's my decision. He said that policy three or four times and I think I think he understands that that he's willing to take on that responsibility. Of either hiring a coach that will be successful one that won't. We'll see what happens immunized John Curry would have said the exact same thing obviously was his decision the last Jim Leavitt that somebody overrule them. But I do think that they've beaten or any story line up. If you think wanting it bill but it's another thing are you going to be the one to tell the Snyder no I would guess in the thirty years that those matters in Manhattan you very rarely does that work I don't know if you're going to be the person to do it. Up next we switch gears and talk about the chiefs red Friday the sheets are massive favorite on the road but that doesn't necessarily mean what you think you don't I'll explain next drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electorate he can truly studios sixty and Sports Radio. Exclusive coverage of Sunday night. You know not much you can do about what happened that's got to move. Think anybody believes him right now bit. World we have and that prove everybody wrong. The voice you just heard was sterling Shepperd wide receiver for the New York Giants and I had left them. I would say that giants have one and a half weapons. Evan Ingram he's the whole weapons of Poland's sterling Shepperd is apt weapon I'm not giving it the bull like. What's like with a pocket that weapon used to be a weapon it's like a rusty knife that was like back in the day it was short yeah but it. I don't know if I'm considering him. A weapon anymore I looked at stuck because this. But the biggest disagreement that you and I have with the game now that still disagree it is. You'd think that she's need to play well in this game you'll look at where certain qualities of us are excellent reputation. I'm just this NFL lead with the W and you try to mess has many victories as possible and hope we get into the UQB who won or Tutsis. I looked this up because I was Kerry's. The chiefs this week are ten and a half point favorites at the giants. This season there in twelve games great team has been double digit papers doesn't happen every week in the NFL also we keep it threes that we should go and dating. It's normal situation like this good team playing really bad teams in the NFL or the beginning of the season. It's a game like Pittsburgh at the jets we thought the jets would be terrible they weren't the first couple weeks of the season. But they are ignorant so their big twelve game there's a date where there in the game with a double digit favorite. The double digit favorite is a let it in one in those games the only time that double digit favorite one. With the Miami Dolphins earlier this season beat the Atlanta Falcons what's not to out of our survivor it did that that was the gaming that was it. And you. A lot of these cities in fan bases were thinking the exact same things that she's where they may do about it dominate this opponent. You got Cleveland hockey the only. Opinion not dominate the clean programs. Teams that are double digit favorites are only five instead been against the spray. It's not a guarantee you're going to blow all of these teams out. Last season we saw the highest percentage of one possession game in the history of the NFL. Many NFL it's based in being tied in the fourth quarter. It's based in it being said in eighty may hit ten. Point game. This game I think it's gonna be closer than a lot of people would do regret ever lot of talk about after almost coming. Maybe she's warm out that it's not going into Iranian FL game expecting to blow the other team. Don't expect the chiefs to blow about what I expect though is that they have a chance to win the knockout what's the need. That's coliseum that's one of the things that I need to see yet achieved because we saw what it did it it's a really downed Denver team on Monday Night Football granted. Primetime game at aero this game is not it's at notre it's in New York it's on the road. So all of saying that he's seen him pull things out of this team civic to to at least make me feel better about the fact. With of what division of the playoffs I don't feel like this team at least where they are right now after nine weeks in a bye week. That they can really make some noise in the playoffs that's Rollins out there. Don't eat the cheese to blow them out and it used to. Obviously when this game and I need to see some improvement on the weakness that's all looking for a blow up like if you expect a lot yet that I could be disappointment 99%. That typically does. I understand that we have seen if you this year the didn't necessarily expect. I don't know I really expected Pittsburgh ranked forty last night on the tight and it's the outcome either but. I'm at the chiefs have the opportunity to at least land a knockout blow on this team should do because they have to do it. That got to do it to know that they can't they had the opportunity to do against Denver didn't do it. Inevitable stop the run him it was not as evident to get to the quarterback and force turnovers so it. Give me two or three of those things in this game against of that giants team Albie not be satisfied no matter what the scores. The Steelers or maybe the vehicle for my next point of the this week to week rain that it's been looking at them the NFL last week. There were the Steelers raw local or road at the Indianapolis Colts. This week like the best seat in the NFL to beat it last night down the Tennessee Titans. Not the Thursday night home game we know that the Pittsburgh Steelers at least the last couple of them that Roethlisberger has pretty much different team especially office and home as opposed on the road. I think we see now on the NFL made it is hard to predict things from week to week basis that everything on paper would tell you that she's gonna come died after. Down in Georgia. You had a bye week quarterbacks playing and I'll level I think you can run the ball effectively against that I'd go ball effectively its Wii gets him months ago pro football focus yesterday he said that the giants don't do anything well imagine living breathing NFL team. That does it do you think what else say about that. Who's done it all doesn't it but one day which I do well. But may it is the NFL I just I tried not to look at this game it's up Alabama vs state September non conference game. I think the giants are going to be a little bit more competitive ultimately your goal I think good team in the NFL. It's to play five months or take care if the good teams all keep the bad teams bad the giants are one of the worst of. Worse I've said all week it to me this game as a slot cluster for the geez that's the way they need treatment giants. Because going into this game and it's it's you're going against inferior competition all right we know that Vegas does that we know that the chiefs know that the giants now that. So when you going to team against a team you know you can smoker at least at the abilities while. You've got at least you've you've you've got to use these opportunities to improve lots of things and try some things to get better down the road when you play really good teams. Now we've talked at length about how. Week the chief schedule is for the final seven weeks in it is and it and I think you have seven golden opportunities for the chiefs. To get better at that thing that you're not very good. You play those four games. And lost three of home and what I consider to be the toughest stretch of the year. And you lost three of those things you're exposed if you in a handful of categories. You know when you're playing weaker competition you can play worse it's still get that come out of there with a victory I need to see that she's. In the next seven weeks improve on the things that the poor matter auspreys Tennessean on twelve for division champ it it's not doubted route one of the playoffs. Everly look at this team and I think Andy Reid is maybe the perfect example of how the chiefs just don't really lose games like this. The chiefs record what you read is that the coach against teams that are under 533. Of five and it's that we've all heard this week he sixteen in two. It is NFL coaching career coming off a bye. Teams that on the all the way to achieve two teams that don't turn the ball over the way that you don't turn the ball over. Any team that I know this season they have it done at least the way they've done in the years past that has the ability to take the football away. Those are not be upset phone kind of T yeah. I expect to see that she's following copy that same kind of formula and you give it you read extra week to dissect. A very porous giants defense I think we seem to office maybe get back to what it was the early part of the season the the last couple weeks that you think they're off to slow up a bit. Profits wasn't that dominant against the cowboys they want that good against the Broncos want that good against the Steelers now they. Played beautifully against the Oakland Raiders that seems like at least anomaly the last four weeks I think we'll see closer to week one week to chief's office. The what BC three the last four week. Yet it and I've said from the beginning that she's gonna make some noise laughter on the running game that's played big role. Last four weeks and then any agreement cream on us escorted touch now it's you know. Way back to week to a week three this season he has been at the end zone in a long long time and he has got over a hundred yards in. He didn't do it in in all four games that four game job that I considered these are difficult so it's a really good opportunity it was up with a black cloud the other side of the sport. You know we talk but it ingredient sixteen to act by which the two losses have come against city. So it can't happen but those losses happened against good teams. The New York Giants are not a good team so. The chiefs. And I give a lot of credit for this and the chiefs in his coaching staff the play everybody. They don't lose to bad teams very often. They just don't. And the New York Giants are bad team fully expect to win this game. You know I've got it at 3417. Because again to the butt kickers gonna get is he always does he averages three field goals a game. But I think that she's got to take care of the giants no problem needs some improvements really matters. If you miss the stat this season there in twelve games worry team has been a double digit favorite is now be thirteen because the chief of double digit favorite. In those games straight up the double digit favorite is eleven to one the only loss with the dolphins are the dolphins beat the falcons earlier this year. At Atlanta. Five and seven against the spread or the double digit favorites the game that you would expect the better team the more experienced team the team at the clear quarterback could mean. You expected to blow that the Little League team out that necessarily doesn't happen every week in the unit fell. Made it is a one possession kind of lead the NFL bases itself or paired in the any given Sunday mentality. I think it's game's going to be a little bit closer than maybe people think that it's going to be but I thought that it's going to be comfortable win for the cheese. Up next we'll gauge what little fantasy advice with ice the picture right. We will kids you've fantasy advice would heights momentarily. Apparently put all the ship earlier today. In Christ is pulling audio poor's. Go play real quick guys. There still is currently down. On Tennessee. Based show to everybody. That yes the Pittsburgh still think he put up a ton of points we'll bat. The team and is and a pretty solid for the but two season. Yep pretty darn good. So the Pittsburgh Steelers sit domesticity entire National Football League last night you don't trust them that assists as the AFC's. This weekend at the doing the patriot. The message that I got yesterday from the Pittsburgh Steelers it is. I don't wanna play at Heinz Field. I really that afraid of the Pittsburgh Steelers if you play it anywhere else but it up like that or at home. This book a profit that splits look out that topples burgers in the last three seasons in Heinz Field and away from I feel. This is the same team that barely beat the Indianapolis Colts a week ago. It didn't last night at home looked like absolute world beaters where Antonio Brown had. What are the what topped forty days we average wider Seagram yesterday. I don't think they are just such a completely different team that that's the message that I got yesterday. I know that's going to be the talk of the league about dominant that's used it looked yesterday and they were amazing yesterday Tennessee what if we went all the I've only of freedom Pittsburgh and I know how they played against the chiefs the last retired I don't want any parts of Pittsburgh. One wrote I'm not afraid to Pittsburgh or all. I'm afraid of Pittsburgh for the chiefs anyway romantic view is that she's gonna play Pittsburgh under the parking lot of kites and act easily be scared I mean Steelers only cheats. They dates they beat Madeira that they beat the Pittsburgh. I and a note to matchup nightmare for the for the chiefs and I. The the best thing for the chiefs in my opinion that he can be achieved that again desirable that Pittsburgh not in the picture and then get knocked out somewhere maybe for the other rest heavily. That you know you don't want any part of those guys in Pittsburgh Ottawa Ottawa Pittsburgh come to Kansas City. And maybe that's that's the difference I would say even the chiefs and chiefs are perfect example the last three times they've played in the clip of one time in Heinz Field in two times in Arabic. The once they played sides feel they got just destroyed now this Sunday Night Football game they got absolutely blitzed. That two times there it manages one mistake they're really cost you on the gate and the chiefs tied the football game up in a holding call was on air Fisher. That didn't make you snap the ball from the 112 point conversion you didn't convert. Mean they complete two point conversion should be tied ball game at home of the playoffs think you got a good chance to win and that you lose if Alex Smith hit the market Robinson one time in the end zone you win that football game. You've held that office dynamic as they looked last night you help at all fits under 21 point the last two times you played him. I'm just a little bit. I'm a little bit different on the steals and everybody else I cannot think of a basketball team the last time it came down to a couple possessions. If you can just secure the law make a couple of different plays and in the picture for those the game goes in a different way I do not afraid of those deals where everybody else in the. Well I mean we talk about this too like some teams have other teams numbers. You know and right now the Pittsburgh Steelers head chief numbers I don't think it matters at least right now where they play him speak at numbers iced it with those. It's numbers there's some good ones this weekend is Tennessee advice with highs every day of his time at 245 write these down because they haven't. I didn't have a fancy numbers don't you use a little bit out that's it we're here to do it's fantasy sports markets dot com there are presenting sponsor of fantasy advice with ice. I was good for some of the numbers on their site earlier today. If you answered their five dollar or three dollar and their one dollar entry fee on this for a total of nine dollars if you enter that same lineup. In all three it's a perfect line. You could walk away. Wins a bonus. 90000 dollars that's before the money you can win from the actual contest remember they offer bonuses per perfect lineup. There's there's salary cap over and its export markets dot com's it's great way to start playing. An answer and some lineups right awaited had dad's 8214. For a daily and C gamer and remember but he is that promo code. 610 Benny to get fifteen dollars deposited him right away. It's we. Aren't all aside I would just say the perfect fit as line up. Way more than that much like ten million dollars perfect. Because fewer apps wizard but its return on investment. You put huge drop in net dropping nine dollars have a chance to walk away with ninety. Not a good Leo Leo I'd like to hit by a perfectly. Well it makes it a little bit easier on their sites compared to some the other country have to go salary is. Speaking of celery days there are some sleepers. That maybe you're not considering for your fantasy sports markets lineup you wanna just plea Tom Brady and leave you out and all those guys' lives as a under the radar this week. Actually go often to give you one at each position we'll start at quarterback with Kirk cousins. Who is on the road against a very tough New Orleans Saints to wash can hang with the teams they can also adapt with. The pace of the game against Seattle as defensive oriented team this are to run the ball a little bit they can also participate in high volume shoot outside the games as well. This isn't an idealist or a bunch of points that means Kirk cousins is going to be throwing Klein. I do you compare him up with Peter Chris Thompson or James in crowded actually got target share in the volume is going to be Jain Norman's. Per week eleven in the NFL and the running spot if you want to not go ahead and find a sleeper there was a very easy when staring you right of the space Rex Burkhead of the New England Patriots. Going up against Oakland he's been much more involved in the offense with no Mike Gillis sleep is also got ten passing targets the last two weeks to go along with a couple of touchdowns. I'm sure that whatever lineup I'm putting together this week have at least the players to the New England Oakland game not Mexico City. Birkhead as he super easy way to make sure you get one of those players. What signal still am I easy Jeremy Maclin. Against the Green Bay Packers are Baltimore's. Now the bears coaches their completely inept when it comes to designing on offense and Green Bay actually looked fairly decent last week but. They've been dead last against the wide receiver position this year and fantasy the ravens are coming off a bye Joseph Flacco has been advocating that they need to shut the football around a little bit more. Jurgen has been their most consistent wide receiver so I don't think it's a ten targets is not a question. Per share in math and any really good matchup against green bank and finally you're looking for value a tight end Jared Cook. Of the Oakland Raiders against New England. Was that everyone's going to be on Travis Kelsey because the giants give up touchdowns like it's their business a tight ends. Akron is going to be on Rob Gronkowski in the highest over under game of the weekend. And rightfully so but I think Jared Cook could be really intriguing option. If you want if they'd some of the shots top tight and matchups this week he's been generally is average at average about fourteen points per game in his last four games. So of everybody on rocking Kelsey media content to Jared Cook and still get some really really good value from that position so again Kirk cousins wreck. Rob Rex Burkhead Jeremy Maclin. Jared Cook all targets that I really like her fantasy advice with ice. On a Friday. There's no team it's the most that of the gym grants the coaches Qaeda hide football I Q high motor. Guys in the New England Patriots and they just have a factory out that innate his freedom it's Rex Burkhead it's Wes Welker it's gym rats Chris Polk in its Julian addled and I mean they just always get the most out of those guys. Ice calls it was sleepers while we help. We know shift he wiped out for the patriots is definitely gonna have 75 yards receiving sixty yards on the ground and three scores and how they don't have. Shifty like it was lacrosse player might have these into a very good chance of having it really good game it has rferl one expert. It bit deisler let's hear from the real fantasy expert Matthew varies very high on the chiefs quarterback who. Three giants defense wound when he points per game fourth mostly. John three straight games with 25 or more fantasy points allowed opposing quarterbacks no team has a lot more fantasy points per game to quarterbacks. And the New York football giants outs that up by don't know how good Andy Reid is up abide. It didn't count that I've with the top three play. This week. You guys ready for a lot of the week this whole let me go ahead stretch. Let me give you a lock of the week. If they'll like me late in the fantasy. Uncle office that all of but the Alex admit it's rap it's Kelsey suspect in this there's one thing though this week. It is that Travis Hulsey is going to catch a touchdown. Against the New York Giants every ID kits that touchdown in the New York dies so ice put down my lock of the week I'll take in this that maybe. I've taken Alex Witt I take it Travis Kelsey. Alex is gonna go for 300 yards Travis Phelps is gonna have a hundred yards and a touchdown out what it this week poppies. Teach your gonna get it now because here's the other thing you have to. Absolutely Ecstasy everybody else in the world and their parents is going to be pairing Alex Smith and Travis LC this week it's it's an absolute right play. If you're in political candidates do ice I think everybody and their parents in this area is going to be playing Al Smith and Travis my dad's gonna play Alex and drugs kill all really you listens to assembles fantasy football Sunday presented by about light on Sunday mornings and if so he's probably playing Al Smith that spells. Heist it's my job to give people information to help them in there and it's a good I don't listen how to play. Because maybe you're not familiar with the work of one Alex and at the tracks tells the value. To be all and don't just play one problem. Play them both take this back. MacKey bear he caught Alex at a top replay in the NFL I tell me the top one play. Not only are ticket Alex over every quarterback available in the week he's giving it 300. And a couple touchdown passes in one of those touchdown prizes are usable into Travis kale. Here's the real question for you because Anderson Anderson sites where you can choose Alex Smith get a little bit of salary now let's say you're playing me one on one and head to head on fantasy sports markets where there is no salary cap. You're taken Alex Smith over at Tom Brady or and so forth you're saying that's your number one quarterback of the week. Take all 38. Alex met Travis Kelsey Ker re a higher retail libel drugs that I let you load up on the sheets profits of it might hanging forty on the guys I might load of speaker with the audit which have figured that teachers Ayers an apt to announcement which is gonna benefit wrong time now and the end. It is certainly gonna have sixty rushing yards and two scores the guys that. Pop quiz. We in spot where. I'm going to win. Today's five wins is presented by victory Chrysler dodge Jeep grand prize copy of Debbie. Two K eighteen Xbox one it is out now it takes you backstage into the race for the fight like never seen before with the most. That every game yet it delivers the larger roster we've seen in depth of history superstars like CNET Bruntlett go cold Steve Austin in the undertaker back. But all of you graphics engine or the line between video games that reality it that the actions that that operate. Experience the most realistic that that game to date. It's divvied it. But I was doing for like and you know as commuters near times you know and I got really extraordinarily rare rare event Blair hull hole one hold on I just looked up and across the room to make sure that everyone else at the same reaction. You're doing what's parlux what is it. Partly. Circles for like running they're called what part let. The American I'm not miss hit enough. I have absolutely no clue what that is but I have a good yes that Google is doing that so I don't know whether it is either party that's the years I have absolutely no with that if I don't which showed that is. What you thought all I have absolutely no clue what you can I got confused. I have I think it affects about gonna help me out so we'll all learn together what how much time. I'm under the car likes and you know as commuters for your time you know and I got an extra literary ray Maguire hello hope one pulled on I just looked up and across the room to make sure that everyone else at the same reaction. You're doing what Portland. Coming up in two minutes we'll get into the biggest mixed matches that achieves half against the giants next drive. The drive presented by don't sinking us from the MVP electric heating and who studios sixty and Sports Radio.