10/23 8a - KU Football Problem, Sproles in the Backfield, Commercial Free

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Monday, October 23rd

KU football has serious issues if you haven't noticed, the best NFL highlights from around the league plus we discuss the Border War, Marcus Peters, Tamba Hali and the Big Story 


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The bought cigarettes go wrong that's the much bigger and doing. Play based yesterday I mean he was a good 25 points yesterday if you don't holograms it'll. I mean even Bill Self senate they're down double digit halftime that's about they ran right off into the game overtimes. Welcome and it's still in the morning I'm Mike welcome Bob best coach Josh flee their producers Steven Specter. Now KU football. Has been without question terrible they haven't scored at like nine quarters is that they're NJ edit that tight corners they haven't scored their sport like 109 to zero right out those nine quarters they've outscored by a 139 points in the last three games the bar yet so it's a yeah. Plea. Did disaster in Lawrence Kansas when it comes to football and that's goes says he has the solution what. KU football is not a topic but I said the judge a season this is now a topic I mean date they were the running clock on Saturday okay that's about it for the university cared they've died only delaying who cares they went rise often factored into the into the outcry yeah they went running clock they scorecard maybe they may have its 21 yards of offense just is that with the number was above my overstating myself that could be twenty yards of total offense. Either way 125 it was 125 so and an ESPN just released stat about. That said TCU limited Kansas to 21 yards the fewest yards and a game in big twelve history. The fewest by any FBS team the past twenty years so we're not silence futility for the day we're talking about futility for two decades now is what Kansas managed to do. They are now one in 21 right under David Beatty in the big 121 and 21 at the Cleveland Browns beat Texas they did beat Texas they absolutely did. To put that in perspective the Cleveland Browns would be the better brightly to Texas and its Cleveland Browns are one in 22 under huge jacks OK so they're basically. Kansas football as the Cleveland Browns okay that's exactly what they are. And I look at what Penn State is doing right now. Had stayed. Was left for dead or given the death penalty because of Jerry sandusky and everybody said nobody would at Penn State would never be back Penn State would never be back -- do it without her being where the death the death penalty was they are originally the kind of taken away one of these where you have to shut down your program but they were they were pretty much dot know they gave him any had to say casualty free to leave right yes they basically of free transfers everything like short. These death and why does the death penalty we are shut down the program that's so what were crippled so so so Penn State is now number two in the nation sitting at seven and no the only team better in college football right now. Is Alabama was just that battle four years ago whenever ways of Jerry sandusky. Was getting into trouble it was about four years ago when everybody said Penn State would never amount to anything ever again and they're the number two team in the nation they were able to overcome Jerry sandusky. We're still blaming Charlie Weis at the university of cancer I talked to some K you folks he gestured yes stirred day. Down at the sprint senator and they said to me well we're still trying to recover from Charlie Weis to Charlie why east were still using Charlie Weis as an excuse. When Penn State the number two team in the nation they overcame child molestation. And are the number two team in the nation right now and you are still giving me this line of bull crap about Charlie Weis. Bill Snyder took over the worst program in the history of college football. Three years later they were seven and four and four and three in conference play you can turn things around fast. Clayton to and he may never heard him he verbally committed are you was a quarterback. After the 43 nothing so lacking to TCU he said he's listening to god and his backing out of his verbal commitment if I was god I would be sending anybody to Kansas either and then finally to make matters worse they continually stick by a guy and gave him a he raised to make one point six million dollars. I joked kind of about being a football coach I could accomplish would David Davies accomplishing right now at the universe. You can't just now is a dire situation. It is Big Five years since those sanctions were handed out at Penn State they had the sanctions lifted a couple of years ago so I don't know if that's necessarily a fair comparison a where you keep in mind that Charlie Weis to cripple this team he didn't get enough recruits he had what he lets players that he could've had a on scholarship. That was terrible that's a horrible thing to take you were David Bailey you ticketing and we play in the past. Sweden who go in and it's going to be a five year deal before you even think about this thing turning around ST five years it has been five years so to me. You take you take your lumps. If you give it five years in it after that. That amount of time it's still as bad as it is. By somebody you're willing to pay more than one point six million which in the realm of big time college football. Is peanuts well and here's the other thing with Kansas they're not getting better they're getting worse each week it's like they're showing. Market signs of improvement but that's what happens mania I think about it from the player perspective players when they know the season's over when they're getting crushed every week. It's tough to keep that motivation. But that's where coach comes and he got a future guys ready prepared and motivated to play these KG you're you're gifted twelve of these games in four years of college football. Really you're gonna go out their disability I mean I did that that's the medal happening all that that's that's what coaching what they're solution about my solution is this Josh Connecticut ran really exiting say out terrible righted and Spencer did that mean that's that's the easy part so what's what's the what's the fit what you start with the athletic he's gone you eat you don't allow him to make another -- Charlie Weis he hired as they've they've been colossal failures okay. Number two if you go out you get a football coach who has seen a turn around who was actually been there and done in the name that I have. And you guys probably don't laugh at this and think no way in hell but it's a name that makes a lot of sense because he already revived a a a a a morbid football program in the state of New Jersey that's great she he was a god typical boring Rutgers program that never one that never had success that never did anything. On the college football landscape and he turned them around and turn them into a power where they were already noble team they were a top 25 team they did good things that rocker's place were people always said nobody. Can win at Rutgers University Greg Xian a went in there and want and since he's been done they have been echoed the football program there and irrelevant program when he was there they were relevant program they were winning games and they were doing things that I'd never been done before bad institution. Greg Xian as the first guy that I would talk to about coming in because he resurrected. A dead football program at Rutgers Kansas is a dead stick right now as a football program. In college football Jim Ladd it's another guy that died Okie state they had one he started at South Florida program about. Took a program that was nothing and built it into something and made an impact and made it made an impact and and brought football to life than a place were football wasn't brought to life. And then another pie in the sky that everybody wants to talk about is Brett venables being out there being available being a case steak guy having those close ties to Oklahoma as well. Brent venables would be a nice candidate but I would start with great Xian I would say hey man you've built up a program and rockers you started a program basically from scratch rockers and found a way to have success. You need to be able to do that at the university Kansas and that's what Kansas needs somebody who has built the program from nothing. And turned it into something. And those are a couple of the names and I half but it has to be fixed it's not I mean if you're trying to raced 300 million dollars for a stadium quarterly orally. Portly use of resources or use of resources there and that's almost like to deflect attention from what's going on on the football field right now which is an utter embarrassment week after week after week. Being outscored by a 139 points in three games. So that's my salute now. To meet this feels a lot like what happened with turner Gil. Where everybody was so frustrated with how much they were losing that they wanted to go ahead and firemen go get somebody to get it up with Charlie Weis. Do you need to give. Coaches the amount of time needed to at least turn things around like Turner Gill deserved at least one more year my mind but he had DD the minds about the minds of the unfortunate of a new athletic yet he got it to give us hurts I still believe. Wholeheartedly Turner Gill got screw it. Why the same mistake though with David Beatty and Seth you're gonna move on from him in try to get one of these other guys wolf you can't get them. On what the hell let me ask you this what what is number one reason to keep David Beatty right get your number one number one reason is continuity in the fact that you don't wanna set your worst program back at the end it by going through another transition. When you have a coach you knew you were going to have to give five years through to make your team relevant anyway you want a 21 you're getting how's -- getting waxed you're not showing signs of improvement recruits her bail against somebody like this sounds like Turner Gill Byrd. We're like this it's too bad because people are patient enough to understand that when you war ends this. It. Just walk in Kansas part everything around and let's warmly and he'll get. A coach for four million dollars which Kansas isn't going to but Bill Snyder was able to do it K state -- the goal is football program to find another Bill Snyder that you are really set the bar to one of the problems one of the problems also is did you. Coach. At ball is perhaps. Somebody you can win man while promised three hours of the north of here. In Ames Iowa yeah. They've done things again in it what would you consider similar on a similar playing fields Kansas. He had a coach there that's going to get another take its party playing himself into another day in your to write I Barack five into right now with a new canal she. Whatever your your arms races. Is I was they pick right now right Korean. So I aggregate that puts a little bit of pressure on to what you're saying I was states on it there's three and what they're the second best team in the big twelve right now they're stir 31 in the league that I'm into overall they beat Oklahoma found a guy with the with. Experience and a and a and a lower level I had success that it came to work then and adding that puts pressure on it to I think it really does I think what Iowa State like I'm so tired of the all it takes time it takes time it takes time meanwhile Iowa State's looked at ways does it does take time and it's hard to stick with and I'm. It it this is that this is a tough spot for camp I. Stated have 64 scholarship players just a couple of years ago. That's OK you had to deal with because Charlie what stroke wise thought of the program. If you want ads or otherwise and so are you done that tire broken did that that's a bad that they made and they hired a guy. Yes and I gotta give it time to recover when you get dotted that way it takes longer than a couple of years. The scholarship limit is 85 served. They had 64 scholarship players because Charlie Weis didn't wanna recruit lower level players to go after five stars missed it in play and here's to you because it didn't make about it because it didn't make it right justices have. How are also seeing guys that we unity of thought you're gonna have reopened their recruiting and whatnot because you become an embarrassed though that's. That's the part you got to fight because that's that's not good outside Charlie Weis as well as I got to get a better so you win games I mean you're going to have. To convince people to calm when they're not they're not seeing the success on the field I. I the success of a deal has to come it just has to do this thing negated any traction. But it's it's it's it's it's an interesting dynamic for this program to be in right now because it's I don't envy the decision makers that have to do but try to figure out which direction to stay the course or or radically change again. Odd in the NFL the Eagles play the Redskins tonight Darren Sproles on the on our but with a hit missed slate of NFL games yesterday amazingly. Sproles was in the backfield next. We insure more uncertain these you learn how to. You remind me. Iron it would it's time to find out the best highlights for more. We've presents. Sproles in the back to you pull humbled by bill. Yeah it's just more like welcome Bob let's go jostling. The answers to inspector sever scroll look. Xena be good denied tonight not considered a bonus edition tomorrow yes we created. I had as Sunday Night Football Eagles and Redskins a great night primetime slate this week for the NFL stated chiefs and raiders on Thursday night. Sunday night was the patriots vs the falcons and a Super Bowl rematch in the night two teams above 500 the five and one Eagles is that three in two Redskins. After every Sunday Specter puts together the best highlights from the day that was. So we'll start with maybe the worst team of the day titans and browns it took 69 minutes to deliver. What we did get this call 47. Ryan's okay. They've done the last. A yes yes. Yeah. Great start. Of the fans in Cleveland. As that titans will hit that five point three. With that got kicked way and coming with 155. Remaining in overtime speeds your final score. Titans well Brown's denied it as Tennessee comes to Cleveland and yet it died Baghdad got us back he had. From the titans operating power obviously I'm. You see the browns 129 in overtime at the end of thought I had it wasn't the one touchdown scored and then I edit and you're excited fired up big win the oh you played the rounds. Are played a sample that was more a day. Thank god we didn't lose this game type we called our life or tying this game that it was we got a big time win that journalists released. That game or Kansas football which one's more watchable back game still gaffe absolutely apps experience that game again. Brown scored nine points to its hasn't scored nine points in the last three weeks combined from a game winning field goal in Cleveland to a game winning field goal in buffalo with a. Teen seconds left. Birdie Art Smith is good the ball goes down hard kids get into a bit. Did slap on the clock. Running back. This movie and I guess. He's got 27 lead with fourteen seconds left. Radio network John Sterling rate as all these bills. Or hand zoom. In that ANC after herded reason win over the Buccaneers are. Little test stand today by far I'll ask you today. Hey by dead bills box game now as a battle man out a lot of fun to watch while I was pretty impressive right now the Buffalo Bills guys will be the fifth seed. In the AFC playoffs. Can we do is get a bond as perfect person Mike Mitchell and each match instead of actually swat team Steelers for spangled beat it was pretty boring. Back who's been with plenty of time another close on the this fastest. Steelers now five and snooze that song he Steelers radio network from Byron Pope. 914 win over the angles that is perfect. Seeing kicking it one of the said Pittsburgh Steelers shocker with flaky on May be suspended. At some point again this season did anybody else look at that is again drop kicked in the face when he saw that like that was aimed. Really really bad luck yet for Vontae is perfect that touchdown pass code GG Smith was opened like it was nobody's business. And then given the Steelers play hide and go seek after the touchdown at the high gloss off. It's celebration. I think right now as the best in the NFL's I love that I thought it was great it was fantastic Steelers are double what CE. In the AFC play Ira is not Martinez ran it come out of the office sideline and try to defend that capacity due employee of dad that your suggestion is there a touchdown in this morning doing it yeah. What did he say. I didn't read the full story of his signing someone commented like you know TV's mister eastern better in Marti is Brian these entities that were closed Tuesday it is Meehan. So on and so for jets let's silence is males gallery that's down Mark Davis Wright wants out because to Houston's Shuster is getting is good all of these reductions yet. AFC west matchup down in Los Angeles three Euro for the chart. The Broncos were Two Rivers in the shotgun. Look you left a thirty Travis Benjamin with a and it's closed and that's up 31 o'clock right sideline what entity. Plus. There. Travis Benjamin within seconds score that day. Judges at Sony are losers or something like badges when you line Broncos nothing's set up the first time since 1992. Man forever Ximian point 535207. Yards off rivers. 1546183. And two touchdowns Broncos now at three and three. Partners at three and four Broncos obviously here in city on Monday date in week eight it's right front. It'll fall of Korean foreign in the BO and three on the road when they lose to Kansas City one week from tonight. All right hey you. Needs Missouri. We explain why kick off our commercial free half hour present about Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City next. 610 Sports Radio presented by Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City. I'm Mike Welch with Bob best coach Josh playing other producers David Spector. Yesterday that you played Missouri in the sprint setter for the border war resurrection an exhibition game to raise money for hurricane relief. And they did raise it hot money is K you won 9387. But the biggest thing coming out of that was people wanna see this game they wanna CK Yuen and you play an I would go so far as to say. KU does need and what. Percentage of KU fans do you think like me who 24 hours ago didn't care if we ever played and viewed and announcing yeah I do play misery get because of what I experience down there yesterday we had multiple people come to Cannes and I at Alamo draft house after the game during the post game show wearing hate you gears saying exactly that gap because they had no interest in playing Missouri again that whatever screw Missouri. That's when they came yesterday and now they understand yet this needs to keep that I talk to a buddy of mine before the game yesterday's whenever that after the game I saw those pictures on FaceBook and his comments appease for that was awesome we need to do more like I think people definitely had net that he was a bright Italy had about a hat hated that's we. They did that are not always but what what things was I wailing and whatever it's not it's not that big deal anymore than you get into the moment of it you see what it's all about again and you realized just how great rivalry truly is and I think for a lot of us we all in in bill we trust and whatever Bill Self says we're gonna follow and abide by as we should because he is the leader of the free world. But this one I can say you know as much as I love Bill Self I've got to say to myself here too he's wrong about this one I mean he was right when it happened he was good to do when it did but now that were so far removed from Missouri escaping the big twelve and running off to the SEC. I think it's it is time now to say you know what that was a pretty good event. It is a good thing to have and I'm wondering how the Nikkei use fans are like me that has flip flopped on this issue went from not wanting to play it again saying. Yet it's time to play it 69306. On the Tex I'd like to know where people stand because I've also still seem. A lot of the middle L women are are on the side of Bill Self in this over the not. Our coach or stick by not playing Missouri. I see a lot of guys like screw it let's play Missouri again to sell. I see how kind of it's it is it's all split up of what Kansas fans truly feel now. About playing Missouri regardless of what bill says. I shouted it state early in this in the pregame yesterday welts let's just as you know it's really good to see Missouri down here again it is again. Like it that European now at the auto industry like did you feint. The at a pure she felt that but I but I I understood to bet because. The big twelve. Ms. or not there right I still similar controller to the source Hillary serial I figured out there you're down there but you know have to cities not pay any attention to it you know or whatever has played Kansas State and that's exactly. It was it it was old. Old big twelve big eight field the daily news dominated jobs CP and L dominated by by Kansas Missouri had had a different feel that it had a very term it feel about it. Tacky if you listen to the broadcast yesterday here on six stents were pretty up it sounded like a big event right from him sound like ages to pose a nice little. The golf claps it's an exhibition game a couple was in Oz it's sounded like a big time big time game right. And it it had that feel and it and rightfully so it it it felt date if date now I think everybody was into two. Now beyond that Bill Self after the game somebody always sent now we are here to help Missouri but the reality is Kansas isn't just helping Missouri by playing Missouri. And what's funny is also says that that goes on in his press conference to show. Everybody every KU fan that might be on the fence about playing Missouri exactly why hate you meats and you. The atmosphere. Is what topped the most because these guys say that's not how trial like. The ball never got to the second third size Chris. And I think the atmosphere grace and good tightness which which brought good for guys to play through. And you know if it weren't for you know you can say they made shots but he couldn't work for Dovonte early we're down don't we use for staff. Both self yesterday in the atmosphere does create height as for the players because the players are sitting there thinking it. Hubbell were supposed to win. It was a game we should win but man we better not lose to everybody can be really upset. That kind of experience play with that kind of tightness. Is big when it comes down to march in the NCAA tournament yeah Kansas hasn't been able to breakthrough we get to the final four cents 2012. Which was the last time they played Missouri they had to deal with that atmosphere in two games that's that season where they had to get the win especially. Especially in outfield I guess so they came in and. That's been the most important game to win. You know since that day like there has mitigate more important since then for Kansas the win not resting it against Missouri down no I think anything man liked. If you lost that game at Allen fieldhouse that final time to Missouri. Got that would not be sitting well right now I guarantee you Missouri would have been back on the schedules who'd rather than later. Had Kansas lost that game in Allen fieldhouse I mean that that game. Was about as must win as you could ever. Find for a Kansas basketball program but for Kansas fans are for Bill Self to say it will work here to try to help Missouri we don't need help Missouri. This helping Kansas it helps to use team get better under an image Bill Self to set it even the people that say. Bill Self says Bob Bork we'll just told you that that. Atmosphere is going to be good for his players that they can understand how to play when they're under that kind of pressure they don't wanna screw up they don't wanna lose it bill. The plea to fight they come a little bit flat. Breaking through that. Is big in the atmosphere for KUN you if you were played every year called the Tuesday before Thanksgiving if you were to put that. Every year in the sprint center that kind of atmosphere that split crowd atmosphere would be awesome and I don't want it here. The argument well Missouri's good now but they weren't good the atmosphere wouldn't be there if you play early in the season. The atmosphere is always going to be good these nobody knows how to put on TV or anybody is that so let's do it Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It's big hit it great atmosphere you're gonna have that atmosphere tightness for the KU players that they can mark from a because go over and how good Missouri is at that point. There will still be hot Missouri fans there in a split crowd just like it was yesterday well old and a lecture GAAP as Andy the. Mr. always be electric as long as Kansas and our guys because even if Missouri say having a down season and more it is people gobble up the tickets are there always will be electric atmosphere they're there should be nothing to worry about. From an atmosphere standpoint right now and really the only thing. That were left holding onto is you know is Missouri good enough for the strength of schedule like that's the one legit thing that I Kansas is kind of holding onto right now. And even that's not as legends it was 24 hours ago if he's not it's not anymore you know like it it to me it's like. Let's go ahead let's play this thing let's get this game played. But it bill wants to continue to hold on to aids or he's got to show us that they can be a better program a better established program give us something in return applying them that we don't normally get. I I get all that and I understand that but we were five years removed from where this team is aboard his team was and I think what we saw yesterday is good enough reason. To rekindle this fans want people want it and I think it's mikes at American needs it nest at a time when sports right now. Especially the NFL's been dividing everybody. This brought Kansas and Missouri fans together for two hours and everybody forgot about real life yesterday everybody forgot about what was going on a real life and we all kind of had a flashback to two are used to our younger days to when things were simpler to what things were better and sports when Kansas and Missouri were playing well even carriage and Harrison a ball. That on this on this because for two hours I forgot about everything else for two hours all that uttered in my life. Was watching Missouri play two hands if you're. If he's a sports isn't his skate then the what are you using it for some people enjoy things in different ways and I on different strokes for ever values are tiny entertainment as a whole yeah is this is an escape in its forces are point. At a certain point if your Bill Self you have to understand this is entertainment. And it's fun you have could create a product. Is entertaining as possible and to meet that's part of your job as a as a college basketball coach because if you do have that much control over scheduling for. But it does become part of your job to create the most entertaining product possible Bill Self might not care do you that. But the rest of us would like to see an entertaining product the rest of us would like to seek that you played Missouri as opposed to take you played Washington and we're so other pac twelve garbage school. CK humans or play because sports needs. Erica needs it's something that makes things better for us and that's where. That's where Bill Self really should have his his priorities what's best for everybody. It's interesting to look at the tech site right now because it is all over the place as you could expect their kid's fantasy yes we should play at their Kansas and you don't don't wanna play it there's multiple people comparing this to sex with your ex wife I'm not so. There there are. And all over the place. With what they see is it's really still a divisive topic not only amongst Kansas and Missouri fans. But indicate to indicate it despite them as well. It's decried the topic is our leader saying what a lot of us are saying I don't agree with what our leader. Himself he says it doesn't help us and then exit actually did help but as soon as he says it's fine it's going to be fine. And that's the other thing Josh is Susie says a great day everybody who I I don't I don't allow Austin bills bills I guess I mean don't make up your mind initially that was followed bill twenty hours ago I was all the bills and we don't need to play this. And that we had a game and me I find myself rooting and screaming at the radio yesterday listening to six tablet is broadcast go to. That's they yeah. Loses game I don't have that feeling about Kansas basketball and along. Are back to the KUMU rivalry coming up in about fifteen minutes here on six and Sports Radio book first. Markets Peters wants to speak on the behalf of Marshawn Lynch making headlines over the weekend at. As Marshawn Lynch was suspended for one game because of the incident that took place between the raiders in the cheese were Marshawn Lynch grabbed and shoved arrest for re. Now mark is Peters would like to speak via telephone if he can make it work this schedule to the NFL on behalf of Marshawn Lynch. I'm 100% on marks decide on this but there are a lot of people who are not. I am not on market Peter sign him as a bit this is not your battle this is not something you need to consume yourself with and I know it sounds very mild mood cared the issue of abuse say this but. You guys have lost two straight games get a big Monday night game coming up the divisional opponent. You've lost to Pittsburgh you've lost Oakland you're no longer the number one seed in the AFC the defense is getting shredded out there right now giving a big plays in the last couple games. If thought Marcus Peters on Andy Reid and on this organization. I Marcus Peterson focus solely on on a Denver I don't need any other outside distractions right now. For Marcus Peters he's done enough to cause a bunch of outside distractions on this team from fighting with coaches on the sidelines to the kneeling for the National Anthem at riding a subway train would Marshawn Lynch where everybody's chanting SUKC. He's given the middle finger and smiling and all that kind of stuff. Like I've seen enough outside distractions for Marcus Peters for a lifetime. I don't need any more outside distractions and I understand that this Marshawn Lynch guy is his cousin and is is they only. But Marcus Peters man. This ain't your problem this is this is Marshawn Lynch is problem for grabbing that helmet and sprinting out under the fielding getting into with a revelry I mean like. Like that that's all on you we talked to bill Maas earlier today here on sixteen and sports radio and this is what he had to say about Marcus theatres build. Marcus Peter takes a lot of heat from fans fans alike is off the field antics and things of that nature what do you think the market Peter. Most point and you'd you know you just it's a distraction. OK okay do you wanna do would be your own person and rich guys beat shelves. Oh when it comes a point what are have been detention becomes a distraction. You've got a real yourself. You've got back off now. And that's my opinion if you know the teams an important thing you know everybody. Ought to be respectful. People it's not just. It's not just about you yet to secure her weight which when you accept the people. You know that's. As for actually executed as a person as a teammate you get a real that in I don't marking my older we'll consider I don't want my children a better situation ridiculously quick. It's getting too much to implement real back. Do you think he's doing that right now do you think he's a distraction for his teammates is a guy who's been inside that locker room. Well I think they're good people get tired accurate about it they mentally be antics on the field bill which will keep arguing and all the different things. When you're a full point is that that's that's indicative. As a player. You don't want that kind of attention that you don't want to cut at one you want your satellite beach something completely different. About placing it in the tech putter war you don't want to be all the. So let's bill must talking with a earlier you can catch the entire interview at six and sports dichotomy joins us 7:45 every Monday morning here on sixteen and sports radio and when you got a former player likely use the players and alas the turn on other players. When you have four play on it guys providing a distraction inside that block from the other guys steal a distraction inside that locker room. That's not a good thing the Kansas City T sat on field stuff they need to worry about right now not markets Peters drama off the. Now I want markets decide on this trying to step been touted the NFL Marshawn Lynch is behalf because I view it is Marcus Peters trying to be a man and do the right thing. He started the scuffle. They got more John Lynch out there to try to protect him and Eddie turns round grabs an official can't do it has to be suspended from mark is Peter's. From his perspective that. I understand it's my fault. I'll take responsibility for what I started to got Marshawn Lynch in this situation in the first place. Elena talk to the NFL and tell them my side of it and make sure that at least I'd do would I came. And I think mark is Peter's talking the NFL's gonna do anything of the game it works is right so why partly it was time. Because it's the principle the matter is started altercation. Ended up with a Marshawn Lynch it injected because he came out there protect you. There should be some guilt that goes along with that. That's probably why Marcus Peters wants to talk to the NFL these tell that side of the story and try his best of marsh omelets. Even if it is an exercise in futility it's a phone call. It's like you get well you can't think this. Re here for minute phone call otherwise you should be in his playbook gets three or four minute phone call we wants to take responsibility for what happened that raiders David say yet. I started something. I should've started at Marshall got the middle grab somebody thought it was me it was an official. He apologized for and I would feel bad for but partly this is my responsibility is not all Marshall well you've got to me is being a man and doing the right thing you got to think it's. Longer than three or four minute phone call it's probably going to be all day affair knowing waited in an elder scrolls through the file we have via Skype via phone when it's our favorite but but to me it's like you your budding and the things you don't need to be butting into your warring about things you don't need to be worried about what a football coaches talk about all the time we've got to eliminate distractions eliminate distractions eliminate distractions. Marcus Peters has been a major distraction they they need to eliminate distractions. And him getting involved in something like this is another distraction. When other things need to be worried about I'm just not on board with this right seasonal rate in my god let the guy go ultimately be suspended absolutely helps its. So Marshal on Intel my body to come rain I don't feel right. You are having fun until they come running out of feel like I had to connect under control. And and I didn't need your help in that situation marsh on an interview. On new interior going to suspension of which was in on the second rafter persons are right. Sick with the Kansas city chiefs of it to the big story 855 but any re was on teleconference the other day and a lot of things were discussed. Including the it's good Tom holly. He's on the UP list of physically unable perform list. And apparently he's Woolley is eligible now for coming back can be added to the roster but apparently there's. An issue there. Here's Andy Reid. Why we haven't accurate. So it will close or. Studios it will be activated. If so okay. It won't wrestle we go here that we got accolades roll over and but he's he's. Did series teleconference and when it comes to Tom Hall wow he doesn't. Sound really bought into the idea on the plane for the chief 127 to argue audit the idea or any of us bought in the idea if it's public now has. So I mean that I want him out there. Leg of public and had anything that pass rush because right now you do have a banged up just in Houston. They're Aries hot for the season and there's a lot of injury issues on his chief defense tell us they're talking about markets Peters via distraction the bigger distraction you have the rest of the quarterbacks. Looked terrible. Distraction. Awful. Filled games Terrance Mitchell Eric Berry all they look terrible and that's the biggest issue with this squad if you think Tom Hall he can come back and give you. Anything yet have to put him on the roster. What do you mean that's when I if he can contribute yes I want an out there. I just it's a solid dale filling contribute right. And that properties probably say okay he's probably the same boat he's been this entire time guys in a healthy right incredibly Celtic. And done everything they can't have it kind of reserve is out and he has been healthy and they were wrong and her mother because. To say he's toll washed out he had three and half sacks last year it was kind of invisible and collecting three and a half sacks out of a part time outside linebacker yeah I would. So he can still give me some that I want him on the field that. That that wasn't real encouraging right you know we'll get delegates I and I know that there's a deadline here right he definitely sounded much. You know much but Mitt probably greater need to. Stephen Nelson sounds like he's gonna come back right and he's on the same the same time frame is Tom Ali some much more positive about that he would bot Tom how well. But here's the other thing too though Tom bodily I mean you know did this team right now we can complain about the quarterback play in the defensive backs. They are doing sacks against the operator okay and when you don't pressure the quarterback. It doesn't matter. Matter who's back their coverage you have to eventually get pressure on the quarterback so as bad as the defensive backs were on Thursday night we got to hold the defensive front seven accountable as well because they'd get their car itself. If you don't get to their car those guys are gonna tough time back there so if if Thomas can't play awful about bringing him back I just don't think he can play and I don't think it team would be sabotaging. You know there themselves because they don't like Tom Molly if they really believed he could allow their changed out of money out of there wouldn't be right exactly the date that they think he could affect the game and make a player to put him out there on the field I don't think he can play right. Andy Reid when speaking on this teleconference also it was brought to him what happened during the game on Thursday night when that she's had for twenty to go in the needed. With the ball. Why would you think to 1 o'clock there and not gain yards. He took some umbrellas bridge yes umbrage with that statement. Part time who ran clock that Russia and I ever read the ball boys. Right clock. Right people to run plays and they had affairs. Do to win a game. Andy Reid says should have been running clock. That's one play is just a run play. You know he's not always tried eat up clock you have a Korean hunts. And that's what I use my type the first that is sixteen hours on second and that they'll probably be re running attack I don't think he should throw the ball on third and I think he should have from the ball again you do brought Ronnie Lott got him with Korean pilot get a chance he breaks right exactly a degree I think the best weapon in the National Football League right now you you can utilize him in so many ways. Why would you take the ball out of the scenes on third floor with the game on the line and the ability to run this sucker out its third in four. I don't care of everybody in the were those three months keep the football. I'm giving him the football because I believe he's the guy making it to the four yards necessary to move this thing along so. You were running clock issue and running clock at that point of the game we have more thing to get to from Andy Reid's teleconference. Guys. Should it be the officiated the defense which one do we go. I did enjoy his answer about the defense. Do you feel like teams have started you know what you do defensively Ayers is just two games for that in play as well. If that's the case. Do you and Sutton start to have conversations about changing the defensive scheme. It was I appreciate you look at it very hard very close yep you close. Receivers and Iraq close the vote here all those things you look at. And and then you've got to go OK let's a little better here this is all all play as well play callers. Better download better here and there I've put guys in the right position they play. And do we have to make deploy and and so that's what the team parts all of us here. When everybody take accountability for that. Nobody is what they've Iran and so. Excited about tiger go back and and look at things that he does that I've actually done a great cuts. He does it. If these are Smart guys. A lot of success here so it's. It figured out and then and then the players do the same thing and then. You go. Very productive plays happen. And I don't work. No different and offered. A different. That's series teleconference he didn't actually answer requests out value declines and assess right and then diagnose and and reassess and then they're out yeah so notable this is turning change that we know about it I guess is on me. If they do makes sweeping changes. The defense they're not gonna tell a little. Plateau dogs hang on and when it comes to the officials. To summarize buddy Andy Reid said. Silence. It really say anything it resists he then the violent. It's a physical in our hands we just like consistency we don't blame the referees yeah I got you have actual written transcript in front of you because I know you're all of this what was the question that was act. Passed for black and all the plays get officiated correctly the end of the game are you me through what we just heard gamble we just heard it was exactly what I read do you seal teams have started to key in on what you do defensively ventilated Edwards says yeah new games where they didn't play as well. If that is the case you were Bob's sudden start to have conversations about the defensive scheme. It was Larry King he'll look at. I'm very very close you have people close. Receivers and the running game close to a vote here all saying you look at. And and then you got ago okay recycle it got so little better here this all. Is well played colors. Donald better here. Are you clothes announcement school now well yeah cause they're kind of close proximity adding that that. That's his way to answer the question right a radically change the scheme if our guys circle they're not massively out of position right. Basically he is saying players got to make plays do you. And I'll you know in in so many words that's kind of what he sent and a story. Big story. Wouldn't seven. Well I guess on day. The funding for everything. We still believe this did rebound off before that saved by a burger practically use. But I look at half court grant another career right wing posted airport pulled up out of kooky. Believe stupid fans outside today and I have to play the Kansas fans. On their feet on a lot baseline out of blue laser located. Hey you played yesterday. That you end up winning 9387. But it was a phenomenal basketball game high level basketball game and who wasn't for Dovonte Graham taking the game over at times. With very easily could have won. Now there was a lot of discussion afterward and Reid is really have to be the last time this happens it felt like yesterday. Was it the state precursor to something bigger and there are a lot of that you fans have been seen on the tax liner who didn't really want this game to happen but then after it took place. They realize how much they've missed playing Missouri they realize how much they miss. A built in an intense rivalry where it doesn't really matter what these teams have done and a recent. There was a lot of energy and the players by the way. I've never played against each other not like over all these guys know what the robbery as you're worry somewhere along the line of players who lose sight of what the right. The play as don't know why. Rivalry as they get to Kansas or Missouri. They experience it by the atmosphere around them and you're in the fans and that's what made this thing such an intensely. Fun game to watch with an amazing and it's. It was fantastic yesterday and I hear you talk about people on the text and have a people in the studio including myself at 24 hours ago as it's like yeah whatever. And then by the time the game was over on yelling at the radio rooting on Kansas and hoping we don't lose this basketball game. And it re ignited that flame that I have the flame of hatred that you have for the opposition whether you're on the Missouri side you hate Kansas or whether you're on the inside hate Missouri. It was rejuvenated yesterday it was fun it was good it was refreshing. It was really a cleansing of the soul because we needed a sports moment like that you know in this town because you know what football's been fun this year it's been great to watch this football team play. But there's always been the distractions surrounding the NFL this and we talked more about nonsense in the NFL and off the field stuff. That we talked about on the field stuff this year. Yesterday was an escape from reality for a lot of us and it was a ton of fun. For one afternoon to rejuvenate that rivalry. And as I said earlier the bad decision would be to not continue to wasn't a bad decision to stop at a bad decision will be to not continue this series after what everybody experience on both sides of the building guessing largest crowd ever expert setter yesterday ever. Pat Ellis is one game but watching Missouri. The amount of talent they had the ability to put it together. IPad early in the juncture it's it's October 22 was yesterday. Miss six freshman on that team since so much turnover from a year ago and they've put together right theory nice performance against Kansas. That's a tournament that's very fun team to watch cans down the government they got votes in the coaches go for the preceding coaches poll and a veteran of the people on exhibition there are not like while. Pretty impressed with very nice and they've put. Also solid Kansas played terribly for updates about to grant him out there and just who it up there were times for you looks. Completely unstoppable even more like frank base in the Dovonte Graham. Dead and you kept fighting there was a point there were and he was down like thirteen and felt like I this is where he pulls away and it's a feeling it's when he five point victory right. And you thought that they were really close to cutting it down four points at the very end it. KUN of the in the win though and it. And I insist it was one of the more fought experiences I've had spread senator better than the big twelve to internment last year better than the as relates her last year. There is is so much different kind of energy and everybody was just embracing it man now. Sauce it was a lot of fun and it's something that obviously needs to continue its good for Kansas City it's good for all the fans it's good for everybody involved in this thing it was just really a fun fun night. Four I think for everyone on who attended the game listen to the game washed in my biggest question how speeded Sheila yesterday that it was he was he benched yesterday or something. Hugh brown and we can get to that as well as how yesterday change the perception. Around Kansas City in college basketball in two minutes.