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Friday, October 20th

In the final hour, CDot and Brad play The Hits, talk about the issues of the Chiefs' defense, and play Ask Us Anything to end the week.


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Seeing how fired up people get about Marcus Peter I understand it in also confuses me as weird as that statement sounds a game. It's excellent is on fire about mark is Peter's. I saw it is just it's a little bit confusing to me he stands that people have about market Peters and how people to understand my side. Before we get incidents I do not think that mark is Peter's they perfect individual. I wish that he was a better advocate for the cause the use pro testing for. I wish that he handled his emotions differently but to me. It's so what you sign up for certain things you know which he did ensue we all knew this about mark is Peters when the chiefs drafted. We've known this about mark is Peter his rookie year in his sophomore season that we under the market Peter wants a little hot sometimes to little bit emotional. This season and now appears to be a big problem with everybody. Why is the big problem because that you look at the numbers the market beaters the only thing that's really change at the interception and keep saying the market Peters played port. Mark is Peter's only gave up one catch yesterday. The problem is Terrance Mitchell the problem is air or teams are doing the exact same thing they did last season they're boarding mark is Peters are going to the other side of the field. And Peters gets two at three opportunities. Now has he been perfect so far this he's always gonna touchdowns he plays quarterback in the NFL that's going to happen. The only thing that's changed. I would say. Is this year the protest has been a difference or at least nationally with the comments by Donald Trump. And this year he's not getting interceptions where the used to last year he would take sheets to make mistakes. But he intercepted the ball more than anybody. Yes one interception machine that's the only big difference the other problems but the secondary not in it so when I hear people say trademark is Peters get rid of him. You got a secondary right now let I'd Terrance Mitchell and Eric bar. That's the Super Bowl formula. Like you need markets Peters and I think what's happened with Kansas City because the royals heads such clean cut the only guys would Hosmer removes some Lorenzo Cain that we want all our athletes to be like that. Does not count Travis Kelsey is that's not how mark is Peters is I can accept is not in trouble and not being a nuisance. And how do what's up and positive for the community like Kelsey ambled market beaters do. I can live with door imperfection and law I don't eat all my add these to be exact same market Peters is different ideas except him for being if I. I don't I don't need I don't need and all be the scene either man he's not I just want to not get penalties. Art not to penalties. I mean I would say heaters though sometimes you get all for cursing it's like to. Every week assessments on our leaders Doug Peters for cursing because he's trying to get a message out there for a cause that I believe it. All right Andy he's not getting his message out there to back and you go out there when asked the guy about something you wanted to talk about drops. Eight as bombs in a post game media avail all right. But if you if you what people would take should take users on the other side of your argument that you've got to handle yourself differently. All right old shepherd deal from the on the field stuff at least last year when he putted footballs in the stands after that she's in men. Peter's college students that he would mean to be fair was also capable after getting interceptions the last season which well certainly but at least and it's and it's out there. I mean it's been something almost every week you know with him and that's all talking about it's like to call said at some point is gonna come back and really but in career. He's trapped skills he's got a cooled off. You know since it's up this year all right he had a couple bad games we're on them hard about that doing that didn't penalties in an act like an idiot. And in Peter's hasn't Peters keep doing the same thing on the field. That's all talking about. I'll be very curious to see the tolls when Travis Kelsey has something happen the next on the fact that as a player let's not participating in the protest. As a player that is participating in the protest because at least buy from it from say the fire from the fans in the fire attacks on is certainly different directed at mark is Peters who is involved in the protest. And Travis Chelsea they just did because everybody was doing at the one week. Hasn't really been an outspoken and didn't seem to have at least out work angry is that sometimes market Peter I was I was critical Kelsey when he was doing that stuff. I was just is critical Kelsey last year and this year. But you never said though that you felt worse about cheering for the chiefs because Travis tells he was on the team when he told he told refereed that he they couldn't work it asking what locker you can have the same energy and intensity torture does help you out toward mark is Peter and. On the show them that was last fall. All right we told you earlier this is. Likely house is critical it tells you that you can't stuff man. It's it urged the team. Still can't answer that either so if it's Kelsey the sort of it's why I don't care stop it hurts the team. It. Either of the biggest stories of the day game city I've been waiting for that moment all my life we talk about them every day. The biggest things to get into in the game number one let's start with the defense. I don't know what you can win a Super Bowl. With the way that the chiefs defense is playing right now let's do let's say it out loud to us with the defense. You can get a pass rush yesterday. Your secondary was porous you enforce the turn over. The cheese formula bid but don't break has always been supported by the fact of Marcus Spears was gonna get a pick. Eric Berry was gonna make a bubble just Newsom against the quarterback they didn't do that yesterday the same question at New England Patriots after answer is now the question is she seen nesting answer. Jane you go to a suitable with your defense no questions the office of this. Brady's played at a high level Alice at the plate and high level both offenses have been prolific so far this season can you stop people is a question both of these teams at dance I would agree. And I think if if if the cheese defense that we saw last night is the same one that we're going to be going forward with that absolutely not on you know. Bill lost him on the show today and city led that defense looked tired and I'll understand that. Week seven quick turnaround and I think that's part of it bottom line is though you can't keep playing that way if you wanna make it deep run in the playoffs last night. He scored thirty points that should have been enough and it was. Yeah I feel like there's an undeniable truth about it she Scotland. Alex Smith has become the second best quarterback in the NFL. Quarterback I think is better than Elizabeth at least with the way they're currently playing as number. I'd still rather have very even though that's mighty pretty even all right let's calm down I don't think Alex Smith all the sun became better than Tom Brady. When everybody else the only other quarterback I think this season you can make a fair argument for. Is probably Carson lengths. Outside of that he's played better than that lions played better in the CM Newton is way better than Matthew Stafford Alex Smith. By some miracle the Tyreke guilty Travis Kelsey did Fremont to the play calling I don't know what it is the draft Patrick Holmes he's turned into the second best quarterback in the NFL. I know he's been fantastic in my favorite rose he's made all year happened last night when you Tyreke bill. Well Alex Smith about not on the people and the chiefs of Philip this year and he almost overthrew Tyreke you know in past years we've seen him that the people. Honda would deep enough I'd Alex Smith is playing great football right now let's get fifteen touchdown passes this everybody had all of last year. We're in 57. Games this I'm with the Tom Brady I'll take notes. Last day this weekend Sunday sprint center. We get to see Missouri take what changes what kind of game an atmosphere you expect me and I hope it's not I really do it at first I was wondering like what's gonna be like. We'll be fold in the with the tickets sold out in minutes. And both allotments were gone is flatter angle and thereby to take its first thing Wednesday morning civil life and I go to the game all wanted to be part of that atmosphere. They did he become available so so my sense would be I think it's gonna feel at least initially but it's easily turn against princess the so that's what I hope that I. It's going to be a pretty unique crowd and atmosphere certainly going to be a lot different to see these two teams play each other under the circumstances you're used to seeing them play for something that matters. I do think it's going to be intense I think the intensity of the game is going to pick up it doesn't benefit either side to treat this game. Like a glorified scrimmage doesn't take it doesn't really help either signed to treat it like it although tries against the Washington generals but I do think it's going to be. Awful and competitive pick up game that will see picks up intensity in the second half if the games close I do think it's going to be a fairly unique environment at a pretty memorable one. I don't know the next time these two teams are gonna Plato and they play to the this year in the NCAA targeted played southern next year they start something back up where they played other every single season. I think the uniqueness of it. And the not knowing if they're gonna see it again or win it causes it to be a different kind of environment I do think it's gonna be. Lot of fun until I can't wait and I don't know who's gonna win but they're two what are you gonna be like on Monday we're back here if by chance. Michael Porter junior in the tigers' 40 I mean I'll show Michael said at least he'll just continue to talk about them winning an associate would you like to have him as there should be let us with number oh and since I don't know before is that it's going to be he had nowhere else what else I need to talk about and that is that it's four today. I think the big story of the game. Is the defense. Because I'm surprised I didn't notice that earlier with the chiefs and got a man myself for not noticing it was like I bought it in ice slide. By just didn't notice. This year in the draft that she's made a pretty clear point. To focus on eighteen is that a 2017. The only draft pick that's helping them as three months he's been a huge help obviously to the dolphins and he can win rookie of the year. But the chiefs made a pretty clear value judgment. We are not going for at least via the draft in 2017. Let's stress Holmes let's strap remark because expectations for him to be the number two running back is bad underwear stays healthy. Let's strap the project. That strategy at least in 2017 for the defense is not help them. This seemed the only addition they made on the defense has been low so that she believed they were here defensively. Not you have to expect injuries and things to happen throughout the course of the season but I did think this that the chiefs entire defensive strategy. Depended boy and Justin used to being healthy and him being the Justin usable. But if you could add Von Miller to this defense the way that I think it just abused can be when he's healthy you have a different kind of defense. And that's been sold for a bad strategy at least for the defense offensively with remarked it's been a fantastic player. You now turned into the five best offense arguably the best offense in the NFL. But this team does have a tough time stopping people. The run defense was not gonna magically be fixed by the return of 35 year old Derrick Johnson. The passing game is not going to be fixed by Steven Nelson being healthy coming off the pup list Stephen Nelson would have been urging cooked just the way to Eric Mitchell was yesterday. It's Mitchell got targeted fourteen times yesterday Oakland or with a Marty Cooper sixteen times. Mark Antonio Brown. That's a clear strategy to me by Oakland's offensive coordinator of all right. We know how to beat the chiefs we're not gonna run the ball effectively special Marshawn Lynch went out. It more dedicated to running the ball yesterday you gobbled up the Oakland could try to come out try to copy what Pittsburgh did try to run the ball forty times than not they did yesterday. Derrick Cooper who are Derrick on the ball 52 times yesterday. The strategy was the cheese can't get to was our offensive line and we're gonna throw the ball all over the chief there for the conversation Amare disputes he's the football player and a bill. The market is three times in the game they know terror Mitchell fourteen times. Philip Gaines got well targets in this one. It's a clear strategy from the other team. We're not gonna challenge markets Peter because he can intercept one we're gonna go markets are we're gonna all the other side of the field and we're gonna trust those guys make plays in so far they have it means you can throw the ball against the chiefs. Danny Amendola six catches 400 yards outside Jeffrey seven catches for 92 yards Travis Benjamin five catches for 105 Vernon Davis to for 89. It's audio brown agent to the 155 yards last night Ahmard Cooper had more yards receiving any player in the NFL so far this season. You can probable on the chiefs how do you fix it what's the fix for is the sixth time Ali. Coming back to this defense is the fix Stephen Nelson you better figure something out because. I know what looked easy at least in terms of the regular season and the schedule opens up and gonna have to play Pittsburgh again or New England Jean king you beat them with this feet. It's a really good question I think that's the biggest question I have about the chiefs right now on. What she's what they're probably pretty good in the second there right you got. What I think public markets Peters that's necessarily have to shut down corner type season he's colts like he's done that well I mean he's an all roads one of the best quarters of football. I don't think with the raiders did last night is is exactly breaking news man the patriots edit. Every teams don't away from markets Peters and he did it and we had with praise Terrance Mitchell for the ways hung in a lot note last night was one of those nights you know and as far as. You know not addressing the secondary in the draft and the editor for Eric Berry is coming off an all pro your image in the big contract. You know I think he felt it pretty good depth at safety in Sorenson and rob Parker on which actually did do I mean I think those guys are good safety and other not are Bayer. I think sourcing got a little bit exposed yesterday when they yet but when they really force in the cover people we got most of yesterday to everybody can't cover anybody in the secondary had a great day tomorrow Peter might maybe only gave up one checked just waited too long penalties in the game yet bet you didn't give up attachment you certainly were part of a Mark Peters to me at least from the quarterback spot right there were depending on Eric Berry being there. But secondary lies in at least the other quarterback we knew this team was shaky we knew Terrance Mitchell was the other corner we know Stephen Nelson was the other corner we knew the other side of the field. That's what teams are exploiting right now right maybe Jared Cook doesn't have the day yet that he has just let Eric Berry is there yet. Are essentially shut down a lot of cargo in at least in the game that you shut down. At least what we saw yesterday but. Answer for Marc Cooper yesterday yeah I mean eleven catches 205. You'll boasted that she secondary yesterday that it's to me it was a little bit of a formula if you can't get a pass rush was leased the chiefs couldn't do in yesterday's game. If you have a shaky secondary which everyone should agree it is the by the sake a shaky secondary. In this team has been so held up by the fact that they take the ball away from other teams but it articulate all yesterday more afraid of a viewer Oakland the pass rush what. Asian you can do whatever he wanted to offensively this exact. Actually that and that's the other part that's the parlor gets you know I mean they didn't they didn't wrestle on a defense in the draft I mean it did go. Reggie rag Lincoln and Pierre Louis I mean those are couple of additions mean rag as you know decide Derek Johnson now in their not a drop kick butt buddies there. Yes I mean the whole thing is you're not in the quarterback and that's I feel like we're pick on the secondary lot today and we showed they deserve exactly but at the same time it. The quarterback that cover everybody for 71015. Seconds man. I mean seven seconds Max is a long time to guard again. You know in and they got zero hits on David Carr. You know I guess you could count you know the Peters Natalie plays and hit but it was apparently soda and count me that he gets they're. And if if you're not gonna get there. Then I mean that some guys up front as well I mean you know is mosque was saying earlier today and and it's it's a mindset it's not a skeen thing. So can't when it's liberal as you know not does not always all that's right they sound different. Am indeed play makers and talent on this team what was just news in the backfield yes that's what he's her I don't know what's called me yesterday it was a tale love to me too great defensive players and just in Houston in my gonna late yesterday obviously changed my opinion I just need absolutely when healthy won the five best efforts and your fellow. You solve the dominant pass rush does in the game yesterday. We met yesterday with one hand pushed. Erik Fisher to the ground. On the most important office late for the chiefs yesterday who got to the quarterback it was the legal Mac. It was the real Mac we got to the quarterback I'm with you all of the burden of responsibility and getting stops is not on the second year. But you need short pass rush that we have gone from a point at least with the chiefs outside linebackers to where that was the undeniable strength of the team. And now just in Houston. It's basically him in just music doesn't have a good day and doesn't create Havoc immediate pressure. I don't know where the rest of the pressure on the teams come from is to consistently coming from before the telephone francs combo. Who is the pressure coming from if it doesn't come Chris Jones everybody loves him where was he yesterday in the act if you want to see him get a lot of push a bit on the field yesterday. They didn't get pressure on beer cart which obviously led to him having time and if you're gonna give their court time reasonable 52 times in the game he's gonna car view of the way the heated yesterday. And back to that typically Lomax act you know one of the things that I touched on and I thought would be an issue in last night's game at the office live for the most part pretty good job but most importantly they didn't. Oakland rushed three guys write the chiefs have five linemen. And I understand the the pressure came around from the edge but those guards got to move. You know they got to go help. I mean if it's three on five and there's two ends meat in your quarterback of the most important play of the game problem there. And so you know you've that you had. What it was a Whitman. And and Fulton Fulton had another bad step last night and personals right on this g.'s team are. Again you know we talk about is is she's the best team of four all right another not because they're not the same team they were in weeks 12 and three as a different team right now. And because of injuries among things are right and and more in weeks seven. Each change in teams of all as the season goes on. And later gets the more banged up again so on I'm just glad that they had ten days off the debt and freaking days. Yeah ready for Monday night game error had against the Denver Broncos have a game in my opinion they absolutely have to weigh. And that's where you and I are just different when it comes this team and I'm thinking a lot more big picture for the team and at least at least in the short term yet to be thanking. I don't care about the regular season wouldn't even know what's gonna happen is teams making the playoffs this team's gonna win the AFC west there's only three teams I think you when this horrible in the AFC. I think it's the chiefs. I guess the Steelers and I think it's the patriots. So to me I'm thinking about how do you match up against those teams what do you need to do you clearly don't match what a match up well against Pittsburg they'd beaten the last three time that you played of but you obviously being nor received yet the play Pittsburgh in the playoffs. Matchup decent against New England beat them once this year but you know that Brady is going to test that team has certainly not feeling good in a playoff matchup. Against the patriots so to me about this team it's what teams in the AFC that has a pretty big flaw is going to figured out. I think Pittsburgh's pretty inconsistent New England clearly can't stop anybody that she's in my opinion clearly can't stop anybody. Who's gonna be that seemed to fix their flaw the most any go to the super ball. And can you do with this defense that I'm asking where's the reinforcements coming from. It's not like. Eric buries all I'll our eighties come back in week fourteen. Different kind of conversation. So we say this defense will work with the hired bear you got to figure out a way to make it work without your beard I would say you will not have many opportunities like the one you could have this year the patriots don't appear to be the patriots doubled. And you have the second best quarterback in the NFL you don't opportunities like this going to got a chance noticeable. This team could be the number one seed in the AFC and acting what frustrates people the most is it's like cheering for basketball team that you know can't shoot free throws. Or lectures or baseball team that you know by the shaky bullpen you're not gonna lose in the post season you know it indicates your read those they're gonna be eliminated in the tournament because they can't shoot for those. Or you know at some point your clothes there's going to be exposed in three runs in the ninth. I feel like yesterday or at least over the last two weeks we see now that she's gonna lose. They're not going to be able to get stops. That it's gonna feel a lot like 2003 and his team got at least 3534. In the post season. Alex but the play well remodel play well Tyreke he'll play well but this team's gonna give couple 144. Yards the brain cooks and lose in the play. You look like this teams don't play us it's a lock they're gonna win the division out of there will be Denver be Denver got San Diego this week. All right Becky get them to four into that role would be to cheese and all the sudden there what five into the chiefs are five and three dollars and she's a look at over the Broncos. I don't how does it as a lock with that defense right now. That the chief you're gonna win the division is Waltz into the playoffs so. I am more concerned. On on the short term that I am the long term right now that the regular season does matter did you imagine that she's had to go on the road when locker getting all the road Pittsburgh. No shot man. The regular season I think it is is more important than ever right now. Because the chiefs in my opinion that there could add any shot at the FC title game better with a division better at home field play our home game in the playoffs. And hopefully get the AFC title game in Kansas City because I don't feel like with that defense you can go on the road. And the New England in New England or go on the road to Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh so yeah the next ten days an in the money like it leads Denver is a big deal to me. We as bill loss earlier what is fix would be that the chiefs right now we have a pretty interesting answer end. We had a lot of just this week on the in UK you robber re talking chiefs and you can you on the drive the drive presented by sixty days from the electorate into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Okay. Okay. We think existed incidents during that hits the talk about it more now we have a little bit more time. I thought the officiating in this game was pretty bad. I don't think the officiating is why the chiefs lost the game. You allowed the other team's quarterback at the 400 yards and didn't really get to woman you didn't really force a lot of turnovers and pressure so it certainly is a bigger reason of why you lost. I think the officiating. Should always at least Deanna B grade. I expect they're gonna make mistakes or not. Robots like they are humans of the human element is when a factor itself and I thought that too many times yesterday the officials I've got messed up in pretty critical situations. I think the Ahmard Cooper plays a clear pass interference. Officials never allowed defensive players to do what a Marc Cooper did like it was reversed in a market Cooper what the defensive player. AM I can't remember who the inside player was now I think it was turned Potomac could be wrong. In a way around. In the defensive player did to get interception. They all ways call pass interference at those scenarios but the rules are pretty slanted toward the dolphins in those found and that kind of situation. So in this I thought it was pretty clear that a Mari Cooper pushed off. I was at the same way that Michael Crabtree did toward the into the football game. I think that's pass interference I'm surprised they didn't call it that obviously put points directly on the board for the Oakland Raiders about the penalty on air Marie was maybe one of the worst panel that we've seen so far this year. I still don't know what it was. They said defensive holding I. That'll defensible it's like a normal football play a cost that she's four minutes the ball got punted down to the one yard line now the chiefs scored 99 yard touchdown. That's not something I'm when a big one happening all the time. And albeit I think a lot of the calls it the in the game where the correct call and I can't really make too many complaints about the end of very rarely do use the eighteen to three opportunities to win the game at the end. Oakland had the ball on the team in two times at the five yard line at any NFL team I don't care of the patriot to the Cleveland Browns it's gonna give me the ball on three chances. Any goal to go situation two times the five yard line you're going to find a way to support export to continue to defend now the chiefs did things to put themselves in the situation. But the officials did not give them a lot of help yesterday in the game. As well officiated game either. I I I believe it did. That was pass interference early on in the game two with mark duper it was Terrance Mitchell I'm with ya on that. Issue that I have this whole thing I'll play cut here would let me start with this is Andy Reid after the game when he was asked about the officials came down to calls. One where the other Kamen calls. That's. Two. All right so here's my thought all right I don't think the refs cost the chiefs game. Soledad Alec that's the deal. There and Accuray and water two camps here. You're in the camp where like let the players play it out let them decide the game or here in the you know listen the rest either swallow the whistle late in the game if you. Camp I think your hypocrite and the reason I say that is as. If that's what you walk like it if you want the rest eat the whistle and let the players decide it on the field if that's the case then that the chief lose anyway. Because. If you eat the whistle and do. Then the cult of penalty on Michael Crabtree when he pushed mark is Peter's got called for offensive passenger fares so. You can't have it both ways public officials generally get jobless mattered all of the day I early shots a game a C minus I'm about that data Deke is that it. The more I think about it they were bad but for anybody who's gonna sit here and tell it that that cost the chiefs the game issue with that. I mean that she's the ball for administered on the game the raiders rushing three players of the third floor she said five linemen announcement got sacked. I they had a nine point lead. What was it was it six at that point and they would have made a six point that it that it two possession lead on in the fourth quarter they couldn't hold so that's now on the officiating that's on the cheese. Don't mean that she's had multiple opportunities to win the game yesterday and I don't wanna use the affinia as a scapegoat in chiefs at a nine point lead in the fourth quarter of the game. Got to find a way to go up there and win that football game you're on the road your banged up lob a ball that kind of stuff. And you had the ball with four minutes to go with a chance to win I'm not putting this on the off this problem is not on the off on the scored thirty what you had multiple opportunities to go out there and close the hell was this crap in one of those scenarios and you still a wonderful all the chiefs at every opportunity. To go out there and I was for the loans to when they did. It remember they had the I think it was offensive pass interference that it would have been thirteen it was yeah it was into and I was in second twenty and they got forty yard pass completion and that would. The completely flip the field. The chiefs had multiple opportunities and I just think in this. In the chiefs defense is maybe a bigger like you and I may disagree like I think their defense like at eight on a problem and you think it's sad I just got to see that. The short week like out of a little slack on that if they so against Denver I'm with you man on your side on this I just that to meet the sup par like. Maybe that I don't think Denver is a good offensive team. So like they it if you slow down Denver doesn't tell me that your good defensive team. So ever Simien and then. He he might Odeo couple long week I know how Andy Reid prepares for bye weeks. Doesn't do for me and yeah I got to see that you can move the ball against his team in yesterday I keep hearing about menacing Chambliss is deemed to blitz Derek bargains that she's blitzer yesterday these numbers are courtesy of pro football focus nine for 11132. Yards and two touchdowns. When they were trying to send pressure yesterday. It would be it would be deal that we save his defense works Lotta people attacks on two accidents that. Mean his defense it works a lot better when aired varies and mayor Berry is not it's not an act and when he seventeen. But if that's good key to making this defense good as teams not one of the Super Bowl I think this team legitimately had a chance to win the this Super Bowl. I think the chiefs are one of the 89 teams in the NFL you can say. All right that team when that's admirable procurement they've done in the past I don't care about Marty in what apple Karl at all. This Kansas City chief Steven 2017 had a chance to win the super bull. If you get the quarterback play that you got without Smith if you have the running game that they appear to have with Kareem on. If you have the explosiveness a tire retailer Travis Kelsey you but he seems to win the Super Bowl with that offense in the same concerns I have for New England after you. If this defense which is averaging giving up yards. Like seventeenth in the NFL that's good enough last year we saw what that later to have the 2000 ravens' defense a goes global but you gotta be. Are you able to get stopped when you need to this chiefs' defense has shown so far this season that everybody can pass on. I don't care it's a short week I don't care it's a long week. Everybody's goal in the ball against him into the ball against them. Philadelphia threw the ball against the Pittsburgh the ball Oakland with a ball against the main you can throw the ball and move the ball against the chiefs though a look at this team. Terrance Mitchell seven catches 434 yards and two scores Dana Sorenson five catches 81 yards it would touchdown air or five. Catches 87 yards. Mean is that in a whole lot better between now and the playoffs are you getting some reinforcements and I feel like you've kind of treated tomahawk liens and Stephen Nelson and that's gonna come and on this white horse and save indicated the chief Stephen Nelson would have been under getting thrown on the same way the tiered vigil was yesterday he wasn't stopping Ahmard Cooper like this team I don't know they have the horses or at least that team unless just Houston becomes the legal Mac in in the playoff game. And isn't in the main shop that's what. Colonial Mac was just that. Defense not good yesterday. But a couple of times they need there's our defensive player blocker he made a play the biggest chiefs' offensive play of the game. A little Mac goes up or did the segment which horse all our defensive players have to do in these big time situation that's what. And Syria and I'm not I'm not being you know crazier I wonder if there's something going Justin Houston. And here's why I don't understand how at least. One time he doesn't almost into the quad I don't understand what's going dollar in the eighties because was and they don't in defense is don't think that. They're not respecting the fourth and respecting the rest that offensive line don't worry about the blitz and because the chiefs the teacher. The Russians realize and drop a lot of guys back. That's a that she's been doing an and it's worked a lot and it worked against New England. It picked response with a blitz. I don't know if that's the case or not I do know this the offense. In it to be terrible waste such a great offensive year because that she's can't stop somebody in Ottawa back and elected in posters how many teams. It scored thirty points this season. And it lost a game. So back in with it every single game this season. And it's only happen eight times last night was the eight. You know and what a home the first one of the year's action on Thursday night game of the rams forty niners. Cowboys. By the way if you look at ahead of that game and a couple of weeks cowboys scored thirty points twice and lost. So they don't have much of the defense he nearly traditions yet it's it's terrible so if you wanna see entertaining shoot out of the game it's probably going to be the chiefs and the cowboys are coming. Workers right here with you on that. Figure something that I don't think there's batters they were last night the opt out of this season and rosters. It it just changes the way the season goes. Based on injuries and that's why I was I'd pick the raiders last night to win the game I think it it's easy to sit back and I'm guilty of this too. This is about him and the chiefs who want him around and what they want Australia's west and the world looked beaten five times in Europe. I think every single game has its own unique qualities you know and for this game it like it. And like one bit traveling injuries all those things Oakland hungry as hell I mean Oakland. They had to win last night's game they had absolutely no shot. And we look at stats say okay this minute look at these stats of the supports this at the bottom line is when a team's. On what a team's back against the wall. They're a stat that there's no stat for a team to back into war. And I think that's what we solace it's a real thing in the NFL to arrest doctor about it we asked about Alex Smith and and drafting of that alms but it's a real thing. There's no statistic for you can't all pro local focus and look at it but it exists and oak. Played like it team that was playing for its life last night. And I didn't like that game from the began. Bill law says that this team has the players to go and fix and it's not a Bob Sutton issue. Saddam kept secure. They're the guys that it's an abortion that this quote great routes to. What security can happen is the result all league player to Steve yet played better mean they've. You know and that's so urgent locker room the geysers the league in not only can understand Steve. But it they had some anger at all the muscles skiing. You know that's that's a scary thing to get to be real careful. I mean this is the scheme the chiefs are going to run this is for the most part the horses they've either run hand. I think you can say just based on what we know about the NFL. At some point you're going to be without certain individual pieces on your team like at some point this team's going to be without another key member of their defense is just the way football worse in someone's going to be injured who's going to step up. Who's going to Philly and in those roles because right now the blueprint to beat the chiefs appears to be very clear. Avoid markets Peters and don't go to his side to meantime because he's gonna catch wanna make you pay yeah. Photo the other side of feeling Terrance Mitchell returned special by the end his season is going to the most targeted wider Sunni. He got sorted for what's with this plane yesterday I don't have is that right front it's gotta be crazy I mean I I would imagine he's top five in the NFL and yes at fourteen targets yesterday. So gains target twelve times in yesterday's game it's clear what the other team is doing why would I ever thought Marcus Peter side. Yeah we know he can intercept it yeah. Ever do that we knew that from the beginning of the season and teams are exploiting them yet the thing scares me a little bit. Is the fact I think I hate the bike the raiders. Showed a poor man's formula how to beat the cheese. It's easy to look at the steeler games acting challenges. It's O'Neil bell Antonio brown and and or he's related a balance Antonio Brown ran the football record on third down threw it to Antonio Brown. But. Teams don't have those guys the raiders get the poor man's formula. Last night just throw and legal of that game the raiders to the deep ball less than any other team in the NFL. Twelve deep balls going into that game. The second Pittsburgh Steelers to the second fewest number deep balls go in this week it was 25. All Oakland it was rolled up there. If they. I mean I don't even understand a couple of those out at first I thought there were mistakes when two receivers run the same. They didn't get that response times adequately do you think it was a mistake rollers Romo kept pointing out yeah. And annals of it do is basically throwing on hail marys. Anywhere on the field because the guys get a jump up and get the right or put together reporting its formula how to beat the change in the secondary that's illegal forward. Tex on 69306. Get your questions and right now we in the show is we do every week with ask us anything and do. And as Chris is appropriate vascular golf yet know get your questions there right now techs like 69 reserve's six asked the same thing next on the drive. The dry presented by don't think it's from the Turkey into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. So yes. Even in these consequences as you can have sex with men your issue. Okay. That's a very good question. Yeah that you. Ask us anything sex line 69306. This is where you get an opportunity to direct the show. Questions you have will answer your questions right now. And our segment ask us anything a lot happened in this week you first taste state. Is taken on Oklahoma in a very important game for the wildcats they looked salvage the season and I thought it was going to be a lot better. There has been so far the wildcats missed an opportunity this year we got our fancy football show on Sunday we got our showdown for relief pre game. Vasco McLean myself present of ice sheet auto workers local union number two the game you broadcast the Kansas vs Missouri. At 3 o'clock and after that post game show win it myself and Mike Welch a whole lot. Of fun will be had on six and sports over the weekend you're used to Monday through Friday but the fun is seven days. Let's not forget I mean we football stationing Kansas City two on 1660 over on Sunday. We got Tampa Bay buffalo at 11:30 than at 3 o'clock at Denver the chargers and 1660. Our sister station. You ready answer questions was do it. C got Hoosier go to suits anymore in BA two K I like Milwaukee Minnesota I got a lot of picked a different team. Why dwell on the shooting what is Minnesota again but I mean I'm not up on the Milwaukee Bucks like you like playing them walk he has volley. The streets for a team. The honest plays on the Milwaukee yes. I I think he's just a really good player on the video game and it's a lot of mismatches to our partners a mismatch before I really like their team. Minnesota I'm that same kind of thing Williams College honesty and has been defensively is honest. Calling beat soundly I think they're pretty pretty good team goes applies ice bush Houston a lot but now he's ST popular lag I don't wanna play as used anymore. Text counterculture and in the gates and yeah I just think there's any NBA two K because of the way the NBA structure everybody plays at the same three teams that I try to pick a different team part is to get out of there the if somebody explain the warriors next towards getting the lawyers and I'd. So you can't play games picked yeah it is like it the warriors or the pants would attempt Bailey did you pick those teams -- not -- assume your body go to the game resolutely but when the game Tex lines these factors are sick I'm caste system or by terror the answer yet is Mike's gaining it and Subaru a relative. He's nah we we hear that line up they can mean might be. I know the who's who's the other thing guys. I don't know man may he might expanding again Blake fan of that guy's not a big Mike fanning baby. Because it's on his chase and I was. So yes could easily see it I think so that's the same Mike and I mean there's. A it is that's the same like any self tires and yet you. Tex lines 69306. Driving to Vegas next week in what's next for pat. It's a plane ticket sounds awful. And driving to Vegas David cities out absolutely all his press without seat that is the line of Vegas. So I would you know legionnaires' fears frontier and I would say there's no way am driving average the point if it if the draw. Eight hours I'm good like all dropped Chicago lobbed at the Indianapolis I'll drive to Denver but he wrote an eye on him to keep it delivered but yet I'm. I'm past the best of moods that stage of my life. Well I think I drove to Boise Idaho a couple of years. We spent three days the first day we went 23 and a half hours straight through on the way back and it was awful. I'm done too I'm done with those and his team who like flying uses it so easy. Easily available why would I drive I'll tell you this like Carlisle and I wanted to get some really aged and people when you drive. Any of them do most random people aged and people just driving weather today. You know and didn't get asked whether he is somewhere whether it's just been an iso and you were you which you don't get that does get here was in a laptop Republican and airport. I say the last time that I did take a drive and we were in surprise in droves they're drinking India is really cool to drive to seeded things like you do miss some things when you climb they're not really paying attention that. It was cool to drive through the mountains and seeing kind of like feel the change in elevation in the temperature it was it was definitely different I got I did appreciate the giant like how long it was it was he fired at was to a podcast now there but do understand the appeal travels three and a half hours. As long drive maintenance he got I would I just flew out of it got away yeah I have floated that scenario. Holing Thanksgiving or Christmas. Mean it's not cool once strata college. I I nothing excites me about Ali. And were festive family like we got to at all the stuff and we a couple of hay bails out on the porch. I got a big orange at least re but the right now but for me it's Christmas all is well. Christmas is only better tee because the gifts like that's the only difference to me between Thanksgiving and it did the exact same holiday. I'd hate the exact same foods now. You could watch Christmas movies or Thanksgiving now it's like what's the difference I would say Thanksgiving is probably a bigger deal and our house because. Oh we bought the football game in the after the 3 o'clock game we always put it reopened and we always kind of take a vote LaMont multi tree down. I don't I'm not and until August or before but it was one year the tree was a lot on Easter. And we hated the Easter eggs my sister in the tree and we call it Easter tree now so every John my sister now's he's the tree called Easter Island says it was a lot. So I mean I would take Thanksgiving in my home is a bigger deal for them it's obviously cool thing my sister still young enough that Christmas is still pretty important. But we open up the gifts Christmas becomes like every other day. Police like the speed up response that's my favorite part of and it is decorate the house may get fired only treat the union's sports on during the that your running lights in the house may get Christmas lights on entry. I dislike the lead up to the public. I've always loved Christmas morning via text in July. Tex like 69306. Are you paying for a pay per view paper due to watch exhibition basketball I'll actually be acting game so. I will not be paying for the paper view but if I do not have tickets of the game. I a 100% would be paying a forty dollar not have that have to do get a credential and so I'm not going to be able to be there there's other ideas that. Comedy get the pay per view. Like street right but capitalism Mike Kelly. On six and Sports Radio call the game he still is in the game and you won't be any broadcaster in Sports Radio. Really much of a radio guy when it's on TV gals into it in the law like I understand some people do that let. I know people that go to she's games and they take their heads that they like I doesn't really do much for me I certainly appreciate. Are you talking to somebody at winning streets yesterday about this we all homers. For our hometown broadcast. A do to sell me that might Kelly isn't one of the ten best broadcast. Love might gently. The country people elected Matthews I'm reverently did you know Detroit area and her heart well. And all of these do it for me but if somebody else completely there's a real Georgia Kansas City like any man in the day he's our guy. So yeah. We'll watch that she's games analog shut in and out there man. I get did you radio broadcast on and I can also use TVs and you both they both both. Use I always say average of the first I ever met Bob Davis told us that I'm a big fan of yours in baseball season. And a basketball season anger over the top like she is to have your ability to make. Just regular doubles like their dad home runs. Are like a fly out to the warning track you would think it was gonna be well for a man but but there is a huge games was always so over the top and I just couldn't do it and only he was excited that make Katie was winning and I wasn't really for that and it. That's tax on six factories there's six honest prediction for the JU immune charity game I think it's gonna win and I've been joking all week imprisoned JU fans off. They use the three best teams in the country. Missouri I think it can be a good team by the end of the season and sixth in parts a lot of freshman. I just doubt at this stage of the season that Missouri is able to beat cain's I think you'll be competitive I think it'll go down to the last six minutes or so. I just think at this point without veteran of a team of KU is I say you went. I think it's hard to pick against KUN is. But I would reported seeing Missouri I mean. And jealousy really Newman. Alicea healthy Azubuike. But seemed elusive guy like I'm really excited even as a gay guy and I'm I'm excited to see. Missouri's got me talked so much about got real fired up to see him last question what do you make of Tony Roma. You don't. Much like he needs just pipe down and let the play by play guy or. Or the or the where that they are the sounds of the stadium take over but I get it he'll get that and you got to let the game breathe a bit I think his knowledge is terrific. I think the full game of Tony romo's little bit much for me when I saw one sporadically he's doing at a game is fantastic I. He's fun because he's excited about it yeah he seems. Happy to be there like that you can tell how green he is and it's exciting to see them. I'm not really broadcast forgot about mentally rules and fines or otherwise dad paid a lot of cheese a lot in the UK you. Am I Z we got here. The ride presented by don't say keys from the electric heating and cooling studios sixty and Sports Radio won't be.