10/22 - KUvMU, Useless Predictions, Whatcha Watching

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Sunday, October 22nd

In hour two Ron really shares his feelings about todays exhibition game between MU and KU. Also, we bring you the weekly does of Useless Predictions and the segment that's sweeping the nation. 


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I've been about 592. Show and all of radio. Even furniture. Oh. Welcome into the old argument in the united second show I am not a steep insert. As always my desire most certainly bending. Debt spins obviously been saved by the shell. As a thread topic of hot debate on this show for the last couple days about Mike Gunn these beautiful flowing locked. That's been assigned to release a photo gallery of other college coaches boarding the same hairstyle equivalent of a around the commercial. Yeah haven't had a chance go check out the likes of Jim Harbaugh Nick Saban Urban Meyer Brian Kelly Davos we need. All of its sales of game one and orchard and I feel like he's the number one teams that that you're surprised at orchard on doesn't actually already happened multi. But we've become used to Mike Gundy is beautiful hair so much so that they can mayfield called it ferocious. Guys I know why more coaches don't rock the moment it's obviously Lee. The success. Each show. This show was heroes. On this you know here please. Through all our listeners but those figures today because he's. You. Yet to be a small car and Sunday morning. Stephenson sort. It's. I've knighted gonna dignify that with a response produces bad boy. Ryan we'll house. In the days if you do it on purpose is that in this is. Is it right now by the way tomorrow. And immigrant had name asserted tomorrow we're going and going to have to revisit. This demands Tim Tebow motivational speech that he viewed her tennis. I don't actually an action with. It was Alatas that are against Emory in it is what it is bad. Answer questions or. If you feel so passionately about mall at one to just rocky so it doesn't work. Doesn't grow like that SuSE and you try to. Is that why is down into the pops out leads like 66 so what you care about or show if it leads to success are replied well I. I mean it's a pretty proven fact that braids also lead to success look at the process we against. Why look at the US raids on that term plan and work well I guess I. At Joseph days. I Joseph hopefully 65 games this year get breakfast. Third he's already begs to. These are missed 65 game as he put 65 games in his career going now he's the right there war 34. 33 so he'll the only plea to 3031. That nearly double A left Kansas in 2000. Aziz a stock is these braves yeah. What do it worked out for coli last year due. Size at all sometimes that's sometimes that's just how does that and seeing those books of the Braves right at Tuesday. We're ever journal and and as a dirty play so. Big deal today Perry and have an actor it. So like a subcategory of braids. Don't think it falls under the umbrella braid. Months into rates were to. Big for splitting hairs on parade the big deal today is. We'll be covering it is at six today at all week. No one and I mean no one has covered this. Exhibition game. Before the exhibition. Talker like we have we've. Last legends from KUN Missouri who have he gets ahead on this week. We had Gary pickle on on Monday Kim English was here and he doesn't Wednesday and we call birch on Friday though I take my pocket six horseback on Colbert is really good we went a different direction. We want it to make fun of them breakdown. The different spots for a court we gave the instant usery backcourt we gave the is a loser and you're doing to coaching we gave. Listen here here's my deal if you've listened to this and many have not that I've that made the secret I'm not going to make secret your hater. I don't. You know we can get to that question a little bit. I I don't. I've is this is not a bit as big of a deal to me. As it apparently is to others I was even wrong situations I had asked the question. Who would be there. Would be there are more. The pre season NBA game or this game I was wrong this event has sold out you were wildly wrong they sold out like ten minutes wildly. Wildly wrong I was out for all. Appreciate your whole L. And but for me the league I I think that people. Are so hungry for this match at hungry for these two teams to play that they have become. And understanding of what is actually happening and that everybody simply. Liked. I think they are making more of what this is that it is because of there hunger for these two teams to the plate. And that's my only problem I think the great things about this all or the hurricane effort of the money that they're raising for this. And I think it's great. In downtown Kansas City today. What the bid that many people down there at the sports that are going to be able to. That he makes a money downtown and go go have dinner. Go ahead run its prior Bill Gates and drinks that there's something that's a good thing for the city and you know obviously I think this is a big deal to the planes. But let's not in my that you get this big twist a there's not any. Real strategy to this game there's no game plans I mean I saw. Something so Anson. In my. Case you sports spectrum. You know affect you should never be. The case you sports that com. They this morning as I've taken my morning dump they are on here. Number wrote I'm that it. Strong hurt early outlet and a half an hour game oh and I take him out Maureen doubt and they're going through the keys sort of you know is if you if you were with the use of as you know this was an immunity it with me in the bathroom or wherever when I saw a lot of pre pre shared bathroom breaks and yet we do we talk to. The walls put. The keys words for the day. Kansas user experience and they go to long breakdown of how their experience. In this game can be cute makes you use Azubuike. Like going inside Azubuike QB that that the turning point in this game Nikes really got. Also got strong wrists there's a huge matchup that could be big in this game between the Phillies arrested him Michael Porter. You're I think Kansas experience will win out at the. This is not a real. I don't people all. Texting and there are tweeting. Just upgraded kids it's loads. Of error. Other real people tactic texting and you're never that's what sort of mud. Favorite. With kids is only having nine scholarship players. The up and down. Style of the zoo could really give that some problems and fatigue had needed the up and let's. And I IR AI dividend is due to go on board the gate this is not a real okay. Also helped articles Ed we're not scouting. When that got to go with the gay and I you lawyerly yeah. I really hope they show up in just like them mashed why is the islanders yes they I guess I'll just ask both you haters this. So watch. So what that it's not an actual game that matters on your schedule run so what. But the fact that you're getting those text about oh you're just scared. That's the reason they're playing this game that's the reason they're doings and that's a number one thing that's the benefit this week it has the fans it's for the man. Now yes you're raising a ton of money for charity. Ike it's where the pay it but the fans that it's not. People lying about what it is. She did not just be such a curmudgeon about the essay about it but you're looking at people going ally making up an article about what I think he's a gamer that's what they do on either sports dot com that's the thing to Iran. They're telling me you've seen used you're telling you seem more creative articles. You'd think that whether you don't they know they did he breakdown before games that is not representative of what's happening. And what this game is about would use these somewhat putting out talking about. Kansas' experience. Is what could prevail at the end it's not a term gain because of the timing game organic matter. Like it just seems so weird to me you're reading things on line you're going to ask you this is the reason I don't like this game is the reason I'm not excited. You're you're you're looking entirely brawl route like I don't disagree with you about a do we do need an article tells me the five keys to this game no. They're probably not complaining much for this they're going out there in the working on a few things it's going to be like any other tasks bitching about it. But you're losing is the fact that it's Missouri and Kansas. I get out what people wanted to see and yes it's a great charity component that's a big win this week in the thing is win man. You got to see something that you wanted for a long time music collection bigoted is he going to be all out. Like you would expect and in the final week of conference play back in the big twelve days. It's not going to be that but that's without electricity and I think that it's usually one minutes of it you're gonna get side of that Ron. I understand people want to renew their rivalry and that this at this I'm in favor of that if this game would actually help. Rebuild that radler and get them to play meaningful games. They're okay but it's not going to a Bill Self as sad as much it's a scrimmage game. To help raise money for charity I don't think you in any way is helping them move forward to any potential. Yearly match. In the future no I don't think it's moving forward to a resolution I guess of burying the hatchet between the zoo in case you are getting back to playing basketball together. But Enron I suggest this to this morning does anyone who wants disable the game doesn't matter and that's why don't care ball. If you put a little skin in the game what are what are we commit the trophy. And every year you did this assumption club charity Ryan and now you got a trophy like I understand the idea that. Like here I Iran I understand the idea of not trying to push that into your non con schedule because you wanna be able that other teams give other people opportunities to do it over the seal wanna make a yearly non com event that the UK and changes could make a yearly nice candidate not on a minute they were like how. How does that change anything for you though is what I'm saying that if it was a non like enemies there's talented the other day that big twelve SEC challenge and refuse to labor's. Acting like one non con game in the college basketball schedule means the damn thing anyway to us. And lets your intricate equitable bragging rights that got a game plan a player real game like live to Kentucky to every year. It's not. It's not. Exhibition game to for the exhibition games have played so you tell me that they didn't approach it like an exhibition and it is still an exhibition on the slate didn't matter to the regular season as long as they approach it right. If they approach like a regular game you'd be good with. You can't understand the difference between playing four or any state in an exhibition game and then playing. Duke. Or playing Kentucky like they will every lead it would be. I would even say this it would be the biggest non time game of the year they played that was real sure what that means the end of the season means nothing to you. We're not consulate in college bass or means very little outside a TV ratings get your fans excited. It does is win and loss like it it's wouldn't loss record were accounts were Bill Self was actually trying to win games this is it like all words coming down to one game making the big swing at IBM expert for Missouri. Right only that the rest of a game for them edit its. And it would be a big game that's on TV that is a serious game that goes to your win loss of the season it's like it. It's like saying. That the game against Detroit it ought to do is is the same at the game against Detroit when they play him. In the grapefruit league or in Arizona it's not the same. I just don't know if there are higher humidity to those. You can just throw your arms up and anger about our on CN breakdowns on C and that's what you're gonna see from sites rob that's what they do before games will open up. Will open up the phone lines for this. You get text then I'll click on this quest it out I think Ryan gonna give us is it's or it and not a hater that this. Or am I being real about what this is a game. It does not count. That's kind of who runs the show. And you're listening to the show. Seeks teens who. Radio good at getting tickets dot com now for six in off your ticket order using promo codes active sport. Useless predicts is coming up in about fifteen minutes or so. Also remembered. This stay right here others who moved slurred. Stay right here 1 o'clock. The pregame so to the cage you if you exhibition game down at the sprint center. Coleen hearings in Bob this goes 3 o'clock the game will be her right here. And there's a post game shall falling with caring tin and. Mr. Mike Welch. Muscles stay here no one has covered it like we have it we're just talking about it here there's no secret that this listen to this show. And many of you have. Not I am not. I don't. Understand I I think but my stance is people are or just not understanding what the cities like this is going. Over the top and I will admit that I have been enrollments of the I am surprised. That it's sold out as fast as it did to him that it sold out. In at all. It's a web two minutes. Yeah. Is it wrong that I am common man I'm 3340. But I could emit. Number alone but. The 3333. Little hairline. In the that a here. I go into you'd ever for a from one writer marbles by mail room but I just. I feel like people are. Are acting as if their understanding of what it when I'm seeing breakdowns of games or people acting like like winning and losing. Like the teams are going to be trying to sort look at this isn't a game which I hope the it's CAA tournament. As you know they can do ride will set a match ups. I hope that they do that Missouri makes the tournament implying millions on it Herman's rigged and some you know it is. I hope they set it up and I will be talk about this nonstop talk it sold its noise that isn't it but I throughout the question on the other side of the break Ryan. And I thought you call am I being a hater already asked Roger being hated. Not a real game but it's arrival Ryan have been. Odd you're being on the show Hugh glee is Leo and most time I can get with some of your hate because I think it's justifiable late this time I don't think it's justifiable. I think that you came into this thing. With an idea that you didn't care about the game because it was an exhibition contest and then everything that's shown itself afterwards to those basic you'll. You weren't exactly you know rock awry hey we're gonna play right up jump anyway. And so everything that's come out after that has just gone to further solidify. Your eagerness when it comes to this he's up. So you've seen all these other things you already went into Google and I don't care I don't give a rip it's an exhibition game these guys are played ten minutes if that. And they're gonna be out there we're gonna see oh whoever the next Tyler self is coming off the bench in the and in the third in the second. A that's your preconceived notion of it. And I told you who cares who cares if it's an exhibition game. Who cares if it doesn't matter in the standings who cares now I'll dial that back I do care about actually seeing that. The B stars playing this game I wanna see that but I understand the risk of injury and everybody's nerves about that which is another reason why your hater address or talk about injury took. Ron I don't understand why any of that matters to you what matters is that the rivalry is being even any small way rekindled and doesn't have any effect on whether or not to play in the future while you go by bill solves comments this past week. It doesn't appear as though it's building towards anything they did because. It was an idea of his fathers of one time that he wanted to play charity game for a Utley was Katrina relief. And so now it's back in and and and there's there's these opportunities take advantage and do something like this for another. Great cause and Bill Self wanted to seize that moment I understand that. But the way that you have seen people re act to this game that. I can agree Iran doesn't mean anything. The thing that it means as the rivalries back that thing that it means is that that's just the smack talk between fans. Look at the tax line look at Twitter look at FaceBook like that. Is one of the best parts of rivalries in all the aspects around rivalries and make them so great. That's back. So that's why I think you need to appreciate your at least enjoy and care about this game and you just hate on it because. You don't wanna see India that you're not letting that be the biggest thing the loan and your decision your letting all these ancillary crap at dozen. Matter naught I have. I don't have any problem with that part of that I liked that part of why far as I told us that the three things that are positive about this. Is a hurricane relief effort the money that local downtown. And at the plants. Our incident I'm just saying. Let's look at it for what it is. I hear fan. Don't think. Don't put yourself in such situations we've seen this almost this week even matches it will carry to the fan but can't this could lead to. Is bloated Bill Self as a coach they're not planning to list the NCAA tournament puts it. Okay as does that happen like like Kansas will never played North Carolina in the regular season is loaded Roy Williams is they'd vote is not happening. OK so just look at for what it. And don't come to be with breakdowns of what's going to happen if somebody wins or loses or. What is Dovonte grant plays thirty minutes when Dovonte Graham rarely played thirty minutes in the regular season last year I don't give me like like this outcome. Is a real game. That's my issue Arnold. Outlets you have at this who cares it's fun going to tell me. Oh. Are you out like it's and that at a much didn't think anybody could have gone on either can't or was there. What did matter it didn't matter to the people who made decisions. Now adopt. Because nobody's gonna go there anyway. Yeah and I've got a confused on your point here Arnold let what it would. What you just eat. It's a bit and get to show like any other show the Circuit. Court Hillary is to entertain people. And then when he shall we are excited for the amendment and it appeared why we're gonna go. There. And I would aren't it is today I don't understand your saying but it is a big eyed so. I'm confused about what sort of type notice I. I'm pretty sure what he was trying to say. Was that who cares it's fun and it's for the it and I'd fight you mr. has. I don't idle hours about the monies go down and out there is a conspiracy theory and there where the money's not really project you know that comes with Canada yet let it go. Let's sit and this takes it because they know ominously mark. About pro wrestle the difference is. Don't believe Roman writing. It's a real champion like a real. Like Floyd Mayweather like they really fought. I I don't I don't feel that way. Thank Debra listen I know it's late I know that is predetermined. All right I I'd I'd I don't get mad liked it. But. There are people here sort of attack from the man. There are people here hope this acting like. I'll go back older names Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant really plot. And are really out there fighting. No it does it matter what front court is better because they don't have a game play and it's not acting like they do. This up putting up articles like say Kansas is debt or Kansas is. Experience is what's going to bury them to a victory towards the end of the game in the last and it's that is. S nine just don't understand why you can't appreciate it what it is I. I don't understand why people won't appreciate what idiot I think it's okay hold. You can't beat if you're saying on telling you. Lots lots you'll be able to handle. Our press. What's that takes that aspect of the smack talk away Iran I did it but still do it at the don't mean. Does it voted I'd love that the men talking and it got. To. People pick me up about hey. They bribe you limit CDC gets you lose my. Support but don't think we'll tell me. I. They're gonna idea Dovonte Graham and he's not going to be able to do anything. It's. Just appreciated what I am on you appreciated for what it is. I believe by this is a game I'm not out here writing breakdowns in the that the five keys to that game. What regular season game you know that you've got to go pick up between Missouri Kansas are real and paper. I mean I am what I guess what I'm saying you as you look at these breakdowns and you're getting all worked up about the fact the writing a breakdowns exhibition games. What's the matter it's the same damn thing when Kansas plays whoever's first on their non counseling whatever team they're gonna go and mowed through like a wet paper bag. Is. That game breakdown means just as much to me is as easy as it's now I understand they're actually heal in my if they don't you think Bill Self that it just watching a of whoever the palace first non. On yes like yeah yeah. Yeah days you think he's just really diving in the same way does Kentucky yes he's what he's watching tape maybe he's not diving in to say ways does it tacky but at what they yes I'd be impressed if he was. Even at the game yes they dollar. You have to get chancellor Angela is coaching staff shall do I think there watch a lot of table Washburn. Though. Would they play in an exhibition games. Like look I telling you I said this before and I'll reiterate this one before we go to break. Look I I I think the three big things that I am excited about getting these huge four's hurricane effort relief. The money there and what can be brought downtown on a 181000 people normally would be down there and they can be spend money and having brunch eating food and drinks. At game that's great or downtown. And the and interacts. But if Kansas loses an act digit I've set this all week of Kansas loses a hundred took it out won't give it. A well. Did that matter. He'll have to hopefully. Hopefully someone well on its ability to review now so we'll have footage someone some on its excellence in the that they wanted to raise the the most money they would televised public. Hotline number to call that a put it together more than nine I don't think it was sold out in two minutes if it was going to be televised plus are making money off the paper view as well. And society has gotten scheduled and paid for on television. But fortunately for you you don't have to spend money and it would be a barrier and we're stuck around. Ever shards of one. Coming up useless predicts its radios. It's just it. I. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm. It. I want bill and. Okay yeah. I've been getting here at least you don't remember that. It's. Coming up at 1 o'clock the one that I'm apparently way off base here a terrible hater. Really. I'll look to answer this listed on what to put this Pulitzer. If Tyler cells but. Played in the game today would they stop. If Tyler's active bills and Tyler sales into the game and put in me and would they stop. Like them in the basketball operations department percent in Leona. I just lines as well I just went there a sense like at caraway suit on the sideline no doubt he is is in. It warm ups and everything does he. They stuck to millions seven fouls but there. There with the food the real thing that's double fault I'm I'm not making that up. And so formations look and I was like we're just was it was odd jets signals Twitter account any rights for the Kansas the let's roll warning him. The folks. This is one of our more popular segments and generally people who first heard it for the first time are. Confused. What it is if they like it don't know what it is. It's called uses predictions where the background is I hate predictions I think they're stupid because we never know what's really going to happen. Like you never know all of a sudden the team's head coach might feel the need to say you know I don't wanna rush to just a decent as a quarterback. I'd rather rest for example. Kansas can win 7167. Jesse Newell on Twitter October 19 105 PM. Bill Self says each player will be allowed 7000 Sunday's game fit. I don't trust is he duly. Would check mark writes for the Kansas City Star he's the EU beat writer. But I've made fun of prediction. And by the way you hurt you missed it last week eyes that the saints were going to win 52 to six. They scored 52 for against us out of ceremony Draper so but this is. It's her radio set correctly as it can be a little boisterous useless critics. Yeah the most fuel this predicament. Supports. Keep in mind the whole tradition it's O. These models useless predictions in sports. Well my net. Us. That's. Hello coming. That we quit which is not a good thing for them because the last eighteen years in a row they've blocks. Every time I do not look it up but that's true Brian under Marv Levy understand daylight but there. Ralph Wilson. Who in law. Only eighth seed they're gonna try to break. It is quite. At its stamp that won't happen Tampa is playing wit. And with Al Davis Winston that's why I had the boy in winning twelve did not bad. Next this is the way. What. They're always this this is the week that they've come out with a win. Whole whole game is going to get a second chance not with wrestling but what the Cleveland Browns he's going to be in there instead of. Playing quarterback that's why I give them the upper hand on mark is Mary Ellen and the tight because the rough is not. It goes doesn't like is most usable and athletes. Export of its form to strategize and be back then it grade okay Tzipi ranking. Every practice is not going to play today I am breaking. Here on this predicted Wednesday it is not going to play today that's why I see. All of running backs and tight ends or the saints having a big day at a given moment. Because I am glad this city I think can marking. At least need this these they'll let the states sort of out of that either he's been appointed is that as good as he's now based on public. Winning 31. To eight. That's all at LA. This day started notes that. The content that nobody wants to miss that when I bought that don't count before the city's historic. Carson Paul look vs Derek I'll. Love to Jericho is really turned his career around that's why. I think the rest of the season is gonna go to the tank for him. Derek office with the state is probably going to throw the odd it is that today that's why I still have the rams winning sixteen to step. They're the cardinals aren't gonna score on any of those up any of those it is that's the big one. Let's spend the night. This is the game of the day. Diners cal bullets. Name I think that settles coming from the great to do this gate I think John that's coming from the. He's alive does that it's gonna take you blow out to San Francisco that he's not game this did not fit he's not that I don't. But yeah it's not that. And they'll kick it to crash into her death in some mystery that I possibly. We've got dropped on him wait to see that the 49ers up it's against the Dallas beat him alive because they anyone. This is when games are made when you get to see the matchup of the united to rise we get to see Russell Maryland Golan up but it's just it's a pulled. When you get to seek to ignore. Going up against him it's made it Darryl to ask when you get to see. Jim drunken Miller. As a backup quarterback for the 49ers nobody wants this that that's why. The niners breaking the snide they're gonna beat the cowboys 21 to fourteen stick this would Monday and finally nobody. Nobody. Nobody thinks the jets are going to be adult. If you're right there's nobody blocks tonight and he gets it that nobody wants it to Joseph rotten state nobody. In the pro players and nobody. Our stadium. No I lost its American Airlines made that I wanted to violent part lots of F I used thank you that is. All unlocked Alex Rodriguez mark not mark let me know nobody wants it to. So also Dixie cup to see you leave. But it can't they wouldn't let it. 863. Street north. Big item three let's speak so you don't want it is this my. Dancing but no black and that's like nobody. It's glad got adopted. At 42. We shouldn't kid who can make them play today this. He's got that McCain. Yeah that's not live. They don't. There. Needs to Battlestar Galactica what commitment if you'll look. Agreed but it's too late to catch weight touchdown it Super Bowl my first class plane people walking mark electors. I'd like remake movies with pneumonia we're pleased. Mustn't we such as well. Hi my girls it's been up front so it for that goal. That goal and I think that. The web site. It works against gays what a rather be feared or loved. Evening folk. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Good eats its fixed lines six 306. Text and watch boxes. And they'd school who. We're at shows and watch his. As you know is give respect to the first month I don't acknowledges his vote jet was in the second season Hannity good the first grade what does that come on into the weather. What I never watched it and I know a lot of people on and on that it's animated on the athletes Will Arnett is the voice of both Jack right. I I don't remember elements in the end it's got our hands on him I just don't do much in and besides like Italy. It's funny get a shot. My god like I've never consistently. And since. Let them watch Simpsons a few times were like big episodes of gone back. And looked at my toddler so glad that her innocence from the South Park himself or. Same thing they speak it episodes like the wheel of fortune episode nagger. And it is clear areas but this thing bank we who that was who. How many people are watching this. This case you didn't who's who's who's stealing out there wouldn't object. I mean unrealized vocal yet that the guy who. And I hang out family why would I pay forty dollars or you can listen to for free right here on six and portrait here that's announced it. You were angling prominently. Like that we will not be able to stream games. And excluded those questions that I'm thinking used. Excellent on civic prices are watching this is us. This is this is is here I have now watched the first season I've. I wanted to start last it would is that when all these awards that look like that I'm into it looks like we can't stream. Have you apps that program. Sweet sweet it is. But this is us. Crazy and my wife watches it every time I go in the others she's watching you described his crew yeah Wednesday it's like a little. We're gonna feel that justice do you think bigger prize or something that you guys like. Bryant who quit both Ryan and an emotional remark not pop long's it uses. When I'd see. It would make cutesy baby. In yeah and hardball in car bomb a stops. Whenever whenever coach Carter walks into the Jimmy turned the corner. And nothing but deaths from the students and now that it's because every time. It it's Davis as this as. Gently inserted the start watching -- him or am I gonna watch that by the way. I will at some point I'm really. Hit rate down in Kandahar right now it's just really you know unheard of her it is. Some duke. Talk. I notes it was really do what it evens the score for 75 says that little monsters on Netflix. Allen and bill. The hill was the the great amusement jam when I was kid and I did know you can go. Yeah you differ knocked him there it would to a new level. He had a big yards by the way I watched mine hunter also has just been my case does go to backgrounds like like three days fine and I am almost finished with. Caught up with. Curves like you're move on to something you know I just started getting in the curve I actually forced my side and watched. Asked for episodes pretty good at whose food come in the season through there yeah I'm almost done with. Go ahead remember 1 o'clock. Flame fest goes seat. Check out the coverage starting at three KUN view we have a lot of fund will be back tomorrow with the so from six to nine we. I. I could've done that. Men that.