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Friday, October 20th

We revisit the Marcus Peters discussion in the second hour but come at it with a completely different angle this time.  And what's up with Marshawn's crazy antics last night, why does he still get the love?  And Mark Davis and his infamous bowl cut enter the discussion as well!


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Dived for the last 592. Show and all of radio. I welcome into the law later innings in the united second show I am you know Stephen senator as always sponsors are most certainly pending. Every day defense first team Tony seventy. And and defense and second team Tony fourteen NBA skills challenge champion Tony fifteen Euro cup MVP Tony to a that's just some of the accolades of Patrick Beverley. As he shot down Alonso ball in his first official NBA game last night. Odds are got a taste. Of that all world defender Patrick Beverly. Boulevard wasn't happy about it he said you know. Yeah you shot. The bleak down and you're check still ain't going no higher than what it is yet you shut him down okay who is Patrick Beverley that's Patrick Beverley. On the defenders in the NBA low volume. Can it do this every time Alonso has a bad game this season show. So this show with your host who runs this show you please out now. Out to all our listeners but those triggers it ahead because. Salute you for allowing us to be a small parts of your Friday evening that. Julio Sanchez produces as bad boy. And mildly entertaining guy. Steve insert is in the building Patrick Beverley was also on your own cup first team all proud. We've been a lot of funds at the podcast page for the first hour. I let's let's settle in here. I tried really hard sort of was a big proponent of us not starting with this topic. I candies that even the thought if that's they're. Gonna do I was I'm not was probably looking to get sent out. Let me hunting it's spiral league just searching for. This of only 321. Lift off and there. All right so. For some reason. Abbate I love hearing to hear is that does this and says this the say it out loud this. The chiefs are playing the raiders who are generally I would say is probably the most hated rival. Any Kansas City sports team that we have right now I'd say the raiders are the most at eight. Is the royals that she's the right so. Market leaders. In my page. Legally the allies they legally hit because the whistle had blown in their car was a runner. And he wasn't on the ground yet. And Marcus led with a shoulder and didn't have helmet held high tech. Hit their car. Ed did deal Oakland Raiders offensive line came in ran over him. He backed away of them. And the fans of Kansas City. Are men that mark is Peter's. Okie dope. I asked the simple quest. Literally. What has he done to garner. The patriot and I'm going to use that word. These strong dislike and hatred. From so many of the people in this band days. Why is he done and I don't even wanna go into the stupid hit they because literally I. Even if that was heard. It would chase later. Asked later explained. The raiders quarterback. Get back at its. Later. Acting like he's Mike Mitchell. It's just laid out under hits again and five left and right. Listen to the stupidity it's. Let's sheets fans it's a black or more padded practice Peters. What are all. The text ads that tackle. Tackle okay yeah. Probably not one person you'll want him to get the picture rival. Ed lady now. You do off that's a lot and just let Alex did hit below eight. What time I opponent that they helped the opponent up. Can certainly help. What are the raider defenders who went lol I got a fifty yard penalty and out at you met. Oh man accused readers. There's no way and it came as a kid does fan and I know yet. Graves was nuts any kettles are ripping grades per rip anybody who's a Kansas Missouri case they bad nose. Jeff graves had the worst braids ever damn good ball I mean he is his hands were tied or horrific. It took out I'll take my shot to death is just beyond his job Amman and the stellar album yeah them because. He's not get a strip club near you. A jet which took out. After Johnston the ex Missouri's litter. I'm not going to leave that exactly right. The exit or. And a regular player who took out your quarterback's knees the. Where we talked about it when it happened last night that. We're getting pretty good at predicting the narratives of the city and that's pretty sad that way we can just sit here and before it even happens the next day we can tell you everyone's reaction. Do these things I upset you should take a look at yourself. It's so great because. Just like the guy earlier. Came on and told us in the last two games. This mythical thing he just threw up in the air and came up with. Marcus theatres is getting our repeatedly. And I sit down next to him what. We're giddy get Burke named me the plays he didn't have a one. What was his response the response you get with people don't have a damn thing to say and that is. All I don't have a sheet and for enemy. Right now give me thirty seconds. I won't make that thirty seconds to tell you how many different times Philip gains it Terrance Mitchell had been burnt. It got and then worse you all had anything to say implants you wide. Orcas Peters bothers you. You wanna know why one. You've got except to say but you don't wanna say it Rio it's good to know how it make you look. No acted wrong the decade does all of the field or topic that really bothers you except for the the sitting on the National Anthem. But I wonder how mean the ball. If you have the right to say that because I just know it looks wrong way which offends you took the point. That you choose to say that this guy's. A soggy and he doesn't belong on your football team even though he's probably the best player on your defense I probably your defense of MVP about you've waited patiently you're sick of Peter's goal it's there. Up. Please okay go ahead you're sick of Peter's go ahead that you have bad. Non not a computer your spine. Of the crowned. All these other traders. There's more dangerous. One day petered out in one Kate Peters. And in optimal grip would have been almost one of the best players on the thing in saying the war and didn't murder. Did. An old quarterback and I'm sick of it met and now. Normally is spoken there down either. Edward Kennedy is oh would be the middle of the card to be dynamic and pretty cheat you again. The way and they did that. He went in Enid car stopped it. Wouldn't program and with helmet. And gardening and. I don't know about all I've heard is people complain about the officials which is stupid because they were bad both ways but people complain about this but nobody complains about that penalty. It's like that I. I think Cuba they do about that I'll. Latest real quick because this to me and I'm I get into but this today. This explains. And certain pride that the blow against this to me explains. Exactly in this guy. That I. But I have accident and talk to a lot of respect to negate. But I think a lot of people in Kansas City feel this way and I want kids hear this do this. It how I see this now. By Weis got a message from one of for friends last night it's and tell Bob that I would rather have a bit beer retiree killed at Marcus Peterson that's backed. And I'd go I would to talk about a guy who beat a woman. And has more Q rating in this town for a lot of people that markets Peters does it he's got nothing illegal raw. What ports this was pressed on this morning. Had a conversation and bring into the to the point of some of the calls watch it and if this is what is it. By Weis got a message from one of for friends last night it's and tell Bob that I would rather have a bit beer retiree killed at Marcus Peterson that's backed. And I go I would to talk about a guy who beat a woman and has more Q rating in this town for a lot of people that markets Peters does it he's got nothing illegal overall. I don't agree with that what Bob I don't agree with that. I think it's asinine that's double what's hate. That with Tyreke healed fast they'd rather have a drink with dietary killed him the markets Peters at the markets Peter says that's up to the top that. And it just brought it out I think he's talented that. Brought people have a better writing a tiger kill lots and other men. Oh did let me do it too this pregnant girl three and that market leaders age you know you. Are eager to who have. The only. A lot as well I think a lot of people in this town still a way that will sit right there and that's asinine. It's we want to. Kansas city Kansas City I mean a lot of people that I interact with. Take pride in the fact that they live here and that they are from here. And we're continuing to blast markets Peters because he gets a few penalties here and there but is. One of the best players on this football team on a defense they is atrocious right now. And then we're killing him. Because last night he rode public transit. In Oakland with Marshawn Lynch after the game. My god John Lynch is his closest friend they basically call each other family they say they're cousins and Brothers. I know I am I am very proud and I said I am proud of the turnaround it appears that Tyreke knows me. But that's absolutely crazy. They're not even in the same company. Two weeks ago we breaking Larry Johnson in here to give Larry to give mark is Peter's advice about his life. And Larry Johnson's knocking out women left and right. It got arrested for 55 times I I yet and we're comparing him to that it now. And now it's a year like that's crazy. That's crazy. Here will I've got let's get a break it to you but I let's get that at this in your going it would. Yeah Iran and look into an apple it is all about. The reality of it is. You don't wanna say it but it it's about market leaders. And is there an organ. Are what they call the American flag and the ambient each got. And what their equipment for the duke is. Did note to that guy put the guys there that's that's adult. Skull at the top of it. And on and on to something on everybody that's right or shall calling your show. And it's the okay. That probably albeit well today. Okay you won't have criticized the guy that I'm not. What you want and I'll tell you farmers would target here. Now like mark please sit aspect of mayor double in America and put in Dan I'm not so please. A group offered to appoint. Or at public. And it gets up and and so we can potentially do and don't just. An. Obstacle. Don't on the flag that's what it's evolved into that and know what the public or they are certainly it's. All of it was already there before he did. Rather it was all about what I did. It it's about them that will let the flag is at peace but there's a little extra. I'm going to I'm going to bring this to the table and I have a compares it. You know what they do in college basketball they're talking about the tournament they do the blind resonate. I'm gonna do an experiment of the blind resonate and now once you detailed the why these two athletes are treated so differently. I'll stand by this and I think Sweden. JJ Reid you know and I know I don't Stanford who was the politics of the city's. David. Productions will agree with the man is the leader of this group. There's no. There is no boom seal in this city. More apt to be not afraid to Cheney these situations and give them. And on the get out this right now. Now this may give me in trouble. But I I I think that I'm going to be completely honest and is given as please. SS and on the other side on what kind of try a technique like. They do would March Madness when they're looking at bubble teams they'll do the blind risen and sometimes you'll be sucked. That team is Boise State that team is. Florida. So let me throw this out. These are two Kansas City athletes. This blind thing is going to. Goalies you'll. And we'll look at let me get this up for get your calls lines that are. Go. Yeah look player who. When he joined this Kansas City professional team. Quit baseball. And it has been reported. That. This was done. Over relations. With a female. That kind of clout it. Sit athletes it. Of one athlete who has struggled. And really hasn't shown consistency. To hand out to be. A really good. Performer. Has shown flashes but not really panned out. The same athlete does a lot of stuff within the community. Does a lot it's terrible charitable work uses a lot of his time. Gives a lot of his energy gives a lot of his money. And does a lot of great three get great things in this community. This player also. Has added to EU wide driven to a fast food restaurant. And was arrested. Are driving under the influence. And I think you know this athlete I'm talking about. This person has also it's been alleged or reported a few things have occurred. During this arrest. That I will go it. Then you have another player. Who gets fifty who has gotten fifteen yard penalties. Who has kicked the ball in the stands. To make it an amazing place opened in the game. Who. Has set for the National Anthem. Who heads. Pressed. And post game interviews. Who has done a lot of charitable work in his home town and here. Has just gone and reached out to high school football coaches NN has to go speak to their young people in their school. Has been. A pro bowler and all pro last year. The defensive rookie of the year any year at the three is already thought of as one of the top players in the league. Expand out and possibly been the friend says is this draft pick in a long time. Never. And I repeat never. Had hit me off the field problems. Has never been suspended. There's never been fine. The second person I've described. Is apparently appearing to be hated more and more by the day. The first person that I described is beloved in the city. One is Danny Duffy. The other's markets beat. Now if I were to put those resonate is that there. And you look at those the I think both of them are really good guy I loved the need to I'd like Danny Duffy every town we've got the top today need to be elected he'd. But you tell me why the spectrum. Is so far port. In one is be loved. Don't remember don't forget it. They both at that time people have said all their emotional players. Remember James Shields had to get here to get to Danny Duffy as he was a mostly pleasant buzz and asleep. Just like mark. But for some reason. Danny Duffy is looked at different got a lot to do this because that's. Think we can learn a lot and is one of the things that I love to learn I love about our shows we learn a lot from each other. And I want you to listen this is how we can learn stuff this is how. A lot of people of color. Hit two places that they gate. When I explained there. I'm what does it tell you I don't wanna say that I know a 100% raise is involved with the light the way some of these people think. But I what'd you know it's. This is how. A lot of people of color get to a. What were they say how can you expect me not to look at that. NCA race Capone. They're not just people of color but people. Also support that say they. Danny outlook Peters. What is leaders have not done anything near well. To what Danny has done and he's been far more productive. They Danny has beat. Did he is alone. We had. This bit Markus Peters gets fifty yard penalties and there's more. Anger. About that then there was about Danny do you. Archie speeders has been fine to once in his career was 6000 dollars for when he kicked the football into the stands. And we are consistently. As a media base as a fan base acting as if he is out here. Aching dirty play is making poor decisions off of the field. When he is the absolute opposite of that you wanna say oh he got dismissed. From the University of Washington. I pulled up a bunch information on that earlier most NFL scouts were worried about that because there head coach at Washington flat out said. He just didn't want to deal with him it was it because mark is Peter's wasn't a good football player. He just didn't like mark is Peter's attitude and a lot of I had to do with the fact that he just didn't know. How to talk to a young player like mark is Peters who was as emotional as mark is Peter. Let's get off a wise because I see people are in the text line you're creating a racial divide this is what I'm talking about. I wanted to learn I'm not saying that there that I 100% believe that there's a race and it's it's limited Reese. I'm not saying that I believe the people. Who had issues with Markey speeders. A 100% of them have racial problems with that racial undertones are in I'm not saying it. But I'm telling you is this is where people of color it when base these situations like that. And I say to myself yesterday. He got to fifteen yard penalty that was questionable. For hitting Derek Carr the hated raiders. That was talked about and more hatred was pushed upon it. It Danny death. Be. Getting a do you watch. UK I mean I just. And I want to just tell me if you can just understand where black people will come from and say man. That'll look right. Cannot tell you that's our that's how some of our minds bill Ottawa is beat every black horse. I'm tired of people saying well now we also don't like him because. The police source dizzy reach out him and he never responded. He doesn't need to respond to them he does a lot of things. With in the community on his own time he does lots of things in the community and Oakland. And there's lots of reasons a young black man like mark is Peters wouldn't feel comfortable working with the police force and I don't blame import. Idea ideas ideas when I look at those two things are just like. Look at those two athletes to tell the difference and tell me you look at who's. Whose resume. Fits what if you could you imagine the markets Peters. Was at a fast food restaurant with a do you live. In some of the things that were reported. The man you've been waiting a while Lee's summit going ID. Our name caught guess about seeing principle and this is about leaders. Or do things. Warren. And the time you heard any debt because those. Am I mean I'm in saint because they're saying is that we're too stupid know what they really mean you know trying to substitute the full. But DD I'm glad it Dion mama. Are you black are you black man. There were all wrong but I'm just trying to get people to get to a place to see. Why our minds go the way it. Ed that that is what you are seeing as you've probably been brought up is a Cold War the vote idol. Exactly. And they turn it like we're done it would really mean no we don't mean which one statement that watered down and say get out it. If you look at the definition of it doesn't it doesn't fit on that note. And they don't pay all of their core. It and he went about beat everybody saw and that's that he would order that you want to put into the quarterback that get. On the next. But the way you have to waste time that because we know people out. Point both people mourning its trip about that because that it could even it did not ended that it would have been a tree it's yeah. That picnic at the exact yet another import. To know about it. Oh. It'll pop. Up at court and that's about it. Got that for. Public inspection at about the importance. Of what differences on the on the on. Out of I don't know. I hear you Tony I'll let you will that take a break up to Tony and will pick you guys up on the of the sets illegally giving give your thoughts. Lock my at the end of the day outside of football read my side. We've all they're not paid to be model citizens there they'd be football players. And my outlook market leader I don't care he's ill he's stand up act like we're yellow oh I don't quite see. And every time I. You don't feel like he's hope Tony are you there that'll him with the idea is that you don't feel like he's given a 100%. I wanted to kill you for that but. I'm just saying what we were just talking about. You said it's not about on the field also feel that you looked it off the field their resonates whose resonates worse. Alba well we're they're just missed it whether adjustments. But what but markets Peters is being just this as a person. I know yeah I know you are and what the segment was about I'm just saying he is he is being judged as. A person and I just don't understand what we look at and we save what we said about the two players why. The feeling it seems like from Kansas City fans are sold or pork. I mean is it's is. So far like listen I I know this is probably gonna rub some people on the wrong way. But. I got think we can learn a lot of the sick and that they were gonna learn a lot on this. Well I see you Darrell gets you know the sat phone lines are open will cynicism. I will say that I have been that clear enough I'm not saying that. All the the fan base hit eight market Peters. And it even the push is that all white people hate or be outside and there is there is a rising rising. Plus of people. Who just like to this point is Brett Fannie today's it. It hurts him to cheer the saint. For the chiefs because mark is Peters is on the team. It invested the compares and we just made was. It is just astonishing to me the difference. Two athletes in this city any of the end markets Peters how far off the spectrum. They are looked. One is beloved and if you rolled through. It track records. They're really at the same except. Well Danny has had some problems off the field in legal issues that Marcus Peterson is never. And one is so beloved and now it appears one is closely. It is getting to a point of it's hatred by a lot of the bye bye good portion of the pain. And it is too is. Crazy like people here like it was success that I I'd like this to be a learning it at York. A white person that wants to come and teach please listen like I said I'm about learning everything you're trying to create risks that racism where there is not. I kept telling ya I'm just trying to explain you help people think and how we get to a place. Liked this. Let's go with you Darrell it's that they could go ahead. And until particular element now so my question. Better and it was great. Oh well orchestrated deliberately straight. Eagle on the field plain and for the people who say just play. Your article you tell us a garbage. The compared. The question. What will he be your. And stuff like that. It vanity press conference the accountability there right on paper on it. And where we are right. We're equipped at west where you don't. It accountability and those guys didn't come out to be the cot the pack your local. Not assert that you know people talk about the talk he not want to pokey stuff like that he'd have to write. He can be seen eat pork or he'd get me wrong that's great. Kerry so it went up last night he let. After the penalty and corporate call right in the woman got this was maybe ten into the I'm happy. When Andy approached him he could decode party. Motor oil. You know and that would not be just like that's like yet you so whatever it. You know when people see that big that problem about which could return short cute don't know it's not keep her great. A national. And I've been answering you Darryl is like I think is what what. What what seriously. Does markets have to be accountable. Like he doesn't even take the steps and had to do used that to be accountable like. Like beta and that you know what I mean appreciate the call their own you know. I get there. I understand that it and I said this I said this about kills. Then I think the midwest values please apart in two but but be consistent. Like UK it meant at. Ed Markey is Peters and had feelings about mark is beaters because he talked age you read the coats on the sideline about penalty. It did not and then have a different feeling. Are right. Danny was accountable about a do you lie. So logistics that everybody drinks and drives. Not every once they insert in what I just I just don't. They're both extremes and just two different streams. It's just frustrating says. Sit here and keep forcing this I like. It's obviously. A problem and I know Kelsey gets a lot of that too when he acts out and now maybe he is starting to tone it down. You'll see wood to this tree. Ed did I like I'd just like any time you explain it to me like. I don't know like even adelphia was treated the way that is Kelsey. But I hate it but it's so far like Diddy Duffy but the most popular athlete eager. In this it Robert billion. On the there. When it or they really quick. The fact that the law protection saying no matter who you. In history at the same thing. Yeah Eli you're pretty much crucified for and that the quote quick and complete their. At the the ball. Think. All of us out a quality center or that banker Paul I was out there. Ads is I. I hope there was something that was that was lowered their Ed why. Because people are going to be scared to put race into this look dammit let's not be stupid. Okay. There is absolutely. Race rolling all through the yes. I'm not saying everyone of you feel that some but there is race rolling all through this with work is beat. All through. And I'm just telling you from this side this is how black people key to that dot. Up like it got wise is Keegan crucified. And we got people around here who are beloved. Who've had far more issues. Kevin you get the last word on this. Tehran early on is. Didn't sense any of that dawned on last night did you mean it's. Well. Yeah as a person who did the post gates still is a person I know it when it happens that lord I mean. Pump. I've handed people want him out here he's an idiot he's. Eat cheap shot at it's is it car or anything that bout bought specifically. On him where he wanted his fault. Those stupid people. And is more stupid people have more obligated in a little further and generally get divorced in the people get and that's what you're dealing with here. And I'm telling you I. I didn't leaning are not that I would exceptional during their whole fracas it has gone on. He was walking away he was walking away. Even our hearts and got the. And archer and come after an you know I. I think now getting their donors you know my take on it and from a personal point you. Prompts. To meet up Jack Canada. Well if you fundamentalist following bit panicked young. Supportive. I guess in this you misconception but he sorting at that young. Adult at the end market just got hit. Very experienced kick but I'm gonna get thanked them awareness about you know which is determination and action that should be admired as art and art. I don't know what I appreciated Kevin they're less summon up. Duffy has a very comfortable feel for people here it markets Peters doesn't. In the end them gave. Created it to get to the next level. Yet people commented about how he speaks. No one talks about the laid back California. Dream in the way Danny talks. Coming let's have fun. You can't be serious and if you've listened to this so this week I think you know who's going to be the newest inductees. As the sound of the week I can't wait here as well what. All right. What we talk about this all the time as we look and entertainment. A lot of but we're going to be. Unafraid to touch anything and not a colossal. And that sugarcoat it. Doesn't is is in trouble we'll see what happens to us after tonight. I. But we also look to entertain and we appreciate the good from conversation we've had back and forth is as good pretty. And on the text alive and on the phones. And I feel like I hope people have learned things. I think Duffy in Peters are great guys. It she can see some of the work they've done Duffy. As someone who sticks in nose band project that's what I did the blood resonates as said. Danny has done a ton of things in this community but so has market op Ed Markey says the first family. Foundation which he hopes on kids in Oakland and here has fiscal they're there for high school football coaches one reported. From Ruskin who sent markets Peters is reached out to him out of nowhere to come talk to their cute. Like I mean they're both doing thing that's a sand is that he does. All of these things that you think of guys like Danny Duffy doing he just doesn't. Do them in the public eye because he's not doing it for applause not saying Danny Duffy is either but but but also Peter argued is that years it is a hit you keep it. You can find out about all these people because this was people were challenging me on this last week saying what is he done it just who. Just Google it you confided it's not hard to find a market Peters is calling a TV crew every time he goes dude charitable work. And to say it's just it's this. Amazing to see how and people say the World Series they. Think you know Danny Duffy. Was not a major part at all either one of the World Series teams. At all. All right let's have fun we have fun. We do this segment every Friday that this sound of the week it's called it team he's. Everybody knows she's really cannery and how I can tell you and serious. Complaint that happens yeah. You're good at that I can't I'd be glad to have you done I would add. I have no idea I've been brought about by the though doesn't it say he's he's. The whole hearted game. Are you serious. This today. You can't be serious sponsored by absolutely no one's own what does that. I'd last week Steven A as a sort of says is added to his old wing of you can't be serious 08. This week. Why it. Hey I have. Feliz added that. Did. Tony Romo has finally made it into. You can't be serious and I don't think this is the last we're going to hear him. This just designated him. They've raised con as playing that this week as we age this could play it at least a ground stop not stop I've this box. This is exciting. Go to your visit president acknowledged that in another let. Altria a Valencia a little lately at all it's kind of lets see it matters. Yeah how about. Yeah yeah. Now made in Atlanta Ryan I want outlook people in your cars to practice this. But the big drive and you could you say well I'll let you drag it to the let's do it again is only a start getting. Yes yes and record a video of it it's good to be. Right it still. Our whole it and I. I can do is. I really don't that was the worse so I. That being that this. Beauty. Why. It. You you would think today he just saved the world Baghdad's allies be coupled with. That's Independence Day moment. Holt unit is looking at them like a couple of little about it does gust of music. Like enthusiasm. Whole Ali well the enthusiasm. Isn't. This sounds like he's sixty yeah. What he do last night on first and ten at first it didn't throw votes from where. The idea of president did last night that he's there the rate is it just picked up the first down. And they stop bars blankets and yet laws Eddie goes well yeah he. Biggest yeah. Kelly talked about this first and it was just like its first instead touting the newest member of you can't be serious none other than. Jessica Simpson's ex remains goalies and Anthony. Tony it error. The.