11/14 7a - Headlines, Chiefs Role Play, Kap on GQ Cover, TNF & Playoff Expansion

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Tuesday, November 14th

Headlines Worth Talking About, we role play as the Chiefs coordinators, Kaepernick is on the cover of GQ as their citizen of the year plus Chris Mortenson talks about potential changes to the NFL schedule 


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It's talking about stated intention disc related something yeah. Sure. Brought to byword Harley-Davidson north north Harley-Davidson has the largest selection of bikes to choose from no comment no frills tweet from the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday afternoon. There's simple graphic with says roster move. We have waived defensive tackle Roy Miller and you re not commenting yesterday either just clarifying for the media that yes they have weighed. The Tet offensive tack. Tackle Roy Miller does the right Lou that absolutely was the right movement really the only move that the Kansas City Chiefs to make with that guy good riddance to you would now we move on and get ready for the jive. So I give credit to the chiefs and a lot of people look at it say why do you credit for doing the right thing. Well because we trust people so badly when they do the wrong thing you have to eat you do have to at some point. Except the F to give a lot of credit to teams that do the right thing portraying the chiefs did do the right thing yet they. Took their time making sure they got everything in a row and they pushed back in you Reid's press conference so he would have to answer for a while Warren Miller was still on the team. And they cut Roy Miller they did exactly what they were supposed to do and it that's a great look for the Kansas City Chiefs. Monday Night Football as you started Cam Newton or fantasy league and needed a big night it got one when he won a 35254. Yards. Four touchdowns through the air also had a 69 yard run ended up with a 95 yards on the ground. As the Panthers while the dolphins' 45 to 21 paint there's now seven in three dolphins four and five. DeVon sponsors with two touchdowns Kristen McCaffrey with two touchdowns. Jonathan Stewart breaking over a hundred yards and he cares 110. As the out panthers' offense really getting going in that third quarter in which they scored 21 point. It's great. As at the NFC's. Green. It is interesting because. He looks so much more after games when he wins every place well. Because those ridiculous clothes the oval top hats and sunglasses and other little. Pink suits and everything that he wears like it. But they usually don't really already done the gap when you looked at me when you're playing well like he wasn't when he 58 and let you dial. Well that's just what's Austria now Kim the man's legs for days but it's it's all. On victories it's it's a well Cam Newton who was scheduled to dolphins on Monday Night Football who allowed that to happen. Before the season this looked like a great game it didn't. So. My intent was quarterback the dolphins were really good last. It like nine snap it. It with a young team road leading getting better now that strategy age IE they don't have lines and hell anymore. There's a lot of things they've lost from last year but that was still good team before the season. Miami Carolina looked like a really solid game. They should just like that game to forfeit for Carolina. As I've shown it just does not play god play the game it is give Carolina the win. Basically what I was getting like a three hours of Jake color smoking gas. I don't watch edges Jay Cutler spoke of months on replay what an awesome. Liked the guy just doesn't wanna be there. It hasn't been terrible. This terrible match the rest is tease you people know what's wrong with the NFL. That game is what's wrong with the NFL it's not protests it's not you know God's my political stop it it's teams that are competitive and last night paintings and are validated forever that like back that thing was. I had a big night was worse seasons in this. Maybe a game it's the worst of them. I can name game this week it was worse than that one with all the 55 to seven on a us citizen bill category that one had a streaker. Had a say had a streak its primary giant Snyder's giants niners had a guy stays in the crowd falling out. And getting beat up by the police got Hayes his wife got arrested that's better. The look out NFC don't by the way. Eagles and eight wins of course right vikings saints Panthers. Rams all seven wins the rams played Tennessee might in top man right is that the rams and vikings this week that's a nice game. Horsemen at football games lions Packers the previous week. Colts titans. I averaged sixteen for now was around vikings payers the week before. There that today that was actually good game Monday night is becoming the sprawling place spot for the NFL's. Think considered like that without the seizures and was right is that throwing because the estimated matter right no idea that came with the chiefs terrible it was the lowest rated Monday Night Football game in history we won the cheesy Broncos it was a great it was a fantastic you know enjoyed every minute of that game traverse city and it looked like he didn't even belong on an NFL that awkward to me I got it makes very little optically. Brother and national stamp I don't count as a national stamps and I care about me the break gave up that fantastic great game huge. Let's move on quads a Martins said Michael Porter junior has a leg injury following the team's win over Wagner yesterday has got a letter of the team wealthy if you will. Go. And disaster will fly with the team do you talk they are also planning on registered in the CJ Roberts and Mitchell Smith you guys I've never personally heard. But the Missouri Tigers are two and no. And near out with Michael for without Michael Porter junior looks like moving forward a little bit with that leg began calling it built. Okay I mean that they had 99 points scored yesterday against a notably some guiding Wagner whatever they scored 99 against James -- but but but they shot almost 70% from the field almost 57%. Or whatever was from three point land. That's a great shooting performance and you're going to win all of your games. Obviously shoot close to 70%. So they're more than just Michael Porter junior I know he's the drawing card I know he's the one that everybody wants to see. But as we're waiting for Michael Porter to come appreciate some of these other guys that are out there that are kind of forming themselves know. Pretty good team right now they've had two nice games to start this season which is more that we can say for Missouri over the last three years it the last two games it looked better than they have in the last three years. I can make an argument that this is good for reserve. That Michael Porter juniors out for this time because you know what would happen if and pay that PGA it was plane they were just feed him the rock over and over and over again. Michael Porter junior would be the only real form of offense Missouri had everything would flow through Michael Porter junior. And then you be city they're going to. Okay Obama girls to begin production when you're fighting your other production guys as a young team outside Michael Porter junior's well so you define you or production guys. As ago it was Michael Porter junior out for a little while. It could help the zoo identify those other production guys. And then you can just implement Michael Porter junior back into it. So we just have to take the whole thing over right away he can just be part of that well oiled machine or at least what you're trying to make a well. Well I think what we always look forward we talk about guys is finding that third swore who's going to be the third score whether it's in the NBA or college basketball. At Missouri right now you're trying to figure out who's gonna be that second score is gonna be you know local who who's gonna be the second score now you have that opportunity. The kind of figure things out he got an opportunity to go out there were some guys and get some guys some early repetition. It some guys some confidence early and understand hey I can lead this team is well it doesn't all have to be just Michael Porter junior for us to have success. Temper your last night it very nice and I think that's kind of got the people are looking at. As may be the second guy you know on this team I think is your right I think it's a good situation for Missouri early on. Obviously the sooner you get quarterback the better it's going to be for everybody we have a chance to really get better as an overall team at least a couple of games and their schedule is is just. Theory. Confidence building at you talk Thursday. Road game OK fine it's tough to jurors it is Aureus state. He's been a long beach state. At UC after Miami of Ohio green east yurigan there's not a lot they're non conference so somebody to watch for though is not a T shirts on that team. I'm Peter James and by march if they're gonna wanted to advance in the tournament. The same. Final four it's ridiculous. If you want some case state whose speech certitude induce extends Horford it tonight at six as they tip off at seven. It's human Casey all right here on six fans were treated coverage beginning. At 6 o'clock and then and then don't have an opportunity as well to allow the Associated Press because an in their story talked about how Cassius Robinson. Led to a 23 last night it scans Robertson Robertson so they'll get a chance to get you know. People who know their names the last automated data acceleration times important yeah Robinson or Robertson in debt and it certainly scorer. John Adams gives you the right to add your name pronounced correctly now please visit our fascist clay. That's true why isn't John Adams on the mount Rushmore president's because he's not little list for best on a grizzly Adams have a beard. His name's grisly killings grizzly got to have a beard on overlooked related so there are certain names first like you have to have a beer. Yes grizzlies one ups and. So hall hall usually knees to have a beard. The idol Paula doesn't advocate John because after all your due I don't most polls that don't but if your name is Paul you seem like you're supposed to appear got everything. Apollo on my opinion it is what it is I don't know Paul's camp have dark air typically. They are no. They can't have light here yet as yours and Mozart as people start care yeah that's a good point as they aren't a lot of blonde Paul you really don't know if a lot of small halls of yet there are a lot of small balls. Chris Paul. Rookie of the year honors going to you Cody Ballinger and Erin judge know on a shocker there is baseball continues to be irrelevant once the season's over. What he wanted to do I don't there have been awards during baseball season. No one's no one's paying attention to this but it'd be paying attention to the NFL awards. Unfortunately yes boo who's have you here last I mean who cares. Just you gotta do during the season what what is the NFL pass at the awards week eight rookie year last there was a press got a was it Zeke when it's him yeah I don't know. They do not and the defense I think it was a big Z. Is he was the rookie class add to be easy agency was he's a dollar Louisiana felt passing out there awards during the bye week. Think during the how you would put us during the postseason this is a post season yes it during the season. No I ask you know I'm here is over but it in the week morality and he extended out of him as much as you possibly they're not getting any Iran. They just don't know as the NY on the today thing yeah yeah now pouring and it's it's. What you'd did you watch the ceremony that the NFL had. But there awards and indeed no knowledge or so here's towards reports of professional sports nobody watches it what's the season's about Morales. John Phillips SuSE was going to be eligible play for you hoops coming up in the second semester. For Josh Wright who. John Phillips Sousa. I. Is there and I know nothing about it whatsoever playing John Phelps isn't yet is that Israel later instrumental with the it would be very instrumental in the second half of the season for the day dialogue outside. Zip outside they're students click refuses to say anything about K you anymore. It's very often I don't know assignments that he refused to get beat. Those things like basketball. Michael you were you talk to view by that guy likes basketball pool who the hell are we talking about. Johnson the Sousa is that his real name source. So it something like that cell and other links to nobody's ever seen play that everybody's fawning over. Sylvia d'souza Ali Al Sylvia like Sylvia. Tokyo. You you see now you tell it like it Alec also yeah I am I love the name is going to be part of a next year's class he's currently and it. Going to it to graduate high school early and come join the jail that the minister Silvio d'souza and Whitman zeal Grasso a Jersey. And it's. Specter is biting his lip like that never kinda I don't know you know what that is Geeknews a. Reviewed dad jokes this week tomorrow tomorrow blodget if that's confirmed yes still it's Wednesday Silvio d'souza is he from Jersey I'm asking a legit question. I don't know what's your question and soon not. Sounds like he's from Jersey. Where are they achieves any reading all this coordinators are going to tell you exactly how the chiefs are going to win the Super Bowl. Kind of next. Welcome back again it's that's good morning I'm Mike Welch and Bob that's code jostling there and producer Steven Specter. Everytime we hear any read as coach speak to get a lot generic answers like a bachelor better all three phases but nobody really knows why either bettered all three phases nobody really ever knows why things go importantly. So well. This let's go ahead and do this thing where we are all going to take over role. Right specs going to be any read right. Especially when the dolphins according to Matt Nagy I wish I could do a Philadelphia access because he knows are to be defensive coordinator Bob Sutton. Inkling is going to be special teams coordinator Dave tell them don't tell you. What is wrong. With these three phases and how to write low and it affects others a lot to talk about here because basically that's what Andy Reid said yesterday met with the unit coordinator Mel sat down and discuss what was good what was bad you know coming out of the first nine games of the season and that's what they need to do to get better moving forward in the final seven games all three daisies to get ready for the postseason but didn't tell us and it's specifically said. I'm not telling you guys that we discussed because I don't wanna let you know we talked about what's a good answer. By Andy eat so what the hell will roll play in this one yes with are they only meeting. Like if we were the court is what we would have told Andy Reid who we gonna get started coach boats go. Is accorded Peterson appeared. He's already sold go to low low as defensive coordinator. Balls on what is close later regret this will hurt. It really hammered out yeah I hate it that it hasn't started that's that's easy error angry lately like. Don't just focus on that part of the second day he is the office coordinator now Peterson but I. I am aware exit let's go to office critic of writers here says that on purpose of it is and maybe doesn't know how organized. I'd Solis art with matinee yup as we're all right so Alonso and here's the deal coach Knight actually conflict in the green these are the second sound like Adrian I think you you. We definitely view. Sure it went what is the secret to start assembly Bill Self they're raw right. Nate has some read dozens of hours in his conversations. Around each other eighteen today so I was coat pocket yeah. The thing coach we don't we get a lot of good things good in the first five games of the season where you allowed me as an offensive coordinator. The kind of opened things up and you'll lap lead opened things up as the offensive coordinator because we ran the football effectively we ran Kareem hunt. Like nobody's ever seen before I'll just be honest with you coach we expect Kareem hunt to feed this good. And I think in order for us to get back to what he did. In the first five games of the season were Alex Smith was looking like an all pro and an MVP candidate. We need to get back to running the football we need to start running the football effectively again like we did in those first five games of the season. Because we saw an effective Kareem Hud makes Alex Smith book Austin. But to me it really starts up front in coach. I'm gonna kind of put DO decide you hear you said you can we would any five guys on the offensive line and it said that for years. We need to find a way to toughen up the beefy guys up front they need to get tougher they need to get meaner they need to get nastier if we can give these guys tougher. Nastier meaner than we can run a lot more effectively in November and December and January. That we did over the past four weeks of the season so we need to toughen up the offensive line. You may receive raw meat some raw eggs that we need to get those guys tougher on the offensive line and if they become tougher will be able to run the football again with Kareem and we can run with three. Alex is gonna look like an MVP candidate again so to meet coach it'll start to get those guys tougher on the offensive line. That's what we need to do better that's the number one thing we need to do better for the final seven games in the playoffs toughness toughness toughness on the offensive line. Those states guys go to do a better job. Did so drove next. Television better job I like to I'd like to exercise I know you're gonna go next easily takes a too much time I'll have a lot for there bureau of national unity of better jobs ago. Go now firewire I really another four and a sudden gonna talk forever is that he does he takes a bar time meetings. I mean what do you want from me man more touchdowns and that's about all I haven't done so far these bunkers awesome. Nineteen point field goals Colquitt is drops everything inside the Swanee in a 45 yard average I am doing my job. I guess he wants more return touchdowns if you work on that we only had one punt return touchdown from Tyreke hill against the got a set up your offense and everything. My it's my job security so awesome here a key behind his 46 yards per kick return. Out of what you want from me coach is out we're doing our part. But he says he did a good job. Bob on view when the other side I decide I don't need it. Coach. I've seen horse. Horrors that you've seen. You have no right to call me a murder. You have a right to kill me never right to do that but you have no right to judge. It's impossible. For words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means. Horror. Or has a face. And you must make a friend. Of poor. You have to have many more moral. At the same time were able utilized their prime morial instinct to kill without feeling. That passion. That judgment. Without judgment because it's judgment. That defeats us. No more. The whole. Any thoughts I don't know. You know what about the defense. That is deep as it's what's so I got it's it's it's the war. Filibuster I've ever had. I am I marlin Brando in Apocalypse Now. Who is. That's that's Bob's sudden he has no answers right now right yes authorized I don't know about the deep passing defense I guess the deep pass if they defense top to bottom right now is a horror of a it's that the chiefs defense is a poor at this moment solar power a power or it's correct. Pour the war were yeah yeah this is nature by I will over an NCAA that aren't yet calling war. A horror. And it is a horror and horror top to bottom it's a problem no pass rush or nobility stop the passing game no ability to stop the run it. He'd run over by elite running Maxwell came past the bomb by everybody and that's it it's a top to bottom disaster so. Suddenly we're talking and you read about how to fix the defense. What would you do other than talk about the horror. Well I I think it's going to be interesting in these last seven games to see what this defense does because if they play well. A lot of it has to do with the competition but if they played poorly I mean if they go out there and they let like we talked about Arlene stark while run for a hundred articulate Eli Manning. You know throw the ball around the meadowlands sterling is shallower zones all right argument you know Eric you were on the tight end I mean he's going to be difficult for them to match up with I think in and in so there's there's some there's some guys out there they can it's kinda play for the giants but at the giants have a big day offensively. I think it's going to be. A big story come Monday morning that almighty god. This defense really really really has some issues that we need to try to figure out the final six games of the season. Before we roll into the postseason I think that's what it's all going to be about guys it's not going to be about if this defense plays good we're gonna crown them I think a lot of it has to do. Would it this defense placed bad that we have a lot of things were not looking for a lot of things were not. I'm willing to add to talk about that aides to its injury and and may be. Figuring out for the last six weeks of the season may be different scheme for this defense a little bit to put the or that they had in better situations because sometimes. You got to change things up a little bit to fit the personnel to pass. And I think the personnel that that she's happy right now is different in the personally thought they were going at the beginning of the year. You're down Eric Terry just in Houston is hurt Tom Ali is nowhere to be found Derrick Johnson has gotten old. You don't you don't have another quarterback the you can really rely on an insult to meet you got a lot of peace is out there. That in July and August when you're putting this defense and you were counting on it now here we are in November moving on into December and January. Where we have a lot of peace is that. What we thought they were going to be. On this defense this year shall may be time to put players in a better position to be successful I think that's what they accomplished over the past I would just be average was used for. Does the average yet to be an average defense by and then and then and then get back some of the things you did offensively to start the season and you're going to be religion you selling my seven year old who they think designing your book covers the school Wright county cities I just wanna be the runner rapidly. One meter runner to win the thing you what do we in the contest. You're right that she's on defense to speed runners up right that the average and then to have the offense beat. When it works though it's other work. Above average uneven I don't even need them to be like like ballots at the greatest everything right just get back to what you did this to start the season. The marginally better on defense and not look like your liability. And they a year Adrian I think in in decent shape I think for the next seven weeks it's gonna be hard to take a lot of superlatives away from what the chiefs do because the competition is going to be good. And that is as you know guys you get deeper into the season team start to check out there on holidays and they're around at the vacation that the teams are going to be in the playoffs. Are really given a full effort I write that the biggest your that I have for this team right now is that. Week we kinda get. Caught up in goodness over the next seven weeks and then when we hit a real team in the playoffs and oh my god the last several weeks they've been so good. And now they're facing a real team in the playoffs and that's kind of scares the Jesus out of right now this team. That's a fair point are we have some breaking news in the news is not only do magazine somehow still exist but they also create controversy. Next. Out there they're citizen of the year cover with Colin Capra nicknamed as their citizen of the year. They did an interview Colin cabinet they interviewed people who know Colin calf a neck and decide and make him the citizen of the year. And I didn't read the piece I really feel like India till because census it's it's a magazine. Who reads magazines anymore. I read the whole thing on on college capita because I was. Wondering like why you decided to name Kyle thank you see this is the cells. Because. It's the same reason time magazine named Donald Trump man of the year was man of the years that city. Call it something different this person of the year but doesn't mean it's it's all good in it and citizen of the year doesn't mean. You did everything correctly right but public property deed do. A lot of good things by himself to take everything else out. If you can for a moment and just focus on calling cannot predict the person and not focus on. The protests that have come from the National Football League all of this was that just take calling cap predict himself and look at what he was trying to accomplish. And that was to raise awareness that there is still discrimination of people of color and police brutality against people of color. They should not be happening in the United States of America and and that's what Colin capita was trying to raise awareness on. Where we are right now I don't think anybody in college fabric itself. Thought that it was going to be taken to this level were now the NFL is being looked at as the gavel. In all of this I think calling capita tried to send a message and really put himself. Above his career playing football and above the ability to go out there and make money on Sunday afternoons by doing what he did he took the interest of the African Americans first and foremost included both himself and I think we'll Colin Catholic was trying to accomplish originally. And what the original intent of the protest was was absolutely 100% justified. In east heard that all into more of east side show. Then what college cap predict originally intended for but for what you originally intended it to do was to raise awareness was to bring awareness to his situation a lot of people most people were discussing. I think you're absolutely 100% work because I know from meet personally and I can only speak for myself. I am now all we hear that there are things going on against people of color that I wasn't aware of before that I didn't really milk and I didn't really. Think about before now I am aware of what are we doing to make it better spent all don't know the answer that question. But to me if you're looking colleague capita by himself this is absolutely 100%. Well deserved for Alan Kaplan we spent all summer when he sixteen talk about police brutality. On the show on every show America. So what exactly did you learn about the college African we'd know about before well I think I made it more aware of it because quite honestly. I'll be ignorant on this one it if it's not really in sports I'm not paint all that much attention to that much anymore okay I I kind of maxed out all of this stuff with his white Miller down and Alabama Roy Moore whatever help that guy's name is. All the political stuff I've pretty much tuned out too because I can't stand it anymore I summer when he sixteen here on the show automatically six we were. But to what extent I didn't realize it was as bad I thought it was an isolated incident here in isolated incident there. You don't have any idea that it's basically every day occurrence and a very common occurrence more so than it should be. It to you start talking about until people start raising awareness of this is going on almost on a daily basis. I think Colin Kaplan and brought like the something that nobody was really talking about before. I would argue everybody was talking about it before I wasn't I mean and we where yes you were covered here City College talking. In the summer when he sixteen bit. They wrote the original it is this spring at 2016 we work in this in the fall of 2015 we were the winner of 2014 we weren't and as summer 2010 we weren't. We were in the summer of 4016 before calling cap company did anything so to act like Colin cavern X somehow suddenly began the awareness of police brutality is just not true I don't think we'd still be talking about it of Colin Capp predicted taken me now was talking about cholera I was talking about police brutality back in 20112012. Dobbs are you said it's it's me I wasn't. Tim what we were before college after it was this is revisionist history that somehow nobody was talking about this and nobody was doing anything into Holland happenings took in need during the National Anthem is bitterly. Just media narrative to try to get people to keep paying attention let's try to get people to educate people see you all on its hands and haven't they are they focusing on police brutality of the focus on Paula Catholic. I'm focusing on Paula Kaplan and other people are focused I think. Was last heard about police brutality and maybe it's maybe we've we've grown we've we slowed down a little we hear about is. What's going away but it hasn't won state as the messages work so that we've tallies over. Let's not pull what was the last we saw a case of police brutality that's not what's dominated the news right now. Who is for reality is it is just stopped for the past six months its other things have dominated the news Donald Trump. Has become larger told you say there was a sexual assault running rapidly it if they if it toppled over an African American today in Dallas Texas and beat him up and killed him don't you think that would be on the on the news. Don't you think we would hear about that it wasn't thinking what was that you said you re reading here about a before summer when talking about is clearly happening out until a court and now in the culture that we live in don't you think about what's going albeit I did affect me added pay attention to when I got to be honest with ya just being honest here. Police tell you never affected me before I never thought twice about it and. Brigade never cared about it never bothered me ever thought about it. Exactly maybe that's me living at a site will be gets me being isolated but I'll tell you what let's cap did that. You start to come become more rounded he's dealt well and you start to think about other people more you start thinking wow this really is going on this really is an issue maybe this isn't an isolated incidents here or isolated incident there. Media is a bigger issue I think for me personally I guess I can speak for me personally. It's made me more aware that this is going. Out there in this country. Problem Colin cap and being named GQ citizen of the news why would anybody have a problem with anybody being named anything really carried seriously check out Twitter feed that's fun to see this that they are yeah yeah did you react to the vocal minority. Reality is. People look at that have you did you really think about the GQ citizen of the year before Colin capita was on the cover it knows does one. That's why it put them on the cover it no there was one because it sells magazines this is the whole point that's why can't imagine people being upset about a fake war lol lol people are upset they're charging 29 dollars for a loaf of bread in San Francisco people get upset about everything. It's too. It was. Everything man and set about rock solid happening being named the citizen a year by GQ I didn't and what realize that was even an event under an award Intel yesterday immediately became CAA did the divisive issue because immediately people go well JJ will race 37 million dollars victims should be GQ person of the year and that became the narrative. On the side meanwhile yeah. JJ we'll have to good taking anything away from JJ watt but what Colin property it is he sacrificed himself for millions of minorities who don't have a voice. I think that's a little more important in my opinion. Now. What it called governing sacrificed again his career. Now that's that's all that just assuming the college happening one of the wanted to play football because he was almost about to be cut. People against revisionist history here is about he would have Qaeda he would definitely or another job before the season began he would have found another job hunter is 26 to 800% would have found another job had you seen some of these losers at quarterback in the NFL right now. Calling capita is better than a lot of these guys that jobs in the NFL had he not taken and he just beneath an average quarterback. He'd still be in the national player that's not a 100% 100% we got a job somewhere lies. It was bid for three from boxing for taking a stay so it's like academy and say there's no precedent set for this that if you if you take a stand on cultural issues and you becoming lightning rod it doesn't mean everything's gonna goal line as hot and I'll be right there took a stand in for three years was banned from box. To the president was he knew there could be repercussions of him taking an eight. Any did it anyway you put it he put beat the thoughts of others the feelings of others the benefit of others. Above himself it snowballed into something completely different and that's everybody's looking at right now but the regional what calling Kaplan it was going was dead. So we're saying Kong capita has benefited none from this I lost his job he doesn't have a each paycheck coming in. So it doesn't he hasn't benefited at all when it comes to who won a household name in. How does that benefit you at the end of the day if you average job huddle he's giving you money in I mean I mean. How does that benefit and it's back question how. How is being unemployed benefit anybody. Well being household name benefits you for the long term. And Colin cavernous gonna make a lot of money on this that's why I'm no problem with Colin cabinet made a lot of money on this that's not a big deal on this are going to. Hate Colin capita gets this untouchable hero that he just is I'd say he's untouchable all but I don't think right now. I don't think he's a great spot partially. I don't think he's a great spot financially. Out of the east integrates the domain and doesn't have a job. A fine spot finances Ellie Dallas Mavericks in here wanting for things as all of them it was. Ball by his employer he was blocked all by the NFL because of what it. He tickle back to work at the perfection that he is. We got to move on like you back to talk capita winner on the NFL screwed up the schedule with third tonight football and Chris mortenson has a plan to fix it. Here is planned next. To me they're type of ball games they've messed up the scheduling now they have a lower quality of play they've put themselves into that spot. Everybody is trying to figure out exactly. It's this that Weatherspoon a play quality standpoint or from a marketing standpoint. From a scheduling standpoint. They fixed the scheduling in the NFL which to me you be taking away the authors I've football games to go back to the perfect schedule in the used to have. A wonderful thing to fix a lot of will want to be 1986. All over again replayed on Sunday afternoons and that's it right or 2006. Nearly 2006 were having good Syria is seriously is not long ago we didn't have a ton a Thursday night football games in the football is all about Sunday right magic game on Monday alleged Thanksgiving games when he guys were unique and different and fun and like something you wanted to watch because it was something different way to back ten years ago that's when we had the chiefs on Thursday night. On Thanksgiving night against the Broncos. That's fun would be a prime time based giving game at one time. The entire year and opened the season on Thursday it would be great but the money makes that impossible now because nobody wants to do about the money from Thursday night football and Chris mortenson put forth his plan to try to fix the NFL schedule. I think he was the possibility if there is no night games being reduced to the back into the season again with more Saturday night he's Nixon on the nights colleges. Don't play in that month of December so. And still have an economic answer and try to address the scheduling part. On Sundays. To Thursday going for I and I could see that beginning on Thanksgiving and going forward. You come this committee will try to get complicated formula that works for everybody increase revenues Obama have expanded playoffs they've. Chris mortenson and expanded playoffs would be terrible. I hate it any NFL has a perfect playoff structure that perfect season structure. They took something perfect and mess with it because they wanted more money. And now they're stuck in a situation where nobody wants to take less money right so they can't just get rid of Thursday night football it's sad because it's hurting their overall brand and product. In India and what it's really hurting. Is there France. In theory I like the back into the schedule Thursday night games is that's what it started as a room wherever they are like almost tell us. Brought out the test balloon and I tonight that idea and and I I like in theory because it's less Thursday night games. But. At the tail of the season who were they don't want Thursday night games good teams that are had always good when there has there's a playoffs and underscoring them over by having him play that. Thursday night game which affects. The body clock and all those things right juries in all all the things we hate about Thursday night. So I don't think that plan solves it because you're still gonna get those Thursday night games and it's gonna be with impact of teams are looking at. Policies and runs you're thrown in Dole's. Although some slot was Republican have to do before the season's here you're gonna guess on what teams are going to be the place you can guess the patriots Steelers which he said of the AFC are going to be a perennial playoff teams and you look at the NFC you'll probably get against the cowboys probably get this yachts in the past there are still packaging you know all all those teams that are perennials for the most part play off teams are big market Koreans. You're gonna force those teams play Thursday night late in the season what all those teams are in the playoffs and and and that you got an upstart team let's say the Houston Texans who don't have a Thursday night game scheduled. But a team that they would be facing in the playoffs has sent Thursday night game schedule that puts them at a disadvantage I think right now. For the NFL less is more and I really believe that. More is not better for the National Football League right now less is more for the NFL I'm talking about less windows and less opportunities. Four games and I think for a number of reasons number one you want to make it a special time to watch the NFL the NFL used to be special because boy it was only on Sunday afternoon and that was it if you watched on Sunday you didn't get it was must see must watch TV. Now you spread it around you you're giving the consumer too much you putting too much on the plate of the players right now and you're really diminishing the ratings because there's so many different opportunities for folks to watch the game and if you're team plays on Thursday night you pretty much take a personal way from Sunday afternoon at six hours on Sunday a day out they're not watching those games itself. It in my opinion geek he can get rid of all Thursday night except for Thanksgiving and except for the start of the season. You don't penalize teams late in the year by playing Thursday night games when potentially a playoff teams are gonna play on a Thursday night on a short week that's ridiculous. Maybe you mix in a Saturday game towards the end of the season in college football was done I don't have an issue with that. But as far as Thursday night football I think in order to get the lead back to where it was you get rid of Thursday night football and if you touch the play off format the NFL you're absolutely have to. You're you are asked up in the NFL if you add teams to the playoffs that I mean more to win that we -- which perfectly the NFL playoffs are caustic where they are right now. Eight and Gil still getting some eight beat teams in there a couple of years ago we had at seven and nine seahawk team in the postseason. They'll watch the weather like on nine now as it was it is either ten or eleven it was either 2010. Or 2011. As that is seven and nine saints I've been on nine. Now what it was a sell out that the summit in nineteen lake hosted the saints or I don't anyway and in Trinidad and a bit they senator. When there was an -- voter on Monday it was -- Seahawks assessing how he's one television host -- the saints beat the saints were like ten and six or something like these -- death from Marshawn Lynch rather than the famous -- just stiff arms Tracy -- into another dimension yes exactly -- that was a Saturday night I think playoff game and into within a seven in nineteen apply to understand you do you don't need a seven and nine team in the postseason and if you look at it now when you expand the playoffs despite two teams in the -- two teams in the seat you're on course to have sub 500 teams in the post season we don't need the NFL needs to stay where they are with the playoffs and not mess with it and get rid of those Thursday night games get a -- get back to basics managed to get back to basics. I think the be just fine both. Ago it's the cell there to do this. Way to screw this up they don't sit out the best thing they have the right it is a an 80% chance they're gonna change you know I don't hear about our ratings are low people watching like they used to attendance is low at the stadiums. You're making it more difficult for people to enjoy Vienna telling consumed the NFL you're not making it easier for the NFL be consumed don't. It's with a good thing the playoffs don't need to be messed with and Thursday night games in Beagle like you take care business you'll be fine this league is fine if they take care of business. Artist ever to play game I'm very excited about gonna put on the spot because yesterday. Real or something very interesting regarding the board Paul and Donald Trump. You wanna miss this one next.