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Head coach Shannon Jolley on The Day Shift


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We came across this great article being that does that were just talking about here but for the top the hour break him a course of the watched the polls. And we see that there is one specific situation. Right here in Missouri in the state of Missouri that a lot of people should deathly. Take a look at this article on the Washington Post because it speaks to the good that high school outlets specifically told his due for an entire community. Yes when he suited to me you know odds as culpable in the area. Old mustangs lost in the quarterfinals this past week Melbourne but they had a great season. Coach Ian jolly head coach of Wheldon joins is now coach congratulations on a good season in that thanks for coming on. This is this is an interesting story considering we're its front you know it's from the East Coast the Washington Post. In their duel the story. On high school football right here in the in the city in a state of Missouri. All speak with the angle coach it or tell you why they they went failed to do a story. Well look at the long road. You know try to keep it short version here they'd vote journalism workshop. Here in our community of the university assert. We have doctors. Here. Seven days although the world optimist or Australia and different things that one of the photographers who would actually the productive or National Geographic. He chose one of one football player to follow rap that we can make dot. Do pictures and it would say it really cool opportunity work or school district at those people. In L from the university period in the young man let it but it took photos I've gotten some money ball players. Wanda Wanda competition I want content that it would you will. And in terms of the Washington Post it courageous from there because of the nationally renowned photographers and so. About a week later. Indicated ought to vote that we all witnessed and I think it's kind of fell low with it. With being here and small World Series it federal courts here. I think one of the things to coach shoes or more won't reading it gives. We we're high school I your high school coaches dynasty in the pressure they're under from the parents and Morales and people talk about some of the funds they make and I always say. It goes deeper than just coaching football sometimes with these guys. In the story it says that nearly fifty players on your team. About 35 come from struggling mostly single parents homes. Permitting football's the psychological life he said I we still parents we could be a part of your team. If you lettuce if you trust this we can be part of processor raising. Young men I guess sometimes the coach who did you guys single parent families you do feels like some kind of apparent. Well I think again I think any coach in and I don't think workday unique I think it was affected. It is they get them in it appears either the order government under a tremendous coaches are areas that are unbelievable men tulips. Let them I think more than that more than ever that we we understand the role of the key to it is yet Somalia nickel we still listen to lectures someplace football. And that's absolutely. Oklahoma their plate for someone of influence. And that they're radical program based on Armstrong foundation and not the bully and an unfortunate as I was always. A point that. You'll adamant about the way we view things and so what we do it but I can tell you right now it's great mentor myself. And it allowed me to grow and learn to understand what our goal of this football coaches. That he's well you know the x.s and those court I think really eat the other in coach of trade. It is the other part that the main port the comfort from Rhode adoring and those relationships Q. Told one of the things that I enjoyed it in regards the pieces some. Everything surrounding tie Bustamante Q can you tell listening audience a little bit about him. And his relation with the team because this a guy that has been a player and and he's you know he it in the piece the air. He had to step away from the game it into the might be on the still aspect. If he wants to be a part of something special he wanted to be a part of the football fan. Well I think it's that part of the process and in the way that you approach you know you're program which we just want to make sure that experience. Is rewarding you know not just on the field but off you would really do it up because. We'll talk about the byproduct. Of everything and you know if you practiced and you spend all the time in the summer your preparation. They're prepared and stay on the scene that our products are clinical and I think those are the things we talk about it in practice. A leader like you know party he. And you know you really work our you're drenched in sweat. In those things that you eagle and that you feel proud about or its equity and they'll be rendered thing we built on so we try to try to really talk about. The product and making what you get from just the work and preparation. And and it's you know I think the statement at court in the process you know about the thing which do not necessarily on Friday night. But up there I think it's them I think you can say I think every young man wants a little bit of a well like that is if not for everybody it's a and that the big orchestra and motivate kids to come out there and worked hard in the summer in the way almost sank so they can they can you know being extra. You know taught one at these are really struck me because outside of of radio I've been involved in Nam it agitation for a long time for many years of roughly about eighteen years. And you know I've worked at the college level of worked in high school all worked in the elementary school and is specifically when he comes he worked with younger people. One of the quotes off from the east really struck me and it says that amber goers to uniformity is one of our main things that we all Wear the exact same equipment. Nothing extra because I don't wanna teen who was four to field he has less. When we put on our uniforms every one is the same. And I love that. Because. I have worked in in certain schools or situations we're. They had down everybody had a uniform was a standard uniform that it that was that was given in and it was it was. You know different companies donate if you know for the uniforms that you gave about it because you have these kids that are of value waiting each. And everybody else when it comes to the school based on the clothing that they have boy and we tend to pick and choose on people in society because they don't have the same things we have. Yes it did your victory in the group that the effort last burst out coached. And I think are well they like the other. If you look at it you'll it would take a look at the uniform and our country you think about things to come operate in the military. The police department. On those people significantly and even culture perfection. And we look at these people and we put in uniform and a lot of that it's appropriate in an otter. It's our beautiful. But in the military could I couldn't we can't talk about it but you can uniform DC United States marine or sort of sub out. And you know and I think I don't understand that it's okay if you light up the extra stuff. And he takes away from from beautiful. And if if you if you're if you're stressing that you try to create equal opportunities all the kids. I think it speaks volumes and just look at those parts think they'll be at the war. The actors you know cure Michigan that these new rules about globe in an arm bands. It we got lapped but we is that fact that very much. When we Turkey expert so. Geared up that I figured of for the port coaches it's refreshing stuff it really is it when I hear. You talk about this too believes in the role that just goes beyond football he said of all the players learn is how to block and tackle I failed them. You have the team go pump gas at Casey's General Store. And you donate money to the women's and Children's Hospital Columbia Missouri go to these are things just don't see every day with teams. If I don't understand that is dumb as that's what we do on their to eat for Mets in this story is that Children's Hospital called debate in place. If you've never been there pat before. Our superintendent's wife. At a competition with their with their last child and should it and there are almost three months longer than that and we spent a lot of time for those people were made. And insult the deal that it's some local when the opportunity came up we were like. You know it's an outstanding opportunity put it back so that it's right in our backyard you know that's what they saying so. You know and I want to make sure their barge into the quote Bob it's rival it's such luck they'll. The culture at arms of an epic Parker's work. Toms was some was killed several years ago. While Bob what is it that if you get up so high school coach the year. Andy and amazingly. It duck coach Thomas that's a quote it that I rid from him an eyeful in peace with the tools from that would cited. Both. At that goes back. It is about coast on the up and I would have really small town. We'll talk about it. You know you've read about those guys end up in in those are the ones that it that are teaching of you know the younger guys that it is saying which it got to pay attention. Get you get yeah look for the right guy I told about it that you're applicable models and he wrote it in people keep failing. Either he cheating where art building or do little else. It's tougher and tougher but if you if you work hard that you can find great then and went for that matter follow it for like that it. Also like to you fainted and now liked you know a lot of exits are talking about you on the show. On IE and hopefully our our past lacrosse at some point but for all of those who blocked a listening to our two hour show right now and listen to you talk. And had not read the piece but will go in check out the piece at the Washington the polls on today. What do you take all what do you want to be the main thing they take away from the act out from this particular article. Well. Many betting the Nittany. So. It. She. Is that it's well surprise. At the watch vote she wrote for Sports Illustrated where they twelve or thirteen years. And into it and making connections in India is that similar interest that we had to say and I think everybody has an interest. High school football football in general and I think from Scotland site of of what will make art school football. I'm excited and we got a pretty good job this year and we've gotten we've gotten some of them. Noted that tension really based on some of them you know what are two entries with an appropriate but they're a lot of coaches and people across state nation. In high school football that are that are promoting good things. The last thing that lightly with this you know we talk about the people that the most impressive people who grow older people to protect our country. And the people protect that the police officers military. In all of those assignments all the positions require rigorous training records type of response boat to get through they'll just to be in those position. And I think high school football is one of the few things we still have. But I think demand those are things that helped in an argument and eliminate them in our interests in those positions so that positions in the world. Then it will create an opportunity to introduce you to some preparation prior to their choice to insert. What do you what coaching is so refreshing here in this because you know people in the attack on football is your kids when Pope or not. This story for you is why I say is this sport. Must go on baby it's it's the life lessons in what you're teaching these kids. These are important lessons they're getting in and I appreciate you doing this I appreciate it coach that you are his. It's not always like this and other places coach and I like the way your perspective. Respect the game and respect everything around the game I mean this is what football's all about. Well I think it's set up at some great mentor to number some from some great people what in the tremendous threat leader successful athlete myself. And so pretty deeply committed to talk about things. It does that you don't believe me I appreciate you guys that may have liked it. It's no that like that there's there's honored by the coaches out here doing similar things that we're just it's fortunate this year to. Good to deal with talk about it or he'll print platforms shared so but I do appreciate you get it won't. Will be pulled for Elden. Next year and years beyond that you coach.