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Friday, October 20th

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, what's wrong with the Chiefs defense, are they wasting a great season, and the one thing you need to know about all the local teams this weekend on the gridiron. 


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There weights it's noon here. I love terminal six I'm offended. By the editor and replies I don't earn anything on it. You don't just the lights which guest dawn. I think it's better conversation with the wife of mornings I'm very pleased with my clothing choices I think the fact you got a little one on the ways. If evidence is nothing asked military's view utilized the wife please. At least myself from my confirmed myself. That comes quite pleased to hear a total please I'm offended me to take us. Stop with the sixers for six regular stations late stage in what job here final day of the week. We got a one we can add a plus I'm mad Tweeter. Watch your bicycle red to a rail. Relocation work side we would in the Camelot court. And the newest location open. I can't wait to stop by the near red dirt road check out. Is it weird that I really like going to new restaurants. Not aware of at all I just like delightful elegant new restaurant well. You like to do Russ Russ smell and taste of barbecue restaurant. You go on the whole season not after you that's like a cast iron skillet and what you wanna. Sort of are you doing real well fees get elected into orbit and it couldn't have. Breaking with with him as a good net. She's fall 3130. In Oakland last night numbers and I football location ministers here. Well. Yeah. It was a not good at all the wasn't. So frustrated I've told you guys I came here this morning in their opening segment. That my frustration with the roof not good. It just. There are certain. Times and and your sports fans don't. When you can accept both things. Last night was not one of those nights where it's easy to access your better than green fees are defended the greatest greatest should not have won that ball game. What's eleven multiple. An animal a little. And as did agree with say. Should quoted back to the chiefs here took cursory phone calls to one seamless. Piece in the word that Leah. Best of attacks line I am just completely you know fall today. After last night's loss to beat him be a great idea on what you could equipment if you don't give up here. It's history. C.'s this week you filter. You felt bad Monday he felt Friday. What do you blame to be pastor panel is back in the chiefs at all fifty she surely detectives. And and preakness week it would portrait of beer fest goes to our earth every. We want to clarify we brought up opening outlined a pivotal this is the understated Brinkley and you with us on the test I'm a weekly basis on the cell. People asked about that insect at all. When there's a pass affairs like that. It. You can't do that falls short like dead people that run off but he's playing in the zone off the feds are now if you're Tony chick yeah oh yeah I can bet that issue but it does. LaMarcus heaters staying in the news for all the wrong reasons yet again a personal foul penalty last night what do you agree with collar jobs that led to a fight accurately. But he agreed in our fight was to purchase included. Analyze the semantics on the sideline and then a video surfaces that him on a train in Oakland with Marshawn Lynch and a bunch are raiders fans chanting after the chiefs. Now part of Peter vote participating in match and he was via he was drawing the team favored the right way at him and he was given him a little black you've been in the business. Nonetheless everybody still pissed off about Marquez. Not an idea that's. Outlets outlook for the fourth receive this morning fan out targets and I'm like what is this guy I think. You're not you shouldn't be on that train. With Marshawn Lynch white after you guys all of a big matchup of a rival regained. In the division losses debasing game's not good to the raiders and I don't bars ons like to family and all that I know Oakland is it is a city you rent. But that. You do too much for all you're doing way too much the last time they've also been facing game was in Oakland. Do you think it would be accurate picture just to get an open. And the same night say you lost. What was your rescue team won't scratch with a rescue team made to fly back and feeling down about themselves. Party with marsh on. Bong a son that's not a good look. Just like he continually. Does dumb things. Almost like a pattern of behavior. This fifth I disagree just expelled an exit I didn't mind that loss as much as the pitch or loss. Not this are expected ultimately. I'm sorry this was a game that should've won more soul than the pit board game. What I did is we don't match so well we'll what do I do. Would you say that was agrees he would think the battle proceedings if he didn't need more. In the race. The push for a more tablets you keep it beat that team. If you wanna show you could beat the Pittsburgh I agree but there always wanted to visit real at least for sure he's also got to witness to visit to it won't ball well if if if timber if you went a different different W in the timbers of the debate. Denver's got a good I'm sure that she got to go to Eagles back to back to back and they by the way they've featured. Felt Dodgers moving on to the World Series guys the first time since 1988. LA has made an appearance in the fall classic. And now 111 mauling of the cubs last night in game five of the NLD yes it's about time they start winning some Google and many expect. Think the markets are still in the playoffs in half or more that America. New York LA he's fourth in Chicago history that 1234. An incredible series of one and two. Usually correct TVs on the big in this one. Dodgers now awaiting the Yankees or the Astros yankees have three games of two in the ALCS. Cars that and I'll PS IPS. Percent on the Sarah. Forget that the Sunni and that earthy ALCS. Like acronyms is just all over the border in game six from Houston tonight that first pitch at. 708. Let's don't Houston. Unhappy barely the Dodgers. Pounded. The cubs. Cubs to two of the body here which aren't all that noise. He tells you the Astros. To be able to win the next couple games instigate idea. The hub just went from darlings. Everybody hates you won here. Girls. Brokered. But the game seven. Good American winnable. Veterans and Bob's son lost control of defense about one sack last night. Here's it has the sag and the rest of it away and you know what I'm really pissed off factors. I know a lot of people are mad about the rest today. But the rest costs you a lot of night games the most important thing is they cost to buy one get one free big Mac today and that really. Really stick across the true mostly about it just didn't lose the defense last night at bed with office. I think that Bob is the last one season thing right now just articles and I think. I think the fans to follow this is back into 2013. A difficult game but we would've fired it at that got passed it much more from. Photos are from baseball nationals announcing Dusty Baker. That he will not return as the manager of the team and 2018. It should be noted the nationals have won the NL east the past two seasons so tough business. Visually it's now at is solved and that's a great gauge somebody's going to be up and Ellsbury in the good baseball I'm all of a field goal from. NFL spokesperson Gio walk because you got to change. Maybe and of all spokesperson Joseph Lockhart saying today the NF films not trying to settle with Ezekiel Elliot and they are confident. The punishment will be upheld. If you're secure Elliott Wiseman is with an. I don't get it he stated in an interview earlier this week. He's frustrated that his name is being tainted wheat that is if you truly feel that way and you go away. Actually occurred in did not occur. Here through world. I'm with them as bush was filled the investigator they had. Didn't think it was a credible witness to seek you'll get a case here Rea thought so from day one he's got legitimate beef unifil. For excellence of the weakest take is the way around for a loss I'll disagree with us. You get about audience you give of that many yards on the fifth with one finger blame the wrath I will fault them for taking away by I was doing free big Mac but there. I gotta do that too thanks to Mumbai and listen to this so what Ryan is from my generals all. Dusty Baker won 9597. Gains. In two seasons with the nationals. Reported salary of two million per season was bought apple what made with the race so they got gusty on the sheet and he still won 9597. Because. Return on investment. Good RO wire there by the way Andy Reid deaths saying there were no new injuries to report in doing it I like to break out. Point it went the only important newspaper side effects that. According this he wraps up their regular season this Sunday on the road they faced Real Salt Lake at 3 o'clock and I taping it will be. Locked and loaded on that one. Let's get it boils maybe it's just it's out there who ran along out what Kabul I'm going to be down at the spurs. Speaking of down at the sprint center this Sunday. In Ewing KU renewing the border war it. That's their right here on six and sports radio free game starts at 1 o'clock fast so clean and feed off we'll take all the way after the game. You know there's a game and then afterwards. Like Walter Carrington will be doing a post it. It's got to be a fun day man Sunday as they allowed me but wanted to see. These particular institutions that's up again. On the hard court. And now it's gonna go down its prison is going to be. Yeah just like say it's going to be packed house I think used phasing things would. Every now and he does he says things that list not to be outdone by the way case state hosting their own. Charity exhibition game it will be this Saturday. At noon hour in Bramlet so if you wanna head out there admission is free key states requesting. A donation of five dollars if you wanna get in the door open is totally free if you want to go out just. Cheers from. Figured it says CO authors that are ready to go with it for. Arctic do. The game to go right over the loudspeaker mayfield all I'm excited to they are actually playing I had somebody asked me if you if you have a second best team. In Missouri because you are ms. Newsom good vision view is he's like for the fiftieth anniversary is that your previous Missouri State. As the second best team college basketball wise fit into their we've playing Missouri State. Three different gave the stage for decades it's. When I'm the only one that gets excited for exhibition basketball but outline knowledge you got to click and I don't know if you were done and I'm not. After I after about five pretty zoned. It's. You know me I'm ready for some basketball you were reported a challenge well how wonderful Chelsea's dad traveled to a man had when you have Casey. I will be ruling out out there with us Tuesday I now. I know also I've always game for them there I'm going to go to the but brokering brokering preferring don't go yet. And it was a state this year is off I've never been that but is that weekend I think it's on a Thursday or threaten. This appeal would you like to go to which and so that's a feeling yes I believe the locals call it which he'd. May have been heads out that some donors list through our. Manhattan is not the easiest ride 03 easy right plus or do you think you can hop skip and then jump it is not. That was a bland as thrived. Are you talk about seems. He'll like you receive under the hills and it's it it it it's Davis seated stop I'd I'd driven out lots or there in my lifetime obviously. It's just a couple hours just fine what is Reggie porn shop I doubt I am I was you will be tired on the rise a few weeks ago. I think it's pretty deem best for. His job boards get your take yourself. We don't you explain yourself. But her. They're about which photo I think fingers via museum of world treasures out there. And when the most complete Taurus Taurus I should've been dealt a mean. A year ago you almost pulled him think that's because. The wife was what. The white police she was. Somehow come north with us. Ethically opposed to a phone finally know how to white guys. I just think you have a general problem with. Other women's naked wasn't nearly eight foot must have been go from there on channel I don't think everything. Asked to share. It was so I don't know. Here. It's putting a lot of wives that he knows what. All places and as it turns hour's wait life but the problem is if perfume they always Wear. It's still yet to return MiFi devices and those were you fit beer experienced it appears Cologne store robbery. The order just dump up bottle of beer on your face what. The nearby PS. Cuba. Now you're here. You in my may invite. Oh. Us you hear that. Do you you are you stalling to find the because. Did you find it yet to play it. This is Jay greatly missed this week's may invite please help Spierkel while. Yes that's right we could do white people to play poker go into the game we're just going out for guys night over pizza and beer. It and you find yourself somehow at a strip club. Well we've all been there we don't know what happened after he left it to you know what that this bank of strippers smell. You know this velvet the species the North American wipe a story can pick up from a mile away. Solution record bottled beer and it would flood of your your negative smear all over your face. That what you come out smelling like a brewery and don't get asked questions but what are the woman being with disposable income. On DNC bodies I'm Jay Bentley into this week's may invite. All done. Or. Every time. What the hell was. He was trying to give them by Cirque 2014. That was played a last year was a year ago is what a year and half ago. Hinckley. Null why it was written. Eliza is not what. I mean I would have gone like I would have Dennis. Except. And he wouldn't he's not gonna minutes he would like acquire just got right that are oh you for your call for you bill also I don't know price goes. Which goes ain't that ranking. Michael. Is it. Encourages both gonna blame each other here as Morgan and six. And last eyes laws were gonna blame on the defense. Will get addressed the defense would double the six that we United States. Next. Who studio sixty and Sports Radio. You feel something in films aren't you. Big things that is it's kind of catching. And who gives you like on eight and dirtier tidy sand. Good with the film. I. American Airlines and these are the greatest legends tent Bobby and used on you like it is all. I'm just tired. Zone how many rebels and he had the sport. Since yesterday morning they'll since this morning to. 2 already this morning Ed in yesterday's six it was so funny to Clinton when he says I don't yesterday. It was so funny too when Julie IQ most years decisions like few most popular from my goodness what the public all these rebels. So if I did hear winners them. Are you get those. And all of the different watching do runaway. One less Tuesday as saying that they wished that. Brian had brought this on last night to watch parties he wanted to love. Rob the young man sell like acting by all I do when it out of my own your. On the hell I told you guys what does that do in the other day I cry a little bad for but he needed here. Torres paler sixteen chiefs insider. Tweeting out just a moment ago Reid says is a chance Morse and LTT are ready to go for Denver on October 30 so. And it's. A great leader who soccer English and he's been the last couple. In practice that he's done an injured or worker anger and there take it slow him. When the injury I notice they would have been had colon park anger like sol did they come back yet tort seal people. He didn't write the beginning at last he tort in the season Seoul stop all is trying to. Trying to make it seem like park Rangers is some sort of law. Soft people wants to bring back man bites that. Down. One. More. This war. I mean the reason that it was discontinued as that it was all have to go to wrong growth rate but the thing about it was it was a product that's they have Emerson. These people pride did not like it the thing is true too. Because that's when these things to be helpful. Followed to help people wide otherwise. You are basically just exaggerate you're mocking us ultimately funny yourself exaggerate it Dutton all of that I said there and I'll dozens and it has been done you make a funny yourself. I did it it worked. Or. What's wrong with the defects. I looked at that she's right now. And what is taking place with the cheese. Last week after they've lost the Pitts horror. At a field. I noted that she still matchup well with pits or but I still left Thomas that if they played again that possibly the tees to two to win again. Just one bad week last night though I still does. And it's not because I think the raiders are better than she's cousin. If they when they face again in Kansas City like beat the raiders win no absolutely. Still war salt OB does. On start to see tracts would his defense. And I'm not like it was starting to get exit polls. And all the other teams are the year are going to. Try to take advantage. Calls. The weaknesses that we have over principle. Did happen to the race did not. Out to sarbanes I'm officially over Chernoff email and then they tell me as a tell me as a concerned fame right now. I'm very concerned about it and concerned actually the Steelers lost to pay more so than you because people are being beat you last three times. If you sit there and people last week he's in his defense is bad list those deepens when that would box don't watch the game. The army and it. Steelers suitable for few more minutes there is a pattern of your well exactly the chief defense every guy. He knew exactly what encoder card that. Of course you're cardinals more. O Randall out of this thing plays like why because durum success doing. But affecting or this and I believe in what they were when they would have got the same rounds in it at the same spot. Their car was taking chance after chance. It trust me you're gonna see some of those homes gonna take those teams like are doing the titan is dangerous throws he made he stresses receivers to me like. But Marc Cooper have done anything this year. Eighteen catches them in the game all he had dame big target in nineteen times which says to me we guys targeted nineteen times by team. It's best when government bestseller. Is nineteen times a bit ridiculous. You every Joseph wood eight words last night. Beaten the typical. Nineteen times is a dormant. For one player that means he's open. In it means you have to just which you do the other with a whole lot of respect probably from the chief Samari Cooper born at. The end and then. But certainly. Adjust the east and back of the pass coverage when it actually mattered in the game when you're paying him to get to the quarterback. Makes absolutely no sense. Do your best corner on Seth Roberts who had one catch for fifteen yards in the game. Clearly not in the raiders game plan last night at Getty try to be introduced them to different it's like it's Cecil Botha Regis here's release expect and do. It's to me for the chiefs to to be taken seriously it's unacceptable. To have dies it should be able to get to the quarterback nineties at quarterback. For dare tardy to model that game last night and not be sacked once. It had that day. Just to have that that that that's the frustrating part. It is it is not just about like sitting back to a playing man to man out but just a bit of pressure on the quarterback. Just force and things we got to treat some stuff create some opportunities to get tore in takeaways. Bottom line all right. You to have an opportunity this coming segment to win a four pack to take is to beat Kansas Speedway. For Saturday's expanding series Kansas lottery 300 starting at 2 PM. In a Tutsis dominate the Super Bowl this year there's one big pot travesty of the entire situation at this season. We get to that now. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Every inch residency. If Julio Jones. Can do anything for a what would shall we are backed president's gonna put on a show. Marcel is in the multiple warnings. Asked the wars. Is that the war in a week. Which you stats might it be just a one point four right. Probably. A big global head of one guy that just one point. It guesses the war you so bad off as we can write it and do it. Well I figured we were all tied up. And at some point I was gonna have to sort of thrown some darts on some of these guys it's kind of a spyware heavy bye week this week for a lot of the players. So which he panicked and panic I just I did I just out of I was gonna take mark are always hide was always the golden Marshawn Lynch routes. I'm saying since it was since we world tied at figured. It doesn't really bother me the fight if I drop back one week. Because we were all tied up like and 34 games back here. I'm throwing darts. We don't text when asked me if we got an arranged marriage with his daughter and my son. Things would make our lives it's a weird. My only question was are you pay for the wedding responded yes of course. Almost feels like its. Usual obligated I don't feel obligated to license its I feel like a sucker for not taken a great deal. I don't he's going to be like in fifteen years who have a new world. Just think the days of the father paying for the for the daughter's wedding and I'd be going by the wayside. The strike clarify. It a go ahead and make good deals were signed. So money I had telling him lately I got two of them on. They'll take you on the oiler you're in the don't wanna be granted don't take anything for granted the other ones on here yet. And I'll have to. The I want pre Smart. Agree artist. Colors that lines and Aaron. We're gonna give away a four bags tickets of the jets be way to Saturday's six X thirty series Kansas lottery 300 starting at 2 PM. And the other four is Cold War is NASCAR. NASCAR is the first. Told hours. There's something that stands out to us. That we talked about in our meeting this morning. That will be in utter travesty. All all she stands. No matter where you wrist doesn't matter if you live in late they'll all of them parked. Independence. Saint jell O. Liberty it didn't matter where you don't matter if you live in in in. Kansas is a matter if you live in Missouri as a matter if you live anywhere in the country or in the world. As a C span one of the things that has surprised you this year. Is the performance of Alex. That is shocked. I can't sit here and say that I thought that Alex Smith was gonna play anywhere near the level that he's played this year did not see this come out Smith is playing. Like keys won the top quarterbacks in week and is playing on it in BP. Level. Knowing that. Knowing that you're getting the best Alex Smith that you may ever see in your wife. Alex Smith. In the wars Sergio dip he's having what big late time of his life is having that time of his life. Alex and it is having the title was life. What you get back to back losses now. You kid absolutely not. Waste the best season of Alex. This guy is having a career year he has not thrown an interception yet. All we actually going to waste. The best year of Al Smith. Because if you if you look back if you'll look back at this season he signal man. That's the best out Smith has ever played out Smith was MVP you don't get to a Super Bowl. How troubling with that. Extremely. People have opted to Pearson in regards to rich gain it was at JT the brick. The year that Rich Gannon had that breakout year. In NFL MVP will where they go. The team's depth of the meet the super. Don't know it admitted to Oakland Raiders made it to the Super Bowl and they lost to Tampa. Sixty waste he's got 120 point five quarterback rating it's by for the highest quarterback rating. In the NFL Tom Brady and Kirk cousins that behind you 16. Fourteen points differed there he's almost sold for 2000 yards in seven games. Coach Smith bowlers with 4000 yards rich kid a year explode 4600 yards. Alex is on pace for 4000 York. These double as touched a prediction production up fifteen terms in the thirties I've ever point three you've got the outs that you always been one. What you wanna do is get your quarterback out. In the chase REE spent so much time fixing your office Maggette yet to fix some things because you were gonna go past the divisional round. In less Alex Smith became big advocate taking ethnic for a quick attention homes. You saw him in the draft guide it could did you hear this Alex Smith can win you games this announcement can give you considerable. This Alex Smith is third in the NFL decides that he's though for 300 yards three games here. He has thrown for 300 yards in more than one game in any season he's clearly playing with a lot more confidence the weapons round is finally there. Keep in mind he's doing this with a makeshift coffins line. He has got Morse is guides that are LDP. Parker anger and he's doing this makeshift wife he looks so much more confident their blocker. Let's last night the evil ones that will Mac almost got there and other time you have sacked in the game he's playing so much confidence totals wasting. He scored thirty points on the road for you yeah. If you didn't come away with a win in their show and they are in the sidelines of defense the ball down once again but you don't wanna waste it. You finally got the quarterback you want. He's playing better than expected. We get to a point in all of a sudden you're wasting it because there's beef it up. The psychic called ward is racing. Racing is the second Cold War you cannot place the way. This season about Smith. You can't have a die have a career year in united to a city and we can't do its best season they went to the Super Bowl and lost to the barnacles. That was the best candidate who's ever played he won NFL MVP. If Alex Smith is gonna play this double the entire year indeed MVP. Got to cash in you have to cash it had no other choice. You got to cash in on. That it be a travesty not to. If travesty not too. This is the guy. You always wondered is a guy they can get shoot through the divisional round is getting engaged in CTO digging deep suitable weapons their. Look according you never know. 4000 yard pass or over thirty touchdowns. You've dreamed of this day with Alex Smith reports link your defense. If his middle pack. Just middle of the pack. At sawgrass Delta's 1923. Defense you would take. There were thirtieth until will be in school and last banker clearly 32 because they played an extra game up. But when all said and done as we can there still to be around 130. Trust me that's not going up given up 505 yards of thirteen hundred yards last three game. Defense played an acceptable you're wasting out Smith is crazy he's won the zealots. We did defense as you did this guy this get a glove score points his defense since 2012. The Seahawks have given up fewer points on defense than the cheese. They had this been the deliberate loss or other break. Now the bidding and everything. You all's need is halfway average defense and you could win especially with the production about. It sounded talked a little college football weekly loves his talents for ball in tomorrow Saturday. We'll get to all before we do that I'm glad Ryan's speech he to stop means when report we got tickets to giveaway. Let's go with I call a number six call number six did not want to replies of 67610. If you know bull to Cold War that I do about this segment. Gonna receive a four pack of tickets to the Kansas Speedway. Offer Saturdays XP series Kansas lottery 300 starting at 2 PM cola 6913. Byes to 676 stand. But too cold worst idea about the segment we'll talk houseful ball and the one thing you need to know next. To studio sixty and Sports Radio. My congratulations to the he won the fourth acted tickets to the Kansas Speedway for Saturday's daily series. Kansas lottery 300. We haven't got those four pack that we would give away at one or 130 would win before. Graduate is the leading vote. We'll talk to Dane news it is assessment of last night's loss. Here at the top of the hour clock inkling. We don't not talk enough college football. Soul when it comes to the local schools as a retreat case stating Kansas. Let's dive into the one thing. That you need to know. Months old institutions. It was dark. And we start with. The start was. First game they. Live in the end here at eight point one team seeing. Here's the it's one of these games the SEC east which is in your play these on companies write the middle of the season. Idaho. I hope and Missouri available. The team that's probably that is the division one that's long been drugged on this PS2. And for the ninth in this than bill offered something years. This appealed to being the loser fourteen point favorites in this game you should win this theme that she should. They should win this game you don't. This is one you can fire period all he did get an idea is sixty candles. He can't lose games there's just no way you could never thought that they'll. Now in this team should be feeling good offensively. And good offensive performance in Kentucky looked good at Georgia. But if they don't find a way to the united. Which is in the Sunbelt conference which again. Is going to be it looks like it in SPS. Who a year for the it's a game that's when they put Connecticut next week it was doable winnable games. For Missouri right here in the schedule by the way it was Aureus favorite in this game plus fourteen point. This fourteen point favorites. Which isn't a ton against Idaho I decided to ideologues. The nonaligned movement on 3 o'clock in state homecoming. In Manhattan. It's kind of fun to for K state fans. Because you can go watch basketball team begin admissions free sports Kansas State played Missouri State or states picked favorite win. Missouri go to our games at noon five dollar donation is what their suggesting he go in the door and go over in you can watch Oklahoma. Again skiing state. But this with a state. Can go to Norman Oklahoma in beat the sooners Kansas State can be no problem is oh goal Oklahoma liberally as these mine courts. But once again it was a big game like I've stayed with and they polished up Oklahoma fourteen and have favored. They look at oak almost fourteen and a half in man. That's unbelievable. In Manhattan guess what yes and plumber showdown next week for Kansas State this season I think it's Friday. Judy stretch of games we go to overtime with Texas who's going to be Texas. On the road TCU at home Oklahoma and I'll see these games are set up the wildcats you'd east of games at home. Beautiful home and only of this what was presses take advantage of yes you do that Google almost a tough game there in years to go to West Virginia which is never easy. As the traveled West Virginia. But this is one of those games at the end of the year you're sitting there two losses they need to run tape. They beat Oklahoma they've got to run the table if Kansas at Texas Tech West Virginia at oak almost they I was they. The finish of the season winnable games Oklahoma State the biggest test. Iran a Texas Tech. Can be pretty good as well but the biggest challenge meal almost eight remaining form she didn't feel good win restart rubble positioning. Put your team that they're getting your profile you gotta be teams like oh home. Police when he looked back at this as the Texas he's you know moment you know wins right there you've got to get that job done. Begging is at 3 o'clock by the Leo and sixth in Sports Radio. Ads. Fans. Prime time. On fox primetime game just Johnson TCU kids experience. Very upset about the way things there about playing in front I'm not good absorb it enjoy it. You don't wanna see your team get I've beaten by fifty points on primetime television though it's not something you wanted you. But to me this is one of those games are Mexican Tiki and them. Because he's TCU games have been close what since 2013 only fourteen point has been the biggest marks the Victor for TCU. Only one point victory for TCU last year Kansas David Beatty likes recruiting in the state Texas. David this is one intention not to be watched is being done in Texas if you wanna win one game is your season is not salvageable or point. Beat TCU on the road primetime. If you look at for one positive you can do within program. This is it easier on the road especially in prime time it's one thing it's buried no one's watch that. Richard prior time. On Saturday night people will be watch in the line by the way his gun up to 39 point outs towards TCU solo tackles 39 points. In key of the season the way in hell. But not I was they beat him forty by the nothing so it is extremely possible it is homecoming it easy. I'm trying to see what is the big match up with the weekend looks like it's a rather and we cannot full ball. On there's not any real good match and I was actually giggled through Memphis and Houston Memphis gets the win their what Tennessee's at Alabama. It to elevate was 36 point favorites in that which is while. Which could make you good. Yet there's no rules. Stand up matchup has all L a settlement should be but I think he's got this getting done is to just executed state is that. If you're talking playoffs we talked about in state Tucker a Heisman Trophy. We are talking of seek one Bork USC Notre Dame I just listened to scheduled for Penn State. Michigan this weekend. Ohio State next weekend Michigan State. The weekend after that two of those three on the road Ohio State Michigan State on the road. And they would get to the playoffs up trees would surely quarterbacks equaled or quit and speaking they James Franklin the most underrated coaches. In America with three straight games right there it starts with the Michigan and well. I actually like pins they initiatives we usually another would not do in the off highs on watch today what if you had to give away the highs and oil field today and or what but who who Hoosier ami who would you have as is apportioned by looking at it one more still. He's an seek one Bork lead number one I Studebaker refilled the number two. He still put up huge numbers interception. A touchdown interception ratio didn't drop on down must after they loss against Iowa State is still 19137. Yards seventeen touchdowns one that I did drubbing at number one. Drop down third price love. He's the guy that took over for its funny is that these guys that are taken over the Chrysler that give your last year we took over pursue McCaffery. If any of that Donald Humphrey left Indian Eagles they knew it shut any. But think about this he's got thirteen 187 yards rushing eleventh but there. He leads the division one it's not even close for Ed Mason Rudolph putting back into the list Oklahoma State Karen and a parole issue. And then of course the number five a GT bare back in there. For more I'll get mossy damage as the brass. His 18130 yards passing 41 touchdowns just one interception he's got 359. Yards and five touchdowns. Running the football look out for awhile if they may be here. Then Oklahoma lost please Armenian. My throat man. A voice is done. Don. Nelson Sewell for Missouri Kansas on Sunday. But have no voice. I'd be yelling at the games can be observed in the game still. Drink more water. Act and left the studio in the last couple hours. The port edit its water some struggling on struck us. But the case state. Gain that you're going to tomorrow. They need they need this win man in the war sway. They get this win. You're talking a while still being a part of being in a removable. People are as it takes a big key states bull gonna be able old will you beat Oklahoma which. We took you to your Anke and this. Kansas they wins that one. At Texas Tech Ed could be lost West Virginia at home. Oklahoma State on the road you've been Michigan's Arab state there's three more wins worker. Is is. It about a question. Going into the year the expectation was that case it was going to buy for the big. Big twelve schedule worked a perfect. If they don't get too low ball. Yes. You're looking at a real bad boys went wrong yeah I acting predictable. If they don't be close teams in bowl games. Well we're talking about a program it typically over achieves. Party that this season polls like the pre season polls they'll say that those fighters seemed to get a place here in the always. You know 00 ball the expectations. That will be something drastically different doubt will be. Not and it's not DO DE eighty bodies like to have in Libyan native of coming up in two minutes. We'll talk to data and news former chief. About what took place Oakland last night in two minutes Max. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.