11/14 8a - Game Time, Mahomes Sunday?? Commercial Free Half Hour

Fescoe In The Morning
Tuesday, November 14th

We play a fun game, we speculate about the chance of Mahomes playing on Sunday plus we are commercial free talking about the Beltran, the Chiefs, KU football plus the Big Story 


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Good morning I'm like well Bob best coach just playing there and producers David. Crazy story coming out of China UCLA basketball players including one of the more balls kids. Three of them arrested. On theft charges well. I'll drop. Personally asked the Chinese president to resolve the case. As in the case of that a detainee UCLA players and now reportedly report in the Wall Street Journal. UCLA players are on the way back to the United States so worked in Edison is it's all this I thought. Of course because well board dollars the same guy. It's there's in both they're loud they're brash their polarizing their varied. Very happy with themselves on a consistent basis so of course Donald self and out farther like the exact same person. So much so that yesterday in our post show meeting Josh Howard talking about this your life. And it was Josh that said. Roster it'll play game boy or ball or dollar drop based on quotes exodus quotes and I got so excited and started looking up quotes yes oh we have ten quotes here. Not necessarily five and five to ten quotes and could be above or Balkan B Donald Trump who we are going to have what Bob that's coach try to figure out if each quote was from the poor ball. Org Donald Trump let me just say. Think you know he's the guy should be serving their punishment for stealing over there in in China but I also think the president did the right thing that's his job to protect American citizens and and he -- was looking out for the best interest of the American citizens so if he was able to get these guys back to the United States and he ticket that the heat he should have done that as president of the united stats they need to get this case resolves some possibly should write a. Italy had to go back there I guess that's that's fine Cuba. Two you know these are still kind of like college kids that their team has left that. I don't the school had a light. Had to leave somebody behind it bridle and has it solidly find a lawyer and all that stuff that's that's a headache I guess I get the president out and he is I'm glad that he didn't do it in me than you know our our folks a bit bad day they did you know you know problem budget I. Still I don't know yeah songs now and doll drums quote was what they did it was unfortunate you know. You're talking about a very long prison sentence and not play games right that was trumps quote when talking about the Chinese justice's right so he did hey you know what I want to play the on the present United States currency could help out our citizens and maybe you know will take careful when they get back and he was where it wasn't like you figure the writing was already there aren't in there he muzzled bill and I like it. OK so it's time for the game. Donald Trump. Or the ball parts ESCO. Burke's book I know it must be a genius to win it this well. I'm gonna go Donald Trump on that one stating only that is a ball on line. I'm not planning you know want to get into lakers. But you're right it could have anyone in our next on the far Donald. I have never seen a thin person drinking guy. I gotta go with Donald Trump I'm not finish thickness that is absolutely dollar job part one threatens our very close to. Yes it's so true to. Based on even if you don't want to hear me you're going to hear. Lavar ball stating only it. Two for three regularly when back either one to make me cry. You've got to hit me with a two by four. I'm a Lamar ball again on that one stating only. Good to me is that I am very rich. Donald Trump. I'm not finish take this time it's. Although yeah out but I thought that maybe a blanket trick there are a little bit because obviously there are ball's not afraid to talk about his wealth right which he doesn't have any imminent. At the point is you can never be too greedy. That's a good. Point is you you'd never be too green. Article of our ball out. I'm not finish thickness I'm Donald age either way out apple stuff on this one really can't go either way. Yes we work out on Christmas Christmas is all day. Lavar ball it's stating only. Happy new year to all including my many enemies and those who have bought. Mean if whoever the embossed so badly they just don't know what to do. All. Yes that's it that's a toss up to me up to go to Donald bell on that one I'm not finish a dozen of our ball wasn't a thing last New Year's if fair point. Final part of that is love. The ended that we would love to stop that would be a dead give away. I sort of sad it was loud yes. On the giveaway going loves his gloves as many men and enemies and those who have fought him and lost so badly they just don't know what to do. Love. Heard two more in the Volvo or trump. A billion dollars it has to be there that's our number a billion straight out of the gate. Lamar. Staying the only thing that I thought he would refer to you get down no because he wanted to billion dollars her shoes siren. Well and I think I am actually humble I think I am much more humble than you would understand now that point. But took the bat but. A minute ago. I appreciate jobs jobs the miss two or three I don't just want and is the first one and that was it greatest mr. David duke and missed two of them are 868. Out of ten is not bad odds that's 80% I'll take that every day of the week that's a solid base is Susie start going through those quotes it's like. Man now that's good like those those quotes it's tough like that's a tough one early like. Add that to decide soon. Are bad for what we call the holder meter if you listen every Monday 845 Argus every day after chief's game at at 945. And I 45 we have is the Baja owner meter where we see how much. How high that meter is memories are about the potential of Patrick Holmes coming in and maybe replacing Alex. What is done in ten would be. And at that time were were calling for Patrick Holmes to be the starting quarterback. Well there's very good chance Padua homes can play this Sunday because the giants have nearly quit on bent Mack -- he's going to coach this Sunday's they're probably going to quit on him again in the chief should win by pretty large margin. So the question is will Patrick Holmes play on Sunday after the chief Ron and I say yes 100% because if given an opportunity Specter says now. Our guys still understand the logic here. He's an actor a great story line when it doesn't need to be exactly any read Stephen I'm with you on this one has to veteran of head football coach to do something this stupid at this point of the season I mean. Terrell we think you must read for us it was for what he doesn't need to get reps for. I'll at least get his feet wet in a situation where there's no pressure but it is a regular season NFL game gets beat or be because it would do what it would do would be absolutely ridiculous number one you would start a controversy. For a team that's headed into the postseason because god forbid he goes out there and plays well then everybody nationally is talking about these guys say they don't care they don't unlistenable. Candidate they know exactly what's going on what's being said would be written. You don't wanna put Alex Smith and position either without people are asking Alex you now you won't be doing now. You absolutely will they we'll have sleep outside doing that they'll be out early lately well because he's only getting if the rolling them up yeah Alex Smith has already played well to have himself out of again it doesn't matter when and it obviously does logo while I was cool now that was cool and it's exactly it back Allison or to life at. Absolutely I Haley would do something like that veteran coaches who were born why has he addressed after bottles every week because the other quarterbacks not because he's your best backup Tyler is a fraud I mean c'mon let's let's call Illinois Texas and how. Total current owners see is that as I mean after he needs addressed easier number two quarterback needs best talent hard this numb argument Josh c'mon now it's not that's not currently if you haven't got dressed and to play him at some point I don't mean that guy he would get in Patrick anger dresses every week it never place. Indeed if you were to use a second quarterback in the game who would be if you would you open because of injuries no only because of injury you're putting him in there to give him if if Alex sold there every other rated better be ready because they're gonna Needham no need to be the caught up to giant needle put in that holds an anti disorder and other should Tyler bray about her address this week why. Why why because you're gonna need to plant your. Lots. The EU did. Yeah because they're blowing up the giants to see you good legitimate because we were blowing somebody out guys. I'm Kelly yes you're doing analyses had been heard in any game we beat the brains and as somebody that you're not you're not doing that you did you see this is why you horse crap football coach Debbie this is the de argue that this so that all of her tricky situation I'll halls and so is a terrible our recaps of the sort of went to. As the guy who says he could be a football coach tells you PB it's absolutely. In his back up when he's up Bible well at the audience for. Where urgent urgent pressing titled where I say over all you have to dress on held it was because of injury. Consequence wanna blame on the Sony you gotta admire you got you here let's go to the dressed rather break as we. Let's eat you don't do what I think is what Tyler holt was there any goes out there any it's terrible. That's the last thing you want to hear anyway as a matter now that's a perfect thing how. It's that's the sort of things were doubling to ever heard it would have us think this is the dumbest argument ever does that mean. It's terror. So what what are usually absolutely terrible are you doing Bob if you're blowing out the giants this week you're gonna continue to play Alex Smith before coming to a decent done Indianapolis and the football often on the clock to get the hell out of Ali when it gets it gets hurt it you're gonna keep her in there in Anna and I am because you're ready because they're afraid that big that he left on my doctors because Andy Reid's got the takes on what I didn't like was chill which he'll up professionally. And I like it battle away like nobody's business that way you did you addressing Tyler bray is the number two quarterback role no honestly not because of all. I'm playing my home counseling you all there's a wall because why would not want to my back here yeah he's going into this game with that big of an ego that we're gonna be up 35 to seven in the second half against the giants on dress I'm dressing Tyler PC magazine we knew what sexy I like carbonated but I have and Syracuse are gonna blow them out I think they are but I don't think you I don't think so what can you rest. A whole airplane out there's auto climate risk injury absolutely you know put pat mom's gonna risk doubts this injury do to prevent a story line item always plays. Anybody forfeit the rest of the season and Josh because you're afraid of injury oh my god here's what. This entire conversation that we have him begin to broached it's so important when it comes to this idea Patrick behold potentially blank. Get to it next. Spoils manager fresh off his broken pelvis really scary situation he's enjoyed the show at 9 o'clock right here on six then sports radio and six cents or Stockholm. Synchronize your watch is so sure alerts and make sure you listening either on your radio on the computer or your phone. This extends Sports Radio at 9 o'clock when skipper ghost joins this year and it will be up on the podcast immediately following the interview as well seeking catch it there you gotta go to a meeting I would tell your boss Albion at 920 analysts and so we tell it loud noises discussing Patrick Holmes and what he plays this Sunday against the giants when Alex Smith in the chiefs' run up the score because I believe that's what's going to I think they will now yes I think Patrick a home should be put in a so does cling. Best go inspector on the other side so we haven't. This has really dived into yet is a potential bet. On this situation since everybody's on opposite sides what patch or Holmes does play on Sunday. Boy who Tex lines is 306 what should expect invesco have to do. If they lose this bet we see Patrick Holmes on Sunday so another bet that nobody's gonna pay up on as we talk we'll let you pass on my first model my my first explanation on this is I want spec to admit that Alex Smith. It's a main reason for the chief success on a light at night that it took a idea that people. Truly Fort Stewart at Alex Smith is a main reason for that she success this year. If in fact that your OK with it which she's played us against New York. That they have to insert a judge anybody's performance against the chapter in home I mean it's not let's not act like they're going to be like if it if Al. Alex Smith when they beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh. That's a winning your beating a JV squad right now. So that Alex Smith is the MVP of the NFL all one aspect to it that is the easy main reason was. Of the main reasons for the chiefs' success rate Charles can see that Steve and c'mon spec whenever that value so it must what is it wise part of the how forced this is part of that and I'll see Patrick Holmes play on Sunday if that she's getting a run of situation. The last thing any Ricci be doing as a coach. It's say it will I don't want the media to make my life a little bit harder than it is by asking me a couple questions about Patrick Holmes after plays well and garbage time obviously terrible giants team is clearly quits. So you wanna get his feet wet and NFL regular season game if you can if you're lucky enough to be in a situation where you're just war in a terrible team. We'll take advantage of that get SP. Well I just don't think the veteran coach is gonna do that at this point in the season you know how committed this guy is it has been Alex Smith his quarterback I think it affects Alex Smith a lot mentally because. The do you think he's the most mentally tough guy. Alex Smith I mean sometimes you wonder if somebody I think physically he stuff but I think look what happened in San Francisco and it took Alan capita giving never got his job back right. This to me is one of those deals where you have flashbacks I've worked with a guy who is in the produce department chopper when I was cute. And this guy served in Vietnam and he would have those flashbacks to Vietnam he would be diving into the Prodi's counters I mean it was a bad deal and I saw a guy with those flashbacks he never recovered from those situations. I'm not trying to make light announcement the sent military flashbacks or anything like that. But he was in a situation where he was beds free minor injury. I came in played well never relinquished the story concert ever minor bombs out of a job and now but however they determine it. Oddly whether or not win the blue tends. On so I asked lieutenant then I think right now you're in such a good spot they really don't have it now how we think it is on Sunday that. I think you're just relax and not not not not not for valuable aspects of a team corrects third line and he's going to get that you know tent it. All I think right now we've Alex Smith that just because it happened before. You don't want to mess with him right now this team is doing good things he's playing good football the last thing that I would want to do as a coach to get my job is to put people in position to succeed is to put Alex with in the position where he seven flashbacks a separatist or not only gotten this is happening again. I wouldn't do it to Alex. Lastly and it happened this announcement get hurt meaningless game where your technocrats and that the worst of what do you do bench everybody because anybody can get hurt or that's what do you have your runup the last few second to her what is choosing gets hurt meaningless game he's done for duty for example we plane that hit on. I mean he's got confidence about a snack or at Dayton daily candy now quarterbacks different course I can't play but that's what I'm saying to access rats -- behold should be playing already I don't know Diaz and never never said that directive that Macs are already drinking antenna out going to be the worst thing in the world for him to get the mind different Petri. Think you would either. The idea why I didn't gain anything by. I see Alex Smith is some delicate flowers were putting somebody in for a few minutes is going to make him shut down to start having flashbacks you don't know if you start having flashbacks that second that she's treated at the number ten overall the 2017 drafted to patch or bombs. Out he's okay my parents' good advice and they put him in this light the fire for him for the second half that it works yeah they are just they are straight on my own level torture under different specialists are taking more shots downfield but he's clearly decide to stop him out of the last few weeks if you had to send their running game nobody really knows he's gonna do you mean Alex Smith there's somebody sitting behind him. I think there's one point raw missing and I'm surprised Josh is on the other side of this. Get off thinking that he's gonna blow anybody out there might the scandal that rising fast guys designs so. Terrible grass. I like I understand that they got the handle you know all I know how winning you know how the NFL works it's week to week about this and when a team is embarrassed like they were against the 49ers. And even if they don't like their coach. No professional athlete likes being embarrassed in losing to win bail is he doesn't care. They don't care you you don't you don't know that I LLC a cost or two week leave. And to say that the chiefs who have played the worst football the last four weeks is going to blow any team now. Is is not that likely their miraculously Andy Reid and Andy Reid is miraculous after a bye he's got an 83 and I are that I have seen the T gonna lose. Team minister the game will be competitive. But to say it's gonna be. Well you know about the illness saints from this weekend. I think it produced that I don't I hear if you're the TIC is a better possibility of being bill saints that it is to do to be a game that comes down to the wire. I think there'll be an opportunity at some point in the second half of this season for. A backup quarterback to to get some PT not an injury situation that's on saint and might happen this week maybe have another game could have against the jets I'm weeks I'll put Matt have a homes and that's all science. I'm usually very any given Sunday driven. I take every game like it's gonna be a loss by guy I assess over and anxiety usually it's about the time of the week where I start to wonder. Gosh that she's gonna lose they have this way they did Tuesday it that way to lose. I don't see any way the chiefs lose to the giants. I don't either I don't see anyway I'm looking at this thing a look at despite the last few games for the giants an awful guys scored thirty points or more since 25 and their owners came out yesterday and said they they were inexcusable and frustrating. Onerous I mean I think the orders put a statement out to talk how bad their last two games were out John Wooden bat did what gas and that her boss calls you out you go back to work. This week much harder now. Ugoh actually less you just you just quit. Now would you come out if you if your bosses call you out publicly. You come back to worked out we can put a little extra effort in Ralph and I think the giants will do that has anything that she's gonna lose but it. I don't know where we get off his cheese and seeing having lost three of this or I've watched and I think Sloane an embryo isn't the patriots team. It that she's just gonna blow another have felt my dad has been a giants fan since nineteen sep oh runs on Steve sees tech seemingly just. Worst I've ever seen that is that he's just as terrible that's a role you had your dad's feelings about the giants right now he thinks they're miserable right now it's exactly. What they don't. Based think they've made people stop them bad. They're not having to do with the president and I had my homes debuted and battled and admit that at one company kitchen purchase from Josh personally absolutely exploded today aren't that bad this team did did he chiefs will blow this team now we're back it's she's eight to forty with my friend says that WFAN in New York. You don't want to miss him talking about this she's excited and it. Yes he's good area under 840 them. One Kansas City legend stepped away from the game yesterday and we will honor him with a time honored at school in the morning traditionally kick off or commercial free hour presented by Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City. Next we'll. And here thinks that sports radio and 9 o'clock. We will. Royals manager who just broke his health is he recovering from that we will discussion with him and find out exactly where he's. 9 o'clock right here on 610 Sports Radio I'm like wells with Bob best coach I flagler and producers gave inspector. Post belch on retired officially yesterday hitting a letter in the players Tribune it was an awesome Letterman and I mean just. I let you down that this year we have to celebrate everything and it Beltran wrote. Maybe it was because I knew this is probably going to be my last year. Or because looking at this team I knew we were gonna will win a lot. And you want the young guys who take that for granted so. I wanted to create an environment in the clubhouse constant support and encouragement. After everywhere and we would sit down as a team and embrace it you would enjoy every single win. Together yeah so I brought in the championship belts do no like the wrestling belts we had two belts that we gave out after every win. One for the position players of the game and wants the pitcher of the game. We voted as a team on who we get the belts in the player who won each well after our last victory would presented to the new winner. Then after every game that player had to give a motivational speech to the team it's great allegedly colts thought. When they're four times in Africa iron or every day more out of power Ellis is there a third some. I went on why it's a great way to break up the monotony of a baseball season it's a 162 games it's a grind it's hard so. Did you enjoy every single win because it's easy to just have wins and losses start the only in the same right exactly when you have that many wins them games going on. It's like I go home and do the same thing after a win that too after a loss. Well they are you really playing to win every single thing these psychologically has to get into your mind a little bit and that routine on the whether we win or lose and two in the same thing. Well the trauma that its way to make sure the Astros didn't do that they've celebrated their wins they embraced their wins. And they had their championship belt it out after every win so it's clearly he brought that team and it's awesome for a guy that I loved what he was in Kansas City and I know. Pretty much everybody being. It's time we just he has really appreciated him but it's very reminiscent of what James Shields originally brought to the royals when he came over in 2013. They celebrated every win and they carry that in the 2014 and obviously the 2015 passing around the at the end years pass and everybody you know getting to have that in their locker they were the player of the game they would have the smoke machine gone on the lights would go off the music would get loud they would celebrate every single wind just to keep everybody abreast of what's really important eighties when it really really important are really hard to get a Major League Baseball and we're gonna celebrate every one of them and I think it's it's a little things like that it seem hokey and make maybe you roll your eyes that and whatnot. But I think those are the things that work teams that seemingly have fun and enjoy what they're doing tend to have a lot of the success and it and I think we saw that with the royals and clearly we saw that. You know with the Houston Astros is like you look at you know like like the NFL right now is look like those guys house. Thawed after games rating like that more of a relief than it is a celebration of a win and it should be a celebration of victory. All right so it's time for. It's time honored tradition at your best with the morning call would you rather belch on vs K it's a city athletes. Specter has a list of athletes in would you rather questions. All right would you rather have Carlos Beltran here intensity in his prime or Zack Greinke here in Kansas City in his prime. It's tough to go against an ace man it is at Greinke for baseball reasons as much well I do like those belts on. Infinitely more than like Zachary no question. But for baseball reasons are getting younger and you gotta have an ace you have got to have you had one year of his prime now you did. And I think frankly years of Beltran and yeah time to move yeah I mean you had you had great Kia. Pretty pretty high level that mean for me. Pretty good but I think add them to get a picture yet. Is that we are one rather have. Carlos Beltran in his prime. Or Bo Jackson baseball. In his prime. I love Bo Jackson had an ask like which child do you like better and that when it's so hard because the story didn't and right. Baseball wise you know I don't know the full picture baseball wise and you didn't he didn't see it I'm I'm still gonna go belts when bill. I'm under the belts on because I think belts on in his prime vs Bo and his mind that we did have Bowen is priming it hurt his prime was over. But I think I think we'll go with delta because adding Delta's about a baseball players Bo Jackson. The better athlete is obviously Bogut is I guess that's actually a history time Suggs is tough to go is the best athlete but in baseball you can't. Because baseball's more of that it's. It's like soccer to an extent. Right where it's a lot of it's a very still oriented game not always an athletic oriented game now everybody's great athletes nods well John's Brock was well. Baseball maybe not as much as soccer but. It's about the skills that's what separates players and for those ultra his skills were off the tour yet it seems that he was anomaly is a five tool player legit 52 players it was anything acting Carlos Beltran ain't. But our evo isn't like voted and a passer and I don't like goes back. Yeah like that boat like it was gonna break out in you know both those of us is better. But to home runs but now Beltran so good right Jim more this one's achieved. Rather have Carlos Beltran is prime. Or have Priest Holmes for the first four years as her plus. He Kansas City years. I was a good in the first four years to sitting where utilized in the all the way our. Had you been here eating goats with Specter well when he fortitude ages 4427. Wasted in Baltimore are are we talking about with that also supplied with the extra mile Al Saunders are we talking with a gun to her whatever. Whoever was 97 to 2000 just that those four years or weeks away in Baltimore yeah and then he was. All world 200120022003. Extra four years of priests in Kansas City I'm not take any extra warriors not because he would utilize like that would blast your Marty last two years of Marty and and two years ago on their. We would not have seen the Priest Holmes we saw once Al Saunders and Dick for -- I am telling that story was how was supposed to pay gap some of them I go with Donald bell tried. I'll mystical priest's house ma'am priest was so good I think if he was put a better situation. He would have deprived earlier and make the situation would've been good beating at Google we did a Brian Waters given Casey the same argument for belts Rondo. Those teams weren't any good. But he was still really good so is freestyle now saves or have a conversation about which team which Blair he would take on teams that didn't do I well I would take priest I think it's horror in football to be a good. Player if you have bad pieces around but if I change the equation to a healthy. 20042005. I would I would take doubt I would see more Priest Holmes. Because I think maybe those seasons turn out differently maybe get into the playoffs and L five is you won ten games and L five right didn't make the playoffs. Only played fifteen games combined between now 20042005. He had thought when he touchdowns in those two years but. Pretty dominant teams he played fifty or he'll size. He played in seven yeah scored six touchdowns he get him healthy play all sixteen games you probably win another one or two when here's the playoffs in 2005 scored. Fourteen touchdowns and he seems to. 2004. It's amazing reduces odor and our final one I think I'll know I know the answer because of recent C bias but. Rather have Carlos Beltran is prime. Or air customer in his upcoming bride. Probably go adults wrong. Because you don't really know what it is I had is also it's also it's because I can find another first baseman. I think the value of position it. Who works in the indulge on stage here against house. Belts a hall of Famer I'm taking belts on what I see other ads I. Is it from like what we knew at that time when bills dramas in a seven years deep into his career what we know at the time now Posner. I would take center fielder over the first hit I would too. I think belts on in his first seven years. Was a lot more of the wild factor if you will. I mean to anyway Osmond yes muted new units whose child your child be again that means talk like I feel like I knew he was going to go on and be good yet and not this is an knocking out reader but. There's still some unknowns tournament costs are you feel like I meeting room with belt on laughs he's you degree battery weighs in that. Hosmer is too. Whether it's here whether to Boston or whether it's with a mystery team. It was at that mystery team right pottery I guess I write the mystery today today in today's rumor of him but. The US is all about guys that we knew the in game two it and it sees India as well we don't know it's like. At this difficult on Google Beltran as an alien game. I did she seven game coming up against the the New York Giants they'll load the New York Giants and it won an eight getting blown out game after game after game last three games they've lost by at least through scores. And Mike Francis on WFAN that at some thoughts on chiefs beat giants it's. Not even. Ugly now it's not even said now it is lancet. You can't call but Titus who spank what did you do what this tells you continue building. And those dazzled date would you want I wanna see them on a seed is grouped with that attitude Jason Smith. And hill and Kelsey all over the field this Sunday that should be a picnic. It is building. Seats available. Sits above all else that's a Democrat and a new York and like you hear from giants fans this is a big reason why I'm not. Worry about this that the one game I'm not worried about on the entire schedule was the New York Giants is that team is quit. And how they gonna stop Travis Kelsey they're not they're not as good a field day. How they stop Kareem hunt me we're talking about a team that. It couldn't stop the 49ers. Right the 49ers had not won a deem all societies in it but until they beat the giants last week. Ran up points on the New York Giants defense sit. And they had you don't know anybody else on the team OK you don't know anybody else on the San but Cisco 49ers. You cause Todd you've got the chiefs rolling it who are coming off three of the worst games of the year. The coming off a bye week with Andy Reid they're going to be fired up to get back out there and play because America's kind of forgotten about the Kansas City Chiefs. You're playing in New York say what you want it's still New York it's still the number one market you can add to the New York's spotlight on yet. You have the opportunity to go out there and play big and you have an opportunity to go out there and make a name for yourself you have an opportunity go out there and dominate. Travis Kelsey lives for moments like this Travis Kelsey is gonna have a day on Sunday that we're talking about for years to come I fuels. Like I feel like Travis Kelsey is gonna go out there on Sunday. And absolutely dominate and that's because the giants defensive backs have flat out quit you talk about the team quitting. The defensive backs have given up on life okay they are done and Eli Apple's mom and him do more talking than he's ever done playing. Dominique Rodgers Maurice to quit I mean you've you've you've got every single defensive back out there for this team right now hates the coach that they are done. Travis Kelsey is going to have himself a field you get past that first level of defense boom three months running into the end zone any nobody keeping up Tyreke he'll. Does so does the did the giants this year and how bad they've been at other reasons why they wouldn't be very good because no other Rosser and injuries and you gotta gotta gotta but. Is that is part of the reason they're so bad this weird image changed that Ben Mac can do is gone through. Here's last year in the science teacher and I went to the slicked back hair is got a little bit more facial hair and he just looks. It looks like someone is about to sell me something that's going to break when I get home they've had how he loves. Question they've had injuries everybody the wide receiver corps. But they were good before that they have an offensive line I think this is a week where we see Justin Houston. Just absolutely demoralize the offensive line and length but it just in Houston's not rushing Eli Manning and every play this week. Bob Sutton should be left in New York okay he he should be allowed back on the plane because that giants' offensive line is visiting worse than ass but they are worse than. Hats on the offensive one. Eli Manning is going to have a rough they copy may even like he's a football player again and in this type of situation with this offensive line they are that bad. These should be a week where the where the chiefs go in there on both sides of the football. There able to do anything that they want to do anything that they try to do and I don't think the heat even resistance. From the giants I think the giants are gonna show up to collected chat. And that's it they should be 35 to ten final and it should be a day world laughing in the second half and you'll appreciate my eight gable overtaxed early on in the first quarter of this. And it well temperament I think the backup quarterback may. Not that I got to do not. I want to go ask any any 3510 in the second half against the giants are you have got to put it that I want to ask him the hammer me how likely is that you know I'd I I'd move you don't think about that stuff we got to get the lead first yeah. I'd like to have yet to do that's fine that's that's fine let's check in with New York one last time on she's done. It's not even. Ugly now it's not even said now it is lancet. You can't cover a tight ends who spank what do you don't attract this tells comes that you're building. And those dazzled date what do you want I wanna see them on a seed is grouped with that attitude Jason Smith. Aaron Hill and tells C all over the field this Sunday that's to be a picnic. And it building. Seats available. That's via tech next got it's it's it is better more you play I dice don't think that's the last time we're gonna do my friends us on that she's a giants game that's curious I listened to him do his opening monologue yesterday and it really was cider doughnuts I mean like they are melting down and they should be this team. Is terrible. This team is terrible it is going to be a large one sided affair for Kansas City the goal was to not give anybody ever. On the KU football in case you athletics is a hole as the K chancellor gave the dreaded vote of confidence today out. Athletic director she and zinger and football coach David Beatty. Anytime you see that voter confidence come I think it's just a precursor to the firing its going to take place I was on Saturday got a vote of confidence. And then. Became really good coaching were really good at being an athletic Director General manager. Get the vote of confidence from the higher ups it's a good sign it's not a good sign that the higher ups were so disconnected from reality they don't see this. It still is never good sign when they do it. I it's it's never once worked out a situation where. All they said they they have a lot of confidence in this guy that he goes out Morales off four wins in a row like what is that ever happens they're 35 point dogs this week to Oklahoma. That's at. But he's best offense in the country so damn. That's it roof. I was thinking more like four I don't think this is that this is them dreaded go to conference so their reason and asking. And I act and given the answer I get this all time what do you do to look what's going on there I said nobody knows the chancellor's thinking. These are the boss of the two people. That. Are on the hot seat whenever the athletic director in the football coach. The bosses the chancellor I don't know the chancellor thinks so enjoy here with the chancellor thinks I can't tell you what. When I think they're gonna do here's the chancellor saying I'm backing the athletic director in the football coach self. I don't think this is that this happens to be a dreaded vote of confidence now wool we'll both get fired at some point yet not because people get fired all the time right moves so. I don't think but I think this this says it's on him and Arnold's gonna happen next year but I think that this this puts this puts stuff in the next year now for sure. I think. Look I understand. That side I do it again I I think there's there's there's politics involved with these things yet a brand New York brand new bosses well right. That the chancellor's new right. Aunt and the athletic director was given a nice contract by the old boss she was walking out the door so there's money involved my eyeballs so I mean and the people wanted to know what. What is. You know what's the deal with the deal is the chancellor makes those decisions chancellor sand. Those guys are good and really the job of the athletic directors to raise money to build buildings in and their in the midst of doing I mean that's really when it comes down to. But it did the job of the football coach is to it is to win in knocking embarrassed every Saturday after that's not. On the field and I mean I mean I I understand like there's been a revolving door there at at as head coach is there there has been I mean you've got to find some stability in your program you've got to find a way to establish something. But just because you wanna try to establish something doesn't mean you keep guy who's three and 31 in his career OK meaning you do you don't keep back I employee. Right if op the chancellor next year's hit it if if you if you if you were legitimately committed to these two guys. Next I or is it I think that that's probably what today Ed and I interviewed if you go out there and continually get embarrassed on Saturday afternoons not win conference games. That at this time next year. We better be looking for a new head football coach and athletic director at the University of Kansas. But if you're if you're that if your nutrients and you really believe this guy you're staking your reputation on this as well. You got one year you've got one year from today. To figure this thing out and to start performing like a competent football team out there otherwise have to go and it different direction in more ways than just want. Here are the university can't we need to figure out football we are going to have realignment again having a nice stadium is great but if your football team they can't compete. No he's still she when their leak it doesn't matter let me ask this question because I think it's an important one. What is we've we've now this kind of except the defected Beatty and they're coming back next year because it's not like there's gonna be some blow out where suddenly K used chancellor's like well. All of this is the last or play don't you and Oklahoma State next to gather getting crushed by both teams and that's that's tough that's expected chair so can you really be angry about being blown out against Oklahoma no not at Kansas because just about get blown out by Iowa State like the way he did so. Next year. What does improvement will like what does success look like is it five wins for us. Three. Mean I think number one is your competitive in every single day that's number at least in most games number two. I mean Iowa State is basically your year in the big twelve okay when it comes to football. They figure if they can win in Ames Iowa. Why can't we win in Lawrence Kansas pretty nice camp pretty close to a big metropolitan area okay and I why he's debuts easy place to recruit it you speak for a lot of the football. Side of things. McCain like you France yeah they look at Iowa State say. Why why why not a lot I know why why as I understand what I mean I'm I'm tired of hearing about a basketball school the culture of basketball is running the school and all that kind of stuff. So what I mean Bill Self is behind this tee good drive in the football program to have. Business so there have been very. And seeing it if we ended in record style and we need good football in order to be. It is being successful as a university you do everybody knows the importance of football next year. I'd like to say ditto freaking ball game after your fifty years and fourth years head coach. Are on Kansas City Chiefs as we know the New England Patriots picked up Martellus Bennett off of waivers. And yesterday Andy Reid said yeah they were thinking about Martellus Bennett it was something they at least looked at him makes you wonder. How happy or the chief for their weapons and in. I think they're okay. By cutting Jeremy Maclin obviously hurt. Losing Chris Conley hurt Albert Wilson being banged up hurts. Maybe the second item would have been helpful because. Demetrius hands Harris. And it is. Not necessarily you guys here really taught home about us and against great number two tide and Martellus Bennett would potentially help but there's also. Reports out there the Martellus Bennett would have retired if anybody other than the patriots. Picked him up all the way I think the interesting thing is what does it say about your weapons if you if you kick the tires and the beaches here so what what kind of message is that saying it and we look better we can get better because. After Travis is Travis Kelsey where to go down what confidence do you have in the tight end spot now with the Kansas City Chiefs you don't. Have any Lugo was one of the best tight ends as the NFL one of the top what I'd say the best tight end it right at this Akerson and and Robert Hauspie. You go from that to a backup tight it's at its mayor has ask our coffee and go from may be your number one read here fourth read write exactly. Exactly so restaurant is really attractive and I think the chiefs absolutely should kick the tires on Martellus Bennett I do letting you Reid's comment though he's in a good spot for him. Oh like they were excited for him yeah I like you know that this is that this is what he wanted all along. And basically we all know the release in and getting out of the packer deal was a total sham everybody knows it was a total stand. And he wanted to go back to a spot that's good for him he's going to help the New England Patriots and I think he would have been a big help here. For Kansas City if he was able to be signed and wanted to play. For the Kansas City Chiefs I would have loved that Martellus that for the final seven games the stretch push here in Kansas City adding he would have been nice weapon for Alex Smith it's nice to have right to have it's not wanting I don't think the chiefs are somehow in dire straits and off an odd weapon there's room I don't think so this is the NFL today it's an arms race I give an opportunity to add another player to add another piece Hewitt these pivotal in writing weird to me if the chiefs did it at least think about bringing him Martellus Bennett because. He's another weapon you have to look at the more weapons might be you can add the more like match up not mayors you create for everybody ultimately find you wanna take out Tyreke kill you wanna take out a now Martellus Bennett and Kareem Monaghan oh my god now I've got Albert Wilson have to worry about like all of a sudden you have too many weapons you have too many guys. They can go out there and make plays and that creates major major major major major problems for the defense at your goal so to me. Adding Martellus Bennett would have been a great match up just batch up disaster for everybody to your point. Story. Story. Wouldn't seven. Well that does sound days. Wells after adjusted for the just a couple of minutes here on sixth and Sports Radio. For the chase movies VoIP Miller after. Allegations of domestic violence with a lot of about physical evidence a lot of corroborating witnesses things that via the police report he could pretty much tell you it's it's had it happen there's now a lot of gray area here. So they decide to cut them yesterday before Andy Reid speaks to the media actually pushed Indy Reid's press conference for noon back to 130 so they could finalize the the release of Warren Miller. It was the right choice by the chiefs give you credit and they did. He deserves credit for doing the right thing. In the felt today. Yeah you do deserve credit for doing the right things so kudos to the chiefs. Poor putting Roy Miller understanding that at this happened under our watch on our team there's no vetting process like there was retiree bill there's no time to step then is it okay that he learned from this has he. Crazy rehabilitated it the system work I could bring him around. So there's really no conversation like there was retiree heal because it happened while he was on the team so Smart decision by the chiefs of sorrow and now. The right decision by the Kansas City Chiefs it's easy to get away from a guy like this who really didn't contribute on the field. And now clearly is a menace allegedly off the field it was the right move by the Kansas City Chiefs they did it on Monday morning he didn't hesitate they've got out. And and did it on the first day of business back after the bye absolutely the right move. I got ya some unhappy for the chiefs they did the right thing in this situation because. Party of wonder if they were gonna do the right thing but I'm with their dear aunt pat on the back Purdue and they should have done the right. I get treated like I guess by duke as we gonna crush him if they didn't release of so you got to give credit when they do the right thing. By the biggest bet as we know is coming back from hell a broken pelvis after a nasty fall. Skipper Ned Yost royals manager joins the show to discuss his following what we could expect going forward. As far as his involvement with the royals and he's going to manage to start the season. Two minutes.