10/20 - 1 pm - The Home Stretch

The Day Shift
Friday, October 20th

In the final hour of the show, we talk Chiefs with our guy Danan Hughes. Plus, the Eric Berry injury is finally starting to show, will the Border War leave us hanging, and the Take 2 Before 2.


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Appliances don't. It's exactly they don't know which you just don't know on struggling right now man and his voice today. You mean it's my hot tears and she's got me in a bad place right now I know Benny has always has tea bags. That's I didn't mean anything dirty by that he literally has tea bags as best we get our that it sells. I'm out of tea bag if you want. The stock seems to. Would dating news. Dick in. Latin. Class. Over the kids off the rails. What's going on days. Much. On trial. I outward demand among omelets Al Amal down we got to our lives the work we're doing here. Hubble was a joke was the result. Last night was the with Tutsis losing. What was the number one issue that you had with with the loss last. Great question goat there's several issues at number one. At. Number one warned it. Would just like to slam they all. Just want to. These and all who eat just eat that. Now listens to be especially Strickland would be. I think would it Sorenson. Got it he obviously. Very very good so pristine. The years we've been here if you are also to the line of scrimmage. Maybe rotating at one of the younger more. So and a joke at all. Submitted outside. Situation. Might be something that there to look at. And just. When you have to give our. And this is not a not go to Alex Smith. Wouldn't have to get yardage and would secure warden. You've got to be able. And also in the also obviously attached or thought that the line. It will work experience and thought at some point and you just gotta. Yeah that could be. And give it is that you certain sources well I mean. Everyone in the industry emerge out in the country knew that that they'll all the entire draw. And yet we did not get any pressure on Derek Cox. Not the button so judge luster in eat well or. You got in the got the ball has become you know the slope that you dig deep that negated. The most disappointing. Actually. If this point just he's dropped over sixty times this year dean and talk about this this past defense. Eight if your play against this pass defense. Mean I'm talking now when you're playing you would like this is a receiver played against this passive aggressive defense when it. All right so the other side. What that means or by our wide receiver Chung that we saw last night so it all too that's here. That's what it called the raiders indeed cyclical would be that it can't be physical back with you they'll sit well into the in the world. Ought to be part. All of the first problem I'm. Although. Let's try it should go these. Are what I mean by that. Like Justin Houston. Yeah. And dropping coverage but not what he does not what you paid for that well. Years doing maybe. We're. You know maybe look a little bit yes all the bill and I don't speak a lot so in crucial situations while he. Premier. Watchers. You know we're in Denver all she goes out over the drop in public late in it. Though you got it yet you know there's the bill of question marks. And figured. This extended Horry will help them do and that is going to be some self evaluation. The OK you know what what regard do here I was gonna work you guys and in my. Everybody it'll. And you know it does seem to want employee who really noticed gardening. They're relying on lecturing to get pressure on you that Colorado quarterback. They gene. Let your story great genes. I've always been able to your question that forms four and not rely on blitzing. Defense for the wellness group that she's so well. I think this will bothered me the most you back to the Pittsburgh team in your view them back the on the one yard line you'd that Norway's. In drug just illegally beyond bill talking after the game how we knew when they were in third long you know they're gonna be in May and and they were on the ball they did the ball together third ninth version running the ball. In the end just dig in and does the last play of the game this what bothers me. He's we've talked about just these eavesdropping in pass coverage. In the markets on Seth Roberts. In a Mark Cooper is clearly in the game plan last that is targeted nineteen times. In Michael Crabtree in you have your best corner on Roberts I know you don't switch sides at some point you might have to. But like the bully them and there are we're on city. August feeder or not mistake that what does Peter really that simple and it ought cornered him that's so it was shot. True shut all court that guys like Derek Karr. Not gonna make the mistake lights. A ball again they're more the Steelers got away with the push on Crabtree and there's no there was no there was not a demo will. Jeter's side of the deal for the rest lately and that drives so. You know even in and tell me what a waste computer. Decided on the sidelines so. I'm not gonna believe. Believe you let law orchestra. Believe that their call would have little trouble at our level officers Jeter's in that situation in oh. It would be. A slush quarter to sit in the pocket. For an extreme amount of time. You're gonna get it ought to mention. Dana you don't want on the issues day I Saul last night it I must say it's necessarily a bad team because. Be when you look at Travis tells he was targeted five times last night. And I guess my question is when you have bolt with different Dodgers to forgot to try to get the ball too whether it's Korean high on Travis Chelsea. Tyreke deal you know a lot of times a look at Danes in the way they games play out. Everybody can't get the four ball what do you think is is. Is AD reads. I guess and give me an assessment of what you think eighty Reid is doing in terms of getting his playmakers the ball when they need the football do you think he's able to balance that will be two TDs to a better job. Well it does. And we'll all miss no more. Offensive at all you call the play. Very rarely have ever Wear. Coast all the players that little area. There are players that are the line yep so tight end designer ordered a lot receivers which genes are such that. You know certain receivers or mismatch authority created. Or like to believe that it created greater. Market is. Is not going into game thinking you know we're not ordered that all Travis. It ought six. Two in China or whatever. Chad Chelsea is that the Rottweiler or more consistent. As well what I'll watch itself. Our third time to also there and we've been here for four. Now that. Doesn't like to launch the ball. And she possibly probable well. Installer general order that the minute war. Or a liberal and open. At least trusting that brought it. Not allow the ball again intercepted. And hopefully make well and you rarely see those type roles. Travis jolt he won't go won't be a little. Away from the hospital wants if you're isolated like you got like well. All of goal. Is still well creativity but also. In that. The big play makers sure that they're not reduce the wrong and it in the original decision in the in the the denial that it whichever hole the church built that all of that responsibility to. He had dated but it was talked about in the past with you you know I was you know talking to Marcus Robinson would give. OTA's turning given this guy impress me he finally gets the chance to shine you get 69 yards probably could have been held a lot more ready now fallen down. All like them like the fact that they want and the wall but it won't specialty quality goes no that's. Near beer while all get acclimated to this heated game you can tell the coaches. And and given doses and took the offense and now obviously. Unfortunately it's only going down I like him being a number two to me he's the true number should receive well sort Chris currently being that guy. But either or. He also guys. Jingle ball maybe not tightly very good. Habitable. But there's a second off the football so. It's immoral war at all on. Trust in him out of the atmosphere of calm down and hot or catches. And give it kinda new threat or I should say triple threat where I reached the trauma. Maneuverability. And mismatch ability against each of them all where the outlets stretched the if he does suddenly norm. He didn't he can be somebody who don't want to let it what so. That's what I'm looking forward hold it for a little out there and opened for the second half asleep. Dana I know where your rant with markets saw Peter's. Because I alum I'm somebody and it. Yeah. Order. Ball Dane and like Marcus theatres and Anna and I am I'm more of a supporter of marked as Peter's in this town in moles people. I think that a lot of people do not. I'll appreciate mark is Peter's right now beat because. All these protests and he's not able to invade the message that he wants to get across the way they like not everybody is a great communicators so so I understand it but but there's a lot of things he. They squandered it he's trying to do all this just ask the feeling is I got home he's about dealt with that have lived that have been about that. That type bull bomb. That having that title for Sony the entire las alliance the united I don't hold me in Marcus Peters but there's certain things that I think did you just. You got a radian a little bit and I understand it. He's from the bay Oakland is his town that marsh on the excuses you know is spam Leo and his boy whenever. But that date from an aesthetic standpoint though why the train asked the words in August of with marsh on ask you this at a loss. That I just. I don't like it out I'd guess the bat well. All the time but wait there's not a lot of empathy or overly. Not just about what you draw in this ball and you're just let them what year. I want to be on democracy where you need to be Ito this little well spoken person needs to be as a global player ESP. Their locker room guys need to be. This kind of vocal and achievable goal would be ego it would be smiling guy on guy either. All the little checklist item. Each individual and the mayor mind about a lawyer. And sometimes. You just say what you just take the all of the deal is one of the job. And so we'll also. Hear all the what is your football player. We'd like well like all week. You know alert the community you know the outspoken guys see you know. Loose change our personality. And they'll put it this. Personality person. That you like and just love. To play football there had been well let god given ability to. Higher level. And we should. Enjoy it we're we're definitely. Need it. To a couple people complain about Jeter earlier today read my blog now. Oh it'll are feeling toward an issues negative racial although what they did now. But we remember you know William Archie. You know I remember. Chris Christian inevitable there age or. Older it's not remembering. So that we were. Saying on Monday that we're we're gonna give the circuit. Play a role as the that we actually have one now he's a couple wonders here and what of what Paul the go home right now through this outlet like that or. It in the City. Hall. What you wore what you know implement it into action like you know. Build on. MI thing is this you get on the hit and essentially what you state it was it takes all types it. It is you're exactly right it takes all types of individuals to be on the successful football team. Oh mocked into the stands is opera some fans that have stated that that they don't want markets need is honesty if you don't want ought to speeders that you don't wanna do quarterback bottom line and I'll wanna do I don't wanna do it quarterback almighty. Well you know about Christmas where they're their questions wishing. I mean you get what you hit and sometimes not. Partly it's been in the what you like. He's that it is a great player. That would do it in the community that we hear it all you about it outside. You know all the spending your dollars in orbit trainer that are driving and call. It would have been. There's not much else know what you want it ought to nitpick about it's protests and you know maybe that's why would when he talks. No oh just at a spot or problem that often mean. I mean they don't they different. I know the difference it's a little different they're. You know what I'm watching all we got entertainment and a lot of sport I love that. This team and whoever where where little red involved and mental well. Nobody knew what relish the fact that there's that. Maximizing his opportunities and capability on the field and bodily lament the global level. I have a great weekend man what talked to nicely because will be getting prepped for loss for the Broncos next Monday night. Arctic air that's obtaining news joining us here on the dates. On. Coming up next is one thing that we have to acknowledge when he comes at it seems 'cause it's it's not. Anything good and it needs to be addressed we'll get to that. My thanks again to. Dating you just joining us here on the day shift to. Did you LaDainian. Next week. Commencing to steer this zones. In injury to a star player in the NFL. And I distinct it. Officially man disguised rears and in doubt. Sort of like. When I mean plot by a serious he's gonna have to walk away from the game wade is more than ever would have expected. The mess that Carolina Panthers linebacker boutique week. He's out for this Sunday's game. With a concussion. Third man up from its start and it tumbled to a member now that was their last game was last hour stay. They to have a Sunday game Carolina and Philadelphia late last or straight so he's had more than a week. I think to keep us an issue. Is displaced maxed out it's reload the malls when it comes to keep the weight that he plays. And this sucks man as you saw how many angles of that a bit Haiti took up the line when the line and blocked them. Acting technically it's gonna be one of those guys you have to walkways in the game before ball a lot earlier than anybody expected and that subspecies is it tough to get in the U. Yeah he's a Baghdad love well. Well no I don't usually. They beat he's that guy that you did the price it would give it but it doctors say we can't do. Big isn't it you don't. If it was like no look we did not actually started getting too exhausting countered. With well yes I'm saying thirty union that Alston out I think what. I certainly get into that words to speak ocean after I entered to at least stud. That's nobody's gonna fault it was that Apollo NASA line was talking about Alison rivals talking about all this morning when we're talking about two trusted him try. That's such remand is that guys missed you missed half a season with a concussion and now he's this and mortality doesn't. I would not be shocked if by the end of next year they say that boutique Lee's double for. 'cause it too many concussions are racking up on certain guys call Welker equally. Jews non stop some guys are prone to. Given more he had the two major ones Arnaud. Aside we have what we do nor was it I'd acted exactly full speed dual format I please full speed S sucks I hate to. But the thing we need to talk to ball big right now. And it's rants. And we hope that what shall walk. What is showing up because he's too durable player. Is your starters he gets to exit or theory. Not in the lineup. When he's not. A part of these games now. Is start to rear its ugly head injury. Eric Berry is. If not the best safety in the world. He's top three. You can make that you can make the debate about Yemen. Landing Collins and now Earl Thomas of defense lost the elite level players. In the it and it's showing for the first incident shall. Now start to shore area barring Beckham Daniel Sorensen is started shall like. An actual sought. It's just a decent probably not a percent you lose that or leave players on the mostly on the Houston. Peter Behr. And you lost one of those those 13. It was definitely showing up. The tide in his nod her chiefs here but Kurtz. From Philly guy problem I get it went on parents which helps him a bad in the year. Gerard Cote. He's Italian. And he was out there they had two players over hundred yards to scoop read over 200. Cote got over hundred yards you missing there which also missing in run support its with three missing it also that safety is a lot of times in the wrong place. Like air Murray yesterday you touched on it you were in the wrong place. Barry is not going to be in that wrong place that you can rotate out swords. Our workers or even for a sheep you rely on those guys they help you appeared very injury. In it sucks he paid money in it be great to have buried he's been playing together. When handled the camera actually help the tribute but again they're very when he two games last year. Be held to a lot more with two games specifically were buried games Carolina Atlanta. Is sick all these tweets I sent shock to a last night don't let him inside or he's talking about. I these teams a good time here he's had so much better about cordoned I'd accidentally when are you absolutely any human source and as as. Source to listen some good hits on him. If he if he can hit you. He misses them too he's been shaky too. Soul it's really start no safety play's been relieved atlas but it has Murray swords and and Parker had been dead Parker's getting to rock he's getting flat run over he goes to make tackles without wrapping up which is a major problem. Which is safety play is not been. I'm actually just point in park Tuesday played much better in his life. And take a look at the schedule rule quake over the next month or soul. Did gorgeous face. Not to concern Dallas got Jason Witten. Altered science. Evan Ingram. I'm looking at who the best tight ends are gonna be facing you for the remaining portion of the season the good news at the cowboys get a break get the bye week. In its two New York for the giants input is very New York that your thing they need the bills don't vineyard the middle and again. Your New York to three weeks. In the jets is shown played much better than what initially it looked like is Hillary's bombed in 45 between early years like a bit of jets. The big east or play an athlete at noon you back into being normal. In normal routine. As far as playing in eagle on a stretcher actually restart with the giants you have four straight games. Now he did back in two year usual routine. That raucous game now looms lower. The Broncos can essentially can be like the raiders. You add up the raiders Broncos and they looked terrible. Rather road chargers in charge could be Denver in Denver that was but the chargers charge at the end. Did they go to Q and sitting in the go to Philadelphia and they get the patriot. Searching for the Broncos extremely. They can be in the situation regal bearing when they get here or Denver keeps on cruise and in plays much but it we thought that we get back to the border war coming up next as well let's give away a four pack of tickets. To be Kansas Speedway for Saturday's east miniseries Kansas lottery 300. Next. Including studio sixty and Sports Radio. Pines one teens and 28. Mormons are diseased. Must raspy voice since my songs. John yeah. Don't wide open sliding in a beautiful ball. I've been. And then none at all are needed to buy the game. Of the playoffs. Sponsor through Thanksgiving. This line evident calls it is. Always room counts that's one thing. I had not on I had checked out with house keys. He had a house deals if you. Pretty good. And he said miles unions don't think it is. I can't here. You and ultimately I dump that guy got talent that's twice a week. Used to feed them belt last Ellis I need to dull I added Thompson to a halt to Deion. It's the job this'll last night tonight oh tonight's last night the last teams to her homecoming game senior nights in the ninth how was. It at all fans in an effort to keep our facility basically put this sort concession ways than one of the trash receptacle located throughout the stadium. Polls all that trash. For nationally there I was to be pleased Tuesday being used to have Chris there you remove them or me. How is the final game holt comes. I. Guess we don't make the rules. All. I can see this year and our body. You're back next here. I hear that it pays to get interest in reaching here I do actually I'm not saying. Waste receptacle just trashed the so next your practice I can be your spot of what game he'd like. On it's not easy. Me yeah but before I don't he's hit a couple. I mean you militant known as a big time respect for spotters who know I mean I don't wanna brag I kind of prefer work without a spotter I'll get is finding not cheap beer girls and I don't know I'll let the I know you're designated grow our. Have you ever been a spotter in in an assault press box now that I've spotted Rangel wouldn't say I'm a little. I've been up in an NFL press spots a lot more of pre try to help spot. It is not just a one horse and don't know like multiple guys and did you try to guess he got it down rise than others than the there's a grown man naked. Bodies human and. It's bodies. All right the source told word for the four by two tickets of the Kansas Speedway. For Saturday's Geist entity series Kansas lottery 300 is spot. Spotter is the first Cold War. Basically Sunday at 3 o'clock spreads underscored the pacts. Was sort Hussein's Kansas fans. It's gonna be an exciting day I know it's just an exhibition game I know it's for charity I know that. It doesn't you know long term meaning anything but the fact that these two institutions the a lot of people called it. That they want to see them played in every single year hopefully this is a jumping point for conversations. Or round. It happening. Take place a more I did it it certainly didn't sound like it when it does is build some example what you hope that in the afternoon game which involved at some point. We could all get back to to the table and have. A significant conversation about what this means. For both sides. In which it had that debate to say it doesn't mean anything for Kansas and Missouri wanted not. Heck we get Cole Aldrich. A jayhawk on earlier. He's got an NBA game tonight we interviewed him and he says yes he would like to see. And his take on the soars so it's not everybody on the Kansas side tools. Which question do you think he comes up first both though at this game. Yes console via. Is it does give. You ask you that it will be a accurate it is. It is not so positive. Walt Ikeda knows this game would bring this mean these have been made me understand this if these games played Missouri is the best teams in a lot of money. Sometimes you wanna do things because. It enhances your fans. Enjoyment in the years experience. I perceive this situation is one of those thoughts. It's not just a bowel. And individual. It's about everybody. I wanna see. Kansas face resort. Yearly. I'd like to see it under speak for myself I can speak for everybody. Everybody can everybody speaks for themselves mean personally I like to eggs they. Be honest Biden last time owned. Also it. Socks everything that takes things are clicking and lot of injury in my purported you loser. In base sold out the minutes. It's gonna take away from do you think that this is the scenario. If Kansas crushes those soaring. There's a chance. It was Horry. Was to beat. Kansas. There's coaching chipping Tibet's all of us there excuse thank orbiter to the back donations or you have scoreboard Ottoman notes an exhibition. I think it'll increase genes the desert one. We just get the taste level I'm like you don't argue that ties them with the whole lol yeah. If Kansas beats Missouri all animals animal that's from us spoke for much at all. All it. Ellis Paul Pierce ladies and gentlemen. We just get the taste them I'm like. You don't argue that ties them with the whole loaf. That's Allen's. Similar to. JP in the race. Well. Assembly should be it was bad luck. What was that. The rate that it took advantage of weaknesses in the team all over the raiders are playing. It how was a bad law that cost. What do they dig into we'd better finer man. That's been played for years and hasn't stopped the cheese and beat the raiders get 717. To a so that you can blame it on as. Have you seen the new hit shots were to rest Baylor. I'm not. I am is looking converts will lead in the late and I mean let's let's let's not rocket carried away. Notes and in the foot rest it looks like he's all White House. Man don't you don't know. Have to weigh in her breathless thanks in late in cities that when he when he won alzheimer's story. Couldn't be more even play in this game they send Oakland psychic told word is why Apple's rivals spectacle that played a 114 times. Was Reuters Eddie holds a sixty to 52 to lead. It's 28 when he won player no. Records better Kansas City kids these beat them. At a that are fourteen times sixty lost 52 tied. He Alex Smith is down 92 history. Anonymous zone for a short ones that matter dropped a. You can tell. You look at the new photograph on and smile and it's obvious. He has were properties of our. He's worked hard. See you don't want say don't read. You know as funny as Ron thought he was getting away from like everybody telling me looks like Torres and he was losing weight and out Torres gonna catch up with and just nation that they. Continue to look very similar. Enron's licenses she thought Torres one time was wrong it watts yeah. Torres cable Torres posted a video. She's watching it this is they don't degrade video. I don't know I'm a little story but apparently she thought it was her own husband prospective. Not just making some liken statement as they term resident rob looks similar. It's C east that's. It's it is. Chained random thing. That third and final cold word is wait. Wait. Is the third and final cold ward do you think that. May be the chief game had anything to do with people senior rain last night. Did Phoenix get I think he did. Call eight by the way not want to revise and 660 caller I think a lot of people are hearing you saw OJ you saw earlier. I didn't look at the we want mine. I didn't look at for your didn't want stance to mall last new. Not even on the time heals us he's on here. Show. I imagine you wanted to take. They by the minute she's one. He's been closed back on and jackets and aunts and article caller 89135. Some 676 day and if you know all three told awards and received a four packet to just at the Kansas Speedway. Saturday's X any series Kansas lottery 300 starting to via. My voice is done this show was done we do to take two before two on the base. We just give a taste level. You don't target didn't face them what the whole loaf. Including studio sixty and Sports Radio. Mike Casey. On winning the fourth activities for the Kansas Speedway this weekend I enjoyed it lets you gonna do it. Now. That's a view of where you last. You just. No he thought he was gonna do. What would add to that view it would give less they. I'm still out of the bus but didn't read those and but but the prize drawing box the last number winning streaks. Well it all because you did that outweighs the good at a few of the names tennis. I'll like I mean don't do this cast that I thought there was a woman that once something ins and it was glass top. Or her name was grasshopper. She put her nickname on. In terms of the good idea and it matched up into the last name and honest a parodies that grasshopper sold. Got to grasshopper parred the last thing. Teller to snatch the pebble from your hand. Let me and they all had been in touch with yet they're not act quietly. Apple. On our final segment here on the basis. Can always thought that one was so good. But I put the never gonna forgive for not read that ball I catch. I guess yeah I mean look right at me once once he realized his email. That's what you do. For a destitute bring to the watch party. As you bring to the watchful. Sorry I was there last night and when I bring my child who want you bringing entry. I do. Actually go on the women's bathroom and I've plays dirty sounding names were prize pool. To expect a wonder how many times he's got to be using colors are nice football players in the next couple weeks because last night. You've got eleven points of agreement in. Ryan got yeah we all know what I Marshawn Lynch this week and fantasy and holed that Al. And he kicked out you know that I should and only was going to be garbage though. You know he's gonna arrive via. Everybody else's turn when he took Alex Smith last you've given them this year to last year it was Carolina that was because I was also trying to said he artist and other counseling teams normally. That is a despised and none of us have taken outside of her own girl to save them. City Italy a huge Gator exact ridiculously him. All right let's get into a new yet they too. Let's extremely disappointing and I think the Pittsburgh Steelers game was disappointing news well. You out there and he didn't prove that you beat one of the teams that if they win this weekend they're going to be the number one team. In the UC because they did it with you yeah at this point the raiders into prison he has to do something about. Putting the raiders out of their misery. It would have been by street losses two straight losses division. But it wasn't that big. In one thing I noticed game that last games you lose the greatest thing is they picked a lot of things the office of life was actually serviceable. In this game Alex Smith wouldn't that be working for his life all the time mobile clue that it would have been a few times by policy here fish around. But for the most part they fix things or portable the wide receivers and he'll mark Robinson had to wait. She's finally do get a chance to. We don't they fix them what they didn't fix is that it fixed the defense. In its mind boggling is 83. I'd probably Bob's but any reads there's no eighty read go to Bob's that they listen Bob. Dropping just in Houston in the past them. Which he did for the last three plays the game. He's dropped over sixteen times this season 46% in the span. It does not make sense at all so I'm not sure what he's doing he can fix that the defense. Has become predictable. There will be removed please calling out what your defense can be doing. He too everyplace they beyond bill left the game this week. To be the Stanford game plan in Ascot seems to change things the other previous two times played them. And he said no they actually had me in cubs third law cease plea deal fell in me and cover. But there's one thing for us or we can point to figures of Bob Sutton is his thing. But at least Alex Smith Alex Witt especially here we Opel 4000 yards thirty touchdowns. In what they have children or if your defense he has these he respected. They've been terrible the importance these. And I always look at last night's game. Which it sees. Against the raiders drastically different in the way that I thought about the issues that we go after this course that was there. After the Steelers game. I had not change my opinion on the cheese at all. A look at the season what was found that game what it was it was a bad match up. Against a Pittsburg Steelers team. They're still very good. Yet they still didn't look good the week before against the jets or jaguars but that is a team that is still one of the elite teams and not just the AFC but in the entire. In itself. Whenever they felt like as at as much as looking at this season what they didn't get accomplished last weekend they were gonna you know. Take that step bounced back from that balls and be a better team this. And that was just not the case. It was because the offense. Was. The unit that will set you back. It was all just defense is allowed to take some steps back to start this show some cracks in this second. We've known this entire year that Marcus Peters is going to be a bit too pretty good job on his side of the pool. Well what are other rotating quarterbacks if we have to do what is to maturity that what is James can get to do. What is the the Westin secondary without your theory now going to be able to do. We look at Daniel sourcing yes he still for putting some big hits on guys what he's been lacking here the last couple weeks and rod Parker. But lack of tackling that he's displayed here recently should be alarming to a lot of people. I'm not going to be negative and down here Marie to music young player was second in the league I don't expect him to beam. Aired fear right now I just expect him to get in there to give to make some of the plays to some lead author of I guess. Secondary players should be making but all in all it's on the defense right now is on Bob's sudden and eventually its own industry. Yeah. I reminder I know that you'll hear about it over the course of the drive here in the next four hours what dobbs. We've got it covered on Sunday and everything. Amber Garza the big game between Missouri Kansas for the pregame show with Fausto playing C got. To the actual game itself and and asked Debbie got the got the post game show we'll see god wells though it should be a lot of fun. If you're headed to Manhattan have fun with homecoming. And also law they should she make a donation. But the basketball game as well with K state and Missouri State we'll talk to Monday spaceship like today. Often don't you love it.