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The Day Shift
Tuesday, November 14th

Heath Evans, former NFL full back and now NFL network analyst joined The Day Shift to "talk Chiefs" 


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Basically came. And just like temple pilots out here. On this Tuesday morning but let's get to a talk and Cecil. But the biweekly is over. Now it's back to talking football and down a special guest on the hotline right now that before Lou talked this guy Heath Evans and if a network in Washington formal Twitter newsroom. Heath Evans 44 you can see he throughout the week on and to fill that works full access 6 PM central he played the fullback position. Which is dying breed the unifil but he played extremely well good morning Heath. Good morning diapers around the back. They heat though we've Virgil last week and we we thought it was really good stuff when you're kind of break it down the chiefs. In where you see them go when you talk for defense a little bit aired very going down. Vinny started talking about Alex Smith a little bit irreverent talk but this guy be an MVP and he's got a MVP type numbers. But what are you seeing from his play three the last four games of the chiefs of loss. Well that's all of that back we want very big Bear's doing but it Angel Stadium. And how they did. It all in between and you really broke it in the execution of the players. Broke every beat it to rule bound air base. He checked there they dragged old field all these. Ghostly motions all the options and chuckle hut is that nobody else basically what you're used in the back continued. For the better weeks. All about you me would be. I'll wide open statements are approaching disappear you see in the right game people are there good. Being more rain or are correct it dries it tracked over the fielded chasing things religious their lives Stuart have you read. Kind of moving parts of the work that beat it about whether goal here people are that. A lot of those rigged to trigger shall receive the road games will be good guys are. Gap started that in there too big article recommend. In the past Gainesville. You know we write out a way out was picking a deliberate. You know question you want it probably a couple actual opening wide open shots from the brilliant then you read and so. A law to create it is their effectiveness the jog up the botnet injury as well. I expected it would this week. But but but you got to give back dribble the ball great care. We shot that Alex loose ball great you're making their disappeared. So also with all the BM VP talk surrounding Alex Witt and how well he was playing to start the year when he started five you know would you say that. By the same token maybe it was understated or under rated how much of an impact Rima was having early. All people love to have to disregard Iran if it incorporated. They'll be able to act on your day. Watched gauge them go watch out legally against Denver on Sunday night. They were three yards for if you get Brady's second set would you avoid it worked out you know if you get sector the second or. I mean it's over bout. You know week week we constantly tried to. Please quarterback shall I go obviously Bob and replace it coached or played the odd. Again. If people run game was well what can point out war. Yeah there is barely complete wrap up game because of the run game so. It's not just corn on the the brilliance of of what it is all what he's built and built a balanced team when these factors that he so and so it just got all the way to give. To where they can dictate taste of the beast. When you can dictate that these herbs what they can't can't do because of your run game collapse in ducks. That's where it went and that's what degree at all that he do. You don't meet one of the Achilles heels in terms of this defense but they've been struggling with. Has been actually stop in the run an and they had trouble stopping the run last year there having troubles again stopping the run this year. But how much did the issue DT just tied into a dent being impacted by the Erie theory injury that occurred in week one. Well I bought product or we want it could be impact if you look at it on that game. People focused on the job on week one which would earlier in. Very few. You know 11 people well sold Scioscia and you're you look at. This Great Britain India say the over the top of the guys on Saturday that others are trying to squeeze it in a box in. He beat you earlier we want to run gave it was a heat seeking missile hundred he had. That sport the elderly and negate usually responsible. In social the other. Single tackles in the open field that he mixes. It might change beat the outcome of that game so. You can't. Wanna buy that. Be sure I I hate to believe it. Hey you read that in in in it was a obviously prolonged cheering you want ordered a cup where one player to what he had ballots would use. Other tackle then you can't. Block Claiborne get sick Shaq just because you can't. I applaud it's that week. Beat principally. That crackles. We always talk about boring you know rhetoric Jewish guys be in their gap assignment. They wrote sloppy football right now the Chichi and you know not been able. Getting six. The aviation. Talking to Heath Evans from NFL network form on Twitter at Heath Evans 44 in easy. And act I'm curious. Is too if you were coaching who you would take our exit tinkering mark and I took him by surprise and he took the league by surprise. Their talk did they have the Senior Bowl nobody usually. You pay much attention to him. But the chiefs. Now I think bill chick who clearly take him out but we heard Andy Reid if the Texans game six that they did some things defensively to limit the running game. If I've seen this last three and four games of the running game was good Alex Smith would bullet. If your face in the chase are you worried about hill Kelsey part Alex Smith who we try to take away. At the bigger question I think you'll get them make their run game. Different than what bill do we wanted we wanted it built on strategic loves to Qaeda. Just stay very loudly. Or brought those guys that you got a lot of things there's a lot of pressure. Although these lines that you can really. Just battle all all the vibe which theological you don't do treasure ought to be our model aren't just beat Erica. What you feel a lot lately that gave it to these extra treasure its so when you have all those. Dole's actions we actually do all of this direction it should that you get one guy penetrates it back if Blix report. And it will be great read them then well it's literally alt support that'll the other people survives go to the truth of the port. And so. They get a great job a hundred penetration early on the street band and then lately that in the case of the sordid. Battle between one game but also that actually gain became so crucial vote on the people on you. He's that big isn't it 00. Berkshire. Eight that your existing bye week here is where the chiefs the teams by an old team that won loss last three out of work through before games. I think it's an existing bye week freed you read tuchman a good he's been. But other in the pac. Sixteen have a better record there's a budgeting are a handful of teams have the same record is now I'm looking at the division. I am sure who's going to push them. You'd think the raiders are just two back and they did beat the chiefs head to head they still got to play the patriots they still got to play the cowboys he's still got to play the Eagles. Did the raiders are some ills on the schedule. Eighty look at it she schedule maybe the bills of the toughest rating team and really they battle the tough games. Out of the way up. Can you built the fall since the security I go and beat the giants. Mean this schedules very appetizing for the change he can you do this is still working things even if you're better than teams are playing. Absolutely out of that that chewed most of the player was out for doubly. I think it's players are a lot works at ego. Yeah possible attacks so of their game. The old news being mean but one which or or what you. Had a great game and individual. I think you're always released a report. Should all be open to teaching coaching but. But the magician walk away with the division liberators and welcomed football treatment anyway to take the same about the ball goes just what music chargers. You'll figure out a close game majors in doubles as you possibly imaginable to lose a close game on the road Heatley totaled one. It in multiple factions big and down the student. It's just it's quite nobody's. But yet you look at the schedule and with the cheeks are ruined it all. Actually clicks there you could just odd that someone that. They didn't coach. I mean. What we've been. In the playoffs. And we will get output by bill but in the right policy that initially. There's not that the the cheek sample of orbit that. The coaches that coached by two people so you you would expect. We hit we yeah he'd be in the best position the board scrub that. Good stuff he'd the eagles' best team in Florida. You know its record wise it means that. I don't know if you look at it until. It's somewhat critical of the what we've seen both Democrats in the run game. And the waiter. There are probably going to be part of being disillusioned with these speeches. If you can't. Consider regulatory pocket with your won't be outlawed in the eagles' game. You know people struggle the patriots because they look at scores and outlawed except all of sudden it. The way. Telling a a defense what they can't he can't do with all the personnel with the spotlight. With their anti packages were there. Three backs with their two back with a three cited 11 that. You better one more decent to you wanna beat them. Great stuff these kids Heath Evans on NFL network throughout the week the Lexus 6 PM central time also formal on Twitter at Heath Evans. 44 always enjoy it he thinks a lot. You know Heath Evans rate their former central champion course he played for Belichick. In some really just self well not to get back to double points in case that he pointed out here the only city get chewed up the most after big wins.