10/23 9a - Border War, AFC West, Marcus Peters,

Fescoe In The Morning
Monday, October 23rd

The Border War returns, briefly plus the AFC West is trending downhill and the power of Bill Self is more & more evident 


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That's going to morning up like Bob Bob best coach Josh went there and producers David Spector. Missouri played yesterday he wins 9387. And an exhibition that was for hurricane relief. But coming away from it I think the perception. Okay you verses and you've changed dramatically for both fan base it's a big Missouri was closer to this side before where they wanted to continue plain hate KU. They pay you. Fans felt score by Missouri and I think it's also legitimate to you don't get up so I know that sour grapes from Kansas it is our race from Kansas. It's also understandable sour grapes weave the conference feel like you relate to the altar. And a part that you had for very long time big time viewing goes to the SEC. Now mind terribly. Can't really criticize it but I think there's some understanding as to why KU fans would be upset about it in the short term well five years later though after watching that game. I think the perception is chain. It's definitely was jealousy Mike and I think that's a good way to put and I'm finally able to admit and say get was to see it wasn't jealousy because. We saw Missouri going to the SEC it was more of it it jealousy because. I didn't know was gonna happen Kansas I thought Kansas could be relegated to a nine FBS type a league non power five big because. Of the football program and I'm thinking to myself we got one of the best basketball programs in the history of the free world. We've got the worst football program that's ever been established and were gonna get shut out and nobody wants us. Because football doesn't pull their weight and that ultimately is going to hurt. Basketball and that's where I I think the jealousy. Remain is that I looked at Missouri and I I I thought like you know when you're allowed you never want to admit that your rivals better that you and anything that was really the first time you looked over across the Atlanta went. Missouri's a better institution that we are now things have changed over the last figures obviously and you know clearly the Missouri football program isn't doing well enrollments of an all time low over there in Columbia things haven't gone great in Colombia over the last ideas but they're still it really gets. Bought and an inmate a lot of sense. We wish it was us that got invited to the SEC it's like you know like get like all your friends or go to a party and they failed to invite you along for the ride like a second here why aren't white like you go to this thing parties stupid yes exactly that's exactly what it was just top 100% when it was well the SEC's Don anyway we don't need devil will be fine by ourselves screw you Missouri K use that Casey's take you to out of all this kind of stuff that. You know it it really was jealousy and now I think you eventually as you grow up you get past jealousy outgrowth some of those things. And over the last five years after seeing yes I've outgrow that jealousy I've outgrown leaf. Bitterness aside now rolled the the how mad I was at that situation and operated it'll be misery every year I mean that that's just a simple fact but it's a gimme wins for Kansas now every year. Josh nine and he's he signs the audio. Again he winds that are built and how. They honestly I'd give you Digg got. Have a for either a big game every every year of the middle of the ninth on schedule put Missouri on the air give your team and were you there and play some of the bench guys late. The second half then India might explain Dovonte Graham the entire game yesterday aided it was thought about that obviously like tongue in cheek yeah. It was great it was about like Michael Porter junior was pulled off the court for quite a bit of time partly because he is a freshman he just sort of built up preserve energy that you get from a Dovonte Graham who's going to college basketball for three years. Mean there's there's there's a fatigue factor there people were wondering why Michael Porter junior wasn't play and as well because the young and asked which just plain entire college basketball game. We can't just needle Dovonte Grande yesterday that's guy. That's gonna give you win this year now many years because Kansas is Kansas. That you Missouri will be a gimme wins her chances if they decide to keep this thing because. That's where it is for every rivalry that's why it's not an argument from Kansas fans that well Missouri is and always good so it's not worth playing. OK so you're saying we can only played duke. Kentucky Michigan North Carolina miscast as red as it is the only people allowed ladies are the ones were consistently good. Your rivals are consistently good. What team in the big twelve the entire conference that's consistently good it's paid Westbrook did it. Other they would Ali down here recently but they are at school where you say every year. They're gonna be good they aren't at duke or Kentucky that. Like you can't use the argument that K year Missouri is a good enough for pay to play is that you schedules a lot of games against bombs and mutt as well have one of those bombs matter. Because the game against Missouri. Will always matter it doesn't matter how good K you is how bad misery is you get those two fan base in the same building it. Right the Bill Self looks out of from a different perspective he looks at a from a perspective of us playing them. Is only true benefit to Missouri because Missouri really wants to game Missouri's gonna make money off it Missouri's gonna get a lot of success out of it. Kansas can play anybody to get the same type of windfall from tickets and selling out a building and all of that that is that the get from playing Missouri. So he does look at Ed is right to an extent. As Kansas playing Missouri is more the benefit towards Missouri that it is fourteen and athlete program but now Hawkins and bases in the attic and that's an argument it's not a detriment to yours it does help the many doesn't help Kay he was much is it helps Missouri and acted doesn't. But it does help. Are the RPI strings garbage it doesn't matter. Nor Kansas and Florida and I got three easy eight under itself right but like the last couple years under Jimmy Anderson. There's certainly play. So those last three years old commanders it was the children go all they might play their best gave them bad what do you tell you could make their crew they're recruiting easier because they have a legitimate rival gained a point to that's. Like that's her kids still self is getting a wise why why care about that well. These teams that switch conferences in the initially had success than you seem kind of swoop a little bit whether beat Nebraska or Missouri both happened and be go to the other conference the first two or three years look really good it color did that to an Intel is saying beds exam goes right in that category biggest are to skid why is that. Atmosphere. Is a great selling point when you have a great atmosphere against a true rival and the selling point for your program gets much bigger will mean the what what you think the Big Ten at Nebraska and Iowa are the biggest rivals that they both have bigger rivalries with other schools telling Nebraska fans are gonna hate Iowa the waiting hated Oklahoma writings I work that way is -- Missouri fans are gonna hate Arkansas all the way to eighty K you not for generations Texas natives I hate LSU is much they hate taxes right doesn't so. Is he here he is good is it wise it hurt you recruit. For Kansas the benefit is exactly look also called yesterday out of once out of his mouth he says we are eager to benefit is there are the other side is now that the deployments are yeah. Atmosphere is what taught me most because these guys say that's not how trial like. The ball never gotten sick in the third size and Chris and I think the atmosphere creates the tightness. Which which probably four guys please through. And you know if it weren't for you know you can say they made shots but it didn't work for Dovonte early we're down penalties for staff. So. His Bill Self saying yeah well that atmosphere employed against Missouri in our players understand how big the game this was an atmosphere made them feel right. Well the same kind of atmosphere in the NCAA tournament. So it would stand to reason that KU is better in the NCAA tournament because of Missouri. And I don't think it's a coincidence that the last time K you made the final four and actually broke through battle the eight the aching and he hit by the way. Let's not make a mistake that psychologically messed with K you every time they go to the UV eight that they never get past it last time they did it was 2012 when they add to barn burner gains against his. There's a question I mean he intends been able to overcome things like that is is good for your program out of the death an exhibition game before the starting your exhibition season that your are going to have ever gonna happen and this one is gonna be won the T I guarantee you guys in March we will still be talking about this game I guarantee it. Believe both those teams should be in the turn right and we'll be talking about how it all started and in an exhibition game at what we saw lightning yet that's gonna be that same bracket well exactly still. That's the measuring sticks right to ask you right now Missouri yeah. Our subject is changed so drastically over the past few weeks of the NFL season and we have to stop ignoring it. Next. Best coach explained there producers Steven Specter. The AFC west sucks. Registry for. Out there got out there Richards said that as a reality the AFC west was fool's gold for the first two or three weeks of the season when everybody was round in the AFC west. The best division in all of football. And biggest and the Forrester except that we might there I was on board with a two. You do their best division look at all Goodman the best division in football when he sixteenth. And they came out to seventy everybody's fired in the well always the chargers looked bad brand to know Oakland Raiders. Think the and Broncos started out two and oh as well yeah it looks. Awesome early on that. And now it just looks crappy after what happened yesterday between the chargers in the Broncos that Broncos being. Shut out for the first time since 1992. There now three and three. They were the chargers are three and four right EE of the Oakland Raiders at three and four in the chase at five in two on a two game losing streak. They she is very good right. Don't really isn't an and that's that's a sad thing because it's changed so dramatically but not really a sad thing for which he's perspective because the chiefs are still one of the best teams in the NFL right now. And knowing that they don't have a really good Denver bronco team to face anymore knowing that they don't have a really plots or LA reasons I don't see you cry my effect right now houses libraries are gone allied right now. That's our vision doesn't look as hard in those games don't look as difficult as maybe they did. Three weeks ago and that's a good thing because the chi still have the Dallas Cowboys left on the schedule they still have a buffalo bills' team left on this at least a couple of games on the audio book it is going to be a tough game for the Kansas City Chiefs. It's good to know that this division is and as good. As we thought this division was. With the Broncos were three and one and Trevor city and looked like a brand new quarterback and everybody was talking about the Denver Broncos I was worried about this game on Monday night. Another three in three they've lost her last few just like the chiefs except instead of losing to teams like. Well Pittsburgh and Oakland clarity to say are legitimate playoff contenders. They got shut out by the free can charge and lost to the giants on Monday night who were now sitting down and six he can't get out of their own way a witness giants team right at the time right yeah yeah 05 team rolls and and then you lose to them get shut out the following week right when you think you lose to the 015 John boy and their first win this season. You're gonna have to come back with a vengeance and they get with the opposite of inventions they can tackle the lightly freaking quit yesterday yes and now. You book that it's for that perspective you only have one team that's above 500 in the AFC west the chiefs are five and two birds game losing streak. And they are still how many games ahead right now the three in three Broncos at two and a half yes. Games. Are one house look like that Annan math but ever but you're five into the second best senior division three in three. The hold half the visionary if for the AFC west has to be dead. It really doesn't need at Denver coming up in Dallas and then it's the Biden at the giants in buffalo that it's the jets that it's Oakland and its LA that's Miami that's Denver. That's scheduled does not look as daunting as it once did your your you would think about wow have to deal and you would still two games to go with Denver Ono and the Dallas Cowboys at the beginning of the U that the giants were going to be good. You know football team and in so I look at the schedule right now it's playing right into the cheese adds that it's really now setting itself up to be a nice schedule the rest the way because we get the Oakland Raiders at home of the back out there rankings already off the schedules so. The chiefs can take care business beat the teams that they are supposed to be that he's going to be just fight for this football program right now FC west is as good as we thought so what. You don't get any bonus points for winning a tougher division should. You don't the teacher fits nicer yet really does right last year 12060 AFC west I hold down on the west T shirt fits must not much nicer now and that was the best division in and takes away it would take were never had been challenged enough heading into Iraq societies thrive under an hour sounds like hell last year they still could figured out the proceedings on a narrow there was an inaugural event that's why did say the regular season is all buckets at this point about getting into the playoffs right now right although it. Butkus but it is doesn't matter doesn't matter nothing means nothing about what you do in the post season because the post season now shapes up to be. Or offer a series if if the season ended today. The chiefs would be the two seat right they would most likely played New England at home in the divisional round of the playoffs if the season ended today are to made an hour right there. Another row. But now according to ESPN the 2017 patriots looked just as good as Tom Brady has all season long so everybody's. New York Times did a story that the patriots are winning the Super Bowl this year. So like everybody now is back on the patriots bandwagon and the patriots went from playing and. AFC east that division to the ceased being tough they'll buffalo might bolt of post season team right now. I mean that that's how quickly the division that swap I mean we had the AFC west as the toughest division. Now all of a sudden it's the AFC east buffalo Miami and New England are all in the playoffs of the season were. And today it's amazing on the jets are right there 23 and four is not like they're terrible this season they've looked pretty good now. We're thinking about what this team looks like in the post season because that's going to be a mass of discussion. Tom Hawley is going to be talked about this pass rush doesn't get corrected. That said in Erie doesn't sound very thrilled about the idea of Tom Hawley coming back. Yes why we haven't activated. So it will close or. Studios it would be activated. He's okay. Don't want wrestled we we got exactly proper a but he's he's. That's an every honest teleconference doesn't sound like he believes they can get a lot out of Tom holly which is frustrating because. The chief passing defense is two pronged yes their secondary sucks in not having Eric Berry has been a massive problem for this season. This entire audience to get pressure on the quarterback they failed to do that last week as well Derek Karr seemingly had all day in the pocket. If there's anything Tom Hall the remembering a man I mean even if it's ten snaps a game of rushing the passer. You have to think. Activated I would give him a roster spot so do something red maybe maybe he's just over the hill and there's nothing that Tom holly can bring you maybe that's the reality of the situation. But at the same time. You have to believe it. Give it just even a little too deep a little spark to the defense it's worth taking a shot on Tom holly. Outlook on all about trusting Andy Reid I've formally believing him as as a coach if he doesn't think Tom Ali is ready to come back and contribute to this football team. But he's not ready to come back to that in contribute to this football team a little bit of that may be the way to peace laid the organization six months after a wild card or a playoff game liking and not you know out of nowhere right on the eve of training camp he's on Twitter freaking out about the the amount of snaps he got Pittsburgh it was for I'm sure that factors in a little bit. Ultimately you put the team ahead of just an individual's you know. Dust up the having with a player and say can you help us and we are now. And if the answer that question is yes but he needs to be out there needs to play football the answer that question is no the knees stay on the bench where he is right now and I gotta be honest I don't know the chiefs are ready to make that decision but it three weeks to make a decision on that which is now two more weeks with Tom Murray they get two more weeks to decide whether or not he can help this team. Or DS be put on injured reserve for the rest of the season. Another guy they spoke about during the teleconference for Cheney read it was Stephen Nelson it looks like he is more optimistic about Stephen Nelson coming back then Tom Hall eat and that would be a massive help for this team because everybody's wondering. How do you fix the secondary. Eric Berry obviously isn't the answer Phil gains is not the answer. Paris Mitchell has had a couple of rough games this season a couple of good ones too but he's not consistent enough to be a number two quarterback all the time. A big way you can fix this a big way you can at least help the second areas by getting getting Stephen Nelson backing gain and healthy. BC gives you another option out of the Stephen Nelson steps in and suddenly because Richard Sherman or something ridiculous like that. At this point if you're the chiefs are looking for anything they can help a deep well I had a guy and FaceBook to suggest me the Revis or Marty would be good fit for the defensive backfield. You're Snickers yeah Clinton a quick look. A whom we didn't options certain room. Iowa to. I'm thinking about it I know it's insane then you're still out there. It's harder to get their retired but you're thinking about any actual. Any option now it's being variety remark he's a 100% but. There. Are exert guys out there are certain guys out there where you're thinking gosh who we kick the tires on. Who who we bring in a maybe even think about making up I'd love that old defensive backs out there better dialogue was a great addition Amazon and old receiver on an old DB called defensive back man. But it might indeed be home for old BB sit around eat their putting. This tournament to have you sense of cornerbacks over there hands it's is desperation time at the quarterback position for the chiefs. If Stephen Nelson is is available I'm willing to get a shot for yeah. All right as far as people that too much power sports. Rodriguez Dell's of the top of the list but we have a new name to. Add this said. Tell you do next. Yesterday in the exhibition game to end all exhibition games we see exactly how it felt in the sprint center is they had the poor war resurrection of benefit hurricane relief it was an absolute success with hate you winning 9387. And while the final score was. Soledad and it was important to an extent. Really the quality of play is what blew a lot of people away except. For Bill Self whereas all the powers still those that wanna play Missouri on a consistent next round he doesn't wanna do that what does that have to do the style and quality of play them blowing anybody away and lost in the style and quality of the play and he blew everyone you know that except for Bill Self study the plane about a sub clearly wasn't alone though he thought they were bad when he always now and it's. And it's yeah. We. We had a role thick dark basketball Dallara and the way everybody asks and I. The second or third Soledad yeah and adding that it was. Have that somewhere or gonna roll out the calendar bills sell because we're about that time we got the exhibition game one week from tomorrow night at Tuesday night lords and they played it state corals on Halloween. We need or are we need to roll out the Kansas basketball schedule. And how it all works throughout the course of the season because it is the same script every single year would Bill Self beginning of the year they can't guard anybody a defense they stating that they get a big win these feel good about the team I mean it's it's crazy. How it happens the same way every year book and you Rhode Island cent unexpected blacks as the laws by good news like this all right exactly and it's all happened so if he was the president yesterday doesn't shock me and all that that's the script of Bill Self early seizing gave. Fans loved it every ballot at a Paris on their side and sinker ball second and third side. I don't know and I'm so. Wasn't blown away by the level play yesterday I think most of us were in that building. Watching this thing on 9387. With a lot of fun offense a lot of well moving the ball around and what looks like high quality basketball win you consider. It's mentally on these teams are far from what they're going to be in February march but for right now. That's a high quality basketball game and everybody least everybody who was there there's a lot of people who didn't go didn't see game did watch it don't give a damn right they'll line and whatever I don't wanna play in memory yet. But people who were actually in better reading yesterday. Not one of them came out saying well I hope that never happens again if you if I well built on the person other than bill that's everything and sell all day who said this man game. Anonymous they never let it. I don't think there's been he changed and our positions or university knows hostels and I guess on this. Just. It's. News. Very large contingent of eight people that wasn't happy that we were doing his speech to let your license for it costs so. Certainly. You know that's. You know what happens you know years from now so yeah. Not worth talking about now. All right yourself yesterday after the game here is the translation on let me start this again anonymously and never. I don't think there's. Each agent here in our positions or university goes. Kansas City you're on the clock how big check you rightness for us the play this game how big check. Are you gonna guarantee us the played this basketball getting to meet two million dollars applicable courier play game. Well okay almost are talking about that so that's what a couple rounds I'm right on they only got like a million appease it doesn't matter this basketball thing of the largest crowd in the history of sprint senator. I mean how much and got a million apiece play football game in Arrowhead Stadium right two million put astronauts prints and you'd ever and elm and you'd never know what this day and age what they're gonna off her I mean I dictate Riyadh you're wants this -- thousand you could put an arrowhead and there's eighteen. Right there's yesterday's Tenet 18591. Or whatever that 95 wanted to get in the sprints right date but if they really want this game what he guarantee you'd give it Boxee to give it to where you start writing the check. And I think that's something that Kansas City as a city as a sports commission as sprint center sponsors. Odd people need to decide what what works wolf what is it worse it's not just the object to come over. It's not just work things to Kansas City knows where things decay you are you more excited for K you basketball this year than you were last here. Because I came because of the yeah yeah yeah yeah that's used bears better fit for Kansas this. Stewart. Did that doesn't. It Kansas and all's ridiculous. Yes. It's Missouri more than the benefits Kansas yes but it's that you all multiple calls they get the atmosphere where they came out tightening actually overcame that. It helps them going forward they get more interest to their basketball program and that is to dominate downtown Kansas City for today. There's plenty of benefit to the university Kansas for playing this game in the idea that there is and it's just a short balls. Will you look at it like damp but the only guy that matters is is Bill Self for all schools and yes on this and he's the one bright. Well it saying it's still out itself. Are you get this. That's big enough and broad based on city. All that's all voters or whoever promotes these games this is not the Kansas I don't I don't. Scraps that. It's up to regarded aside by this but you don't makes it a little bit easier I'd nice big check. A nice big fat check makes everything easier. I think it does make things easier but at the same time. On the champions classic for the benefit of playing Kentucky. Get that check then you also get the exposure though. That's what's important is also getting that exposure look I think a lot of it's gonna come down to the people and the check is take the people that Bill Self talks to. Because that more often than not it feels like Bill Self. It's the same way he hears from the very high ups and KU and I don't mean the people administration and the people with the money. And often times when he speaks to be openly that rush to buy tickets for back in yesterday the people and I want I guess that didn't did or did a lot of that all the old I got on got to get a name for you that you need people that you know that may dated a point to be here no matter where it is that they were for this game he had I think people want this game and you need all those cars those who exactly Louis drive and an honest ones of them. Yeah PP the the people who claim they didn't want this game but and they were gonna miss this game bill is the folks need doctor that folks like me who didn't want this game happened 24 hours a bill. Now state budget and it I want this ai and I got. Have this game at a rarely there that are gonna tell people they were that's exactly affects us up what he said it to me the other day is this going to be Jackson tore ask an Arrowhead Stadium everybody was there would nobody was there you know yeah those deals like everybody's gonna say they were at this game. That's who wants this game. All the people that we're trying to get into that arena people this game now might tune is changed on this residents say I was wrong there's an express lane. You get into. It. Did this for an senator yesterday out Cairns and our both in the express lane there was nothing expressed about that language. Took for ever to get into that arena because. Everybody wanted to go that and that and that became clear cut another door and acting that way even while walking in. I wasn't quite bought into it what it was going to be because we don't really know what to expect and right it was one of those things where you hoped that it was more like a game than a scrimmage but he didn't really know what you're going to get. It became clear early on nag in the second AKU players ran on the court to chants raining down from the Azeri side of FBI. If the guy at the guy. That split in two. This is going to be a lot different than just a nice little scrimmage this was going to get intense are did you get female body inspectors. Irritated FBI by the way is because I've gotten a couple tweets from people were like why are they chanting FBI. Really really FBI's investigating. It deed isn't every school connected to a deed is including the University of Kansas so that's why they're chanting FBI melodies Davis though people who. Didn't want this game. After seeing it yesterday today after being part of it yes it would be listening to radio bought the paper you were there. What's still vetting you for missing you don't want this game. They'll sell a coach. Bill Self is the only good save donate it and I heard from a lot of people yesterday and their only argument was. I I believe Bill Self whenever bill selfless of you Obama more right that I like and I like that final 9% of its not this case I've changed my two I think for my son out of my on this one I want this. For a long time I've always wanted KU emissary to keep playing it even being from the K you sighed and BD KU grad I was I was stupid. They gave you a Missouri didn't keep plane. After yesterday I think most fans are meeting towards that area even on the case you side. All it's gonna take is Bill Self sign off on which by the way he did sign off on this one did dig ourselves and off on it to get everybody. On board and once that happens Josh is he said earlier. Their idea over IP. The people are holding out here is he says it's okay they'll be a good minutes are okay he says all right go you know I always wanted to add the only people who don't want this game happened at K state it's. That's not. Probably go out now. You won the bet. I did yes I did yes I can say Super Bowl all I want Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl super scary team can't say Michael Porter junior Intel particularly its rhetoric conference play so if you do hear care rationing today via. If you hear a daring to say Michael Porter junior you need to call 9135767610. The first person to call out caring and we'll get a hundred dollar gift certificate from LC's Barbeque end. Character has to donate a hundred dollars to a charity of my choice which will be the BMA fan base so thank you very much cannot say Michael Porter junior right. Until the end of the year that's right. It's October 23 good ones go way he makes it good luck there's just no way they might be tough tonight may be tough yeah. You must not Al through today he can say at PGA he can say junior thirteen yet but he he can not saying Michael and Porter. Can't say Michael Porter. Into kotsay Michael Porter it's tough that can be a tough one not so tune in today if he slips up you got a chance to win and our two years ago something amazing happening Kansas City. Here next. Welcome Bob that's go to possibly learn producers to inspect their. Loves her turn of the pack. You like every day this song added let's do it it's good it's good I mean like this always like dishonesty buildings is the best of all time is basketball. That's too much. I think it I Zulu song a little aggressive. It's a little of an aggressive take what ending on better wedding song that is played any us President Bush weddings on. There is out of the way to slow walking down yeah I had stairway to heaven just knocked a hole heard Kelly brought out. Stock until they brought the wedding songs cash out is it better when Alex that's the most cliched way. And yeah yeah I live. Obviously best buddies of all time now good wedding song what about the chicken dance is that they don't let NASA should be banned from all went and I agree. I totally agree the wars it is people who do chicken dance it's a two years ago today the war the royals clinched the World Series. And it it was probably one of the biggest moments I think for everybody because it felt like our right now you have that net that second change that. Everybody was excited from the previous year. But they're worried during the AL BS there was all the more worried than in oh god here Saturday morning or team but did it all the way through to the World Series which a huge. Huge accomplishment it really wasn't here's how it sound it. You really feel toward the floor and third they're wrong. It's. Good if there. Jerry punch will. And this season. Stripped out of Hollywood. Two outs two on the best reliever in the American League. Against. He's probably going to be the most valuable player of the American League. Which one will prevail. Whichever. On all third moos not this is done. Just heard the. It still gives you goose bumps and makes a hair stand up on the back here next still a great moment two years ago today. The royals claims that second straight bursts in at the World Series in and look at Houston mandating get past the royals they had that you're often now they bounced back in the world and they're going to the World Series numbers seven game series went over the New York Yankees of Houston in Dodgers in the World Series beginning tomorrow. Does that reform Oz had torn to get that World Series berth because it is our C Carlos Koran avenge what happened and when he fifteen shirt. Yeah with straight for the royals outfield bat mad about it but there's a part of me that. I just wanna see and have some success after the fact because that's a rough way to go out that I got to where they army and everybody's playing with house money once you get in that World Series so it's it should be a and a dandy and pressures on the pressures on the Dodgers it does not mean all of my best team in the Major League Baseball look unstoppable right they fall short here it's a failed sees it is Chelsea's are you hitting in the World Series I think was that's that's that's your goal if they lose the World Series people are gonna be Superman used somebody rolled out a Sports Illustrated cover from a few years ago as a due 2017 World Series champions at Houston masters program now it's pretty Vlad is for you wild right like dad this at all so eerie. Well is that they were kind of coming out of the rebuilding stage and people were wondering what they were going to do and where they were going to you know ascendant. Is it bad that as I'm listening of that montage of game 62 years ago today. Is the best sitting here and all I can think about is who are you to be able to keep him when's when's the next one gonna come down heavily most of them most is with the plane unless the war the end of the World Series signals. Reality yeah yeah reality sets in a week's event people are to start wondering okay are the world's gonna be able to retain. Any of these guys Eric Posner rightly stock as anybody Lorenzo Cain or as he made eight more obviously conversation. If there could be a lot of changes on the horizon and that's why it's kind of nice. On these anniversaries to go back and listen to you know the montage of when things were awesome because we know. No matter what way you cut it no matter what the royals do from this point going forward even if you sign one or two or your free agents. It's not going to be the same room and you're going to have to go through some kind of rebuilding period. Right image Dave they'd take it to the shot at this year fell below 500. That's a bad omen right and it's it's one of those situations where you go forward you miss. That makes me lean a lot more toward rebuilding and that would be the worst thing in the world have this franchise rebuilt with young talent. And understand hey we had a great run but with these guys we have not made the playoffs the last two years. Maybe I'd be the best to let them go in start over from scratch by I think years. You're gonna Amazon in organization as well if they're Smart would try to set themselves up like with the Houston Astros did you do you went through some growing pains for a couple years but now we'll go where you are few the Astros organization unite perennial playoff type team and I think. With the Kansas City Royals at and I think the mindset it's going to be more for long term success. As they go forward that was when that when they first got here was all about is winning at all cost winning a championship finding a way to get baseball back in the Kansas City got a baseball's back and Kansas City. The best in the royals could do was establish success for the next decade plus we you don't have. Seasons rear below 500 rehab seasons everywhere you may not make the play just the boy you're still gonna have a winning season and that's the way they need to set up this franchise I think that's the way to Houston is set up right now I think that's the with the cubs are clearly set up right now. And it looks like the Yankees have set themselves up that way right now or you don't pay they made it to the ALCS this year the point they set themselves up kind of ahead of schedule ahead of schedule for a lot of success and I think that's kind of life. The what is the booted the royals need to do they need to find a way. To basically rebuild that minor league system to get back to that level of wasn't Hosmer was stocks and keep it up to that level. And in key to success happening at the big league level and you don't the worry about going in winning at all costs anymore because you got that monkey off your back already knew what. World Series and speak and growing pains to jobs right Tesco that the world's gonna pass from Glendale go through a traditional beat Houston Astros. They are now on the World Series 2011. 56 and a 106 at 201255072013. 51 and a 100. Left home like go on I started going back the year after that when he 1470 and 92 and then 4201580. And 76 they make the post season. So. There will be some growing pains and even if you're a team that's you know kind of rebuilding it in young nucleus going on to become super special and potentially win a World Series. Mike pub with the triplets of the re 100 loss season is just like you do at the Houston Astros this super young team everybody was crushing them in 2012 was hurt when he and thirteen. As the worst team in the history of big L or bad in the World Series past just the ebbs and flows in this league and how it works today that's exactly the way it is and that's how based. All works in every once a while you're gonna have to take a step backward before you can take a couple of steps forward we saw with the royals in Dayton Moore took up to a couple of steps back before they finally exit ascendant and took all the steps forward and at the back to back World Series. They may have taken minimal step back I don't think or anywhere near what Houston had a dual Ron Allen and has left them but there may be a ninety loss season mixed it over the next couple years before they get back to winning nine games and so that is something that you're gonna have to do with the ebbs and flows of a baseball right now everybody kind of understands that's that's the mindset of baseball right now every team achieve success that they take a step back and rebuild and achieve success that's the cycle of the base. A bad thing is you don't we don't know the young players like site and are they here now to be able to do that then that is the question or the young players going to come because you're losing. This year's crop of reagents again picks back and turning them in house cell. The the the unknown is scary in this incident is now it is but having a World Series under your belt from the previous time there was a scary unknown right you get a little bit ridiculous don't come on give your hangover he really all yeah yeah yeah. Blake and think with the day shift in two minutes.