10/20 The Drive 4p - Calvin Thompson, Marcus Peters + Reax

The Drive
Friday, October 20th

In the third hour, CDot and Brad talk to former KU men's basketball player Calvin Thompson. Then they shift the conversation towards the behavior of Chiefs' CB Marcus Peters this season and the potential lasting impact it could have before getting the thoughts of the listeners.


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The drive talkative hey you would cease all day we'll get back to that she's at 430 right now is an honor. They have a case you start. Former JU player Calvin Thompson joins us in studio right now let's talk a little bit about the border war rivalry I don't insert. Armed group and thrown it that encampment I think that will last unleaded that it's following on channel five he busted out those. Those K you know hundred member of those shortly that the game's changed a little later than that it's it's a short short days. It really. Or no oil market reform so I don't believe you believe you all are just talked about bird yeah. Is it about that until my boxers of this the united basketball's that is what you are referring to should but it. Embargo repeated. What was your reaction like now when you found out that you play for Ted Owens and Larry brown and one of my favorite teams the 8586 Kansas team. Oh your reaction when you found out that cave in as you're gonna play this game Sonny's rents. Other believe it. I got a couple text messages were from nurses over Freud's book and come. With me he'd been so busy ultimately if I were military much attention to it and I'm like no honest just the destruction from all the investigations. France Britain. My enormous amount of telephone callers like no routes through them while. So it would trigger cults where it's forger colder storm. I think. As it to you pay an employer former yeah and it's a no win situation for growth outside of the money that that's gonna be ready become moved. It would be number evidence and we're supposed to root for the duke closely obviously. Close but no not give him up then if on the news. If it's going to be farming registered for the fire eagle. Yeah there. Go Obama are still work to do fair. And our store in my youth program remarks reported at 3 o'clock. That would put 4 o'clock farm Coca with market gluten. Into the camp probably it was score. Don't click on how to go to. Social media that you're pretty vocal about yours let me just put it this week this life. From Missouri correct. That is correct and it's it's been a while sheriff Ogden. Gardner route. Martin merry men. Brian Terry was on earlier and he also fuels politically correct you know not going to be which is that's exactly. And you'd norm are going to be here you know the best we know of Missouri off from. Think this would suggest that the zoo I. This guy I'm excited to have this conversation with the when you say it's a no win situation for Kate happy that you're. How about it husband no win situation or case you you get a chance the play at top thirty team in college basketball and it seems to measure yourself up against the top and make it sound like it's most open your plan up. That are on Sunday bolts buried. Power far top third top 31. Remembered Edward Witten and I don't want prisoner they haven't I mean it and so far the U. And so on it whenever we're doing so for this reason. What did you do last debate and deliberate lies they were terrible in nor talk football because you've got astronomers from an era in the I'm really brought it under. Our government here. I don't know the case you think and those shots about the football program right now. And there's a lot of shots you can go if you wanna vote that your roads are better we can certainly have that conversation if you wanna talk about the big twelve games that Obama wasn't all this I don't know all of the conversation you wanna hat. There. The best serves for Missouri two women on the football ordered us to schedule you now. I can't I can't I mean right now playing. Playing Kate you would mean that automatic and yeah what does it take don't they're going to be automatic where girls left and darker route caller is Ruth and Lamar. Been. That's a lot for government in any market Ngo was about six coaches ago for K use I don't mean you're sitting on a model prohibited that at its. It tops of their four game player played under Ted Owens and Larry Brown. He aligned. Winter you know when I was in junior high we do I think we saw you kick the crap out of my alma mater one brother or my buddies brother was played for Shawnee mission north at that time. On the block truth. What's that notes drew felt no shuttle mission north yeah OK yeah we wouldn't I think it brought electrical box. You know showed up here Duncan and pre game like who are these cats man and he just. You crush everybody but let's get asked about that drew was aligned I ended up going to Missouri and he was there shortly before you hear the heat. Recruit you and if so were you ever close to Gordon's. On to both yeah you're also have a bigger force them no problem we are also boy Dalton. You are not going to kill you rest in peace. But no. But there and growing up where you are with that. We've wandered on occasion chrome is Maria believing enough about it watch basketball wasn't basketball for a kid ought to topple ball. Would be. Accepted by my friends and remote but those who know me know all the losers Paula was wise mark couldn't room that's. You know press the refrigerator. I just want to be accepted and that's why I put the ball in the moment. I storm moves in weights and apparel. What's my freshman year are by their real weird we're entering your hearts and darker than Eisenhower broke smartly played football. And that's when I first audited by the Fed to you and are committed to their moves northward. It's okay. Among a lot of people who know the agreement brokered mindless liberal political blow so I was at home. For a couple months after a year and a body cast him at that time markedly athletic group continue to grow. It was almost torches blog tomorrow right this is still. No law America there are retarded man who fought outside our apartment nice large enough ago. Can you minute ago dep and took sort of my life. She UK with what it was. Did you go back and you can doctor Nadal almost cooler about her. Out but Delaware. Oh for patients and LO. Arm what happened. We got to her provocative. You know coming off guard to grow Durham where we're horrors Miramar with stuff spirit in America and a martian. And it's on my commute now. In doing their own marks all we don't Coach Brown came tomorrow yeah. He was used to do and what are the professional level and all the top doctors console instantly to a specialist. And admitted dog reporter Marcia completed their relevant but it couldn't do it couldn't quite do all the way up to riches. But it. Made it a little more bearable. I still struggles but parents are about forms of opera weekly while. Her daddy kids who. This is story and you play. Well well that whichever gives you the best the best one don't. Are cared for her. Yeah he can nor care we get it done either yet rumba room in coach Stewart and Nomar freshman year. Ago. I was garden some blow. And there. For whatever reason to coaches put me on the Portland as opposed to put me on the workers shooting. So to speak and so I wasn't the best defense of Puebla where so. Cobra departed gone and so fumbles on their topics MacKey was saying you know as a freshman guard Newman. We're half court records from blizzard bidders enormously. You can say the course was hard. It is. A hard one. To the jobs that take effect. And arm or who act like you shoot the ball flight jump out here on. He's a tough court who stormed a lot of hundreds and he just ultimately earn around laughs I'm mark. Holy cross and officer thought this. No we call me fat that is the so you may be sugar yeah and it's your freshman year he has some at five victory over the course occur while cargo department or yeah like that. We always got some dispute about records when it comes in case you guys always want inflate the records little I don't know lobby just can't let the scoreboard dictated but it felt like a full on basketball is always a debate on who won what game. These guys are cheaters let's is going. Well we've written our students and just. Like you say there and don't law. Records analog and just look at your over our of our problems were considered and then remove remove goggles well we store here in in football. In baseball. And basketball. And all sports. This look at the record cat. Bird seat this quiet knowing Tyler Durden guard. Owners and I'm idealistic Al tonight but delta and us. I hope you have your house at that that he was probably just didn't let you didn't even. Yeah he's approaching the about the Missouri wrestler who into the Olympics things like to throw that I don't even have wrestling all right and we took. Right outside and a former JU player Calvin Thompson we were actually discussing this earlier in the week about the chiefs raiders robbery how would decay and you rivalry different pre social media preview explosion of cable TV I imagine it was just a different beast than it is now. Very. Aria from. Old environment out of those books Stallworth who you play I'll play in the brigade there. I tell you what those are words war. Her. If you answered yeah are you still love going random. That's as good marriage had their use of a lot chickens have been out of out of the but that error orders they've had their I don't know how to doctor Ruth but it was Bob Norman who spotted. Coach coach Calvin flat out there and kudos. I could stop I could not help the army and the best they were. Try to reverse our jokes or use a more growth than the best thing from a lot of parents laughs you know about oh we got that for earth. But hum the arrival was as a group one. It didn't matter how. Do we were hub Missouri lows there was always the Gartner. You the truth. Yeah. The closure different out there word I've ever receive those big games. What's that what's the funniest or worst thing they said. Well I mean there's there's some relief for reforming things bug or a game. You've turned back to my freshman year my dad had a heart attack and died in the stands mar first college here lies in a moment a lot of their own home I'm going deep yeah they're. You know William Dalton Missouri hotel rumors are bad are you kidding me poem that ruthless. And you fill out or when Joker. Two of courier was our state whose mother was honored to move amendment. Pitchers over and are turning in the hospital room and Joseph who withdrew from me there were ruthless. A little house on the house somebody so I do you have up your circulated and then and you know. It's state funny. You know story forward don't don't get personal yeah there are things like that their Mercosur we're. And I'm not just saying this because from a material but we're we're you know they're real good friend and we don't do locally. We don't do artwork is it's as simple as that we're doing it would allow. You do you don't hear those derogatory remarks coming out of fear. You brought up norm Stewart a couple of times one thing I'll always remember at least by the Robert was never enormous gonna retire Roy Williams gave him the chair of the KU fans always show you sit down norm. Did you guys love playing against old storage guys hate norm Stewart got his demeanor like what was the other side reaction to Lesnar coach it was a. Do you know personally I try to do it to keep it business keep it on the court on the other more personal side because some personal things. You know out there from being recruited by him and bill with him after the fact but you love you who want their Roy. You know and there was nothing like goes bigger coaches with him you hear me call him coach Stewart because I'll always sure I was that's always ready to respect Mario regardless what the personal side. About coach or that I was that it was crazy and market with coach Hartman I mean all those guys and me we will solves. Yes unbelievable I mean of those coaches I would hell fire club scotus. Remember him there was there were open and root for each and every Damon. That's what made composed of army and on this field but it. Yeah I mean to Imus that didn't get around it have a West Virginia in the same conference is isn't euphoria in just does. I was tallest dog to somebody about that the other day. About how like this the big no no that's not. You know it's not realistic you can't have an 1818. Power conference now about this team and those are great those problems. No they absolutely were some very robberies I was a little bit too young for the big eight days and I remember the big twelve but I remember that the big eight. In the big twelve out of Kemper arena I remember the excitement for the time and it was always a big deal this transfer announced the big twelve it's sprint center. No it's always been that tell people what you're doing right now it's pretty cool thing. Well. Just celebrated this press Joseph Torre you as a martyr who service youth basketball program on boys and girls from. I'm proud to say they've known. Each and every player looks graduated. From our program and other rebutted some people quitting going to different things but everybody that's gone through and graduated 100% in college. And you know them. Not many programs considered an armed automobile myself as we don't know the glee club bill myself motivated. Developmental program I wanna teach an auto auto wanted to caught up in all their recruiting stuff. You know back in the days when Kareem Rush was and scoop marlin from a particular room. But wouldn't top college who couldn't call top college with the NCAA. Involvement and everything and so I don't wanna do their involvement in the home. Obama Martha don't we just enough that would bring about pro team but the tone for the that you see here involves. Another bill measure coaching Germans what. No that can't be good that's. At and that's what's so was the only. It's from North America premier basketball yet and so former general David nightly news the commissioner of the lead in the room. You know similar to visual studio with the leader yet moved to Topeka but we the growth target keep the guys. Around town and keep from going over in Europe and you know they can still. Trump factored into their room in which Calvin Johnson for a case are. Some competition though from what the Jean Lee now right so you can compete with them and no we warrior would not thriller with him either combo will help some of the same talent. Mr. Johnson dramatically in Chicago just like it could legitimately voted Buick whatever it's called now on. So we wouldn't start and try to start out with ten or twelve teams the first unit for. For the sixties you are the work slow with terrorism is who candles placed. I'm very minimum loosen up to ever yeah. No I don't understand this I wanna ask you what's the difference between the basketball player in the eighties and the one you see now when you watch college in the India. What about Kennedy's. We were more students of the day. With today's youth that are just freak out when they're victims of school flat out there and go and we have to work through what we got better. We were still with him and that's what I try to instill in my kids now. Become a stupid and monitor whether you wanna play you understand what should dorm while you're dormant when you're supposed to be dormant. And that's why mart groups are restrictions weren't written out. More talented than meanwhile are they're smarter than they didn't understand what to do when you do were martyred dormant so. Obama gonna take pride in that and and teaching. You know you walk in the Mark Pryor this diminished prior concerned about it notes under coach pearl. On the Arafat can't teach you market huge huge help to be culture all while watching the warm. I got a call from Florida. No. Pittsburgh Steelers where. There may be dead yeah of Edinburgh touched on the Borough to develop. He finished on film comedies like there in my daughter Martha play basketball who's acute care play it lets you learn how to play is reviewed over one employed. I'll make a phone call he called me and him. Our solutions in the general value kidney and Antonio Brown's daughter. Antonio Brown little source the little sister got it okay this business journalist who threw today every America. Pretty close down reports got to play down. And so he mood up he was coaching at Mario on par scoop into. Took two years ago people don't know whose entire yeah that's what you just Mubarak to flawed well. This option and. You know it's funny talk but the fundamental part of this thing I remember frank likes only one time when he was. When he was at the royals baseball academy is a bunch of guys were undrafted views they didn't. Paid very little yet their spikes in man and all the it was work on fundamentals. In and it would a lot of Florida golf closely and kicked the crap that everybody like 44 to fund wizard. Our fundamentals of priority and youth basketball right now. It committee he knew to be. I tell my kids are novel out corn concerns but I thought McCarron senator bill look good builder from the wrote barrels and started the basement foundation. And though we need those fundamentals and just out to a market are you familiar board. But we got to mature Richard capacitor basketball Obama. Apparently you don't know but Lugar of probably one booster as you're ever meet her but if you can't pass me the ball when I was care. That I can't get to that I can't shoot the ball so the most important part of the damage Marmara the specimen Coetzer yeah. And then we can work whenever general thoughts below tart pass attempts in the ball in my we'll passenger bill. You know with four corners and then you give up to four balls. The parents do that Turco allowed him to because of the first Briton Norman is like we can't do this. Like if you say you care we won't. Yeah. See he won a championship he coached in high school I did coach in my school isn't that a pretty fantastic job we will yes shoot a shot all stars and undefeated Becerra McCarron before the big day and sign up. There Rutherford new coach as you grow girl or terror group with approachable or they actually told me that they ask bill to do it first but he was busy coaching his own team so they came to me seconds the second person last question here for a lot of people attacks on one into the story of how you got your nickname pony. Written by a bit and. But what about Russians. Mark follows her with Horace H oh are you see it when we requirement dozens of third or fourth corridors to Q it's loosely argued that course. And they nicknamed me public about the rumors I know that he's an immigrant who you'd rather retire we had no we're drinker. And yeah. Which by liberal didn't arm yen and is this game Sunday. While you can agree I mean I come on now I know. Don't pick the game with you articulate your head you wanna take the more time basketball's a very easy sport a lot of the team had the best player on the floor with sports odds are not the best of the four is on his. The best player on the floor polluted spent most electable. Okay this is what's gonna happen that together a guy like Alter them I'm like where this it's all gonna be extremely competitive during. Our moser is going to be one of the most Ruder. They usually come back towards him and rename it's going to be Eddie B 787. Payments going to be over. Millions of dollars and going to be ruined her currently. And in an 8787. Time true part is no and in tiny but you'd arbitrary for. That's a good point if I got to go to court talk to somebody yeah. Because CU wins these days does wanna know you guys bring your own officials let's look at you know how the calls and games and Alan. It's just gonna be a neutral referee like you guys bring it and somebody like bills bring one of his golf embodies appreciate what did nothing. Not see us out of this since the it's made remain out of traveled in that case they still can from that do real owner with him yeah. They're talking about the basics learn how to running text he learned at a young. News programs. In general rule yes he labored through a river or producer of real problem growth. Of course you don't it was. Sort of reports that on this day that I got Tyler is gonna be so yeah. Former U player Thompson in studio. Thanks accompaniment of ports for government threw out quickly to listen I'd say it's the people to check yet. From two F 35. Dot com and TS 3535. And now. But. With a new team and we'll check in on are you. Up next there's always something is going down the markets Peters we debated an excellent drive the dry presented by Duke's case from the envy the electorate and studio sixty and Sports Radio. All of the drive switching gears getting back to the football game yesterday as Cheney's fault of five and two after a entertaining and thrilling game and all was not the ending that much of Kansas City wanted to see in a game I thought that was the best game so far this NFL season. And it's up that is downs and a little controversy with the officials had some shenanigans with the Marshawn Lynch with markets Peters. Had I am very exciting ending out of that was a pretty fun football game a lot just. To added to the markets Peterson Antonin August and tired of the guys act I mean Jimmie mark you speeders is one of those guys would be like if there's a flag football fan and he would be NN and he doesn't. It hasn't hit anybody ever. But he will hit a quarterback when he's on the ground just about an and that's the biggest issue that I had with with Peter's. Yesterday I mean it's always something with the guy and get our. Reiterated that this has nothing to do with his anthem protests and has nothing to do with the video that I'm sure you've seen on line. It he was on a train of Marshawn Lynch after the game they're both. Really tight man there from Oakland. I don't know probably any of them and but. Like Peter doesn't hit anybody ever he's afraid to tackle anybody. And when that when Derek Karr is about on the ground got a fifteen yard penalty or at least should have until Marshawn Lynch Kim and her bail them out. And I'll just in time to catch the guys act now. It's a little bit unfair to then say that he doesn't tackle anybody in the when he at least in my opinion legally tackle somebody they'd be critical of hit the ground in a full I don't think he hit it on the ground well I mean I think you. If you watched the play. If that's any other player on the field that's illegal hit if that's a wider Siebert that's a running back argued it's Cam Newton I think that's a legal it. It's a quarterback and everybody knows that held moral ball and come you know let's off the gas a little bit when he when he's decorated it Alex Smith last night in any better. You know it's like that that's the only issue I have with the guy man. He does eat yet he can't controls emotions he's not accountable for a lot of the stuff he does on the field and he can hurt your team at times and he's terrific player very talented player but. It when there's a sweeper on his side or if his player catches a pass he goes for distributed money to anybody in immediate quarterback on the ground. And somebody's about got him down and he's gonna go there and lay out the at least writes so I just that was a cheap shot and there's that little tiny part of me. It doesn't like my team because the way markets Peters plays right on I hate that. I was really surprised to hear that especially on this deduct it wasn't like he was Montana's perfect and did something over the top in a legal in this. Derek Karr was still legal player I think that the NFL Timmy goes overboard to protect quarterbacks. And that's the reason that they had that you that you guy can agree if that Antonio brown and the exact scenario. But you agreed that that's not a dirty hit it that's the case. But it's actually the rules are different I mean look what happened Mike Mitchell got fund forty grand for real after Alex's legs like that you can't you can't breathe on quarterbacks managed the lifeblood of your of your. Of your business I mean those guys. Without great quarterbacks in the league yours grow the NFL knows that's the try to protect them. Mark Peters knows that Mark Peters didn't hit anybody. I guess in that sense though if the whistle doesn't blow on the play your car is not on the ground and is still moving. I don't know and that's an area what defensive players posted Judy get them down to the ground other than try to go when he tackles sometimes looks like it was a Betty load and it was daily one of those dudes like he was like an inch from the driving is going down sometimes I think in this. In trying to make the game safer than we forget that they're still. But the the of the objective of the game pistol but to tackle each other. Any problem mark is Peter's and that he didn't leave with his head the guy's not in the process or is not on the ground elsewhere quite at home with. He didn't go into play and then blown dead in that I don't know what Marcus Peterson do I feel like people got to pick a side. Marcus Peterson he does have a little Dion singer Betty don't. So sometimes he got a moves out of the way sometimes he plays the old lady for the love and adore I'm not gonna say here make it seem like he's like he's some hard hitter. But now when he tackles somebody now we have a problem markets Peter trying to going to tackle some. A typical tackle on receiver you don't see a bunch of line until another try to kill him don't see a flag on the play either. The dirty and you can't do it. Mark Peters does not want to hit anybody but of course that the raiders quarterback was about it. Inch from going down with a 400 pound African but he the bottom and Peters comes in and flies in and tries to drill that was a cheap shot. I don't like get out of my guys man is it was it irritates me you factored in with all the other stuff these poll. Whether it penalties on football in his yellow box on the sideline and start of the guys. Tax on six factories or six the issue with car was in the grasp when he went low wake up seed you're better than this again. Andy Reid thinks the play was legal what is it let's suppose it thinks that it was a clean hit in if you can say right does that. The play is only dirty because the quarterback if it's a running back if it's a wide receiver if it's any other player on the field it's a clean it. But now we've generated special payload rules to protect one individual player and we can agree that not. Every quarterback would get the call. I can't do it like that all the time that's it right. HM doesn't get that call so now he's that would legal play though I would say I think we go over the top into it to protect the quarterback. I understand why if you're open why you have a problem with the I don't have a problem with the way the Oakland got up. And how they reacted to it. Oakland got an issue with somebody pushing a seven Marshawn Lynch a bullet did something dumb. He put his helmet he runs out like it's the royal rumble and tries to get in the Middle East trying to break it up he's been I think goes overboard pushes the rougher I don't think he meant to do it I thought it was a pretty clear someone's on my boy let me sonnets let me try to defuse the situation even realized who we woods. And then kind of held up in the in in and indeed it that way. And any ejected from the game Marshall should have been ejected from it gets funded suspended I don't I don't think he should be suspended I think a finds pretty fair he got a victim from that game I think that's enough for Marshawn Lynch eyewitnesses in Marshawn Lynch for that. Does find it hard to believe that we criticized. Markets Peters for making a tackle and it goes exactly somebody we agreed that for 99% of players in the NFL we think it be illegal hit he hit the players that we now think it's a dirty it now now it's over the market's view. Well it's not the it's overboard at all mean the forward progress was stopped there are cars going Downey is a quarterback and the guy doesn't hit bloody. Anybody all the when he there's a 400 pound guys got a quarterback almost to the ground it'll fly in they're making it Wendell Jennifer strip is going their for him at quarterback was almost on the ground. I get it all right. Again it like it if it wasn't a quarterback it would have been a dirty hit but he was and he knows he has an eight a hit anybody else so I just thought it was a cheap and dirty it. I just think that partisans very unfair to the defensive player that we can agree that some players it's not a dirty it but I think a lot of times yes football players throughout the course of the game to just make so many decisions any game that just moves so an excellent. And anybody does anybody. But what has got to. Many flights in free columns and that's the part I don't like that's like. In a bar fight and some guys kicking the crap out of somebody and do it runs over clocked some of the guys on the ground. That was a cheap and dirty play it didn't have to happen almost as gene's fifteen yards Marshawn Lynch and deleted on the ground elect I feel like to maybe I had to be unfair to Peters when saying that he was all on the ground all was going down which is isn't he was literally. An inch or two from the turf. And he had Allen Bailey your Bennie Logan on its outweighs day. Derek carbide I don't know hundred pounds maybe so I mean c'mon. And and I just and again you coupled with a all the other stuff that the other issues that he's at on the field and I'm just tired of his act. That's why I feel like with Peter we've got to the point with him that now we kind of nitpick every little thing that could potentially happen throughout the course of the game perspective that this thing is. Coach seems fine with that player they got tackled seems fine with that we can agree that some players treated differently in those scenarios like now that's the dirty over the top hit like. Apple wants a lot of football IC dirty over the top it's every leader here it's likes to be dinged for bait and I would say against the bonds they Adams I would say that's a dirty hits this now counts the dirty it. I just think he knew he was don't. I mean and again I can't tell intent other wanting the Gamal to look at it he talked about yesterday are our last night after the game is that the fact that it was a quarterback draw. And the that's the one thing noted Peters off the hook and it was just a drop back he was getting sacked and Peters came in there with a quarterback draws design grow every week he. He became a runner that it that but he was he was going down and as for progress was like we want you if Peters is ahead honor. And went out there urgently if you Ronnie Lott in dudes out. That's not who is now that we found so many situations I have a different problem with it if it was a different play. His I have a good this guy and Anders history with him maybe kid. That he counseling steal stuff and then you ask that you steal now the actually body gonna believe them whole. It's is what is this is the player that he is he has a hard time controlling his emotions he does really ignorant things on the football field sometime I don't. Consider that an ignorant thing has done some stupid things happen we asked putting the ball in Spain ends is pretty ignorant. He's done some things does find hard to believe now I have a different opinion that was another player by now it's not like biker like Derek Johnson did the exact same thing. Nobody's calling that a dirty talk about this that's another player on the field aside from their car it was a market for these same name on file I'm happy that he went over there tackled somebody. Like I feel it's a different. Of behavior that's what I'm basing a lot of my judgment on. When it comes to Peter he's got a pattern of behavior. But what it embodied the stupid stuff can't controls emotions and he does that an end. With without lynch ran out there to try to help them or at least. Diffuse things of that put us she's fifteen yards. More people on this if you think that was a dirty hit for Marcus Peters yesterday you said that. Do you cheer for the chiefs less because market item that is a that was like. Which is odd to me I got this remark as Peter like I feel like now we've got to meet its like he's a criminal Alec now he's that dirty give the guy that you feel dirty in cheering for the. No I say he's dirty and just saying he's one of those guys that I'm just getting tired of his act similar to what to the way I felt about your Donovan surely he was born stuff when he was just. You know thrown heaters and hidden guys and start fights and doing all that stuff I. It I didn't like that on on a team that I cared deeply for that's Allen's. Well 191357676. Tin do you think the mark is Peters hit was dirty yesterday's fanning does we could say that conversation on their side next in the draft. The dry presented by two sick days from the electorate into the studio sixty and Sports Radio. Right now the text line is split and the phone line is split being thinks that they hit mark is Peter delivered yesterday against Derek Karr was dirty. I don't wanna misquote you. What you said that cheering for Marcus Peterson knowing he's on your team makes you feel weird about it that she's had an idea of what to clarify what is not I don't wanna miss quote we use that. It's like and again I've similar feeling is that we are done insure it was all his stuff you know for the royals. Lachlan chiefs and royals Kansas City managers like. We have or like the first time you seize up like that like all right that's our dude. You know that's our guy. You know little keeps happening and it affects the game. Negatively it becomes a thing and creates drama and engage away from actually played football or playing baseball. Can tired of them and whether it's. Whether it's Peter's going after Bob Sutton weathered speeders part of football in the stands. You know there's that hit that he had last night and you can't tell me was a dirty it's dirty not delivers knees those stupid. You know it's just another stupid penalty which we see and we've seen it. You don't numerous times do we think it's stupid. If Derek Karr fumbles the ball. Because Derrick are not an ounce of clarkin fumble that one area still that a flag man it's still a bit of slack by the officials instilled in a fifteen yard penalty. That the rules are different with quarterbacks you have. 300 some odd pound guy hanging on his knee was like his forward progress was stopped as he was about an inch from going down. And yeah. In and so if you it would matter is it was a fumble right. I think it's happened with Marcus Peters news. I do think that some of the protesters turn people lost to mark is Peter's numbers and it's an I would say his inability to explain it so far are reluctance to its web if you can't explain just chooses not to went. Bill this change about Marcus Peters. Is the interceptions aren't there to change marks Peter attitude doesn't change his demeanor hasn't changed everything about mark is Peters has been consistent through the first three years. This year it does feel more than normal we are finding different reasons to dislike mark is Peter. I thought yesterday it was a legal hit. Eighty Reid thinks it was a legal hit Derek Carr who actually got tackled thinks it's illegal hit if we think that if every other player on the field does the exact same thing that it's a good eight. But now it's not for this one individual. And that's an area that we could also say that it Derrick Johnson delivers that it or Chris Joseph delivers that it. It's a Smart football player but now the markets Peter it's not because he plays only deepened sometimes. It is still like to meet we're going out of the way to be unfair towards work. It's the same way you're I would venture was treated differently after hit of what you guys and they start pitching inside and and the umpire looks at him differently. I mean you know the losses era he's talking about it did officials scout. Teens so they know how to better officiate the game they see is act man part of it that that bothers me to his skills his call down. Right I think and admit this is me for assuming and hoping that the older he get more years you got the league. The Morgan didn't knock off the stupid knuckle heads up and the stupid penalties in the emotional blow ups and stuff like happened last night I keep thinking Peters is gonna get better. He keeps getting worse when it comes to that stuff whether to blow up on national TV that hit last night you know I mean it's is like is it like it's too much of the her behavior right now and it and edit it and it's driving me nuts and again I'll say this guy on Twitter is a lot because of the protest right now it's. Using his all the time like I do because the picture is somebody just started listening to the she'll have no problem with his approach. I think I have a different feeling towards Peters if you would do if he handled the protest if no I don't think it's not true C dot I mean. Essentially calling I don't know what you mean by that that's not true. I think her overall perception in markets Peters the person would be a lot different if he had responded to the for to the police fraternal order I think to be handled the protest differently and everybody would feel differently about Marcus Peter I think Cheney should respond to the I think that's part of it. I think that's part of political backlash towards Peters and now I think he did one thing that people don't like. In this season you agree we talk a lot more about Peter's in the extra stuff I yeah largely because interceptions have returned an I would say a lot of it's because of the protest. I do agree that he should respond with a hurdler police I don't think that's asking for much but it's not because he's protesting during the anthem problem that you are. Peaceful protest I'll call for anybody that does that and had to be Michael all right doesn't have to be. I'm fine with that I do think he should responded and if he if he's gonna if he's gonna protest and say that there's inequality and social injustice of it. If a law enforcement agency reaches out to me as a response him. I think you should. At least say was it's not my thing all right here's what I'm doing these things over here I appreciate the offer but thank you very much but that's not the biggest part of it and at the biggest part of me is how it. It negatively affects the team on the illegal stuff like. Tax on 69306. Holy crack sentencing is the biggest markets Peters apologists. In the world. What I set about mark is Peters at the chiefs also have said they hit yesterday Andy Reid agrees with me it's not a dirty hit that. Dirt Clark is a runner. The blow that happened with Bob Sutton the same thing we all know that mark is Peters is emotional if you didn't like the emotional market Peter should draft that. It's he's going to be that way that she's gonna be that well apparently dug it up park so to me I just some of the stuff I think you just signed up with mark is Peter's that I feel like now that you have mark is Peter's we wanna try to turn Peters an air house we wanna try to turn it into words cocaine. That's not who we gays in as long as he's not getting in trouble in a big sense it's not like tomorrow we're gonna final but he got a DUY. And I'd be our markets because if you're doing something illegal right now ormat markets Peters for yelling at somebody and I hit that everybody can agree with clean or illegal but like with Peters now we're treating it like these are criminal. Ford is doing things that we don't like the course of the criminal elements and sell some people talk about on the way to be a little bit attacks like the calls on the bulk of the people to talk about trading so it might not be you yet that. And that's how people talk about markets. This year I think some I think a lot of people do have a problem Peters all this stuff on top of the protest I happened to not be one of those guys are right. I'm just saying that I I'd seen him repeatedly do stupid things on the football field. And that and that's one start have an issue. I'm an issue with your Donald insurers personal life at all I've had and I had an issue with him throwing at players and starting fights and haven't. Eric Hosmer and outscored everybody after you run to direct his rescue every time he got emotional through a guy who hit him in the ribs with a 95 mile an hour fastball. That had a detriment to my team that I really care about. I feel like mark is Peters does that sometimes our I felt that way when Travis till she was pulled his stuff too. You know I at those critical Dan Sorenson when he did the tomahawk chop on some dudes at San Diego game. So any any any player that did does this on. You know repeats his behavior constantly man it's like something every week almost attack guy that's won just get tired of it. Let's go to the fault line Johnny Casey you think that was a dirty hit our markets Peters. Wanna say well actually the opposite so there are both part about protest vote that's a lot of protests. There's not a protest what it requires it by the chart bought. Oakland. Let the simple question is this what ballots they took the what what conclusion that. I would have been the exact same opinion about it. It's because to me at that point Derek Karr became a runner so when Alex Smith becomes a runner he shouldn't get some special halo rule because of the position he plays. He should be treated like everybody else so I mean Korea gets it on the ground like that. Travis Kelsey it's like that every so it's like that why are we going to Sri Alex Smith differently when he becomes a runners I would think the exact same thing. Settle ultimately I'd figured out what. Should. I. Cheap shot provide a better word and that they know what that is. So that. Well all that data. Control. Church yet. Well. That's John can I it's a valid point man and he's about points and chancellors tell me listen that that Italy had no. Barring on the game while it is an absolutely yes and it could have to sell listen Kent Babb that used to be that she's the writer for the Kansas City Star. Right now for the Washington Post and he was out or watch party which is terrific by the way out errors. Casino and inside winning streaks in my game and we are doing here. And he's in Washington Post said immunity to a story on markets Peters as who's talking too much cheese stanza came out to watch the game with someone what they say is lot more market team. Now they're tired of it too much. Read why I'd bet that part about markets Peter I'd simply do not got to the disconnect between me and other people when it come they don't we'll markets yours along the team. Because a lot. Because yelling at Bob Sutton does why you don't look I'm. Obviously part of it and who talked to part of probably had to do a little bit with a protest as well as on the so that's why acting for some people would it's hard for them to separate the two with mark dispute I would it finished with a protest an issue with the protest I I I will contain. That people's issue with the protest to Mark Peters never had to protest. I don't think we're having these conversations every week we find something different in that market beaters but now word out about borderline penalty on mark is Peter what's the coach's final with. And the players they got tackled is finally like to meet guys think we're going I think going out a way to get on March spewed into need to see. Deceive secondary is the good markets Peter's bit and now not to warn them on the team that's something deeper than just childish stuff in mines like. Well. I mean if the Washington Post gonna send somebody to Kansas City due to a store mark is beaters are you get attention around late. And not just here in Kansas City on its other people of CNET seat on other some other publishing unit outside Kansas City. Coming up some minutes we'll give you a chance of a thousand bucks on our national test contest and we get to the biggest stories of the day give the city they had snacks on the drive and.