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Paul Charchain on with Lake and Bink on The Day Shift


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And joining us now to talk fanciful ball. Will be safe and Campbell like Tom is all charts it was a charts. Why am I don't understand it that. It is pro created again. No client client asked Ryan I will cast he had a kid in the named Bruce Gordon. Gordon for Alex Gordon. Bruce I don't know why but it has agreed linebacker ring to a Bruce would taos ski. Your fancy your church who would you put that name. There were picked. I DDR I went through or what we sort out amid. All this time dole. Charts our program director as well as me and basically we all all that the horse that was actually going to have the child might have been why because it's really below the easiest and really heavy guy you know but. But what's it for him on the you know all is well with the family and I just checked him like fifteen minutes ago he said they're getting discharged so one. Yes Bruce Gordon wood house Bruce Gordon which I was. Gordon county if you know what I liked it. As somebody that not as difficult as the last thing he came out it difficult to stop first and did it if it cool logical part of I got all my lack name every time you know you're running and until that he talked about quite different Twitter followers right. Paul CH a RE. Yeah. And you hear her name is. Even a bit like what they are actually spoke border away. I'll admit up front audience felt that you've got out of course names like Bruce. It is unequivocal felon ever written note outward there's not very different I think he got. I think needed to it is funny because. Who was a quarterback that was a backup quarterback for awhile was a Bruce grant house Byrd cast doubt if Apple's yet that yeah. I said earlier today as it's gonna be tipped museum down the line is that you do Greg Orton Antonio at that at a I charged. And yet I've you know what I'd already rather happy about it. I hear a man Iberia let's toss a basketball ball of its public that the major breaking news this week. In that as he took Elliott Jimenez armed his rants they're not gonna fight anymore. Dave just cool Dave said you know what's gonna go ahead in an entire state a sealed. We gonna go ahead and take the at the rest of the suspension. Which should seek owners just drop him out right. Now that it's such a bomber and now he'll be back we see. And unfortunately be in Seattle weeks sixteen and most people up their pants jacket with sixty. Summer you'll long into seventeen support it acts Billy. Really liked it best when he ultimately. Settle. I can't really the key even using Iraq or spot. I'm a guy who's in it you know point four that we are about but we. And then he's going to potentially not going to be much more banging against Seattle after that so. You know it is you have to be objective and you don't feel you know what you're get here you've given aptly companies keep you really picture in week sixteen. OK what Paul speak for everybody well I I think you've got to act they go pick up. And you are running back is the department running backing cricket that we. But oddly he lied and Jamal Jamal Williams who are two duck now starting that he'd. Bill while we acquired everywhere and what it returns this. That the aren't options that that are gonna be more so I think that apple. Well speaking of the roster questions charts and David Johnson the window for his return is approaching. Is this a gagging on rosters. Yeah he would talk about it. Maybe a month ago when we are you there were reports that he was twenty tore. It out and keeping. And his return timetable more so than Christmas and it's important because it's Kirk met the well shut down there there are in Milwaukee. But Thanksgiving and complain and everything twenty or Thanksgiving capped it off as scheduled on everything books like. Or can he do the job that sooner or later eligible to come back. It quickly two weeks from now so there any chance that work at it adopted Merkel later the law and outlaw. So you'll want they'll wrap them in your native speaker Peter and older men might want to consider selling one can. I tell one of the young BO running backs it's just mentioned to topple ball minutes ago we want to mention again because there's two Albert you wanna backs. But to be taking or starting duties for their team it Basie or start a died its image as a Monty he run and the other guy is too maul would. Yeah outlook for tamales are illegal here until the Packers are go to won't Alter. Your work for spring practice running back like. In the injury department governor don't see it it appears starter. And Jamal Williams long look in the second half laps we started on the back out and he looked. Look pretty good that they buy it didn't for tackles stringer water is typical life and work and it. You know that you just all the political life in the air rocker the airport once owned a whole bunch and they ran by. Preferably they might want to dump my beater that it would define. Well that typically people more comfortable but not they're don't expect in the box. I didn't like him to articulate and you're starting running back or the out of the question with. Brought Kelly outgoing and I offer and probably not yet you know anybody but if college but he looked good and Megyn Kelly the top matchup this week he built up in saint anger bishop of chocolate last week don't mark or that. But nevertheless in eagle and Jerry. Going forward. He can be guy it was her not their overtime while you're so oh I thought that. Or it wouldn't start at one that we hear could have other options are both of two from a. Yeah he Ryan once rain for 427. Yards and gained charge against Kansas. Set a record that Melvin Gordon said just one previous week's only took one week. For people are interior yeah. Gore was a record. 11 week and he Ryan broke the next week you schemes you'd still go for 140 tunes I think. That we need to. Record you're probably involve Gordon probably figure himself I kept out of. Never BDA George will Fuller. He was really good to Shawn Watson. But now Tom savage is there is as quarterback. He's going to miss these this week's game maybe even more. This guy can drop. Yeah well what further breakdown will Fortier is it's pretty depressing we don't need to belabor equals that was true the talk that Eric. It's worth reminding listeners that last year will politically in every game for protection. Would it brick out flowers as quarterback. He's just languished. From week four forward look forward ever scored. He wants all flat so that quarterback. Is back in that they'll apply offense. What not able to eat and people would not go forward and they're. Last year. And that people that little not good either so this week we've been an opportunity to struggle for me if you were helped the cardinals by. Going forward this to the only one really popped the matchup in the effort to school fourteen. And all the rest and after this summer between middle of the road are itself I think he got here at the clock war fortunately. Well he could invite them out on we acquired. Talking to Paul charts instantly save that Thomas Campbell docked on the on the invasive. Is it too early to start Dini would hand in his horse came back from IR. Yeah total is ultimately how I'll tell you know oh in week 11. Bit he was. The goal to running back for the heat but that was one series of war in week one and normal sane you worked out that your lap but say they have to eat hard and firm evidence before they take and level. So I think that. All we keep hearing out there but it was black start any would at this week. He would recover from hamstring injury credit. College in deep on fire in what could be at the roster spot summoned. You don't block better informed Allen he ought to she's she's absolutely being wrapped that it Allen. And the ravens for the wonders on the dole team from what happens to their running back collapsed on them late in app. And to switch opponents Green Bay they give up speaking of the year if you were taken out America the last eight. So there's they see there's a scenario last year where would you map out appointment. Kept nodding passes for under art that is near where he put the star purple number circuit healers like your first game back. Charges we do each and every week you did gain dike titans at the Steelers. The one thing we should go about the players in tonight's game. Are looked at the side. Markets where it looked up at the U defense that. Been pretty cool if the past but because you need to be an ending injury threatening scenario historical walk. Corrugated does that tell you there are out there rookie wide receiver from the first round he's only played the oh game in two of those games that target and the high. I'd like you go outside here. Chart map it is label with Joseph Haden how he's hot he's primarily going to see. His back if Cody Sensabaugh has been little in the time that you have this year. Delanie Walker on the bench yet it's gorgeous here one tight end up if you are the adult even. And then there's really tricky bit of running backs DeMarco Murray here every. Living there right down the middle. And it that was the problem is. If you can try to hit last week three putt bounced on Corey are we all get the defense that. Forty aren't good against the run but you could have it back no no warning without it's that irked by. On the New York. Yeah it probably you know that is awesome and I'll probably it was awesome on inclined. It may not know about how great his home. Weaker numbers are in November December gains of the last two years. Locke has burger applicant and in need 348. Yard three touchdown passes. It's not as it per game averages that to be like you know the one high game. Articulate your round went from Portland receiver you do that Shuster terrific. The market by our top three weeks ago he's been opted for an aerial titans rank bottom while the every category. Or. Well lapped it up now up at a boldly number one defense giving it to ninety Q ground yards per game. But he played about your start. Nice nice I filed these leads arts every week you give us sleeper. A quarterback running back to wide out what you get. Are. Everybody else going at empathetic. Are out at two and a half that's found in men it black smoke. Like her to have a child for us up like ilk. They'll say the word yet on what he sent the 277. Passing yards per game every quarterback the score he wants is ample all of your law. Op board but it should be options journalists under the botnet of its stock. Up. And you don't community college and you like on his running back Kenyan to break Drake it will. Far better than Williams and even though they come out of this. Williams had a look really aren't any and three and eat (%expletive) he'd war series. And at the thought she said that allowed 100 plus yards to pull on back and forth the last game so like him and I pick up the waiver wire Mike Wallace. Is up out of that I am a couple more so the Baltimore cheaper options but. Ultimately it is the curtain on helping out about its Green Bay Packers secondary been beaten. Well he can beat them like Writely for a particular. You guys have the Packers last week. Jocks don't need to use for down the Packers week or that. SP mortgage you don't put two touchdowns and before that they in under forty in the Arctic Green Bay and might walk the full name is out of speed itself. I like him there. And it hammer yes. It is time for that. You know that's that that you I've been doing this for a lot I think that it. Oh yes all right I know he's going. Tuesday. Was odd number 141 of the most important days that you're from. Twelve years ago on Tuesday my daughter arteries for. Eleven years ago on Tuesday the page turn one point two stationery store and it bought her a leather bound like journal. And every November 14 I handle right foot locker you Audrey in the book. I write about a year together but how much she's grown and changed. But I should make you lap over such as he gathered special moment that we share I I give her accomplishments. How much her real lack of enthusiasm from white just do my part was that the appropriate she gave it my entire life. It really deeper meaning then finally I ever have before. And do they wrote this year's chapter in the book is the highlight of my year every year. Now she doesn't know about the ball I'm not telling her maybe she go to college which is Mary I'll give up give the book to her it was twenty years. Hair is perfect spot especially right like hopeless thing right now. Think about how much this equipment you your parents. And you don't permit that to each week I have a lot of hype you he would sit like this is the one time I can say with total confidence. This advice will be accurate. You will be so glad it is this your kid no matter what their age it. And that is example number 1000 of why all start seeing is a special human being a charged out locally you bet every year because you know what you can do that. Every year on this station for just that won this segment. And you know what note it's did you get to connect with somebody that did not hear it a year before he reform that it's a boy we're going to be talking a minute charge he's fifty have out of college. The technical picker upper right and that as a district court for two seconds that I appreciate your. Maybe Ryan will pick up on as well. Astle was also what makes it easy he gets at night I know these energy does say that before but will re emphasize it. Here this weekend I I didn't applause and I'll be back throughout Thanksgiving. Yeah and other receivables will see that. What you're are you going to be the purpose and if she skill that at that it would be here. Aren't purposely lighting it up and Henry appreciate it I'm lighting up. All I'm watching my men are provisions of all of my immediate for our country who were coming yet. Oh no. No doubt it'll be down at that stakeouts yet don't know Donna definitely. On charts up and then just go ahead with the funds aside right now but it deficit will be on the list. We invite our pirates didn't lose the new year I guess he's a weekly guess again I know he'd lived in the birth defect that's a. Yeah yeah yeah I'm not rigid encounter with a real govern right. Path. I judge who talked to next week and yet taken.