11/14 9a - Ned Yost Interview

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, November 14th

We talk with Ned Yost about his traumatic injury, Jordan Clarkson, NFL, Paul Charchian 


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That's going in the morning I might well bomb best shot link there and producer Steven Specter plus get through into. Far faster SharePoint at 930 is we do every Tuesday at 930. And it not 45 to get all your fantasy football updates we've guru Paul towards you from spam all of our Kama the first. Spot check in with skipper Ned Yost. It is and we do it normally Wednesdays but man it's been in an eventful last week for you my friend and I'll start it off with a logical how do you feel in today and had you doing all right. Yeah Bill Barrett had a pretty good night last night and so far you know pretty good morning today well. And I had a rough afternoon yesterday and lies and that there's. I don't know we could be kind of sit there and all the sudden it just like why am. Then you take a couple deep breath and kind of alleviate you try not to move let. Really slept good last night not had a good night and so far had a pretty good morning so we'll alternate. Well that's good man out I'll tell you what I think a lot of us were very scared and I got a text from my dad last night oh my god had been dead easy okay nightly people from all over the place worried about your health and what happened with you about a week ago. Take us through what happened is this something that you've done hundreds of times and just like step wrong or. Not up now I've got that thousand yeah. 100 and or real particular about it you know the safety of our beer stands on responsibly that. You know a lot of kids come on here. You know a lot of people. You know we're introducing the bow on a lot of nets ran you know Cheney ran darkest brand. And so if you know we're real particular about the safety of at all. And at the end of the year I'll go through the entire far more at least Dan. Am especially on the pine trees because the pine trees grow so fast. In all kind of loosened up. All of those strap a little bit he hit the tree a little room to grow a little room. So when the season starts again and actionable back in recheck everything and make you appreciate. They cure everything I. And put lifeline we put the they say he it is called a lifeline. In attack is that the top of the tree goes around the tree dropped but the bottom on entry. And you walked in actually. On the ground and lie but not up with you. From the old pot nature climbing up into the tree to get into the tree and get out of the trees and that if anything that happens you're not all one more than. Though it grabs you in any you know allows you say so. Well on. You know second a couple of and friends come out. And on. You know like that day before we have separate stands ready. And I had leather you know that a lot of cable will go check the Saturday afternoon and remember that on you. You know a wedding shower in Montgomery. Alabama she's going to be down for the night. You know I told her what Sitka on Kansas City. That company staked out there on the the most eerie little you know what follows football and wanna run around the peak lifeline on the street and check these street might do little face and then. My take deeply regret the day. So artistic about one of the first and got data and probably a minute by minute it didn't take long once in the neck and you know you know checked all the staff on up and the things that got in the top Afghanistan. And you know check the stand and fall. Like OK I'll step on it now well and because I had my safety belt. I'll put the lifeline on that book down pat talk about it down for the day. Bet on the stand and now reached behind me and grabbed my hook and what we cannot. Onto the tree and I mean it was like you know hang them Gallup bottomless well I mean down highway. And I'm not sure. You know I'm not sure play and be allies and it on that Obama side you not remember. I'm trying to grab three you know I was trying to grab it tree anything that can slow me down a little bit. The first I remember the first team. Like the first two slides I make contact with the tree and then after that it was not that. And I mean it felt like an eternity before it it per pound yeah would you vote when I hit like slam. Match. Did it. There are certain. You know if I can catch my breath and maybe get on these forward on the backs on him. But I realized real quick you know I was able to moot. In my life for. Or completely useless. But but you're not what how about a little. You know light at a a little like and not it would have my hands like it move my hands unfortunately I'm not paralyzed I think it might solve it. Well I read in my pocket and I grabbed my phone and all day out and luckily it only twenty minutes now on the road. And Poehler look not all it's really you come back and call 911. Can't move. So she turned around 0911. I think it took him about you know appointments to get there and I mean I guess that there was just no way no way. And one night when I got there. Guy I was gonna say to did you feel like your life was in danger at any point at this time I mean twenty minutes is a long time there. None phenomenon now now now by native I'd probably fractured my fault not Elvis or something that was the only thing certain mileage for her life. Shall for her mind off for her it's my right side. Now I mean I I didn't see your you know anything at igniting burrows making anything he really. And open and India not on Juan Cruz got there and of course it didn't take long on apple what was. You know they pulled that amulets that week in a tight game like that the art of behind me and finally. Sort of taken much pressure in check in my bottles when. You can hear the ambulance and now we'll analyze flight that was penalized like that satellite flight itself. It's all pro life like in Grady hospital. You know unthinkable. I don't mind lifelike but you know I don't think that's the series is probably what fractured all the because now it is the difference is Tony remains compared to an hour. Thirty minutes it will life flight. By the time he picked up. That low on the earnings turnaround which was. Initiating. Opening up and carried me the ambulance would work with I mean this tremendous pain. By the time they'd go out of the world what was the helicopter would land. Although not in helicopter. You know tied it all. And then bones about it gradient you know I'm still not getting anything. If he acknowledged to Syria. And Apple's line. By the time you know idea of Grady hospital they told me and in the end I mean gates trauma doctors and I mean it's it's. I'd let it it you know they had had a little bit pain medicine payments and that beyond. In the helicopter and I mean not totally whacked out of jail. I would feel. You don't content. Yeah I mean it was like I can turn over that engages in. I mean it looked like the matrix is not kept trying to figure out of it on my game again Ahmadinejad backed out of the matrix and in the disease but it wouldn't take. You know and and I'm like which restraint. So calm about it and they got me there is old and yeah. Intensive care from a room. And they want to work it. You know the doctor Roseland on Saturday at lucky goes your blood pressure it's really love. We're not going to be an idiot and anything different things that have to. If you're gonna happen Salem and I and I'm sorry but that's what we can go on like fine. Well all of a sudden you're on in the shop in my right leg Kaymer above my knee and then he drilled awful. Through my own. Out the other side and then. Stop Iran through my age and what he then Pat White on. You know that he might well let's open. It was so close it was kind of you know Poland back up and that was before. For. You know for a attraction to keep the pelvis down. And they picked me up sort of in days the real tight complexion and a and I'm like and what you guys Taliban. Television with me. And that and the doctors the first time I'm like what he talked about it and look he goes to insert a lot of like. Card you're together like with a inside spotlight. You know and but I'd never noticed that you know Garnett. It in the 12345. It happened. Unit of blood and they could not get inflated up. But you know that was real calm and won once she got that here because we eight what that does what your hand you know we'll fix the problems will be fine. And up into what looked over the ethnic Serbs who came to leave. Well I'm okay they have they have this surgery and not that some platinum. You know apparatus that in my late in my arteries in my. In mind that went to my policy and somehow they are useful. Probably. Finally got. It took me back intensive care. I EU I mean of course at that time I was in critical condition. Spent the night there that they. Lebanon once it came enough. That means burglary and you know the first two days. He with a bunch of late. A bunch of birdies and eagle and I got done. You know I actually felt a little bit better because I wasn't displayed wide open. That's from the doctor you know and then the next day young. Trauma surgeon and he defeat if you know baseball and in diplomatic sit out there. That's what we hear about it you know what. If you don't you don't understand and no one can tell you. He said that you know beat these types of influence and result in debt 4530%. Of the time. And you look traction on the table you usually blocked. 78 units of blood we can get the bleeding stopped because I wouldn't report that analysts say. I'm like well I'm sure glad you did. You know they did a fantastic job. You got it in China you know get a little bit better he should every day from that point on Wednesday. They did a good job. You know those there about it back in that about it you know there's been times where I've been out here working on things. Replied my via phone and don't have it yourself and that includes LP out here by yourself that you follow. But I elected in the truck that's about it than. If I didn't have my own I would maybe I mean it's just no way our way to. Love Montgomery or nobody going to be home there's nobody looked inform me. And and the way I was leading. Not probably out of autonomy to our well. Got really really lucky on the London you know had a great you know or to peak came at a great trauma team anymore. Went to the right hospital room you know at all. All the people line that you know how to get through it. All right I'm sitting here I'm on the verge of tears hearing the story I think everybody's just leveled and Josh might inspect every scene or mouse wide open. I can't lead and I just her again at at any point. Huge mirror is at its probably just not a matter of fact about all and really assessing the situation as it's happening. I'm never I never I never dreamed I was in you know that type of situation. You know I just need to update my policies for a I didn't have any idea of all the you know of the blood. Cranes and arteries that are you know or that are in how the net well listen that's why it's such a deadly accident when. When you when you fracture like that you did so much and internal bleeding and that's what a major major fracture. But it didn't occur I mean it just did in just it didn't occur to me that. You know I was in dire straight until after the surgery and them and they came minutes and let you know for. And urine urine critical condition Purdue days and it starts ago we knew that no and that's one you know by it and your done that you feel pretty good Michael well. And workflow. You know I don't think. Well luckily not that I'd vote really didn't understand the gravity of the situation war ball through it. Maybe it was better that way though and I mean not knowing what you're going through May be may be you approach your body reacts differently or might react differently if you know Le I only got you know baseball terms a 70% chance survival and that's a hall of fame type equipment I'm like oh my god like. I only got this chance to ride maybe it's better they didn't tell you that we you can at the process that kind of stuff. Yeah and he bit and ever and I'm glad you didn't tell me not and the doctor and I would never tell you I would never. And I never you know are you worried about that exhibit that that was the position we were hand and you know my mind that was this kind of data that it for a look at this pit look he wouldn't blow up. You know I just didn't realize the severity. You enter. Is there a chance that you don't manage this year that after all this. Mama Obama will be fine. Every 100% by spring training then I'll know more on the warning about got to go back there you know the X ray all Mya. All my movement I love them and didn't get all the exit out of the staples like got me you know and get all of. I think I am I'm going to be non weight bearing for two months that means that I won't be able to even get on crutches for two months it's wheelchair only in. Right now it is such a major or ability to get into the wheelchair and sit there for a minute. It's a lot of you know this kind of sit on the couch trying to find a comfortable position and not move them but. On our pick up on it time to recover and I am generally a you know pretty good of pain tolerance guy and not a pretty quick healer so I don't see it in an issue at all. Would talk when Ned Yost here on 610 Sports Radio how how long did it take you to start thinking about baseball and lineups and all that kind of stuff after this injury happened I mean did you mind go straight to that to try to get your mind off what you're going through right now. Not mean that Florida credit. My my mind right now. You know after being that this incident on Saturday. Your whole body changes I mean not been paid for Vietnam not my my appetite is way way down. On this very tough to go to the bathroom and it's like okay my goal today try to figure out how to album album that. You know I guess that it would advocate in nine days since the you know 41 for the falcons. You know keep trying to take them loose stool softener and trying to figure out. While we can do that you know right now they've got to be a little better I gotta get to where I can now. You know dictate some of the pain and some of the plain to them you know origin. You know what can move around just get off the counts in the mean it's it's it's not fun. On the that one out today and and flying back in the what would he do more. Because there's a huge popcorn here forty yards in front of the door you want back out we'll take a picture you can get up and look at it yeah benefit as well. So what do you do yeah how silly. On the that are trying to hurt you know watching anything on TV here movies are doing now. Now now now now now watch the market TV you know the problem is that without early or we level we don't have Internet they don't have like Wi-Fi. We have you know 3-D you're not doing a lot of heavy duty. You know Internet clerk and check out check the news a little bit of mourning and given me. You just have regular satellite TV and are just not a whole lot. You know go on on what. Just kind of sit here take a little map whenever they haven't. Break as much water rights and you know hopefully it'll help the healing process of you know get this thing healed up as popular candidate had he been able to move. As this foxworthy come over anybody's killer try to keep you company already. Yeah yeah oh yeah I mean yeah but then east then. They look at the hospital like the first three days that it's all fine look if it did say at this. But I think they either you know that's all a big help wake of that amount and all the guys that are over Jeff. You know now but I think they're all gonna maybe jump on the truck and come over there tomorrow. I'm and I'm about ready to see them. I had to get a lot of you know a lot of you know text and emails and calls him. They're not. Lot of people were reaching out and a lot of prayers and I'm sure appreciate it. Yeah who who have you heard from my former players current players like you give us some of the guys have reached out to. I mean yeah I'll remedies you know. Most of our players. You know Duffy and and threw an army solving look forward to that he was in Venezuela and you know former players Jeff Francoeur. You know we tried to keep it real low key at first you know because we knew. That. You not and we just let. Friends know. You know what's going on but each day and I got a little more out there and a little more out there finally on Wednesday. I think it broke Wednesday night and ESPN. Because then all food like my phone just U rep that I got a text from Andy Reid and that from Dale Junior Clint warrior Ryan new man Larry cable guys. It all my friends. You know did credit and I'll work accident but there's no telling how many how many tech I've received. Paula there. All right let's ask the real question how is dad handling you right now. That's you know I'm gonna mention that you know he. Sees this Russia. Com pertinent mean you know not. You're when you're not when her hurt he is so you know if he's the you know not be really nice time slope. You know I've been really. I don't make a concerted effort not dole actually you know the funny you know filming action figures that god want me to become a better listeners so. They allow that to happen like it sit here with you for three months without being able to run away. It's. Learn how to live earth would. It off and she's right here Blake and I mean almost too much disliked for every I'll call you might need to. Yeah it's funny you say that he exudes got you to be kind of nicer because my wife said the same thing about me I'd like lace it done and and I was on like invite it and some women campaign dad's. Use this is the nicest you've ever did that mean your entire life so I if I could definitely see it like it leave you get a different perspective on things I'm. On the manner. Well a lot of talk to her and about a month and see if she's Angela and everything and how you're doing and as a patient because. Matt say when everybody appear was just scared to death about you know a originally he felt not that big deal then you find out exactly what happened and it's just like immediately everybody's like how's that deal because I don't know if you understand how loved you are in this town and how many people have reached out let dad know or think about please tell that were thinking about what that no we're thinking about it. You got a lot of fans a dear man that are happy to hear your voice. While I'm happy to be M stock film subsidy. Let you know like at that once we got past the. You know all the bleeding and the doctors got every back together we were street you know we're kind of out of the woods and you know the star like it had worked so well I think we're in good shape and look forward to seeing everybody. You know once spring training or. No doubt men. New nickname iron Ned how does that work. A lot of or whatever. It hit. Me yet. But we're glad to be a wide net yeah yeah. As as a major kind of refocus on things a little bit lies. Not really you know not really well not yet anyway. You know I think that. You know my priorities are pretty well in order for the most far. So I mean I think we're always trying to that's all we are in life. You know I don't think after this you know you sit back Dohmann got some Vatican make major changes. None of that. Aren't while you just you know stay out and stay comfortable state pain free and now call us anytime you wanna talk to give more more than happy to take the phone call me out chat with the a little bit itself. To stay fresh stay good stay healthy get ready for spring training we'll talk yeah I guess it you know a few times over the course of the winner but I have a great Thanksgiving. Said Deb all of our prayers as well as I know she's gonna need it's going to be tough for her as it is for you get better soon man my friend we'll talk to you soon. Thank you guys that I appreciate everything. You've got a man take care and it's Ned Yost who does your odds extend Sports Radio who all honest unreal god. Mom and dad's the call one no men's free freaking com do yeah I mean just the man just assessing everything that was going down it was as it was happening and that the severity everywhere we heard that when we first heard the story last week really Ali Salman a big deal no you know it was an enemy right now we talk about tough he is right or like you fell with pride back on its feet through your fractured pelvis is serious but but yeah other parts and organize your order it wasn't gonna stop him pennant you know. And out. To just think all things had to happen really just did get him off that far right. To not be laying there with nobody around it's. Unbelievable unbelievable story it really isn't if you missed any of the energy of the up on our website at six and sport he talked twelve minutes about the -- I look at the clock and he started when he about twelve minutes about everything that went grew from the time he fell to the time he I mean they basically said the next day. You're lucky to be a lie for critical condition touch and go for two days two days for two days me and my god thank god thank god he worked out OK everything worked out fine. I. Morgan Taylor discussed that younger surrender at all. A mistake my first how the hell the transit now. You don't betray that yeah well we'll continue to discuss that Yellowstone and play parts of the interview because that was mind blowing. Throughout the 9 o'clock hour of course all day here on sixth and Sports Radio but there's one player who actually being honest about his motivations for being good at sports. I've come for twelve minutes broke down from the game and exactly what happened to him. As he broke his pelvis and was touching go in critical condition but it with a 25 to 30% mortality rate in the hospital for two days. Unbelievable story thank you so much Burnett to Ned Yost for coming on and sharing it with us in such like in great detail please that was. Unbelievable man editing really don't we know we can add. Other than holy crap holy crap as well again I mean I had thought I. I could feel myself starting to well during his story like we almost lost him I yeah I mean we almost lost not a guy who just you know obviously brought baseball back to Kansas City. But just a good dude man that we all all of gains as Sammy might hide your thinking that. All I could think was like Ned Yost wearing exactly was Sylvester Stallone Warren Rambo. During this entire process I don't know why it is I guess that's because it comes through with the way he did I mean and indeed he he acts like it's gonna be. He really dislike it whenever I mean like crazy it's been just as rim. And a director later the belt line and and then it is like open anesthesia for my guess is socialized the shot was localized Aniston but that's that's not gonna do it now hole in my dollars go through the ball what they tell you an old ball through my leg yeah the bar is gone through the way yet. Did the local anesthetic can only do so much and it adds that's that's got to be some serious pain. Okay. Will continue to discuss that here's some from day coming up we also far faster fair point coming in just a few minutes but. Jordan Clarkson. For the Los Angeles Lakers it might not fit the lakers long term plans as they wanna clear a lot of cap space next summer to try to chase stars. But when asked about his motivation for play horde this year. He says that quote to me. Is motivation when he brought the trade rumors it's a business you're either going to be here you're not. Wherever I am a wanna be productive in the course from his ass if there's someone for whom he wants to succeed. Sam upon my family that's always number one but second is probably the girls and stuff females don't mean. All of women. You chuckled must previously and then said it they don't like when your data like you when you're down. So. As I really like Jordan Clarkson now for beyond this like every single male. Has done something in the trying to impressive females are reports just plays basketball really well the impressive female he's at least honest about his reasons as to why. If I didn't exist I probably would Wear sweatpants and play video games all day right like live on Turkey sandwich isn't vodka room. About it and he bit its chips may be a few chips its chips yeah I'd bet maybe like a rat here in their mix that in but we do. IE 100% understand we're toward Clarkson is coming from a good the opposite sex or whomever you're attracted to really get a very big driving force for your success some. Times too much of a driving force for. For for anything and sometimes you got to think with the you know they head out on top of your shoulders and that you the other one at times you know and and I think sometimes we as as all guys geek on all the thinking with the wrong head sometimes and I think. I appreciate and love the fact Jordan Clarkson would say that it is beyond this with everybody because. We don't the end of the day were all guys we all at one point our lives use that as a motivating factor whether or was. You know you you want to lose weight look better when he wanted to be professional athlete with the wanted to be rates at the end of the day. It was all about the TX in Jordan car 200% honest with that you re watching him now at a CT scans stands. Raise the bar works. Out. That's just steal the ball a program that's downtown now. All right well one thing has become very clear in the NFL we'll explain coming up next. That's coach Josh playing there. They have producers Stevens back here. Create Ned Yost on earlier this hour 9 o'clock until it was everything about his pelvis injury and exactly how horrifying it was he didn't know until after the fact but. Eight point five to 30% mortality rate the doctors were afraid we're going to lose him but despite the two days in critical condition in the broken pelvis medals 100% expect to be back and ready to go by spring training. Because he's just that big of a bad yeah I don't think anybody is. Shocked. That he said obviously obviously a little shot of little shop with him because he's still human but no he's not. Now you remember this isn't it time to step back and say. Ned I might not be physically ready to do this you know it's pretty interesting would like you know guys get injured this year and it looks at though really. You really hurt yeah I mean don't I mean just here and adds a degree yeah yeah I'll feel softer right now I thought I left them like. Really yeah you really hurt my hamster is kind of market really have total us. Really. Single out there today real. He's in DC but I would data in hand here and there's no there's not coming back from that either you clinical grade I'd go back out there. Are everywhere every Tuesday at 930 would you far faster fair point was pushed back a little bit because of Ned Yost in his incredible story but. Every Tuesday after the overreaction of Monday we go with things in the NFL that were either far fetched an overreaction. Or. A fair point but we got back. The in New Orleans Saints are the best team in the NFL I think after last week's win over a very good buffalo team you could say that but the court is kills 81 so it it's it's farfetched Mandy Eagles are still eight blind. And only losses by a whisker to the chiefs here in Kansas City they probably need it the saints can play defense now which they haven't been able do for awhile though and they're running the football and net passing the football and they look really good they are the flavor of the week know for sure Odessa that's exactly it is of these flavor of the weeks and from where that's the NFL and Eagles didn't have a gala are so. Hi again it's like a camera is gonna gravitate to the saints but it's Tuesday and everybody remembers I had Eagles are the best team in the NFL. The this John Watson is one of the three most valuable. Players in the NFL in points is fair point. I think it is man price usually show lots and sandy he proved enough to me manic I was unstoppable. Him in May drop flavors like because of the Shawn Watson stills that you can't stop. Yeah it's impossible to stop SharePoint itself airport I says SharePoint itself in the tour who were the other two most valuable most of tell our prayers are very easy error there Rogers and I I think it's it's a tough question because every cool. Quarterback is immensely valuable team and look here particularly Mary's loss has been for the chiefs and units rank in the that's not that's not the impact of accord there no understandable but what he's meant to this team I thought ma. It the most impact full injury after all the quarterbacks would be Eric Berry. I could make a very targeted a lot David Johnson. Now these Ager Peterson Kennedys and nice games it won an Olympic Games. Thanks a couple good ones we have learned early morning nine yards onto glass stairs last last week he got crushed but he also plays for team that doesn't matter let's move on extra. The cowboys' final won the cowboys are gonna miss the playoffs without Ezekiel Elliott. I wanna say it's far fetched but many. All eyes looks different doesn't it I didn't miss because their offensive left tackle went down against the chiefs that nobody wants to talk about Tyrone Smith yeah. Did you see the office of lying against that with the English rule a day falcons. So then. That's a bigger injury right now than anything because they could do anything offensively. You can't win with a with a battle sensible and he just gains and I'd be one of those losses you look at the end of the year. And realized he was different. Groom him when the chiefs lost his shot these out with a hamstring after he's out to support guy gets entered every five minutes out in the Eagles twice and they stood at the end of why some as a sea hawks SharePoint they're not making a play on the same analysts say fair point it's not who you play it's when you claim chiefs got him at the worst possible time well speaking of injuries in the NFL they do suck but they have opened the door for a ton of waiver wire pick up some fantasy football this week. Here the best ones that were joined by fantasy football guru Paul church in from spam ball dot com next. Welcome back and it's that's going morning wrap things up here on Tuesday before it up in the days yeah. They can become like welcome Bob best coach Josh playing there and producer Steve inspector. Entry stake in the NFL but. They have opened the door for some waiver wire pick up some fantasy football this week can you give us an insight on exactly who usually go pick up. It's fantasy football guru Paul charging from fan bald like Tommy joins us now call a state of the Thai men first and foremost. All these injuries and all these erratic play frankly from a lot of players how hard is becoming for fantasy owners to try to pick the right players each week. No ticket that he harder than normal to govern you know every effort he's had it right knee every you've got to injury that never even in fact. What they mean injury here or maybe not on a lot of years. Every year I opted and it hit it part of what we're looking at people while you either great. Great. All upbeat even probability at all unexpected changes because eat at Hewitt and the owner or. It is you know triple. Nickel I wouldn't hurt you you know coach Richard when he didn't you donate money so. Frankly I like it. Separate the wheat from that the chapter that begins good that you'll get an opportunity that. Do great things in this is that this week when there are a lot of opportunity it. Oh Georgie wants no party song fantasy football player fantasy I had my flowers are right or your LeBron James and mister big talker who who we look at quarterback lies this week off the off the waiver wire. I know that I hit Patrick is you you never get comparable to put even started on but you sure to tell you that they had Stallworth and now. Going to be out for these big moments to be impeached over the gear walked. In here and when you look you know Tampa got the second I passed Shelby. For another place. He never felt like he could go to Mike Evans. Aberdeen we'll keep your career. Any applicable to them get sweet air that your quote beat Miami this week combined peak of the last night a lot can be sold for four touchdowns so. How well. Audience it after it our especially bigger. And I you know you're thought last week against the jets everybody was gonna running get him so that it's good to see that he still available and he's still out there. You know for some able to go out there and get like that that's why you've ever goes away he he's he's a cockatoo. You know if you watch him go way. Speaking of that jet game out the camp that get into your that you amazing quarterback. Out of that game no. So that he's going into the game. Like go to quarterback the apple waited for more different you. Would facing each other then it's Procter and now yeah it was like fourteen teams this summer believe that they combined plate or. And then get that. That combined score of those two quarterback. Not 82 billion dial. You career earnings write it no mind to. The good record it really is it really is actually running backs this week. Once you got it does worry it is going to be a really good week is there are hard to pick up second materially change. Yours he's been number one. Rex Berkett getting a bunch of up want to work for the patriots now he touches it increased in three straight week. Mike guilty plea was straight wood in it was healthy scratch last week. He's seventy depth we wanna move on Gainey would have it coming back from all of his we want to hamstring injured. Fully healthy in the big east and that the ground literally. This week and this week's game itself the wanna look if the united injury factor. There give the Green Bay back field look. App right now Aaron they're don't miss a ball and I'm Montgomery being that this game altogether and that is he reentered his grip. And he DEP unit doesn't he likely just double player so. Jamal that the running back at it what it almost a series eight or collapsed. Against Chicago it either straight ahead power back yet the potential he would go light or so to all we've got an act dot and the RW. The mod you line. We're the walking to court it's because rocked L season the danger right now all what will certainly not like it's monopoly again this year not ever. And we don't recruit talk that he's he's great but he's not a belt held back the title on our. Seventeen Kerry last week against the vikings get four yards per carry which is too dark gutter and propped L traditionally dealt. The market. I want Paul charge here Campbell dot com here on sixth and sports radio and looking at the L wide receivers. There one could take I mean it's amazing to me that is so we were these guys like Kenny stills and Mike Wallace are still available. Now mount. Mean I can understand why those guys are available on the order. There are a lot of guys don't block this by. I'm a live wire like gives some consideration to any holiday that works for the light to. Slash that we won scoring two touchdowns and then promptly. Hamstring injury and then promptly oriented hamstring and it's taken them Alpert back guilt in the played eleven apps flatly. And managed a 54 dark reception. You know over the maps. So you figure you've actually meet he hit a false start or share so I don't plan can delegate lines like receiver. They're good stuff they've called Islam for taking the time we appreciate it. I love his approach that'll thinking he had just happiness off fantasy owners got their minds about replace here in our strategy is part of it is he had absolutely of course intimidation every Thursday at one yet and it's a big part of it there's no doubt about it but. I mean it is frustrating it's euros rating because right now everybody's. Basically trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel because there are so many injured right now for Ryan Fitzpatrick yet exactly right it's Patrick is your top quarterback pick up. The world this fallen apart and a capsule is having you you think about it and it's like I did the fantasy football is meant to kind of keep the the layman stand in to do it is you got new guys you don't know anybody. Our videos on the show earlier today can check him out at six stents for stock com as he spoke about the that's the help me in the pelvis fracture that is somewhat more serious than people initially thought. But on the doctor you know and that saved as a young. Trauma surgeon and he gets beat him you know baseball fan. In diplomatic effort out there are now. So what you hear about it you know what if you don't you don't understand and no one can tell you. He said that you know he's being tied to influence results and debt 4530%. Of the time. And you look traction on the cable you you were blocked seven to eight units of blood we couldn't get the bleeding stopped because I wouldn't report that analysts say. Ned Yost earlier this hour here on six cents force radio podcast at 610 sports stock common. An intense story. I mean intense is an under self for what that was like that the fourth as literally sat here would our mouths open and board just like. Dialed in on one that was talking about what that was saying because. A how touching dole was like you know as a near death experience isn't what he wasn't just say a fall got injured right he almost died that would almost lost the man who's losing bluntly you hear fractured pelvis you think are a fractured pelvis but. Him losing when he says 78 pints of what have they could give the bleeding to stopping the stick a thing up as like with a minute to make the bleeding stopped is so they can do the work they need to do to repair the helpless I mean. Doctors or ace they really are I mean when you think about how amazing they are. And what they did and what they had to do to save his life it really puts the medical field a dual perspective that coming and it was really have. And six cents for stock come to hear the entire interview. With Ned Yost. They can think of the day shift in two minutes.