11/08 - 10 am - Warning about the Raiders

Cody & Gold
Friday, November 8th
The Mahomes boost is going to carry for the Chiefs this week. Their opponent usually gets that boost of wanting to take down the best team but that will be in the Chiefs favor this week. When the Chiefs face the Raiders in a couple of weeks they'll likely be 7-4. Show wants to warn Chiefs fans not to get too caught up by the Raiders. Vern can't help but worry about Matt Moore looking like the journeyman QB that we know him to be. Don't get caught up in the running game like people get caught up in Draymond Green hitting 3's. Show has a question for Vern about the Packers Super Bowl run. Your favorite gambling advice from Little Show and Uncle Vern. Show believes some of the bad habits of this defense stem from Bob Sutton.