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Wednesday, November 15th

Rich Gannon on The Day Shift w/ Lake & Bink


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You liking him for climate counts here. On this Wednesday morning Ryan out stuff for the rest of the week it affected done in his life. Another ticket. Another son in the name Bruce Gradkowski that's the one thing Bruce Gordon which tells you that anger management agree with that at we're gonna talk to risk. And it from CBS sports right now is Omaha oil rich. Carter or. Would pretty awesome I would pretty well it would look for to us that she's back in action this week and use the new giants and I guess so. Yeah. It that way aren't certain. Doctor you meant to test with the loss means that kind of looking at. You're the New York Giants but. This. It's it's on the coaching staffs of the seats that you had a bye week to rob a little bit at one and three in the last month. What you're number one objective as it into the bye. I think two things I think first of formal obviously get all these are defector things and I know that any step in there. It's a trip to really decade. Federal law. You know self doubt and look at what they've done what the first effort street and figured well. He continued to build on them. Look at incorporating some new concepts and ideas both offense with the current game. But the more important chance to really go back and look at areas where the record from. If the weather tackling but the battle whether. Blog there whether. People protection. Yeah I think they credit communication. Areas where they may have been cute red though there are now whatever it is. The thing that they could make their Cordoba that is like teaching eagle opportunity he's an extra couple days. It to focus in your pursuit stronger and start with. Beat the giants and the bigger you know drive or what could have lost three straight you're there organizers. Well look at our civil war let. What about our coast this week that that happened. He would he would be tracked this unit you know let that. But it should have done it and that the preparation and nick had not you will. And the team lightly they can't because what you might think oh what a couple applicable. Yet still let them play maker they have their portfolio. The secret that the that the tinker. Rich we talked to a Heath Evans yesterday and asked him about look at the chiefs scheduled next seven games there are the toughest games. In the world in the builder two weeks he birdie binge their quarterback. How do you gore against complacency. In the NFL when teams can win each and every week he said the coaches were typically harder on him in the twenty point wins in the war. In the losses to the chiefs guard against not overlooking opponents. The number could mean. Quirk creek and converted them. In an ideal sport to last pick me it would accept. You know we're seeing here intractable and they don't handle well you know your uncle talk about. Elect this simple words it'll couple recorded in the community here late and great week. You'll see that Borough the picture perfect that talent to be able to. Could these coaches they'll continue to work hard. That the it was all. To make sure that. Not to. You don't make it but for the slide but it getting better. In years you know improving as you you know you get into the oil that would happen here look back it'll outlawed aggregate. W a little bit of great importance to global arguably beat up pretty 49ers. If they were Honeycutt football team especially what the ball well so incredible that better December. Their Flacco on the street and the poultry than. You can twelve you know a couple of oil but big and that thought hey you wanna be seeking. At your coach Coyle. Rich I note that we're talking about a bad ball team in the giant right now they're just they'd be gas so many issues going on you mentioned the news coach is on the hot seat up players sound like you're a little bit disgruntled with things that are going on in New York. Just come up on from your perspective in in all the the years that you played in the NFL. Take take the the giants are two ways in terms of their talent out of it. What is it like playing in New York because we hear about certain places are. Top places to play like arrowhead stadiums it's a place to play we we hear about Oakley in bold was like playing in New York. Well at the Big Apple on a lot of obviously. You know raising the art expert record or members on one grade there. You know immediately the beauty you know block immediate quarterback news is termed called him. And repeat and twelve reporters there from park that thing. If you go to your hundred but you know who wondered if you know your political papers and and you don't TV station. Affiliate there on covering football can go to big deal. And when you're not playing well in part because a bunker but in the back in your card you're doing news public that things. On the lookout or that if they get pretty critical it and so I think it'll that are being able to turn paid the big concern when you watch the giants though that is that people criticize the effort. And that would. You bet your curable if they reject the good little political Clark I like well in part of the liturgy and crashed in the business and awful angle but the thing is that the presidential couple of more a couple weeks. I would tell you that. It could be interesting. Because when you criticize. Things for the lack of effort. Then you start record players but it was it was the core professional about seeing though. Now the other players and it could be you know. He really comes out fired it you know these global line of the article was. So sudden it turns out with Chico that it could be. One of the epic games that you don't care that's why it's important that the skirt and early on which the leaked the corrupt or. Orders. In rich one of the things is working well earlier this season without that in of quarterback running back were well won't Kreme hall was doing his thing. Alex Smith was having more flexibility. To do things he elected you and I wish that that Alex Smith could really help cream on as far as their running game has. Warning he just hasn't been there are six games cream Huntsman held out of the end zone in are thinking they're focusing more and Alex Smith. A little bit. In your experience as a quarterback good morning back. Things they can do to really get cream hunt going is it out Smith going downfield more what do you think the quarterback needs to do to get help to running. Well. I think he can continue to do mean I think the true picture of getting them in the tour purely a lot of these large commitment the work. The Michael couple different versions of the ball draw more straight down the week's Saturday watermark to certain locking company to go forward. The reduction because it's the perfect partner and Portland that are Bobble or weight reduction neutral. He hypocrite you are getting in you know those are complacent and not running Google low at the things from these other eco park this year. If you know I think people are gonna crop large commitment eke out a probable 11 down play action do different things there. Whisper about you know get to promote and beset we have on the back he'll. Get the ball out quickly to contribute shall but that day. You really get back to. It's got to be about that he would cut the you know a commitment to the running game believe that you have to get out rather than. He can't let the ball ball you'd former football they've got out. Double the running game and play better Arctic article article that block of Hamburg I didn't block in the running game. Of you know the running back beat like that that downhill that accurately what the activity incredible relief well for a while he. Talking to Rich Gannon from CBS sports on the base of would like to bake him a follow on quarter at Ritz gain in twelve. Rich what when I look at this match up. A get out respects Eli Manning I think he's you know he's you know probably gonna go the whole thing he's won a couple of Super Bowls but what am when I'm looking at this week specifically. They have so many play makers that are her. And I know that the defense has been struggling here lately. I'm trying to the growth of at least from an offensive standpoint with the with the giants how they are going to put points on the board against it sees how do you think they look to do. What you're right I mean there are looking at the personnel and you you know like I could. Reel off the brain humans. Are you look at their seat record got Louis change shepherd. Rudolph agreement both first and second your players so. They're young career. You know obviously all of the cutter that are a little bit Ingram is obviously a rookie furthered that pretty honored for key areas by. They get better quarterback I don't think the planet could change all that much of the China doll. But the good news there because the ball out and structural. And he probably told Curtis park on the cease speaker pretty and he could have that. The ball out quick and be accurate you know eat and actors are they know what their issues are they've got some real problems with the offer of line. Don't want to get there. You're the quarterback. You know guys. Those 336. Years old they'll they'll expose into any of necessary yet so Kabila architectural corporate control. And that's what could be important that you targeted take away the quick throws. When the ball park conclude or ultimate golf committee. Yak yards to cancer you know the export support to get these yet on the ground Nick Park or make them go eighty yards and intense what players. Ritual of back away from the tees were just sick or your opinion on this we discussed earlier. But. Minnesota Vikings get a situation were case Keenan has this team up and rolling seven to Teddy Bridgewater has been activated. In here Mike Zimmer talked about well it's you know this week it is Wednesday. It with the starting quarterback is. Shouldn't even be cross a coach's mind when team is playing well hey you were in the situation as well. Don't you get a. I think it makes it look where markets are accorded them. We're roll it and then in the fact that bill expected there and play out in the instead of law rule that killed you know. Strict Courtney I think it's a mistake what it did. They keep them as well clustered game I mean I I get credit the Chicago game because. I'm Bradford was out early and so he played well albeit that was so. He's playing well the peanut competent than you know you can importantly talked the reception he. He's he's a guy doesn't think himself with a backup quarterback of Plato or. And I think it before they could change now would look Teddy Bridgewater has complete. In the game and well over a year and the speed of the game Berry does not make a good practice. Earlier relate that beat him. Pursuit of their partners yeah equal partner of players and direction on paper there so I think you'll play out. The resort said that he can go play this week but yeah I think again you know the guys ready. Because. Bingo for important executive fizzled reporter for next year. They would have played. Our line but not the not the group could you move the football gamers that sit down Africa cup. He reached his schedule have you nearly stadium in each arm in the future. Well actually we're pretty good week. Do we get up to Oakland at Denver Oakland and down. And so yeah I'm trying. I'm trying to be so that support your you to get a couple of years. Bob got an earlier court a lot of common error at December portrait coal. Yes the wind awards rates that is absolutely the way that works. Orbits that we appreciate your time and down you know what I talked to guys who don't know debate we will all over the holidays I'll be done out at CD back to Minneapolis. Costs for the house with a Thanksgiving raked in enough out taught you the week after that it attributes at some point when I'm when on the outlook yup it will go to redstone had been very hang out with her. All right Tucker it hurt her career are that your desperate in and joining us here on the days he still has the third and he does he lives in the Ebert.