11/14 6a - Miller Cut, Jones v Goodell, Beltran Retires, Mizzou Hoops, Ned

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Tuesday, November 14th

Chiefs cut Roy Miller, Goodell v Jones is (maybe) coming to an end, Carlos Beltran retires, Michael Porter Jr is hurt plus hear what Ned said following his very serious injury 


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That's still in the morning up by twelve when Bob best coach Josh playing where and producers Steven Specter. She's or about yesterday before if you read speaks to the media they had a set to speak admit that pushed it back for one there in the afternoon as they. Across the U across the season got the guys. It makes it Roy Miller was officially waves and cut by the chiefs before Andy Reid had to speak to media. And. I don't you don't always praise somebody for just doing the right thing. But we have crossed that she had they not cut Roy Miller so worth noting Anworth sane. They did the right thing they do deserve credit for doing the right well they do in an Indy should have done the initiative and absolutely no discussion on whether or not they should release Roy Miller or keep Roy Miller on this football team as we talked about yesterday either so we just different things equated. To cutting this kind of quality you know allegedly assaulting a woman number two he wasn't very good football player mean he can you combine the two. And he needs to find his way out of dodge but it's the right thing to do from a community standpoint because. I think the community and make it in in an extent. Has has lost a little bit of faith with the way the chiefs handle off the field issues especially when they brought in Tyreke filth to be the return man here in Kansas City and now the number one wide receiver their work a lot of folks good majority of people who were upset with the fact that Tyreke Gil was being given that opportunity knowing his past. And I think there were a lot of folks especially some of the domestic violence shelters of folks I spoke with yesterday. That were riding the fence and wondering what the chiefs were going to do this situation you had a chance to actually go out make a statement. And show this community yeah we do care and we're not gonna have somebody on our team that commits a domestic violence dispute like Roy Miller did down in Jacksonville Florida allegedly over the weekend and we're just gonna part ways with him and we're gonna wait. For the deet tails the come out hide behind the legalese and all of that stuff how does he tells already really did write it really did yeah we're just gonna move on from this guy and we're gonna do the right thing self. I think they deserve it yet a round of applause pat on the back but it duds deserved say hey you did do the right thing it will give you credit. Or doing the right thing because in the past the cheesy show they kind of slow play. A lot of things in yesterday. They fast played them the killer thing they waited till Monday evening and we what do you do on a Saturday acts other he office exactly it was honest day of business person a business as they got taking care of and and you do give them the benefit of the doubt for doing that it was the right move to do and now this organization to move on without this guy holding them back without this guy being dead weight without this guy being a disturbance inside that locker room and nuisance to the city. And they can get on now with the final seven games of the season. Which start on you know Sunday in New York against the giants in you know what the final seven games people are looking at is easy games and disorganization in time to focus on the playoffs so. That's what they have they they've they've got to rid themselves of all the distractions out there right now. As they start to approach the postseason because that's what it's all about. It is worth discussing the differences between the report Millar situation in the tie retail situation because a lot of people are pointing to Tyreke hill. For obvious reason Sean because he's committed a convicted domestic abuser in college was kicked out of Oklahoma State. With the west Alabama and then draft in the fifth round by the chiefs years later. So. Vick is taste different situation in the sense that that she sold the regional draft by saying they vetted. All right we had his wedding process and very intense rigorous interview process you believe he has changed we believe this was a very bad situation something he shouldn't have done. But. We believe he won't who would again if he does again it's on its Haas and a well that's happening you know after someone's committed the crime they done that time and that you're bringing him in in the draft. If somebody is on your team and then they commit domestic violence is a totally different conversation because then it. You can't really sell to people as well you tell us is not to do it again. Busy busy Ernie did it while I was on your team right while he was under the Rollins EU were uniform be committed domestic violence. It makes it different situation from organizational standpoint because the vetting process really can't exist. Guys already on your team when he missed the cry. That's exactly right yes you on the vetting process to be bring American a year yet Clinton and they're not gonna you mean there's there's reason to your moving on your moving around announcing that is it is your residual or. And others probably people others say we would love for the cheese to vacate. A public stand about domestic violence. Mean they don't need it against Iraq and paint themselves in the corner. Right yeah I mean that let's say what it is you're able to cut a guy that's not very good to short right. Maybe the situation different guys good Wright is is if we Weld's fellow players yet I mean we don't know I mean they're not they're not. They're not gonna pay themselves an epic journey Rita said hey we Cottam that's it can't talk about illegal is the issue going out with that made the move for moving on that's it. If it's somebody who contributes to the game every single day whether it be you know and it's a heart has got and what that you know to sack game whether it's the guys picked off passes left that a write in somebody who's on the difference maker. I mean you know he saves us indeed they say the exact same battles that we saw with with Roy Miller OK the exact same details. But it's with somebody who get 200 yards per game receiving or teachers somebody that horrid summit has ten tackles per game and a sack per game. You're not probably gonna cut back you'll probably get a look at that go well we need to slow play this thing we need to figure things that we need to take it day by day cynical but I dig project that's that's out of the case and you know if it's an all oh it's it's a pro bowler if it's somebody that is a contributor that is helping the ballclub win games. They probably won't cut that person and that's why the chiefs yesterday when Andy Reid was asked about their basically their domestic violence policy. He said no comment he's not commenting on that because just as you said he doesn't wanna paint himself into a quarter. Just in case years from now tomorrow the next eight months from now season from now. Somebody important to the team does something like that. Then I think a lot of people are going to be saying OK now what are you going to do are you gonna cut this person. That you see on Sunday scoring touchdowns are getting sacks and making big time plays. And I think the answer to that question I think we all now is probably they probably won't cut back that he probably would work with that person. To make sure that he got the help that he needed on you will because he can help the football team. The big reason you say. You know. If not you don't have some kind of policy or no tolerance policies because details are different. You mean like maybe maybe they don't cut but the details are exactly the same it's a player gives you great production. But the reason why can't really a policies because every single case of domestic violence is not the same right as somebody accusing someone of this person it hit me a year ago. Is different than the police came Roy Miller's wife had multiple physical injuries he's barricaded in his own bedroom it. That those details make it very clear as to what happened to her right so even though at all allegedly. Police are there. Witnesses corroborated the story. You have all those things to go off of this it's your the judicial system right right you're the NFL your NFL franchise you can make that decision based on how you think. This thing played out on you or about a lawyer you can fire fire whoever you want any inquiry if you read those details he says okay. Those details are vivid. They seem very credible they are some kind of hearsay happenstance there's physical injuries that are well documented. It's a no brainer for the Kansas City Chiefs to cut Roy Miller right so if you make some kind of policy statement. If you pay yourself into Warner that policy statement essentially means no matter what the details are everyone expects you to do acts like. You have to follow the exact policy that you set out and into policies Friday's match is domestic violence guys but just for for anything. Are very very hard to put in place because everything is completely different everything is is is totally different everything is unique. And you do have to examine things on a case by case basis I think they looked at this Roy Miller thing and they went okay this case as your bond and it's a very simple. Back you're on your out we no longer need you here in Kansas City. Because you're not helping anybody your presence in Kansas City isn't helping anyone it's not helping the team it's not helping the city it's not helping a charity it's helping build body doing build good. By being here so it's easy to our with a guy who basically for the last four months contributed Jack squat. You know to Kansas City in any way shape for so it's easy to bond for him. As opposed to somebody who may be getting the job done on the field is a great community guy and had a night where he really had a bad night. And and really has to find ways to Deke to get past that so yeah you don't have. Have a policy in those situations because every single case is different we'd like everything to be black and white opening shot idol I public is that the the world that I live in most of the time. But I also know that's not the reality at the end of the day at the end of the day you do have to take everything on a case by case space. It's. Our review much more to get to hear confessed to in the morning including. Those belts are on 615. At. But it NFL committee of owners are telling de Jerry Jones to stop fighting Roger details contract extension. And to stop throwing words around in the media and stop making threats about suing and all these things they're now. We're starting to see the push back from the owners in the NFL against Jerry Jones staff. It's out of Roger Goodell which is shocking to me because I felt like Jerry Jones we get a little bit more traction. I did get traction because is a couple reasons want to. Not the owners are really happy about this protest in situation not one of these owners are like this is great for my bottom line. So that they're happy about the protests in situation most in retrospect. Wish Roger Goodell would have done something more in the very beginning. It also. The ray into the NFL the perception of the league is not that I'm a little bit shocked that the NFL owners are so. Donahoe about bringing back brought to downside to some kind of expand just curious to win. Why the rush. He's still he's still not to like march of nineteen or something well dead seventeen are we gotta get this thing take Breyer you know I mean like NBA make him while I'm like I just been average in Jerry Jones aside for the since the start this like why are we doing this now I mean he doesn't need an extension right now you can wait and see a lot of blogs changed the NFL and to your scandal. Just now. Rewind two years and look how much change there has been and I wouldn't game an extension yet either but I think what the what it's like did you oh we can't operate with a lame duck commissioner for your dad who cares right is that so why I'd I'd owners Seattle I'm surprised he doesn't have more backing on this and it seems like the they've. They've clicked out of isolated him as he's got a result like free thinker out there we're gonna we're not give him squash to take take care of the significant history it is bizarre well what. What they did they that he the issue to be cease and assists yesterday I mean basically shut up or else but they never said what the or else what right that's the BS the at least it was along date date date date a cease and desist warning in response to his birthday suit the league but it didn't say if you don't stop this is what we're gonna do. Here is why it's different that what it and here's why the other owners I think are in the right to do this to Jerry Jones and it has nothing to do with Roger Goodell it has to do with the fact that when the competition committee met back in May it was a unanimous vote everybody was on board including Jerry Jones to extend Roger Goodell. That the Zeke Elliott stuff happened and now all of a sudden Jerry Jones is anti NFL. He may poppa John go on a conference call and say the NFL was killing his business he alienated hopping I got to absolutely do yes in the NFL holidays John. I don't. I like it puppets out of I think it's good but but he he's now doing things that are detrimental. To the National Football League is a hole and people are booking it Jerry Jones and they're saying look. You on board with the extension for Roger Goodell we all decided that is what we were gonna do you said nothing negative about Roger Goodell back in May. All of how he suspend short guy and so now you're in tiger Roger Goodell how can you all of a sudden flip flop like that because it only affects you and I think what what the other are looking at is like Jerry you on board you gave your blessing to this. And now all of a sudden you off because he suspended Ezekiel Utley for six games in you don't like the way they handled that one particular situation. You need to shut up you didn't say anything would deflate it was going on you didn't say anything and other organizations were getting quote uncle railroaded. By this current commissioner players forgetting quote on quote railroaded by this current commissioner but now that affects you. It smells very fishy and that's when owners are matter that you gave your blessing that this man you gotta move and you got to move on and you can't be causing. All of this caught up right now. A specially. Fighting a guy who was suspended for alleged domestic violence for six games you know I mean that's part of the problem now it's likely the the because as well as the. I mean maybe you bring up last may. Last may do you really believe marks whatever whatever did you really believe these owners were sitting there thinking. Got a Santa protest his way it's it's not even close to being done they thought was oh it was okay well a lot of things were over they thought this is no bounds and I Taliban because there Airgas. This is because the NFL owners are arrogant they left grass season thinking at all the ratings hit because it shouldn't like think. It's. Just because of the election that we all it is gonna bounce back they are rubber banded when he seventeen re all do the that those beat us a line of BS to make us believe their numbers were dipping when they work and they've bought two. The budget morons they've bought their own BS and they thought that they were being truthful when they said it would bounce back after the election was over. It's actually gotten worse dad says the election. So right now as a group of owners did you look at this leaking gulf well were declining we have one of the worst ratings you can imagine when it comes to whether or not people like us. Terrible like ability rating compared to actually take TV stuff out of it just like like like do you like the NFL what's the Q rating of the NFL and it's not it's dropped it and I have dropped from last year's so we have less popularity. People were less likable what. Roger Goodell is helping us right now. I don't know and and that's where I think the owners are bigger pull there heads out of their back sides and figured out. Well that but that's what Jerry Jones and needs to you know to focus on these guys and I don't know that they believe that is the focus they believe the focus right now is Jerry Jones and see Kelley and not giving is way we seek Alley and and how could you think otherwise I mean really how could two point otherwise. That dad and asked to do was he Kelly when when you gave your blessing you know in the offseason to extend this guy. And now here we are the only thing that really changes your guys not playing football in the final six weeks of the season so -- mad at the commissioners and I you don't wanna extend them that's not enough to not extend the commissioner of the NFL and if anybody wants to talk weapon that the ratings I didn't turn on the game last night but 46 to ten I mean come -- did it that's not a game that's not a product people wanna watch on television they haven't had their argument and football games this year the product has has dropped off over the last couple years and Mike you mentioned yesterday with all the veterans being basically iced out you're playing a game with a bunch young kids who were making no money that are really qualified to play the level of NFL football that we are used to seeing minus Sunday basis that it's it's not you know it's it's really what you think about it they call the perfect storm and right now is the perfect storm for a little Q rating for. The National Football League play is enough that to level the scores are dwindling there's a ton of injuries the anthem protest took place the election happened last year it's all coming together into a perfect storm. Which equals lack of interest in the NF LQ rating that's well and if Jerry Jones you appoint all that that's legit. I've heard Jerry Jones mentioned anything. Any of that and all all the owners believe he's yelling and screaming because his guy can't play. RD Kansas City legend has decided to step away from the game at a you don't wanna miss the best moments from his career. Next. That's doing more. I might welcome Bob best goes just right there and producers David Spector. Officially retired yesterday hitting a letter in the players review unit is say that this year we have to celebrate every thing in. An amazing career yup for for Carlos belts on top to bottom and very nice heart felt written note from him to the fans to everybody who followed his career. And I think New York Mets were the only team he played for that didn't really have much to say. It didn't really like really love Carlos Beltran or celebrate everybody else to. It's Mets like. Still salty they'd win a championship belts on there an element that just goes to city with the Mets organization is all about too I mean he's as low rent compared to everybody else in New York City that's what they ardent fans are low rent as well so I'm not surprised that they didn't to go out out of their way to be kinda Carlos Beltran but. I'd love Carlos spelled two guys as much as I love Derek Johnson and he's he's my favorite chief of all time I think Carlos Beltran is on that list when you talk about like favor royals of all time. He's on that list for me and always will be on outlets for me because he he was an outstanding player. In very bad times usually I don't like Mike Sweeney is well just an amazing baseball player that we had the opportunity to get to watch on a daily basis here in Kansas City. But he never played for a team that was really good enough to go out there but he did play with one of the best out fields may be in in in recent vintage of Major League Baseball history. When you have Damon and dye and belts on and that outfielder back outfield bats to hall of famers and they and it and a borderline you know all star Jermaine Dye and it all started Jermaine Dye playing that right field spot I mean. When you think about that outfield that the royals hat die demon and ultra two thirds of Cox hall of fame I mean. That was an incredible incredible outfield and it's it's almost unbelievable to think about that the royals had those guys at one time. And still were losing them it's eight Xavier because they they couldn't pitch in any of this date no pitching whatsoever and no bullpen and and they got a deal Ricky gloat calico out their blown save after save after save so they had to find a close and they went about Bob and it hasn't had a trade you know Johnny Damon in which to do so to give him here and that reduced obviously the Taliban had in the field and sell. You know additive to fix what aspect of the team yet to give up a guy who was spectacular that probably wasn't going to resign here anyway in Kansas City. But just the opportunity to watch those three guys played a daily basis in the same outfield. Was a joy and an and I loved everything about Carlos Beltran and I mean he is the the nicest guy you would ever meet the kindest guy you would ever meet the giving I mean this guy. I mean we when you carve out like. Great baseball players Carlos Beltran is on that list just oral baseball guy yeah he just about that person to man just like I like the nice guy like the guy had a pet monkey in the clubhouse that was cool if I'd like he had. He had everything like this guy was he he was a superstar. And I don't think when he was playing hearing Kansas City everybody realized what kind of superstar he really wants people just complain because the team was losing doesn't look like belch out hustling he would lie the balls and make plays. Spectacular I mean this guy get a non hostile thing always bugged me gaffe like you see the guy he's just. That's how you run east and Al goodies that fast yeah he's. He did describe the ball I could really when he left of it you were taken out now he's just retiring now yeah that he had a twenty year career Lou. Almost twenty years after he last year down I mean that's that's that's amazing seven years here that he played thirteen or are you kidding me yes. That's that that's amazing run and then this year I mean he kind of filled the what are we calling it their of the robot is Cirque. To an extent yes. Molding in Houston it's too bad that that's his only title does it feel like you deserve more for clinker and definitely he's gonna get this one. But it was more of a cheerleader role but that's you know that's our I served its purpose barrage of threes that yeah I need cheerleaders though. You'd like oh you mean those guys those veterans who have been around it to help you understand how special moment right. BZ through these moments when you're young and you don't fully appreciate any album. Right whether its even win a world sick calls for a when he looks back on his life my guess is he'll probably be like yeah I probably should split up that whole winning the World Series in gaining gauged moment I did right yes this does this not just to have the two moments these separate because. You never know when you're going to get these moments again and culture on being there as he penned in his letter and the players should be on. He brought in championship belts and others WWE championship belts and they gave belts out. After every game after every win they have the two a position player in a pitcher. One other one of those two that you guys got the belt speak this they want did appreciate and enjoy every single way and that's how close was. It is you want them to appreciate every single wing and because he's been through he understands. How often you don't have winning seasons Howell to you don't have these magical times where you run roughshod over the entire Americans eat that's what Carlos Welch on breaks the table which is pursuit. Back yet and that's the thing that I think we all need in our lives to like with the chiefs right now as the other six in three think they should be better but appreciate what's going on and enjoy every moment because these winning things don't happen a whole lot sports as we experience with the royals you know. And in Carlos Beltran talked about celebrating every win and and having smoked machines and laser light shows and all kinds of stuff after every game. That's exactly what Jeremy Guthrie didn't when he fifteen with the Kansas City Royals and each each day after they wanna game which was often because they won ninety some games that year. They would put that you know that neon sign of the tears ass its scope but he's. Locker you know somebody would quit with that every day they wanted it to be the player of the game that the the idea grass of their locker I think that was something that was very as the climate gold chain gap yeah that's exactly you know like they teams and that's kind of stuff and and you see them celebrate an Angel like it's hokey but it works it works right at an age got to enjoy your moment you've got to enjoy your win you've got to enjoy that the moment at hand. And I think a lot of people forget to do that in sports because we get so caught up with things we can't control that we forget to enjoy the moments that we just did control that was a win on a Tuesday night in Kansas City or someplace like that. I shouted out coming up in ten minutes here on six then Sports Radio Tex lines 69306. Any topic you want discussed rode out there and we will dive in and and the college basketball hype is a real. But it's on the other side of the state why next. Next month six now. We'll dive into that coming up in just a few minutes but. Interesting tweet. Came out last night involving college basketball from a Jimmy dikes from ESPN in the SEC network saying that Missouri is more than just Michael Porter junior when it comes to basketball. That team as sweet sixteen potential chemistry and guard play will be crucial. But he writes what he saw. The hype surrounding Missouri is real man accused bill in every single week like every week something else happens we hear more hype about Missouri. And then we see Michael Porter junior. Injured right now he might not travel to use all B doesn't tell you saw that it's time to worry. Missouri fans right now there's nothing to worry about he doesn't play on Thursday that it's time for Missouri fans to start at. They better be more than Michael Moore who generally the team that they better be that if he's gonna that I ain't that a period temporal and on the bench last night and and you guys if he doesn't travel Thursday that you're like okay what is this injury and this is going to be something that that lingers for a long time. A certainly conference plays. Probably the most important thing for them shirt on conference schedules conference that I mean like I I'm too nice opener is very nice polite nice name opener Gary Terrell he does -- and and the rest their schedules brand I mean they can make it probably you know build some I guess he's just -- and to -- subtle about it but that they perform in the conference they're gonna set themselves up to to be at you know at large -- absolutely solid that's the real important part you -- probably read but what everybody like to see him play yeah I would well I don't like bullies like tune in Friday night I wanna see a player like yet amid an like wait a minute -- so the C Dallas the Allison can play but if these he's not. Traveling Thursday to their game in in in Utah then need to probably go wants what exit exceeded last night to watch the zoo and it was a plane land on the somebody else so it's crazy out. One player can make you kind of wanna watch the game and NB dialed it but yet you wanna watch the cavs without her well absolutely not mean you really don't want to have what you wanna watch Golden State without you know guys that you know down hole not really proud status they have like three guys that you experienced Mardi got a guy is well on and I had all three of those guys now I'd watch Oklahoma City without Russell Westbrook I mean they would actually win a game and they would share the basketball they would play like a cohesive unit this exact same state or pretty battle well honestly Missouri last night wins 99 to 55. I think Jimmy dykes has listened the show yesterday because we were talking about people under selling the Missouri Tigers summit secular let's not under sell. This basketball team and make it all about Michael Porter junior because it's clearly not just about all Michael Porter junior they scored 989 points last night I know it's against swagger he's scored 99 is a lot of points to college basketball game nowadays. And and you guys shoot the ball well I mean they they would die dynamic from the field yesterday shooting almost 70%. I mean they shot almost 70%. From the field yesterday against any opponent Betsy that's a dynamic number and they shuttle was 55%. From three point and so yes it is more about Michael Porter picked numbers like that they shoot that well. They they can add the five stooges out they're playing basketball they're shoot that well they're going to win a ton more games and they're going to lose so. I think it is more about Michael Porter and you wonder about this injury if it lingers how long does he stay out does he start thinking about his future more than his unit was currents that wage which you can't. They limit feed that to the thing I'm worried about them varieties Indies take that time when you're injured you take a step back off the things I wanna worry about all things I wanna do other than just play basketball this year Missouri's. Wanna mess that write my hope that doesn't Utah on Thursday night yeah yeah I hope that doesn't seep into his brain Brett are make you second guess things. You hope you but it's also understandable that it does absolutely I Celek on the biggest missed who apologist it to open. It's like I was adamant that yet but I still think they're getting their their fair shake right now I think there's there's fourteen other kids and a coach down there that are trying to do some really good things for the program and we're focusing on just one guy he's of fantastic alleged basketball player you know we haven't seen him play at a college he's fantastic at all. But it's more it's more than about just one guy as we've seen throughout college basketball over the years let's shouted out here at sixth and Sports Radio 69306. On the tax final brought you by leaving James. Or cuts from Intel's extensive and it might beaver president is John Adams good. It's fantastic. And that that's an odd one man and that he ranks of the mountain Rushmore president's immunity thing about the mount Rushmore presents we'll watch this is. Jefferson got I'm a lucky I am on I eighty Teddy Roosevelt was only there are ones that are on there. That's Jordan yes yeah they salvage the John Adams to meet doesn't make the mount Rushmore presidents have not once but what looked at John Adams didn't. That would put it in the neck and a little bothered democracy. Room saying what the -- history Masur top broken down it's not the father of our countries that the father of the declaration of other animosity is the father democracy what does that mean Stephen pretty big staple of our country's independence war learn. America I mean seeing him. The democracy like system that. A system that monitors on what we. Experience on dated eight gates in regards to any time. Way which dusty as the best basketball team from Kansas disagree. They're good dough. I don't know I've watched them play so I have to obviously a lot of time on a shocker CN it's early. Adult lives spent a lot of time of the shoppers to be honest with all soccer's who now. Not like. Brazilian unit this season goes on though the couple solid match does not now take a look. Remember wells worked it meanings. It translated into rookies like last week about the Boston I used to enjoy the mosque and a good day leaks are in trouble for steel and blah why would you steal a you know I was at work I was beaten up and did some snakes decide to tell management light and well suspected as the market restaurants in this match was extra this best choose it's like I've. I mean they're thinking it's hate the Balkans it was like I was unaware dance Wear but then he it was just you know I would here's a thought I could just have a month if you eat off of somebody's weight no I didn't I never went that far that be discussing. The infamous words to stanza was that wrong. Asked the guys it's too early to the Christmas tree my wife and kids put up bars Saturday. I tell you it's easy put up until after Thanksgiving in my wrong I I'd think after things I think will probably get into doing largely Saturday night after Thanksgiving or something like that. I think that's enough I don't think you need to be who work you're skipping holidays of me lightly. Yeah yeah Jeanne holiday won't pull. You push your damn tree I've put in my mind this. New kids skip a hot yeah. Duties on any jump out and stated that Thanksgiving is an all that damn important and I miss the most the ball solidly and they're already there the whole actual holidays giving thanks. I would give thanks law giving thanks so our. Leads and turkeys don't really get yelled when it comes to decorations I don't. I trust her youngest caddie John Adams thought Thanksgiving is pretty important yeah. Me that seem to knock. Yeah it was John Adams and IBE two OP is just not us. Yeah. I don't care and by the way would you put your present state decorations up while you're at it. This President's Day science every teacher and school every school just recycling July 4 of July's budget and put up your red streamers that skeleton fourth of July holiday jumper. I've had company here day. Beard and a beard yeah. We did the people here and I can definitely see that being a thing like minds really tight so I don't know they have good days of bad days and it comes to appear before. You've got a big one you get a good big beard a bit you have good days bad days my drive through worker smelled my drink before giving accumulate. The zone read before you identified a ring it was the right to solve. All the great man. Smells somebody else is currently up. Start doing that from now on that you're bastards boundaries where give the gave us the best on mom and her iron because it. Start to wonder what's going on he's a great deal it's let's go else they put something they drink they are they've got their different tricks that they know what's going out no. Down yes there are things you don't do you don't smell somebody's drinking you don't sniffed the help it work OK it's just that you know people smelling other people that I smelled smelling other people for okay smelling somebody told you sell one time and that now you know thing I don't some hi I'm serious as to why you're like people selling anything like that would come and see worry too much gene that tea like Susie from sales of the gene that tail pose I didn't look it up it is to tackle my old women he had don't sync your shadow Susie now mate don't sniff they help don't experience. I'm in Texas 1999. Drive through for this fast food chain that I won't mention. Personally their fingers touch the Fries I haven't been back in eighteen years that fast whose status and it won't go back because. We'll be disgusting at the drive through sniffing people's food on. Bigger you smelling somebody's. Q did did so. By the president's. Eighth spell like Julia. Movies if you ever hello. Obsessed you know you're serving him drinks. For the love everything that is holy smell that jury IC I only I swear I coffee because there's Ocala reason that he does nothing to sniff. Sniping of drinks is that how Aardsma black coffee. There's none in calories are set to send him something. Very minimal but stiff strides. And sniffer. Disgusting. Hot did you drink sniff or did you bump is that the sec unstable areas. Is. Spending the holidays. Thanksgiving at the David that's the best holiday able automation you are not a main I. You're not a all I snared in our guards Jordan on an American made and I don't like Thanksgiving you just got an Italian I eat Turkey you watch football I. It may have American holiday skipping back and skip oh Joseph. Asked this before and it all. Thanksgiving 2032. Days to enjoy the Christmas season and it can even at the weekend after I'm through it's one thirds from its next week. Joseph you're. Skipping the most important holiday to America mad at. And honored. The food and put all. What else is there I'll enjoy your food and football I don't know why I have to why I don't I don't version history your idea but I handle the wall Trace at around with a pencil to try to make it they edit yeah yeah yeah well well it's decoration. That's in sync best you'd also like Albuquerque. Is that there are key and he's back. There daddy's. And some things. Now but Turkey and now he's on my plate of Miami. Something like that to very good song I have no idea never heard what the hell just eats Christmas song. I think we did we did it's well the disposal wells he's the isthmus that's right we got to roll that back out after Thanksgiving. She wrote back out today. There dead ghosts. No way I'm doing. She's doing more work harder on it well Jesus and I threw them into the that's love man screening. That is dump off passes. And Andy 209 she's. Eight Kelsey catches seven ways to achieve this six hour parking and there are Pittsburgh. I hear them all our proceeds through his time who are hurt us it's. Cheese ball trophy. A lot of. There's not really. Late anymore and I primary like I don't sitcom episode we don't we re do. Well I think it's perfect because Alex is reverted right back that five yards per pass there and on the kid yourself. RA. Skipper Ned Yost will do the show today at 9 o'clock and he spoke to me yesterday. About his broken pelvis. Years after the key play next. Bob best coach Josh Kramer and producer Steven Specter really Ned Yost wanted to show at 9 o'clock today we'll hear from him at right after the key play. Janet comes from the New York bigger boxers in the Cleveland cavs last night in Madison Square Garden the world's second most famous arena LeBron leading his team back something Russell Westbrook could do down over idea of course the LeBron takes care business. The crowd rises to its feet but belliard hit a defense defense near Madison Square Garden emanates upon the floor. It's been sued the broad market but once I get more every other way. Yeah that's. Heck did that now want twenty really remains here at the pool of water that not only at bat not wed 62544. Early in. A second quarter. Now it won't elaborate mix 97. The knicks would lose 10401. Will want LeBron James with 23 points after the game Ian is Kantor goes after LeBron. Steve comes from my house claimed that a war about a foot Tamika can army. I don't care who or change what we equip yourself king queen and princess whatever you are. We gonna fight. On eve is cantor dead some fight words LeBron James of course fired back. On McCain my wife is aquarium my daughter's princess so we got all recovered there it is very nicely done LeBron thank you in this camp their firm for whatever reason going after LeBron James last night it has. That is why James Lee shot points Jackson yeah well Phil Jackson blew up the Nixon made a terrible in this cantor we're twenty points ID gip or zinc is who's been one of the best players now here in college in in professional basketball this year. EE you know Oklahoma City would love that guy as good as forcing disarm their squads so congratulations thank him for changing the narrative all in on the self meg just gonna join us at nine point disguised and through an ordeal as a fellows Andy Rooney has listening to him yesterday on his teleconference hang out as a key player brought him Anthony plumbing heating and cooling technicians you can trust. It's a teleconference though yesterday and Ned Yost we have a lot to get to from this most beat he'll join the show right here on six and Sports Radio today at 9 o'clock. But it was a really serious thing like when Ned Yost felt from the tree stand it that he was working on two and broke his pelvis. Who's very lucky that he had a cellphone with him he doesn't normally take his cell phone out had it with him. And they asked him yesterday in a teleconference if he had any idea of the mortality rate. In this. I didn't I didn't thank you I'd almost going to be art. OK but almost welcome now or straight up guy can analogue. And the thing I wouldn't occur to me. You know that this was gone out. It did to my friends. Not me. And Intel will also. That one at what it got called police stopped. I've gotten I was put back together. You can amenable looks Derek. You don't get that help after it was well almost pain and I was you know kind of it is really really pleased via. Now Mark Anderson this little problem here but I felt like I was in grade and you know you didn't. You know didn't didn't I didn't understand the gravity of the situation until law allows Iraq. Sometimes ignorance is bliss that's Ned Yost eyes teleconference yesterday. Because of very easily die yeah no question about it I talked to some people of about this thing in him and how went down you know few days ago and just here's the you know the details on it kind of went away. This dude almost died like like we were very close to losing bad and you said sometimes ignorance is bliss. I also it's ignorance or that's just bid being tough guy in bed like we know that he is like had gallbladder out on Thursday and back in dugout Friday morning type guy and from what the doctors told them yeah the percentage of more like 2530%. Mortality rate on this kind of thing again. Not knowing that. We your laying there in the woods and being airlifted out of your property by helicopter prior when when you know that's ads that's got to be better than you do probably so I don't see us mess that chance of not kind of not waking up from 70% chance of living hall of Famer I can do that. Part of anti state tax if outside does not look at anime they call it yeah. That would probably 7% only follow it you know a great chance survival of this thing so. I mean it's crazy the way that day that as we still human yet he he has yet so well I don't know sometimes. I quite some sort again he's the he's the toughest human being I think any of us have ever spoke to I mean it would the guy is tough on the fact that. You know least they sit now they have now brought my pals will be OK I mean it's just it it it's it's remarkable really is that he still alive. So talk with Ned Yost right here on six cents force radio at 9 o'clock you will join us and we'll get more insight into his recovery timetable and it. New thinks he's going to try to do how he's getting better at turning stay busy yeah and it's it's tough persona is that active but at a month we'll talk to dead his wife to find out if he's driving and that's yet thought up after a billion not a clock today skipper Ned Yost. All right the right decision was also easy decision yesterday we explain in two minutes.