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Friday, October 20th

We open the first hour asking whether Andy Reid needs to trigger his inner Herman Boone and take over the defense?  We find out why KFC only has 11 twitter followers and it's ingenious!  And will the real Travis Kelce please stand up.


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It showed. This show what they're host Ryan Briscoe viewed. He sat out two Malan listeners put those. Benders than head because it leaves still sue. For allowing us to be a small part. Your Friday evening. Who Leo's and says produces this bad apple way. We don't have as good the night. I am. I've got so much. So much as it is. That I can't wait to cut loose. So much. Prominence that Tenet's infamous. I've been I've had. You know a little time to sit on it since I left the post game show last night. And let's let's get to it is 601. And as we do at this time every night. Let me bring my dad Steve inserted to the state. I. Mr. I agents and the kick starts today. Mr. I get my hair and there is somebody who on opposite need to hear it. And the worst. I am going tomorrow and the worst. I've been here since I'm an impact in those it's. A Long Island Sound tired are you you had a long night. You had a long night. So let's. Let's jump into this so I did really fascinating. Down a little to take you a little bit behind the curtain of of kind of how things go well we do. It is down especially for me it is UT. Interesting howl a topic that come about it is interesting like how something can give you an idea or top. And the bad it's sort of like it's sort of what you'll believe like some of the dumbest or craziest things that have happened that led us to top. Never bad night at night turned into a topic that must and the bat and Austin. Gave me a topic. Lying on it like it's just crazy how topics that come about. And today. I've worked with some kids. They wanted to watch a movie. And I just so happened to walk in other allied to the movie 01 particular park the movie was remember the tight. And that part became the board that this top. And is well wanna go today. Blue plate but did so last. Who has been screwed no grizzly on Oscars. Our broad. Said to youngster you've never yells. Care of embryos for his name and his blues. Knows detonated that is when it's eight minutes of but you know it's yeah he gets that bill. Billion host. In their first game. They're deep it's led to that. Well law man's team needs it. What's over that deeply. These kids you just we're better off it's you know what kind of vote sit. He said now. If they score another touchdown. I'll take you know. I went out lots that I said Emmett. That's what it he read it needs to have the heart and bone conversation. Was slit allowed by the book. Bots that. They need to have that Herman Boone conference as it is that I ever urban vote. Odds. Is it is it. That's the art as it in it that's what I've been talking about that's that they. A mythical cared I guess it was base that it is too rigid account that you probably didn't care. But and get her own fictional. Within a minute part of golden was the coats. The last two weeks. Probably that she's way it. Well. We're on the sidelines. I believe it's easily. I'm not a big outlets got to take it for eighty read to turn urban bill would lots. I mean maybe you need to take a team trip begins here the titans know maybe that's we knew I played football you'd ever played football. I put a ball for V years our member of the titans is a team build programs not just this but I don't believe that happens it. That could be that or old do you believe AMD. Do you believe he. Certainly football for a few year and I believe it is. Not a soul in here. Believes the curtains none of the. Assault. I think he did he desperately needs to find his inner Herman boo is this ridiculous I'll line. And what it looked at what was what and they billion dollars what is billion o's response. Nobody did. It took Ryan got the character out. Allen who can't get as asking any change something any medium. That better deep it. I was too fantasies can keep up with a well they change something. Unlike op. It's similar to Barry Cooper last and what each State's. Because army got his name. And Andy needs to give it Bob and it needs to go digital walked over to blah. In the fourth quarter. At least. Play full hour at the track they get another first down Bob I'll take it over. As well. On the last or lays. Well it's not designed to have the right. Had existed used it and covered stereo three top. Three times let's use that pick up. Notes and markets meters discovery. The one time. I'm mark is Pete it was covered somebody what did they have a pass interference updates it was call. Andy Reid needs to tell Bob on taken note if you hit bigger. For some blue should not be the one rushing the pass over the last outlets go back it looked. Some outside linebackers in the gay. It breaks up well. This is the wanted culprits for example the one renting the past. I've got to believe and vote what are walked over to block its and I'm taking over. It just doesn't make sense either because we keep seeing the chiefs in these. Prevent situations. Where. There's said he thirty man fronts and getting absolutely no pressure. Or there's a big foreign guys dropping everybody else back in just used as always think coverage that he kept guys like breaks. I'll rushing the passer I've never seen people sin thirty and. And still there are people in single coverage. I'd never seen that in my life the fourth and T and that led Justin or whatever is the name could pick it got the first down on. These single culprit but they rest theory now. I'm Jay-Z I think Denzel Washington. In his time. As learning the part of Herman Boone learned enough football that I think. He could've been on the sidelines. And you got about that they. I mean you'd like to see that the I mean maybe they need to have yeah like Texas doesn't backing of a continent where he discussed it gives a motivational speeches. Maybe they need to contact heads out again about the sideline for a yea I mean we. Wear that dress up like urban business where. I thought what this but it is serious thing Ike. Many to I'm certain. What some college football other times that you see. Nick Sabin just cuss out Lane Kiffin would link if it starts feeling himself it's an. Acute Earl. I Belichick does it. Just does it what he's frustrated that his teams like I just don't know how did he was sitting on the Titanic. It is said Bob let's keep stared at it. It out solidity today. That ship was goalie down. At us debt. They've Baghdad another as the words. That it. It's as it's incredibly for us. Any because. You see these teams adapt a you've seen any read adapt gorgeous which is a fault of his in the past he refused. To adapt adapts his system but you've seen that. Nagy and Childress have helped him do that helped him adapt to modern. Offense to the skill sets of Alex Smith and bobs for summaries and it's just refusing. To change he just saying it's gonna work sooner or later. But that's horrible week and I asked I started this last night. All the post game show I sent out this week. And I said this I am no longer in the business of blaming bots that. I can't. I can't no longer do not blame I blame the guy who is supposedly a borderline hall of fame coach. I blame Andy Reid does anything go tell him. Just simply this sort of hey. I don't care what happens on this drive just in Houston rests in the quarterback every time Embarq is Peters is covering Crabtree or Cooper. Well. It. Doesn't make sense to me either because of the way manned coverage works at a lot of sun pressure. A lot. On the passer as getting into the quarterback that's how man coverage has always worked and it's like they're abandoning the pasteurized. And just hope we get eight there was many bodies in the back because they can't edit or out ending the Astros they're putting the demand in it and and did not glitzy. So I'm trying to figure out where they're putting them in man and they're not glitzy where the people who general to blitz. Where they spending yet just you sustaining twenty Arnold outfield not even not even on any time. Just standing in the middle of the field like. Like he's blatantly and tax counting one Mississippi two Mississippi three Mississippi and did he can rise. I T I NG is. I am flattered. ST by by this like that's it I know. I wanna make is that what I'm no longer getting mad about it. I'm not I'm just gonna look at Indy. Bo did do it. Oh did it to billion goes. Hey you can do it to bots that. Just and just done a guy that. And the part about it is just it seems to be so simple. And I just don't understand I don't understand our pal and Vijay stands over there and yes let's put. But I've never seen on a drive like that at some point. So once had breast here. At some point like right. At saints on it changed some. And it's it's awful odd days. I have pointed out multiple times but it was fine as long as they were winning games no one wanted to talk about it. It's a serious issue there refusing. Do adapted any way they're not making any halftime adjustments on defense at all. That's 88 Eagles fly in the way you're managing your foot. Ball team right now. Is I just though. I don't know how ain't he sits there or eleventh place. And that gave it to us let's elect spots as he's letting Bob is he's running the show he's letting bots that. I'm telling you I think Nick Saban Bill Belichick would have done swan dives that people's needs. Get over your lane to. This ticket. Is elected you buddy Steve. That's about a bloody state. I've had placed the bids from last ditch you beats up officials. And he's awful to key it's also read and among that last round. Although the last episode lasted a few weeks that he's in his office a coordinator are taxpayers he told just go. Then that's just apart I had no I had no clue about how Andy it's this weird it's it's. I don't want you to outwit YouTube Bob got black eyes to alert I. We should start a petition. To get Herman dune and as a consultant. For this team because we are down let's let's stop real quick that we get it checked to see averted Buddhist deal with the. The chiefs the chiefs are Eddie have. One of the biggest coaching staffs at the NFL because the eighty Regis likes having a bunch of bodies around the not really sure what they do but know little while to. This so I. Let's break yet let's let's get Denzel that are. To resurrect urban bid from the grave if he still lives. Hello this is 81 term is rolling around in his football grave watch and it horse manure last night he's available working we're gonna get our Madrid. Governor men. Like there's a next to this. There is the next day. Two AD just allowing Bob's. Who refused to put his best players. In the best positions. For them to week. The frustration. Herman Boone if Harman balloon L eyes at Herman Boone and did they'll las. Either one of you missed it I was watching remember the titans. Earlier today and there was a line that made me think about the coaching staff that she. And Irvin Bo looked at two billion those in the first game he said. Let's Soledad defects. Billion illicit. Utilities. Want to worry about that office and write it and there. Herman Boone. It's lasted till last let bill you don't know who they don't run and they and said they score again. If they score again I've taken hello. And that's what Andy Reid neat that's a conversation he needs to have hopefully this war seriously. It's a conversation that needs ahead because of Tony what the next step is going to be missed on the other side. I said the next step on this is going to be. I think there are in a serious note. I think this team. Not just the fans I think this team especially the veteran leaders on this T believe. This is a real shot to win this horrible. About think it is wrong is that anyone on here who have answering. Maybe for example has one in Green Bay. But not share the people who give a rip or matter. No one has really especially the veteran leaders. And I am telling you. Tomorrow are coming up soon. These players are going to turn on this game. And we're about to start having. Because Andy is set the tone would disrupt this this this references this wrote this ruthlessness is. He's set the tone with this we saw Tom colleague adds of goal and earlier did he keep keep it just use it. He wouldn't just and he used to Dick Alessio Nike reacting with Marty see Marcus Peter lose eaters lose it and used it. These players are going to start turning on them. I'd use target these veterans. It'll be like hey man. Hey hey we gotta do something else. I honestly I'm impressed the destinies and has five and a half sacks this idea I. Not yet believe. Tested. Has not lost. I love sinners like Justin. Because I like how like warn you if you're just to Houston on that last play. One of another last play. What the times out there's no time left you know they got a throw he's dropping. They keep. IC a lot of people making the argument that it's. While you know maybe they're just trying to preserve. Adjusting to keep him from you know rushing the passer. How many times is it like that's what you pay that guy for them but that's what you need him to do years ago we odds that. I have thirty now let's not hurts a double arguments I've not heard it ides I did not hurt I was I today people trying to justify the way they're using just used it by. Preserving him because he's had so many problems the last couple years that's saying he would on the last drive. They're preserve the like those people who read out so if these are preserving a the last drive. Third third at seven port that eighties dropping like to preserve them this is will we can get back. Losing bearing is a huge blow to this defense but they should not be this bad without error there list Eric vary. Would have helped a bit. He would held on cook the tidy. Thank Seattle is exploit a bull last year without Earl Thomas but they want this badly how Earl Thomas would have helped on covering could. There it's Mitchell thirty nines still would be a single cover it. As solid day. He's on pace to give up like thirteen hundred yards this season so I wouldn't Bill Gates Bill Gates one on one has nothing to do with Eric Berry. Lou I had this. My god to me I act you know like. I don't I hope it doesn't happen. But let wart you think what do you think mark is Peter's mind it is on the game please. I mean I would think they won the top corners on the top Boller around. Defense of play makers in the NFL. Wants to play against the best players in the NFL not sat Roberts. I do is say like what do you think he's thinking with the gate he's got to be like. At least it isn't ticking time bomb and I think in the right rough and when there are breaking down film and Bob's titans going over it. You think he's point out sat properties and OK mark is now pay attention outset Roberts runs a strap. I guess that's how that's how they they single the guys may say this is who you're going to be playing probably majority in this game. So you're going to hear you leak cornerback in telling him he's going to be guarding their third or fourth wide receiver every week. Is that it that I'd I'd. I just. I I don't Tom Lehman. Area of you just in my guess is Justin Peters. As well I was on the last night at big Bob is it confusion event. What because that can't wait to atop the comes back is Taba going to be in coverage through. A government job that Everett. Palate is gonna put tomba is like that nose tackle or something like system that it doesn't make any sense at all I have no idea this is who is the offices might locally the offensive coordinator in Denver. Is and who's running Denver's offense. I think it is at least I want to let our outlook make a ploy this week to ask him to make a tackle eligible. And make it tackle line up wide to see if that she's would line mark is Peter's a on attack. Because he does it moves side ides is the I think they will run I think bots will have mark is covered anybody that runs out. Left tackle. Upon her out I do all of them run their ponder over there and see if that's Hulu because of Ed Ed's at the point now in this Stevens read your fantasy football player it's. Whoever play that seasons ago. Died and wide receivers all God's. Say cavalier on there which it thoughts men. All of a got to get elected chuckle. In on the log out to you in that and yet things that car. The day. It can. La. It mandate given. Practically. That need to make. It'll. We're liars and let me. You saw that. Or year and what would that be glad that Iran is it simply say in the army years. I don't I don't think so I don't think so cowboy that is they may be used by eBay is worth today I am I mean. That's why that's why that she swears so interceding going after Joseph Hayden because they knew. Early on in the season this was going to be an issue for them. This. Heads it's a beacon. Hey thanks for taking my colleague and I think I really bothered by the Peter. Everybody had been anointed him as an all league. Shut down. Business and it was a it was at all for a list. Yeah OK can I say shut out. Any way that buying. He can't cover anybody is covered their weakest bigger and while he bragged about all manner perhaps it. If you look at the last burger or gain any big I don't it. He's not playing well he's given. John. Cousy was it. He had a he had the penalty yesterday at what's out washing what happens the only bad tablet is at the last two games what what were the big plays made him what what was the big plays in the Pittsburgh let's start their first. 'cause that that's because I think there's there's that people are losing their minds all over the place he was burned on it it's against the Steelers are what was what was the big Antonio. Chart I remember. CNN he's like yeah let's. You know your your your guys interject our support a kid did out of. You can't say a word Jai and you don't have a play because they're ranked one the only one is when he got. When he had the penalty yesterday there is no plays where he got our. There isn't yet there isn't you'll have one that's the thing with the thing. What that is because only eight. Meters covering the worst player on the tape. Just running it so cut the worst. I mean now do you think. This is going to fill any detect. It to audio out. To tell you what it was nothing like fifteen interceptions since entering the league what are they aren't getting. Are you know what I'll tell you and I. Don't Abbott's Antonio Brown was lined up against him last week great talents. One was a seven yard gain what was it jitters exit at one. Was holding penalty called back on this green. Why Kate Peters played both sides of the field like all other old pros. I don't know why do you Richard. Chairman plays one side of the field there are even spent paying huge majority of his career playing one side of the field I think is isn't uncommon that by setting a market he uses art week I started this but thing is this what about. Mark is Peters makes you believe. That market leaders would make not to play the play better receivers. What about this or whatever you wanna say about our speed is what about market leaders screams you. You know. I'm scared to play against the play on another side of the Marcus theatres does. Are just beaters. Gets interceptions and makes plays because he is fearless around the football. Tell a guy like him is his competitive is he as I would assume. Once the competition the except say he asked Ford. You guys agree that the Argus speeders is that one bad game this year against the Redskins were yet he got burn everybody gets burned some time speeders the Peters thing with you people. Is something else will get to that later put it something else. You can't watch this team is that they eat out there right now about football I can't you Panama now Peter I bet you right now. All of you can tell me enlist at least ten times. Here it's Mitchell's did beat. Without a short you can at least listed times how many times bill Gaines has been beat without a short. The only thing you got on him. Is terror as Terrelle Pryor. That's it. Be me it it's something else with Bart is beat it and it apparently. That got its show topic of the day I need I was not that that's sort of avoided the market is a market leaders is coming. As I Baghdad Lewis up the non. Case KSA is allowing. Is only following eleven people on Twitter in his or total genius reason that's next. For. I've got it guys. And a big of a table right now and as C don't fault lines of pool. I'm not gonna low you know I did show. But at 7 o'clock. Mattel you right now you wanna paying. Wanna get in on this. We're gonna go board is speeders and and I promise you. You know. We take is much chances in its chances and we don't hold back and I will put that advocates any sale in this city and I'm gonna go in. And I'm gonna go in hard and I'm gonna get real and we're going to get real as hale at 7 o'clock. About Marcus Peters in a way that he had not heard. No kid gloves here Jack. That gag is that AM so topic of the day. That the name. It's time to act like you here it's this year at the bet I used the show top today. This map that is what. It's time to act like you fear this bit. Cute show. Today. Yeah it's too soon topic of the day's sponsored by absolutely no once someone who could step up. Entirely and does it. Don't shoot everything but a but. This was coming to you or. About our friends that have closed slightly more on it. The headline read KFC. Is all it. Is only well eleven people on Twitter at put totally total genius move. They seized Twitter game is bigger. And a market. They colonel sanders' snow would be proud. Supple and twittered notice that the vast scene is highly selective about who knows who it boggles. On. Has Twitter user instantly to noted that there's eight KX only bottles. The owner of five former members of The Spice Girls and six pit neighbor. Let's get. Unless. Herbs and spices. Up a I need not to trust is this thick it is but given me some light is these out if you move the popular fantasy. A lot more but it does that David C. Only follows that let people that god former members of The Spice Girls its sixth man. Ed spite. They've got one point 283 billionth. Of its. Gave CNN's look marketed stick it as the product that's their secret recipe of eleven Leonard's bites. It's not clear how located just can't wait it tilts up once spotted. The settled stuck. Which appears to have gone down well another two. Used it for. Then we are giving it up you need the harder or just random. Is random people for ball Watson is like asserts her as other theaters and at least in the herb GA west LA City Council pressed. Are indeed certified traders refereed Marshal these youth if you look you gotta be the one at a select few like K you make it. Isner. Make that tasted. Duke KFC. It say outlets to drop her jets and the and just start making case as to why you deserve to be eleven their rights is the former knicks hurt Williams won. Believe more and cannot be the name of that person that wrote the article it's yeah you've got rejected. Out of that it's probably announce lower on but it. Is probably Lorraine but bar on them as much better deals. Is that time if you show stopper. Us. Showstopper. You and. Even spent god it's his birthday today is that right. They televise ball put his son lines on a bad position heading in the first game in the and in in his NBA career. Make his father put him in the lines and was import job drew are Zhan. The rapper in sports that's not TNT. And by the music is valid. It is out now figures it. Gerald Stockton just. That's what it's chic it's thrown draws I get that. Well. There's no all of exits pizza there. At the end of that word. I do I get that but that's how was now. It was felt like yours by the late real quick it was sixty casings that are spies that would be messing with the rest of the entries for a that is why now why is it drops its role our I don't know why I. Drawers. And it is brawl socialize it how. The way well. It's my hairdresser growth picture. Make it up arts. He'd throw. Targeted drawer right. Don't know why he never asked this question of our great you where you need rollers. Now is to zone. As we know the rule and sports and frankly in life is that you can't choose your own nickname on the show. So Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Mitchell Drabinsky. Is stuck with one of the weirder ones we've heard as. I forgot to put his name do you find it. Well done Weldon says well I applied for the bags back to what I actually act reckless I care drivers stars then bet it would skip Hawaii. But Mitchell service he is now the pretty boy assassin. Coming. That's. It you just wanted to sort of beat coming up next there's a real problem. With the one and here's a tease for that asked. Him about redirecting a. There's a real problem with one of the top athletes in this city. And I don't like it one bit and it needs to change immediately. Find them was that about. Next. It. Let's respect you. We will let you be the first one that we get to and I loved it he seemed to dismiss disagree with me I don't want to think that I am. Duck and we will get to you once we we get to that bullet. But Brooklyn is us that there's an athlete it is. In Kansas City and it's really. I don't like I don't like the road it's going to. Like yesterday. We were watching the game in here. And sir guy says it I was like so does it have an app I was going to be. Like a bit of a joke but then as. The day has gone on this is kind of turned serious for me. Aunt because a lot of stuff has been talked about with the horrific nature of the defense and the coaching in the game. Marcus feeders for some reason is a story. And I think this is overlook. And I don't know if I'm the only one who's noticed is an ally I put this out to you would you Alter listening as well he'd chime in on this also. Do you feel like. Something's wrong with Travis Kelsey. I am mentally I don't think like I'm not talk about an injury of some I don't know what it is. But I don't like whatever it is that he's doing because one of the huge things at elements of Travis Kelsey that is extremely important. That this team. Is. His swagger. Like his slacker in his competence. Is a big thing for this T. And this might be a small they do you put. He caught a touchdown pass yesterday it handed it to the official and ran out that the. I don't I did and we left knows what. This game. Wasn't written plans for a Tyreke had a better celebration like and use it like to average. That the peace on Tyreke and I'll Rosie called the defense on the football. No Africa. Let. I just I'd just like unlike. I thought he let's hear from him and it's like to any what do you seed. Track is get a first down. Used to pull the arrow well suited to do that picked first they sit accidents this. This stupid. Oh what is acted. But now. Is that the same person and he's playing the same way. And he's somewhat to me that's quite right mind green that has the play with the motion and let Marcus Peters it has to play with the most. And he's not doing that and he plays differently and I don't I don't like it like this. Track is guilty handing the ball to the official. Business now you need to go celebrate I did a first down. If I get to Travis let us in a week two trips and it was yesterday Smith last week I applied to get out last approximately italics those late. I thought like this nutrient is guilty at all and he needs to stop. There was a serious lack of celebration on that touchdown and I. I don't like it either head. You can actually celebrate now you could actually have fun just felt that. Just don't throw the football the other team owners up bigger part of the stats you'll be five you'll get a flat board so yeah I aides said at the beginning of the year. When I was in the chiefs' locker and that this team just has more swagger than any chiefs team that I've ever seen. Fans to stifle that I don't want the players to feel like they they're acting out if they're so well. Break it it appears that there's something that is that my game. Idols in orbit funny but there is something that has happened and the spurs nearly the tax on they went six. I think Travis has finally started to feel self conscious about the full. Like I think he is giving and he is just trying to close the I don't. I don't know what it is let it does not play well with any ES wacker. That's all the top it's it really has lagged. Boarding pass Alex who is the MVP of the league that had they cancel it quarterbacks and we will get to that that. Both of you they call. They don't don't hear it he eat it he plays differently. It's like is like a win. Located during a temper tantrum to Wear before you know he's planning around having a good time and got trouble for so now out of spite. He's done the complete opposite a unique knowledge I didn't think he's articulate I think he's doing his cause man. Because in the Houston game. In the first half we solve the trap LC when he got this. Travis on. Finally realized everyone thinks he's a complete dues until he would made it this. If this Travis Kelsey thing continues and he's gonna. Like I telling you it is it is visible these are two of his most lackluster games that he's played that I've seen in his career. Blah and I take them San Diego won out because that long was because Andy was letting. This last two games he's done he's done nothing. We are the happy medium like. We don't want streak. He just needs so you listen we you'll ever order has complained before when he. What is getting penalties or words excessive celebrations that kind of stuff that was a real good in the he's the find a happy medium but we all the unhappy meat we wanna stream we saw a week where. If he just refused to give him the ball is punishment for that it I don't think it's the type guy he wants these guys to go out there have fought and win. And part of that attitude in that mentality and you see. We teams like the Seahawks and that's part of what makes them great is that. They have that attitude in that swagger. And everyone on the team has each other's backs like you you need that from Travis Kelsey because he is your most dangerous. Guy on in terms of receiving like tiger it's a huge threat but Travis Kelsey is your most consistent weapon. This person here must not listen to us to this year and an island three year Nady. You. It's used the word complain when Kelsey is too weird it. There is there are people who listen to this show. You know I have not complained one I told him about anything that you have is guilty is death I had never had a problem. With what is the that trick skills he has never. People it's about you may be confusing us with a another ship held no. I was I have one that is to continue I touch that is as that that he Rawle. I've price Travis Ford. I'd been getting pat I had to tease him with him jumping over people I hope he gets more penalties because that means that he's showing the attitude that this team needs to succeed. I'm just saying though you can see a difference. And how he's playing man. I know I'd. He just doesn't have the same fire and he's not into the game at all and it's weird because they Houston game. I thought last week against the Steelers maybe this is like. The concussion stuff that he's coming up the deep cuts in and and maybe he's feeling some Rehman is from that rubs to be planet that's the case but whatever. But then this week again because touchdown pass and just tossed it to the official did. You know. I can't decide how I feel about what it is because. Initially coming into this I thought. Maybe. All the talk about this is pushing down on him. And is making him think. Differently and maybe I need to handle something different but then all he'll robbery of the good thought of maybe this is it would be that I've taken my ball and going home. And this and all right you you you wanna get mad at me for celebrate. Because I'm sure he's got some fantastic Twitter you wanna get mad at me for celebration also you did other hand the ball that's at hand or all of the officials it. The game and he's playing ever being insanely talented at this he doesn't need to listen to any of them and if he is that's more concerning to me and heading you. Act I say this man the Golden State Warriors. The Chicago Bulls are different teams. When Dennis Rodman and Raymond green are themselves. Coming up the best 592 show in sports. And listen I'm on again am I told you about the first well will take here you're hanging on like a champ. We are going to get real and serious and have discussions about mark is Peters. In a way you'd net debt hasn't been heard in this it. I promise you.