10/23 - Don't Be That Guy

The Day Shift
Monday, October 23rd

After everyone was treated to a great game, it seems like there's just one guy keeping the Border War from happening. Plus, Bill Maas tells us who is to blame for the Chiefs recent failures, Mizzou fans should be excited, and folks out here snitching!  


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I would back. And hopefully better than the world class. Not sure about that or back to anyway basically bait and what jousting here on sixteen Sports Radio six in sports dot com or Ryan Syria. Note Cecil ball yesterday because of the Thursday night match up we'll look forward to the challenge of the season next week. Against the Denver brought goals on Monday Night Football. And what's not seated next said no we have to start it. What went down only yesterday. At sprint center. Yes he does or the other update from Josh Butler 9387. That was the school or Kansas defeating. Was story in. All the money that was raised her team relief. Apple's all's it was awesome to see that go down in to see all the money raised whether it was just the paper view through via pick the date sales due via. The text deal that they had set up or was sort of fans and for. Fourth for KU fans. Ball beyond that. It was an awesome experience to be apart and out was one of the lucky ones I was able to to be experts that are yesterday. He cannot take in the game in the atmosphere and everything that was that made up. The sort out a release. And this is something that I absolutely could a 100% get behind happy every year. Is outlets addicted to that game yesterday just to every being in all of the elements. That that made for the output afternoon a basketball. It was a great event. It was a great turnout. Got the money that was raised. But when it comes down to says. People looking at everything. Moving all. Theres no doubt in my mind. That these two institutions. These two college basketball programs. Should be playing each. Bet when it comes. To go to the you know good and that no snow walled you know we're not gonna go back to the way that he used to be in the rivalries all ring. It does it mean anything anymore no means a lot. It eight in we talked about it last week that wing and the tickets were put out on sale that the immediately das snatched it and eventually it became enough. Arm. Public need it people said we wanna see a paper view and that was an element Dallas added at the last second as well. There's so many fans out here man Eric sided bet that tapping yes I think on both sides. And we have individuals like our coworker Bob ESCO. Saying on his shoulders more. That he's being the entire time. Screw immune we don't need to play them anymore. And when he tests are arts changed his tune and he said you know what. I can't say that anymore. Have to change based on what I saw took place yesterday. I almost for the state. It was so what's on the this week from off France a syllable was in the out the building for ESPN a they say you was who game has been over for an hour. Incredible day like Dick conference championship atmosphere to you wins both teams benefit. To me that. Week in itself. From Priscilla says that all the it was us it was also ain't you got an opportunity to see. Two really good basketball teams do battle aspirants. It was great. You everything you wanted this is why the big cool program so nice spread in this in Missouri was like a reflection of that. These games means and then there's other teams that have extended the olive branch out help Kansas State like Missouri and CB a few years ago you know Missouri opens against this year. I was state team that was in the Big 12 Conference. Is going to play in desert. Like eighteens as that that's my biggest question is here's the thing chances never anything to lose. Or Missouri jumped ship. Now there were some turmoil going on in it was well thought out it's still thought about when the next TV contract comes up the the big twelve mindful. So when Missouri bolts. After Colorado Nebraska bolt in the Iranian and bolts to the SEC. It was thought about that this whole conference was gonna dissolve. Teams like Texas had nothing to worry about is the pac twelve the SEC the Big Ten was out their for them. No worries from them no worries for McCain as it would have been absorbed by the big in the market kids is targeted at the mound what. But for teams like eons of state. For teams like I was that they're the ones that should have been the old grudge more against Missouri is there was a chance there was going to take down proper. They were the ones who were going to be secret I was state was going to be looking for home Kansas State. Was going to be looking for a while Texas Tech Baylor TCU could go war. Texas would impart Oklahoma State would have been fine because Oklahoma would carry them work that went oklahomans would have been barred eight Kansas would have been far. But the schools the more going to be fine or actually the ones that X in the Albright said art Missouri will play. Ince I was state playing Missouri this year it all boils down to after the game. Bill Self said this if you think this game's gonna continue. Not so sure when you hear Bill Self after the game. That's what fans won't know but that's we're gonna do what's best for us we're not instant doom that's what's best for. Missouri you're vets from Missouri fans and and but if it's best for us to play and we will so it's not that is not what it's not a complicated deal bullet bullet. You know I figured we talked about the gamer thought about raise a lot of money and I think there would be the second question now let's shoot it. But indicate you know I'm not gonna say never but. I don't think that there's been any change in in in our position as far as you Versteeg bills on the spokesman I guess on this trust me I'm not the 11 feels that way. I there was a very large contingent of K you people that wasn't happy that we were doing this initially to they've realized it was for good call so so. But but certainly. You know that's. You know what happens you know few years from now certainly. Not what we're talking they're thinking about right now. So as these is heard from a lot of people. Many people did did want to play this game. But he went and did it once and for charity debut but again is the tickets for Kansas sold out. Really quickly it was always Missouri fans on the scheme to Kansas fans and they want this thing to deal. And would you think about this atmosphere it was created in woody dominated Billy this exhibition game. It's framed for Schiller said there and tweet it felt like a post season game or is the mic march in October. Really our intensity is it difficult that is in an exhibition game this colleges play these exhibition games old time and nobody really cares. Honestly nobody cares about. They care about this you really marks like atmosphere. In our till you tell me that's not good for the players to feel the intensity. To reveal the blood pressure. He goes on and it's a literal play it later where he admits that Kansas does benefit from playing an intense emisphere like this but it sounds like. He wants to play Missouri he's not doing that for missourians are experienced. We're can't experience. This year the help it it sold out 50% of the building kings fans. Tell me the Kansas fans didn't enjoy it escaped this one just misery 100% the attendants Donna. Kids hit 50% of the people there do so tell me AT and lesbians bill didn't enjoy that game. That atmosphere was. It was also it was doubtless some awesome stuff right there it felt like it was the big twelve turn your release date. It was it was also. By the way this tax rate here is a perfect encapsulation of why they should continue to play this game this ties coming. Out of the 913. Wise should Kansas extend an olive branch don't you Missouri people understand that we HU. Keeping Missouri fans upset is more important than playing the game. November 10 at 8 o'clock. I was state. In Columbia. The play Missouri. They were in the Big 12 Conference with canes. Are willing to play them. They the team as some say. I was state had more moves than Keyon is the by Missouri jumped conferences. That could tilt the whole balance of power in the big twelve. They have no problem with that. In video and everything to lose kids that if anything the news is they would onto bigger. In better things with a better conference is anybody in he conference despite a bad at football team is. They would have taken for two reasons why Whitey tape record the beacon for TV says the New York people taking Kansas for the basketball team. Now at the bubble team would give the rest of the conference a win. Win. Thomas who. May be being bitter. At somebody. You know people talk about time. Heals all wounds. At some point coaches get overeat. Don't don't you just know to say that you know what we were happy years ago with the way something went down but still would animal aspect. Let bygones be by. I don't understand what we got to continue to stand all of this now I I don't understand what we have to continue to be. Looking at the holds news Missouri the situation. In not trying to make some progress in trying to move. All we passage of the fate as the passes that don't care about that and more the case this could say Kansas fans that they. They cared about they cared enough to go spend their Sunday afternoon. Downtown. Biden ticket is more cheap paying for parking to all this even though was for charity it would have if it's a new charity component. Still hustled out nom talking about no I'm talking about from a fan's perspective though I don't understand how how how a lot of Kansas fans can't get past and say you know what. You know what let's move full let's move forward with all of this would happen in a pass what happened in the past why don't we move forward with that. Yeah what's the game about the paper these big basket. A lot but it just a blank sports also text message right if on the 913. In saying what don't you Missouri people understand it I am Kansas. Exists. To meet it just makes weight went sense right now yesterday's what you wanted to say it's what you wanted to see. It outlast every second of the game was at the game. Alison good basketball that was being played on both sides. Kansas has the better team. I can't actually get the better program at the whole state adults was Torre be it the bit they were trying to make a state yesterday after they made a statement. It was a it was the more it's like atmosphere in October you can't get these things you can't make these things up this is an exhibition game thrown together the last minute. It's sold out yet 181000 people spend forty dollars on paper. That was sketchy at that. I want applaud everybody that was able to come together to make a state cap. 'cause I thought it was. Doubles also. I'm talking and you atmosphere was that you don't it was going to be bussing but I'm not about everything that meet for the event itself. All the people that made it into the building they eat. War entertained not just because you've got. Why is saying young colts just console mart still young colts when he comes out of basketball. And he has a talented team this year and everybody knows the ball. I take you basketball and what Bill Self means it to the landscape of college basketball. To a great venue but all soul from the big yell that they did the videos that they were doing and showing up on the monitors throughout the course of the game. An advertising for us to continue to raise money for four great cause I just give props include most of. Anybody that would make no mistake about fuel imports and associated that right players. They have no idea they inflate your cold that he returned a week in the what does about the importance of this game. Don't know anything any bitterness toward there are players don't know any bitterness towards Kansas so important. Big properties and Louis he grew up here he understands the big threat and what happens there. Do person associate counsel thing albeit big full roots is it'll slow. That is the only person it's all in the big twelve days. Or eighty of where there what does Missouri came through our bodies. It turned over new leaps and losers it's a new crew a new group can't let them do it. Would give back sued the to the game yesterday in just a little bit but let's toss and ceased because former tipo mas. He had an interesting. Opinion about the defense of struggles of the C slightly border to that next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. I'm wolf we're like yeah. South you know six days Sports Radio six in sports background. All the season play on Thursday night and lost. Still room and from whom they'd pixels it didn't really really that real bad. Sure enough for Venezuela is. It still doesn't help the with the fact that that she's lost to the raiders and they sit at the door please stop doing this thing with the chiefs. Re unity coming in off a terrible loss expect that but backs against the wall he would Denver's the same situation the raiders and backs are against him and the Steelers they've lost history but effective for the post by gains in home it would come into record. They've dropped to the world they were embarrassed by the giants on national TV in their barriers by the chargers on the road and score points the first time in 45 years. Yeah Denver's coming in here there you'll between their legs. Don't we start that way back Jamal you're some of those fumbles back with this. You don't interest thinking about it though is is that. This same way that I said that the demise of the Steelers was being over exaggerated. Before they came to Kansas City. Asked what the same thing with its seats. In my happy that they lost to the raiders of course not. But I think Bob won a sizable portion. If Biden to distill the couple bolted to their issues like everybody else absolutely there's no fault us team in the national football especially this year. It turns out you play in division that's just the ivory did that affect I think the chargers might be the second best in. The chargers. If they beat the raiders they beat the critical point they're three and four. To be. The chargers had that tortured ripped more wins. From beginning the year they would be sitting at five and two as well chiefs beat chargers but George might actually be the second best team this vision he just not very good. We oversold with these. Well. What are the things that we have been struggling with and this isn't just about one or two games but it's been more than just one or two games. It is in the defense has been strong struggling. They've been a struggle books OK Bob said it's got to figure some things out he's got to get these guys are playing to a batter off I am on level of what they're playing right now. Because back to be the Dow faulty. The alternates stepped up and they played good ball ball the defense not so much of lately. Who do we start pointing fingers at when it comes to the DC it's of course Bob Sutton. He's a defensive coordinator I know that when Al was a leaving a winning streaks and here is on Thursday night. That job debt on all the shows you leak and JP we were talking about it on the golf posting cell in the once in a while all of that is. Is that when it comes to via the the the post game element of it. You guys are talking about how you know as much as Sutton is having issue is aimed at reaching to write those issues. He's the head told CS final say on everything Nichols on with this football team. One of the things that is interesting to me is some comments at bull boss. Had to say to cesspool and mourning this warning now he initially said last week. When he was on the drive a and he reiterated this morning in terms talked about this team and he says that when it comes to this scheme. And where to start placing the blame. He had a very interesting take this is bill mosque on this morning talking with us when more. No. I remember a few years ago. We get some injuries in the secondary market their burdens. We have a core group we blog and younger age and in this sorted. All okay the first week with the league to pick the what do you look for New York employees in Wichita but seeing him watchful defense. They had those statistical work that it maybe a week ago quarter court should hear that struggle volt right now we're trying to find. The right to take place. In the league we can do that this continually leopard to students about her at all which talk about so much he doesn't change staged. Bears defense is defense and it doesn't it doesn't matter what you play. You know the offered says the play. In order or if this now count. He footage you've got to stop all black there it is it's it's a mentality. And help each and every time you line up their shall also incidents. The someplace offensively they're a deep view in the body. Which it's going to be up won't get to insurgents if you're single seat OK in April repeat that you. That we appreciate you got to the slot large format all future. For example are still you know so. I think if these guys just keep playing at work the that it that the market over. And I know that it hasn't been good year. For the last three or four weeks I do think that the that cease Wald did batter to teams get better defensively but only to a point. Because when you got guys that are not in your lineup and they're done for the year. Like he aired theory. That's significant blow so you know. I'm not gonna say yours out hundred. What I don't wanna put it all along Bob Sutton and saved at the who did the players' execution. Doesn't have anything to do with the Bob Sutton is gonna have to put his players and in better positions to be successful but the players got to blocker and the business social. I do Siegel mosque the side of. There's the talent deficiency in the she'd be in this pointers is jab jab and he got a scheme the best bill with the problem is. They haven't fixed this in two years as defense was not great life year. There were 46 against the rock. They were not good they have not found a way to manufacture but one sack in last two weeks it's it once back in the last few weeks. Derrick or drop back 52 times. In was never touched. That's a problem having just been he's been back in the past coverage and I see the new numbers but Gordon last week it was sixty karat. Which it's gonna be 46% of the steps. He dropped the basket it's not good I do know that to the last three plays against the raiders he was drop in the past it. It's a scheme thing. It's also skiing thing and the Steelers have a bolt the one yard their own one yard line to get that new always behind. That's when you tee off and go after the quarterback unit just in Houston dropping back. Three pastors in scheme in bowl. I think I think the value defensive coordinators. It's pretty valuable with time icky green was dark in Philadelphia was Jim Johnson was running his beaten. Jim Johnson died you would think Spielberg and the defense and opens one -- it matter. There are certain guys that's what they know date Romeo Cornell. Not a good head coach deepening genius is Ford's defense Dom Capers is saying boy. Bat head coach great steamed up as a defensive quarter for years Dick LeBeau did such a great job. This scheme on defense. To get after the quarterback they're way too predictable. I. There is one other thing that moss got to you that. I know that we've talked about and and offered us some takes on member Garcia Justin Houston and in in pass coverage and I agree a 100%. With what bill moss had to say in regards to law Justin. Dropping back to pass to. You have to hold players accountable. You know. In the best situation you can. But ignition time if there but it certainly going to be pleased that you've got to do more children should be what are those speed mobile orchard beach what happened. You've got to be able to compensate for that. An and we'll talk about Russian and just a huge gentlemen. People outside linebacker Robert infringement he just some real people outside linebacker sector or are still don't you like to see it Russian war. Yes but at times when you play a third or defense. That would we're the combination of all such as well please player personnel is going to be sometimes he's forced to drop. And so you know from all the narrative as well. And did you sort of big ships would you like to see in Russia yeah we get their arms and 13 or Victor goes to what to drop what bush. And bill cower you know found Wheaties to limit that as much. All right social that was bill moss and bill must sedated to all deceased it's not clear. Another shift frustrate and you're pissed off he talked about you don't want seek justice and it covers all sorry Dennis he would get sometimes is dictated that he has to. Take people going to offer sometimes that's part of his job. Don't want Dole's. Bill situation that time just to be Eagles amiss matches but sometimes he has to tell somebody. When did the patriots did do it or drop defensive ends in the coverage it's he sometimes do. That 26%. Of the time that's a very high percentage. Of just these especially key moments. With him back and a yeah that is part of the responsibility to there are ran a report out of 43 he saves a lot of it is not a difference a legacy of more than GGY drop for Houston which he doesn't it would occasionally. The zone blitz but pickle boat was thirteen and defensive lineman going back in the past covered. It's just the amount of times they keep doing it and we've even talked about Mark Peters sting on one side and he stayed away from what the raiders flow to. On their game when he touched. Just he's more is Peters on the same side they float the opposite direction of those two guys for the game winning touch. Everybody was a way to yesterday. Oh Missouri should probably be a little bit short sighted thing Kansas fans after yesterday's exhibition. Our exhibition basketball game until you walk next. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. Things. Are you bring in Iraq. JT are you bringing Danny Jackson to the Super Bowl whisk you. Talking about bringing sexy back. Yeah it was announced yesterday Justin Timberlake will be off performing halftime. With a Super Bowl this year. Will he be bringing in Janet Jackson and as surprised yes I mean I think we're all rooting for. Another wardrobe malfunction cater to you one by the way and that. Eventually he's sexy back back back ice and it went in passed their fifties are attractive and I wanted to were flying at all dagger and this is true. I'm just sick ought to ask him as just entering their prime. These talk like Kathy Ireland last week. We talk about Christie Brinkley I'm just saying that if I'm rooting for wardrobe malfunction and not from the 51 year old. All of implied such. Such a hater I mean gravity takes control at some point. I feel like fifty years the big successes came come back and neck and now the elasticity of sexy is just worn out. Getting this short window life doesn't stretch marks from a sex. Christie Brinkley is sixty degree yeah yeah I'm not rooting for wardrobe malfunction Christie Brinkley at. I'm not averting my eyes of what happens. Tell us she looks really. Excellent already on. Once you're relate it is. And don't lay. Up I'm just pointing out the Janet Jackson's 51 if you're rooting for her to expose a breast and the 51 year old Agassi and say I haven't seen in I'm not opposed this it to one year old there's a lot of rings on that relate. Euros in a meter wise and its unity and that's fun as. Your wives and eight. You know the loose not gonna hate anything happened yesterday though don't act like manner beyond reproach gravity either. We have men do aged better. OK see that's the boy's mental. From. Oh what men get older women is always wise to tell you Mitt officer curves sometimes. The big. Let's look at these things right and 51 you have your mouth. And let's just let's just pause for a second is just humor me here on. Let's of bureau grab. He's all round stay tuned for those too old to get. It's not that I'm not I'm just aren't just did that you're trying to be real richer and didn't hit the Gator the convertible bed if it is not known. Could not ask Kathy of you never know art are staying tactic. It comes at a watch parties. CC he would say it every night you better watch him right now demand. Seem to ask but get an awful lot of trouble. Bowl I. Meant that the Missouri. Kansas game yesterday was also for everybody that was able to watch it everybody edited to everybody that you know showed up at power and light. It was fun. And. In watching the game yesterday. To me when I looked at it the cool thing about it if your Missouri fan. Is that you might. Have more to look for two. This season. Then chances 8080 truce and what what what the heck are we talking about late at our dot pitch pitch here about kids I out. What I'm saying exists. Kansas I believe is going to win the big twelve on again. They're gonna be a better all rolled team that was story. But there's. There's there's many things. That we know all the jayhawks. And there's unknowns about the tigers. That is why acting this makes Missouri a scary team. Like with when I looked at Kansas. I know. Dovonte Graham. Is going to be legit for to it is. He was the best player on the basketball court yesterday. I knew that coming into the game filled the same way exiting the day. Graham is going to have a monster. Final year at Kansas. He's going to he's going to be incredible this year. But I also believe that I know what to Monty Graham sailing years when it comes how well he's in a place like. How we played yesterday I think that the Monte Gramm's gonna play like that the entire year he's going to be the player of the hole here. I'm not gonna sit here say he's going to be frank may Santa. National player of the year but I think he's going to have a really good season. I have no clue. As to what the ceiling is going to be. Or Michael Porter junior. Or Jeremiah Tillman I don't I don't know. I don't know how good those guys habitually are going to be they were good yesterday. How will they be at the end of the season seek to meet SE. That's why if you walked away from yesterday's game you feel good as a Kansas figures showed. You felt you should go great ball. A ball chances because you know what you're gonna get out of Monty Graham I think you know what's he gonna get Oman. A bit up from us beat the title. I think I know what's he going to get out of you don't Azubuike. And he's in much better shape this year that he was last gen we can play the entire year old when you looked at Missouri and all the beer players. I don't know at the ceiling is going to be. Michael Porter junior it is fine to me. When he was pissed off at Tuesday yesterday. He talked about how he can play all that well. In I guess if you wanna look at the box or you could say yeah he didn't shoot the ball all that well and his brother may be suited is as well as he would have liked. It was ordered to and I think you have maybe it's a slight bit more. On all the excitement level possibly for this year it is your chances just solid guys. It's like Jordan Ornette nutrients for from Texas last year in the 23 teams you played led the team in scoring TSE's Robertson. He's got a few of the nation's helpful now the spores the field goal percentage making shots. Now with order in your little bit nervous but it's going to be fun to watch Tillman is going to be fun to watch if he could stay on the court. Do it 7013. Did. Thirteen minutes eat it. It is sports action against Kansas bill seventh if you did dubbed as they did that yesterday you said you don't as a book he's gonna follow a lot of people. He he he this he has social if it if that's the litmus test right here is you gets Kansas and not Oca Azubuike that your guy. On if asked the litmus test. A man whose heritage should be happy it a ball that they should be excited about that let. Debt ceiling man Ford died at a lot of people believed to be the number one all Walt in the draft of Michael Porter junior. It side and you should be it is just an exhibition in these guys haven't played much together. Kansas you know bush crude and played in league Newman who heads that up for Richard your last year for leaving this to me was their practice every day. These guys know we chip. CB. Dovonte. Vick these guys know each other. Azubuike NATO to practice with a bit. They knew each other a lot better misery and. Did you play the name moment on. You don't you don't Azubuike. It yesterday so we unit right it is so much better shape to man you don't Azubuike. Be a monster in the polls. Going to be a lot of phone. I know the we say all the time that snitches get stitches. But how bulky if all players that was dying now. By the media this weekend we get to that next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. So that's the way to reveal where. Which costumes and over the weekend. That is to Intel's business. On the radio and an open book. Thrilling. To put some blasts. The same way that the media blitz decide ties wrong last. Mouse fixing my brakes. On Saturday as declines. In a very eventful Saturday try to get those things change. Yeah. I haven't done by the way things are concerned. I'd a video footage that you were somewhere else. Mr. club we were talking about point two lasso. I didn't. I'm super. We're told me it did you enjoy your time there. If I'm just make it out. But it south I ago when it comes to dimes somebody yelled from the media in Cleveland. Did that to a Cleveland Browns quarterback dishonor Kaiser. There are odd television station. W all I old channel 1980 opting field of ties or party early Saturday morning. And coach hue Jackson was taken aback when it's all the body in post game interviews. At a a guy is parceled time is this parcel time but I still think that's not what our guys do. He said to be at Cleveland plain dealer I think our guys work what they do that peace prize that happened that. I have never heard of that I don't think design has that kind of character or personality that way. That is what it is and according to the reports ties with shell with teammates. At a downtown Cleveland establishment at 1:30 AM Saturday. The browns have practiced Saturday in preparation for Sunday's game. You Jackson would go wanna say. It is not a curfew which were right you said that this for some of hurt it I appreciate you guys hearing damp with mean banking. This summer and Kaiser is the quarterback and I know the disease. The their responsibilities that are thrown upon him home that other players on have. Oh why this is named as the only one really attach the story. This right here says that he used they in the video he's shown with teammates. Or the other team makes me quite. What that why did they mention all the other guys or part of this guy did you hold to quarterback to a higher standard than maybe that backed up you know. Gore. Or the back to tackle or left. Let me. The media is absolutely trust in the recorded and yes. I think that he was in the right for beat out drinking late on a Friday night we got a 4 ball game Sunday morning. No policy to put himself and that's it two ways he put not a put himself. In that situation where he's gonna be criticized for it in forty now you don't do that and you you've got plenty of other times. Party and especially that team. The quarterback the Cleveland Browns got ACC's for a day due to renewable. Ritual or rookie. A it would take you Watson. I L off season at all offseason to party carry arc but clearly the media did know that the media knew about this that coach didn't. Billick I don't know coach. This story one. Big old Lee. Dine him. 100%. Is hue Jackson he didn't really know. It kills one typically the media sometimes although things lot more than they had coach Leo I'm sure the guy was party in Kansas City. They would know about it before Indy read about it. Haven't observed in times and situations. Brady Reid didn't know what was going on. Would it helps. Us a choice tables earlier this year it was it was Chelsea situation. Also last year there's been several times that he didn't know exactly what was going on. It and Ed did he would be filled in by the. Wide receiver Ricardo Lois he said this I don't think I'd be doing. When you're a young guy in this league you have to. Learn how to prepare. He's learning right now preparation for success is such a fine line. Tyson was pulled the second half of the team's 129 overtime laws. Armed after throwing back to back interceptions. The book he told reporters and post game interviews that he wasn't here to talk ball. On his personal life. The call from Kaiser absolutely not Alice out. I was at the salute our facility next day preparing for the game in the game right before that. Once again I am not here to talk about my personal life I know that this on Kaiser's nine. Dear to talk by disposal life. But when you're the quarterback. Of everybody's favorite football team or the big topple ball team in town. Dude you're gonna be under the microscope he asked to understand that if he didn't understand before this weekend he understands it now. Sort of teammates rather he was with some teammates as well. There was that he was out with some teammates who won thirty. This guys were shown with teammates in downtown Cleveland with the death of other cool we take Maine what other team it was the no one cares he's here at quarterback is exactly it's cured quarterback there. I think you Jackson's that a curfew but you're right. You said that this is the first I've heard about it I appreciate you guys sharing that with me thank you yeah. Dad not ask the head of he's gonna set the media snitch group. They can come tell me who's out doing. What they they've committees for everything else in sports when an M. Who who who we head out. Kansas City. On Jesus nobody is gonna nominate themselves as big rig as big points you. I've just joke with us like FO and no it is really unique Travis we've always thirty and got video Kelsey was down. Alex Smith I don't worry Lizzie partially been. All agree but guess where he was also you. If that pace slow and now if like he's extremely well Oakland. Oh my it's a good look for Cleveland ZQ yeah it's it's and ultimately that's the reason why they're winning. 85 bears would go around on this because they were winning. Only two everywhere. Ultimately that's the reason why this is a story if this team was winning games. This would not be an issue. They have one softball. Andy has quarterback is its. And that's the number one reason why that this will continue to be something that will linger for decide tactic until he's a winning quarterback in the national football and stamp. And down. That's the reason why is going to be an ongoing issue you can't be a winless team. And you're at quarterback it out to get it on a Friday night when he should be preparing. To win a game on Sunday. That's the bottom line this is so bad look. That. See who's Ricky cabbage she didn't do it did she sees in here. Guys Purcell times is personal time they'll build things about what our guys do jacksons had no merry go to those locals are those her quote spot for the art Cleveland plain dealer. I guess he did television station that their channel nineteen station here in Cleveland was the ones who got the flea says that several of you thanks guys for sure. You. What are the hue Jackson saint it decide guys are right now. Eight is giving them a cart I think this isn't of any sort your show is I haven't grown ass man charged you could say sarcasm is we don't talk me. You don't. They don't have your bag. What it's done well we will why do you talk to him he did not want us in the wrong just got trampled by him. What does he got us all of troubled Obey what you wanna know if your him which we need somebody to talk that that. That news station. That writer. If you're gonna dog at code. I think there will be different for the bad they're doing their job for the betterment. I would say what he's accused federal problem is is more than just I. Say I would say. Outlets say continued to to do your job and decide Kaiser you need to continue to do your job. And that's the quarterback and stop with the party does a party is not beating you Wear bottom line bottom line. Bottom line inkling. I'm good I'm gonna on the track down some video you hang in outdone in the north land. This coming week in and and watch some council ball at Heathrow and. But playing quarterback for the browns. I'll bought this for Obama we from God's voice as if you place the browns would you be out drinking too. It. But if that's why Johnny get himself droll. Utility drinking. Gravity Johnny instill rule. You can't stop Goldman from frank. I think that I think that it was just disarm would it not only did Regina Johnny men's double the fact that he just being here. To be paid directly. Eating eating hear much about the crap about the job Bob being the quarterback about winning games that was the most important they decide ties are Woolsey. But this is death be not up a good look for him are coming up in two minutes. We I have your next chance to win a thousand dollars and our national cast contest and when it comes to age you read in this. Did fix a few things but are they becoming too predictable would get to that in two minute next. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.