10/19 - Steve Wyche

The Day Shift
Thursday, October 19th

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We got died now not only is Torres Taylor one of the prides of Howard University but also our next guest Steve Weitz yes he Dwight Howard University also NFL network. You can see him every Monday in the aftermath of 2 o'clock central NFL network of course tonight's game big game chiefs raiders in FL network CBS. Eight and Amazon prime videos so Lola the scheme is everywhere Steve looking for good game in Oakland night. Yeah actually it's extinct because you know country documented there's a greater buckle your cheeks. If you are very confident that the current goto was number. And the breaker or it's not our own. The identity I mean on either side of Alter some key players at the bar who are playing well he is don't have the offense trample. It's great that you offensive talk this that we saw last year but certainly more physical team they got Marshawn Lynch oxy. What do you think is gonna be the game plan when he comes at the Oakland Raiders defensively because last week we heard from the Steelers and talk to ball. And emphasizing stopping careen run they were able to do a pretty good job of that. On was limited in terms of the you know tearing the load by DC's Bob OTs death as well with only ninety Ares but do you think that Oakley is going into this saying that that's the main guy the main weapon that we have to stop. 100% I mean you know you're no cliche you know stop Iran victim one dimensional art till they get the KG Alex has been great Kareem on. It's such an explosive player the different issues. Pittsburgh at the players to stop the raiders are they getting cashed on the ground. That's wireless are not far hopeful we're very excited when he's released by the 49ers hope that we get. Ego are playing tough I mean that's subject were there at the backer position. The raiders are pretty solid on the war while those guys are species yours to create rule book. For the linebackers and so again we heard Jack built realtor yacht seizure if you could address it at that linebacker situation. Which are inside role and so that they gonna try to hopefully it's about fraud that they're turns adorable that. Like that hot it if you're asking mistake he come up the star Corey I think you're fighting yourself to its scorched. On play action so. All in theory they want stock careened on exe cute show all right we'll see because there either directly or some weeks. Terms of personnel situation Donald he's. It affects the your co worker in Rappaport even tweet yet they expect maybe Bowman to store tonight which is insane yeah one team to another and actually start I don't. Knew the effectiveness there but the other guy I wanna talk to the set of put us all step earlier there's been 296. Catches over twenty yards this year Morey Cooper is not one of them mark to personally am an eight point one per which is waiting or even its old via the raiders receivers. 88 I expected Marie Cooper more explosive player looks like Deere course they'll try to find his QMR and other aid to place called back last week but. This is a big big play receiver does that make it a boy. Look I mean he's we have to start talking about this you know we haven't so far receipt doctor or if it will from bill musgrave. Struck out. Down with the quarterback coach someone dirt car really light and we have not seen guys like a Mari Cooper. Explode bigger jerk cook the heart and he hasn't given them. What they want to give them in the running game has not been listening. Well with the Mark Cooper specifically I mean notebook the world this is speaking to a vote achieved. Over the past year it really doesn't like physical contact so. More Ortiz are using here if not their top quarter to trail them. They're using their scheme you up audit the press it into your hand girl I think you can't our world and isn't that are Bucky Brooks. The former scout I talked to people who worked out of statistics. Our comport not people are easy to get out early start in the market Peters has an opportunity you're playing musical talent. Arctic it is Adam Mark Cooper to keep on court again. Steve do you believe that they'll raiders think that they are getting their bomb money's worth of an investment in two Marshawn Lynch but diesel like god that the people out there in the bay are feeling like he's underachieving. At this point the season. Oh or the other cheek and he's so it didn't act Maliki he has gotten any opportunity and that's the team that's been one of our. Mean offensively we're accepting HE quality of the pitching that should be our culture thirty so that I think it's just an overall option out of Marshall college. I don't think he's averaging more than fifteen coaches in the past two years to gain. As a whole so at least they didn't let's go back Q where citizens are not there entity. They don't know I that you just in the breaker for all week or top six or seven Washington people the school year he used Murray I have to write reductions they have. The law that's why it's not purple and like you are the previous couple years later highly paid offensive line. Marshall and elastic he's thought he still got together to get the opportunities are a situation to really. To capitalize like it was Seattle which rode him all the way to he was able to break it logic we can speak. Steve the chiefs last division road loss was. Thursday night in Oakland 2014. Also bit and repeat. Yeah so Sergio we epic historical facts. I think they're at this facility. What what do that though they're aware of statistical facts that show you wore Thursday night game that the whole teams typically let. Oh yeah those 60% you know that. That's just partisanship for a week in the visiting team that actually get one last day of practice to get travel work. Maybe one less the only meaningful practice Arctic because we travel well so that's part of that is well. Well you know I think I figured you read. You know after the loss last week it is the it is ready. No more American you have this sheen's number. Did awkwardly the home but that it is achieved despite a tilt is because it is. What it was all what it's supposed to be. That's even the real iron he has yet to real would it be traveling to time zones plane chiefs on Thursday night last year. This will be filled with it achieves speeds they and the next year good stuff. Steve lights you'd catch him on the aftermath at 2 o'clock central NFL network or the night's game. NFL network's tedious in his on pride video Steve we always in Julie's the time from the partner Howard thank you. I.